A bet is a bet_(1)

Robert Foss knew there were reputations about him circulating in the school. It had started a couple of years ago, when he stupidly had said that he didn’t think that there was anything wrong with having sex with eighteen year olds, as long as they weren’t attending this school, to a couple of his co-workers. That was his honest opinion, yes, but the facts about this statement had soon spiralled out of control and he was glad he didn’t know what the new Freshmen had heard about him already.
The rumors hadn’t ever affected his teaching capability, though. The students always showed him the same respect as other teachers, and did their best in his lessons. Of course, his lessons might be slightly louder and messier than most other teachers lessons were, but that was inevitable. He was a P.E. teacher after all.
His favorite class was about to have their first lesson for this year. They were now Seniors, chatty but smart, and came into the hall as he sat in his office. He could hear them talking loudly, and a girl laughing right outside his office door. He took a deep breath and got up from his computer. He flattened his hair and grabbed a whistle hanging beside his door. Time to give these kids one hell of a lesson.

* * *

In the changing room, Camila was struggling to get her yoga pants up over her plump butt.
“Hurry, Camila! We start in like four minutes” her good friend Millie said, already changed and ready, with her dark brown hair in a ponytail and her taut legs showing in short-shorts. She had her gym bag in one hand and her water bottle in the other.
“I’m coming…” Camila grunted as she finally got the pants up the last bit over her butt, laced up her shoes and grabbed her bag as well. She and Millie walked up the stairs into the gym hall together, talking about the lesson about to commence. They were playing volleyball, and Camila was not looking forward to it. Millie was, though.

As Camila looked at her friend of the past year, she was happy that they’d found each other. Both girls were free, outspoken, gave a lot of themselves and were very stubborn, but that’s right about where their similarities ended. Millie was short, about 5 foot 3, and had a fit, taut body which showed her regular visits to the gym and weekly soccer practices were not for nothing. P.E was one of her favorite subjects, maths the only one trumping it. Her long, dark hair had a natural wave and her skin and eyes were both light brown. She was cute at first glance, and fierce at the second.
Camila didn’t envy Millie her looks, though. She thought her best friend was beautiful, but didn’t compare her to herself. Camila was tall. Taller than most girls her age, or really, any age. At a proud 5 foot 11, she towered over most of the boys in her class. She was curvy, and loved accentuating it with tight clothes that pushed things up and out, and showed off her mature body. Nothing on her was hard or rough, no edges, nothing saggy - it was all wonderfully soft and shapely. Her hair was dyed bright blue with splashes of silver and was about shoulder length, kept in a french braid for P.E. Her skin was fair, her eyes sky blue and she freckled easily in the sun. As summer had just ended, she was slightly tanner than she usually was and her cheeks were sprinkled full of freckles.

Millie and Camila were very attractive for their 18 years of age, undoubtedly. However, there was one more thing that very clearly separated them. Their lovelife. Camila, while certainly not experienced, was very confident and curious when it came to boys - and men. She loved approaching them, talking to them, flirting and always went for it if she had a crush on someone. Millie on the other hand, was always dismissive of boys. If they approached her she would tell them to fuck off, and she made it very obvious to anyone approaching her that she was unavailable. Camila knew that Millie was gay, but, she also knew that Millie had just as little experience with girls as she had with boys.

They reached the benches outside the P.E. teacher, Mr Foss’s, office, and Millie turned to Camila as they sat down.
“So, Camila. How do you feel about seeing Mr Foss again? I mean, it’s been a year,” she said slyly. Camila blushed slightly, but grinned.
“Oh, come off it. I was never really crushing on him. If I was, I would’ve had him by now,” she said and looked pointedly at her friend. “However, it is nice to see him again. Get excited for another year of actually trying in P.E. Trying to impress Foss, that is,” she added.
Millie laughed, knowing that the only thing that even got Camila to the P.E. lessons was the fact that she did, no matter if she denied it, have a massive crush on their teacher. “Bet you 20 bucks you can’t get him this year either.”
Camila smiled, and squinted at her friend before looking over at the office door. “You’re on… but make it 40. And not this year This lesson!”

