Enslaving Rico Part 5

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No Escape

Rico can’t believe he is standing naked with a 9inch boner in front of his enemy at the basketball court he played in a few hours ago. Rico covered his manhood as much as his hands can cover but his hands were not enough to fully cover his throbbing meat.
Rico: I thought you said you wouldn’t let anyone know as long as I do as you say!
Ben: Considering the fact that I hate you and also you destroyed someone else’s dreams I have to make an exception.
Rico: But he is as much of an Ass as I am!
Ben: Enough to crush his dreams? Now that’s cruelty. You know well enough how I can crush yours too Rico.
Rico: I am outa here! Goodbye!
Ben: I wouldn’t be too sure of that. I hate to send everything to the scouts. Your dream of Basketball College might end before it can even begin.
Rico: You wouldn’t you hypocrite! You say I crush his dreams when you threaten mine?
Ben: I am not a hypocrite, I am evil as you are and much more, in fact dumbass I threaten you every day. NOW PUT BACK YOUR HANDS AT THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD OR I SWEAR, TREVOR WOULD NOT BE THE ONLY ONE SEEING YOU LIKE THIS SLAVE!
Rico sighed and closed his eyes and did what Ben said. Exposing his cock in the process, his cock was still a throbbing 9inch boner with the steel cock ring tightly secured at the base of Rico’s balls and shaft. The vibrator was still at his frenulum stimulating his cock endlessly. His dick was not leaking precum because of the cock ring clinging tightly at the base of his shaft and balls.
Trevor: Is that a cock ring? Hahahaha! I couldn’t believe this, such a pervert! It suites you Asshole! And is that a vibrator Hahaha! Rico you look so gay right now.
Ben: Rico go on top of the table and sit down legs spread! Jerk your dick like you did at your bedroom when you are alone. Remind me how many times a week do you do it?

Rico fell silent and took his position at the table, he spread his legs wide for everyone to see and while his hand was stroking his shaft up and down, he was eyeing Trevor. Trevor was smirking. Rico notices that he was still in his basketball uniform.
Ben: Answer me Slave!
Rico: Twice a week…master.
Ben: That’s a bit few for a horny stud like you. Lie on your back slave and keep stroking your cock.
Ben took each arm and constrained each with chains and tied it securely to each legs of the table. Rico couldn’t move his hands now. Ben took the remote of the vibrator and powered it up at maximum. Rico was moaning now his eyes closed while Trevor watch his rival masturbating while a vibrator pleasures his cock.
Rico: Stop! I am cumming! I want blow my load!
Ben instantaneously unlocks the steel cock ring and took off the vibrator and aimed Rico’s cock at his 8pack abs. Rico shouted because the pressure in his cock was suddenly released. His cock burst with cum and it all fell to his stomach. He squirted was so much cum that it started spilling from Rico’s abdomen to the surface of the table. His cock spurt 7 powerful times and then ended with a stream of cum leaking through his cock slit. He was now covered in his own cum. Rico couldn’t look at Trevor anymore after everyone witnessed his orgasm.
Trevor: Hahaha! That was humiliating! I saw you blow your spunk eww!
Ben and Trevor exchange looks and Trevor began stripping his basketball shorts and jockstrap.
Trevor: When Ben approached me after the game and showed me a video of you jerking off the camera I can’t believe it. The star player of Fire Tiger blowing his load to some stranger in the internet was too much I want to get it on the fun. So as a gift from me smell my jockstrap Rico. I didn’t showered so I bet it must be really soiled.
Rico: What the Fuck! I don’t want to smell…

Rico was cut off because Trevor already stuffed the jockstrap inside Rico’s open mouth while the part where the dick hangs was at Rico’s nose. Rico wanted to escape but the chains was strong also the table is made of steel it was heavy enough to withstand his protests.
Ben: Behave yourself or I will get more people in here! Do you want me to get Casey and Jake too? I bet they have quarrels with a Jackass like you.
Rico stopped moving and lied there smelling Trevor’s jockstrap. He was angry at Trevor but couldn’t do anything. He tasted the jockstrap it was salty and smells like sweat. It was disgusting.
Trevor: I wasn’t even going to do this to you but Ben convinced me he said that you fucked up my life so I should return the favor.
Trevor showed his cock to Rico. It was not that lengthy but it was huge girth wise. It was like beer cans, it was a 7inch uncut cock already hard and standing up. Around the head you can see cock cheese evidently it was a dirty cock. Rico’s face was disgusted by the looks of Trevor’s cock.
Trevor: Told you I haven’t showered. Now you are going to clean my cock!
Rico look was in panic he nudges to try to break free. Ben took out the filthy jockstrap in Rico’s mouth. As soon as Ben did this Rico knew what was going to happen.
Rico: No! I will not do that I won’t!
Ben: If you don’t do it I would gladly send all videos to the scout and even to your parents. What would your dad think?
Rico was now partly teary.
Rico: I can’t! I don’t want to, anything but that I don’t want his dirty cock in my mouth please!
Ben got Rico’s phone and dialled the number named “dad”

This made Rico’s face fell in horror. He thought that Ben wouldn’t do it but when Ben put it on loud speaker mode and he heard the ringing sound He jolted and shouted.
Rico: wait don’t call him! I will do it!
Trevor: I can’t hear you? What will you do?
Rico: I will suck it!
Trevor: What will you be sucking? Haha!
Rico: Please don’t make me say it!
Ben: Say it! I hear the ringing I think your dad is going to answer soon.
Rico: I will suck your dick Trevor!
Ben cut off the call. And typed something in the phone and showed it to Rico.
Ben: now say all of this to Trevor. Say it clear and make it sound convincing.
Rico hesitated for a second but surrendered.
Rico: Please I want to suck your cock Trevor….I want to taste your dick inside my mouth.
Rico was so embarrassed his cock was now soft. Trevor smeared some of Rico’s cum in his hard cock and sat on Rico’s chest not minding if he was heavy for Rico. He aimed his cock onto Rico’s lips. As soon as he saw Rico’s lips parted he pushed his cock inside Rico’s mouth. Rico was not moving he just opened his mouth and let Trevor’s cock inside.

