When I Became A Woman -- Chap. 4

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When I Became A Woman – Chap. 4
Dear Diary, I have to remind you again that I’m not making any of this up! It happened just like I’m saying, and it was wonderful. I’m now a REAL WOMAN!! You know when you come back to school in the fall and the English teacher makes you write “What I Did This Summer” essays? Well, Diary, I wish I could turn this one in ‘cause I am just thrilled to death and I just wish I could tell everybody! She always says “write what you know, write how you feel”, and I know I’d get an A+ on this! Maybe even an A++! I’d call it “The Three Days When I Became A Real Woman”.

Of course I did as little as I could get away with in school today since I couldn’t concentrate one bit. Even Shelly my BFF wondered if I was catching a cold or something (we call each other up sometimes in the morning, hey what are you gonna wear, and we dress in the same colors). I told her no, just a lot of hard homework to do tonight, and I knew I couldn’t tell her what was really going on. She said yeah you got that right and fake-slugged my arm like guys do. I was glad when sixth-period study hall came, because I was still instant-replaying Mommy and Daddy last night in my head. I even slo-mo’ed the fucks! And dear Diary, it was so romantic, and tonight was gonna be MY turn!! Well, here goes. I hope I can write this down like it happened without sounding all dumb and stuff.

I walked home from school with Shelly like always and she said get some sleep, Cassy, you’re a zombie, you’re like majorly spaced out and I lifted up my arms and clawed my hands out and just STALKED her with my eyes crossed! She screamed and said quit it! So I did, and she took off for her house and I came inside and piled my books in my room and just laid on my bed for a minute thinking about tonight. I must’ve dozed off, ‘cause I heard Mommy and Daddy downstairs and there was noise like supper-making. I washed my face in the bathroom and combed my hair back in a ponytail and went down, Mommy saw me and said hey come cut up some celery and green peppers, honey. So I did. Daddy was doing something with the grill outside on the deck, so it was just me and Mommy. She asked me if I was ready to become a Real Woman tonight and if last night was fun for me to watch, and I said yes yes yes and we giggled and she hugged me. I saw the expression on her face and I know that one, I know she was real concerned like if maybe I was injured or something, so it was peachy when she hugged me and smiled. She hugged me extra hard, I think. Dear Diary, I shoulda wrote that YES YES YES! I love Mommy’s smell.

About fifteen minutes later Daddy came inside with a platter of burgers and dogs, and we had the rest of the food all ready. Mommy called them crudit? whatever the heck that is. Daddy was barefooted and had on his dorky Hawaiian bathing suit that came down to his knees, and no shirt on. He has some hair on his chest and of course under his arms, not like Mommy. I notice these special things, Diary! I hope some day I can be a writer. Like I said before, it would be terrific to turn this in as an essay.
It was a fun picnic supper on the deck. Daddy told goofy jokes and we laughed, and then Mommy told one that I didn’t get but Daddy laughed a lot, so I did, too. At one point when we were getting real stuffed, Daddy asked me if I enjoyed watching him fuck Mommy last night. That’s exactly what he said, dear Diary: “Did you enjoy watching me fuck Mommy last night?” Mommy put her arm around me then and hugged me to her. I was kinda embarrassed, but I said yes, but I know it was in my little-girl voice. Dear Diary, for some reason, I just couldn’t own up to the absolute FACT that I’d been reliving and remembering that all day!

When we finished up, Daddy said, “Hey you two girls, you cleaned up last night, so tonight it’s my turn. Why don’t you go upstairs and shower while I do the dishes?” Mommy said it’s a deal and we took off upstairs. She held my hand and said this is gonna be fun honey and I squeezed her hand, too. She said for me to come with her and we went into their bedroom. “Let’s take a shower together, honey,” she said. “I’ll take off your clothes, and then you take off mine.” I guessed that this must be the first part of becoming a Real Woman, so we did. I just stood there like a dumb statue or something while she lifted my tshirt over my head and then reached around and unsnapped my bra. I slipped it off and she told me my bumps are really pretty. That’s exactly what she said. “Really pretty.” Then she kneeled down and unsnapped my jeans, did the zipper, and slid them down. She pulled my panties down and I kicked the jeans and panties off. Mommy said, “you have such a pretty body for a young lady,” and then she hugged me while she was still kneeled down, and kissed my stomach. “I’m so proud of you,” she said. Gosh, dear Diary, I know Mommy loves me so much! I hugged her head and it felt so cool when her lips were kissing my stomach and I was all naked. I think I can only count one or maybe two other times when I’ve been naked like this with her.

