From Wimp To Pimp_(2)


“Babe please, can’t we please talk about this?!”

“Sorry, but I just can’t see myself being with you anymore.”

Kael continued to beg his fiancé not to leave. It was all futile as Jane walked away with her boss, George. All of his hopes and dreams were shattered as Jane took those steps outside the door. No matter how much he begged, Jane ignored his pleas. As he looked to the house next door, he could see his neighbor Tara watching what was happening. She had concern on her face. He would need to find a way to assure Tara everything was okay. However, that was the least of his worries.

In the end, Jane picked up the last of her bags and Kael stood there at the door, still in disbelief. There was nothing left for him to do but watch her ride away in George’s car and face that heartache head on. Even after they were long gone Kael stood there at the front door of his house. There was nothing on his mind except possible scenarios on how he could have prevented this. What could he do to get her back?


Tara had walked over and was now standing a few feet away from Kael. She was a very sweet girl that moved in next door not too long after he got this place for him and Jane. He really hit it off with her, but Jane became very jealous and forbade him from talking to her too much.

“I’m, I’m fine. She’ll be back. You’ll see.”

“Kael, please, you can talk to me.”

“No please, I need to be alone right now.”

Tara continued her attempts to persuade Kael to let her come in and talk, but he kept refusing. Sensing she would get nowhere at this rate, she let him know that she was here if he needed anything. He thanked her and quickly went back into the house. Kael enjoyed Tara’s company, but it was because of that why there was a strain on his relationship with Jane. It was around the time when Jane’s jealousy became more apparent that she stopped giving Kael sex. He had been kept sexually frustrated for a long time. Jane kept accusing Kael of wanting sex just because he hung out with Tara. Soon enough, their relationship went downhill and now she was gone. She successfully deceived him into putting all the blame on himself. He would constantly blame everything on how busy he was working to get a record deal. He was an excellent guitarist, but just yesterday his band found ‘someone better’ as they put it. That was the last straw for Jane, or at least that was what he suspected. Talk about double betrayal. Now that both his love life and career were going downhill, life did not seem to be worth living.

Yes, Kael really was a sad case. Now that he lost his band and fiancé he truly had no one. His parents died when he and his sister were very young. His younger sister, Jessica, died in a car accident a couple of months before he met Jane. It was then that he realized it was her third year death anniversary. This whole thing with Jane made him forget to visit her grave today. Before she died, he got into a fight with her and never got the chance to apologize. Because of this, he would visit her at least once a year and Kael was not one to visit graves. For Jessica, however, she was the only exception.

What made this situation even sadder was the fact that Kael, even now, still blamed himself. It was sad to see this. A man who was too naïve to see just how much of a deceptive woman his fiancé was. He believed that while he worked himself to the bone, Jane was left frustrated by herself. However, this was far from the truth. His naïve nature reinforced his inability to realize this. True, it was pathetic. It may seem pathetic that he did not see this sooner, but love really was blinding. He would never realize just how deceptive Jane was…if not for the next event that would change his life forever.

Chapter I: One Wish

Kael walked into the living room to be greeted by the love of his life. She was the perfect rebound who was always there for him…Lisa, his black B.C. Rich Warlock. This guitar was a beautiful work of art. It was easy to see it was made with much time and care. She pulled Kael out of impossible situations, both in relationships and career troubles. He had performed many concerts with her; however, he was not too sure if she could pull him out of this impossible situation. Jane was special. She had captured his heart. He had never felt such attachment to one woman. It was hard for him. This heartache he felt was the strongest. It was even worse than his first relationship of five years. Kael held his guitar while admiring her beauty in sadness.

“Well Lisa, at least I still got you.”

Plugging Lisa in, Kael turned up the volume and began to shred. He took out his anger and frustration on Lisa’s strings and fretboard. He started off with some power chords and palm muting. Some alternate picking and harmonics were quickly added. Kael’s fingers moved swiftly; he did not want to stop and think about where his life was going. He was so close to making a record deal. He contacted the contractor, but his bandmates had been jamming with someone else this whole time behind his back. His career was about to take off, but his bandmates fucked up everything. Jane leaving was beyond adding insult to his injury. Now, nothing mattered. Everything Kael worked for seemed to be pointless. Playing Lisa was making the depression a bit more bearable. However, as Kael started to feel a little bit better, the power went out. It was pitch black and Lisa could be heard no more.

“Err God-fucking-dammit!”

Kael stood there with Lisa strapped to him. Jane paid the power bill. How was this possible? Unless…she didn’t pay for it. No, she would not do this to him. Would she? She betrayed him and left him for another man. Maybe. In any case, Kael stood there in place, unsure of what to do now. Just when his depression was beginning to lessen this had to happen. He decided to feel around for his couch to put Lisa down. He did not want to risk bumping her into anything. As he set her down gently, he sat next to her. While sitting down, he thought about his next move. This record deal was not guaranteed, but it was highly likely. Despite this, he sighed,

“Oh what’s the use? I don’t have a band to sign the contract with me and I don’t have Jane by my side…A drink would sound nice right about now.”

Kael walked over to his kitchen in search of some booze. It was also where the matches were kept. He felt around inside the cabinet to find the matches. Remembering the candles were left of the fridge, Kael walked over to it. He lit the match and saw the candles. He lit one and the kitchen became more visible. He opened his fridge to be greeted with darkness, a reminder of the power outage. He could make out an aluminum can inside. He pulled it out without looking and opened it.


As Kael took a sip, he realized—

“Shit, that’s the soda.” Kael opened the fridge for the second time. Every can he pulled out was a soda can. He then remembered something. “Fuck. That’s right. I finished the beer last week. Why don’t I just drink some of the vodka in the freezer?”

Kael closed the bottom portion of his fridge and opened the top. It was nice to feel the cold air hit his face. As he felt around, he touched the cold glass bottle. ‘Gotcha!’ he mentally exclaimed. He pulled it out and shook. The content inside was not frozen. It was the vodka. No need for a shot glass. Tonight was a night to get wasted. There was no other means of feeling better. Maybe he’ll return to Lisa after he drank about twelve shots worth of vodka. Kael sung one of his favorite drinking songs as he twisted off the cap.

“To walk through the world by one’s self, you can't be protected. Your trust is in whiskey and weed and Black Sabbath, it's Goddamn Electric!” He put the bottle to his mouth and drank as much as he could before pulling away. It was quite a large amount to drink for vodka. “Woo! Fuck yeah!”

Kael yelled this in a cheerful mood but it was sadly fake. He was far from cheerful, but he kept this façade of happiness as if someone else was with him in the kitchen. He found it pathetic. Perhaps, on a subconscious level, it was his way of reassuring himself he was okay. That life was not over even though Jane left. He continued to drink more. Eventually, he put the bottle down on the counter and picked up the candle. He stumbled to the living room where he left Lisa. He was unsure of how much he had, but it did not matter. All that mattered was he felt great now. He looked to Lisa as he said,

“Hey baby, you missed me?”

Kael grabbed his guitar and picked her up. There was not much to do but play guitar and drink. He was already drunk and not all of the alcohol was kicking in yet. The only option he had was stay home and play guitar, not unless he wanted to drive drunk. He was smarter than that. Kael spent some time jamming Pantera, Slayer, Megadeth, and many more of his favorite bands along with some original compositions he made. As he stared at the candle lighting the room, he got a drunken idea.

“I’m gonna fucking summon Satan himself! The ultimate cowboy from hell! No, he’s the goddamn sheriff!”

Kael got off the couch and stumbled towards the kitchen. He lit four more candles and got the ketchup from the fridge. He hurried back to the living room too drunk to see how idiotic he was acting. He began to squirt ketchup on his floor to form a pentagram. He put the five candles at each point of the star. He picked Lisa back up and pretended he was at a concert.

“You wanna hear some fucking metal?!”

Imaginary cheers.

“Alright then!”

Kael started to play some of his original compositions and head banged as he did so. He soloed as fast as he could. He was so drunk he yelled,

“Fuck yeah! My hands are on fire!”

Suddenly, the whole living room started to shake. It was like a 9.5 earthquake was hitting the building. Kael stopped and looked around to see all this. Then, a black hole formed inside the circle where the star once was. Red light began to glow from the black hole. A figure emerged with two wings wrapped around it. The wings appeared to be that of a bat’s. A tail stuck out from the bottom. The hole closed and the wings opened. It was a beautiful woman with devil wings and a pointed tail. Her horns were small, but not discrete. Her hair was black and her makeup was gothic. Her breasts were obviously D’s. The sexy red corset with black laces she was wearing made her breast size more apparent. The sexy black leather pants around her legs hugged nicely. The black high heel boots below completed everything. This woman was far beyond hot, she was perfect. She greeted Kael,

“Hello Kael.”

Kael’s eyes widened. Was there really a hot devil chick in his living room that knew his name? As he put Lisa down and unplugged her, he could only say one thing.

“Wow…this is some good vodka.”

“Kael, I’m very much real and I’ve come to make you a—Hey! Where are you going?!”

Kael walked away from the sexy devil to check the vodka he drank. He was too inebriated to comprehend how unnatural this all was. When he checked to see the vodka, he saw it was just regular Gray Goose. Odd, he had this drink before on several occasions just on its own or mixed with something.

“Kael.” He turned around to see the devil woman with a red glow. She smiled at him again and continued. “I’ve come to make a deal with you. I can give you all the fame and fortune you desire. In exchange—”

“Alright, where’s the hidden cameras? I know this is a prank.”

Kael’s slurring voice made it obvious he was drunk. The devil just smiled and responded,

“I assure you Kael, this is no prank. I’m very much real.”

“Yeah sure, as real as your tits.”

“Hey! These are one hundred percent re—we’re getting off topic.”

“Either way, I gotta say, you are smoking baby.”

“Damn it, would you just fucking listen to me already?!”

“…can I touch them?”

“Shut up!”

The sexy devil closed her eyes and took a deep breath to relax herself. It was a long night. This was the last client she had for the day and she did not want to end today with a ‘fuck up’ as these humans called it. She opened her eyes after she exhaled and restarted.

“My name is Shayano. My people are another race from another world. The closest thing to match us is what you humans call devils or demons. Our world has been given many names: Hell, Underworld, Netherworld, take your pick. You are one of few who possess impressive skills on your guitar. Play for our Dark Lord, promote him, and you shall be given money beyond your wildest dreams.”

“Uh, so your name is Stay-on-no?”


“Say-a-no. Say-you-know.”

Shayano continued to correct her client until she just gave up. This man was irritating her. He was drunk so she decided to go along with it. It would be an easy in and out job for her. The moron could barely pronounce her name.


“There isn’t even a fucking M you—whatever, look, would you like to make a deal?”

“Eh, nah, I already got this record deal that’s almost a guarantee.”

Shayano’s eyes widened. Perhaps this man was not as easy to convince as she thought he was. If fame and fortune was not what he wanted, then she could use another tactic. As he turned away from her to get some more vodka, she rubbed at her breasts as she asked seductively,

“Maybe there’s something else you’d like?”

Kael turned to see Shayano rubbing her perfect breasts. The hunger in his eyes was obvious. She smiled knowing she had him. However, she still needed to lay down some rules if her client wanted something other than fame and fortune.

“It can be anything you desire. There are only three rules for wishes. No wishes dealing with the worlds you refer to as Heaven and Hell, no wishing for more wishes, and no making me your slave.”

“I want you sexy devil girl.”

“Sorry, but you can’t have me.”

The whole slave thing was a fib of hers. She just did not want to sleep with clients. Her co-workers, other devils, have slept with clients to get the job done, but that was not her style plain and simple. The drunken idiot kept repeating himself. He said he wanted her big boobs, that he needed to be suffocated by them.

“Please, you can have all the women in the world, just not me.”

“Uh n-no. I want you sexy lady.”

“I swear to Lucifer if you don’t pick—”

“I wish for you to be my loyal girlfriend!” Kael drunkenly blurted.

Shayano knew this man would not stop. She was losing her patience and was very close to ending his life. The only thing stopping her from doing so was a bad report on her part. She was a professional and killing a client because he irritated her was far from professional. Kael continued to repeat that he wanted her to be his ‘loyal’ girlfriend, whatever that was. He promised to take care of her and make babies. He went on about showing his fiancé Jane that she missed out. It then hit Shayano. She thought in her head,

‘I know! I’ll just grant his wish. Girlfriend, ha! Just break up with him after. I don’t even have to sleep with him. Hehe, Shayano you are a genius!’

“So, is this your true desire?”

“Yes! Yes! I want you to be my loyal girlfriend!”

“Okay, very well then.” Shayano held out her open hand and flames appeared. Flames lit up in her hand and a scroll emerged. “Just sign this and we’re finished. You can have me baby.”

Kael saw small words on the scroll, but was too drunk to read it or care. Shayano gently took his hand and poked his finger with a feather. A small red dot started to form. She used the spot of blood as ink. She smiled deviously as she said,

“Okay, sign away.”

Kael tried to steady his hand so he could sign the paper. By some miracle, he signed his name successfully without any trouble. The scroll lit up and disappeared. Shayano let out her evil laugh as this happened. It was time to take this loser’s soul. She was ready to hold out her hand to absorb his essence. However, her hand did not move after she pointed it to him.

“What the—why won’t my hand move? Come on you.”

Shayano’s hand did not obey. Suddenly, the idea of taking Kael’s soul made her feel very uneasy. The thought of him leaving this world and never seeing him again made her feel very scared.

“So are you my girlfriend now?”

Shayano began to tense up. She felt this sudden urge to shy away. Her timid expression looked very cute to Kael. As he walked to her she became more anxious. He was just two feet away and she held out her hand with her palm facing his direction.

“Now it’s time for your end of the bargain!”

Although her hand was out there in the open, nothing happened. Her other hand quickly grabbed the one she held out. It was strange. It was not like her hand had a mind of its own. It all felt like it was under her own will. She felt a pain in her chest knowing she almost killed the man before her. Her boyfriend, the man she loved. Shayano was now Kael’s loyal girlfriend. She did not want him dead nor did she want to end the relationship. She just wanted to be with him. It was all due to the contract he signed. There was no way out of this. She then realized she overlooked the implication of the word ‘loyal.’ Her final thought was ‘Oh shit…he found a loophole.’

Chapter II: Drunken Lust

“Damn you’re so hot.”

Shayano giggled at Kael’s drunken comment. She felt like an average woman being hit on by a hot actor or model. How was she going to get out of this? This truly was a ‘fuck up’ and any notion of ending this made her uneasy. She was actually enjoying his drunken flirtatious words. What scared her the most was the fact that her feelings and actions were all of her own will. It was not as if someone was controlling her. It was all emotional inclination making her do this.

‘I can’t waste time here. I need to report back and then make more deals tomorrow.’ She thought.

Kael began to caress Shayano gently and sniff her hair. It made her feel very tingly below the belt. She blushed and her legs got weak.

“Oh fuck Hell and fuck work! Come here and kiss me!”

Shayano grabbed Kael by the head and stuck her tongue in his mouth. He kissed back quickly and lifted her by her ass. She wrapped her legs around him and put his face to her cleavage. Her wings retracted and shrunk as to not get in the way. He kissed between her luscious breasts as she panted heat into his ear. Being further aroused by this, he looked around for something to place her on so he could unzip his pants.

“Oh Kael, honey, I need your cock inside me!”

Kael quickly put Shayano on the dining table. As he let go of her to undo his pants she kissed his chest. His pants, underwear, and belt hit the floor and he readied his cock. He looked to Shayano and remembered she was still clothed. She snapped her fingers and her clothes dissipated into small flames. In a mere second Shayano’s body was exposed to him. She put her feet in the air and said,

“Fuck the shit outta me baby!”

Kael, too drunk to aim correctly, pressed his cock at Shayano’s clitoris. He began to move back and forth thinking he was inside. She dug her nails into his shoulders, enjoying the clitoral stimulation. Her moans served to feed Kael’s enthusiastic rubbing. After some rubbing, she finally begged,

“Oh Kael, honey, please stop teasing me!”

Kael looked to discover he was not having sex. He aimed his cock again to Shayano’s entrance. She grabbed his hips to aid him in his second attempt. He thrusted forward to find success. The warmth of her pussy and the charming smile on her face caused him to almost cum prematurely. He tensed up hoping he would not cum upon entry. She sat up to kiss him while still keeping him inside. He thought about non-erotic thoughts and it helped him to not ejaculate too early. She gave him a desperate look of affection.

Kael did not feel any attachment to this devil woman he met just a few minutes ago. However, that did not stop him from enjoying the warm hold her pussy had on his cock. Shayano, initially, was confused, but then she gave into her new emotional state of attachment. She had fallen in love with this man in a matter of minutes. One moment she was ready to take his soul, the next, she was all over him and would do anything to please him. She moaned in his ear,

“Oh fuck! Yes! Give it to me Kael!”

Kael held Shayano’s hips firmly as he fucked her hard. There was no gentle foreplay here. Hard fucking from the start. She did not mind in the slightest. Just Kael’s presence alone had been enough to warm her up. She knew all this was due to the contract, but she discarded that fact. At this moment, grabbing onto Kael as he plunged into her was her only concern. The table shook as the two fucked with lustful passion. Her tail wrapped around his waist. He could feel it tugging him towards her. She laid her back onto the table again and played with her breasts. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the stimulation she was giving her nipples. The thick hard cock filling her up was driving her wild. She was ready to cum any second now. Kael could feel his cock being squeezed by Shayano’s vaginal muscles. Her grip was strong and extremely pleasurable.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum baby! Cum inside me!”

Kael released his seed, not caring about anything in the world but the pleasure he was feeling. The euphoria washing over his body joined with the relaxation from the alcohol was a nice mixture. Shayano cried out as her pussy was being filled with cum. It was a wonderful feeling to take her lover’s semen. She wanted to take it and never lose it. It was beyond joyful to get the fluid she craved. Kael, not being touched by Jane for a long time, had semen built up. This build up made it all the better for both of them. He shot so much it leaked out of Shayano’s pussy and onto the table.

“Oh fuck.” Kael sighed.

“That was incredible.”

Shayano put her arms around Kael and held him tightly; she did not want to let him go. Her pussy acted in the same fashion with his cock. She wanted to stay with him like this forever. Stuffed with his cock and being filled to the brim with his cum. He pulled out and the semen spilled immediately. Mixture of both their cum coated the edge of the dining table. As she got off the table more spilled out making the puddle bigger. It began to spill off the table and onto the floor.

“We can’t leave you filthy like that. You need some cleaning.”

Shayano got off the table and to her knees to put Kael’s cock in her mouth. The intoxicating mixture of her secretions and his semen made her want a second round. As for the taste, she savored it as best as she could. Before swallowing she kept both Kael’s fluid and her own inside her mouth for a minute. Luckily, after she swallowed the juices from their love making, the taste stayed. The smell was stuck on her lips as well. Once she was finished he slurred,

“Sexy lady, will you stay with me here forever and ever?”

“Oh Kael I thought you’d never ask.”

Kael lifted his new lover and carried her to his room. She clung to him happily and tucked her face into his chest.

Chapter III: Contract

Kael stood in his living alone. He turned to the front door to see Jane. She looked as beautiful as ever. Her long dark brown hair, her firm B cup, slender body, beautiful face, the features he was used to. Her ass was the best feature. It was not too big, but a bit on the curvy side. Not boney at all. She gave him a sad expression as she said,

“Goodbye Kael. I just can’t see me being with you. You don’t know how to make me happy.”

“Wait, Jane, baby please!”

Jane turned and opened the door. Kael rushed to her but the room began to morph into a hallway. As he ran to her time slowed down and the distance continued to stretch as the room morphed. She was out the door and Kael seemed to not even move ten feet. The distance from his location to the front door kept stretching.

“Please, take me George. I know you’ll love me and fuck me better than Kael ever could…”

Kael gasped and sat up. He woke up from a terrible nightmare. His body was sweaty and his heart was racing. His head was complaining about a major hangover. He turned to see Jane lying next to him in bed under the sheets.

“Thank God, it was all just a—what the fuck?!”

Kael moved the blanket to discover a naked black haired woman sleeping next to him. She had devil wings and a pointed tail. It was right above her ass crack. He got off the bed in panic. Where did this woman come from? Who was she and how did she get into bed with him?

‘Alright Kael, think.’ It all came back. The depressing fact that his love left him for another man. ‘I, I drank after that. Then what? My head…’

Kael quickly got dressed and covered the woman. She looked like a devil with those things on her. Was she some strange kinky prostitute he picked up last night? He thought about how it was possible. There was no way he went drinking and driving. He was smarter than that. A million questions were running through his head as he stared at her. She inhaled and turned over. She had horns too. Once she opened her eyes her gothic make up became more apparent. Her D’s were exposed to him.

“Good morning.” She cheerfully greeted him.

“Who, who the hell are you?! And what are you doing in my bed?!”

“You summoned me last night remember? Oh honey you’re so silly, but last night was amazing.”

‘Summoned? I don’t remember that at all! And what’s up with honey?’

The woman spread her black wings as she yawned and stretched. She groaned happily and said,

“I’m hungry.” Kael remained quiet out of shock. The devil woman got off of bed and kissed him on the lips. “Hehe, you’re so cute.”

As she left the bedroom Kael exclaimed mentally, ‘Holy fuck! There’s a sexy devil chick in my place!’ He turned to see her leave. Her ass swayed sexily and she went through the door. It was much more meaty than Jane’s. He followed her to watch as she opened his fridge. She bent over to look for something to eat. Her ass became much more pronounced. This exposed her pink pussy and pink asshole to him. They looked very appetizing. He would have stared longer if it were not for the pointed tail moving around. He snapped out of his fixation on this woman’s ass and said,

“Hey! Why are you just opening my fridge and taking my food?!”

She stood back up and turned to him. Kael’s face turned red as he turned away. This woman was showing everything to him and not caring one bit. She smiled and replied,

“What? This is our fridge with our food in our home.”

“Our?!” Kael turned back to face the devil woman. He saw her sexy body again and quickly covered his eyes. “G-Go put some clothes on or something!”

“You keep acting like you don’t remember anything.” Kael remained silent. “Oh…you don’t remember do you?”

Kael shook his head with his hands still covering his face. He asked her again to redress herself and she sighed. She snapped her fingers and flames appeared on her body. The glow of flames was visible in Kael’s peripherals and he quickly moved his hands away thinking she was lighting something on fire. His eyes widened as he saw the woman engulfed by flames. They quickly dissipated and clothes appeared on her. A red corset with black laces, tight black leather pants, and black high heel boots.

“H-H-How did you—”

She put her pointer to his lips and smiled.

“Shh, let’s start this over.”

The woman reintroduced herself as Shayano and began to explain what happened last night from the signing of the contract to the wild drunken sex they had on the table. She told Kael about her failure to take his soul. There was an abundant amount of information she was pouring out of her mouth. She apparently was a devil with powers, not some prostitute that likes to dress up. She was also his new ‘loyal’ girlfriend from this contract. He tried to take in as much as he could, but then his hangover was trying to get his attention once more. Running to the bathroom quickly, he felt himself about to vomit. He flipped the light switched to discover no light. It reminded him about the power bill needing to be paid. Not caring about that at the moment, he bent over the toilet and released.

“Is…everything okay honey?”

“Fuck, hangovers suck.”

Shayano remembered a client from the past explaining what a hangover was. It was something humans get when they drink too much and wake up the morning after. It was apparently unpleasant. She quickly walked to Kael and put her hands on his head. He flinched, not expecting her to touch him.

“Please Kael, hold still, this’ll help.”

After a few seconds, Kael began to feel much better. In less than a minute the hangover was no longer present. It was like he woke up fresh and alert. He was ready to start the new day. Shayano saw him look at her in amazement. She figured that now he believed her. He stared at her with less skepticism.

“Please Kael, sit down and let me explain more.”

Kael walked to the kitchen and sat down at the dining table to process everything. He noticed a dried up spot on the table, but did not think too much about it. Continuing on her explanations, Shayano told him that she knew his past. It was information she ‘researched’ before trying to convince him to make a deal with her. It made him wonder why he was selected out of all people in this world. Shayano explained that only the best of the best are selected to become promoters of the Dark Lord. Due to the rise of Atheism, both angels and devils suffered. Why believe in the Devil when you do not believe in God or any god for that matter? She ended the conversation with letting Kael know she was his and his alone.

After Shayano finished her explanation it was awkwardly silent. Kael was not sure of what to say next. He looked at her like a deer in headlights. She was normally one to keep her composure, but he made her feel nervous. There was an anxiety deep down inside her. She hoped he would not disprove of or reject her in any way. Trying to break the tension, she quickly asked,

“So what’s on the agenda today? You gonna perform on stage?”

“Ah shit, I’m supposed to meet the contractor today. I better call him up. I got no band.”

“Oh don’t worry about that. I’ll go with you and persuade him to give you a deal.”


Shayano gave Kael a devious smile; she was hatching up a plan to allow him musical success. She would not let him fail. He asked her what her plan was, but she told him it was a surprise. No matter how much he asked her she did not share it. It was to remain a secret until they met the contractor at his office. Eventually, she persuaded him to get ready. He reasoned that she must have something up her sleeve that could help since she possessed magical powers. What was the worst that could happen? Him saying no? Kael knew he had no chance for a record deal if he were to call up the contractor now. He got ready and she quickly transformed her clothes into business attire. Her wings shrunk and disappeared along with her tail and horns. She looked like an ordinary human being now. First things first, the power bill needed to be paid, and then they go to the contractor. The two left the house and were heading to the car.



Kael was caught by Tara yet again while he was in the middle of something. She stared at him and Shayano awkwardly at a loss for words. He could tell she was concluding he had a random hook up last night. Her facial expression showed slight displeasure and disappointment. No matter what Tara was thinking it did not change the fact that he was in a rush to meet the contractor. Tara awkwardly waved at Shayano and she gave her a friendly wave back.

“Come on, we’re gonna be late.”


“See you Kael.”

“Later Tara.”

The two got into the car and were now on their way. Paying the bill was easy. The hard part was finding a way to financially survive the next couple of months until his lease finished. Either way, now was not the time to worry about that. Now was the time to worry about the contractor. It was nerve wrecking for Kael to drive to the contractor’s office. He was an emotional mess and one after another, there were more things to stress him out. Jane left and then he woke up naked with a hot devil girl who can do magic. This all happened right before meeting the contractor. To top it all off, his poor neighbor had witnessed things he would rather keep private. The only plus was that he paid the power bill just now. Before he knew it, he was seated with Shayano in front of the contractor’s desk. He looked very disappointed. He asked abruptly,

“Where’s the band of four you promised me?”

Shayano waved her hand in front of the contractor as if she was wiping an invisible window. She said calmly,

“That isn’t the band you’re looking for.”

“That isn’t the band I’m looking for.” He repeated in a trance like state.

“You’re gonna give Kael a record deal.”

“I’m gonna give Kael a record deal.”

Kael watched in amazement as this contractor, once intimidating and unfriendly, was repeating after Shayano. She told him to rip up the contract and make a new one. He ripped up the inked papers and went to his computer to make a new version of it. He altered a few details and printed out the new contract to be signed. Kael sat there with his jaw dropped still not believing what was happening. He looked to see that every change on the contract was to his benefit. He gladly filled in the necessary information and signed. Shayano held out her hand and small flames appeared where she was to sign. The fire dissipated and her signature could now be seen. Everything was done.

“Thank you so much sir!”

“The pleasure is all yours.” Shayano commanded him.

“The pleasure is all mine.” The contractor repeated.

The two left the office with big smiles on their faces and the contractor regained control without any complaints of what just happened. He went about his business as if he had never been cheated. The moment the two were outside Kael yelled up to the sky in joy. He jumped up and threw his fist to the sky.

“Fuck yeah!”

“So, do you trust me now?” Shayano giggled.

Kael turned to her and said,

“I fucking love you!”

He grabbed Shayano and lifted her up. She giggled from being lifted and looked him in the eyes as he let her down. She gave him a loving smile while he gave her one of appreciation.

“Uh, so, did you really mean that?”


“Do you really love me?”

“Oh, uh, it’s, it’s an expression.”


“Uh, look Shayano, I just lost my fiancé and now isn’t the right time from me to date again. It’s too early and…well, you’re, you’re not exactly human.”

Kael could see the pain on Shayano’s face. He immediately tried to say something that would make her feel better. Anything.

“Well, I mean, not that I care about you being human or not…But the whole me just getting out of a relationship thing is not something that should be taken lightly. I just need time before I can date again.”


The sadness on Shayano’s face was killing Kael. He felt like an asshole even though he was in the right to assert himself like this. He quickly added,

“How about this? We’ll be friends for now. After some time, we’ll see where we stand. Okay?”

Shayano’s sad expression soon turned to a forced smile. She was in love with a man who did not love her back. He was cunning to have her be his ‘slave’ in this way. She stated a rule about not being a slave, but there was nothing ever anticipated about love. An extremely uncomfortable feeling was in her chest. If this was love then she did not want it. It felt horrible. However, there was nothing she could do about it. No matter how many times she tried, she could not take this man’s soul while he was asleep last night. For the first time, she was experiencing emotions to the fullest extent. She was stuck in this loophole. Something inside her told her to change the topic.

“I understand…now how about we go do some band practice at home?”

“Don’t you need to go home? Or Hell or whatever?”

“I wanna stay with you. I didn’t report back in a long time. I’ll be punished severely for sure. It’s safer for me to stay with you…if you’re okay with it.”

“I, uh, yeah, yeah, sure.” Kael was unsure if that was the right answer to give her, but he already felt bad for saying what he said to her earlier. It was awkwardly silent again. This time it was his turn to break that quietness. “So, you’re gonna be a part of my band, huh?”

“You need someone to be your rhythm and bass don’t you?”

The two smiled at each other unsure of how sincere the other’s smile was. This was going to be interesting…

Chapter IV: Jealousy

Once the two got back to Kael’s place they entered the living room. Shayano claimed to be a skilled guitarist and bassist. Kael hooked up Lisa to her amp and Shayano snapped her fingers. A guitar magically appeared from flames. Her guitar was beautiful. Its body was shaped like the face of a demon. Its horns were that of a ram’s. The teeth were the guitar’s bridge that held its strings. For the guitar’s head, it was a sinister looking skull with horns. Kael stared in amazement.

“Whoa! It’s beautiful!”

“You think so?”

Shayano finally gave Kael a sincere smile. He was glad to finally see a genuine smile. She took pride in her guitar skills and quickly played something in hopes of impressing him. She wanted to hear him say something good to her. Her fingers moved fast and her technique was excellent. Kael could easily tell Shayano was almost as good as him. It was obvious that her skill was far more impressive than anyone he’s seen in his lifetime.

“You, are, amazing! I’d be honored to have you in my band!”