In just that moment, the door to Mr Foss’s office opened and he stepped out into the gym hall. He blew his whistle, and Camilas classmates all came and sat down on the benches in the corner of the room.
Camila eyed Foss without shyness. He was just as handsome as she remembered him, and she was very pleased about it. As she stared at his face, they got a second of eye contact, and he smiled at her. She smiled back mischievously.
Mr Foss was a tall, handsome man in his mid thirties, she guessed. She’d never actually had the nerve to ask. His hair was so dark brown it was almost black, his skin tanned and rough, eyes dark. He had a short beard that always seemed to grow out for a couple of weeks before he shaved it again, and his upper arms were tattooed. At 6 feet 5 with solid muscles and firm legs, he was clearly very attractive in Camilas eyes. She really didn’t see why not all the girls were crushing on him - as a matter of fact, some of them even thought he was creepy! Could you believe it?! In their Freshman year, a couple of Sophomores had told them that Foss had dated one of the girls that graduated the year before they started, and that he’d said to some colleagues that he liked to bend 18 year olds over his desk, because they were so “easy”. Camila was unsure whether or not to believe it. Robert Foss was a man with humor, often dark or sarcastic humor at that, and was very clear on his opinions. Sometimes he would say something that Camila would interpret at slightly inappropriate, but never anything explicitly sexual. And he was also a very good teacher. She doubted he would do, or say, anything so unprofessional. But secretly, she wished it was true.

* * *

As Robert stood handing out volleyballs to his students, he listened to their small talk and chatter. Last in the line were his favorite two pupils: Millie, a very athletic girl with great potential in almost any sport involving a ball, and Camila, a tall, funny and incredibly articulate young woman with a mischievous smile and fantastic grades in most subjects (although, P.E wasn’t her strongest suit). As the other students started practicing the basics of volleyball (setting and digging) with each other, balls started flying everywhere and laughter and screams echoed through the hall.
“Millie, Camila. Had nice summers?” he asked them with a mild smile as he handed the ball to Millie. They exchanged a look that he couldn’t quite interpret, and then they both smiled back.
“Uh, yeah, Mr Foss. I’ve spent the summer mostly in Puerto Rico, where my mom’s family lives. It was really great. Also competed in the US youth championship in soccer, my team came in second.” Millie said proudly with a wide smile. Robert couldn’t help but smiling brightly back at her.
“That’s lovely, Millie! And what about you, Camila? Do anything fun?”
“Well, yes, Mr Foss. I went to summer camp for a week or so, and other than that I was just relaxing at the beach. Trying to get at least a little tan before summer is over, you know.” she replied, looking down at her body. “I mean, look at this! I’m almost as pale as I was last winter!” she exclaimed, and pulled up her loose fit tank top, revealing an only slightly tanned stomach and a belly button with a piercing in it.

Before Robert could think of an answer, the young ladies went of to the rest of their class to start practicing. He sat down heavily on one of the benches, watching them as they walked away, Camilas ass swinging gorgeously after her. Her yoga pants were so tight, he could make out the thin lines of a thong on her lower back. He sighed, and looked up at the ceiling.
He’d hoped that this would end. Or had he? Last year, he’d thoroughly enjoyed mildly flirting with young Camila Chance. She was gorgeous, and clearly very much a tease.
However, no matter how much he enjoyed their subtle flirting, by the end of the year it had reached an unacceptable level. Other students in her class were beginning to notice, and if it had continued, so would the other teachers. Luckily, the summer holiday had come before any catastrophe did. Now, he was teaching the little minx again.
Fearing for his job, and for his own morale, he decided that he would stop treating her any differently from other students. Sternly he thought to himself that while it was his honest opinion that 18 year old ladies, who weren’t pupils, were perfectly acceptable; a girl in his own class was most certainly not.

