A Simple Beginning Gone Twisted

As I had started originally it was getting later than I had expected, and I wasn't sure if the beauty of my affectionate lust would be showering this late, but no way was I about to give up the chance, tonite was one of the nights when I was exceptionally horny. I kept hoping to myself that she had not yet taken a shower as I came closer to her house, walking through the shadowy street. My mind was so pre-occupied it took me until I had almost passed her house for me to notice it. I smiled my usual smile and slipped into the shadows of her house, licking my lips and sneaking to the bathroom window, having decided that she may at least be getting out of the shower at this time if anything.

As I came to the window I peered in to see the window slightly fogged from steam of the shower. This was bothersome, however, I could make out a figure behind the nearly invisible shower curtain, hopefully it was the girl I wanted and not her mother which I had on accident seen on a few occasions, bad memories. I saw the figure bend down and listened for the spraying to cease, and sure enough it did. I stood there peering through the fogged window, biting my lip softly but soon smiled when I saw through just the smallest of opennings in the foggy smear of the window a hint of strawberry blonde, so I knew it was her considering her mom had light brown hair.

I groaned and decided to myself that this fog was never going to allow me to see inside, so I began to step away. Just then it struck me that the very window which I had to stand on the side of the garden to see through was to a room, so I rushed there quickly. Perfect, I made it just in time to see the girl walk into her room wrapped in a towel, this much clearer window such a relief compared to the foggy one. With a grin on my face I watched as she sat down softly on her bed and played with her wet hair a little bit. After just a few seconds I could see her arm moving in a strange way, but since the bed was against the wall near me her back was to me and I couldn't tell, but I realized that there was only one thing the young girl could be doing. In a matter of minutes I was proven right as she laid back longways on her bed and openned up her towel, exposing her soft, perky breasts and sexy, smooth body. She slowly ran her hand down her stomach and ran her fingers against her inner thighs, teasing herself as she lay back and relaxed. This was too good, finally I could see more than just her nude, ready to shower body.

I stood there peering through the window with a grin, completely undetected as I watched her. Her teasing hand softly creeped to her soft, nicely trimmed red haired pussy and she began to grind her slit with her fingertips. She continued to rub her soft pussy as I randomly began to rub my tent in my jeans, grinning and doing this out of instinct and relaxation rather than aiming towards release, in fact it took me a minute to realize what I was doing. My eyes grew hungry as she softly prodded a finger halfway into her moistened cunt, her other hand now resting on her left breast and softly massaging it, squeezing and twisting the nipple softly as he finger slid in deeper and was soon accompanied by a second finger. She was now thrusting two narrow fingers into her moist and hungry pussy as her other hand stroked and carressed her own pale, nicely-rounded breast, my hand kept rubbing my erected cock through my jeans. I couldn't help it, this was too much to just watch.

Finally, I noticed her face growing with passion and satisfaction as I could tell she hit her climax, this was much later and I was still rubbing my tent softly. She moaned, although it was almost completely muted to me and slowly slid her fingers out, gently licking them clean and smiling. She laid there a moment to catch her breath and then began to get up. About this time I hoped down and began to walk hope, satisfied with what I had seen tonite. I realized every night she probably did this about the same time, and at the same time while walking home realized that I could watch night by nightt as well. I grinned and continued my way home.

I continued that process every night for a long time, but only saw a few disappointments when she decided against masturbation for the night. I couldnt take it though, I had seen her body and beauty, I had seen her gradify herself to countless orgasms but I decided there was just one thing I had not yet done. I hadn't touched her beauty yet. In all the time I had watched her I never once laid hand on her or even got close enough to her to do so, but I set out to change that. So, one night, just as normal I decided to go over to her house and spy, but this time I had much more intimate intentions, or should I say extreme. I showed up a bit earlier today, by this point I had figured out when her mom went to work and also knew her dad didn't live there, unless in 4 months he had not left the house once for more than an hour, which wasn't likely.