Shayano shyly looked to the ground while smiling at the praise she was getting. It felt nice to have him say something nice to her. Perhaps things were not so bad after all.


“Oh, hang on, stay here. I’ll get that real fast.”


Shayano’s cheerful reply made Kael feel more at ease. He could see himself getting along with her just fine. Kael opened his front door to be greeted by Jane. The happy expression on his face soon turned to gloom. His ex-fiancé informed him that she forgot her watch before she left. She told him she just needed to get it and go. He agreed to let her in and she made her way to the living room. Jane stopped dead in her tracks the moment she saw Shayano. She was stunned to see such a beautiful woman with black hair and gothic make up. She instantly felt a hint of jealousy in her. Who was this bitch? Kael never introduced this woman to her before. Feeling the need to avoid awkward meetings, she quickly grabbed her watch and blurted out,

“Oh sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll be going now.”

Jane could see the unfriendly stare she was getting. Maybe she was just some rebound. She may have a bigger cup size, but it was she who had Kael’s heart. She decided to remind both of them who Kael ‘really loved’. As she went out the front door she turned around to face Kael. She grabbed his hand and put on a false expression of concern.

“Hey, just take care of yourself okay Kael. I do care. I care about you very much.”

“Thanks. I will.”

It was easy to see the gothic woman did not take too kindly to that. Kael’s face showed a blend of pain and appreciation. He valued Jane’s concern and it made him want to kiss her, but it hurt knowing he could not do so. Jane said goodbye as she gently let go of his hand. She knew Kael was still the gullible fool that would let anything slide. As she walked away and the door closed, Jane smiled knowing that she still had Kael’s heart. Goth girl seeing everything made it even better.

The moment Kael closed the door he began to shed tears. Shayano let her guitar disperse into flames. She walked up to him and gave him a hug. He put his arms over her and she did the same. They held each other for a while. She was pissed that his bitch of an ex-fiancé did that to both of them. There was nothing she wanted more than to have that bitch dead, but she knew that would hurt Kael in the process. The last thing she would want is to hurt him. Extreme jealousy took over and she knew she was going to regret what she was about to do.

“Kael, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright, it’s just—”

Shayano put both her hands on Kael’s cheeks and stared into his eyes. She was controlling his mind. It would be best to get rid of this memory for his sake. However, she could not get rid of her own memory. There was only one thing she could do to make herself feel better. She felt bad for doing this, but her emotions were getting the best of her. All her clothes dispersed into flame and she was now completely naked in front of him. She let out her horns, wings, and tail. Kael was in a trance like state as he kissed Shayano. She knew it was not him doing this, but she needed some form of comfort. Although Jane had his heart, she had his body. This made her feel uneasy, but she decided to put her trust in Kael’s words. Just give him some time and see where it goes. Maybe sometime later Kael will love her more than Jane. She would then have his heart and his body. That thought made her very happy, but for now, his body would have to do.

Kael removed his clothes and the two were now naked in front of each other. Shayano quickly got to her knees and forced Kael’s cock in her mouth. She shoved it down her throat, determined to outdo Jane. She looked into Kael’s memories of Jane. She observed their sex life and knew exactly how much Jane lacked in skill when it came to sex in general. For blowjobs, she was terrible. For sex, she was good, very good in fact…for a human. For a devil, Jane’s skill was below mediocre. Shayano took comfort in the fact that she was far greater than Jane in pleasuring Kael. She purposely gagged on his cock to have the vibrations of her throat stimulate him. Her drool dripped from her chin. She used her hand to catch it. Once she felt there was enough, Shayano used her own salivation as lube to rub her clitoris. She released his cock and asked,

“How’s it feel honey? My blowjob’s good? Better than that whore’s?”

“Oh fuck! Fuck yes!”

Shayano shoved Kael’s whole length back down her throat. She deepthroated him and moved at supersonic speed, faster than a human could ever hope to achieve. Within a couple of minutes, Kael warned her that he was about to cum. She took pride in her work, especially because it was better than Jane’s skill. It would take Jane a whole hour to make Kael cum from oral if not cum at all.

“I’m gonna cum!”

Shayano worked harder on Kael’s cock. She could feel his warm cum filling her throat. She pulled out and left her mouth open while holding his cock with one hand. She could feel his cum shooting on her face and in her mouth. It kept spasming in her hand as it spat on her. This was getting Shayano close to climax as well. She stroked her clitoris faster. Once Kael ceased cumming, she released him. Being covered in his cum made her excited and all she needed was a few moments to join Kael in his amazing state. Before she could cum, Kael pushed her back. This caused her to land her back on the floor. This was unexpected. Kael was still in his trance like state. Shayano supposed it was just his natural savage lust he had as a man. With her legs spread open, Kael moved his face in and began to lick her wetness.

“Oh yes Kael! Yes! Make me cum! Shove your tongue up my wet pussy!”

Kael forced his tongue inside Shayano and licked up whatever secretions he found. While he ate away, she wiped off the cum on her face with her fingers. She put her cum coated fingers in her mouth one by one. The taste in her mouth was the last form of stimulation. She bit down on her lip as her orgasm washed over her. The taste of Kael’s cum made it all the sweeter. She tried to close her legs, but Kael kept it open and still continued. He shoved two fingers in her pussy and stimulated her G-spot. She gasped,

“Oh wait, no! Kael I’ll—it’s too much!”

He did not listen and she clawed at the floor tiles. The stimulation was extreme. Shayano screamed as Kael fingered her at an even faster rate. She could not hold it in any longer. She began to squirt on his face with his tongue still inside. Her ejaculation was so intense her body shook uncontrollably. She begged him,

“Kael please, please, no more!”

Kael obediently listened to her plea and she lied there on the floor enjoying her strong feeling of ecstasy. It was clear she underestimated him and what he was capable of. He was gifted with his fingers for both guitar and women. Despite this pleasure being unexpected, she had no complaints whatsoever. After some panting on the floor, she finally recovered. She quickly gave Kael a command to put his clothes back on and she did the same for herself. Once they were both redressed, she released him from her control. He looked at her with no memory of Jane’s visit. She could see him giving her a weird look. He could still taste her pussy in his mouth and his face was still drenched in her juices. She quickly waved her hand and said,

“You will ignore my taste and smell and move on with the day.”

“I will ignore your taste and smell and move on with the day.”

Shayano gave Kael back control of his body again. He was no longer fazed by her scent or taste. Everything seemed to be back in order. His stomach growled and they both checked the time. It was lunchtime. He walked to the kitchen as if nothing happened. She followed him and sighed from what she just did. She apologized in her head,

‘I’m sorry Kael. I was jealous.’

Shayano suffered guilt for what took place just a couple of minutes ago, but she felt it would be best to just pretend it never happened. At least for now. She watched Kael open the fridge and pull out food. He pulled out bread, vegetables, and a piece of meat that was inside a plastic bag. Next, he pulled out a blade from a block of wood.

“What a plain dagger. It looks too thin for combat.”

“What? Oh this? This isn’t a dagger, it’s a knife.”


“Yeah, it’s not a weapon, or well it can be but its intended use is to cut up food. It’s a tool.”

Kael could see Shayano was still confused by the concept of a knife. He called her over to watch him slice the vegetables. As he sliced through the cucumber he said,

“See, like this.”

It was easy to see Shayano was fascinated by this. She had never thought about cooking. Kael held the knife to her and asked, “You wanna try?” She accepted and grabbed the knife with much excitement. Looking at the cucumber, she quickly forced the knife down in a chop like motion. Feeling unsure, she asked him if it was correct. He smiled at how cute she was and took the knife back. He knew what the problem was. He told her it was a slice rather than a forceful chop. He showed her a second time how to slice. She observed keenly until she was given back the knife. Once again, a jerky chop motion instead of a slice. Kael thought of another idea, one that would make things more clear for her. He took hold of her hand which was still holding the knife.

“I’ll guide you.”

Standing behind her, Kael got a good look through Shayano’s perspective. Shayano, on the other hand, was finding it hard to concentrate. She was distracted by the warm touch of Kael’s body. It gave her a very pleasant easy feeling as if there was nothing to worry about in the world. She concentrated on her task again the moment he motioned her hand in the correct way to slice. It all became clear to her. He left her to slice the rest of the cucumber while he toasted the bread and pulled out the cold cuts. Once the toast was done, he turned to see Shayano finished with cutting all the vegetables.

“Wow! That’s really good. You’re fast.”

Shayano enjoyed his praise. It felt nice coming from Kael even though it was completely platonic. The two ate the sandwiches while enjoying each other’s company. While looking at her facial features, he said,

“You look like a ‘Shay’ more than a ‘Shayano’ to me.” She gave him a confused look. “Is it alright if I call you Shay?”

Shayano blushed and quickly answered with a “yes.” Kael found her shyness to be cute. It made him smile. While finishing up the sandwiches, he thought about how he would get through everything. What would Jane say if she came crawling back? He could not kick out Shayano. She had nowhere to go and she did help him ‘cheat’ to get an awesome record deal. She was also a very promising bandmate. For now, she could be his new roommate. As for maintaining what he had, Jane covered half of the rent, but now he would have to pay everything. Maybe do twice the gigs? Cut back on luxuries? Shayano would most likely do what she could to help. This new relationship he was forming was keeping his mind off of Jane. It made him less depressed. All the more reason to keep her as a roommate. They finished quickly and went back to the living room to resume their jam session. Both knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship…and possibly something more.

Chapter V: Tara

Tara stared at her reflection in the mirror. She just got out of the shower. Her C’s sagged naturally without a bra. She admired her short brunette hair along with her other hair down below. Her hazel eyes went well with her beauty. She ran her fingers through her patch of pubic hair with her middle finger briefly touching her clitoris.

‘Maybe I’ll…no, I should just get work done.’

“Sorry clitty.”

Tara patted her clitoris as a means of apology. However, this made her think twice. Maybe a quickie would not hurt. She lied on her bed and began to fantasize about the man in her life that she liked. He was genuine and a real gentleman. Thinking about his hard cock being shoved in her pussy was making her clitoris swollen and her insides wet.

“Oh Kael.”

Tara, at first, thought of Kael as just an ordinary friendly neighbor. That all changed when she spent some time with him. They had many common interests. He had a similar taste in music as her and they both were musicians, her being a drummer and him being a guitarist. There were so many nights where she fantasized about them performing together on stage and then having sex after. This night was no exception.

“Oh Kael, show me how good you are with your fingers.” She moaned.

Tara felt the vaginal secretions of her pussy touch her fingertips. She rubbed at the wetness as a means of applying it onto her fingertips. Once she felt there was enough, she shoved her fingers in. The first moment of entry was always the sweetest for her. Moving her fingers in and out, she could not help but bite her lower lip. She continued to moan.

“Oh, oh, please lick my pussy too.”

Tara spat on the pointer and middle finger of her free hand to lube it. She wanted rough stimulation tonight. Her fantasy soon transformed into a scenario where she would make Jane into a cuckquean. She imagined Jane finding her and Kael screwing and being forced to watch. She hated that bitch with a passion. She mistreated Kael and made him miserable even after he spoiled her. It was an understatement to say Tara would kill to switch places with Jane. It looked like she and Kael broke up yesterday. That would be great, not just for her, but for Kael as well.

“Oh Kael! Fuck me in front of this bitch! Show her what she’s missing!”

Tara fingered herself with a much more intense pace. Her fingers were getting so rough with her pussy it was starting to make sounds. The secretions from her excitement were flowing out. She stopped and went for her drawer. It was time to bring out her vibrator. She turned it on and put it to her clitoris.

“Now we’re in business.”

Tara looked around desperately for something to insert. There was nothing in sight. She did not want to get off the bed and grab something. It would ruin the buildup she worked so hard for in the past couple of minutes. Instead, she decided to just use her imagination. As Tara imagined Jane looking away in humiliation and shame she was getting closer to climax. The thought of making Jane watch and degrading her was a turn on on so many levels. She then imagined Kael cumming inside her. The thought of his warm white fluid filling her was getting her closer.

“Oh Kael, your cum feels so warm.” Tara began to imagine Kael putting his tongue at her sensitive anus. While thinking about this, she put her finger to her asshole to rub at it. “Oh yes, yes! Lick my asshole! It’s so dirty! Lick my dirty butt!”

Tara felt her climax begin after exclaiming those words. That last part of anal stimulation made everything perfect. She rubbed her asshole faster and pressed the vibrator at her clitoris harder as her orgasm was right at its peak. She tensed up and then relaxed. Once her orgasm began to subside she switched off her vibrator and let go of it. As she lied in bed thinking about Kael she wondered who that woman with black hair was. She would catch him with her sometimes. It had been three days since the first time she saw her with him. Who exactly was she? Was Kael rebounding? Tara did not take Kael as the type to cheat so she doubted she was some secret lover he had while with Jane. It was not until the day Jane moved out that she saw her.

Initially, Tara thought Jane leaving was a blessing. She figured it would be a good time to rebuild the friendship that was damaged between her and Kael; however, this new woman coming around made it seem impossible. She felt going over to Kael’s place would be a bother. He also said he needed to be alone. Maybe she should have ignored his plea. That could have been her chance to strike. Then again, she would be the rebound not that black haired woman. Despite the notion of Kael possibly rebounding, Tara still found him very appealing. She loved his company, he was a wonderful musician, and he was also quite a looker. She sighed,

“I’m hopeless.”

Tara blamed everything on how shy she would get around Kael. If she had just been more outgoing, then maybe she and Kael would be something more by now. As she mentally cursed herself she heard the sound of two electric guitars playing. The two next door were having a jam session again. She did not mind in the slightest though. They created beautiful music together. Kael said he was in a band, but none of his bandmates have been coming around lately. She wondered if they had a falling out. This new girl was possibly his bandmate and nothing more. That possibility was giving Tara hope. Maybe it was not impossible. On the plus side, Kael did apologize to her about everything. Not talking to her and letting Jane get in the way of their friendship. The only way to find out if this woman was nothing more than a bandmate was to just go over and ask, but she feared she would come off as too nosey. After letting out another sigh, the sound of the two guitars stopped.

“Wow, that was quick. They usually take longer.”

Suddenly, Tara’s phone went off. She checked the number to see it was Kael. She immediately pressed the talk button.


“Hey Tara, you busy?”

“Uh, no, why? What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you’d like to jam with me and a friend. Guitar, bass, and drums.”


“That’s great, did you want us to come over or do you wanna come here. If you come here we can help you move your drum set.”

“Um…can you help me move my drum set?”

“Alright, we’ll be right over.”

“Okay. See you here.”

Tara hung up and squealed happily like a giddy schoolgirl. She was going to spend time with Kael and meet the mystery woman. She would finally find out if Kael was up for grabs. Still being naked, she got dressed and waited for him. It was not long until he finally knocked on her door. She opened it to be greeted by Kael and the woman. She quickly noticed her breasts were a lot bigger than they looked from far away. This was a bit intimidating, but she kept her cool as Kael made introductions.

“Tara, this is Shay. Shay, this is Tara.”

“Hi, nice to meet you Shay.”

“Nice to meet you too Tara. Kael tells me you’re the best drummer in town.”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t say best.” Tara blushed a bit from the comment. It was nice knowing Kael had that opinion of her. “But I’m pretty alright.”

Shayano smiled at Tara’s sense of humility. The three walked over to where Tara’s drum set was. As they walked, the two girls talked. Kael was happy the two were hitting it off so well. If Tara were to join their band, then they all needed to get along. Judging by their conversation, it seemed that getting along would be no issue. As the three packed up the drum set and travelled back to his place they continued to socialize. The atmosphere was mutually wonderful for all of them. As they did the setup, Tara and Shayano still continued to talk. Kael did not mind being left out. He was the only connection they had to each other. It would be great for them to become good friends.

“I’m gonna go get a soda, you ladies want anything?”

“I’m fine.” Tara replied.

“I wanna Cola.” Shayano turned to Tara after Kael left the living room. “I love Colas. It’s the best thing I’ve ever had.”

Tara was perplexed by such a statement. She asked Shayano if she had had a Coca Cola before. To her surprise, she was answered with a no. Through deductive reasoning, Tara figured Shayano was not from around here, so she asked her where she was from. How could someone from America never try a Coca Cola for what looked to be twenty to twenty five years?

“I’m from…Jerusalem. Yeah, Jerusalem.”

“Oh really? Wow! I never met someone from there before.”

Shayano smiled at Tara, happy she fell for that line. Tara smiled back believing Shayano completely, being a common ignorant American. Kael came back with two sodas. He gave one to Shayano and opened the other for himself. Tara noticed the way Shayano was looking at Kael as she thanked him for the drink. This made her feel uneasy. Now she would have to compete with Shayano who was far more attractive than Jane, in her opinion.

“Alright, let’s set up. Sorry Tara, I know my living room isn’t the greatest for performing music, but I was going to go looking for a studio because…” Kael smiled at Tara and her eyes widened.

“Oh my God! You got a contract signed?!”

Kael’s smile got bigger and Tara ran up to him to give him a hug of congratulations. Unlike Jane, Shayano did not feel threatened by Tara. She could tell it was platonic and knew enough, through Kael’s memories, to know she was at most benign. After the hug, the three jammed out. The music was much more fun for Kael and Shayano now that they had some percussion. As for Tara, she always had fun with Kael, but Shayano on bass added to the beauty of the music they created. She did her best on the drums. Her drumming complemented the music perfectly. She was the missing piece of the puzzle. The three played until it was almost four in the morning. It finally ended when Tara passed out on Kael’s couch. He did not wake her, deciding to let her sleep. He knew she was exhausted by how quickly she passed out. Shayano looked to Tara and said to Kael,

“Looks like it’s just you and me now.”


Kael yawned and turned off his amp. He was tired as well. It was way passed his bedtime. As he put Lisa down and walked toward the kitchen Shayano made her bass and amp dissipate into flames. While Kael was getting water in the kitchen, Shayano decided to dip into Tara’s memories. She knelt down in front of her and held her face with both hands. Kael returned from the kitchen with water for himself and a soda for Shayano. He walked in to find her holding Tara’s face with her eyes closed as if she was concentrating on something.

“Shay! What the hell are you doing?!”

Shayano opened her eyes. She looked at Kael and responded,

“Oh, uh, nothing. Nothing.”

“That doesn’t look like nothing.”

“I was just…looking into her memories.”

“Looking into her…memories?”

“Yes. Some devils have this ability. Others sacrifice this ability for another. It all depends. Even for this ability there are variances. I just touch the face of someone to get their memories. A succubus, on the other hand, has more…erotic ways of getting information.”

“Look Shay, you really shouldn’t—”

“We need her in our band! She’s an excellent drummer, she’s loyal to you as a friend, and I see another way we can mutually benefit each other. She’s finishing up her last year of school and she’s fantasized about being on stage with you.” Shayano smiled at the other half of the fantasy she withheld from Kael. “Sorry for cutting you short.”

Kael looked unsure of what Shayano was doing. He felt it was not right for her to do this to Tara. The last thing he would want is for her to freak out from being touch on the face. He responded,

“Look Shay, don’t go controlling Tara’s mind. If she wants to join our band then she will. If she doesn’t, then we’ll respect that decision.”

Shayano wanted to control Tara, but if it was Kael’s wish to let her decide on her own, then she would stick by it. Her mind was telling her to control Tara, but her heart was telling her to not disobey Kael. If she disobeyed him, then she would not be his ‘loyal’ girlfriend. It was already bad enough she controlled his mind the last couple of days ago.

“Shay, I want Tara to want to be with us because I care about her. It’s sort of like you in a way. I know you have feelings for me and the reason why I’m not doing things with you right away is because I want to get over Jane first. I have the ability to abuse your feelings for me, but I’m not doing that. If I rebound then I know that I’ll be hurting you and that’s something I don’t wanna do to you because I care about you.”

Shayano looked away from Kael. She felt her love for him grow exponentially each day. He was such a wise person. She loved that he did not want to hurt her, but she would do anything to have him touch her again. However, she decided to be patient and wait for him. It did not help that they would have bonding moments when they played music or cooked together. They would even talk about their past experiences. He had no idea just how strong her feelings were for him. He thinks she just has a crush on him, but it was much more than that. She would do anything for him, even kill and betray the Dark Lord himself.

“Shay, I know I’ll get over Jane. Just having your company keeps me from going insane. You keep me occupied and put me in a much better mood than if I were to be alone.”

Kael walked away into his bedroom. He figured to let Tara sleep here. They were on very good terms like that. It was hard for Shayano to know that such a horrible woman had the heart of the man she loves. She trusted in Kael’s words. That it would only be a matter of time before she became his ‘number one.’ She did not mind the notion of Kael having other women on the side as long as she was his number one. For now, it was Jane. As for Tara, she liked her and after dipping into her memories she could see just how much of a good person she was. It was easy to see she would not hurt him like how Jane did. She looked to Tara with a smile as she snored on the couch.

“You can be his number two.”

Chapter VI: Just Making Sure

Tara woke up to the smell of bacon. She could hear Kael in the kitchen. She sat up and stretched. It was almost seven. She listened more closely to what Kael was saying. It sounded like he was instructing Shayano on how to cook bacon. She got up to let the two know she had to get ready for school. As she peaked into the kitchen, she saw Shayano with wings, horns, and a pointed tail.

“That’s great! You’re a natural at this.”

“Well, it’s only because I got such a good teacher for—”

Kael saw Shayano stare in the direction of the living room. He turned to see Tara staring at Shayano’s horns, wings, and tail. Shayano quickly waved her hand and said,

“You will forget that I am a devil.”

“I will forget that you are a devil.”

Shayano quickly hid her devilish features and Tara spoke to them as if she had seen nothing.

“Hey guys, I gotta get going. I have to get ready for school.”

“Oh okay, here, have some bacon and eggs we made. We also made some toast. We made extra just for you.”

“Really? Thanks.”

The three ate together on the dining table. The bacon and eggs were delicious. Tara complimented Shayano’s cooking. She appreciated Tara’s positive feedback. The two women had a nice conversation with each other with Kael joining in every now and then. It was mainly between the two. Kael was the one who got Tara to come over, yet it was Shayano who was making her stay. Shayano figured if she could not control Tara, then she would make her want to join on her own free will by being good company to her. She knew she would enjoy having Kael to talk to, but if both she and Kael were to have a good friendship with Tara then she would most definitely join them.

“That was so good. Thanks so much Shay.”

“You’re very welcome.”

Tara eventually left to get ready. Kael and Shayano got ready to go studio hunting. Tara drove away to school and the two went out. As expected, it was not long until Shayano got Kael a professional studio through her mind control. The two celebrated by getting some dessert. Kael thought about getting ice cream, but decided to get cake instead since there was a bakery across the street. The two walked in to be greeted by a very kind helpful old woman.

“What kind of cake did you want?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t had cake in a while. Not since the medieval times.”

The clerk looked confused by Shayano’s statement. Kael quickly turned to her and tried to explain,

“Oh uh, she’s doing a play. She’s…an actress for theater.” He turned back to Shayano and decided to act like her boyfriend to throw the clerk off of any suspicion. “Oh honey, you’re so funny. Um, excuse us miss.”

The two walked towards the door away from the clerk. Kael whispered,

“Hey, you can’t go off saying stuff like that, remember?”

“I’m sorry, I forgot, but I can always wipe her memory.”

“I know, but I can see it takes a toll on you after a while. I can tell that you get drained every time you do that. I notice that you get tired from doing it too much. Don’t go off killing yourself.”

Shayano smiled at Kael’s concern. She gave him a hug of appreciation. He hugged back and told her “You’re welcome.” The two looked to the cakes to come to a decision. Kael wanted Shayano to pick what she wanted since she was the one who got him the studio. She wanted to try everything until she saw a title that caught her eye. It was a dark brown cake that had a label reading ‘Devil’s Food.’

“I want that one!”

“Alright.” Kael purchased two slices and sat down with Shayano. She took one bite and paused. “Shay? Are you alright?”

“This is…the best thing I’ve ever had!”

Kael smiled at how cute Shayano was. How she reacted to the taste of the cake was extremely adorable. Although he could not see it, the way he was looking at her was gradually starting to change. The clerk could see the way he was looking at her and commented,

“You are both such a cute couple. You remind me of when my husband and I were both young.”

“Oh no, we’re…” Kael just remembered calling Shayano ‘honey’ in front of the clerk. He did not want to say anything that would contradict what he said previously. “…we’re, we’re not married or anything, just…going out.”

“Ah, well, you two make a nice couple.”

Shayano began to blush at the clerk’s comment. The two looked at each other and smiled shyly. The clerked laughed at their coyness. The two returned to finishing their slices. Shayano finished hers before Kael was even halfway done with his. He gave the rest to her saying,

“Here, I know you like this, go ahead.”

“Oh no I can’t.”

“I insist.”

Shayano was unsure, but she eventually took it and gobbled it all down. As they got up to leave, Kael got a hug from Shayano as she thanked him cheerfully. The cake put her in a very happy mood. Kael, being the nice guy he was, decided to buy a whole cake for the house. He figured since they were already here, then it would be convenient to get a whole cake now rather than come back for slices. He ordered a whole cake and pulled out his wallet again to pay.

“You’re lucky. I’m almost done baking another one.”

“Wow, just our luck.”

“Just for you two, I’ll sell the cake at half the price.”

“Really? Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

As soon as the cake finished cooling off and the clerk added the finishing touches, Kael and Shayano were out the door and in the car. The two drove away with Shayano already munching at the cake while on the road. However, she stopped the moment she saw something in the rear view mirror. It was another devil wondering the area. They were searching for her. This alerted her immediately to take action.

The moment they both got home, Kael decided to take a nap. Shayano told him she would keep quiet and not disturb him. He appreciated that. While he napped, she took the time to set up a shield to hide herself away from other devils. She could not afford to be found. How else could she continue to be Kael’s ‘loyal’ girlfriend? Once she finished, she decided her next task would be to pay Tara a visit. She wanted to know if she would be well suited for the position of Kael’s number two physically…

Tara just got back from school. She had no further classes for the day. She put her keys on the table and lied down on the couch, beat from the day. Once her head was on the pillow she looked up to be greeted by Shayano’s face.

“Ah! Shay! What are you doing in my living room?!”

Shayano waved her hand and said,

“Be calm. Strip for me and show me your body.”

Tara was now in a trance. She was quiet and stared forward into nothing. She obediently followed Shayano’s command and stripped her clothes off. Shayano observed Tara’s physique once she was completely naked. She knew what Kael liked due to his memories. Tara’s breasts were almost as big as hers. The sexy curves at her waist were very appealing for a human. The small patch of pubic hair above her pussy was cute and very distinguishing.

“Turn around now.” Tara did as she was told. Shayano inspected her ass to see it was slightly above average. “Alright, now bend over.”

Again, Tara followed orders. Her ass became much more evident once she bent over. Shayano reached out and grabbed both of her butt cheeks. She was impressed to find how soft they were. The beauty of Tara’s pale buns were starting to make Shayano wet. What added to this was the sight of her delicious pink pussy. Her excitement intensified the moment she began to spread those sexy butt cheeks. This exposed her very enticing little brown-pink anus. She forced Tara’s cheeks open even wider and she could see her little asshole stretch sideways. She licked her lips while thinking,

‘Mmm, Kael will like this.’

Tara’s beautiful pussy and asshole were a wonderful sight. Shayano moved her face in and inhaled her scent. There was faint odor of sweat with the natural feminine scent of her pussy and ass. No longer able to restrain herself, Shayano gave Tara’s pussy a lick. It had a delicious taste to go with its smell. She was doing this to make sure there was nothing about Tara that would turn Kael off. She was also curious how her pussy might taste. Tara moaned softly from the probing action of Shayano’s tongue.

‘Damn it, I can’t get enough of her scent and taste.’

Shayano moved her tongue into Tara’s pussy and massaged her inner walls. She could taste her juices and quickly withdrew her tongue to take some into her mouth. She was doing her best to lick up whatever was inside Tara’s sweet pussy. After a couple more licks, she moved her tongue up and licked at her asshole. There was a minor taste of sweat, but mainly a delicious unique taste of her back door. She rubbed her tongue around Tara’s tight hole. The gentle rimjob was making Tara coo softly. Shayano moved from gentle licks to penetrating pleasure. She forced her tongue forward and it entered Tara’s asshole. She did her best to lick around inside, but this hole gave far more opposition. Nonetheless, she still enjoyed the tastes and smells she was experiencing.

Once Shayano pulled her tongue out of Tara’s ass, she commanded her to lie on her side with one leg up. Tara got into position and Shayano had her clothes dissipate into flames. She kneeled in front of Tara and put her pussy next to hers. She began to scissor with Tara gently to get things started. Both their clitorises were being stimulated and both were moaning from the pleasure. The mutual stimulation they were both experiencing could really pass for a bonding moment if not for Shayano’s need to wipe Tara’s memory after this. She was feeling very naughty about what she was doing, so she moaned,

“Oh fuck yeah Tara! Fucking kiss my pussy with yours!”

Shayano sped up her movement and the stimulation intensified. Both girls were getting hot and sweaty. Shayano was getting off to the wet feeling of both their sweat and vaginal leakage. Their pussies had both their juices all over each other. Adding to this was the strong scent of their arousal mixing together. As orgasm approached both of them, Shayano clung to Tara’s leg tightly. Both girls ceased movement and let their climaxes take over. They screamed in unison and were both lying on the floor when they finished.

After a couple of minutes of recovery, Shayano got back up with Tara to get dressed. She waved her hand and commanded Tara to put her clothes back on. Flames appeared on Shayano and her clothes were back on her. Before going back to Kael’s house she said to Tara,

“You will forget that I was here.”

“I will forget that you were here.”

“And the idea of sharing Kael is appealing to you.”

“And the idea of sharing Kael is appealing to me.”

Shayano smiled at Tara and left. The moment Tara was alone in her home again she regained control of her body. She felt very strange. Her body was relaxed like it had an intense workout not too long ago. She also felt very relaxed mentally like how she felt when she would touch herself. As she took a few steps out of the area where she was standing she realized just how sweaty she was. It was like she black out a few minutes ago. She felt very filthy and decided to take a hot shower. Her pussy felt sweaty and so did her asshole.

Meanwhile, Kael had just woken up next door. He got up and found Shayano cooking him a late lunch. She was making some steak and vegetables. It was amazing how she picked up cooking quickly. He smiled at her and commented,

“You really have a knack for cooking. I think I might just ask you to cook for me every day.”


“Yeah, you’re a natural.”

“Can I really cook for you every day?”

“Oh, uh…well, you don’t have to. I was just saying tha—”

“I’ll cook for you every day!”

Kael tried to tell Shayano he was just kidding around, but she kept insisting she would cook. After some minor argument, he agreed to let her be the cook of the house. She reasoned that since he was letting her stay with him, then she would have to do something to pay him back. Since he did not consider sex as an offer this was the only other option she could come up with. Her cooking was improving at an exponential rate, giving Kael more reason to agree. Shayano happily exclaimed,

“Alright then, it’s settled! From now on I’ll be your cook!”

