A long awaited reunion

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It has been a long time since we had seen each other. As soon as he walked into my room, all the old feelings came flooding back to me. I knew the connection was still there between us. The air sizzled with the unspoken anticipation of what transpired between us whenever we were near each other. We both knew what was going to happen. What had to happen. He moved a step closer to me and I shivered. I melted into his arms and laid my head on his chest. I was home.

His fingers touched my chin and raised my lips to his. He hesitated for a second, my lips millimeters from his. I could feel the electricity radiating from our skin. I closed the gap between us and pressed my lips to his. He let out a sigh and kissed me back. It was hard for me to hold back as the memories came rushing back. Every touch, every kiss, every word. I wrapped my arms around him and deepened the kiss.

His hands were on both sides of my face while he tasted my lips and mouth. I savored the taste of him. My hands ran over his body feeling every muscle and contour. His hands were everywhere. In my hair and all over my body. Moving with every curve.With one hand on my hip and the other tangled in my hair he pushed me against the cold brick wall. I knotted both my hands through the back of his hair and pushed my lips hard against his. He kissed me back, groaning at the same time. My mouth opened under his and I slid my tongue gently into his mouth. His tongue met mine and we repeatedly broke the kiss only to meld together into the next. What started off as slow deep kisses began to quicken in pace and the heat travelled throughout my body to my very core.

Our kisses got harder and i felt his hips moving against mine. My left hand moved from his hair to the side of his throat. My thumb stroked his cheek and jaw line. I slid my right hand down his body, trailing my fingertips down his neck and chest and then moved my hand around to place it firmly at the base of his back. I pulled him harder against me as his mouth left mine and began to explore my neck. His breathe was warm against my skin. Shivers ran right through me as he began to bite and suck gently at my throat. I felt his teeth graze my earlobe and i inhaled deeply as he pulled my hair so my head tilted back.

My breathe caught in my throat as I felt a hand move firmly up my stomach over my shirt. He paused momentarily at my breast, kneading it with his palm before placed his hand splayed across the base of my throat. I closed my eyes and pulled him closer still as he gripped my chin between his thumb and forefinger.Turning my head to the side, he continued his exploration of my neck and ear his with lips and tongue. I moved my hands to grip the tops of his muscled arms. I was losing control of my thoughts as he controlled my body.

I needed his lips on mine again. I whispered his name and he dragged his eyes up to meet mine. He must have seen the fire in my eyes because the next thing I knew it was mirrored in his dark eyes and his lips were back on mine. I closed my eyes and suddenly he was everywhere. His whispers rang in my ears and his touch seared my skin as if I'd been burned. I inhaled deeply and was intoxicated by the smell of him.

My hands ran up his smooth hard back with a mind of their own as I pushed my tongue into the corner of his mouth. He gripped my bottom lip between his teeth and my knees buckled beneath me. He gripped my thighs to support me and pulled my legs around his waist. My fingers locked behind his neck as his hands grasped my waist. I could feel my body being pushed harder into the wall as he kissed me a sudden uncontrollable fury. It still wasn't hard enough for me so I urged him on by grinding my hips hard against him as I kissed him back. This was like no other time we had been together and we were both in no rush to see it end. His hands came up to mine and he entwined his fingers around mine as I untangled my legs from around his waist.

We kissed deeply over and over until we were both breathless. He released my hands and grabbed me around the waist, spinning me around away from the wall. We continued kissing as he walked me backwards to the bed. His lips were hot on mine and his tongue was doing incredible things inside my mouth. Without breaking the kiss, he lowered me on the bed. I needed his hands all over my body and touched every inch of his skin I could. Without saying a word he seemed to understand what I desired. I felt his knuckles graze my stomach as his hands moved up and down on my body and felt like I had reached the top of the rollercoaster and was hurtling down the other side. I arched my back against the mattress and let out a low moan.

This had an immediate effective on him. He wrapped his arm around me and lifted my too half of the bed. Using one hand he slid my shirt up my body and over my head. He then kissed the hollow of my throat while unclasping my bra. As he pulled the fabric free I wriggled underneath him twisting the bottom of his shirt around my fingers and yanked it up over his back. Fairs fair I thought gazing at his bare chest.

I pushed my hand against his shoulder and rolling him onto his back, I straddled his hips. Placing my hands on either side of his face I kissed him with everything I had. I felt the kiss in my soul and in that second conveyed to him everything I felt for him. He looked deep into my eyes and smiled a heartbreakingly beautiful smile before kissing me back with the same intensity I had just shown. His chest was rising and falling and I could feel his heartbeat hard and fast beneath my fingertips as I raked them down his chest. My lips followed my fingers placing kisses on his throat, collarbone, nipple and stomach right down to his waistline. His fingers tangled through my hair as I made my journey down.

Glancing up at him, the desire shining in his eyes I undid his belt and slowly pulled at the buttons of his pants. Teasing, I slipped my fingers inside his waist band and felt his hips rise up off the bed. I pushing him back down with the heel of my hand and placed a hot wet kiss in the hollow of his groin where his hips and thigh met. I tugged his clothes free of his body began placing kisses on the newly exposed skin. He found my hands and pulled me back toward him giving me another deep heart-wrenching kiss.

