First Time at the Club

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Jessica Smith looked around her, taking in a deep breath. She stood in a line of about fifty or sixty people, all waiting to get into an already packed nightclub. Truth be told, Jessica didn't really fit in here. She had never been a club kind of girl.

But she had been talking with her friend, Mary, a few days ago. Jessica was telling Mary about how she hated the fact that she was still a virgin. Mary's sister, Ella, happened to overhear and interrupted the conversation. She told Jessica that, if she really wanted to lose her virginity, and wasn't picky, to come and check out this club. Ella had said that there were always dozens of guys, most of them hot, who were ready and willing to deflower beautiful girls.

So here she stood, near the front of the line. As the bouncer motioned toward her, Jessica gathered all of her courage and stepped forward. "I.D.", the bouncer said and Jessica quickly pulled out her driver's license. The bouncer, a large muscled man, smiled when he saw that she had just recently turned eighteen.

The man leaned in and whispered, "Enjoy yourself", as he stamped her hand. Jessica turned toward the door, yelping in surprise when she felt the man's strong hand squeezing her ass cheek through the thin fabric of her dress. She turned to confront him, but he'd already turned his attention to the next person in line.

As Jessica entered the club, the loud music pounding, she couldn't deny that the bouncer grabbing her so roughly had turned her on. As she stepped into the dark room, lit by flashing lights, the dance floor full of people, she looked at the stamp on her hand. "18. V.I.P." "What? I'm not a V.I.P.", she thought, but she did her best to ignore it as she proceeded onward.

The music was loud, but had a catchy rhythm, easy to dance to; the flashing lights were almost hypnotic in their patterns. Jessica pushed through the crowd until she found herself at the bar. She waved down the bartender, an attractive black man in his twenties.

He smiled when he saw her stamp, the same smile the bouncer had had. "First time here", he asked, chuckling a little. "How can you tell", Jessica asked, trying her best to sound flirty. Her sole intent in coming tonight had been to get fucked and she could definitely do worse than the hunk behind the bar.

"Most of our guests don't look so lost", the guy said. "And your stamp. It's one of the ways we know who's knew, who to watch out for, to keep you from getting into too much trouble." "That's kind of nice. I'm Jessica", she said, sure that he was flirting back. "I'm Marcus", he replied. "What can I get you to drink?"

"What would you recommend", Jessica asked, since she had no idea what she was doing. "We have this pretty good non alcoholic beer, since you're still under twenty-one", Marcus said. "Sounds good", Jessica said and she watched him walk away.

Had she been watching closer, Jessica would have seen Marcus drop a few drops of a dark liquid into the beer. It dissolved instantly and he quickly brought the drink to her. "How much", Jessica asked. "First one's on the house, for a beautiful woman like you", Marcus said and winked, then walked off to serve the other customers.

Jessica took a drink of the beer as she looked around the club. The dance floor was packed with people, moving to the music. She couldn't be sure, but it almost looked as if some of them were engaged in various sexual acts. "Surely not, out in public like that", she said as she took another sip.

Although she had never had beer before, Jessica found she quite liked the taste. And, before she knew it, she had emptied the bottle. Her head felt a little fuzzy and, as she stood up, she stumbled and fell. A man caught her by the arm, helping her to her feet.

She looked up into his piercing blue eyes and felt her pussy clench. "Are you alright", he asked, his Italian accent obvious in his words. "Yeah", she said, giggling although she had no idea why. "You're pretty", slipped from her lips, followed by another giggle.

"Thank you", the man said, a strange look in his eyes. "You're pretty too." "I am", she asked. "Yes, you are", the man said as he pulled her out to the dance floor. "I don't know how to dance", she said, although she made no move to stop him. "It's alright, mi amor. I'll lead", he said, pulling her into the middle of the crowd.

Within moments, she felt his body pressed against hers as they swayed to the music. His hands grasped her ass, squeezing firmly. Something inside her said that she should stop him, but it felt so good. And her pussy was getting wetter from the attention she was receiving tonight.

As the song played, he slowly slid her dress upwards, exposing her firm ass, her blue thong nestled between her cheeks. Jessica had never liked feeling exposed in public, but, thanks to the drink she had had, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. "God, that's a perfect fucking ass", the man said. "Thank you", Jessica said, giggling again. "And such pretty lips", the man said, hunger in his eyes. "But do you know what would make you even prettier?"

"What", Jessica asked, desperate to be prettier. "For you to be on your knees", the man said, a firm tone in his voice. Without thinking, Jessica obeyed, dropping to her knees on the crowded floor. Within seconds, she was staring at the man's dick. It was rock hard, about seven inches long and about two inches thick.

She felt a momentary resistance as he grasped the back of her head, his fingers wrapping in her long, dark hair, and pushed her toward his cock. But he was insistent and she felt the need to please him, although she didn't know why. After all, she didn't even know him.

But her foggy mind wouldn't think rationally, so she opened her mouth and began sucking her first dick ever. The man was aggressive as he shoved his dick in her mouth, painfully pulling her hair. Jessica tried to let out a cry around the thick shaft that was stuffing her mouth, but it only came out sounding garbled.

"Damn, slut, your mouth feels amazing", the man said as he started sliding his dick back and forth, hitting her throat each time. "I'm not a slut", said a small voice somewhere inside Jessica's mind, but it was drowned out by the beer. That and her pussy making so much juice that her thong was completely drenched.

She would never have imagined that it was so arousing, so fucking hot, to be degraded and treated like nothing more than a piece of meat with holes. Before the night was over, she would discover just how pleasurable it was.