Chapter VII: Progress

It had been three weeks since Kael had gotten the studio to record his music. He and Shayano continued to bond. They became very close and Tara was not too far behind. Both girls were not only closer to Kael, but to each other as well. They were practically best friends. However, neither talked to the other about their feelings for Kael. The three had just finished their first album which had songs with much promise. The three had worked hard and knew it would pay off.

Currently, Kael and Shayano were at home after submitting their album. They were tired from the day, but that did not stop them from celebrating. Tara had two exams to study up for. They were both on the same day so she decided to study a week in advance instead of procrastinate the way she usually does. Unlike the usual booze party one would imagine, Kael and Shayano’s party was composed of soda and devil’s food cake. She happily gobbled down the cake and drank it with Coca Cola. Kael sat with her eating his cake slowly. He was too busy admiring her beauty. He was feeling very nervous. Perhaps today would be the day.

‘Come on Kael. You can do this. She’s been living under the same roof as you. Why are you so nervous? Shay, I think I’m ready to be more than friends now. How hard is it to say that?’

Although Kael gave himself constant positivity, he could not bring himself to share his feelings. Throughout the whole time, Kael remained awkwardly silent with Shayano. He failed to let her know, reasoning with ‘She’s eating, let her enjoy herself.’ When they finished eating, Kael walked Shayano to her room instead of letting her go alone. She found it odd, but did not mind. Any time with him was wonderful for her. Opening the door, she turned around to wish him a goodnight, but he did not show any signs of leaving.


“Yes?” She answered shyly.

“I…I think I’m ready.”

“What did you say?”

“I want you to be my girlfriend.”

Shayano’s eyes began to water and Kael took a step closer to her. Her heart pounded violently as he held her hands in his. Both moved their faces closer to each other. Their lips moved in and they both froze. There was nothing she wanted more than to feel his lips again. However, his hesitance made her want to hesitate. She did not want to do anything that may be too rash. If she were to do anything that would offend or repulse him, then she would never forgive herself. The two looked each other in the eyes, unsure if they should be the one to make the first move. Kael, tired of being overly cautious, decided to move forward and his lips touched Shayano’s. He grabbed her body and she quickly grabbed his head.

The two kissed with their eyes closed. As they kissed, Shayano’s mind reading ability allowed her to see she was thought about more than Jane. That Jane was almost completely out of his thoughts. She saw Tara in his thoughts too, but not to the same degree as her. It was his feelings for her that repressed any possible feelings for Tara to grow. He was a monogamous man that was loyal to the woman he loved, but Shayano had different plans to make him something much more. However, for now she was beyond content with the touch of his lips. She began to stick her tongue in his mouth and he opened up. As she probed his mouth, she could feel his tongue enter hers. His tongue made its way down her throat and it was reminding her of when she took his cock in her mouth. He broke away, unsure if they were going too far.

“Kael please, please make love to me! I’ve waited so long for you to love me again!”

“I, I don’t know. It feels like it’s too soon.”

Shayano could see Kael was afraid. It took him everything to confess his feelings. The source of his fear was due to Jane. She had hurt him badly and it was not the first time she did that to him. Through his memories, it was easy to figure out why he was so fearful. She used his memories to exclaim what she would and would not do. Whatever Jane did that was not to Kael’s liking she promised not to do. She got to her knees and held his hands in a begging position.

“Kael, I promise to be honest with you. I won’t be constantly negative. I’ll never leave you. You can have my body and do whatever you please with it. I won’t sleep with anyone else but you. I don’t mind sharing you. Please, please, let me feel your touch!”

Kael lifted Shayano to her feet. It was painfully quiet with Kael looking away from her. After a couple of seconds he faced her again and moved his face closer to her. He stopped before his lips could touch hers. She touched his face and moved in for a kiss. However, she could see he was still uncertain. She did not want to kiss him if he was unsure. She stopped before their lips touched and looked to him, waiting.

‘Please Kael…’ They were both still and she let go of his face. She looked away, ready to cry. He was not going to kiss her. She cursed in her head, ‘I’m such an idiot!’

Suddenly, Kael grabbed Shayano by her arms and spun her to face him. He moved in swiftly for a kiss. They wrapped their arms around each other as their kissing intensified. He lifted her by her ass in the same fashion he did the night they met. Walking over to her bed, he landed her onto it along with himself. He broke their kiss to start stripping. In response, she had all of her clothes burn away as usual. Before Kael was finished removing all of his clothes, Shayano was completely bare. He admired her beautiful body. Those D’s were extremely desirable. He wanted to touch them and put her nipples in his mouth so bad. Moving his eyes down to her groin, he went nuts. With her legs spread, she exposed her little pink pussy.

Shayano reached down to spread her lips with her fingers. The inside was very wet, looking very comfortable and inviting. This made Kael strip faster. He had not had sex in a long time. The night they met did not count since he could not remember any of that. Shayano found it cute to see Kael struggling to speed up his stripping. It made her feel good to know just how bad he wanted her body. She stared in amazement the moment he was completely naked with her. From head to toe, she admired every attractive feature. He grasped his cock as he moved in to be one with her again. This made her heart pound faster.

“Oh Kael yes! Put it in!” She wrapped her arms around him to pull him towards her. His cock was now pressing at her clitoris. “Lower.”

Kael reached for his cock and adjusted to feel the wetness of her entrance. He knew he was at the correct spot. Thrusting forward, it went in easily. Shayano was happy to finally be filled with his cock once again. Playing it safe, he started gently. Although she found this sweet, she wanted it rough tonight.

“Harder honey! Harder!”

Kael shoved his cock in with more force, causing Shayano to cry out. It scared him at first, but he was reassured the moment she grabbed his head to kiss him. He moved his cock out almost all the way and thrusted back in with more force. He continued this for a while, making her moan loud. Her soft breasts were touching his chest, her arms and legs were wrapped around him, and her lips sucked on his own. She used her vaginal muscles to squeeze his cock.

“Ah shit! That’s tight!”

“Is it bad?! I’m sorry!”

“No, it’s incredible! Keep doing it!”


Shayano used her muscles to give Kael a tight squeeze around his cock. He enjoyed the tight sensation. She would squeeze tightly and then release. This repeated pattern was getting him closer to climax. He warned her and she gave him the okay. However, Kael was a proud man. He would be damned if he allowed himself to cum first. In his book, the woman had to always cum first. He did his best to not cum too early.

“Kael, it’s okay. Cum.”

Kael thrusted faster and harder as he answered, “No!” Shayano had to cum first, she just had to. She held his face to kiss him. This immediately made her aware of why he refused to release his seed. The squeezing of his cock made it harder to endure the pleasure. An idea then popped into her head.

“Let’s do doggystyle.”


Shayano turned over and got to her hands and knees. Both her holes were presented to Kael for his viewing pleasure. Her tail moved to the right so it would not obstruct the view. He reached for it to caress it. Turning her head she asked playfully,

“Just what are you doing?”

“I never told you this, but I always thought your tail’s very cute.”

Shayano faced forward again while blushing. Before she could respond, she felt a warm wet sensation on her tail. She gasped and turned her head again. Kael was licking it lovingly. It was a strange, but exciting sensation. This was the first time she ever had her tail played with. He cut off her chance to respond by plunging his cock into her pussy. As ‘punishment’ she squeezed his cock again. This made him thrust harder. Shayano’s way of ‘punishing’ Kael backfired. She was so lost in the passion she yelled out,

“Put your finger in my ass!”

Shayano was feeling very naughty at that precise moment. The licking of her tail was the main contribution. It was so new that it called for something kinky today. She also knew Kael liked anal. He unfortunately never had a chance to get some from Jane. He put his finger in his mouth without question. He used his saliva to quickly lube it. His finger came out generously coated and moved to Shayano’s tiny asshole. Just watching it clench at the touch of his wet finger made him want to cum right there. He applied his saliva on her pink pucker and then put his finger back in his mouth to wet it again. He hoped for there to be a taste, but there was none. Pulling back out, he put his finger to her asshole again and pressed in.

It was amazing to watch Shayano’s small asshole take in his finger. It clung to it, refusing to let it escape. Keeping it in place, Kael resumed fucking her pussy. The sight and feeling of her soft ass pounding on him was wonderful. Her moans intensified the moment he started working his finger. Before she could wrap her tail around his waist, he grabbed it and smiled, getting a kinky idea. He pulled out his finger while wetting her tail with his saliva. He pointed the tip of her tail towards her asshole.

“Oh fuck!”

Shayano could feel her asshole being stretched from the penetration by her tail. Her tail felt very warm inside her ass. With two free hands, Kael grabbed both sides of her hips and hammered away. The double penetration was too much for Shayano. Her orgasm began while she wiggled her tail around inside her ass. Kael joined her in climax as he shot his first wad of cum. This completed her climax. As Kael continued to release, he grabbed Shayano’s tail and shoved it in deeper. She gasped aloud and clung to the bedsheets desperately. Her tail continued to wiggle as it made its way deeper inside. The two stayed still for a couple more seconds until they were done.

Kael pulled out with his cum spilling out fast. Shayano could feel it traveling down her thighs. Her pussy was overflowing. She removed her tail from her ass and lied on her side. Kael got behind her to spoon. He cupped her breasts and held her tight. She turned around to kiss him. They looked each other in the eyes and smiled. That was the best sex they have ever had in their lives. Soon, the two lovers were fast asleep.

Chapter VIII: Confessions

It was morning. The room was completely lit by sunlight and the two could be seen in bed together. Shayano woke up first. She found herself being held from behind; she smiled, remembering what happened last night. Kael’s calm breathing soon ceased and he inhaled deeply. Now was the question of whether or not Kael would regret what they did. He was getting over Jane, but he was still unsure of whether or not sex was too early in their relationship. She turned around to smile and nervously greeted him.


“Hey.” He replied back with a smile. “Good morning.”

It was obvious the two were uncertain of what to say to each other, but they were both happy and feeling good. Shayano held Kael’s face and immediately understood how he felt. He was a changed man. No longer feeling the sorrow of Jane’s betrayal. No longer afraid. Now he had his eyes set on her. It could not have been better. She moved in for a kiss. They kept their lips pressed against each other. This very moment was something she did not want to end. Eventually, the two broke their kiss with Shayano saying,

“I’ll go make us breakfast.”


Kael smiled while watching Shayano leave. He was loving the sight of her ass swaying back and forth. Before she passed the door she turned her head to catch him looking. She did not say anything; she only smiled. It felt great to know he was checking her out without holding back now. This was going to be a great start for both of them.

As Kael and Shayano got closer, Tara felt further away from both of them. It had become too obvious something happened between the two and she did not take it well. He easily wrote a couple of songs inspired by his new relationship with Shayano. The two continued to strengthen not only their feelings, but their physical intimacy as well. Everything seemed to be in order. It was a new love and a new band. Although Kael saw everything as perfect, Shayano still needed one last thing to happen.

One night after finishing up a love making session, they lied in bed. Before going to sleep, Shayano sat up with worry. Kael took note of this and sat up with her. He asked,

“What’s wrong Shay?”

“Kael, I need to ask you a serious question.”

“Okay. Sure.”

Shayano knew how Kael would feel about the subject of having her and Tara as his women. He was a good man and would never do anything to hurt her or Tara. She wanted to persuade him to become polygamous.

“How would you feel about having two girlfriends?”


“Kael, I know you know about Tara’s feelings for you. You never discussed it with her and she’s having a hard time bringing it up to you. She never talked to me about it. She hasn’t been enthusiastic about band practice or recordings lately because she’s hurting.”

“Shay, you know it wouldn’t be fair for me to have both you and Tara.”

“Honey, I need to confess something.” Shayano looked away and took a deep breath. “I really wouldn’t mind you being polygamous. I don’t mind you having other women in your life. Just as long as I’m number one. For the record, Tara doesn’t mind the thought of sharing you either.”


“It’ll be good for not only the friendship between the three of us, but our band as well. A band that bonds together stays together. As for you being ‘unfair’, it’s okay because Tara and I don’t mind sharing you with each other. We’re like sisters almost.” Kael was still morally unsure of this. “Look, if humans do this here on Earth, then what makes you think that devils wouldn’t approve of this set up?”

Kael remained silent. Shayano blushed as she admitted,

“To be honest, I think it’s hot to watch you fuck another woman. If you don’t like the thought of leaving me out then…” Shayano’s face turned an even darker shade of red. “…I don’t mind joining in.”

As ashamed as he was to admit it, Kael found the notion of having a threesome with Shayano and Tara to be extremely arousing. He felt guilty for it, but there was really nothing he could do about it. What he found arousing was what he found arousing. He was a man with desires after all. Shayano could see Kael’s throbbing erection under the bed sheets. She reached under to grasp his hard cock and kiss him while doing so. As she stroked it she whispered to him in hopes of arousing him further.

“Oh baby, you have such a strong hard cock and it deserves to be shared. I like the thought of you plunging your cock into Tara and then shoving it in my mouth. Then fucking my pussy and shoving it in her mouth.”

“Shay.” Kael moaned helplessly.

Shayano began to stroke faster. Part of Kael wanted to stop her, but another part wanted to hear more. Giving in, he added fuel to the fire.

“Tell me what you want me to do to Tara.”

“I wanna see you force Tara’s face onto this bed with her ass in the air. Then I wanna see her beg for it. I can imagine it now. The wetness and delicious smell. I want you to fuck her hard on this bed.”


“Then when it’s my turn, I want you to force me to eat her pussy while you fuck me from behind!” She began to act out what she would say. “Oh please Kael, please! I don’t wanna eat it!”

Kael was quiet, unable to find an appropriate response. Shayano clued him in.

“Then you call me a bitch and tell me to shut the fuck up and eat!”

This was getting Kael closer. His pre-cum leaked into Shayano’s hand. The thought of his girlfriend eating another woman was hot. Watching her tongue probe another pussy. When it was Tara he thought about being the other woman it made the scenario in his head even sweeter. It was safe to bet that Shayano knew about his feelings for Tara. He had had his face held by her many times. If that really was her way of probing a person’s thoughts and feelings, then she definitely knew. As the band progressed, he got closer to both girls. Unfortunately, he would have to choose which to get serious with. It was Shayano he chose, but now she was giving him the okay to add Tara into the relationship.

“Kael, I know you don’t wanna hurt me. You won’t, I want you to take Tara and make her yours. You never had to choose. Make us both yours!”

“Shay, I’m gonna—”

“We’ll both service you with our mouths. She’ll suck your cock and I’ll lick your balls.” Shayano whispered this into Kael’s ear. He was almost there. “Then when you cum, I’m gonna keep it in my mouth and swap it with Tara while we kiss.”

Kael was seconds away from explosion. Shayano moved away from his ear and stopped stroking him. She moved the bed sheets and put his cock in her mouth. He began to squirt his cum and she stayed there quietly. For every squirt he could feel movement in her throat. She swallowed every time he shot down her warm throat. She pulled out once he finished. Licking her lips, she suggested,

“I think you should talk to Tara today.”

Chapter IX: Tara’s Feelings


Tara opened her door to be greeted by Kael. He sent her a text letting her know he wanted to come over and talk in person. She reluctantly accepted. Now, here they were, on her couch ready to chat. There was nothing but a painfully awkward silence. Kael eventually broke the tension by asking how she was doing. She gave him short quick answers which made it obvious she was a bit uncomfortable. Tired from beating around the bush, he got straight to the point.

“Tara, I know why you haven’t been giving it your all in practice.”

“I have, it’s just that…”

He took her hand and caressed it gently. Moving in closer to her she began to blush. The gentleness and care in his eyes had not changed since the day they met. It was something she always found attractive about him. They were normal brown eyes, but when she truly looked into them she found herself feeling warmth and comfort. As she moved her lips closer to his multiple thoughts ran through her head.

‘This is crazy Tara! What am I doing?! He’s with Shay! I can’t betray my best friend!’

Tara noticed Kael was not moving his head back. Did he want to kiss her? The man she had feelings for was not rejecting her, but what about his girlfriend, her friend? She stopped when she was just a couple of inches away.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Tara.”

Kael moved in for a kiss, but she moved back.

“We…we can’t do this! Shay would never forgive me!”


Kael held her face gently and turned it to face his. No more being passive and quiet about all this. He quickly moved in for a kiss. The moment their lips touched she felt all of her strength leave her. The feeling of Kael’s lips on her own, something she wanted for a long time. She was finally experiencing it. It was even better than she imagined. Tara found it hard to resist and gave in. With a final thought, she said in her head,

‘I’m sorry Shay.’

Tara kissed back with passion. She wanted, no, needed Kael to hold and kiss her. It was finally happening. The day her wish came true was ironically not a happy one, at least not fully. Guilt was eating away at her for what she was doing to her best friend. However, her personal emotions and lust were overriding it enough for her to not stop what she was doing. He moved to her neck and kissed it lovingly. She sensually rubbed his back as he did this. Making his way down to her breasts she lifted her shirt. As he put his face into her cleavage she reached around to unhook her bra. Once it fell to the floor he took her right nipple into his mouth. He played with her left nipple while doing this, making her moan. She reached around to lift his shirt. This caused him to stop and help her take it off.

“Kael I want you to make love to me!”

“I will.”

Both began to take their clothes off and they were soon walking to the bedroom. Before they both entered her room, Tara assaulted Kael’s lips. This caused him to slam his back against the door. He grabbed her ass and started to lift her. She hopped up and he carried her with his arms. His cock was now pressed against her clitoris. It was exciting for her to know it was very close to her opening. He carried her to her bed and landed both of them on it. They made out for a couple of minutes until he stopped. It was time.

“Oh Kael please be gentle. It’s been a long time for me.”

Kael nodded as he held the base of his cock with his thumb and pointer. He aimed it and pressed the tip against her opening.

“Okay Tara, I’m gonna put it in now.”

Tara began to pant heavily as if it was her first time again. Her last relationship was four years ago in high school. She felt the tip being pressed in with more force and it slid in. This made her gasp. The anticipation was over. She finally knew what it was like to have Kael enter her.

“Please Kael, fuck me! Fuck me—”

She almost said “Fuck me in front of Jane!” A scenario she had fantasized about for so long. It was finally happening except there was no Jane now. It was her best friend Shayano. As fucked up as it was, Tara was still getting off. The thought of ‘taking Kael away’ and making him into an adulterer was a dark fantasy that she could never admit to anyone, even herself. This tore her apart inside, but it added more to her excitement. ‘I’m gonna burn in hell for this’ was her only thought at that moment.

“I’m halfway through.”


Tara had already felt so full with Kael’s cock. How could he possibly have more? The thought of taking in more than she felt she could handle was turning her. His big cock in her tight little pussy. As he pressed in more of his member she moaned louder. She continued to beg, “Stuff me more!” This was more than enough encouragement for Kael as he was almost completely inside.

“It’s in! It’s in Tara! It’s in!”

Tara grabbed Kael’s face and pulled him in for a kiss. Both closed their eyes as time stood still for them. The only sounds they could hear were their heartbeats. Everything was perfect in that moment. The two were in the most intimate position: missionary with a loving kiss. This was the pinnacle of Tara’s sex life and the sex did not even start yet. Just being stuff and having Kael’s warm body touch her own while they kissed was already heaven.

“I’m gonna move now okay?”


Tara could feel Kael begin to move. Feeling his cock leave her pussy was like having her favorite treat being taken away. Her pussy clung to his cock as if it begged for it not to go. It craved for it back. He re-entered to give her what she wanted. Being stuffed to the brim again was already bringing her to climax fast. The two looked into each other’s eyes with much sentiment. Unlike the relationship he had with Shayano, his relationship with Tara existed for a longer period of time. Knowing each other very well made the sex more intimate. Being flooded with emotion, Tara finally said,

“Kael, I love you!”

“I…I love you too.”

Kael was unsure if that was the correct thing to say. His emotions were very conflicted. It felt like he was betraying Shayano. She said she did not mind other women, but did that mean she did not mind other love interests? What would this do to Shayano and Tara’s friendship? Either way, he was too caught up in the moment to keep thinking about all this. The hot sex was what mattered right now. Her wet pussy clung to his cock and hugged it affectionately, just like Shayano’s. They continued this for several minutes until he warned,

“Tara, I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Cum inside me! I’m gonna cum too! Cum with me!”

Wrapping her arms around Kael’s head, Tara moaned his name as he pumped away. His increase in speed caused her to cum. He was not too far behind. Soon they were both climaxing with Tara moaning Kael’s name desperately in his ear. It added to his pleasure while he came inside. Squirt after squirt, Tara could feel her insides being coated. She wanted more and did not want to give his cum back. By the time he was done, he rolled over and lied next to her. Both were panting heavy and it became apparent how sweaty they were. The bed was soaked underneath Tara’s back and her pussy was spilling cum. They caught their breath and checked the time. Two hours had passed.

“Ah shit, I gotta go home.”

Kael sat up so he could get off the bed. She sat up and clung to him.

“Kael…I know it’s selfish, but can you stay with me tonight.”


Tara felt extreme guilt after the thrill was gone. Betraying her best friend and she still wanted more. She was a horrible person. Kael held her hand and she loosened her hold. She let him get off the bed. It was the right thing to do. She had done enough damage already. Kael would probably be in trouble from Shayano now because of this. It was her fault, all her fault. She began to weep,

“I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…I’m terrible!”

Kael turned around to hold Tara in his arms. He comforted her and decided to take a big risk. He asked,

“Tara, what if I were to tell you that Shay wanted to share me with you?”


Tara looked up to Kael in shock. He was feeling uneasy about what he just asked. Perhaps being less direct was the correct way of handling this. Whether that was true or not it was too late to take it back. Now all that was left was to hope this approach was the correct way to have Tara join him and Shay in a love triangle, one that would hopefully not end badly. Before he could say more, she cut him off saying angrily,

“Shay wants to share you with me?!”

“She, she values your friendship, but has feelings for me just like you. She doesn’t wanna lose me, but she doesn’t wanna lose you either.”

“You fucking did this because you pitied me?!”

“No! I do have feelings for you too!”

“Then why did you pick her instead of me?!”

Suddenly, Shayano’s voice came from behind Tara. She intervened,

“You gotta cut him some slack Tara.”

Tara turned to see Shayano in her room with Kael. She had small horns on her head, wings, and a pointed tail. Her eyes widened the moment she saw her. She quickly covered herself up and exclaimed,

“Ah! Shay! We, um, this…”

Tara could not stay calm. Shayano decided it was best to control her so she could listen to her explain everything. She figured it was time for Tara to be let in on their secret. Kael watched as Shayano shared with her best friend that she was a devil. She went on about how she became Kael’s ‘loyal’ girlfriend then how they were able to get a record deal and nice recording studio so easily. Although it was a lot of information, Tara took it all in. She had no other choice; she was being controlled by her best friend to listen to her story. The last part of Shayano’s explanation ended with a small lie to alleviate the situation, or at least Shayano hoped it would.

“So, he chose me because I cheated. I used my mind control technique to steal him. I’m sorry Tara. It’s my fault. I should have let him chose for himself. If you have to be mad at someone, then be mad at me. Don’t be mad at Kael. I don’t mind sharing him with you, but if you want, we can have him decide right here, right now. No magic.”

Shayano took off her magical hold on Tara so she could now act on her own accord. She walked up to Shayano and stopped right in front of her. Kael’s eyes widened from what he saw next.


“You bitch…” Shayano’s expression was that of surprise. Tara wept as she continued. “Get out of my place, both of you…Get the fuck out!”

All three were quiet. Shayano put her hand on Tara’s arm, but she shrugged it off and pushed her away yelling,

“Get away from me!” More tears started to pour from her eyes. “Please…please leave…”

Shayano was shocked to find a wet sensation on her cheek. She was crying. She was actually crying! How? Devils were not capable of compassion and caring. The only reason why her feelings for Kael existed was because of a contract. Kael took her by the hand and they both left without a word. Shayano was too focused on the tear she shed to think about controlling Tara’s mind. Once they exited Tara’s home she stopped holding in her tears and allowed herself to cry heavily. It was the first time Kael had seen her cry. He held her in his arms as she wept with her face in his chest. She put the blame on herself. Perhaps she should have let Kael continue to handle the conversation instead of stepping in. Their friendship…their band…it was looking very grim.

Chapter X: A Turn For The Better

Shayano woke up with Kael in bed. She thought about what had happened last night. The pain she caused her best friend, her very first shedding of tears, crying herself to sleep. With Kael still sleeping, she sat up in a fetal position. Depression was hitting her hard. It was an unexplainable pain. Living here in the human world made her so happy, but now it was making her so sad. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Perhaps this was why devils were not allowed to live within the same spectrum as humans. As she spent more time in the human world she became more…human.

It then hit Shayano. She was becoming more emotional, more caring. Now she could see why it was so dangerous for a devil to live in the human world. She had always been raised to not care about others, but that all changed with Kael. Staying here was making her lose her grip on the selfish attitude she was raised with. In a sense, it was like a human losing their humanity. However, she oddly did not mind. She was genuinely happy with Kael. He made her happy. The happiness she experienced with him and even Tara was beyond an infinite amount compared to the happiness she had living in Hell.

“Hey, how are you?”

Shayano looked over to see Kael with his eyes open. He smiled at her with concern in his eyes.

“I feel so…hopeless…so…”



Kael held her tightly in his arms and it made things feel somewhat better. They continued on in the day. Today, they were supposed to record more songs. As they drove to the studio ‘One Last Goodbye’ by Anathema was playing on the radio. The sad tone and lyrics were putting the two in an even more depressed state. Kael decided to change the station. The song from the next station started playing. It was someone doing a cover of ‘Hurt’ by Nine Inch Nails. This was not helping one bit. He decided to turn off the radio and it stayed a sad silent atmosphere within the car. The two finally made it to the studio. Although the band’s first album was finished and ready to be heard by the world, it was hard to do any further recording without Tara. It was not only the lack of her presence, but the emotional state both were in. The two were not in the mood to record music. They sat there depressed and unable to be productive. It felt hopeless to do anything.

“Maybe we should just go home honey.”

Kael stayed silent, but did not show any sign of leaving. He looked to his acoustic guitar resting on its guitar stand. Picking it up, he sat down and began to play. If he was in a sad mood, then why not make a sad song. Perhaps a ballad. Something sad. He strummed a D minor chord. The sad tone gave him an idea. His depression helped him to eventually compose a soft sad ballad in the key of D minor. Shayano eventually joined in with her guitar. By the end of the day they had created a beautiful piece of music. Every aspect of their emotions was captured within the song. The fact that it was an instrumental made it even more powerful. It did not need lyrics to convey its composers’ emotions. After completing the new song they went home feeling better. It was time for dinner. There was a knock on the door while they were in the kitchen. Kael answered it.


It was Tara. Before Kael could apologize, she ran up to him and embraced him. She was tearing up quietly as he hugged her. Shayano peaked from the kitchen. Tara looked at her. This caused her to tremble in fear. The three sat down at the dining table to talk. Shayano continued to apologize to Tara and she continued to apologize back. The two friends cried while hugging each other. Kael hugged both of them while feeling like crying himself. However, he restrained himself.

“Shay, I just felt so jealous and betrayed that you would steal him from me like that.”

“I know and I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry. I acted too rashly. You were willing to share him and the truth is…I don’t mind the thought of sharing him with you. It’s weird. If I don’t mind sharing then why even get mad?”

Kael was stunned to hear this. Once the two finished sharing their feelings with each other, they ended it with a promise never to fight over him again. He felt guilty knowing Shayano lied for him. The truth was he did choose Shayano over Tara, but he figured this was a situation where honesty really was not the best policy. He was so lost in thought that when he came to both girls had moved their chairs. They were both positioned next to him. Shayano to his right and Tara to his left.

“Go ahead Tara. Please, you deserve to go first.”

Tara grabbed Kael by his head and moved in for a kiss. She closed her eyes as she gently caressed his face. Once they finished their tender kiss, Shayano took hold of him. She moved in for a kiss. Both girls had a specific feel with their kisses. If Kael were to close his eyes and kiss either of them at random he could tell which one he was kissing. He could not describe the difference, but he could feel it. Both girls looked to him with a smile. He smiled back with sincerity. Soon, his smile turned to one of lust while imagining something any normal man would imagine. Shayano knew right away and informed Tara,

“Geez, Tara he wants us to kiss each other.”

Tara’s jaw dropped and she turned a dark shade of red. Kiss another woman? She did have a fantasy or two, but it was something she was too ashamed to admit to anyone. It was easy to see Shayano was down for it. However, Kael responded immediately from seeing her worried expression.

“Uh, Shay, Tara doesn’t have to. Don’t try to force this on her.”

“I’m not, I’m just—”

“Do you want me to kiss Shay?”

“Uh, well, Tara you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

Shayano reached for Kael’s groin and could feel just how excited he was.

“He’s hard.”

Tara looked under the table to see that Shayano spoke the truth. She gulped and gave it some thought. After a few seconds of thinking, she decided to try it. If it would make Kael happy then she was okay with it. What better person to do this with than her best friend? Shayano could tell from the look on her face that she was going to go through with it. Tara’s eyes widened and her face turned a darker red as Shayano moved her face in for a kiss. She watched as her best friend closed her eyes and puckered her lips. This was it. She was going to kiss her best friend/love rival in front of the man they both loved. She put on a stern face and posture with her only thought being ‘I’m not gay! I just…if Kael likes me to, then…’

Tara moved in for the kiss. She puckered her lips and closed her eyes. Her heart beat rapidly as she got closer. Kael watched with aroused anticipation. The two were less than one inch away…


Both girls opened their eyes. Tara moved away quickly and took a deep breath to calm herself. Shayano had a look of disappointment. Kael got up to answer the door. Just who was it knocking so late at night?


“Hey babe.”

“W-What are you doing here?”

“Can I come in?”

Kael felt that was a bad idea. This was extremely bad timing. Jane took his lack of response as a yes and entered. She bumped into him in a pushy manner. She began to explain it was a mistake leaving him. It was all an act and fortunately, Kael saw through it for the first time. She held her left hand up and said,

“Look, you see this? I never took off the ring you gave me.”

Jane continued on about how she always thought about him while she was with George. While Kael stood there listening to this Tara and Shayano were sitting in the kitchen eavesdropping. Tara had had enough and stood up. Shayano could see the anger on her face. She remembered specific events while dipping into Tara’s memories. Jane felt threatened by Tara and drove a wedge between her and Kael. It deeply wounded their friendship. Jane was obviously a threat once again. They had to do something. She would be damned if she would let that bitch come back into Kael’s life just to hurt him again.

“Tara, wait. I got an idea.”

