Chubby Tales part 5

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My smooth chocolate lips were all wrapped around Paul's big throbbing dick. "O God James this is incredible it's like you get better and better every time" I can feel his cock pulsing in my mouth and I know that he is close to shooting another hot creamy load but it just doesn't turn me on.

"Oh God yeah do it, suck that big dick baby you know you want that fucking cum. O shit do it make me cum.* I start slobbering and sucking his throbbing fat dick with all I have. Spit is running down my chin mixed with his pre cum I can feel that he is so close to shooting his load. I pull his aching cock out of my warm mouth and stroke it . Only after a few hard-and-fast strokes he begins to shoot his hot sticky cum all over my big soft chocolate man tits. "O fuck baby that was incredible I just love shooting my cum all over your big juicy tits."

I wipe off my chest with a towel that was lying on the floor nearby. I then grab my clothes to get dressed and get ready to leave. "Where you going " Paul looks at me with a puzzled look on his face. I tell him that I have a lot of school work to do, plus I have work in the morning. Reluctantly he tells me to have a good night and that he will be thinking of me. I return his sentiment by telling him that I will miss him and be thinking of him most the night, then I walk out the door.

The truth is I probably wouldn't be thinking about him at all. Or if I was going to be thinking about him it would be about how to break it off with him. He is a great guy and fun to be around but there are some things that I want to explore and I don't know if I can do that if I'm in a committed relationship. At the same time I really truly don't wanna hurt him. All these thoughts were racing Through my head as my Uber driver pulled up.

A little red Ford Focus pulled up to me with the window rolled down and I heard a very light almost feminine voice say "are you James? " that shocked me out of my deep thought about Paul. I said yes and opened the passenger door. The driver of the car was a small guy. He was Caucasian with Sandy blond hair maybe about 5' 5" tall and at most a 120 pounds. He had absolutely no hair on his body except for the top of his head or at least it looked like that.

As we drove, we began to make small talk in his car. I learned that we both were students at the same University. We had never ran into each other because he was a dance and fashion major Those were 2 subjects I had never learned anything about. I also learned that his name was Tam.

As we continue to drive I asked him what he did for fun. He told me that he hadn't had much fun in the last 2 weeks because he broke up with his boyfriend a little over a week ago. I told him that I was sorry and that I was kind of going through a break up myself except I'm the only one who knows about it.

He looked at me inquisitive wanting to know why I was breaking up with My partner. I explained to him that I was just now getting into the lifestyle and that there were a lot of things I wanted to explore. I told him that I could not do those things in a committed relationship. I was kind of worried that Tam would immediately start to consider me some type of slut.

Tam just looked at me and laughed, Then said "O so you just wanna fuck and not be judged for who your fucking." I was kind of confused by what he said then Tam said " Luck honey don't worry about it there are plenty of sluts in the gay community you won't be judged."

I was actually pretty Relieved that Tam wasn't going to judge me. Tam ended up confessing to me that the reason him and his last partner had broken up was because Tam had cheated on him and somehow his partner found out.

I told him that I was sorry that it happened and that if he wanted, we could park behind my dorm and possibly talk more. Tam agreed that he probably needed to talk to someone.

We parked behind my dorm and talked for about 20 minutes,mostly about my sexual activities and his past relationships. Tam wasn't really the kind of guy I usually go for, He was very slim and small, but he had A huge ass for a man. Even while he was sitting in his car I could see that he had a nice firm round bubble butt.

As our conversation started to slow down, Tam asked me, "Do you need help with that?" Then he pointed to my crotch.

I looked down and noticed that my fat black dick was ready to explode out of my pants. All I could do was say "sure".

Tam then proceeded to lean over to my seat and slowly unbutton then unzip my blue jeans. As he pulled down my purple satin panties my 8 inch black dick popped out. Tam licked his lips then proceeded to take my dick right into his mouth. There was no teasing or playful kissing of my cock. He went right for it slurping licking and gagging all over my shaft, it felt amazing . I put my hands on the back of his head and began to rhythmically move his head up-and-down on my dick forcing him to take every inch down his throat. I could feel my pre cum slideing out of my cock mixing with his spit. " O God yeah suck that fucken cock. take that black cock bitch."

Those words seemed to encourage Tam. he was now sucking for all he was worth spit and pre cum were leaking all over my cock I was complete heaven as he sucked me like I had never felt before. I lifted up my shirt and began pinching my nipple With my left hand and forcing his head down on my cock with my right.