The lesson proceeded in almost torture. He walked around the class, showing them how to do it properly, adjusting their arms to make it easier for them to hit the the right way. As he reached Millie, who was throwing the ball to Camila who was trying to “dig” it back to her, he stopped and observed them.
After Camila hit the ball, she stopped, and said a loud and clear “Ouch!” before turning to him. “Mr Foss! My underarms hurt so much, how are you even supposed to do this!?” she complained.
Robert walked up to her, and held up her arms to his eyes. They were indeed very red and looked tender.
“Switch it up you guys; Millie, you dig and Camila, you throw. The soreness will pass pretty fast, just bring long sleeves next week, okay?” he said with a slight frown. Of course, this was exactly what he would say to any other student in the same predicament.
“Yeah, sure Mr Foss,” she said, and turned away as he began to leave. “Oh, wait, Mr Foss!” she exclaimed a second later, and he turned back around to her with a questioning expression. “Um, you said to keep your elbows together, right? Can you show me again?” she asked with an almost shy tone to her voice.
“Of course. Yes, so you're going to want to have straight arms, and push your wrists out, like this, yes. And then try and keep your elbows close and your underarms parallel, and hit the ball, riiight here…” he said, demonstrating and pointing.
“But, um, Mr Foss, it’s kinda difficult, um… Should I do the elbow thing under, or over my boobs?” she asked, with not entirely feigned awkwardness, as she demonstrated how it looked when she was trying to put her elbows together underneath her massive bosom.
“Uh, Miss Chance, I think it’s safer for all of us in here if you do it over… and if it’s difficult for you, your elbows definitely don’t have to be entirely together.” Robert replied with a faint smile, before quickly moving along the hall and into his office. He closed the door behind him with a small bang, and sunk into a chair behind the door. He put his head in his hands and breathed out.
It was not an easy time for poor old Robert. Temptation was an understatement. He lived all alone in the states, his home in New Zealand feeling very far away, and he spent most of his time working or exercising. Colleagues were the closest thing he had to friends in the states and none of them seemed to be particularly fond of him, apart from a select few. He didn’t have anything even close to a wife or family, and he was quickly approaching the mid thirties as he soon turned 33. And here was this teaser, this tempress, this gorgeous little minx of a woman just throwing herself at him. She could ruin his life, his career, the few friendships he had. Any chance of a job in the future. And yet… he was hard. And he wanted her.