Shayano held out her hand and flames appeared on Tara. She gasped at the sudden appearance of fire on her, but she was too shocked to actually scream. Her anxiety quickly dropped when she felt no burning sensations. Suddenly, Tara was no longer in her regular clothes. She was now wearing sexy white lingerie. She looked to see Shayano being engulfed in fire as well. The flames dissipated and she was now in sexy lingerie identical in every way to her own, except it was in black.

“Now here’s the plan…”

Shayano whispered into Tara’s ear. She smiled at the idea and called her a genius. Over at the front door, Jane continued on about how Kael was the one for her. That he was the best lover she ever had both romantically and sexually. Although Kael did not show any signs of giving into her pleas, she did notice he was not refusing her.

“Kael, come back to bed, we miss you already.”

Jane looked over Kael’s shoulder to see their neighbor, Tara, in white lingerie that was more risqué than the typical ones. Her jaw dropped and it was priceless. It got even better the moment Shayano joined in.

“Oh honey, what’s taking you so long?”

Jane saw that same woman from earlier with that satanic looking guitar. She was wearing risqué black lingerie. Jane’s face said it all. There was no way she could compete with them. They both had wonderful bodies that made her feel very average if not slightly below. Younger faces, bigger breasts, curvier hips. Kael, caught off guard from this, stayed quiet. Tara grabbed him and kissed his lips quickly. She cooed,

“Always the best.”

Shayano grabbed his head. It was her turn now.

“I can’t live without your kisses.”

There was nothing but ‘defeat’ written all over Jane’s face. Both girls stayed in character while smiling inside their heads. Kael did not notice how red he was at that moment. He had to admit, he liked that Jane saw this. It was revenge for when she made him feel mistreated, underappreciated, and just plain unwanted. Getting desperate, Jane got to her knees and begged,

“Please Kael! Please, I want you back! Please give me another chance!”

The sad puppy dog expression put a heavy weight on his heart. However, his two new girlfriends rubbed his arms. He looked to them giving him the same pleading look. Time had already passed and it was easy to see which choice was worth choosing. He was no longer the wimp Jane could easily manipulate. The strong feelings he once had for Jane were barely there. It was just dead residue close to being completely gone.

“Jane, what we had together was special.” She smiled at that statement. “However, you hurt me real bad and betrayed my trust numerous times. I’m sorry, but I can’t be with you.”

Jane tilted her head downward in shock. Kael was actually rejecting her. She got up while still looking to the ground. She did not look to Shayano or Tara, not wanting to give them the satisfaction. She stood in front of Kael for a while in hopes that it would change his mind somehow. Shayano walked up to her and put her hands on her face. She snapped,

“Ah, what the fuck?!”

Shayano saw everything immediately. Her boyfriend George, the cheating, the lying, the mistreatment…everything. She saw George going broke. He made an unwise investment and lost most of his money. Jane was trying to use Kael as support to lean back on. It would only be a matter of time before she hurts him again. Just as she and Tara thought, it was all an appalling attempt to use and abuse Kael once more. She was going to throw him away like a gum wrap once she found another ‘George.’

“Get off me bitch!”

Jane pushed Shayano away. Shayano quickly waved her hand and said,

“You will forget that I touched your face.”

“I will forget that you touched my face.”

After Jane said this, her hypnotized expression returned back to the sad one she had prior to Shayano touching her. Tara was amazed. Kael stayed quiet figuring it was wise to do so. Jane went out the door and Shayano followed. She peaked her head out the door while keeping her body inside. This was to insure Kael and Tara would not see what she was doing. As Jane walked away Shayano cheekily said,

“Have a goodnight.”

Jane turned around and gave her a bitter look. Before she could say anything Shayano waved her hand and whispered a command…

Chapter XI: Loving Each Other

Shayano closed the door and Tara’s mouth was open in amazement.

“What was that?!”

“That was the mind control power I told you about yesterday.”

“That was…awesome!”

Shayano smiled at Tara’s comment. She looked to Kael and changed to a neutral expression saying,

“Oh Kael, our poor baby’s so soft.” Tara and Kael himself looked down to his groin to see he was nowhere near erect. She grabbed Tara and said, “I know how to fix that.”

The three walked to the bedroom. As Kael and Tara entered the room Shayano looked over her shoulder to see Jane entering the house in a trance. She locked the front door and headed for the kitchen quietly. The big smile on Shayano’s face made it obvious she had punishment planned for her. Fortunately, her lover and best friend did not notice Jane. She made her way into the bedroom to find Tara sitting next to Kael on his bed. She sat on Tara’s other side and asked her best friend,

“So? You still curious about how it’s like to kiss another woman?”

Tara turned red again. It did not help she was wearing sexy lingerie. She was going to die of embarrassment. Shayano gently held her head and moved in for a kiss. She stopped before their lips touched and said,

“For Kael, for me…for you.”

Tara took a deep breath and could feel Kael take hold of her hand. He could feel how sweaty her palm was.

“You don’t have to do anything Tara.”

“I’m ready for a kiss, but I’m not gonna move any further. It’s all on you now. You complete it.” Shayano added.

Tara squeezed Kael’s hand and closed her eyes. She moved forward and felt Shayano’s lips touch her own. Her very first kiss with another woman. The feeling on her lips had a much gentler feel to it. It was not the same kiss she had with Kael. This was a lot more mild and frail in some sense. Her pussy moistened. She liked it. Her best friend caressed her face tenderly as she kissed back. Kael could feel his jeans getting tighter. His two lovers kissing each other was a magnificent sight to behold. He whipped out his cock and began to stroke it slowly.

Shayano rubbed Tara’s arm sensually with her left hand and used her right to squeeze her breasts. She gently, but firmly, pushed her back so she could lie on the bed. When the two finally broke their kiss Shayano turned to Kael and signaled for him to lie next to Tara. He did as he was told. Now it was Kael’s turn to kiss Tara. Their lips touched and she moved her hand to his face to caress it. While they did this Shayano kissed Tara’s neck. Kael and Tara had their eyes closed so Shayano decided now would be a good time to make Tara’s lingerie disappear into fire so it was easier to pleasure her. She made her way down to her chest next.

Small kisses being planted on each breast soon turned to wet licks on each nipple. Tara start to breath heavier the moment Kael took her right nipple and Shayano took her left. After a few licks and sucking, Kael released Tara’s nipple to move back up for a kiss. The two made out while Shayano still remained on Tara’s breasts. The two broke their kiss to watch as Shayano moved her lips down from Tara’s chest to her gut. She planted very small, but sensual kisses around her belly button. The heat from Shayano’s breath on her gut and Kael’s breath on her neck was driving her crazy. Now Shayano’s lips moved further down. Tara was about to experience lesbian cunnilingus for the first time. She was so nervous she did not notice how close she was to hyperventilating. Kael quickly held her in his arms so they could watch together as Shayano feasted on her tender pussy.

Shayano inhaled Tara’s delicious scent. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick. Tara gasped immediately. She felt embarrassed knowing Kael was watching her enjoy such a taboo action. Never in her life would she have guessed she would be getting head from another girl, her best friend of all people. Shayano’s tongue was like nothing she ever experienced before. It was almost like a vibrator, but better. Shayano used her devilish skill to move her tongue at a speed humans were not capable of. This made Tara want to cum soon. Kael kissed her neck and panted hot air on her ear whispering,

“Tara, so naughty. Having another girl lick your pussy? Cum for me you dirty girl.”

Tara grabbed Kael’s closest hand and released. Those words and the stimulation from Shayano’s tongue were too much. The combination of Kael’s warm body holding her and the wonderful feeling of her orgasm was indescribable. After a few seconds, Tara’s orgasm was over and slowly moving down from its peak. Kael kissed her and said,

“You did great.”

“You taste great.” Shayano added.


Shayano’s compliment made Tara feel a little embarrassed. As the room became quiet, she decided to reach for Kael’s cock. She needed to feel a little more ‘straight’ after getting licked to orgasm by Shayano. While kissing him, she stroked his cock. However, Shayano went back to licking her pussy. Tara decided to just go with it. Any fears about being gay went out the window. She decided to use her other hand to pet Shayano’s hair.

“Kael, put your cock in my mouth.”

Kael got up to kneel on the bed. Tara opened up and took in as much as she could. He watched her beautiful lips wrap around him. The initial sensation of warmth and wetness was heaven for him. To add to his pleasure, Tara used her tongue to massage the tip while he was inside. He enjoyed the sight of her beautiful hazel eyes looking back at him. She looked up to him lovingly, making sure she kept eye contact the whole time. Tara was enjoying how naughty it was having her mouth stuffed while getting her pussy licked. After some time of getting comfortable with Kael’s invading cock, she took more of it inside. There were some tears as it made its way down her throat. At the same time, Shayano added two fingers. They went in and out of Tara’s pussy at an inhuman rate. Only a machine could fuck her pussy that fast. It was too much for Tara and her second orgasm was quickly approaching. She put both her hands on Kael’s lower back and clung to him. As her climax started she forced Kael’s body forward, causing his cock to go deeper down her throat. This caught Kael off guard and he warned her,

“Tara, slow down, I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that.”

Tara continued to force Kael’s cock inside and he could not hold on any longer. He began to ejaculate. His cock was so deep inside her throat she did not have to try swallowing. Once he finished he pulled out. Shayano stopped fingering Tara and knelt up with Kael. They both saw the look of complete bliss on Tara’s face. This was the perfect way to end the night, except there was one problem.

“It’s not over yet Tara. Don’t go sleeping on us now.”


Shayano smiled at Kael, getting an idea. She lifted Tara’s legs, scaring her briefly. Kael grabbed her legs to keep them in the air. Shayano used her fingers to spread Tara’s butt cheeks. Her asshole was now exposed to her. Tara was feeling very nervous about what was going to happen next. Shayano stuck out her tongue and began to lick at Tara’s sensitive pink-brown hole. It immediately clenched at the moment of contact.

“Sh-Shay! What are you doing?! That’s my asshole your licking!”

“I know.”

“No, please, it’s dirty. Don’t lick it.”

Tara tried to stop Shayano, but Kael held her firmly so she could do nothing. He closed her legs so he could use one arm to hold them. His free hand moved to her groin. In hopes of calming her down, he reached in between her legs to find her clitoris. Tara gasped the moment Kael’s fingers found her little nub. She would fantasize about Kael licking her asshole from time to time, but it turned out to be her best friend who would be the first to rim her. She was embarrassed by the fact that she was not fresh out of the shower. The mixture of Shayano’s tongue on her back door and the clitoral stimulation from Kael soon made her give into lust.

Kael’s cock was already fully erect again. Watching one of his girls rimming the other was getting him hot. There was nothing he desired more than to replace Shayano’s tongue with his own. As if she read his mind, she pulled her tongue out and asked him if he wanted to have a go. He immediately answered with a “Yes!” Putting Tara’s legs down, Kael switched places with Shayano. She lifted Tara’s legs and he spread her butt cheeks. Her enticing asshole looked very cute. Now Tara was feeling more embarrassed. It was worse now that it was the man she loved looking at her most intimate place. He was about to stick his tongue where no one has ever been before, with the exception of Shayano just a few seconds ago. He took in her natural feminine scent. It was a mixture of pussy, ass, and a hint of sweat.

“Oh Kael, please, don’t sniff.”

“I love your smell Tara. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, it turns me on.”

Although she was still embarrassed by her situation, Tara found Kael’s words to be flattering and arousing. Before she could speak again Shayano moved in for a kiss. She shoved her tongue down her throat, giving her the taste of her ass. As Shayano tongued her mouth, Kael began to tongue her ass. Shayano used one arm to hold Tara’s legs up while using her other hand to rub at her clitoris with superhuman speed. The moment Tara felt Shayano withdraw her tongue from her mouth, she exclaimed,

“Oh yes! Yes! Kael, lick my dirty asshole!”

Tara’s moans were cut short when Shayano shoved her tongue back in her mouth. At the same time, Kael forced his tongue in, entering Tara’s asshole. This took her by surprise. She did not expect him to actually insert his tongue, just lick around the rim. She tried to beg Kael to stop, but Shayano made it impossible to verbally protest due to her invading tongue. The wiggling of Kael’s tongue inside her ass made her feel very dirty. She enjoyed the feeling of how much he was trying to force his way in. Being robbed of her freedom to object was adding to her turn on. The double teaming from the tongues got harder to resist by every second.

‘Fuck it, I’m gonna cum.’

Tara wrapped her arms around Shayano and released what tension was left, which made her asshole relax. Once this happened, she felt Kael’s tongue make its way even deeper inside. That was all she needed. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling ofKael’s tongue while keeping in mind how dirty it was. Shayano rubbed at Tara’s clitoris the fastest she could while she climaxed. Tara let out a soft sigh once her orgasm declined from its peak. The moment her orgasm subsided Shayano removed her fingers. Both girls opened their eyes and looked into each other’s eyes with much affection. It was their bond of friendship with a hint of something a bit more. Kael pulled his tongue out of Tara’s ass the moment he saw the two cease their make out session. Shayano put Tara’s legs down.

“That was incredible.” Tara sighed.

“I hope your first girl on girl experience was okay.”

“You kidding me?! I think I wanna have threesomes every day from now on!”

Shayano smiled, happy of Tara’s approval. Her efforts were not in vain. However, what she did not realize was the monster she created. Everything was peaceful until Tara forced Shayano onto her back. She shoved her tongue in her mouth and said,

“I want more.”

Although Shayano was not expecting this, she could not help but give her best friend what she wanted. She put her fingers to her pussy and used them to spread her lips. Kael could see just how soaked Shayano was. Tara quickly climbed on top into a sixty-nine position. She immediately began to lick Shayano’s swollen clitoris. While she did this, Shayano gave Tara’s clitoris the same treatment. Kael joined in right away. He spread Shayano’s butt cheeks to be greeted by her tight little asshole.

“Alright Shay, now it’s your turn.”

“Oh yes please! Both of you lick my filthy holes!”

Kael began to lick at Shayano’s pink asshole while Tara worked her clitoris. Both took in her aroused scent while enjoying her taste. The secretions from Shayano’s excitement had leaked down to her asshole which added to the delicious flavor in Kael’s mouth. Shayano licked at Tara’s clitoris while rubbing her fingers at the entrance of her pussy. She shoved two fingers in and moved them at a fast rate. Tara moaned loud, but quickly recomposed herself so she could continue to focus on Shayano’s pleasure. She made her cum three times and she would be damned if she could not make her best friend cum even once. After a few minutes of licking, Shayano yelled,

“Oh Kael, I need you inside me!”

Kael needed no further encouragement. He quickly aimed his cock at Shayano’s pussy. Tara moved away to not get in the way, causing her to go into a facesitting position on Shayano. Tara watched him enter her with excitement. The moment he was in, she moved in for a kiss. He made out with her as he fucked Shayano’s pussy. On the bottom, Shayano continued to lick Tara. Tara could feel Shayano getting a little rougher on her pussy, so she grabbed onto Kael. They could feel just how sweaty they were. Both closed their eyes and enjoyed probing each other’s mouths. Tara had once fantasized about being in a threesome while in this position, but she never thought it would come true. As for Kael, he always fantasized about this. The three continued this until Kael said,

“I’m gonna cum soon.”

Both girls informed him they were close as well. Kael sped up with that fact fueling him. He fucked Shayano harder and faster while giving Tara’s mouth a deeper probe with his tongue. The three could all feel themselves getting closer by the second. Right before they all climaxed, Shayano wet her pointer and stuck it in Tara’s ass. She moaned loudly into Kael’s mouth and clung to him. While fingering Tara’s holes and eating her pussy, Shayano moved the tip of her tail to her own asshole. She shoved it in and moved it around. This not only added to her pleasure, but Kael’s as well. The wiggling of her tail inside her ass could be felt by the bottom of his head. It rubbed the sensitive spot and he began to shoot his cum inside her pussy. This set off Shayano and Tara soon followed. The three came together while still in a perfect triangle. Tara dug her nails into Kael’s shoulders as her pussy and asshole clenched on Shayano’s fingers. The three finished and Tara got off to lie next to Shayano. Kael got on top of Tara and entered her. They fucked with Shayano on the side watching them. She decided now was a good time to ‘visit’ Jane.

While the two fucked, Shayano quickly left the bedroom and made her way into the kitchen. She let Tara and Kael know she was going to get everyone something to drink. Throughout the whole time of the threesome, Jane was sitting on one of the stools, still in a hypnotic trance. This put a smile on Shayano’s face as she went into the fridge to find something for Jane to eat. She found a burrito inside and threw it to Jane’s face. It did not seem to faze her when she just got hit in the face with a burrito. Shayano commanded her,

“Well go ahead bitch, eat.” Jane followed her command. She picked the burrito and ate it. Shayano smiled deviously as she said, “I need to keep you alive and healthy for Tara and I to ‘pay you back’ for threatening what we have with Kael.”

Chapter XII: Battle of the Bands

A couple of days after their first threesome, the trio were on their way to do their very first performance on stage. They had put many hours into practice and were confident they would win. After parking the car, the three made their way in without a problem. Drinks were being served on the side with a giant crowd in the center of the area. It was easy to see this place was a dance floor. Just for tonight though, it would be used for the audience while they head banged and moshed. Getting a couple of drinks for his ladies, Kael walked over to the bar. There were four men in front of him who just got their drinks. He was up next. As the four turned around, they all looked to him in surprise. It was his former bandmates and their new guitarist. His ex-friend Terry, the band’s frontman, greeted him with an unfriendly tone.



“You’ve come to watch us rock out and win this?”

“No, I entered the competition. I have my new band here with me.”

“Oh, you never met our new guitarist. This is Kirk.”

Kirk greeted Kael politely, appearing to fear any confrontation. Kael greeted him politely back, giving him back the respect he gave. However, Terry still remained hostile in attitude. The rest were very neutral about the situation.

“So, you have a band? Where are they?”

As if listening from afar, Shayano and Tara walked up behind Kael to ask about their drinks. Kael’s former friends looked to his two ladies and wondered what relationship he had with them. He introduced his girls and Terry snickered,

“You’re jamming with chicks? Why am I not surprised?” Terry was obviously throwing a low blow of an insult to Kael’s sexual orientation. This made him angry. Before he could say anything, Terry turned away and said, “Come on guys, let’s go kill time with people who are actually worth our time.”

Kael could not see it, but his face was red with anger. He clenched his fists as he watched Terry walking away. Shayano looked to Kael with concern. She called to him,


“What a fucking dick.” Tara said bitterly.

Tara met Terry a couple of times. He never really struck her as the friendly type. Now that she saw just how much of an asshole he was, she was more determined to win this competition. Shayano hugged Kael in hopes of cooling him down. It helped a bit, but beating his former band would be the cure for his current condition.

The night went on with several bands going on stage first. Kael was last with Terry’s band before him. There was hardly any response from the crowd. A few bands would get some jumping around and a couple of people moshing, but nothing more. When Terry’s band was up, he greeted the crowd enthusiastically and was given a very positive response. Once everyone on his band was ready to rock they started heavy right off the bat. About halfway into their first song, people were moshing violently. There was a medium sized circle pit forming. The crowd was alive with Terry’s band performing. After a few songs, they finished with the crowd cheering louder than before. Terry’s band had just set the bar high.

It was now time for Kael and his girls to get up on stage. He was determined to win this no matter what. He greeted the crowd who gave him half the enthusiasm they gave Terry. Already, Terry was laughing at Kael from afar. Kael did not let this stop him. He plucked a couple of notes on his electric to make sure everything sounded in order. It was good. He started off playing ‘Eruption’ by Van Halen. Everyone cheered seconds after he started jamming it. After he finished the song he quickly switched to an original composition he made. It was in key with the Van Halen song, so its transition was smooth.

Although Kael and his girls did not have a singer, they were getting people to head bang, jump, and mosh. By the time his band reached their last song, people were moshing around worse than a hurricane on a weather report. By every minute, Terry’s anxiety increased. After Kael and his girls finished their last song, people screamed and cheered. They were going wild, more so than when Terry was up on stage. As he, Shayano, and Tara started to dismantle everything the crowd yelled for them not to stop. They shouted for an encore. The shouts were enough to make him do one more song. This time, they would do a classic: ‘Cowboys From Hell’ by Pantera. Starting off with the one guitar, everyone waited in anticipation. The moment the drums joined in everyone mosh with whatever strength they still had. The heavy jam being performed made everyone mosh rougher than they ever did this night. With no singer, they did the whole song instrumentally. This did not stop the crowd and even the judges from enjoying the music.

Everyone cheered again the moment the song was finished. It was now time for the judges to decide who won this battle. After some suspenseful moments, it was revealed Kael was the victor. It was a unanimous decision. Terry’s shocked expression was priceless. Kael enjoyed the look of defeat on his former friend and rival. The look of happiness on his face made Shayano and Tara happy. They hated to see him so upset. Everything was back in order again. After everything cleared down, he and his two ladies walked back out to where they parked their car. Having bigger things to do, they could not stay and chat with everyone. While walking to their car, they stopped to see Terry and his band. He still looked upset that he lost, but he congratulated Kael nonetheless. He reluctantly offered Kael a position back in the band. If this was before he met Shayano, then he would have jumped at the opportunity. However, now he knew he had something far better than to have a dictator for a frontman. With a smile, he responded to Terry’s offer,

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather spend my time with people who are worth my time.”

“Yeah, so fuck off!” Tara added.

Tara grabbed Kael by his face and kissed him in front of his former friends. Shayano came up from behind him to grab his face from the other side. She gave him a kiss just as passionate as Tara’s. Both girls clung to his arms while he walked to his car. Every single member of Terry’s band, including Terry himself, was stunned. Kael was no longer the wimp they once knew. Kirk said exactly what everyone was thinking.

“Dude…that guy’s the man.”

Driving back home, Kael noticed Tara smiling at him with lust in her eyes. She moved her hand to his thigh and rubbed sensually. He glanced down and then returned his eyes to the road.

“Tara? What are you doing?” He asked playfully.

“Oh nothing.”

Tara moved her hand to Kael’s groin and gave it a playful squeeze. He was starting to harden and she began to undo his pants. He did not object. He only kept his eyes on the road and stayed quiet. Shayano was in the back of the car getting horny from Tara’s frisky display. Once she successfully got his cock out, Tara went down and sucked on it. Kael took one hand off the steering wheel to pet Tara as she gave him a blowjob. She deepthroated, making him moan loud.



Kael swerved a bit too close to the opposite lane. He quickly went off the road onto the grass. He did not want to lose his focus while driving. Tara pulled her head up to see where they were. Kael had parked the car right off the road of the highway. Cars were passing by at fifty miles per hour or so. He told Shayano to move over and Tara to get in the back with him. He and Tara got out of the car and opened the back doors. They jumped in with Shayano in the middle. She quickly got up to switch places with Kael. He sat down and removed his pants and underwear. Shayano had her clothes burn off and Tara quickly stripped. Shayano assaulted his neck while Tara went for his cock again.

Shayano panted into Kael’s ear, giving it sensual heat. Tara pulled his cock out her mouth to lick his cheek. Shayano went down to blow him next. Tara gave him a kiss and he moved his kisses to her chest. Playing with her breasts, she let him take one nipple in his mouth. She moved the other up so she could take it in her mouth. Shayano played with Kael’s testicles while sucking his cock. Kael moved his free hand down to Tara’s pussy. He stuck a finger in to feel just how wet she was. She pulled it out to bring it to her mouth. She took his finger in to taste herself. Before swallowing it, she moved to his face and stuck her tongue in his mouth. They enjoyed the taste of her pussy together. After swapping spit and her pussy juice, Tara exclaimed,

“Kael baby, fuck me now!”

Initially, Tara imagined sex with Kael after a concert, but now it was going to be a threesome. She would have to share him with her best friend. Not that she would mind. She really did enjoy having Shayano to have a threesome. Shayano let her climb up first, knowing about her fantasy of sex after performing on stage. Kael now had Tara facing him, looking him in the eyes. He kissed her passionately while Shayano went for one of her nipples. He broke the kiss to warn Tara,

“You know, people might see us while passing by.”

“I want them to see.”

Kael smiled at Tara’s response, liking it. None of the three cared if people saw. In fact, it made it more thrilling. Tara rode Kael while holding onto his shoulders. Shayano kissed him while guiding his hand to her pussy. He fingered Shayano’s wet lips while fucking Tara’s. He noticed Shayano reaching for Tara’s breast so everyone was stimulating each other. It was a completely mutual threesome. After some riding Tara climaxed on Kael’s cock. She got off to give Shayano a turn. It was only fair. Before she got on Kael demanded,

“I want you to fucking taste this!”

Shayano smiled and went down on Kael. Tara touched herself while watching her best friend suck her cum off her lover’s cock. It was hot to watch her man be so dominant. While getting his cock sucked he put his hand at the back of Shayano’s head and forced her down. His cock made its way down her throat. She gagged and drooled all over the car seat, but none of them cared. The moment she pulled his cock out of her mouth drool came out and got on his abdomen.

“Oops, I’m sorry.”

Shayano put her face to Kael’s gut and licked up her drool, giving him a tickling sensation. She swallowed it proudly. Climbing on top and sinking down, it went in easily. She decided to imitate Tara and put her hands on his shoulders. Her clitoris was experiencing strong stimulation as she grinded his cock hard. Eventually, Tara got behind her and groped her breasts. Kael put on a wicked smiled and suggested,

“Why don’t you lick Shay’s tail? She likes that.”


Tara quickly grabbed Shayano’s tail and licked the tip like it was Kael’s cock. Shayano squealed and her eyes widened, not expecting it. Both Kael and Tara found this to be adorable. The stimulation of her tail enhanced her pleasure and she was approaching orgasm fast. Tara gave the tail a few more licks and then put the whole end in her mouth to suck on it. Shayano gasped and came on Kael’s cock. This was a new sensation. It was like getting her finger sucked inside a warm mouth for the first time. Her pussy contracted on Kael’s cock more violently due to the strong orgasm. He was only seconds away from cumming inside…


The three looked to the car window to see a cop. They were so caught up in the sex they did not even notice him parking and walking over. The three froze with the cop staring at them in disbelief. Everyone was unsure of what to do now and so was the cop. Eventually, Kael rolled down the window.

“Is, is there a problem officer?”

“I…uh…thought you were a drunk pulled over, but now I see what’s going on here…You know, I can arrest you for public indecency. So many teenagers do that, but instead of finding a teenage couple, I find a man with two girls.”

All three had a worried look on their faces. Tara and Shayano clung to Kael, trying to cover themselves up as best as they could. Kael and Tara were scared of being arrested. Shayano was ready to wipe the cop’s memory. The officer continued,

“You fucking pimp! You’re banging two girls instead of one! You know, just for that I’m gonna let you guys go. I’m gonna pretend I never saw this. Carry on, but do hurry. If it were any of my coworkers that found you they may not be as cool with this.”

“Thank you officer!” Kael exclaimed in appreciation.

“You’re the man. I won’t spoil your fun. Take care.”

The cop walked away and drove off. Shayano was close to waving her hand and telling the cop to forget everything, but it all worked out. Kael and Tara were still incredulous to the fact that a cop caught them and let them go. To get everyone back in the mood, Shayano squeezed Kael’s cock with her pussy, making him moan. Everyone quickly resumed with Shayano riding Kael and Tara sucking her tail. He came inside after a few minutes. Tara pulled Shayano’s tail out of her mouth to tell Kael,

“Okay, now it’s your turn.”

“Um…sorry Tara, I—”

“You came inside didn’t you?”

Tara frowned, disappointed to not get any of Kael’s seed. Shayano smiled, feeling the warm liquid inside her. She joked with her friend that she could always eat Kael’s cum out of her pussy. Tara gave an expression equivalent to a lightbulb appearing on top of her head. It was very dirty to think about eating a creampie out of her best friend, but that very notion sounded so kinky and appealing. Also, she was sure Kael would enjoy watching. She quickly said,

“Shay, I’m sorry.”

“Huh? Sorry for what—Ah!”

Tara pushed Shayano off Kael and went straight for her cum filled pussy. She spread her lips and could see the cum already spilling out. Her tongue moved in to lick away. Shayano moaned,

“Oh yes! Yes! Fucking eat that cum out of my pussy!”

Kael watched one of the hottest things he had ever seen. His cum was being scooped out of Shayano’s pussy with Tara’s tongue. The moment it went in her mouth she gladly swallowed it. His white filling was soon gone, greedily eaten up by Tara. He was so hypnotized by this hot display he did not notice his cock had become erect again. Both girls looked to him and rolled their eyes. They sighed in unison,

“Oh Kael.”

Chapter XIII: Jane’s Punishment

A week had passed since Kael, Tara, and Shayano had their victory over his old band. Their first album was a success that resulted in numerous phone calls. Offers were being given left and right. More importantly, the tension between them no longer existed. This helped to lower the excess stress in their lives. With the millions of dollars that came pouring in, the three decided getting a house of their own would be best. However, before moving out and hauling everything, Shayano decided today would be the perfect day to punish Jane.

For the whole week, Shayano had been feeding Jane in secret. She had this woman bathe and take care of other needs while everyone was out of the house. She also had her park her car somewhere else so it was hidden and Kael would not get suspicious. Now, Jane was inside Kael’s closet without him knowing. Shayano installed a one way mirror on his closet door so Jane could watch what they were doing to her ex-fiancé. She told Tara a couple of days prior to this. Her best friend was more than willing to help keep her secret safe. They knew Kael would most likely not approve. To be safe, they kept him unaware. As the three readied for a threesome, Jane continued to struggle free. It was no use. The bindings were well done. The two girls tied her to a chair with a G-spot stimulator inside her pussy. Her mouth was gagged, making it impossible for her to be heard as she cried out.

Shayano looked at her naked body in the mirror. She cupped her breasts, making Kael think she was checking out her body when in fact, she was humiliating Jane for her breast size. Tara joined in with both of them smiling at their reflection. Jane knew those smiles were for her and she struggled to free herself again. Kael soon stepped into the mirror with the two and said,

“I still don’t get why you installed a mirror. It would have been cheaper to do it after we find a place.” Kael could see both his girls still cupping their breasts. “You both really wanna watch us in the mirror huh?”

“It’ll be fun honey.”

Kael smiled at Shayano’s sense of kink. He hugged her from behind and began to kiss her neck. Tara embraced him from the side and gave his cheek a kiss. He quickly turned to kiss Tara’s lips. Shayano turned around to join in on their make out session. While she let her tongue touch Kael’s and Tara’s, she pointed her ass to the mirror for Jane to see how much better it was than hers. While struggling free, Jane noticed just how wet she was. She was in disbelief as she thought,

‘No! I can’t be getting off to this!’

