Careful Where You Jog 2


First I want to apologize to any of the parts that offended anyone; in the first story I tried to reach the interests of various readers.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night, all was quiet and I thought this might finally be the best and only chance for my escape. I heard snoring in a bedroom next to where I was and as I slowly crawled off the bed I prayed that the floorboards wouldn’t creak and that “pa & jr.” were sound sleepers.
I pulled the sheet from the bed to wrap around myself, not daring to take the time to try to find my clothes in the dark then I very quietly crept towards the door and was relieved when I reached it without making a sound, but all my self victory sped out of me when I started opening the door and it creaked on it’s hinges. “damn” I thought. I stood still a moment to see if it had wakened anyone but the snoring continued. I slipped out into the darkness and breathed a sigh of relief and fresh air, then reality hit once again. I couldn’t see a damn thing how was I gonna find my way back to the park and then my car? How would I make it through the bush safely without meeting up with some animal, although there are no known bears in that park there are other animals and God knows how terrified I am of snakes, (even harmless ones).
I decided then I didn’t care, I would fumble my way as far as I could away from the cabin and find somewhere to rest till it got light enough to see anything, even a shadow then I would just keep going till I found help. I figured that taking my chances out here were better than what might happen to me back inside that cabin.
I started walking taking small steps so I wouldn’t trip over anything. I tried to think back to when they brought me here and what I saw around me as we approached the cabin. The direction we walked, and if there was any big objects along our path. I was so scared at the time I don’t even know if I took notice of such things.
I don’t know how far from the cabin I managed to get but all of a sudden there was a flicker of light just as a hand came over my mouth.
“Now what have we here, you wouldn’t be trying to escape now would you?” I heard Jr. say, there was no mistaking his voice.
I shook my head no, tears stinging my eyes.
“Then you must have been sleepwalking and lost your way” he said
“Now I’m gonna take my hand away from your mouth and if you make one sound you will be the sorriest little slut there ever was, do you understand?”
I nodded my head up and down and slowly he released his hand but used it to get a better grip at holding me while his other hand started pulling on the sheet that hid my nakedness.
“Luckily for me I had to come out to take a piss or you just might have gotten away and we wouldn’t want that to happen now, pa would be really upset if he woke up and you were gone and he’d a taken it out on me.”
His hand managed to pull the sheet off of me and I shivered from the night’s cool air.
He was now rubbing his slimy hands over my tits, still sore from their earlier abuse. He was so rough when fondling me and I would have loved to have been able to kick him in the balls.
“Please don’t” I begged. “Please just let me go I won’t tell anyone anything and you can just tell your pa that you were asleep and didn’t hear anything” I pleaded
“Do you really think that is going to be a good excuse for pa?” “He’d still say it was my fault cause I was suppose to watch you while he got some sleep and then he was gonna take over while I got some shut eye.” “Besides I’m not done having my fill of you yet either.”
He used his foot to kick my legs apart and his hand went down to grab at my cunt
“Ahhhh, ya, still nice and juicy I see” Then he shoved his fingers up inside me, and flicked his thumb over my clit.
I tried to wiggle away but he took it as though I was getting excited and this pleased him.
He turned on his flashlight to find another spot for him to have his way with me and I could see his silhouette and his dick was rock hard and pointing forward.
I felt ill at the thought of being raped again as he led me to a fairly large rock a few feet away. He grabbed the sheet I had been wearing and placed it on the rock with one hand while the other held me, then he laid me back on it. He was still holding my arms, now at my sides and told me to spread my legs wide. He tightened his grip on me when I didn’t comply quickly enough.
So I did as I was told and spread them wide.
“Now that’s a good little slut” He dipped his head between my legs and started tonguing my pussy. His hot tongue mixed with the cool night air was indescribable and erotic. My nipples got harder than I ever thought they could which caused them to hurt even more from their earlier abuse but at the same time it made me more aroused. The tingling started once again in that magic spot and I realized I was involuntarily moving my pelvis toward his face. He sucked on my clit making me yell out in a low voice.
“Oh God I love eating pussy” he said “And I love the way you react to me when I’m lapping up yours”
Then his tongue continued its pleasure. I was now moaning and knew I was gonna cum soon. I was mad at my body betraying me yet again but God forgive me I was passed the point of wanting him to stop. I needed to cum.
“Yes,” I started saying “Please make me cum” “Oh God, I’ve gotta cum”
“Ya, I love when my horny little slut begs for it.” he stopped to say “Cum’on beg me slut”
“ahhhhh, please, please don’t stop I need to cum, please eat my cunt, please I’m so close, oh god please don’t stop.”
“you like the way I eat your sloppy wet cunt little sis?”
“yes, it feels soooo good please make me cum
His tongue made contact once again and he picked up his pace licking my clit while two of his big fingers found my ‘G-spot’ and soon my rollercoaster ride reached it’s peak and I started cumming but this time when I came I started squirting and he loved it and hungrily continued licking me while I squirmed around and my legs shook. I thought my orgasm was never gonna stop. At some point he had let go of my arms without me even becoming aware of it and he was now holding me, to keep me from falling off the rock from my squirming.
When I finally started to calm a little he grabbed me by my arm and pulled me from the rock. He shoved me to my knees and told me to open my mouth and suck.
Still feeling aroused I obeyed willingly and started licking his cock.
“Ummm, you are so good at that, you make me wanna cum so quickly” He was holding my hair out of the way as he fucked my mouth.
I tried to prepare myself for him to shoot his load down my throat but instead he pulled out of me and had me bend over and put my hands on the rock for balance. Then I felt the big head of his cock pushing up against my pussy lips. He moved it around till he found his mark and shoved himself up inside me the full length.
“Ahhh, Yaaa” he moaned. “Fuck I can’t get over how tight you are”
He took long slow thrusts, spreading my ass cheeks with his hands. His thrusts were working me up to reach another peak.
“You fuckin’ hot little piece of ass, I’d like to keep you here forever as my personal fuck toy.” “You’re so fuckin’ hot. I’d fuck you every day, several times a day.” “I’d make you stay naked all the time just to tease me till I couldn’t take it anymore then I’d grab you and fuck the shit out of you” “My own personal little whore.”
His talk was exciting him and surprisingly me also. He sped up his pace and pounded me hard and fierce until we both exploded. I found myself squirting once again and this time my legs could no longer hold me up and I collapsed on the ground, writhing all around & rubbing my pussy. I never experienced anything so intense before and I could see how someone could get hooked on it like a drug one needed to have
Jr. was out of breath and had to sit on the rock for a short bit and regain some strength. When he did he come down to where I was and started kissing me. His tongue exploring mine.
What’s going to happen to me I asked after we broke our kiss?
We just wanna keep you for a few days and play with you, if you stop fighting us and let us do what we want then we’ll let you go provided you swear never to tell anyone. Remember we have the type of you begging for it.
I won’t say anything I swear.
Then I suggest you do s we tell you, no more attempted escapes and when pa feels its time he’ll take you back to where we found you. Is it a deal?
I thought what choice did I have so I agreed
I was tired now and desperately wanted to sleep so when Jr. scooped me off the ground and carried me back to the cabin. Once inside he gently put me on the bed I had recently escaped from. Jr. crawled in beside me and pulled the covers up. He wrapped me in his arms partly to make sure I didn’t try to escape again and partly to get us both warmed up. I quickly dozed off once again and didn’t wake till I smelled coffee and food cooking. It wasn’t till then that I realized just how hungry I was.

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