The man quickly got tired of not having his entire dick inside her mouth. "Relax your throat, slut", he growled as he pushed deeper, his shaft entering her throat. At the same time, Jessica felt someone grabbing her waist and lifting her up, into a bent over, standing position.

She felt a brief moment of fear, but it vanished when her thong was pulled down and two large fingers rubbed her pussy. "Damn, this bitch is wet", said a deep voice. Jessica recognized it instantly. It was the bouncer who had grabbed her ass. "She definitely came here to be a slut", the bouncer said and his fingers disappeared.

Within seconds, Jessica could feel a thick dick rubbing up and down her slit. Her slick cunt gushed out more juice in anticipation of what was about to happen. As the Italian man fucked her face hard, her pussy was suddenly stuffed full of cock.

She screamed around the shaft buried in her throat as her hymen was violently obliterated by the bouncer. He held her hips as he started pounding her cunt, not even bothering with being gentle. "Fuck, she's tight. I almost forgot how good white virgin pussy feels", he groaned as he hammered away at her.

As for the man fucking her face, he pulled back until just the head of his dick was in her mouth. Then he orgasmed, filling her mouth with cum. He held her fast, giving her no choice but to swallow. And, as she swallowed the salty seed, she found that she didn't hate the flavor. Quite the opposite, she found it delicious.

So, when his dick was quickly replaced by another, a little longer and thinner, she eagerly took it in her mouth. She moaned as she sucked and felt her cunt being hammered. "Fuck, she's a slut. I'm going to flood her pussy", the bouncer said. Then he thrust deep, hitting her cervix, and exploded, pumping his seed deep inside her.

Jessica moaned as an orgasm washed over her, her juices flowing from her cunt. The man in her mouth started fucking her face as she came. Before she finished, the bouncer had withdrawn his dick and it was replaced with another.

That was how she spent the next hour, with one cock after another stuffed into her mouth and pussy. At some point, her dress had been pulled off of her and tossed onto the floor, leaving her completely nude, except for the high heels she wore.

Her face, hair, and firm c cup tits were covered in cum. Cum ran from her pussy down her legs, leaving a sticky trail. And she had had so many orgasms that she lost count. Now, as yet another man slid out of her cum filled pussy, she felt something being pressed into her hand.

She looked up into the eyes of Marcus, the bartender. "Drink", he said and she did so without hesitation. It was another beer and, as she drank it down, the fuzzy feeling returned. Her head had been starting to clear and Marcus knew the drugs were starting to wear off. So he brought her more and decided to take his turn.

As he looked down at the girl, little more than a cum rag at this point, he smiled. Because her asshole, his favorite hole, had been untouched. That was part of the deal in this club. Anyone could use the girls, but Marcus got their asses.

He grabbed her hair and shoved his dick, long and thick, down her throat. "Suck it, slut", he commanded and Jessica obeyed. She wondered why she had waited so long for sex when it felt so wonderful, especially having guys talk dirty to her while they fucked her.

After a few moments, Marcus pulled his dick from her mouth, his shaft slick with her saliva. He moved behind her, lifting her hips to his dick. He spread her ass cheeks, looking at her tight, virgin hole and moaned. "Damn, this is going to feel good", he said as he pressed the head of his dick against her anus.

Jessica felt the pressure on her asshole and looked back in surprise, but she didn't resist. As Marcus applied pressure, his dickhead forcing it's way into her asshole, she let out a small cry of pain. Her mouth was quickly stuffed with a dick, silencing her as Marcus pushed his cock into her ass.

He groaned in pleasure, her tight rectum squeezing his shaft, as he pushed deeper and deeper. He started thrusting, his cock burying in her ass, stretching it out. Within moments, he had his entire shaft inside her, his balls resting against her messy cunt.

Tears ran down Jessica's face from the pain, but she didn't stop sucking the dick in her mouth. Then Marcus started fucking, using slow, hard strokes and slamming his dick all the way into her ass. Jessica screamed and the man whose dick she was sucking slapped her before fucking her face, his balls slapping her chin.

Marcus held her fast as he drilled his dick in and out of her asshole, going faster as his own pleasure built. He loved the feeling of a tight ass, especially a virgin one, wrapped around his dick. He loved knowing that he was wrecking her hole and that no one would ever fill her up like he did.

That knowledge, along with the physical pleasure her asshole brought him, very quickly brought Marcus to the edge of orgasm. He thrust hard a few times, going as deep as he could, before holding her down and exploding. He let out a grunt as he pumped his sperm deep inside her, her asshole taking it like a true slut.

After he finished, Marcus pulled his dick from Jessica's ass, watching his cum run down and join the sticky trail on her legs. Then he pushed aside the guy that was fucking her mouth and he shoved his dick down her throat. "Taste your ass and clean my dick, slut", he growled and Jessica promptly obeyed. The tart taste of her own ass was strange, but not as bad as she would have thought.

After Marcus finished with her, he zipped up his pants and went back to work, leaving her to the crowd of men who were still waiting. It wasn't long before she had a dick in each hole, fucking her hard.


The next morning, Jessica awoke on the dirty floor of a men's restroom. She was naked and coated in cum and spit. As she stood, she shook her head, trying to clear her mind. Last night was a blur, but she could remember the feeling of having all of her holes get fucked.

As she stumbled from the restroom, onto the club's dancefloor, she spotted her dress. It was torn and covered in dirt. Her thong lay a few feet away, in a large puddle of jizz. "Ew", she said as she delicately picked up the garments.

She made her way to the front door and stumbled out into the fresh air, the sunlight causing her head to hurt instantly. As she thought about what had happened, the parts she could remember, she smiled. Maybe it hadn't been romantic, but her first time had definitely been fun.

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