Jane watched the two prettier seductresses take her ex-fiancé before her. His sexy body that she never truly appreciated was getting the worship it deserved, the worship she never gave it. Both girls told him to watch the mirror as they got to their knees. It was Tara who took his cock in her mouth first. Shayano sucked his testicles. As Tara deepthroated, Shayano used her tongue to gently massage his testicles. Jane looked at Kael’s face to see him enjoying his blowjob. He looked into the mirror in such a way that his eyes were meeting hers. That sent chills through her body. Her pussy was getting hotter, wetting the chair beneath her.

Jane closed her eyes and whined. She was humiliated by the fact that she was actually getting turned on from this. Her body was craving Kael’s touch, but she was not going to get it. Instead, it was going to be the two bitches before her that would have him. Her body needed sex. It had been a whole week since she last had any sexual stimulation. She closed her eyes in shame and did her best to ignore how wet her pussy was.

“Honey, I’d say it’s time you fuck Tara differently tonight.”


“Hey Tara, do me a favor and make out with Kael for me.”

“Uh, okay. No problem.”

Tara turned around to kiss Kael. Shayano put on an evil grin now that Tara turned her back to her. Without warning, she knelt behind Tara and grabbed her butt cheeks. She spread them as wide as she could and began to lick her asshole. Tara tried to speak, but Kael held her tightly with his tongue still in her mouth. She quickly gave up and continued to get tongued on both ends. At this time, Jane watched in horror. A woman rimming another woman? Rimming was dirty, it was a disgusting act…and yet her pussy still leaked. While sticking her tongue in Tara’s asshole, Shayano reached around to play with Tara’s clitoris.

Watching this hot scene made Jane want to join in. She was so driven by primal animalistic lust that it overcame any feelings of anger and jealousy. She could no longer look away. She saw Shayano shove a finger in Tara’s ass. Kael lifted her up and held her by her cheeks. This made it easy for Shayano to work her finger in and out. He penetrated Tara’s front, making her cry out. Jane wanted nothing more than what Tara had inside. Images of herself riding Kael like that were flashing in her head. Kael broke his kiss with Tara and said,

“Let’s take this to the bed.”

Tara nodded and Shayano ended the make out session with her asshole. Kael and Tara walked over to the bed while Shayano turned to the mirror. She gave Jane an evil grin and waved her hand. Jane could not tell what the woman in front of her was mumbling, but she knew it could only mean something bad for her. Unexpectedly, she started moving her hips. Her body was acting on its own. She shook her head as if the smiling woman in front of the mirror would stop for her pleas. Shayano walked away from the mirror and joined the two on the bed. Jane tried desperately to fight her body’s movement, but it was no use. It ground the chair slowly as she watched her ex-lover take these younger prettier women on the bed.

“Kael, do you miss Jane?” Tara asked curiously.

“No, what we had is over. I have you two now and you both make me happy.”

“Do we please you better than her?” Shayano asked.

“A billion times better than her.”

“How so?”

“Why are you bringing her up?”

“We’re just curious.”

Jane’s humiliation was increasing by the second. The man she once thought she had in her grasp was moving on with women that were really pretty, as much as she hated to admit it. Their bodies were more fit and youthful, especially that devil with the black hair. She watched as Tara climbed on top of Kael and began to grind his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. Jane wanted to stop grinding the chair, but again was unable to. After several minutes of failed attempts to stop her body, she gave in and let her body do the talking. Her G-spot was stimulated while she got a free show in front of her. As she did so, both girls kept asking Kael about how they were better than her. As Tara rode his cock he answered,

“Well, you give better head than her. She couldn’t deepthroat to save her life.” Tara clenched her vaginal muscles. “Ah, yeah and your pussies are a lot tighter too. They feel really good.”

Shayano pressed her breasts against Kael’s face and he answered,

“And I love your boobs. They’re way bigger. I love playing with them. They’re better to play with.”

“Her boobs are too small huh?”


Kael did not want to sound mean, but it was not like Jane was going to hear any of this. Little did he know, she was shamefully getting herself off to his words in the closet. Jane wanted to kick herself so bad for actually approaching an orgasm. She was so disgusted by the fact that her pussy craved stimulation during a time of hearing such humiliating words. After continued pestering, Kael started get more harsh with his words.

“Yeah and her pussy doesn’t smell as good as you two! She never lets me have her ass, which really isn’t that great compared to yours. You two will always satisfy me better than she ever could.”

With those last words, Tara came on top of Kael while Jane did so quietly in the closet. Tara got off so Shayano could have a turn. She requested that they have sex in front of the mirror. Tara was mad at herself for getting so lost in the heat of passion that she forgot about humiliating Jane with a good view, the whole point of why Shayano got the mirror installed. Shayano faced the mirror while bending over to point her ass at Kael. She grabbed both butt cheeks and spread them wide. Her asshole was exposed to the two, making it very enticing.

“Why don’t you stick it in here honey? Something pathetic little Jane could never do for you.”

Jane watched Kael and Tara walk towards the woman who was stealing him away. Before he got behind her she waved her hand to the mirror as discretely as possible. Again, Jane’s body acted on its own. She started grinding the chair even faster. She tried to beg for Shayano to stop, but her screams were muffled by her gag. Her insides were already extremely sensitive. It was too much stimulation; she squirmed from how intense the stimulation was. No matter how much she tried to break free of her bindings she failed to do so. There was no other choice than to endure. Tara took Kael’s cock in her mouth to lube it good. Once she felt enough was applied, she turned to Shayano’s ass and spat on it. It was a direct hit to her asshole. Shayano looked at Kael through the mirror with a lustful grin. The suspense was adding to Jane’s sexual thrill.

Kael looked at Shayano’s wet asshole. He wanted her ass. He began to press at it without any thoughts of preparation. Shayano did not care either. She could not wait for any anal stretching. She needed his cock to fill her rectum and she needed it now. Kael and Tara watched the tip of his cock being given initial resistance. With a small addition of force, the tip went in. Shayano moaned at the feeling of her asshole opening up. She was finally taking the man she loved in her tightest hole.

“Oh Kael, your cock’s so big and hard!”

Shayano said this in order to rub it in Jane’s face. Jane was jealous, yes, but she was also getting horny from it. The words ‘big’ and ‘hard’ were turning her on. She remembered those many nights she would take Kael’s cock in her pussy. It was true that that monster was big and hard. She wished that this G-spot stimulator in her pussy would be pulled out already. Jane knew she needed the real thing. The thing in front of her that these girls were getting. Shayano continued,

“Oh yes! Your cock makes me feel so good! It’s stuffing so much!”

Jane whined at those words. She wanted Kael’s cock. She would do anything to undo what she did to him. It was true that she took the guy for granted, both him and his cock. Again, she desperately tried to break free from her bindings. It no longer mattered that his cock was inside two other women just now. She needed to have it inside, even if she had to beg.

“Tell me I’m better than Jane!”

Shayano clenched her asshole on Kael’s cock.

“You’re better! You’re better!”

Tara grabbed Kael’s head and forced her tongue into his mouth. She asked,

“Me too?”

“You’re both better than her! Much better!”

Jane was reaching her next climax as she heard Shayano beg for Kael’s cum. As he neared ejaculation Shayano put her hands on the closet door. Jane knew Shayano was showing off her big bouncing breasts. This bitch was adding insult. She had the perfect size and shape and was having Kael’s cock.

“Oh Kael! It’s filling me up! I can feel your warm cum in my ass!”

Jane closed her eyes and let her body do the rest. There was nothing she could do but shamefully cum from the display before her. The moment Kael popped his cock out cum leaked out. Shayano clenched her asshole to not allow any further leakage. She turned around to kiss Kael, showing gratitude for giving her his seed. Tara joined in so they all had each other’s tongues touching. Both girls moved Kael to the bed so he could lie on his back. They both cuddled up with him until he was fast asleep. The moment Kael lost consciousness Shayano waved her hand to him saying,

“Sleep honey. Don’t let any noise we make wake you.”

Shayano got off the bed. Tara quickly followed her best friend. The two girls walked towards the closet. They just remembered they still had Jane in there. Shayano turned around and gave Tara a smile. They opened the door to find Jane still grinding the chair. Her eyes were rolled to the back of her head.

“Oops, I forgot to make her stop.”

Once Shayano waved her hand Jane finally stopped. The chair was soaked in her sweat and pussy juice. Her gag was soaked in her saliva. Tara removed her gag to see what she had to say. She snapped at them weakly,

“You fucking bitches are crazy! Let me go!”

“I’ll let you go, on one condition.” Shayano replied. Tara was intrigued by what that condition was. “It’ll be a win-win for everyone. I know you came multiple times while watching us. I know you want Kael’s cum so bad.”

“N-No! I don’t!”

“Sure, says the whore with the soaked pussy. I’ll let you go if you eat his cum out of my ass.”

The two smiled from Jane’s shocked expression. Tara loved the idea; it was brilliant. She only wish it was her who feed this bitch cum from her ass. Jane refused naturally, but Shayano waved her hand. The moment this happed, Jane’s body started grinding the chair again. The stimulation was too much.

“No please! I’ll do it!”

Shayano waved her hand again to make Jane’s body stop. Turning around, Shayano pointed her ass to Jane’s face. Tara watched with excitement. The look on Jane’s face was such a treat. To see the woman she despised the most cringe while in a helpless position was one of the greatest things to ever see. Shayano spread her butt cheeks and moved her ass closer. Jane shut her eyes and looked away. Tara went behind her and held her head in place.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue bitch!”

“Uh uh!”

“Shay, she’s not opening her mouth.”

Shayano was feeling drained from constantly waving her hand to control Jane. Instead, she snapped her fingers to have fire appear in her hand. Tara felt Jane’s resistance cease. She was most likely dumbfounded by the magical appearance of fire. The flames soon dissipated and a ring gag appeared.

“Here, put this on her.”

Tara took the gag with one hand while using her other one to force Jane’s mouth open. Despite her efforts to move away, Tara was able to put it on. Her mouth was now forced open. Tara forced her face into Shayano’s ass. She began to push Kael’s cum out. Jane continued to resist, but her neck could not fight Tara’s arms. Soon, she could taste the salty fluid mixed with the taste of Shayano’s ass. Shayano moved her ass away the moment she felt empty.

“She’s spitting it out!”

Shayano snapped her fingers to make the gag disperse into flames. The moment it did both girls forced Jane’s mouth shut. She was told to swallow or forever be locked in the closet. Being given no other choice, she let the salty fluid travel down her throat. Shayano saw the first few drops Jane spat out. She quickly scooped it with her fingers and applied it on Tara’s asshole.

“Uh, Shay what are you doing?”

“Hey bitch, you still need to lick up what you spat out.”

Tara understood right away. She got in front of Jane and pointed her ass in her direction. Bending over, she spread her butt cheeks to allow Jane to finish the job. Jane closed her eyes and shook her head. Shayano got behind her and rubbed at her clitoris. She used her devil speed to stimulate it at the speed of a vibrator. Jane screamed,

“Okay! I’ll do it!”

Tara smiled immediately when she felt Jane’s tongue on her asshole. It turned her on to have so much power over the woman she hated. Shayano still continued to rub at Jane’s pussy while she cleaned Tara’s asshole. When she finished licking up the cum, Shayano did not stop rubbing her clitoris. She begged for her to stop only to be answered,

“I’m not stopping until Tara says so.”

Tara liked this. She decided to abuse her new power. Jane begged, “Tara…please, please let me go.” Tara commanded for Jane to continue giving her a rimjob. She whined, but resumed. Enjoying her new found dominance over Jane, Tara humiliated her saying,

“You like eating girl ass don’t you? You sick bitch, tell me how good I taste! Tell me how much better I am—we are than you!”

Jane found that request to be too humiliating. She remained quiet while still rimming Tara. Unfortunately, this was not a request. Shayano rubbed even faster and Jane begged for her to take it easy. She hated to admit it, but her body was somehow reaching orgasm again. Tara made the same demand again. Jane submitted, saying,

“You’re better than me…” Shayano moved her tail to Jane’s asshole. “No! Please! You two are way better than me!”

Shayano pushed Jane’s face back into Tara’s ass and commanded her to resume the rimjob. She obediently licked, scared of having her asshole penetrated.

“Yeah! You dirty cunt! You fucking love eating the asses of the women who fuck Kael! The women who please him better than you!”

Jane felt Tara and Shayano’s hands hold her head in place. Her pussy could endure no more. Right before she came, Shayano forced her tail into Jane’s virgin asshole. Her screams were muffled between Tara’s butt cheeks. She could not believe it. Her body was having an orgasm while her ass was being violated and her mouth was being forced to eat another woman’s ass. Not too long after Jane’s climax, Tara granted her her freedom. After being freed she threatened,

“You fucking crazy bitches, I’ll sue all three of you for this!”

Shayano waved her hand saying,

“You will never bother us again.”

“I will never bother you again.” Jane repeated.

“You will always remember this night.”

“I will always remember this night.”

Tara undid Jane’s bindings once Shayano gave her the okay to do so. Jane did not do anything, still being under Shayano’s control. Shayano gave Jane one final command.

“Now get the fuck out of our house!”

Jane walked out of the room and was soon out the door. She walked outside in the direction where her car was. This would be the last of Jane. Although both thought it would be fun to continuously cuck her, it would be less of a hassle to not keep her around. If they did keep her with them, they would always have to make sure she was not seen by Kael. Shayano and Tara both got back into bed with Kael and joined him in sleep.

The morning after, Kael woke up with Shayano to his left and Tara to his right. They both had peaceful looks on their faces. He looked to his ceiling as he smiled. He had everything. The first album of his band was selling well, he had two girls who loved him, and he was truly over the betrayal by Jane and his former band. This new situation was better than the one he had previously. Life was good. As he thought about all this he did not notice his two ladies waking up. They moved their faces to his and simultaneously gave each cheek a kiss. Both greeted him in unison,

“Good morning.”

Kael moved his face to Tara’s to give her a morning kiss. Immediately after ending their kiss, he moved to Shayano to give her the same treatment. After kissing both his girls he asked,

“Can you two…”

Shayano rolled her eyes and faced Tara. She grabbed her best friend and moved in to kiss her lips. Tara happily accepted Shayano’s kiss. It still made her blush though. Kael found Tara’s embarrassment to be very cute. He used his arms to hold both his girls for a few minutes. After lying together in bed, they checked the time.

“Wow! It’s already passed 11:30!” Kael exclaimed.

With a strenuously long night of sex, it was not surprising they woke up pretty late in the day. They all got up and searched online for a place to buy with the money their first album earned them. After some searching, they eventually stumbled upon one that was perfect. It was a three story mansion with plenty of different rooms. After touring the house they all decided it was perfect. There was no need for Shayano to use her magic. They all could now afford it. Kael and Tara loved everything about this place. Shayano not only wanted it, but needed it as well. She sensed the presence of other devils again. Moving would help her evade the other devils.

The next couple of days, everything was hauled out from Kael and Tara’s place. They let their landlord know they were moving out. Any charges for early termination of their leases were easily paid. The mansion was a bit empty, but the three knew that would soon change after getting some furniture now that they had money. However, now was not the time to go shopping for furniture. It was tiresome to move everything and unpack. The three decided to go out for lunch. Kael drove to a nearby plaza. It would be a good opportunity to get to know the area.

Kael parked the car and everyone got out. Before leaving the parking lot an unexpected shot of lightning hit the ground just five feet in front of the trio. It soon formed a sphere which appeared to have electric currents traveling around it. A body was forming within it. After a few seconds, the electric sphere dissipated and the figure could now be clearly seen. It was a blonde woman in a crouching position. She had wings, but they were different from Shayano’s. They had beautiful white feathers and were bird like in appearance. The blonde before them was an angel.

Chapter XIV: Mary

The angel stood up to reveal she was a bit on the petite side. She was barely over five feet. Her height appeared to be around 5ft 2”. She had blue eyes that went well with her blonde hair. As she spoke her voice rang beautifully, giving out a cute high pitched tone.

“Hello, my name is Mary and I’ve come to stop you and your evil plot.”

Kael, Shayano, and Tara looked at each other in confusion. Was this cute girl really referring to them? They were not plotting something evil. Shayano walked up to the angel and what firmness she presented initially all went away. She was immediately intimidated, frozen in place as Shayano approached. The ominous smile on Shayano’s face made her gulp in fear. Her smile soon turned to one of adoration. She patted her head as she said,

“Aww, you are just so cute!”

“What?! Don’t think flattering me will change my mind devil!”

“What’s your name little girl?”

“Little girl?!”

It was Mary’s first day on the job and the primary target of her mission was calling her ‘little.’ How humiliating. She magically pulled out a sword from thin air. It majestically shined a magnificent aura. She got into her fighting stance. Readying to strike Shayano, she apologized,

“I’m sorry devil, but I must slay you here before this gets out of hand.”

Mary swung her sword with all her might. Shayano was not tense in the slightest. She used her left hand to hold Mary by her head while sucking in her gut and leaning backward. Mary’s swing missed. She tried to moved forward and swing again, but Shayano’s hand held her body in place. No matter how fast she swung her sword she could not get a single hit on her target. She panted and ceased attacking for a moment. Her body was fatigued from the failed attempts to slay the enemy before her. Shayano pushed the angel back and turned to ask her friends,

“So guys, what’d you want for lunch?”

Kael and Tara stared at Shayano in uncertainty. They asked if they should be worried about the angel in front of them. Shayano laughed and ask, “If she’s an angel then where’s her halo?” The two realized the little blonde did not have a halo. Shayano then added, “If she really was an angel then how is it that she lost to me so easily? She’s not a threat. She’s already panting heavily.” The three walked away, but Kael and Tara kept their eye on the mysterious blonde. She was still panting. Kael felt it was peculiar how she reminded him of his sister, Jessica. She was blonde and small like her. He shrugged it off when he noticed Shayano and Tara walking away without him. When he caught up he heard Tara ask,


“That sounds good right now.” Kael commented.

“Sue-she? What’s that?”

“Oh you’ll just love it, there’s a Japanese restaurant close by. Let’s go there.”

As they walked away Mary cried out,

“Hey! Wait, come back here!”

It was no use. This devil was very powerful. Perhaps a head on assault was not the best option. Maybe she could persuade the human followers to stray away from her. Mary followed the three while keeping her distance as to not be detected. She eventually followed them to a restaurant with many different fish dishes. She stared in amazement at the display and completely lost her focus on the mission. A woman approached her and asked,

“Hi, for how many?”

“I want all of them!”

“Uh, no how many in your party?”

“I’m having a party?”

“Uh…no ma’am. Are you eating alone?”


Mary followed the woman to a table. The environment was very unique to her. She had never seen a setting so foreign yet elegant. The waiter came by to ask her what she wanted. She pointed to everything. He asked if she was sure and she cheerfully replied, “Yes!” Luckily for the restaurant, they did not have a large variety of dishes. The waiter took the menu and walked away with an astounded expression. Mary looked over across the room to see her target and two followers. She then remembered what she was doing here in the first place. They appeared harmless, but she knew better. Her training had taught her many lessons. She spent several minutes keeping an eye on the three. This was her very first mission with no comfort to fall back on should she fail. She was now focused on her mission again.

“Oh wow!”

The waiter returned with some of the different dishes Mary ordered. Her table was filled with plates.

“Enjoy ma’am. We’ll bring out the rest when you finish.”

And just like that, Mary lost focus of her mission again. Across the room Kael, Shayano, and Tara looked over in amazement. For a small girl she could eat a lot. Plate after plate this ‘angel’ ate like there was no tomorrow. Some people within her proximity were feeling sick just watching her gobble everything down. Shayano found her sense of stealth to be pathetic. She knew this woman was following them. In her opinion, even a child could be more discrete than her. The three finished up around the same time Mary did. They got their bill and paid. Kael looked over to see the angel getting scolded by the waiter. As they walked towards the exit they could not help but overhear what was happening.

“So you mean to tell me that you ate here not expecting to pay single cent?!”

“Sir, please calm down. I did nothing wrong.”

Kael could see Mary did not understand what the waiter was talking about. He wanted payment and she had nothing to give. He raised his voice and tears were beginning to form on the angel’s face. This scenario reminded him of his sister when they were children. Jessica broke a vase when she was very young and their father began to yell at her. She did not understand why she was in trouble, but she began to cry. Mary’s watery eyes and this memory strengthened her resemblance to Jessica. Kael felt this sudden impulse to step in and pay for the angel. He could not stand by and watch the little blonde cry.

“You ate all that food and aren’t paying? You little bi—”

“Excuse me sir. How much is the lady’s bill?”

“You wanna pay?! It’s two hundred fifty four dollars and nineteen cents.”

Kael took the bill to pay for it. The cashier took his card and swiped it. She let him know the card did not go through. He asked her to try again, but got no results. Odd. Well, if he could not pay with card then maybe he could do something else. He turned to Shay and asked,

“…hey Shay? Can you?”

Shayano crossed her arms and pouted,

“You want me to help her? Why should I?”

Shayano could see the desperate look in Kael’s eyes. He wanted to help this girl. She did not understand why he wanted her to help this little bitch. Tara was unsure of how to react. To get a better understanding of why Kael was being this way, Shayano put her hands on his face. She immediately saw who it was Kael thought Mary had a strong resemblance to. Knowing Jessica was a touchy topic, she sighed and agreed. Luckily for them, it was away from everyone else’s eyes. The cashier smiled as she restated the bill. Shayano waved her hand and said,

“We already paid for the woman’s food.”

“You already paid for the woman’s food.”

The three left and Mary still had some eyes staring at her. She left in embarrassment and continued in her pursuit. Why would a devil and her followers help her out like that? She was an angel, her arch enemy. No longer caring about being seen, Mary caught up to thank the three. The male follower smiled and said,

“You’re welcome. Try to stay out of trouble will you?”

Mary remained quiet. This had to be a trick. Maybe they were trying to gain her trust and then stab her in the back. Then again, this man was human. It could be possible he was fighting the urge to do evil. There may still be some good in his heart.

“Sir please, please repent and reject the evil lies this devil planted in your head.”

“Uh, what?”

“Let’s just go Kael. This bitch is crazy.”

The three walked away from Mary a second time. He looked back at her and said, “See ya.” She watched as the man, woman, and devil got into a car and drove away. She had failed her very first mission. It would not look good on her part, but most of all, she fail this man who potentially could break away from wrong doings.

‘No! I can’t give up on him!’

Mary spread her feathered wings and flew. If there was even a chance to save this man’s soul, she would do it. She followed the car all the way to a mansion. They got out and she landed on their front yard.

“Stop right there!” She used her magic to summon a golden bow with a golden arrow. “I’m gonna save this man from you and I’m not leaving until you give him to me!”

Shayano gave a look of extreme irritation. This angel was becoming more than a thorn in her side. Mary aimed her bow, readying her arrow. All she needed to do now was release.

“Look, I was going easy on you because I just can’t take you seriously. If you keep doing this then I will kill you.” Shayano could see Mary shaking in fear. This angel was weak willed. She smiled and dared, “Go ahead, shoot.”

Mary was unsure if she had the strength to release her arrow. She took a deep breath and shot it. Shayano took a step to the side and it missed her. She then heard a thud behind her and could see disbelief in the angel’s eyes. She looked back to see the arrow hit Kael in the neck. He was lying there on the ground bleeding out. Shayano and Tara quickly kneeled down next to him. Mary dropped her bow, still incredulous to what she just did. Tara yelled to Shayano,

“We have to call an ambulance!”

“No, all I need to do is a ritual!”

“What are you gonna do?!”

“Just let me concentrate! Go get some cloth to wipe off the blood!”

Tara ran to the bathroom quickly and grabbed the nearest towel. She ran back out and held it for Shayano who was chanting in Latin. She had a fancy looking dagger in her hand which she most likely conjured with her magic. She made a deep cut into her forearm. She dropped the blade and used her hand to open Kael’s mouth. Her blood dripped in as she chanted more intensely. Right when Shayano finished chanting, a warm gust of wind erupted from Kael’s body. Shayano pulled out the arrow and Tara witnessed his wound closing up. Within seconds, Kael’s injury was nowhere to be found and he opened his eyes while inhaling deeply through his mouth. Both girls hugged him immediately once he sat up. As they embraced him together they cried heavily. Mary fell to her knees, still in disbelief to the fact that she almost killed a human. It was forbidden to harm one. Even though he was going to live, there would be severe consequences for this. Light shined upon Mary and her superior appeared before her.

“Mary! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you!”

“Daniel…I did something bad…”


Both angels suddenly heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed. They looked to see Shayano pointing a black devilish sword at them. Daniel unsheathed his sword and prepared himself for a fight. He noticed the devil in tears. A devil crying? How was that possible? She obviously had a devil’s blade in her hand and he could sense she was one, but how was she able to express emotion?

“Stand down devil. I have no quarrel with you unless you provoke me.”

“Daniel, it’s my fault…”

“Mary, what do you keep babbling about?”

“I…I harmed a human.”

“You what?!”

Mary knew her superior got a better understanding the moment he saw the bloody man behind the devil. He said weakly, “Shay, please, don’t fight.” He began to cough and the devil woman let her sword disappear. Her angry expression turned to that of worry. For a devil she acted very human. She told the man “Don’t push yourself too hard, you still haven’t healed completely!” Daniel put his sword back in his sheath and asked Mary if that was the human she harmed. She admitted it was him and looked to the ground in shame.

“Mary, you’re not even a full-fledged angel and you attempted the duty of one. As a result, you harmed a human. You know your punishment right?”


The two flew away and Shayano watched them keenly to make sure they did not return. Kael regained enough strength to stand up, but he stumbled the moment he took his first step. Tara and Shayano helped him to stand up straight and took him inside. After a few minutes he eventually was able to stand on his own. Both girls were relieved; Tara sat down and rested on the couch, but Shayano stayed standing with a worried look. Kael asked,

“What’s wrong Shay?”

Shayano began to tear as she explained the ritual she performed was forbidden to do. The only one this ritual was meant for was the Dark Lord. Every devil was taught this since day one in order to use it for saving their leader. If he were to be mortally wounded, then this spell would undo it at the price of the wielder’s life. She could only guess that Kael being human was the reason why she did not die from this ritual. It was taboo to use such power for anyone else. Kael hugged Shayano and thanked her for saving his life. She hugged him back tightly and Tara joined in. To end with a positive note, she said,

“It’s alright. I didn’t die from casting the spell, but more importantly, you didn’t die.”

Although this relieved Kael and Tara, Shayano knew this guaranteed her to never return to Hell. The punishment for this was death. Not reporting back required punishment with some beatings or something to that equivalent, but this? This required execution as punishment. Despite this fact of never returning to Hell, Shayano hugged Kael and Tara tighter knowing Hell was no longer her home. Her home was here with the two people she cared for the most.

Chapter XV: Changes

Kael woke up to a bright peaceful morning. To his right lied Shayano clinging to him, to his left, Tara was her mirror. He tried to get out of bed without waking his two ladies and succeeded. Yesterday was a crazy day. He almost died and that was a wakeup call. Everything he had he took for granted. From now on, he would cherish things more. Going into the bathroom, he looked into the mirror and saw something very strange. His face was normal, but there was something about his eyes. They began to glow red. Leaning forward, he tried to get a better inspection. For a brief second, he could have sworn he saw fire in his eyes. He gasped and moved away from the mirror.

“Something’s wrong! Something’s definitely wrong!”

Kael ran out to the living room while feeling heat course through him. This scared him and he leaned onto the arm of his couch. This caused the other side to fly up. He panicked and quickly moved to the other side. Fortunately, he caught the couch before it banged on the floor. Something was off about the couch’s weight. He questioned in his head,

‘Did the couch get lighter?’

The couch felt as light as a feather. Kael put it down and went to the fridge to get some orange juice. He pulled out the carton and unscrewed the cap. It came off and ended up falling to the floor and rolling under the dining table. “Fuck.” He quickly blurted. Bending over and searching was not working. Maybe moving the table would work. The table was made of sturdy heavy wood. He used both hands to apply a firm amount of force to lift it. However, that ‘firm’ amount caused the table to flip upside down.

“What the fuck?!”

Kael bent down and flipped the table back up. It felt as light as a thin board of wood. In his peripherals he noticed his two special ladies approaching. He quickly grabbed the table to put it back in place. Shayano asked,

“Kael? Why are you making so much noise this early—”

Both girls were quiet for some reason. They were staring at him. Kael looked to his hand to see it holding the table with ease. He quickly exclaimed,

“I don’t know what’s happening!”

The three sat down to discuss the matter. All of them agreed there was only one plausible explanation. It was Shayano’s spell. He drank her blood and that must have done something to his body. He had super strength and who knows what else. As they talked, Kael noticed someone outside. He got up and opened the door to check. It was the angel, Mary. She appeared very nervous as she said,

“I’m…I’m sorry.” She looked to the ground. “Please…please forgive me.”

“Forgive?! I’ll fucking kill you you little bitch!” Shayano exclaimed from behind.

Shayano lunged forward and tackled Mary. She begged to be released while continuing to apologize. Tara joined in and the two soon held her down with her lying on her gut. Shayano held out her hand and flames appeared. It formed into the black sword she had yesterday. The sheath came off on its own. She smiled wickedly while asking,

“Tell me, would you like to lose your right wing first or your left?”

“What?! No! Please! Please not my wings! They’re all I have left!” Mary began to cry heavily. “Please, I came to ask for forgiveness!”

“Shut up you bitch! Time to lose your wings!”

“No please! I can’t be an angel! I have to stay here in the human world forever as punishment!” Shayano lowered her sword in curiosity. “Because I harmed a human, I’m not allowed to finish my training and become a full angel! I’m stuck here now! I have to live here for the remainder of my life as something that isn’t a real angel!”

“Shay, put the sword down.” Kael said sternly.

“You better be joking!”

“I’m not!”

“She almost killed you!”

“Put it away and leave her alone! You too Tara!”

Shayano grunted and reluctantly let her sword disappear into flames. Tara got off with much reluctance as well. The two quickly rushed over to Kael just in case if the angel tried anything funny. She got up into a kneeling position while still crying. Kael walked over to her with both girls trying to stop him. He kneeled down so he was more leveled with her.

“Is all that true?” Mary could only cry for a response, so he asked again. “Mary, is it true that you’re stuck here forever? That you have nowhere to go?”

Mary could only cry and nod her head. She was too afraid to look Kael in the eyes. He helped her to her feet and told her she could stay with them for the time being. Perplexed, she asked, “Why?” He calmly responded, “Because it’s the right thing to do.” She felt this man really did have a good heart. And to think, she almost killed him. She truly did deserve her punishment. So much good in his heart to not only forgive, but to offer a place to stay. On a subconscious level, Kael helped her due to her resemblance to Jessica. Throwing her out felt like throwing out his sister. He could not do that.

“Wait just a minute! I refuse to live under the same roof as this bitch!” Shayano exclaimed.


“Me too.” Tara joined.

“Not you too Tara.”

“Kael, be smart! What if she tries to kill you again?!”

“I won’t!”