As he continued to suck my Dick I noticed that is juicy ass was now lifted off of a seat. I took my left hand off my nipple and began squeezing his round ass. soft moans started to escape his mouth while it was filled with my hot cock.

As my orgasm got close. I couldn't help but grind my fingers into his tight gorgeous ass . All at once I exploded. "O God fuck swallow it, swallow my fucken cum, swallow my cum O God that's it baby swallow that fucking you milk you fucking slut swallow my fucking cum."

Squirt after squirt load after hot creamy load filled Tam's mouth. Even after my Dick began to slowly shrink back down Tam still wouldn't give up sucking and stroking my tool. He looked up at me and said "O daddy I want every single drop of your cum I just love my black daddy's sweet creamy cum I want it in my mouth all the time.

He was now talking in the sweetest little girl Voice I had ever heard. I was starting to get hard again. I took him upstairs to my dorm to continue our fun adventure. We were barely inside my dorm Room before Tam grabbed me and started kissing me all over again it was incredible. This time would be different because I would have complete and total access to his ass. While we kissed both of my hands found his nice tight ass. As I squeezed his firm ass cheeks he moaned into my mouth.

We fell onto my bed our hard cocks Grinding against each other. We never broke our kiss sense we got into the room.I was on top of Tam we pulled our lips apart and he said to me in that sweet girl voice "fuck my ass daddy, fuck it hard".

I couldn't get him naked fast enough I was so turned on. I don't think I could think of anything else but having my cock buried in his tight ass hole.

After stripping off his clothes I told him to get back onto the bed and lay on his back. I proceeded to put a few drops of lube all over my cock. I didn't wanna use to much lube because I really wanted to feel the tightness of his ass. Slowly I began to slide deep inside his hungry whole. He looked at me and said in that sexy little girl voice "don't take it easy on your little girl daddy , I know how to take dick just like the big girls, go ahead and slam that black cock inside my pussy."

I didn't need anyone Incentive. I slammed my cock into him as hard as I could. He let out a loud girlish scream. It was to late I was already buried deep inside of him and I couldn't stop I began to pound his tight boy pussy without mercy. His legs were up on my shoulders and I could look down at him and see a look of complete ecstasy on his face.

"That's it daddy that's it, Pound that cock into your little girl. cum in my pussy make me take every inch of your Big Daddy Dick give it to me daddy do it, do it daddy do it Fuck your cute little girl make me your little bitch. O God daddy you feel so good inside me. Oh fuck yes daddy yeah give it to me just like that daddy deeper deeper."

I reach down and began to twist and pench Tams nipples as I slammed my Dick in-and-out of him. He was even tighter than I had expected and his nipples were as hard as diamonds. His moans echoed throughout the room. "O God daddy you're playing with my little girl Titi's I love when you play with my tits."

Hearing that little girl voice was such a turn on and made me wanna shoot my cum deep inside of him. But I wasn't done yet I wanted more.

I pull my dick out of him and told him to get on the bed on all fours. He knew exactly what I wanted "I just love doggy style daddy. Please don't put any more lube on your cock. i wanna feel every in inch inside my pussy."

I was more than happy to give him exactly what he wanted. I slid my sick 8" back inside of him. I could feel his tight ass clenching down on my cock. We quickly got into a nice fast rhythm. "that's it daddy go ahead and fuck that pussy" After only a few thrust Tam was starting to push back against my cock I couldn't believe how easily he could take me inside of him or just how incredibly tight he was.

"Daddy pull on my boy clit while you are fucking me it will really turn me on stroke it, strock my boy clit." I reach down and around to grab on to Tams tiny Dick. It was 4" at best it was really more of a big clit rather than a cock.

As I stroked and fucked Tam his moans of pleasure got louder and even more feminine. I said to him "I'm about to cum I'm gonna cum". Tam looked back at me with a look of complete joy on his face. "I want to make you cum daddy I wanna be your good little girl I wanna make my daddy cum deep inside my pussy. Do it daddy, fill your little girl with your cum."

With one final thrust deep inside Tams ass and squeezing his boy clit with everything I had I shot load after load of hot sticky cum in his hungry ass. At the same time Tam begins to moan loudly and started to squirt his load right on to my sheets.

We both collapsed on to the bed hot sweaty and exhausted. After 10 or 15 minutes Tam got up and said he had to go. I asked could we Keep seeing each other. He looked at me and said no.

Tam told me That I was very new to this life and that I had a lot of exploring to do before I was ready to settle down with anyone. Besides the next time I call an uber , I never know who might show up

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