I guessed that this is what you should do when you’re becoming a Real Woman. Then Mommy stood up and it was my turn. “Can I kiss your stomach, too?” I asked, and she said “of course you can, I’d like that.” I unbuttoned her white blouse and she slid it off, then I had to go around behind her to unsnap her bra. It popped apart, and Mommy surprised me, reaching back for my hands and pulling me close to her and putting my hands right on her nice titties! Golly! She said that she liked that and it would be nice if I’d squeeze them a little bit, so I did and she just sighed. Oh dear Diary, Mommy smelled so nice, I just put my cheek right up against her back and pulled her titties right back into me. She told me I’m a good girl, so I squeezed them a little more and even pinched her tips, dear Diary, and she said she liked that because Daddy liked to do that to her, too. She put her hands on mine and pressed my fingers tighter to her boobs, and then kinda rolled them around, too. I kissed on her back while we were doing this. Mommy turned around then and let me unsnap her skirt and pull it down. She only had light blue Joe Boxers on underneath, which surprised me, so I did like she did and knelt down and pulled them down. She pulled my head to her stomach and let me kiss her there like she did to me. Wow! She smells so pretty. Mommy has a flat stomach, not all pouched out like a lot of women who are old like her. I saw again that her pussy had no hair and looked just like mine.

“C’mon, let’s shower,” she said. “Together.” Boy oh boy, dear Diary, undressing Mommy! Her undressing me! Squeezing her like that! And now we get to shower together! This was like Christmas and New Year’s and my birthday all together!

She leaned in to turn on the water in the shower and it only took a minute for it to get warm. She said for me to go first and popped me one on my butt and we both laughed. I was totally soaked when she climbed in behind me. “Baby, do you want to soap me up first, or do you want me to soap you up first?” I didn’t know what to say, Diary, so I just said, “Do me first, Mommy.”

Oh gosh, Diary, you couldn’t believe it. Mommy soaped up her hands and felt around me and started washing my bumps and pressing me back against her. I could feel her rubbing herself against me and squeezing my tips, too, and her boobs pushing against my back, and I really liked how that felt! Then her hands went down below to my stomach, scrubbing me, and then lower too! She said that Daddy would love to scrub me there and that sometime he’d like to shower with me, too, if I liked this, and I thought BOY OH BOY, I couldn’t even talk right then! Dear Diary, Mommy was rubbing and washing me down below and I couldn’t even talk! She said bend over so I can wash your behind because Daddy will want to taste you there too like he did me. So I did. I was remembering when she stuck her butt right in Daddy’s face and he didn’t even complain! She scrubbed my shoulders and back real good, then her hand went all around my butt washing me and you know, dear Diary, I liked it, even when her soapy hand went into my crack. She told me again, “Honey, Daddy will love to taste you right here,” and her finger pushed a little bit right into my butthole. I’m not kidding. She said, “If you relax it, he might even put his tongue a little ways in there and make you feel real good like a woman does.” I’ll tell you the honest truth, dear Diary, if I hadn’t watched Mommy turn around and put her butt right in Daddy’s face last night, I wouldn’t have believed her telling me this, even though it’s my own Mommy! Honestly! So I did, and I could feel Mommy’s finger inside my butt and it did feel real good when she pushed it around, all soapy and stuff. She said a lot of Real Women secretly like it when the fellow they love does that to them. I love Mommy. She teaches me everything I oughta know.

“Now it’s Mommy’s turn, baby,” she said. “Wash me everywhere.” We switched places and now she was under the shower and I was behind her. Her hair soaked instantly. I kissed on her back and put my hands around her stomach. She moved them right down between her legs! Right on her pussy and held them there. “Wash me there first, baby,” she said. “You know I like that, don’t you?” I grabbed the soap and used it to wash her there and she told me that was good, do it some more, wash me some more there baby. So I did.

In a little bit, she leaned forward and her butt was right out at me and she wanted me to wash it. I soaped up my hands and rubbed them over her butt, doing real good, and she spread her legs and told me to do in-between, too. I rubbed the soap there and that was the first time ever I touched the soft inside of Mommy’s pussy. It was kinda wild. I’m sure no thirteen-year-old girl like me has ever done anything like this before with her Mommy! I really want to tell Shelly all this, you know, since she’s my BFF and we share everything, but then she isn’t a Real Woman, so I can’t. I have to keep this a secret. She asked me to wash harder, so I did. She said oh baby several times, so I think she was happy while I was washing her there. It wasn’t long after that when Mommy stood up again and turned around and hugged me under the shower, and even kissed me. Dear Diary, that was the best shower I ever had in my whole life! I hope Mommy lets me shower with her again. Oh my gosh, Diary – I just had a crazy thought! Maybe someday Daddy and me can shower together!!