“I’m not taking any chances! I should just kill you right now!”

“You think she’s gonna kill me? Then why don’t you check her?”


Shayano reached for Mary’s face and she froze in fear. She asked,

“What are you gonna do?!”

“Just shut the fuck up and keep still.”

Mary squealed in panic as she felt Shayano’s hands touch her cheeks. Nothing happened. There was no uncomfortable feeling or pain. For Shayano, she saw strong emotions of guilt and sadness. This girl did come here to apologize and beg for forgiveness. She had a pure heart and had made a mistake she could not undo. The only sin she had within her was loving food which was not even close to borderline glutton in her opinion. However, through her memories, she could see the angels were ridiculously strict. Everything was sinful to them apparently.

‘Oh how I pity you.’ Shayano snickered in her head.

“So, is she clean?” Tara asked.

Shayano was about to lie until Kael pled, “Shay, please don’t lie to us.” She was quiet now; she did not want to lie to Kael and betray his trust like how Jane did. It was a setting which was impossible to win. This angel really did have no ill will towards Kael. She no longer wished harm to her as well. However, she could not get over the fact that this angel almost killed Kael. All three waited for Shayano’s answer. Before giving an answer, Mary got to her knees and exclaimed,

“I promise to serve you all in whatever way I can! I have many things, but I’m good at healing and protective magic!”

Mary’s words were driven by both guilt and appreciation of Kael’s kindness. He gave her a genuine smile. Tara asked Shayano again if the angel was a threat. She again remained quiet and Kael already knew the answer. Shayano felt helpless. Mary’s resemblance to Jessica was stunning and she supposed it was Kael’s guilt for not being a better brother. She saw through his memories that he had a big fight with her. Before he could apologize to her, she died. Kael knew it was not Jessica he was letting into their home, but on a subconscious level, he wished it was. Although Tara did not have Shayano’s mind reading ability, she could sense it. Both girls submitted to Kael’s wishes, for now, knowing how touchy the subject of Jessica was. Kael helped Mary up and said,

“Let’s be officially introduced. I’m Kael. That’s Shay and that’s Tara.”

“Hi, I’m Mary.”

Both girls gave Mary an unwelcoming look. The four went inside the house with Mary staying close to Kael due to fear of being left alone with Shayano or Tara. They kept their eyes on her and made the atmosphere very hostile. Once Kael finished giving a tour of his home he apologized,

“Sorry, but I only have my couch to give you as a place to sleep. We need to go out and get a new bed for guests.”

“It’s okay. Thank you so much.”

Throughout the day, Mary was unhappy. She no longer had purpose and was living in a house with two women who would gladly take her life. It was only Kael who gave her a welcoming attitude. That man was also the only reason why she was still alive. If not for him then she would most likely be incinerated by the devil and human female. The human world truly was a terrible and cold place. The only warming thing that existed was Kael’s friendly smile. He smiled at how sweet and innocent she was. However, this did not prevent Mary from being on edge. She constantly feared for her life. When it was night she could hear Kael and Shayano arguing about her. They kept mentioning some woman named Jessica. She was not sure who that was, but what she was sure of was the guilt she felt. She felt guilty for being here and causing Kael to fight with his friends. She had almost killed him and was now being trouble for him.

After the arguing stopped, Mary heard a door slam. She figured it would be best to leave. Sneaking to the front door, she made it without a sound. She turned the knob and opened the door. “Mary?” Kael called to her. She turned to see him giving a puzzled look. She told him she was leaving so she did not have to cause any more trouble. He immediately pled for her not to leave. Soon enough, now they were arguing. However, this argument was much more civil. Kael kept asserting it was okay to stay while Mary kept insisting on leaving.

“Please, there’s no place for me here. This world is for humans, not angels.”

“Don’t give me that Mary. Shay’s not human and she’s fit in perfectly.”

“I just don’t belong here.”

“Please don’t say that.”

“Why are you so nice? Humans aren’t supposed to be like this.”


Mary went on about how angels were on one side of a spectrum while devils were the other. She was taught that humans were right in the middle. Unlike angels and devils, humans had the freedom to move around in that spectrum. They could be as evil as devils, as good as angels, stay in the midway point, or somewhere in between any of those points. She then went on about how this affected the dynamic of the three worlds. Her world, the Celestial World, was one side. The devil world, or ‘Underworld’ as she called it, was the other side. The human world was kept at a balance. She eventually went off topic about how she envied humans.

“You’re just so lucky. We angels are born with flaws and are immediately corrected. We strive for this to become full angels.”

Mary started to tear. Her primary flaw was gluttony. She loved to eat delicious foods. Kael knew her talk about humans, devils, and angels was her way of trying to let out her frustration. He quickly walked up to her and gave her a hug. If there was one thing that makes any man uncomfortable, it’s a woman’s tears. He wanted Mary to stop crying, but he knew that was almost impossible. She had been through a lot. While embracing her, he tried to think of something that would make her feel better.

“You know, humans don’t have the perfect life either. We do have the freedom to choose our ethics, but because of that we always fight with each other. People go to war with one another just because they have different beliefs. We label those who are different in values as evil. I envy you. You guys don’t fight over stuff like that. Be thankful that you don’t have to fight your fellow angels like the way humans do with each other.”

Mary stopped crying. The man who was hugging her was not only compassionate, but wise as well. Those wise words were like the words of an archangel. A human as wise as a higher up. She hugged Kael back after he closed the front door. He walked her to the couch and told her to get some rest. She lied down and quickly went to sleep. Her emotional state was very unstable and rest was what her body needed right now.

Making his way back to the room, Kael saw Shayano standing outside the door. She looked away from his eyes, ashamed of herself. She apologized about the argument they had earlier. He apologized as well. He knew she was right; she argued that Mary was not Jessica. He finally realized her resemblance was what caused him to be so impulsive to help. However, he could not throw her out right after telling her it was okay to stay. That was worse than just saying no. Tara stood behind Shayano remaining quiet. She was not sure what to say. She did not have a fight with Kael like Shayano nor did she participate in their argument. The three went back into the room. Kael was ready to sleep, but Shayano could not rest until she got her well-deserved punishment. She was supposed to be his ‘loyal’ girlfriend yet she fought against his wish to have Mary here. When he sat on the bed, she knelt before him begging,

“Please punish me.”

“It’s fine Shay.”

Shayano kept pressing at the matter until Kael finally gave up; he was too tired for this. He finally asked what she wanted as punishment. She told him he was the one to decide.

“Alright, turn around.”


Shayano’s ass was in view. Kael held his hand up, ready to spank it. Tara felt a tingle in her groin when she saw this. However, he did not slap her ass hard. He just gave it a couple of gentle taps and lied down on the bed.

“No! More!”

“All is forgiven Shay.”

“No! I was bad!”

The two continued on with Tara standing there doing nothing; she was unsure of how to alleviate the situation. Eventually, the two compromised. Shayano allowed Kael to sleep and he agreed to administer her punishment tomorrow. He was too tired right now to deal with the change in his household and his body. Once the talking in the room ceased both his girls cuddled up with him. The mansion was now quiet with all four of its occupants fast asleep.

Chapter XVI: Fitting In

Kael woke up feeling recharged. Yesterday was quite tiring between getting used to the fact that he now had super human strength and persuading his two ladies to let the angel stay with them. He looked to Tara who was still sleeping. He gently kissed her forehead. Looking to Shayano, he could see her awake, having a nervous look on her face.

“I’m ready for my punishment.” Kael tried to kiss her, but she moved away. “No, I don’t deserve to kiss you. I shouldn’t even be allowed to sleep in the same bed—”

“Stop it. Now you listen here. It’s normal for a man and his woman to argue. Whether we fight over the last slice of devil’s food cake or the decision to let an angel stay here, we still love each other. You’re not some dog to me. You’re my woman and you’re special. You’re my special someone that I love and respect. The same goes for Tara.”

“You’re so sweet…I don’t deserve your kindness.”

“Stop that. Look, this is the first argument out of many that we’ll have. Like I said earlier, it’s perfectly normal for us to argue. As long as we love each other and are happy, that’s all that matters.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The two finally kissed. After their lips ceased contact, Shayano requested,

“Can you still punish me though? It’ll make me feel better.”

“Alright, but after Tara wakes up. I don’t wanna wake her while getting off the bed.”

“I’m already awake.” Tara said groggily. She got up to give Kael a kiss. “Just get Shay’s punishment over with already. The sooner you do this the better.”

Shayano got to her hands and knees with her ass pointed in Kael’s direction. She let her pants dissipate into flame to expose her soft cheeks with her pussy below. He held his hand out and swatted her ass firmly.

“Hit harder. I deserve it.”



“Sorry, was that too hard?”


Kael gave Shayano’s right butt cheek a couple of harder smacks. He noticed it getting red so he switched to the other cheek to equal things out. After he finished she still begged for more punishment. He gave a couple more, but she still wanted him to continue. It became apparent she was getting off to it. He spread her pussy to see just how wet it was. Tara was wet as well. She wanted what her best friend was having. Kael was getting aroused from the situation too. He moved his face to Shayano’s pussy and took a whiff. Her aroused scent was turning him on even more.

“Okay Shay, your punishment’s over. Now let me kiss it and make it feel better.”

Kael put his nose between Shayano’s cheeks and shoved his tongue in her pussy. He licked up whatever was inside and swallowed it. She let out a soft moan from the unexpected intrusion. Tara could no longer take it. She put her hand in her underwear to rub her clitoris. Watching Kael spank Shayano and then eat her out was making her horny. Kael shoved his tongue in further to get more of Shayano’s sweet nectar.

“Oh yes! Like that! Eat my pussy!”

As Kael tongue fucked Shayano he used his fingers to stimulate her clitoris. She arched her back and pushed her ass on his face. He gladly continued to stick his tongue inside. Her pussy created more of its leakage for him to eat. Tara began to finger her pussy. Her secretions were starting to get on her underwear but she did not care. The hot scene before her was all that mattered at the moment. Soon, Shayano was crying out as she climaxed with Kael’s tongue in her pussy. After a couple of seconds of tensing her body, she lied down on her side and relaxed. Tara was close to climax, but she decided to refrain.

“Kael do me next!”

Tara turned around and got to her elbows and knees. Kael was so lost in the lustful passion he swatted without warning. This caused her to scream. He did not realize how hard he hit her ass until he looked at her cheek to find a red hand print. This worried him. Before he could ask her if she was okay, she yelled,

“Yes! Like that! Spank me some more!”


Tara reached for her clitoris to start stroking it. The stinging sensation on her cheeks was causing her to lose control. Kael continued to spank her while she masturbated until he felt enough pain was inflicted. During this time, Shayano recomposed herself from her orgasm. Tara opened her eyes to look back at Kael. He had his eyes glued to the beautiful sight of her red ass. Kael commented,

“Your ass is sore. It needs some healing. You know what I gotta do next right?”

Tara nodded and closed her eyes. She resumed fingering her clitoris while waiting to feel Kael’s tongue. There was a soft wet sensation on her left butt cheek. His tongue made its way from the one cheek to the other. He then spread her cheeks wide open. This made Tara stroke her clitoris faster. She felt him blow cool air onto her tender asshole. She begged,

“Oh Kael please! Please don’t tease me and lick my asshole!”

Kael’s tongue hit Tara’s asshole in an instant. His wet tongue already working in a circular motion. She cried out from his quick response to her plea. Wanting to see his face in her ass, she turned to watch. To her surprise, it was Shayano rimming her. Kael was sitting there enjoying the show while stroking his cock.

“Shay you tricked me! Let Kael do that!”

Kael replied to Tara saying “Don’t worry Tara, I can still do this.” He moved his body underneath her to get his mouth near her pussy. They were almost in a sixty-nine position. Shayano continued to eat her best friend’s ass without a word, figuring Kael’s answer was more than satisfactory for a response to Tara. Before Tara could speak another word Kael moved her fingers from her clitoris and replaced them with his tongue. He licked at her swollen clitoris while sniffing her arousal. He watched as Tara’s hungry asshole devoured Shayano’s tongue. She worked it in with no other thought than to pleasure her.

Tara grabbed Kael’s cock right away to put it in her mouth. She forced it down her throat while she had two tongues pleasuring her front and back doors. Kael and Shayano would occasionally stop tonguing Tara to make out briefly. It was a joy to swap the taste of her pussy and ass. Soon, Tara was no longer able to hold on. When she warned the two they worked harder to make her cum. Tara came with Shayano’s tongue shoved up her ass and Kael’s mouth sucking on her clitoris. After a few orgasmic seconds, her climax was finished and she got off Kael. Both girls immediately went for his cock. Tara let Shayano suck first since she just finished deepthroating him. She passed Kael a couple of pillows so his head was elevated. She wanted him to watch his cock get sucked.

Shayano stopped sucking to allow Tara a turn. She gladly put it back in her mouth while Shayano went for his testicles. She fondled them gently until it was her turn to suck again. Once it was her turn she decided to change things up. She whispered her idea to Tara which made her smile. Kael was curious and excited for what they had in store for him. Shayano put his cock back in her mouth and then pulled out, then Tara took his whole length into hers. After leaving her mouth it went back into Shayano’s. They continued this pattern until Kael felt he was ready to release. After warning them, they put both their mouths to the base of his cock. The made out with each other with his cock in the middle. Their tongues were playing a game of hide and seek with his shaft. As he felt himself getting closer to cumming the two moved their mouths closer to his tip. He desperately moaned,

“Shay! Tara!”

Shayano grabbed Kael’s cock and aimed it at Tara. She opened her mouth and he immediately started to shoot his cum into her mouth. Once the ejaculation was halfway through Tara grabbed it quickly to aim it at Shayano’s mouth. She opened wide with her tongue out, ready for the second half. The rest of the squirts ended up going into her mouth. They released his cock after finishing. Both kept their mouths open for him to see his cum. They turned to each other to make out. Kael watched the hot scene of his two girls swapping his cum and each other’s saliva. Their soft tongues rubbed and applied cum on each other making this display unforgettably sexy. Both swallowed when they were finished and turned to Kael. They opened their mouths to show him everything was gone.

Outside, on the couch, Mary was horrified by what she heard. There was an orgy happening under the same roof as her. This tarnished Kael’s image a bit in her eyes. To actually participate in an orgy with two women? How sinful. What worried her a bit was the funny feeling her body was experiencing. Her body felt very hot and her mind was curious about what they were doing in that room explicitly. She put a pillow over her head and ignored the wet feeling between her legs. The members of this household were lost in such inappropriate behavior. There was no way she was going to be like them.

It was not until a couple of days into Mary’s stay at the mansion when things started to change. Kael got her a bed and she now slept in a private room. One fateful night, the three decided to jam music in the house, feeling too lazy to record at the studio. Mary heard them from her room and went out to check. She walked in on them playing a soft tune. Kael and Shayano were strumming their acoustic guitars. Tara sat this one out, feeling drums were not needed for this yet. The two guitarists played a nice chord progression that made Mary want to sing. Without really thinking, she began to sing to the music. The guitars stopped with all three looking at her. She tensed up and quickly apologized for joining in without asking. As she turned around to leave Kael got up.

“Hey wait! Mary!” Mary turned around to face Kael. “Your voice! It’s beautiful!”

“It, it is?”

“Please, come back and sing for us. We’ll play music and you sing to it. Is that alright?”

“Only if Shay and Tara are okay with it.”

Mary walked back with Kael. He begged the two for her to join. They looked away and were quiet. Tara felt sorry for Mary deep down. She had resentment towards her, but the girl was basically disowned and not allowed to return home, ever. Thinking about Kael’s tolerance of the angel, Tara was the first to allow her to join their band practice. She did have a good voice. Why not add it to the music. It may actually improve it. Shayano looked at Tara in surprise. Not wanting to be the bad guy, she quickly agreed. This made Mary feel a little less uncomfortable. It was only Kael who seemed enthusiastic about the idea of her joining the jam session.

Kael started off with a basic chord progression in the key of G major. Mary did not understand music theory, but she could easily sing in key with whatever was being played. There was a lot of music back in the Celestial World. Tara found her voice to be mesmerizing. Kael did as well, he soon found himself lost in her voice while he continued to strum his chords. Shayano pouted as she looked away. She had to admit, the angel did have a nice voice, but she still did not like her.

Mary sang for the rest of the night. Kael played his guitar and Tara eventually joined in. Not wanting to be left out, Shayano joined as well, but she made an effort to avoid the angel when she could. As the band practice came to a close, Mary felt she made progress. She bonded with Kael and somewhat with Tara. Perhaps she would lighten up to her. Shayano, however, was still very cold towards her. Things were starting to get better overall though.

Chapter XVII: An Angelic Date

Shayano could sense the presence of another devil nearby. They were getting closer. Her magical barrier could only do so much to hide her from her former coworkers. She paced in the bedroom while thinking of a way to throw them off her trail. It then hit her.

“The angel! Devils wouldn’t think to find me near the scent of one.”

Perhaps an angel’s presence would throw off her pursuers. Maybe she was good for something after all. If Kael were to bond with her and become close then she would not want to leave. She could stay and help repulse any other devils away. It was okay if she developed feelings for Kael. She did not mind sharing him after all. Besides, little Ms. Goody-two-shoes would have no clue on what to do with his cock if she had it in her hands. She probably did not even know what a cock was even if it smacked her in the face. There was no way that angel would outdo her in pleasuring her man. Kael walked in to see Shayano’s pacing.

“Babe? What’s wrong?”

“Uh, well, I was thinking. You should hang out with Mary today and have her get more acquainted with the human world. You two can bond while she learns more about this world, just like me when I started living here.”

“You think so?”

“It’s fine. I have no problem with it. Go out and take her honey.”

“Shay, that’s very considerate. I’m proud of you.”

Shayano put on a big smile. Proud, her man was proud of her. It made her feel good to hear those words. Although she felt happy, another part of her felt guilty. If he was more of a cynical person, than there was no way she could have succeeded in her deception. She was withholding information, an action that was considered lying if done to the Dark Lord. Kael was more important than him in Shayano’s eyes, making this more painful to do. It was a grave sin, but she felt it was best to not bring it up. Kael was already going through a lot. She did not want to put more on him telling him other devils are looking for her. She made this excuse up to make herself feel better.

Kael decided to take up the advice Shayano gave him. It relieved him to know she was starting to lighten up to Mary. Today would be a good day to take Mary out and introduce her to things in the human world. It was sunny and not too hot. He knocked on her door and she let him know to come in. She appeared to have just woken up.

“Good morning.”

“Oh hey! Um…good morning.”

Mary greeted Kael awkwardly due to this unexplainable nervous feeling she was having. He made her very anxious. It was a different nervous feeling than the one she felt when around Shayano or Tara. She found it ironic since he was the one who was always kind to her.

“You wanna go out with me into town? I was thinking of showing you around the human world. You can experience it and I can answer any questions you have.”

“Really? Sure.”

Success. Mary was on board. The two got ready and were out the door after a few minutes. Before getting into his car Kael turned to Mary. She still had her wings out.

“Okay. First rule, don’t show your wings out in public.”

“But I’m a proud angel—or half…”

Mary’s sad expression made it obvious she was thinking about her situation in this world. Kael explained to her about how showing off her wings would make people stare if not cause a panic. She did not fully understand, but submitted to his wishes. She let her wings shrink and disappear. Looking at her now, there were no indications she was not human. She looked like a very classy blonde in a dirtied white gown. Which reminded him…

“We should probably get you new clothes so you can blend in better.”

Mary only had a couple of white gowns she would switch between during the past few days in the human world. She wanted to protest, but if it was what he wanted, then she had no right to protest. He understood this world better than her. Kael unlocked his car and she got in with him. The two were on the road with Mary playing with the button for the car window. Kael found this to be very cute. She reminded him of Jessica again. She used to do that when they were both kids. Their parents would scold her. He chuckled as he looked towards the road. Mary then stuck her head out the window, enjoying the feeling of her hair being blown back. It was much like flying with the wind hitting her face.

‘Now she reminds me of the dog.’

Their first stop was a place for clothes. The clerk was helpful and friendly. She asked Mary what she liked to wear. Her reply was the gown. Kael explained that she was in a medieval play just like how he did with Shayano. He requested something casual. The clerk quickly picked out a few clothes and passed it to Mary. She pointed to where the changing rooms were and they swiftly made their way to them. Mary was confused on what she had to do. Kael did his best to explain what a changing room was. She went inside while he waited outside. After a couple of minutes of waiting, Mary asked from behind,

“Is it okay?”

Kael turned to see Mary still wearing her gown with the blouse on top of it. The bottom half of the clothing was most likely under the gown. He started to laugh and she became defensive, asking what was so funny.

“It’s nothing, you’re just so cute. You have to remove the gown and then put the clothes on.”

“But then I’ll be in my undergarments.”

“Yeah, that’s why there’s changing rooms. So you’re not exposed to everyone.”

Mary went back in, not wanting to look like a fool again. Her face was dark red; she was embarrassed seeing Kael laugh at her like that. It was not as if he was trying to be mean, but it did not help. However, what really got her attention was him calling her ‘cute.’ As she removed the clothes and her gown, she looked at her body in the mirror. ‘So this is cute?’ she thought to herself. Her B cup was firmly held by white cloth wrapped around her chest. Her underwear was white as well, the color symbolizing her purity. She put the casual clothing on and inspected.

‘Well, it’s…different, but it’s not indecent.’ She thought.

The moment she stepped outside Kael turned to give her a positive response. He said she looked great and that the clothes really suited her. She blushed and smiled at his compliments. He advised her to try the other sets of clothing. Again, she was met with compliments. It was decided he would buy her all the clothes the clerk gave them. Mary started walking out, but Kael grabbed her by the hand and told her not to leave. He explained the concept of money to her. Clothes, food, and everything else required money. It all now made sense why she was in trouble at the restaurant. As he paid for her clothing she thanked him. He was her savior, a wise man, a compassionate person, and now he was ‘buying’ her stuff with ‘money.’ Leaving the store she begged,

“Kael, please, ask me for something. Anything. I owe you so much.”

Patting her head, he responded,

“You owe me nothing. Come on, let’s go to the park.”

“The park?”

Kael explained what a park was while he drove. Mary thought of it as a pasture from the way he described it. The moment they got there she was awestruck. Beautiful plants with a wonderful pond in the center. Benches for sitting and happy people doing several activities. Someone’s dog came up to her with its tail wagging. It scared Mary and she greeted it,

“Oh, hello.” She held out her hand and it licked her. “Hehe, that tickles.”

Kael was glad to see Mary smiling. The dog’s owner quickly called it over and it ran back. The owner apologized for his dog harassing them and Kael gave him a smile telling him it was okay. Mary turned to Kael and asked,

“What was that thing?”

“You don’t know what a dog is?!”

“A dog?”

Kael did his best to explain just how wonderful dogs were. Mary did her best to listen and enjoyed his description. After he finished, he looked to see a hotdog stand nearby. ‘Speaking of dog.’ He joked in his head. He walked over with Mary following him. The man selling the hotdogs gave them a friendly smile. Kael ordered two. Mary quickly asked with worry,

“Is it made from real dog?!”

“Oh no, it’s just a name.”

“Your wife is very humorous sir.”

“Oh no, she’s—we’re not married.”

“Oh, your girlfriend then.”

Kael decided to just smile back and let him believe Mary was his girlfriend. It was less complicated than trying to make up a story. He paid for the food and passed one to Mary. She again asked if it was made from dogs. He smiled while calling her ‘cute’ again; he told her it was not and to just try it. Taking the first bite she already felt like crying.

“This is so good!”

Mary quickly devoured the hotdog until nothing was left. She almost ate the napkin along with it. Kael could not help but smile at the adorable angel before him. It was too bad she and Shayano were not on good terms. He already found something they both had in common. After finishing half of his hotdog, he offered the other half.

“Oh no, but it’s yours.”

“Here. I know you like it. I’ve had a million of these.”

“You ate one million of these?! You eat a lot!”

“I don’t mean in one sitting. I meant over time.”

Mary was so quirky, but Kael found it to be charming. He walked around the park with her, getting to know her better. She had a pure heart and he better not do anything that may corrupt her. This made her resemble Jessica more so, strengthening his urge to protect her. It also gave him an idea of what to do next. He and Jessica would always lie on the ground to look up to the sky. They would look at the clouds and try to pick out what each one looked like. Soon enough, he and Mary were lying next to each other on the grass under a tree. There was no one in that specific area of the park so it was nice and quiet.

“That one looks like an elephant.”

“Like a what?”

“An elephant, you know.”

Mary was confused. Kael forgot she was not from this world. He quickly told her it was an animal they had here in the human world. When it was Mary’s turn, she pointed to a cloud and said it looked like a bird flying. At least she knew some of the basic animals here. They must have birds back in the Celestial World. As the game started to pick up they started to find things a lot quicker, calling things left and right until there was nothing. Both looked around until there was a cloud with the shape of someone praying. It looked as if the silhouette of the person had wings as well. They both called out,

“It’s an angel praying!”

Both started to laugh knowing the other was just as competitive. When the laughing started to die down Kael looked to Mary to see her face giving off a sad expression. Before saying anything to her she said,

“I miss home.”

“I know. It sounds like a wonderful place.”

“It’s okay.” Mary’s eyes started to water. “There’s nothing I can do about it now.”

“Mary, I’m here for you. If there’s anything you need, then just let me know.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now let’s get back. Why don’t I get something for you? You like sweets?”

“Yes! I love sweets!”

Kael was happy to see Mary cheer up from the mention of sweets. He stopped at the closest bakery. In the same fashion as Shayano, Kael let Mary decide what she wanted. She looked around in amazement, wanting to try everything. Something caught her eye though. ‘Angel’s Food Cake’ the label read. Mary immediately chose that one. Kael smiled and thought to himself,

‘Why am I not surprised?’

He quickly purchased two servings and sat down. Mary took her first bite and dropped her fork. Kael was expecting this thinking, ‘Where have I seen that look before?’ Like the hotdog, Mary finished the cake in seconds. Kael knew what he had to do. He only took one bite and slid his plate to Mary. She was so possessed by the delicious taste she did not ask if it was okay to eat. She went straight for the cake, devouring it as if there were a time limit. He did not mind though, today was the first time he really saw her enjoying herself. After she finished, she realized what she had done.

“I’m so sorry! I ate your cake without asking!”

“No, no. It’s fine.”

“I don’t need anymore.”

“You sure?”


Mary’s mind was telling her ‘no more,’ but her stomach was telling her the opposite. Kael checked to see if he could order a whole cake, but the bakery was unfortunately out of stock for the time being. This was just a minor setback. He could make some at the house. The two left, heading back home. Kael parked and opened the front door to find Tara playing a video game.

“You got a Wintendo Nii U?!”

“Oh, hehe, surprise.”

Kael quickly walked over to try it out. It was surprising he never bought a video game counsel after getting so much money. He supposed it was due to all that had happened recently. Like Tara, his first video game experience was on the Super Wintendo. He had many fond memories. Tara explained how the controllers worked. This made him excited since the last time he held a video game controller was the late 90’s. It was the Wintendo 69. Mary stayed at the door, uncertain of what to do until Kael called her over. She was nervous to be around Tara. When Tara turned to look at her she was actually calling her over.

The three spent around an hour playing with the game counsel. Kael got so caught up in the fun he forgot to ask where Shayano was. She came out of the kitchen to announce lunch was ready. As the three were at the dining table, Mary stayed in the living room. Both Kael and Tara were calling her over to eat. Shayano tolerated Mary’s presence since her best friend and lover wanted her at the table with them. During the late lunch, it was easy to notice Tara’s change in attitude towards Mary. Their relationship was much more positive thanks to the video game counsel. After lunch was finished, Tara and Mary went back into the living room to play more video games and bond. Kael prepared some Angel’s Food cake and had it bake in the oven. While the cake baked Shayano, feeling a bit jealous, remarked,

“I see you’ve made some cake for your girlfriend and not me.”

“She was so happy today. She had some of this at the bakery and couldn’t stop saying how good it was. I just want her to stay like that. I’m sure spending time with Tara on the Wintendo will help tremendously.”

“She most likely forgot about the cake. She and Tara are so wrapped around that little electronic game box. When was the last time you made me Devil’s Food cake?”

“Two days ago.” Shayano shut up right away realizing Kael was right. “Shay, you’re so cute when you’re jealous.”

“I’m not jealous!”

Shayano pouted and turned away from Kael. It was a very playful fight she was setting up. It was really a game rather than a fight. The two waited around with Shayano constantly denying jealousy of Mary. When the cake finally finished Kael took it out and let it cool. After a few minutes, he took it out of its bunt and cut it into pieces. Shayano quickly took a piece to see what Mary loved so much about this cake.

“This cake really isn’t as good as devil’s food.”

Kael could tell Shayano was trying to change the subject of jealousy by taking her emotions out on the cake through criticism. He called her out on that and she cutely pouted, looking away from him.

“You are just too cute Shay. You’re worried she’s gonna take your place as number one?”

Shayano pulled her pants down and spanked her ass while pointing it to Kael. Asserting the superiority of her attractiveness, she said, “I’m not worried at all about that angel.” He knew where she was going with this. She was not his ‘number one’ for nothing. Lifting her up, he carried her from the kitchen to the bedroom. As he walked to the bedroom with haste he blurted to Tara and Mary,

“I made some cake okay gotta do something enjoy!”

Before the two looked back, Kael already shut the door with Shayano on the bed removing her clothes. Tara and Mary were too caught up in the video game to listen to Kael’s quick words. The television was also too loud for them to hear the moans that soon came from the bedroom.

Chapter XVIII: Sinful Mary

It had been a week since Mary moved in with the gang. She bonded with Kael and Tara. Kael was her love interest and Tara was her gaming buddy. There was no hiding this from Shayano. She would have done something to give Mary a hard time, but she sensed two other devils nearby. Instead of hindering the relationship forming between Kael and Mary, she decided to boost it. It was either be found and taken back to Hell or let Mary love Kael. Even if Kael did fall in love with her, she still knew nothing about sex and was too idealistic. The likelihood of being replaced as number one was essentially zero. She also found herself admitting,

‘The little angel actually isn’t that unpleasant to be around.’

Yes, Shayano was starting to warm up to the woman with feathered wings. What influenced her to increase her tolerance was the band. Mary’s angelic voice was changing the dynamic of their music in an extremely positive way. However, she still felt very uncomfortable with apologizing to the little angel. Saying sorry was not something in a devil’s nature, especially when it was an angel she had to say it to. It was only Kael and Tara she could find herself able to apologize to. Instead, she decided to have Tara bond with her first. The past few days flew by resulting in them becoming close.