He arranged his cock so that you wouldn’t notice through his gym shorts, and went out into the P.E. hall again to finish up the lesson. He gave feedback and helped the last of the pairs, commended them for their good job and sent them off with a wish for a great remaining first week. However as she had always done last year, Camila stayed last, picking with her things and taking her shoes off in the gym hall instead of the changing room. She glanced at him, with a mix of hope and apprehension. Robert walked up to her, unsure of what to say.
“Camila…” he finally uttered.
She straightened up, looking up at him. “Yes, mr Foss?” She pouted slightly with her lips and flashed her eyelashes.
“How are your arms doing?” he asked after a moment of tense silence.
“They’re still sore. It’s not too bad, though” she said, turning them up so he could see.
They were undoubtedly still red. Robert reached out and touched them softly with light fingertips, and then looked down at her. “I think I have some soothing cream in my office. Come with me.” He said, all of a sudden decided, and grabbed her by the wrist.
Suddenly, there was a glint of panic in her eyes, that hadn’t been their earlier. “No, no, I think I should go, I’ll be late for my next lesson if I linger” she said in a strained voice, digging her heels into the floor.
“Late? But you have lunch after this. You’ll be fine. You’re in pain. Let me help you,” he said with a smile, but it wasn’t a pleasant one. He felt her resist him more.
“No, um, Mr Foss, sir, Millie is waiting for me, I have to go. Please, sir.” she said, the panic in her voice even more obvious now. Robert didn’t care. He dragged her into his office, and closed and locked the door after himself.
“Camila. Is this what you wanted? The flirting… You’re putting me through hell.” He said with an angry voice. “You do realize what you’re doing could very well get me fired?”
Camila had started crying silent tears and didn’t respond. For a moment, Robert felt guilty. And then he looked at her, really looked her, in her low cut sports bra, flimsy tank top and tight yoga pants… and all he saw was pure sexiness. This little thing that had teased him for a year, was now crying when he finally did something about it. That was actually… outrageous, wasn’t it? How dare she cry now! He walked up to her, and grabbed her braid, dragging it back so that she was forced to look up at him.
“It’s time someone teaches you that actions have consequences, Camila.” he said stoutly. Then he led her by the braid over to his desk. He pushed her face and upper body down over it, and pulled her tight yoga pants down in one motion. Her round, white butt emerged, as gorgeous as he could ever have imagined it, supple and soft and beautiful as he carefully moved his hand over her butt, caressing it, and leaning in to give it a kiss. “Beautiful…” he murmured.
The only thing covering it was a very small and flimsy black thong, which he decided could stay on for now. Hearing Camilas soft sobs, he pulled his hand back, and BAM, smacked it onto that gloriously round butt, sending ripples throughout it. A weak red handprint appeared where he’d spanked her, disturbing the unity of pale beige. As he’d smacked her, she’d started sobbing louder than before. He pulled away and brought his hand down again, BAM, a second spank, on the other asscheek, making a red print matching the first one. Camila had actually squealed for that one.
“Camila… this… is… what… happens… when… you… tease… me!” he said, laying down spank after spank on her after every word, her ass soon red as a tomato.
She was crying loudly now, and Robert was getting worried someone might hear them. No, there was no lessons scheduled in here for another two hours, but still, someone might come looking for him, and they couldn’t be hearing this whore’s crying if they did.
Robert pulled down the yoga pants the rest of the way off Camilas legs, and her panties followed soon thereafter. He bunched them up in his hand and shoved them into Camilas pretty little mouth with her gorgeous plump lips. “Now shut up, whore.” He said sternly and smacked her now naked ass one more time. She gave a small whimper at the impact, but it wasn’t loud at all. It appeared the panties were doing their new job alright, and Camila had gone back to silent tears.
Robert firmly pushed Camila further down against the desk, so that her butt protruded properly before spreading her cheeks. There hid a warm, soft pink and young pussy, moist and welcoming, and a tight asshole which looked as virgin as the day she was born. Robert crouched behind her and licked his finger, before stroking it along her slit. He found her clit and lightly played with it for a moment with his fingertip, before grabbing it between his thumb and index finger and squeezing it, rolling it between the fingers. She started whimpering again, but didn’t move and didn’t scream. For a second Robert entertained the thought that the reason she wasn’t struggling more was because she actually enjoyed it, but, then put the thought aside quickly. One should never entertain dreams and impossibilities as if they were real.
He continued playing with her clit between his right hand thumb and index fingers, and stuck two fingers into her moist pussy in one smooth motion and massaged her insides violently, feeling her squeezing just those two fingers incredibly tightly. He spat down on her glorious pussy, making it glisten as he first slowly pulled his fingers out and then faster and faster, harder and harder. She was whimpering again, but it was less horrified-sounding; more a mixture of pleasure and fright.
He suddenly stopped, and pulled his wet fingers out of her tight snatch. He grabbed her braid and pushed her down on her knees on the floor.
“Enjoying yourself, are you?” he asked and smiled. Camila didn’t say anything, but just looked down at the floor, panties still in her mouth. Robert took them out. “Well, let’s see if you keep enjoying yourself, shall we? Take your shirt and bra off,” he commanded. She did as she was told almost immediately, daring to glance up at him for just a second as she pulled her sports bra over her head. Her beautiful, large round breasts came into view, and oh boy, were they perfect. White, but with light puffy pink nipples, who became instantly hard as he touched them with his fingers, still wet with her own pussyjuice. He looked up at her face, which was staring at the floor again.
“Look up at me, Camila,” he said sternly. She did, her bright blue eyes finding his. He brought his fingers to her lips, and she parted them just a little bit, letting him push them into her warm and wet mouth. As he fucked her mouth with the same fingers that had fucked her pussy, he felt her tongue twirling along the underside of his fingers, and her occasionally sucking, making her cheeks dent in. It was too much for him.
He pulled his fingers out of her mouth, and got his 10 inch rock hard dick out of his gym shorts. “Open up, whore” he said with a small smile.
She hesitated for just a second, before opening up and leaning her head back, sticking her tongue out a little. He put the head on the tip of her tongue, anticipating what she would do.

* * *

Camila had never sucked dick before. But if she was going to do it, she was going to do it properly, and she would impress Mr Foss. So, thinking back to what those ladies did in porn, she grabbed with her hand around the girth of his dick, although she didn’t quite reach around, and spat onto it, slowly jerking him off and spreading the spit out. She looked up at him, to see how he’d reacted. She compared his expression to one he’d made the previous year when she’d landed a particularly hard shot in basketball - surprised and impressed.
She made a small smile at him, and then carefully sucked the head into her mouth, avoiding touching it with her teeth. She tried to do it slowly and properly, fitting as much as she could with every stroke.
She was surprised to find that it tasted rather good - the guy she’d lost her virginity to had asked her to do it, but she had refused, thinking it was gross. Didn’t seem so gross anymore, when she heard Foss groan as she gagged. Looking up at his face she tried to take all of him into her mouth, but she just couldn’t do it. He helped her, grabbing her braid again, and pushing her down onto his dick. Feeling it enter her throat, she tried not to panic as she held still, and let him fuck her face. She felt drool spilling down her chin and tears coming to her eyes again, but it wasn’t because she was scared this time.
“Oh you talented, sexy little whore, where did you learn that?” Mr Foss asked her as he stepped away from her and pulled her to her feet. She wiped under her eyes with the back of her hand, and sniffed loudly.
“Porn,” she answered, and smiled. Mr Foss rewarded her honest reply with a short laugh, and leaned in and kissed her.
“Come here, babe…” he said, and took her back to his desk. She stood by it, anticipating his next move. At first she thought he would bend her over it, but instead, he lifted her up onto the desk, and laid her down on it.
Looking up at him standing in between her spread legs as she laid on his desk, she was filled with excited fear. He was so much bigger than the other boy she’d had sex with, and she didn’t know if this would hurt. It had last time, and that was almost two months ago now. She watched as he aligned himself with her, and felt the pressure as his massive dick pushed into her tight pussy. She couldn’t help but groan in half pain, half pleasure as he filled her up to her breaking point.
“Fuuucchhkkk…” she grunted as he slowly pulled out and then pushed back in again all at once.