When we got out, we dried ourselves off and Mommy pulled out a present for me from the closet in the bathroom. I pulled off the pink ribbon and opened the box and there was a pretty red robe just like hers! She held it for me while I put my arms in and I was so happy, then she put her red robe on. She asked me, “Are you ready to become a Real Woman now, honey?” I said yes of course, Mommy, and she said then let’s go see Daddy.

She opened the bathroom door and we walked into the bedroom, both of us in our pretty red robes. Daddy wasn’t there!

We walked downstairs to the kitchen and he was finishing up with the dishes, so we told him we’d dry them and he could go shower. Fine, he said, and then he looked at us again and said, “You two women are so beautiful in your red robes.” I just about busted a gut inside when he said YOU WOMEN, boy was I proud! So off he went, and Mommy and I got busy with the dishtowels. It didn’t take long. We talked of course while we were drying the dishes on the rack, and she asked me how I liked learning the new words and doing the new things over the last two nights. “Oh my gosh, Mommy,” I said, “I love all the new words. I want to say them a lot, but I know I shouldn’t when I’m with Shelly and at school. They aren’t Real Women yet, so I know I have to only say them when I’m with you and Daddy.” She told me that’s right honey and that I’m such a smart girl to know that.

While we were drying dishes, I asked her whether a pussy is the same thing as a cunt, and she said oh honey they’re just different words for your vagina, it just depends on who’s using the word and whether they’re trying to explain about sex, or get fucks from you, or whatever. I said it’s so confusing and she said you’ll learn, baby, don’t fret about it. I asked her if being a slut was a bad thing, like some of the girls call the others when they kiss boys with their tongues in their mouth, like she did with Daddy, and she said it just depends again on if somebody wants to be mean or not to you. Dear Diary, I don’t think I’m gonna catch on to these new words. I can’t tell if one is good or bad. Maybe I just shouldn’t use any of them unless Daddy or Mommy says it’s okay to use when I’m with them. I told Mommy this and she said Cassy you can use any of those words when you’re with us and it’s okay. “Otherwise, like in school and with your girlfriends, just go with what you’ll learn in Sex Ed class, okay?” Yep, I said, for sure.
She told me that when she and I get in bed with Daddy, he’s gonna do everything with me that he did with her last night, and I said you mean he’ll really do some fucks to me? She said, baby, he’ll fuck you, and you’ll be fucking him, Daddy will be gentle with you and you’ll like it, honest. Okay, I said, I want to be fucking Daddy. He’ll put it in my pussy, right? And she said yes, right in your cunt, and I said, “That’s the same as my pussy, right?” And she told me again honey it’s all the same, your cunt, your pussy, your vagina, it’s just different names for the same place. “Some fellows like to use different words, and us women like to call it different names too.” She said, “You can call it whatever you want with us, but if you’re in school and in health class and they talk about it, they’ll call it your vagina, so that’s what you should stick with there. Here at home, it’s up to you. I know that Daddy likes when I use all those other names. He says it makes him hot. It’s a good thing to make Daddy hot. I know he’d like it if you tell him you want his cock to fuck your cunt. He’ll love that.”

I said this is like the different names for Daddy’s penis, and Mommy said yes, in health class you call it the penis, but all those other names for it when you’re with me and Daddy are okay and we like to hear you say them. She said, “Call it his prick, dick, boner, erection, tool, or whatever you want. He’d like that, and I will too.” “Thank you, Mommy,” I said. Is there such a word as Excitingest, dear Diary? That’s how I feel.

Well, I dried the dishes and thought in my head about all these neat new words and imagined saying them to Daddy, then we went upstairs. My new red robe felt so soft and special, I was like in seventh heaven. Mommy and I were like twins, except she had her hair down and mine was in a ponytail. I liked it even more knowing we were both naked underneath our red robes and that we were going straight up to see Daddy in them. Both of our red robes ended just a little below our butts, and I already noticed that when Mommy leaned forward, her butt showed. I thought ahead, dear Diary, and planned to do that, too, when Daddy was watching. I wanted him to see my naked butt like this, ‘cause I liked watching Mommy’s. And I liked the soft feel of the robe rubbing against my tips when I walked. When we got in their bedroom again, there was Daddy waiting for us, showered but now in his bathing suit again! Huh??? He saw us come in and said, “Who wants to take off my bathing suit?” I shouted quickly, “Daddy, I want to! I want to see your boner!” and he laughed and said okay baby, and Mommy was grinning real big. She hugged me to her and then said “GO!”