Tara was starting to think of Mary as a friend now. She could clearly tell she had feelings for Kael just like her and Shayano. Not minding the notion of sharing him, she started to tease Mary with the idea. She would cutely shy up when mentioning Kael in a romantic sense. What Tara quickly noticed was how much of a prude Mary was. The idea of kissing, in her opinion, should be reserved for marriage. An absurd notion. Not even the most conservative people she knew would agree with that. It was not surprising premarital sex was out of the question for Mary. When asked about masturbation, she was clueless.

“You’ve never masturbated?!”

“No, now please, tell me what that word means.”

Tara was trying to think up a way to make Mary less uptight about sex. After much thought, she devised a perfect way to ‘corrupt’ her angel friend.

“I’ll be right back.”

When Tara returned she held two vibrators in one hand. Mary asked what those were, but she was given no answer. All Tara did was tape them to the game controllers. She turned the vibrators on and gave one to Mary.

“Ah! Why is it shaky?!”

“That’s the challenge. We’ll go one game. Let’s see just how good your endurance is.”

Mary felt a competitive urge overcome her which caused her to ignore the controller’s vibration. The game was a sport game they played earlier. She had won this game four times in a row against Tara. This would be easy. After several minutes of playing, it was Mary who was the victor. Tara admitted defeat and then suggested a new challenge. Feeling confident about herself, Mary accepted. She passed the controller from her left hand to her right. There was a strange sensation in her right hand that felt as if it was tired. It had to have been the vibrations.

“Alright then, here’s a new challenge. No hands.”

Tara put the controller between her legs and held the controller tightly against her groin. She turned her hips to move the controller around. Mary quickly followed but soon experienced a very funny feeling in her gut. She was not sure if she needed to urinate or do something, but what she did know was the sensation was new. As the game started she temporarily ignored this new feeling down below. However, this new feeling made it hard to concentrate during the game. The outcome for this challenge was Tara’s victory. Mary removed the vibrating controller from her legs to sit on the couch. Her body was starting to feel very warm. Tara asked with concern,

“Mary? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“I’m…I’m fine I think. I just feel very strange…down there.”

“It doesn’t hurt does it?”

“No, but it’s just weird.”

“Oh, I know what it is. It’s the vibration. This is one of those things where it helps to practice. Here, do what I do.”

Tara sat next to her and put the controller right between her legs. Mary did her best to follow. Once she put the vibrating object between her legs the funny sensation intensified. She told Tara the new feeling was back. Tara suggested moving it around. She made a demonstration of moving the vibrator up and down.

“Like this?”

“Here. Let me show you.”

Tara put down her controller and took Mary’s in her hand. She pressed it into Mary’s groin and started to move it up and down. The motion rubbed her swollen clitoris. Being ignorant about sex, Mary failed to realize this as sexual stimulation. There was no explanation she had as to why her body was feeling very hot.

“Tara! Something’s gonna happen!”

Tara ignored Mary knowing she was close to climax. She moved the controller faster, making Mary grab at the couch. She gasped aloud as she experienced her very first orgasm. Tara turned both vibrators off and asked Mary how she was feeling. Her body was sweaty and hot all over. She wanted to say she felt strange, but for some odd reason, she was actually feeling very relaxed and happy. It was as if she had no troubles in the world.

“Hello? Mary?”

“Huh? What?”

“I asked if you were okay.”

“Oh, uh.” Mary put on a big smile. “Yeah.”

Tara wisely did not push the matter. She figured Mary would work this all out on her own. They went back to playing games without the vibrators. After they finished, she let Mary know she was welcomed to use the vibrators for ‘practice and training.’ Her only condition was that she put the vibrators away, out of sight from everyone else. Mary followed that request through without question and without even thinking out why she was asked that. When it was night, Mary was no longer interested in the Wintendo.

Mary had sneaked out of her room while everyone was asleep. She had this unexplainable urge to use the vibrator. Picking it up, she attempted to figure out how to turn it on. She eventually twisted the cap on the bottom. It immediately started vibrating. Feeling very nervous, she moved it down to her groin. Something felt very wrong about this, but she wanted to feel that wonderful sensation again. She remembered Tara really rubbing it into her so she forced it between her legs. Upon contact she whimpered and let the vibrator do the rest. She started to pant lightly as the vibrating object stimulated her clitoris. That familiar feeling was approaching again. She started to squirm, being unable to handle the intense stimulation. Her panties were already wet from the leakage of her pussy. She was just seconds away from that amazing feeling. In three, two—

“You know, it helps to think of someone you really care about.”

Mary turned to see Tara leaning over from behind the couch. She quickly removed the vibrator from between her legs and tried to turn it off. Being in a panicked state, she failed to do it after three hastened attempts. She then put it under the couch and said,

“Tara! I thought you were asleep!”

“I just forgot something. But, thinking of someone will help encourage you to hold on longer. Think of them so you have motivation to last longer.”

Mary was too embarrassed to speak. She could not look Tara in the eyes. Her face was red with embarrassment. Tara walked away smiling, knowing her job was done. Soon, Mary was back to playing around with the vibrator. She did not want to be caught like that again, but her curiosity still got the better of her. Putting it back on her clitoris, she did as Tara advised and thought about Kael. Even though she knew he was having sex with Shayano and Tara, she still could not help but think about him. She really liked him. The thought of Kael made things worse though. Her body was reaching that funny feeling faster and she did not know why. She also could have sworn the room was getting hotter. She cried out as her body gave its natural reaction to the stimulation. Once her climax was finished and the stimulation was starting to feel too strong she turned the vibrator off. She soon passed out on the couch, enjoying the euphoric aftermath of her ‘training.’

As weeks went by, Mary got habituated to masturbation, video games, and angel’s food cake. She and Kael were becoming close. Tara was practically her best friend thanks to the Wintendo. As for Shayano, she made a lot of progress since the first day she lived in the mansion. Shayano would acknowledge her and had smiled once while around her. Overall, Mary was starting to feel she had found a new home. She felt very accepted and free to express herself. Her love for video games and angel’s food cake was not something she felt the need to hide. However, playing around with the vibrator was something she never shared with Kael or Shayano. Tara only knew because she was caught.

After giving Mary some time for getting used to masturbation, Tara hatched up an idea on how to ‘corrupt’ Mary even further. She had the angel follow her to Kael’s bedroom where she knew he and Shayano would be fooling around. They kept the video game counsel and television on so the two would think they were in the living room. Tara put her ear to the door to hear no talking or moaning from the other side. The two must have been in the shower. She pulled out a bobby pin and broke it in half. Mary watched her friend demonstrate her lock picking skills. She had no idea why she was sneaking around with her. They were playing a game where two characters were kissing. She asked Tara what kissing was like and now they were here.

“Tara, something feels wrong about this.” Mary whispered.

“Shh! You wanna know more about kissing. I’m gonna have you watch how to do it properly.”

After a couple more seconds, Tara successfully unlocked the door. She peaked in to find Kael and Shayano coming out of the shower. He held her from behind while they were both naked. Tara signaled for Mary to peak in with her. The moment she looked in she saw Shayano and Kael’s naked bodies. Before she could say anything, Tara put her hand over her mouth as to not be discovered. She whispered into Mary’s ear,

“Just be quiet and watch.”

Mary remained silent as Tara removed her hand from her lips. She watched as Shayano turned around to start kissing Kael. They held each other while letting their tongues dance. Even though this was the man she had feeling for doing something with another woman, she felt this urge to shove the vibrator between her legs so bad. The only sounds she could hear were the two kissing, but then there was a buzzing sound next to her. She turned to see Tara holding a vibrator to her pussy while holding another one in her hand. She was giving it to Mary so it could go to proper use. Putting the vibrator on her clitoris, Mary moaned softly. Luckily, the two were too concentrated on each other to notice the door was cracked open.

Mary was too lost in her lust to question why she and Tara were doing this. As she massaged her clitoris with the vibrator, Kael moved his lips to Shayano’s neck. She moaned as he kissed it tenderly. She caressed his head while he moved down to her breasts. He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked while giving the occasional bite and tug. Mary could already feel herself reaching the end. Kael let Shayano’s nipples free to move back up and kiss her. She said with lust in her eyes,

“Come on honey, let’s fuck!”

Kael lifted Shayano as she put her arms around him. He held her by her ass as he tried to put his cock inside her. Mary started to cum the moment she saw Kael’s cock sink in. She knew it was sinful, yet she still came. This was no longer kissing. If it was, then humans had a very sinful way of doing so. What frightened Mary was the fact that she liked what she was seeing. The more she looked, the less she wanted to turn away from it. This had to be stopped. She turned off the vibrator and was determined to leave. However, Tara grabbed her and put her hand over her mouth again.

“Look Mary, I want you to watch. It’s very educational.”

Mary’s protests were hindered by Tara’s covering hand. She knew she should not be watching this. She tried to get out, but Tara held her in place. Mary’s struggles were futile. She had no choice but to watch Kael and Shayano’s love session. He forced his cock into Shayano’s pussy, making her cry out in pleasure. This sight was keeping Mary’s body hot. It was so sinful to watch this, but she could not turn away. Her unexplainable compulsion to watch was taking over. The urge to use the vibrator had returned. Mary quickly turned it back on and put it to her clitoris again.

Kael sat himself down onto the bed while still holding Shayano. She gave his upper body a push and he fell back. Once he was on his back she ground his cock as she moaned his name. The only thing Mary could see was Shayano’s ass and Kael’s testicles. His cock was hidden within her. Mary started to imagine it was her. How would that feel like? While captivated in the erotic show before her, Mary failed to realize Tara was sneaking her other hand into her underwear. This caused Mary to move the vibrator away in surprise. She tried to talk, but only small mumbles could be heard. Tara whispered,

“I bet you want that don’t you? Having that beautiful cock inside.” Tara inserted two fingers into Mary’s wet pussy. “Just like this.”

Mary shook her head upon Tara’s entry. The fingers started to move slowly as to be gentle. Mary did not know what exactly was going on, but she knew this had to be bad. There were fingers going inside of her pussy. It was sinful. It went against what she was taught. It had to be stopped. It…felt so good. The gentle stimulation of her G-spot, the hot show before her, Tara’s warm breath on her ear. As Mary felt Tara’s hand move from her mouth to her breasts she whispered,

“Tara, please stop.”

“Shh. You don’t want them to catch us do you?”

“Please Tara.”

Tara ignored Mary’s pleas and continued to move her fingers. The pleasure intensified the moment Tara started to play with her nipples. It was strange. Being touched on the nipples was making this even better. Never in her life would Mary have thought about doing this. Her second orgasm was approaching fast. These new forms of stimulation were so overwhelming Mary’s concerns with sinfulness were temporarily hidden away into the back of her mind. What mattered right now were the wonderful sensations. The more Tara pleasured Mary, the less she thought about how sinful it was. The less she thought about how sinful this was, the more she let Tara pleasure her. It was a cycle only Tara could break. Mary was now too weak to resist.

“Oh Kael! Cum inside me!” Shayano screamed.

As Shayano climaxed so did Mary. She let out a moan as she felt a different type of orgasm now. Luckily, Shayano’s moans covered Mary’s. Tara slowed her fingers to a stop when Mary finished. Mary dropped to the floor after her climax was done. Kael and Shayano heard the thump of Mary’s body, no longer having Shayano’s moans drowning out other sounds. They looked to the door to see it was closed. Tara had successfully closed the door and was now turning it. Whatever sound she made while closing the door was mistaken for the sound of the knob turning. Tara purposely jiggled the knob loudly to make the two think it was still locked. She asked in a demanding tone,

“Hey! Why is this door locked?!”

“I got him all to myself! That’s what you get for playing with that box and letting your guard down!”

“Shay, I’m gonna open it! Just you wait! I know what you just did in there!”

“I got him all to myself! Just try to open it!”

Tara cursed at Shayano playfully and gave the two the impression she was going off to get a lock pick or key. She turned to Mary who stood up after regaining some of her energy. Kael told Shayano to open the door, but Tara quickly informed them she would be back. She justified this with the excuse that she wanted to test her lock picking skills. Tara walked downstairs to the living room with Mary. Mary was burnt out from her two consecutive orgasms and quickly went to sleep on the couch. Making her way back up, Tara pulled out the broken bobby pin from earlier and purposely made noise with the knob to trick the two into thinking she was picking the lock. After doing this for a few seconds she opened the door to find her best friend and man naked together. They were already starting round two.

“It’s my turn Shay!”

“Just join in.”

“You know me all too well.” Tara said with a smile.

“Why don’t you get that little prude up here so we can show her a thing or two?” Shayano joked.

Tara asked Shayano if she meant that, but she was given “I was only joking” as a response. Tara knew she and Kael had a positive relationship with Mary. It was obvious Shayano was easing up on the angel if she was actually joking about having her join in for a foursome. Maybe the idea of Mary becoming ‘number three’ was not such a ridiculous notion.

Chapter XIX: Sinful With Mary

Mary spent the next few days masturbating with her fingers. After having her pussy fingered she could not go back to just clitoral stimulation. There needed to be finger action to go with it. She was ashamed to admit it, but this was fun. She knew it was sinful and actually tried to abstain, but no matter how much she tried she gave in. It was much like a hunger than a craving. If her fellow angels were to see her now, she could not look them in the eyes. By each passing day, she became less angel in behavior, giving into food and masturbation. The more time she spent in this world, the more she blended in with humans. If given the opportunity to return home, she may actually choose to stay, the pleasures here were too good to give up. She embraced this new lifestyle and was not ashamed of any of it, except the masturbation. As much of an open person she was, this would be the only thing she would take to the grave with her. Kael must never know she—

“Oh shit! I’m sorry Mary, I didn’t mean to look!”

Kael got out of bed in the middle of the night to get some water. He was making his way to the kitchen through the living room where he just caught Mary masturbating with a vibrator. She quickly replied,

“Oh no, Kael, I…I, it, this isn’t what you think it is! It’s…training!”

Kael ran away to the kitchen, feeling uncomfortable. It was not as if he had any problems with what Mary was doing. He just did not expect to find her doing this while passing the living room. She quickly ran after him, panicking in her head,

‘No! No! No! He saw me! Now he’ll think I’m some sick deranged pervert! I’m so stupid! I couldn’t just wait a couple more seconds to do this in my room!’

Mary started to imagine just what would come out of Kael’s mouth.

‘Mary, I’m so disappointed. A pure girl like you doing such inappropriate things. I never wanna see you again.’

‘Kael! No! Please don’t go!’

Looking around, she quickly spotted him at the fridge. He was pulling out a bottle of water. She hurried to him so she could apologize. She went on and on about how she was not some sick freak, babbling nonsense about how it makes her better at the Wintendo through ‘endurance.’ He respectfully let her finish making her points, even though they were repetitive.

“So you see? It was something to help me get better at the game. I’m not nasty or anything.”

“Mary.” Kael smiled while shaking his head. It was cute how she was trying so hard to cover up the fact that she was masturbating, something everyone has done before. “What you did in there was very natural. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“No! I wasn’t doing…anything perverse.”

“To be honest, I’m happy you’re doing that. It shows that you’re comfortable here. Remember when you first came here? You were too scared to do anything. Now, you’re so comfortable that you do this while everyone’s asleep. It killed me to see you so scared and sad the first few days you were here.”


“Well, uh, goodnight.”

Kael started to leave the kitchen so he could get back to bed. However, Mary grabbed him by the wrist while looking to the ground. She took a deep breath, trying to find words. Moving her hands to his face, she looked to his eyes. Kael’s heart was beating quicker than usual while Mary’s was running a marathon. He felt how sweaty her hands were and could see how red her face was. When he looked into her eyes he could see her pupils were dilated. He never noticed how beautiful her blue eyes were. She moved her face in for a kiss, but stopped before their lips could touch.

‘I don’t know if I should do this.’ She thought.

Kael put his arms around Mary which caused her to jump, not expecting his touch. He moved his face closer to finish for her. The instant their lips touched she felt those nervous feelings disappear. She was no longer kept in suspense; she was experiencing a kiss for the very first time. It felt nice, very warm and comforting. They moved their faces away and she quickly said,

“I want you to kiss me.”

Kael smiled at her and moved in for another kiss. They made out for a couple of minutes without any tongue. The moment they stopped Mary requested again,

“I want you to kiss me.”

“Again? We already did it a lot.”

“No, I want you to kiss me…like how you kiss Shay in your bedroom.”

Kael wondered how Mary knew about him and Shayano kissing in the bedroom. The curious thought left his head the moment she took his hand and guided it to her left breast. Her sense of indecency caught him off guard, but he did not complain. He started to fondle it as he moved in for another kiss. He figured she meant using tongue. What he did not know was she meant sex. His tongue moved forward, parting her lips gently. This made her open her eyes. She was not expecting him to probe her mouth. Her tongue remained in place, unsure of how to respond to his invading tongue. This was new and surprising, but it felt very nice. As Kael moved his tongue around inside Mary’s mouth he moved his hand away from her breast. He moved it below her blouse so he could snake his way to her nipples. While he did this, she let her hand travel down to her wet and waiting pussy.

Kael pulled off Mary’s blouse to expose the cloth wrapped around her chest. He felt around the wrap for where he could undo it. There was a knot between Mary’s shoulder blades which he made quick work of. She blushed as he gazed upon her bare breast. Mary was a B cup, but her breasts were very cute and firm. It suited her classy beauty very well. Before she could beg for him to put her nipple in his mouth he did so. The sensation was very new and exciting. It was much better than Tara’s fingers. This feeling was more gentle and wet. The other nipple was played with by Kael’s free hand. Unsure of how to act during this time, she decided to imitate Shayano by moaning. This made the atmosphere far more erotic. She instinctively started to pet his head. He found the sensation of her fingers running through his hair to be enjoyable. It was like her way of praising him for the nipple sucking.

“Kael…I love you.”

“I…love you too.”

Kael did have feelings for Mary and it was obvious she had feelings back. Although these feelings were not at the stage of ‘love’, it was easy to see it had much potential to become that. Tara took initiative to give Kael the okay to add Mary on board as his third girlfriend. Shayano gave him the okay later on, but she was not as enthusiastic. It was true he saw Jessica in Mary initially, but now he saw Mary as Mary. Both Tara and Shayano made several valid points about how beneficial it would be to add the angel. It was a win-win situation for everyone. Were there any flaws to this set up? As for Mary, she had nowhere to go, loved the food here, and developed stronger feelings for Kael day by day. It was impossible for her not to fall for him. Oddly enough, she did not mind sharing Kael. If anything, it was Shayano and Tara sharing him with her, not the other way around. They both gave her the okay to be more than friends with him. Having a naïve heart, she was clueless about breakups and betrayal when it came to romantic relationships. Not that Kael would ever hurt her intentionally.

Kael lifted Mary and carried her to her bedroom. He laid her on her back and resumed assaulting her lips. They both closed their eyes while enjoying each other’s touch. He moved his kisses to her chest and then to her stomach. She still had her pants on which he quickly removed. There were only her white panties left. As he pulled them away she moved her hands in front of her pussy to hide it. There was some last minute resistance within her. It was embarrassing enough for her to expose her breasts, but now he wanted to see the most sacred and private part of her body. The place used for procreation and love. He was determined to be the very first person to see it.

“Mary, move your hand. I’m gonna do something for you.”

“I’m embarrassed.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed about. You’re beautiful. I wanna see every single part of you.”

Mary felt so flattered by those words, mainly because it was Kael who said it. She took a deep breath and moved her hands away. Kael saw her adorable blonde pubes. He sniffed it to take in her natural scent. Her feminine odor stuck on her pubes aroused him further. She was very wet. Moving his lips to her opening, she began to panic.

“Kael, no! Don’t put your face there! What are you doing?!” Mary felt his tongue wetting her lips. “No! Don’t lick it! You shouldn’t do that!”

Kael ignored Mary while holding both her legs firmly. She tried to move away, but his grip was too strong. After a few licks, she gave in and let him do what he wanted. By every lick she was feeling less nervous. His tongue was actually making her feel good. His new found devil agility gave him the ability to lick at the speed of a vibrator. He let go of her right leg, but she did not move away. She lost all sense of resistance and was too caught up in the pleasure. Suddenly, something went inside her pussy. It was his fingers. Without any complaints, she let him finger her to orgasm. He started slow and eventually sped up to his new superhuman speed, rubbing her G-spot while licking her clitoris.

“Kael, I gotta—Ah!”

Kael removed his fingers to let Mary squirt on him. She watched as she wet his body with her fluid. Her pussy wet everything in sight: Kael, the bed, the floor, everything in front of her. This orgasm was very different from her previous ones. It was very strong and was putting her in a very heavenly state. Kael released Mary’s other leg to free both his hands so he could remove his clothes. He used the dry part of his shirt to wipe what was on his face. This was quickly followed by the removal of his pants and underwear. The two were now naked together on her bed. Mary could not explain it, but she felt like touching herself again. The sight of Kael’s erect cock was making her hot.

“Mary, I’m gonna put it in alright?”


Mary watch as Kael’s cock moved closer to her pussy. She felt his tip touch at her entrance. This was the most nerve wrecking experience she was having in her whole life, more so than the seconds before their first kiss. She knew this was sex, she knew this was sinful, but she wanted it more than anything right now. Her previous upbringings were all thrown out the window at this very moment. Her mind could not think; it only followed what the body wanted. This was it. She was going to have sex. She wanted it completely. The head went it, causing her to breathe heavier.

“It hurts.”

“We can stop. If it’s too much, I’ll stop right now.”

“…no…I want you to keep going.”

Kael tried his best to be gentle, but there was just no avoiding pain when it came to breaking her hymen. It was obvious the pain was a bit overwhelming for Mary. He decided to take her mind off it by moving in for a kiss without moving his cock in any further. The kiss took her by surprise. She naturally responded by kissing back. Every time they broke their kiss they would look into each other’s eyes. Mary saw nothing but compassion and love in Kael’s eyes. Kael could see she was scared, but was determined to do this. He continued to move in until he was completely inside. Despite the pain she was feeling, Mary felt very happy to finally be so intimate with Kael.

Kael did his best to move in and out of Mary as gently as possible. The pain was unpleasant, but she put up with it. This man had given her everything and it was about time she gave back. It was not too unbearable. The gentle stare he gave her made the pain easier to bare. She asked for another kiss and he happily moved his face closer. This made him stop the thrusting of his hips. They broke their kiss again after a few seconds, but this time, Mary wrapped her arms around him and closed her eyes. He readjusted himself and then continued. Soon, he was reaching orgasm.

The pain Mary was feeling prevented her from enjoying the sex to the point of orgasm. However, she had a strong one prior to intercourse which was more than enough for her. The next sensation she felt was something shooting inside her. She gave him a nervous look as he came inside. This was unexpected and scary for her since she had no idea what it was she was feeling. Before saying anything, he moved in for a goodnight kiss which put her at ease. He remained on top and inside her for a few minutes after ejaculation. They did nothing but look into each other’s eyes and kiss. He eventually rolled off and cuddled up with her. The two peacefully drifted to sleep soon after.

The next day, everything was bright and cheerful. There was perfect harmony within the household. Tara had fully accepted Mary while Shayano was close. Both were well aware of what Mary and Kael did last night. The blood on Mary’s bedsheets was a dead giveaway. There were no complaints. As for Kael, how could any guy complain when he had three ladies? A seductive devil, a beautiful human, and a classy angel. Although all had their own unique qualities, they all shared something in common: love and loyalty to him. While Kael was in the kitchen with Tara and Mary, Shayano was in the living room. She thought she sensed another devil’s presence, but it must have been her imagination. Suddenly, the whole house began to shake violently.

“Earthquake!” Kael warned everyone.

No, it was not an earthquake. Shayano knew it was another devil. A dark portal opened in the middle of the living room. Out popped another devil. It was an old acquaintance of Shayano’s. Gorgo or Goro. She could not remember his name, just his face. How did he find her? The angelic scent Mary gave off should have steered him away from here.

“I finally found you.”

“You, how did you find me?”

“The moment the stench of angel lessened, I was able to detect your scent. You’re looking well. I’ve been sent by our Dark Lord to retrieve you. Now come with me!”

Impossible. How could Mary’s angelic scent lessen? Unless…her losing her virginity had something to do with it. Perhaps her not being a full angel made its contribution to this too. Either way, it did not matter. She was discovered and there was nowhere to run.

“Shay? What the hell’s going on?!”

Shayano turned to see Kael, Tara, and Mary staring in shock. This was bad. She quickly turned to her former colleague to tell him,

“No! I have a contract to fulfill!”

“You mean this?” The devil held up the very contract Kael signed those many months ago. “I was given authority to destroy this.”

In that split second the contract magically tore on its own. Once this happened, Shayano felt the bindings of the contract release her. She now felt this overwhelming sense of freedom and urge to be evil again. However, the memories she had of Kael and Tara were confusing her. She was unsure if she should be evil or good. Several emotions ran through her head. She was demanded again to return. Having little time, she decided to go the route she always went before meeting Kael, the professional contractor route. The first words that came out of her mouth were,

“I will return.”

“Excellent. I don’t have to take you by force.”

“Shay wait!” Shayano turned to Kael, giving him an emotionless stare. “You can’t just leave!”

“I…I do what I must human.”

Shayano walked towards the portal, making Kael run after her. The other devil shot a dark ball of energy which hit Kael in the gut. He flew back and hit the wall, creating large cracks upon impact. The hit was a very powerful blow. “Kael!” Tara and Mary screamed. Both girls quickly ran to his aid. The devil walked up to Kael with both girls readying to defend. The devil before them smiled, knowing they were no match for him. Not raising another hand, he said,

“Human, you tricked one of our own into becoming your slave. Your deceitful actions are quite despicable and almost worthy of being that of a devil’s. For that, the Dark Lord says he’ll let you live.”

The devil turned away to walk towards the portal. Kael felt a lot of pain from that hit, but he still found the strength to ignore it and get up on both his feet. Looking at Shayano, he begged,

“Shay, please, please. I know you. You know me. You belong with us. We love you and you love us. We’re your home—”

“Enough human!” The male devil shouted.

Shayano still showed no sign of sympathy. Tara tried talking next.

“Shay, you’re my best friend. Doesn’t that mean anything?”

Shayano held out her hand towards Tara. This caused her to regain memories that were wiped away. The memory of being molested by Shayano was coming back. How she was commanded to show her body and scissor with her. She was no longer okay with sharing Kael with other women, an idea Shayano implanted in her head. This confused Tara; in the memories, she could see the cold expression on Shayano’s face while she was being hypnotized by her. She eventually drew the conclusion that she had been used just like how Jane had been. It did not help when Shayano said,

“I have no best friend. There’s only me.”

The male devil went through the portal and Shayano was about to follow, but Kael tried to call to her again. It was excruciatingly painful for him, but he still took a few steps. She still gave him a cold stare as he begged again. Tara and Mary helped him to not fall over. All three gave Shayano pleading looks. Unexpectedly, a tear ran down her cheek. This caught her off guard. If the contract was no more, then why was there a tear? She quickly turned to the portal and jumped in. Kael tried to run after her, but it closed before he could even touch it. Just like that, Shayano was gone. The woman who came into his life and gave him everything was taken away from him just as quickly she came.

Chapter XX: Hell

Shayano was gone, Tara locked herself in another room, and Mary could do nothing to lift the depression within the household. Kael lied in bed and did nothing but cry. Because everything was connected, everything would be ruined. Without Shayano, Kael’s heart ached, his band was broken, and everything was in chaos. It was heart breaking to know Shayano left him to return to Hell. He had fallen hard for her, even more than Jane. It was a relationship he did not appreciate enough. He sighed and said,

“It’s true, you never do realize how good something is until you lose it.”

While Kael was in bed, Tara was in a fetal position feeling anger, sadness, betrayal, and uncertainty. She was hypnotized into thinking it was okay for her to share Kael, her love. Her ‘best friend’ thought she could steal him away and try to make things better by sharing him with her. It was her who was the other woman instead of Shayano. The dark demons of depression were sinking their claws into Tara as she lied on her side and was unable to stop her tears. She thought bitterly,

‘I’ll never forgive her.’

In Hell, Shayano was shackled and awaiting execution for her crimes. Not reporting back was the smallest offense she committed. Avoiding detection and saving a human’s life were her biggest crimes. She was to be executed tomorrow. For now, she was being tortured by devils who were once her subordinates. They were all higher in rank now. No longer would they hail to her as a superior. It was their greatest pleasure to whip her and cast pain inducing spells. However, the physical pain she experienced was minor compared to the emotional anguish she was undergoing. She missed Kael, Tara, and as much as she hated to admit it, she was getting used to Mary. After some thought, she realized how much of a big mistake returning ‘home’ was. The tear that ran down her cheek earlier was a sign that she should have stayed with them. Now it was too late. The happiness experienced in the human world would never be seen again.

While Kael and Tara were slipping away, Mary was devising a way to make things better. Living with her new friends had taught her a lot. Staying in the human world had made her much happier surprisingly. Although her life was more sinful, she could not help but feel happier. Even though she lost her virginity and ate food as she pleased, it did not matter. She was in love and had true friendship for the first time in her life. It was not obligation that drove her to do kind things, but love. Kael was her love, Tara was her best friend, and although Shayano was cold to her so many times, she still had love for her too. Shayano was special to Kael and Tara. It was too obvious from how depressed both were. She said firmly,

“I’m gonna bring Shay back and fix everything.”

Everything was falling apart, but Mary could not stand by and let things be like this forever. She thought her life was over when she was refused the opportunity to become a full angel, but she now knew to never give up. She was barely holding on and her three friends changed all that. They could not give up hope now. If Kael and Tara wanted to quit, then she would be the one to pull them through. She would be the one to hold on for all three of them and fight depression. Someone had to do something. Mary walked to Kael’s room and opened the door to find him still in a pitiful display.

“Kael, we’re saving Shay.”

“How? I don’t know where to go.”

“The Underworld has many gates, but I do know of one nearby. I can use magic.”

Kael stood up immediately. He asked Mary why she did not tell him this earlier. She told him she was too shocked by Shayano, the other devil, and the portal to think right away. He then asked her about what they needed to do to get Shayano back. She let him know she had everything required to get through one of the gates. The two were now set on marching into the mouth of Hell itself. However, before they could go, they felt it was necessary for them to let Tara know. She was Shayano’s best friend and a part of the band. There was no way they would keep her in the dark. Both were nervous as they approached the room where Tara hid herself in. Kael took a deep breath with Mary standing right behind him. He knocked and waited anxiously for Tara. Tara was unsure of what to say, what emotions to express to him, what feelings were the right ones to follow. Kael could sense the hesitance and decided to be straightforward.

“Tara, we’re gonna go get Shay back. Mary knows a way to get us into the devil world.”


The silence was making Kael very nervous. He decided to take a sympathetic approach.

“You have every right to be mad and it would be wrong to ask and expect you to come. But, we wanted to tell you this before we go.”