* * *

Watching her messy, sticky and makeup stained face as she closed her eyes and moaned was one of the sexiest things Robert had ever experienced. Combined with the feeling of her pussy’s unbelieveable tightness, he wouldn’t be able to last long. So he decided to make it count.
Leaning over her body, he grabbed her full breast in his right hand, and put his other hand's fingers in her mouth. He let her suck and play with those fingers as he slowly fucked her tight teen pussy, feeling every ridge and bump as her warm and wet insides squeezed him.
She moaned in sync with his thrusts, every time he bottomed out inside her, she groaned, and he was pretty sure it was almost painful to her. Her hands were holding on to the sides of the desk so hard her knuckles were turning white, and as he started to pick his pace up, her moaning became so loud he thought the entire school would hear her.
He pulled his fingers out of her mouth, and put his hand over her neck instead. She tried drawing in breath and felt the obstacle, but it seemed to only turn her on more, as she mouthed and groaned and gasped even more.
For every thrust, she cried out his name, and her hands were now clutching his arms, her fake nails scratching his skin as she was overcome by pleasure. Feeling he was about to cum, he thrust into her harder, faster, with no thought of protection or pregnancies, no thought other than the amazing feeling of her pussy squeezing his dick as it milked him of all of his cum, her entire body shaking as she gasped in her orgasm. Rope after rope of cum came out of him and nestled deep inside her wet pussy, filling it up entirely when he came.
Pulling back and half falling into his office chair, he breathed heavily. Where he sat, he had a perfect view of her pink pussy leaking out his thick white cum, dripping down onto his desk. I wish I could have that mental image saved forever, he thought, and then realized there was no reason he shouldn’t have. Grabbing his cellphone of the windowsill, he snapped a picture of her leaking pussy as she laid there on the desk, still recovering from her orgasm. He saw her eyes following him as he walked around, and took a picture of her in her entirety as she lay sprawled on his desk, then a closeup of her face and tits, and one where he had his fingers in her mouth again. She seemed to enjoy it, and looked into the camera with seductive eyes, and pouting with those plump lips of hers. When he went to take a second picture of his work on her pussy, she even reached down and started playing with herself. He filmed her as she played with her hole and the cum, fishing it out of her tight hole and putting it into her mouth, swallowing it.
“My god, you are sexy,” he said as he admired his work, still splayed there. She sat up and smiled at him.
“That was everything,” she said, and finally stood up. She found her panties laying on the floor, and pulled them on, on top of the cum still dripping out of her. “I really hope this wasn’t a one time thing, sir,” she added, smiling.
Robert was amazed. She didn’t hate him, and she didn’t appear to want to go tell on him either. “It won’t be. As long as you keep this between four eyes?” he said, just to make sure.
“Of course! This will be our little secret, I won’t tell a soul,” she assured him, and settled his worries.

* * *

Millie was waiting in the dressing room, sat on one of the benches with her phone out and headphones on. When Camila came in, she looked up and pulled them of, eyeing her friend up and down. Camila strode over, looking sombre. After grabbing her gym bag from the bench next to Millie, she turned to her best friend. She couldn’t hold it back any longer, but a big grin spread on her face.
“No. Way. No way!” Millie exclaimed, disbelieving.
“Yes way. Hand it over!” Camila said.
Striding out of the P.E. hall and back towards the school, Millie fished her wallet out and with a grimace, handed two twenties over to Camila.

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