I knelt down just like with Mommy, grabbed the sides of his suit and slowly pulled it down. I was looking straight up at Daddy and smiling, and I said, “Let’s see that boner, Daddy.” Before it even got below his knees, his cock popped out and it was already hard and sticking straight out! Golly! Daddy’s long cock was right in front of my face! He took my head in his hands and pulled me closer to it and said, “Suck my boner, baby.” So I did. Mommy was standing beside me, and I wanted to make Daddy happy. I kissed the tip of it like I did before, and Mommy said open your mouth, honey, and let Daddy stick it in. So I did, and dear Diary, that was so hot! Daddy’s penis was right inside my mouth, at least the tip of it was, and Daddy said suck on it honey and I did and I was already feeling like a Real Woman. Now Mommy knelt beside me and moved my hands around to Daddy’s butt and helped push it to me and I felt Daddy’s cock go in a little farther. Then she took Daddy’s cock and put it in her own mouth and my golly just swallowed the whole thing in her mouth and Daddy groaned like he was being hurt. Mommy’s mouth was pressed right up against his stomach! I can’t imagine how she could get his big penis so far into her mouth without choking, but she did! I guess that’s another thing they’ll be teaching me.

Daddy said, “Girls, let’s get in bed, Cassy has a lot to learn tonight.” Mommy let his cock come out of her mouth and some spit kinda hung in the air and dribbled down her chin. She stood up and said, “Oh hon, you need to undress us first.” Daddy grinned real big and smooched an air-kiss to her and me both, then reached for her robe and slid it off. She’s so pretty when she’s naked. “Your turn, young woman,” he said to me, and held my shoulders, slid my new red robe off. Mommy and I were both standing naked there, and Daddy too with his cock straight out pointed at us. Other than our hair being different and her titties bigger, I think I was like just a littler version of my Mommy.

“Both of you beautiful women need to lay down on the bed on your back,” he said. So we did. Daddy looked at us and had his hand on his cock rubbing it. I said, “Daddy, are you jacking off?” And he said, “oh baby, you learn quick, that’s good. No, I’m just warming up for you and Mommy.” And then Mommy scooted closer to me and started rubbing my bumps and pinching my tips, and Daddy said, “I like that, do that some more.” So she did, and dear Diary, I really really liked that, especially that Daddy was watching us and jacking off, too. I was feeling kinda funny down below my stomach and I told Mommy, since I didn’t wanta be sick, and she said honey that’s just sex and your body is starting to feel like a Real Woman, so I tried to relax. I closed my eyes ‘cause it felt so good what she was doing. Daddy climbed on the bed beside us and he started doing the same thing that Mommy was doing, her on one side, him on the other, and I could feel his prick hard against my thigh. Then I opened my eyes and they both leaned down and started sucking my bumps! That felt good!! I even put my hands on their heads and pushed them down harder on me. “Do it harder!” I said, and then I was even breathing harder, too!

Daddy raised up and kissed me right on my lips. I never imagined my Daddy would be kissing my mouth while I was laying naked on the bed next to him and Mommy sucking my tips! I have to be a Real Woman now! Then he said, “Watch Mommy and me, and then it’s your turn, my young woman.” He was on his knees at my side and he took my hand and put it on his cock and told me to squeeze it. Mommy raised up and leaned over my stomach and took his cock in her mouth again, kissing and then sucking and then putting it all in her mouth like before. Daddy pulled it out and turned my head to him, said “it’s your turn, young woman,” and pushed his wet penis to my mouth. “Eat him, honey,” said Mommy. I opened my mouth and he slid partway in and Mommy said suck honey and so I did and it was wonderful, dear Diary, to be doing to Daddy what Mommy did and what a Real Woman would do. I know Daddy liked it because I could see him smiling, and Mommy too because she said yes baby yes honey keep doing that Daddy likes it and he said yes baby yes baby yes baby suck me suck me just like that you’re doing good don’t stop and his hand was really soft on my hair and Mommy watched and said yes honey keep doing it just like that you’re doing it just right and Daddy loves it yes baby.