Rico couldn’t accept what was happening. He couldn’t even imagine nor dream that he was sucking Trevor’s cock or even anyone’s cock for that matter. He was straight and this was clearly so gay and so disgusting. He felt the stiffness of Trevor’s meat, his cock cheese and what seems to taste like precum. He wanted to spit it out but he knows what will happen if he does that he just lie down there confused of what was happening.
Ben: now Rico I will teach you how to suck a dick. Get your tongue moving and lick the sides of Trevor’s cock head, try circling it repeatedly. Move your head and suck and swallow all the juices and also clean the cock dirt using your tongue.
Rico followed the instruction and soon Trevor was moaning with pleasure. Rico moved his tongue and licked the sides of the cock head tasting the filth and his own cum. He wanted to gag but the 7inch dick was inside his mouth. Rico was now swallowing in and out Trevor’s cock it was a full on blowjob.
Trevor: Hahaha go slow Rico. Wow! Who would knew that my rival is now sucking my cock I don’t even care that we lost the game. Keep sucking my dick! aaaaah aaah! Fuck! Your mouth is so warm hmmm.

Ben laughed when Rico sometimes spit Trevor’s cock accidently or when Rico gagged while trying to deep throat the throbbing meat. Ben secretly took a photo of Rico’s first blowjob session. It was like porn a handsome jock was sucking a huge dick while his hands was bounded.
After 15 minutes of Rico sucking, Trevor stopped Rico’s head and mouth.

Trevor: Keep your mouth open slut! I am going to fuck your mouth get ready.
Rico didn’t fight back since he was now very exhausted and his lips was so red from all the sucking, also Trevor’s dick was huge.
While Trevor was humping his dick inside Rico’s mouth. Rico closed his eyes all the while he was thinking that this was his lowest. He tasted another man’s dick he even begged for it. He was so helpless and tired he just lie down there while some dirty dick is fucking in and out of his mouth. Trevor sometimes hit the back of Rico’s throat which made Rico teary. Suddenly he felt that Trevor’s dick is pulsing, he spit the dick out of his mouth quickly.
Rico: No! please don’t make me swallow! Don’t make me taste please Trevor!
Trevor just laughed and got Rico’s mouth to open and jammed his dick inside. He began to moan.
Trevor: Open your eyes Rico! I want to see your reaction while I cum inside your mouth!

Rico opened his eyes and then he felt it, Trevor’s 7inch hard cock was pulsating, flowing with cum inside his mouth. Rico cried a tear. He now tasted another man’s seed and it was from his much hated person in the world.

Trevor: aaah aaaah aaah! Take that slut! Taste my man seed!
Trevor pulled his dick out and unloads some cum at Rico’s face. It covered almost all of Rico’s handsome features and it even got to his blonde hair. Ben took a photo of Rico’s cum drenched face.
Ben was so aroused He just watched two handsome jocks having oral sex in front of him. Rico’s face was so hot; his handsome face was covered in spunk.
Ben: Open your mouth and show it to Trevor.
Rico opened his mouth and it was filled with white cum.
Trevor: ughhh! Disgusting dude! Now swallow it all!
Rico closed his mouth and drank the cum inside his mouth. Ben released the right arm of Rico.
Ben: Now scoop up your cum and eat it, show it to Trevor!
Trevor: Holy Shit he is doing it! Rico is eating his own cum! Ewww! It’s making me sick man.
Rico didn’t budge he just scooped up his cum at his abdomen and face and ate it.
Ben: You see Rico, I don’t want to be the guy who you blow. I want your first blow job to be memorable and be so humiliating that you won’t ever think nor dream about crossing me again!

Trevor was panting from cumming but his dick was still hard.

Ben: We are not done yet Rico!
Trevor: Yeah next is that virgin ass of yours!
Rico’s eyes widened. His face full of terror.
Rico: No! I can’t please don’t do this to me! I don’t want to get fucked!
Trevor already putting a condom on.
Trevor: Don’t worry I will go slow on you. I did this to my girlfriend once hahaha! I told you I was going to fuck you didn’t I?
Ben took some cum at the surface of the table and spread it to Rico’s hole. After that he gave Trevor a bottle of lubricant and hold Rico’s feet up to open up his hole.

Rico: Please! Please! I won’t do any harm to both of you ever again I swear just don’t do this to me!
Ben: I don’t understand you already suck a dick! Now if you don’t let us to this I wonder who in your contacts should I invite over here!
Just as Ben was threatening Rico. Rico’s phone started to vibrate. Tory was calling. Ben showed the phone to Rico. Rico was so terrified.
Trevor: Is that Tory Carroline?
Ben: Yeah Rico’s girlfriend, you know her?
Trevor: I know that when she finds this out she will freak out! Right Rico?
Rico: Please don’t answer her call! I will do it I will let Trevor do it just leave her alone!
Ben answered the call and Rico fell dead silent.

End of part 5

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