Wrapping his leg around my waist he rolled on top of me and pushed me back into the softness of the bed. He then began his payback for what I has just done to him, placing kisses on my neck, down my breasts and nibbling on the skin at my waist. Pushing a firm hand down on my stomach he shed my skirt with the other. I was now laying in just my underwear while he ravished me with his mouth.

I felt his warm weight slide up my body to press firmly against mine. Wrapping my arms around him I could feel his hardness against me as he pushed slowly against me. Our lips met and parted over and over, his hand sliding up and down my body. "I love you" I whispered. "I need you, every part of you." His lips pushed hard against mine until the coppery taste of blood touched my tongue. That was all the answer I needed.

His hand moved to the inside of my thigh. His fingers neared my warmth. I took a sharp breathe as I felt him push aside the scrap of lace and slide two fingers inside me. I whimpered with pleasure as he slowly began to slide them in and out of my body. Twisting his fingers he pushed deeper and harder. My hips rose to meet him. I found myself grinding my body against his hand trying to push him further into me. I was all over the bed my cries becoming louder with every push he made into me. I clenched by eyes shut, focusing on the sensations occurring in my body.

Unexpectedly, he bent his fingers forward inside me while pushing down hard with his other hand right above my pelvis. I lost all control as the waves of desire flooded through me. The pleasure was unbearable and I screamed out for him to stop but he just keep pushing harder, holding rhythm with my body. Just as I was on the brink of going over the edge of sanity, his movement inside me ceased and his lips once again captured mine.

I kissed him back with a ferociousness I didn't realize I had. My fingers twisted into the stands if his hair at the base of his neck and tugged hard. He let out a low moan and as I tipped his head back to give myself access to his neck his fingers dug into my hips and his pelvis rotated against mine. Once more he began to roam down my body with his hands and tongue. His mouth was moving over my breasts and I felt tongue and then teeth. When he bit down I groaned loudly and threw my head back against the pillows. He continued to explore my stomach and thighs with his mouth while his hands pushed hard against my breasts, cupping them firmly and squeezing. When I felt his teeth against my thigh I realized he was using his mouth to remove the only piece of fabric I had left covering my body.

I couldn't take the throbbing between my legs any longer. I had to touch him. I had to taste him. I pushed myself into a sitting position and he came up to meet me. I straddled his lap and pried his lips open with my tongue. With my hands on his shoulder and my tongue in his mouth I pushed him backwards on the bed until I was on top of him. I moved down and grasped him between my hand. Stroking softly I swirled my tongue around the tip of his shaft. He lay back with closed eyes I opened my mouth to him.

Deeper and deeper I took him in. His moans became more frequent. I felt his hips rise toward me and took him in as deep as I was able to. I grazed my teeth lightly up and down his shaft. The more friction I was creating made him rock harder into my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around the length of him, moving him in and out. I could feel the tension building between us and knew we wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. One glance up to look in his eyes told me he knew it too. I rubbed my body slowly against his as I made my way back up to him.

Raising my body up I slowly lowered my hips down onto him without breaking eye contact. I watched his face as I felt the tip of him enter me, his face a mask of pleasure. He stared intensely at me as I pushed down further, feeling him enter me fully. Placing my hands on his chest I began to move up and down on him while grinding my hips on him in a circular motion. His hands were on my hips and he moved himself up to match my rhythm. I let out long moans of pleasure as I moved on him. Feeling the tightness I began to increase my pace, our breath becoming ragged, my cries increasing in volume. His hand moved from my hips to my clit where he began to rub and flick me. The pleasure I was feeling became more intense. I pushed myself down harder wanting more and more. His other hand came up around my throat and squeezed. The harder he squeezed the more it turned me on. My breath came out in gasps as I rode him. "Harder" I cried out. He obliged.

I was losing all control when he flipped me onto my back, still inside me. Throwing my leg over his shoulder he grabbed my ankle and pushed my leg out straight, over my head. I wrapped by other leg around his waist, my foot resting on his back. His body began moving on mine slowly at first. Heat flooded right down to my toes. I stared into his eyes as he pulled back slowly then thrust himself hard and fast back into my body. He held himself there for a minute before driving into me again. With every forceful push I let out a cry each louder than the last. "yes baby yes" I moaned. "don't stop". Soft noises escaped from the back of his throat. My hips rose to meet his every lunge.

Our pace became frenzied and I could feel myself reaching the ultimate release. Our bodies slick with sweat, our hands slipped over each other, caressing, touching, and gripping. My screams were covered by his strong hand pushing me down while he threw himself violently into me. Suddenly my body tensed up and exploded. The waves rocked my body in time to his movement and my body tightened around him. I rode out the waves, losing myself in the moment while he came over and over inside me.

His body collapsed on mine and I wrapped my arms around him. He held me close and kissed my lips. I kissed him back and we lay there holding each other. Never before has we gone to those heights. We had reached a new level of understanding and I couldn't wait for the next time.

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