I waited until I saw her mother leave around 4pm and knew that she had left the door unlocked for the girl, so with that I slipped into the house. I grinned and found a hiding place beneath the young girl's bed, a practicle hiding place but it had been my experience that she had not once checked under the bed for "invaders", so I was safe. I waited there about two and a half hours until I heard her enter her room, I knew she always went to her room before getting into the shower, to put things away mostly such as her books and things. Just as she came to the bed I grinned and withdrew my knife, waiting just for the opportunity to slip out for more than a little scare.

She walked to her dresser and I took this moment to slide out silently from under the bed. I walked slowly over to her just to have her turn and let out a shrill scream on the sight of me. I grinned and placed my hand over her mouth, holding her back against her dressed and held my sharp knife to her throat, my eyes on her eyes and only one of us was scared at all, and it sure as hell wasn't me. I could see tears build in her eyes already as I held her silent and at the edge of my blade, wondering if she would attempt to escape as well as giving her a chance to do so if she did so wish to try.

She only stood still, shaking and quivering, tears in her eyes. I smiled and slowly ran the blade down her neck, not cutting her. I leaned close and licked up the edge of her ear, softly whispering to her "Are you scared?". I of course knew the answer even without her quick fearful nodding and smiled at her reaction. Slowly my knife found its way down to her chest and ran tauntingly across the top of them, my eyes insane and hungry. I softly whispered in a demented, raspy voice "Are you a virgin?". She paushed a moment and just stood still, then with the escape of a tear from each eye she nodded and tried to inch away, but it only took a small poke from my knife to freeze her in place. Softly I whispered once more "When I take my hand away from your mouth you know that no matter how hard you scream nobody's going to hear you it's been my experience over the past four months that this house is near sound proof, and nobody is currently home.". I giggled softly almost as if this were a game, because it was to me, and wiith the retreat of my hand I heard her scream, that was the last I heard from her, as well as the first in fact other than very slight moans through the window.

I looked down and noticed that at the excitement of her screaming I had pushed the knife into her side, which is where I had slid it by that point. I bit my lip slightly nervous as the blood stained my steel and her shirt and looked up to her face to see a shocked, horrific stare. Normally I would have been horrified of a look like that but something drew me to it, and I began to laugh softly. I slid my blade away from her small body and licked it clean slowly, allowing her body to limply fall to the floor. My bloody lips grinned and I dropped to my knees, straddling her newly dead body. I had planned to do this ahead of time, maybe it was the year I spent in a mental institution when I was 13 I didn't tell you about that was the factor which may have told you to expect this, but suprise is better.

I softly placed the blade to the top of her shirt and gripped it with the other hand, slowly tearing my blade through the thin fabric and exposing the tops of her luscious breasts, soon to be a full exposure. I tore away the top and threw it to the side, leaning down to softly lick her neck and collar bone. Oh was she sweet, sweeter than I ever had anticipated. I began to slowly kiss down her body and dropped the knife to the floor, running my hand gently along her side and feeling the smeary feeling of blood from her open gash. I smiled and licked my hand half-clean then crawled down to softly suck the wound clean, slipping my tounge around and just slightly into it, licking up the extra blood which had already escaped. Her blood was so sweet, just like her, finally I had sweet, sweet satisfaction.

I began to lick down her stomach and almost instantly undid her jeans, sliding them down her sweet, soft dead thighs and placing them to the side. She had gone commando today, interesting. I smiled and began to rub her soft pussy as I leaned up and looked into her open, shocked dead eyes, softly kissing at her cooling lips and rubbing her bloody side softly. I kissed down her neck and picked up my knife as I rubbed her cunt, grinning. I leaned up and undid my jeans, slipping them down just a bit and pulling my cock from my boxers. Within a few moments I began to carve into her stomach randomly, licking up the trailing blood behind the blade. I purposely ran the blade across my tounge just enough to slice it open a bit and began to lick up and down her bloody stomach, combining mine and hers and smiling to myself.

I crawled slowly down and hovered my lips just over her cooling pussy lips. I gripped my knife in my hand firmly and took the blade to her pussy and with fine carving of the blade, I literally began to eat her pussy.

~I hope you see now that I was serious about my stories becoming more graphic, this is the last of this story but it won't be my last, and expect my future ones to be similar to this one. I bid you farewell for now, but check for my stories often if you like this, they get darker. -Insane laugh-

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