Well, dear Diary, I think Daddy pushed maybe halfway in my mouth and told me I’m a good little cocksucker and that was neat to hear him praise me so nice like that so I kept it up for awhile. Mommy even helped by rubbing her hand up and down the part that wasn’t in my mouth. Then he pulled it out of my mouth and gave it back to Mommy for a minute. I was so happy that I was doing it right for Daddy, and that I could watch them do this right on top of me, too. It’s just like those new 3D movies! This was really fun, dear Diary, with Daddy’s long prick in my mouth. I thought he was going to shoot his white come into my mouth and I was kinda worried about that, but he didn’t.

Then Mommy said, “Honey, you remember what you watched last night when Daddy fucked me?” and I said yes, and she said when I climbed on him, and I said yes, and she said now it’s your turn. Golly, finally I was gonna become a Real Woman! Daddy laid down on his back. I climbed onto him and he helped me. I was sitting on his stomach. He reached up and rubbed my bumps and squeezed my tips and that was exciting and I felt something going on down below my stomach that kinda lurched, I guess is what you’d call it. Mommy said you’re doing fine, honey. I rubbed my bottom back and forth just like Mommy did last night, and Daddy said that’s good honey just keep doing that, and boy did that ever feel good! Mommy said now raise up honey and slide Daddy’s pretty boner inside you, so I did raise up and she held his cock and slid it back and forth on my hole and then told me to slide down on it until it was comfortable and I did a little bit at a time and ohmygoddearDiary I was fucking Daddy just like Mommy did and he was stretching out my pussy and he was inside me and I felt so full and I was going crazy up and down ‘cause I liked it in me!! It didn’t hurt one bit and I was feeling like my pussy was stretching out and I was just like loaded with Daddy’s big dick, I was a Real Woman now!!! I know I was laughing and making kind of strangling noises, but Mommy was behind me, watching, and she said yes baby yes baby do that keep doing that and so I did keeping bouncing up and down just like she did last night and Daddy was saying yes Cassy yes baby fuck me just like that oh god Cassy don’t stop. I could feel Mommy running her hands on my hair and rubbing my shoulders, so I knew I was doing okay and boyohboy did Daddy feel good so full inside me, too! It was the most wonderful feeling in my life ever, dear Diary, fucking Daddy for the first time. I was so glad to be thirteen!

I may even have gone unconscious doing that. I bounced on Daddy’s cock like that for awhile and sometimes my eyes were closed and sometimes I was looking right in Daddy’s shiny eyes and sometimes I think Mommy was even kissing my shoulders and squeezing my tips, I don’t know. At some time, Daddy must have pulled himself out of my cunt, because I remember next that I was moved around on him just like Mommy was last night and there was Daddy’s wet cock right in front of my face and I felt Daddy’s mouth and his tongue on my butt and between my legs and gosh darn that felt like heaven when he was doing that! Mommy was right there, of course, and said go ahead honey kiss Daddy’s cock and suck it again like you did before. So I did. Dear Diary, I’m a Real Woman now, and I’ll tell you the truth, I will always love sucking Daddy’s cock in my mouth just like Mommy did. He called me his cocksucker, and I like that. I hope I will always be his cocksucker. Daddy’s cock in my mouth excited me so darn much, I can’t even tell you how much in words, dear Diary. And he was doing the same thing, I think, to my butt and my cunt!! I will always remember that Daddy was the first one ever to have his mouth on my pussy, and his tongue sliding into my cunt and even my butthole! He did! I know he did! I could feel it wiggling inside me there!

I can’t tell you how long we did this together. It seemed like forever, and I never wanted it to stop. I was glad Mommy washed me back there real good. I could feel Daddy’s tongue inside my pussy, and I was gasping, I know, like I couldn’t get my breath. I didn’t think I was gonna have a heart attack, since they didn’t last night even though they sounded like it. OOH…OOH…OOH…I was saying, and there was a lot of slurping wet noises coming from Daddy behind me, and I think I was doing that too, and breathing hard, and I could feel his mouth on my pussy and his tongue pushing in me and then sometimes even sliding in my butthole, I never wanted it to stop!

But Mommy lifted up my head off of Daddy’s cock and she kissed me, then she kissed Daddy’s cock too and said, “Honey, Daddy’s ready to fuck you now.” Somehow, dear Diary, I knew this, and I was ready. I rolled off him and spread my legs just like he made Mommy do last night and Daddy giggled and said you’re the best, baby, and Mommy said fuck her, honey, she’s so wet and she can take it and my baby’s butterfly is so pink, and I was so proud right then that both of them said I was ready to become a Real Woman.

