Reluctance and curiosity_(0)

This is a story about a reluctant encounter. One night i was staying at my cousin John's house. He's 19 about 6ft and a slim build. I was 15 at the time. He asked me if i would like to spend the weekend playing video games to which i happily said yes. When my mom dropped me off and i walked in i noticed it was very quiet. I began walking to his room, the door was cracked open just a little and i peeked in. John was laying on his bed jacking off. My first thought was to wait in the living room but i felt a tingling sensation as i watched. His dick looked about 8 inches and rock solid. He layed there with his eyes closed as he slowly moved his hips up and down fucking his fist.

I felt myself begin to get hard as he started to stroke faster. I watched as johns dick began to throb and his body convulse as the first rope of cum shot out. It flew about 6 inches in the air before falling on his stomach and chest followed by several more ropes. I quickly went into the living room replaying what i just seen in my head.

John cleaned up and came out noticing me on the couch. He asked me how long i been here and i told him i just walked in a few minutes ago. He said cool and walked to the kitchen to get something to drink. I follow him back to his room and cut on the xbox.

He tells me that his parents are gone for the weekend so we can be as loud as we want. After playing a few games of call of duty he bets me he can beat me in a 1v1. I ask him what he wants to bet and he says the loser has to do whatever the winner says. I say ok but nothing bad.

We duke it out for several hours and begin to get bored. The game is tied and this is the final match. He ends up beating me and begins to gloat and laugh. I ask him what do you want me to do? He says dont worry about it right now ill figure it out later. He says he will be right back.

About 5 minutes later he comes back with some weed and alcohol from his parents room. He asks if ive ever drank or smoke and i said no. He pours us both a shot and we drink it. I didn't really like the taste. He began to roll a joint and told me to pour us another shot. He lights the joint and passes it to me. I take a hit and begin to cough immediately causing me to take another shot to get rid of the harshness in my throat. After about 20 minutes of silence between us i begin to feel the alcohol and weed leaving in a dazed state.

John asks me if I've ever been with a girl to which i relied no ive never even seen one naked. He goes to his computer and starts surfing the internet. He tells me to come here and i walk stumble over. I sit in the chair beside him and i see an image of a very cute naked girl. My dick immediately gets hard as i stare at the image, all i see is her brown hair, her small b cup boobs, and a shaven pussy.

John shows me several different girls and he tells me about the things they do for guys they like. He tells me about the first blowjob he ever received and i ask him how it felt. He told me it was wet and warm and if you can get it in her throat you will be in heaven.

In my drunken stupor i ask him how big his dick is. He tells me its about 8 inches and asks me if i would like to see it. I look down at his shorts and i can see the outline of it slightly hard and i say i dont know. For some reason i continued to stare at the outline as he scrolled through more pictures.

I watch as it begins to grow to full length making a large tent in his shorts. He pulls his shorts down and i watch as his dick throbs with a dab of precum at the tip. He wraps his hand around it and begins to stroke it slowly. He tells me i can kneel in front of him if i want to watch with a better view. I contemplate it for a minute and i slowly move down in front of him. When i was just inches away it seemed even bigger.

I watched as his hand moved up and down the length of the shaft as his hips began to thrust. I say its alot bigger than mine and he looks down at me making eye contact for the first time. He reaches down and grabs my hand pulled it to his dick. He wraps my fingers around it and holds my hands as he has me stroke it for him. He leans his head back and releases my hand. I continue to slowly stroke it as i feel the heat and hardness of the shaft.

I move myself closer with his dick barely an inch from my face. I study the veins, his thrusting hips, and his abs. I feel something wet on my hand and i notice his precum leaking out. He places a hand on my head and begins to pull me forward. I watch in slow motion as his dick touches my lips for the first time. I feel the precum wet on my lips as i try to pull my head back. He pulls my head back down and the tip is pressed against my lips again.

He lets out a frustrated groan gripping my hair tightly telling me to open my mouth. I reluctantly part my lips and i feel the head slide past my lips and on my tongue. I close my eyes as the pressure on my head intensifies. His dick pushes deeper in my mouth colliding with the back of my throat. I gag hard and he pulls my head back up pushing me down again. This time when he reaches my throat he doesn't stop. I gag again as his dick tries to pierce the flesh of my throat.

I feel the tip enter my throat for the first time and the shock of it causes me to open my eyes. I watch as my face draws closer to his abs, i look up to see him watching me and let lets out a small smile. He places his second hand on my head and pulls me all the way down. I feel my throat stretch and my ability to breathe hindered. My nose now buried in his abs and he begins to thrust his hips slowly fucking my throat. I feel every inch of his bulge loosening my throat with each thrust.

I begin to panic when i desperately flail my arms trying to pull up so i can breathe. He finally releases my head and i recoil back hard gasping for air with spit all over my lips and chin. I sit there on my knees panting as i stare at the rod glistening with my saliva. He goes to grab my head again and i pull away reluctant to put it back in my mouth. He stands up and walks in front of me, his dick swaying with each step. I look up at him defeated.

He grabs my arm and pulls me to the bed, i fear he is going to try and fuck me but he tells me to lay on the edge with my head hanging off. I do as im told and i watch him upside down walking towards me. He tells me to open my mouth and i do as told. His dick enters my mouth again but as soon as it does he leans forward and begins to slowly hump my face. I feel his dick penetrate my throat again and i close my eyes and prepare for the assault. He trusts hard and i feel all 8 inches lodged in my throat giving me that dreadful feeling i had before. He begins to speed up his thrusts turning my throat into a pussy making me gag, and for some reason my mind betrays me and i let out a whimpering moan taking away the last of my air.

I place my hands on his abs and push as hard as i can but he grabs both my hands and holds the down as he fucks my throat violently. Things begin to get blurry as i writhe my body begging for air. Things start to go black as his dick gets harder and i feel light stretching from my throat as his dick throbs. His thrusts hard and deep and i feel the first rope of cum blast down my throat. I feel the warmth slowly ooze its way to my stomach as his dick continues to pump load after load of his thick cum. Just as im about to black out i feel his dick leave my throat and the last two ropes of cum lands on my chin and cheek leaving my face feeling warm and my mind defeated.

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