My handsome Daddy leaned over me between my legs and I could see his big penis right between my legs getting ready to go inside my hole. He put his hand on it and rubbed it back and forth, then he had Mommy suck it to get it wetter and he said honey are you ready and I said yes Daddy fuck my cunt just like I planned to say to get him real excited and boy did he get real excited I saw his cock twitch then and so I said it again Daddy fuck my pussy and make me a Real Woman and he put it right to my hole and then pushed in real gently and I wanted it in me so bad I pushed back and it slid right in so easily and he kept pushing and golly geez I was totally filled up and I was a Real Woman because he was pushing it inside me like he did to Mommy and she was kissing my tips and then even my mouth too and Daddy was gasping and breathing hard and he lifted my legs up and then Mommy was pushing her titties into my mouth for me to suck and Daddy kept pushing and pushing and then he started groaning and then I was too because I could feel something building inside me and then wow dear Diary I just blew up! I went crazy wild and couldn’t see and I thought I was gonna die and Mommy was down by my ear and said it’s okay honey you’re having your first orgasm and that’s good and Daddy’s giving it to you so just go with it and enjoy okay just go with it and enjoy. So I did. I was blind, Diary! My insides were throwing up is all I could think, but it felt wonderful. No, it felt FABULOUS!! I never wanted it to stop happening!!

Oh my dear Diary, here is what an “orgasm” is, that Mommy told me I was having. Like in Science class when we watched Mount St. Helens blow up and then all the magma flows down, that was exactly the same. I blew up inside, I thought my pussy and stomach and head were all blowing up inside me just like the volcano and I could hardly breathe and I know I was going OH OH OH just like Mommy did last night, and then the melting began and it seemed like somebody or something was throwing a blanket of nice cool water all over me and making me feel real snoozy. Oh my gosh! That was the best feelings I’ve ever had in my entire long life, Diary, and my Daddy gave that to me, and Mommy helped.

And right in the middle of my OH OH OHs and the volcano exploding in me, I could feel Daddy’s cock doing something warm inside me and he was saying YES BABY YES BABY YES BABY and gasping for breath too and Mommy said honey he’s coming inside you and you’re a Real Woman now enjoy it oh baby feel it for the first time when Daddy comes in you oh my baby and she bent down right in the middle of all this coming and us gasping just to breathe and was kissing my forehead and cheeks and lips. Dear Diary, when it was all over and I could breathe right again and Daddy too, he leaned down and kissed me right on my mouth again and then pushed his tongue into my mouth and tasted me and boy was that the best ever. I even stuck my tongue out and he sucked it and I loved my Daddy the best ever!! I wish I could marry him.

I felt wet inside and Daddy was stretched out long on me just like on Mommy last night and holding his breath and pushing harder inside me and I could feel squirts and it was warm and ohmygoddearDiary! Daddy was coming inside me, squirting his come in me and I knew it. I knew it! Mommy’s hands were on my cheeks and she was saying, “Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her,” and Daddy was giving me all his fucks and I was so happy.

He quit finally and held himself over me. Daddy was still inside me and he was going in and out gently. “Did you like that, baby?” said Mommy, and I said yes I sure did and I like what Daddy is doing now, and Daddy said I like it too, honey, let’s keep it up for a little bit. “Daddy likes fucking you, honey,” said Mommy. “I hope he doesn’t stop,” I said. “Daddy can fuck my cunt anytime he wants to,” I said, and Daddy and Mommy both grinned real wide when I said that, so I know they were happy. Then they did something that shocked me even more, and I suppose this was another lesson that a Real Woman has to learn. Daddy pulled his cock out. He slid up to my face and put it in my mouth and said, “Suck me, honey, taste your cunt juice,” so I did, and Mommy was down between my legs and sucking my pussy. “Mommy wants to taste my come, baby.” Diary, this was like going to DisneyWorld, with Mommy sucking Daddy’s come from my pussy and Daddy letting me suck his cock after he made me a Real Woman. You can’t imagine how happy I was.

Dear Diary, that was the most exciting night of my entire life. I’m thirteen years old and I don’t think I’ll ever have another time in my entire life more exciting than this!! Later that evening, Mommy made me take a pill that she called the “morning-after pill” and said it was so I didn’t get pregnant. She said we’d have many more good times with Daddy, now that I was a Real Woman.

Dear Diary, listen to this – FUCK! CUNT! PUSSY! COCK! FUCK MY CUNT! Golly. Wouldn’t my English teacher be surprised to see all this in an essay????!!

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