Tara still remained quiet. The continued silence was very discouraging for Kael and Mary. There was a mix of emotions flying around in Tara’s head, but what was prominent were anger and jealousy. She ended up going with those two emotions, responding harshly,

“Fine. Go ahead.”

Tara was angry Kael was going on a journey to rescue his devil woman. The woman who hypnotized him into choosing her, stealing him away. How could she forgive? Even after her spell was lifted Kael still chose to go after her. He was still choosing her. It hurt to know that. She was never loved by Kael. He may be a fool in love with a devil, but it was her who was the biggest one. How could she compete? A beautiful woman who could hypnotize people into doing your bidding. Her body was beyond gorgeous and she did not mind sharing you with other women. She was every man’s dream. It hurt Tara’s self-concept feeling she had none of those.

“Okay Tara, we understand.”

Kael could hear Tara begin to tear from the other side of the door. He begged for her to open it, but she did not listen. She began to pour out her feelings of envy towards Shayano. Feelings she never felt until after Shayano removed her spell. Kael and Mary listened attentively. After she was done, Kael sighed and began to explain that he had no favorites, that he loved all three of them equally. He would go to Hell for Shayano, yes, but he would gladly do it for her or Mary as well. His speech was very moving to Tara and she continued to cry as he went on. Mary let out a few tears as well. The angel added a few words of her own.

“Tara, I’m envious of you more than Shay. You can relate to Kael the most. Unlike you, Shay and I aren’t human like him. You’ve also known him longer. You understand him better than both of us.”

Kael asked Tara again if she was willing to join them. There was still no response from the other side of the door. Mary reminded him,

“Kael, we don’t have much time. Who knows what they’ll do to her over there.”

“I know. Tara?”


“We’ll be back, just know that I really do love you no less than Shay or Mary. I know that Shay does care about you too along with Mary.”

Tara still remained unresponsive. Kael reluctantly gave up since time was of the essence. He tried to get Tara to come and he hoped Shayano would understand. The two walked away with Tara opening the door after they left the mansion.

Mary lifted Kael to fly him to a nearby park with lots of trees. She explained to him that only angels and devils were able to see these gates. They reached the middle of the park in no time. There was a big space with nothing but trees surrounding it. Kael asked if this area was the gate and Mary nodded. Her face gave an uncertain expression. She was about to confess something, but then they were interrupted. They heard a sound and turned to its direction.


“I’m mad at her…but she’s still my best friend.”

Kael and Mary quickly embraced her with happiness and relief. They had hoped Tara would join them. It turned out she followed them in her car not long after they flew. Getting back to opening the gate, Mary was filled with more anxiety. She had hid something and was about to confess it to Kael, but now she had to confess to both him and Tara. She hoped they would not be too mad.

“Uh, guys, I have a bit of a confession to make.” Both looked to her curiously. “I’m not sure if this is gonna work. I use my magic to close gates, not open them.”

All hope she had given them was quickly crushed. Mary quickly tried to reassure them with the logic of ‘I just need to work backwards.’ Knowing nothing about magic, the two followed Mary’s lead. This helped, but the pressure was still on her. Mary tried her hardest to open the gate with all the knowledge she possessed while Kael and Tara stood to the side. Eventually, the gate was visible to Kael and Tara. It was a dark portal like the one in their living room earlier today. Mary had succeeded, surprising even herself. The gate was now open.

“Let’s get inside. It won’t stay open for long.”

Heat radiated out of the portal, but this did not stop the three. They quickly jumped in and it closed. Inside, there was nothing but red rock and red dirt. Everything was red except some light that appeared to be miles away. It gave off a yellow light which eventually blended with the red to give off an orange color. The sky was gray; it was as if the clouds were smoke. There were no trees or water source in sight. Mary decided to rest by leaning on a big boulder. She had overworked herself trying to get them here. Everything was quiet until the boulder behind her started to move. She quickly moved to Kael and Tara to see that the boulder was in fact not a boulder at all. It appeared to be a giant dog with six legs and no tail. It had hooves instead of paws and its eyes beamed red.

Both girls grabbed onto Kael in fright. Even Kael himself was a bit scared, but he needed to stay strong and be the strength of the group. He was the one with super human strength after all, thanks to Shayano. The two saw how Mary could easily mistake such a creature for a boulder. The flesh appeared to be made of rock rather than skin. Luckily for them, the giant demon dog did not seem to notice them as it walked away. They sighed in relief and stood there, counting their blessings. After a few minutes, there were footsteps approaching East and West of their location. They looked around and quickly hid behind a large boulder. Luckily, it was a real one this time. They kept quiet and hoped they would not be found. The two devils approached each other for a casual conversation.

“You going for the execution today?”

“Of course, that bitch betrayed us all. She doesn’t deserve to live.”

“Fuck yeah she doesn’t. What was she thinking? She was a devil we all looked up to and hoped to be one day. To actually abandon home and her kind just for some mere human? That’s fucked up.”

“Tell me about it. Well, it’ll all be over soon.”

“Yeah, Shayano deserves what’s coming to her.”

The two walked away while still conversing. Although they were no longer in danger, Kael could not help but feel guilt for what he made Shayano do. She abandoned home and committed treason. Now, she was going to pay the ultimate price. Her life. There was no way he would let that happen. Tara asserted,

“Come on Kael, let’s follow them. That’s our best way to find Shay.”

Kael quickly dropped all thoughts and returned to the physical situation he was in. The three followed the two devils in a stealthy manner. While following them, he noticed the direction they were heading was towards the yellow light. The red of the environment was slowly changing orange. They continued to gauge a safe distance until they were led to a large wall composed of rock and dirt. Behind it was the source of the yellow light. A large hole in the wall emitted the yellow light. Surrounding the wall was a moat with purple water. Whatever it was, all three agreed it was best not to try touching the strange liquid. The two devils walked to the giant hole through a stone bridge. Both girls clung to Kael from the sight of demon skulls impaled on metal spikes. There were some with horns and others with large teeth half the length of the skull itself.

The three successfully passed the scary bridge over the purple moat. On the other side of the wall were buildings. Some made of stone, others made of what appeared to be straw, bone, and dirt. It was peculiar how there was not a demon in sight. Where was everyone? It was a ghost town. Kael looked to his two women to find Tara to be uneasy but still keeping a determined look. Mary, on the other hand, appeared as if she was about to lose all composure. Concerned, he asked,

“Mary? What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. I’m just scared. I’ve been told many times about the Underworld, but I’m actually experiencing it for the first time. We were never allowed to even attempt to enter. That’s why we were never taught how to open portals, only close.”

“Don’t worry. We’re finding Shay and we’re getting out.”

Mary’s expression changed somewhat to a more reassured look, but she was still scared. Kael could not blame her. This was after all the world of people who were her polar opposite. There was no way the devils here would take kindly to the presence of an angel. They just needed to rescue Shayano and get out. That thought was the only thing driving Kael’s will. It was dangerous jumping into this without a plan or any knowledge of this place prior. This stacked the odds highly against them, but what choice did they have? Life would not be the same without Shayano. It was worth it to risk their lives to get her back. Even though she chose to leave them, they would convince her to return with them.

Turning the corner of a building, they found a large crowd in the very heart of the city. All of its residents were surrounding a stage. There was a large fearsome devil with an axe. The crowd cheered on for Shayano’s execution. Kael feared the worst until he looked to find no body or blood on the stage. It was not too late. A smaller devil stepped next to the large one. He seemed to be a political figure. Addressing the crowd, he stated Shayano’s name and her crimes. The three stayed behind the corner of the building to remain undetected. He went on and on while the three tried to devise a plan. No matter how much they tried to think out a plan, nothing was truly concrete without knowing about Shayano’s whereabouts.

Eventually, the devil yelled for his minions to bring out Shayano. She walked out onto the platform chained up. The crowd booed and threw rocks at her demanding for her execution to start immediately. The large devil with the axe readied. Kael lost all thought and decided to act. He ran towards the crowd and held out his hand to the executioner. He could not explain it, but it felt as if doing that would stop him. Suddenly, a dark aura appeared around his hand and shot out towards the devilish executioner. It was a direct hit to the face, blowing his head clean off. Kael just discovered a power he possessed and successfully saved Shayano, but now came the question of the other devils.

Chapter XXI: Escape

Every devil surrounding Kael looked towards him. They were shocked and voices immediately yelled,

“Is that a human?!”

“What is it doing here?!”

“Kill it!”

One devil attempted to strike Kael, but he was shot with a ball of energy much like the dark one he shot out. However, this one had a bright white color. Everyone looked for the source. Kael saw it was Mary.

“Oh fuck! It’s an angel!”

“We’re being invaded!”

“Kill them!”

The political figure called for the guards while fleeing the scene. The crowd quickly scattered in fear. The guards charged towards the three with swords and axes. Kael had no clue how he shot his magical dark energy, but now was not the time to ponder on that matter. He held out both hands and fired two dark orbs of energy. It felt like second nature, much like driving. Mary did the same with her white balls of energy. Four guards flew back and the rest ran for cover. The three ran to Shayano who had no one around her. The guards taking cover switched to bows. Kael could overhear them saying,

“We need sorcerers out here!”

The guards fired their arrows. Mary used her magic to form a shield around them. The arrows bounced off the magical force field. Shayano ran to them and they soon were rejoined. She angrily questioned why they came back, an obvious sign that she cared. Mary quickly undid Shayano’s bindings with her magic. The chains fell to the ground and she was free. Kael answered her question with a kiss. She briefly lost all sense of anger and stood there quietly, letting Kael kiss her. Before anyone could say anything, loud clashes interrupted the group. Devils sorcerers were shooting fire balls at Mary’s shield. It quickly gave out and the guards fired their arrows again. The four quickly ran off of the line of fire. Shayano pointed to a stone house and said,

“In there!”

Shayano knew this building had been vacant for a while. Hopefully no one used it since the time she left. Kael let his three ladies run in first. He went in last and shut the door with his back against it to brace it. The three began to argue over how coming to the rescue was stupid, where to escape next, and whether this building was a good place to take cover. There was no other way out. Tara yelled at Shayano. Mary remained quiet, too passive to involve herself in their argument. Kael stood there pressing his body against the door thinking,

‘We have to make it out! There’s gotta be a way!’

The mood of the room quickly changed the moment Kael felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. He could see his three girls no longer arguing. Instead, they looked to him in horror. He looked down to see a sword sticking out of his gut. The blade had not only pierced the door, but his body as well. His body became weak, making him unable to brace the door any longer. The girls screamed and quickly ran to him. They dragged him away and the door slammed open. The guards and sorcerers readied their bows and spells. Tara held Kael in her arms while Mary used her healing magic. Shayano quickly shot flaming spikes to her former allies. She managed to kill three of them. The rest moved away from the door. She then put up a barrier around the busted doorway. She used extra energy to ensure it was a powerful shield. The devils outside quickly attempted to destroy it, but they only inflicted minor damage. She ran to Kael and asked Mary,

“Can you heal him?!”

“The wound’s too much. I can’t save him.”

“You fucking useless angel!”


Shayano summoned the same dagger she used to feed Kael her blood. She was in an extremely weakened state from the torture she had gone through. It was surprising she did not collapse after putting the shield around the door. Before she could cut her arm, the dagger slipped from her hand due to her weakened state. Tara and Mary could see just how weak Shayano was. Her body was bruised and scratched. She could barely maintain her slouched position. Both girls offered themselves to take Shayano’s place. She responded,

“No! I’ll do it!”

“You’re in no condition! You’ll die and our efforts for coming to rescue you would all be in vain!” Mary protested.

“I’ll do it Shay.” Tara offered.

“A human body won’t survive this!”

“I don’t care! It should be me because—”

“I’ll do it!” Mary exclaimed. Shayano and Tara looked to her. “I’m in good condition and I’m not human. I’ll do it.”

Shayano did not like it, but she had no other choice. It was risky to say the chant and sacrifice blood while losing strength. If she did not finish it, then both she and Kael may die. The results would be unpredictable, but time for planning this out was something they did not have. She finally agreed,

“Alright…I’ll let you give him your blood.”

Shayano grabbed the dagger, but it slipped out of her weak grip again. Tara picked it up and said,

“I’ll cut her.”

Shayano quickly consented and started chanting those familiar Latin words. Mary held out her arm. After a few seconds of chanting, Shayano signaled for Tara to cut Mary’s arm. She did so and Mary closed her eyes, not wanting to see it. As Shayano continued to chant, Tara guided Mary’s arm above Kael’s mouth. The blood dripped in and all three watched in suspense. After a few seconds, he began to lose consciousness. Tara asked in panic,

“Shay! What’s going on! Is he dying?!”

Shayano ignored Tara, continuing the chant to ensure no mistakes were made. Tara and Mary remained quiet, realizing Shayano still needed to finish her chant. The moment she completed it the three looked to Kael’s wound. It was not closing…

“No…” Shayano weakly said.

“Kael? Kael! Please wake up!” Mary desperately cried.

Tara stayed quiet. She was unable to believe the man she loved, they loved, had died right before them. Shayano quickly summoned a fireball with whatever strength was left. She did not care if it killed her to summon it. She pointed it to Mary who did not pay attention to this, being too focused on Kael’s demise. Tara was too shocked to respond to the scene in front of her.


The shield protecting them from the devils outside was destroyed. This was the end. They were all going to die. None of the girls cared though. Was life really worth living now that the man they loved died? Besides, even if they did have the will to live, how could they escape? They were trapped like rats. Every devil in front of them had an arrow or a magical ball of fire ready to destroy them. The only thought all three women had was,

‘Just get it over with.’

All three had their eyes closed, ready to accept death. The next sound they heard was a beam of energy being shot. They all opened their eyes to see Kael with his eyes open. He was holding one hand up that shot a bright white light with a double helix of dark light surrounding it. It was obliterating all the devils at the doorway. In just five seconds, Kael destroyed his enemies before him. His wound began to close up and he was no longer in pain. He stood up to see all three of his women staring at him in shock. He was alive, now with more power than ever. Tara and Mary quickly got up to hug him. Shayano tried, but was too weak to get up. After he finished embracing Tara and Mary, he bent down to lift Shayano up. She could sense just how powerful he now was. The immense aura of energy being given off by his body gave it away.

“Kael, I—”

Kael kissed Shayano before she could finish her sentence. He had already forgiven her. She let go of any urge to finish her words. Tara and Mary watched in envy as he kissed her with passion. They both coughed aloud to interrupt their kiss. Kael turned to the two who both smiled at him. He and Shayano smiled back at them, knowing they wanted the same treatment as her. However, Mary quickly said,

“Look, we gotta run for the portal before the Dark Lord himself comes here.”

“Agreed. Shay can you walk?”


“Mary, can you heal her?”

Mary tried holding out her hands to Shayano to heal her wounds. The physical damage healed up nicely, but the magically inflicted wounds did not. She tried a couple more times, but she could not seem to heal it.

“I’m sorry. I can’t heal you any further Shay.”

“It’s alright Mary, she already looks better thanks to you.” Kael answered for her. “I’ll carry you Shay.”

Shayano clung to Kael while Tara scanned the perimeter. Not a devil in sight. She informed her three friends it was clear. They made their way out of the city with haste. Kael wondered why none of the devils from the crowd attempted to stop them. Shayano explained they were just lower class devils with no combat training, much like civilians in the human world. They successfully made it out of the city. The three continued to sprint towards the direction they came. Mary pointed to the area where the gate was located. They ran until Mary told them to stop. Then, battle horns roared behind them. They looked to see the Dark Lord himself on a black horse with flaming red eyes.

Behind him were millions of devils on demonic horses. Some were flying. They roared with their weapons held high. Mary quickly got to work on the portal to open it up again. Shayano was too weak to attempt anything at the moment. The dark army was closing in fast. Kael looked to Mary to see her still trying, but nothing was happening.

“Come on Mary!”

“I’m doing my best!”

Kael and Tara both remained fidgety. They were just seconds away from being stampeded on. While Mary continued, Kael laid Shayano down and held out his hand towards the army before him. Feeling no time was better than now, Shayano quickly apologized to her best friend for treating her so horribly. If they were going to die here, then she wanted to do this before they met their end. Tara hugged her and forgave her. Both girls clung to each other tightly while watching the devils closing in fast.

Kael concentrated his focus on his hand which caused a ball of both light and dark energy to form. As the devilish army was getting closer, the energy in his hand was getting larger. Tara and Shayano watched him quietly in amazement. The silence from all three helped Mary to concentrate better. As the Dark Lord yelled out his battle cry Kael fired his omnipotent ball of energy. The force composed of both light and dark magic shot forward hitting the devilish army in front of it. This caused many devils and their respective horses to fly in the air. The ones in the air dropped like swatted flies. Every devil halted with their horses whinnying. The ones flying did not advance any further.

“It’s open!”

Kael looked behind to see the same portal. He quickly ran to it with Mary jumping through first. Tara followed. Kael turned around to face the Dark Lord in hopes of intimidating him. He held out his hand to form another ball of energy. The devil king remained calm, but his army behind him quivered in fear.

“You try to come after Shay or any of my girls and I’ll kill you! I’ll take you down and the rest of this place! There’ll be nothing left when I’m through! That’s a promise!”

Kael quickly turned to the portal and leaped through. The Dark Lord signaled his army to stop all pursuits. He knew it was over. His General asked him,

“My Lord, would you like us to follow them? We can still—”

The General quickly ceased talking the moment his leader held his hand up. The Dark Lord answered with a smile,

“Let them go. This human outwitted us. That is quite worthy of praise.”

“But my Lord—”

“Enough! You saw the power that human possesses. He is a very deadly foe. It’s just one measly dealer he took away from me. A dealer that I can easily replace. Tend to the wounded and move on from this. Invading the land of the humans would give the Celestial World more than enough reason to retaliate. We’ve suffered enough casualties for today. Another war is the last thing we all need.”

Back in the human world, Kael kept Shayano in his arms. She was weak but it was nothing fatal. Tara and Mary looked to her with concern, but she reassured everyone she would be fine. Kael looked to Mary and asked her to try healing Shayano again. She knew this was out of her capabilities, but she still tried because Kael asked her to. While she used her healing magic, Kael put his hands over hers. He was not sure if this was going to work, but he had to try. If he had enough power to blow devils away, then surely he had enough power to heal Shayano. He ejected his power into Mary’s hands, boosting her magical healing.

After they finished, Shayano stood up to inform everyone her body was starting to heal. Mary was happy Shayano would be fine. Kael looked at Mary and knew her slim chances of becoming a full angel turned to zero. She aided a devil and participated in a devilish ritual. There was no going back. He looked up to the sky and said,

“That goes for you guys too! You try to take Mary away from me or harm Shay or Tara, then there’ll be hell to pay!”

Mary hugged him tightly in gratitude. She had no regrets helping Shayano. The Celestial World was once her home, but now, Kael’s mansion was where she belonged. After almost killing Kael, she deserved death, at least in her opinion. However, he chose to forgive her. Since the day she left her former home, he had been taking care of her. He treated her with respect and gave her wonderful foods she never imagined existed, especially angel’s food cake. Tara became a good friend to her and Shayano had warmed up to her. Everything was going to work out for Mary. She could ask for nothing more.

The four took Tara’s car for the driveway home. While Kael drove, Tara thought about the recent events that happened in her life. How it changed since Shayano entered it. It was true she was angry with her, but she was still her best friend. She chose to forgive Shayano because she valued their friendship. Although sharing the man she loved was not something she ever approved of, she would make an exception for Shayano and Mary. They were her friends after all. She trusted Shayano to not steal him away from the group. She and Mary would make sure she did not do so. The same went of Mary, she and Shayano would watch her. It was a good system of check and balance. Another reason for allowing Kael to be shared was the band. The band needed their strong bond in order to prosper. She sighed happily while looking over to Kael, admiring his handsome features. Tara knew this was the life that would make her happy even after the day she dies.

The four were finally home. Kael parked the car and everyone got out except for Shayano. He carried her out. She gently kissed his cheek and smiled at him. Being with other devils was something she no longer wanted. Returning back to Hell was a mistake. She had hurt Kael and Tara. Despite her betrayal, they still came for her. She was blinded by the bias belief that humans belonged with humans, devils with devils, and angels with angels. It was an incorrect notion and she now realizes that. She let that get in the way of seeing just how happy she was with Kael. The human world was where she belonged and even if she becomes less devil in behavior then she would be just fine because she had Kael, Tara, and even Mary. Ms. Goody-two-shoes did help Kael and Tara. She was now in her debt. There was nothing that would make Shayano happier than to be at Kael’s side for the rest of eternity. She helped him to build his band and love life while still remaining his number one woman. What more could she ask for?

“Hey Mary, first one to the door gets a kiss from Kael. Go!” Tara exclaimed.

Both girls bolted for the door. Shayano spread her wings and Kael released her from his hold. She flew to the door and landed in front of her two friends/love rivals.

“Hey! Shay, that’s not fair!” Mary complained.

“You bitch! You were faking this whole time! You really were healed at the park!” Tara accused.

“Hee hee, I am a devil after all.”

Tara and Mary looked each other in the eyes and had the same idea. They turned to Kael and demanded in unison,

“Kael, carry me too!”

Both girls leaped towards him, forcing him to catch them. He lifted Mary with his left arm and Tara with his right. With his new strength both felt as light as couch pillows. He walked to Shayano who giggled at the sight.

“First one to get into the bedroom gets to have Kael first!”

Tara and Mary’s eyes widened. They tried to break free of Kael’s hold, but he was too strong. As Shayano ran into the house the two complained,

“Kael! Let go of us!”

“I thought you said you wanted me to carry you?” He playfully responded.

Both girls eventually gave up knowing Shayano most likely made it to the bedroom already. They let Kael carry them into the house. All three of them were going to have him one way or another. Tonight would be their very first foursome.


Shayano jumped onto the king sized bed in the master bedroom. Kael came in and threw Tara and Mary onto the bed with her. Shayano and Tara quickly began to strip their clothes away. Mary, however, was hesitant. Kael removed all of his upper attire, but stopped the moment he saw Mary lying in bed not stripping.

“What’s wrong Mary?”

“Tara and Shay are gonna see me naked…”

“Mary, we’re all gonna be naked.”

Mary blushed at the thought of exposing her body to everyone. What made this situation more embarrassing was the fact that she found it exciting deep down inside. Before she could choose what action to do, Shayano and Tara acted for her. They stripped away her clothing until only her undergarments were left. She tried to resist, but she could not stop both of them. The two eventually got everything off and she was now completely exposed. Shayano snickered,

“Someone needs to shave.”

“Whoa! Look at all those pubes!” Tara said in amazement.

Mary became self-conscious and quickly covered her pussy. Shayano put her hands on each of Mary’s legs and said with sincerity,

“I’m sorry Mary. Allow me to make it up to you for being such a bitch. I was wrong. You do belong with us.”

Shayano grabbed Mary’s hands and moved them away. She dove in for a taste. Immediately, Mary felt Shayano’s tongue. She begged,

“Shay no! You shouldn’t do that! We’re both girls!” Shayano continue to work her tongue into Mary’s pussy. As she did this, Kael signaled Tara to go for a nipple. She nodded and went for Mary’s left nipple. Mary gasped and said, “Oh no, not you too Tara!”

Kael went for Mary’s right nipple and sucked it firmly. He held her right hand in place while Tara held her left. Shayano forced her legs open so she could continue to eat her out. Mary was bound and helpless. She struggled with all she had, but it was not enough. There was no other option for her than to let everyone have their way with her body. After a few minutes, Mary stopped begging. She let her lust take over as things intensified. Shayano added some fingers and Tara started to add in some bites to give the nipple sucking some variation. Kael stopped sucking to use his fingers. He pinched her nipple playfully while moving his face in for a kiss. The moment his lips touched Mary’s she felt herself relax more. When he started to slide his tongue in her mouth she gladly accepted it, letting it play with her own. The stimulation from all three was too much and she soon climaxed. She squirmed and then tensed her body as she reached the peak of her orgasm.

Kael pulled his tongue out of Mary’s mouth the moment her orgasm ceased. She was feeling great. Her facial expression showed complete bliss. Shayano decided to let Tara go next. She deserved it after choosing to forgive her and actually coming with Kael for her rescue. Tara lied down next to Mary and spread her legs. She used her fingers to spread her pussy, showing how wet it was. Mary got up, seeing Kael and Shayano looking at Tara’s pussy. She was curious to see how Tara’s looked. She saw its pretty pink color and the wetness within. There was hardly any hair on it, only on her mound. Shayano quickly moved her face in to devour Tara’s sweet pussy. Mary was shocked to see how enthusiastic Shayano was. A woman licking another woman ‘there’ of all places? It was one thing to feel it and not see it, but it was another to actually get a front row seat of the act. It was shocking, but for some reason, she could not look away.

Tara moaned Shayano’s name while she was getting eaten out. Mary was so distracted by this she was startled when Kael grabbed her breasts from behind. He kissed her neck while fondling her chest. He kept his left hand on her left breast while his right traveled down to her clitoris. Mary grabbed his hands and panted softly as he worked her with his fingers. He moved his lips from her neck to her ear, nibbling on it. She then felt his cock pressing at her entrance. He asked,

“You ready?”

“No…it’s gonna hurt again…”

“Mary it’s okay. It won’t hurt like last time. That annoying hymen isn’t there to ruin everything.” Tara interrupted.

“I’ll go slow and be very gentle. If it hurts then we can stop.”


Mary felt Kael press his cock in slowly. The tip was inside and there was no pain. This eased her anxiety a bit. One more inch went in as he kissed her neck from behind. The kisses helped to keep her mind off the penetration. There was still no pain as another inch went in. After the first half of his cock was inside, she instinctively pushed her ass back. The whole length entered, making her gasp. He did not move right away; he wanted to allow her some time to adjust to his size. She felt him hug her firmly and stay like this for a few moments. It was very nice and intimate.

“You ready for me to move?”

“Uh huh.”

Mary’s breathing deepened the moment she felt Kael pull most of his cock out. All but the tip left. He then shoved everything back in. This made her weak, causing her to fall forward. To prevent herself from landing on her face, she held her hands out. She was now on her hands and knees, in the doggystyle position. Shayano’s ass was right in front of her. It was easy to smell just how aroused she was. Kael started to fuck Mary at a quicker pace, but still slow. Shayano moved her face away from Tara’s pussy and turned to look at Mary. She spread her pussy and asked,

“How about you lick me? It wouldn’t be fair for me to lick you and you not lick me back.”


“Come on Shay. Don’t pressure her like that.” Kael spoke for Mary.

“N-No, she’s right. I should lick her…yeah.”

Shayano smiled and gave Kael the whole ‘it’s good for bonding’ as an excuse. Deep down, she wanted the angel to lick her pussy. It was turning her on to know just how corrupt this angel was getting when it came to the sack. She moved her ass closer to Mary’s face. Mary could see how bald Shayano’s pussy was. Not a pubic hair in sight and above was a tight pink asshole. Kael asked her again if she was comfortable with this and she reconfirmed. She only requested that he did not watch her do this. It was too embarrassing to be watched by the man she loved. Although she begged him not to look, this was one request he could not follow. The sight of Mary eating Shayano while she ate Tara was hot. Luckily for him, Mary did not look back to catch him watching her.

Moving her hand to one cheek, Mary felt how soft Shayano’s ass was. She could not help but admire it. She constantly told herself it was not a homosexual type of admiration. However, the sight of Shayano’s ass and pussy were enhancing her enjoyment of Kael’s pounding. She stuck her tongue out and felt the tip touch Shayano’s opening. She quickly withdrew in panic. There was a new distinctive taste on her tongue. It was not repulsive necessarily, just different. Trying a second time, Mary stuck her tongue out to touch Shayano’s pussy. Before she could withdraw again, Shayano pushed her ass back further, causing Mary’s tongue to go inside. Her nose ended up in between her butt cheeks. She was now experiencing a stronger scent and taste. At this time, Kael thrusted into her pussy forcefully and began to speed up. The tongue in her pussy made Shayano want to eat Tara’s more enthusiastically.

Mary moved back in panic. She now had a full taste of Shayano’s pussy in her mouth and the scent of her pussy and ass were stuck on her face. After some deliberation, Mary decided to continue. The smell of Shayano’s holes were not too bad and the taste in her mouth was not unbearable, but rather interesting. Her tongue slipped back inside and licked away causing Shayano to work harder on Tara’s pussy. This made Tara respond very positively with moans. The sight of all this made Kael pump away into Mary faster. Soon, Mary found herself ready to cum again. Once Kael sped up fucking her, she came. Her moans were muffled by Shayano’s pussy. This orgasm was enhanced by the taste and smell of Shayano’s holes. The moment her climax was over, she removed her face from Shayano’s ass.

“Kael, it’s too much! Please stop!”

Kael stopped immediately and asked Mary if she was okay. She let him know she was feeling great. The stimulation was just too much; she needed to give her pussy a break. Shayano moved her face away from Tara’s pussy and suggested,

“Why don’t you fuck Tara next?”

“Oh no Shay, you can go next.”

“No Tara, you deserve to go before me. I put you through so much and you still came back for me.”

“You’re my best friend. Of course I’d come to save you.”

The two continued to argue in a friendly manner over who Kael should fuck first. It eventually ended with Tara being the one to take Kael’s cock next. He sat on the bed with her kneeling in front of him. They faced each other as she sunk her body down to be filled. The moment he was all the way in, Shayano moved her face to her best friend’s ass. She stuck her tongue out to lick at Tara’s tight little asshole. Mary sat behind Shayano, unsure if she should lick her pussy again. Shayano turned her head to look back at Mary. She wiggled her ass and asked,

“You wanna lick me again?”

Mary gulped nervously and stayed quiet. Shayano found it cute. She knew the answer was yes, but the little prude was too ashamed to say so. She moved her tail to Mary’s wrist and wrapped around it. Being tugged forward, Mary let Shayano’s tail lead her. Her face made it to the sweet pussy she had eaten a few minutes ago. She closed her eyes, ashamed that she liked this, and licked away.

Tara rode Kael’s cock wildly as her best friend stuck her tongue in her ass. While Shayano tongue fucked Tara’s ass, Mary tongued her pussy. After some stretching, Shayano summoned a double sided twenty inch dildo. She pressed it against Tara’s asshole, making her squeal in surprise. Never been double penetrated before she clung to Kael tightly, reluctant but curious about how it was going to feel. She relaxed her sphincter and let the dildo invade her rectum. The sensation was very new, but enjoyable. Tara had never felt so full. She exclaimed,

“Oh yes! Fuck my ass Shay!”

Mary stopped eating Shayano’s pussy to see what was going on. She was horrified to see an object inside Tara’s ass. Sodomy! The most sinful place to commit sexual deeds, yet she felt terrible knowing this sight was making her horny. Shayano turned to Mary and offered the other end of the dildo. She signaled for her to come over. Unsure of what Shayano was planning, Mary crawled over with caution.

“Here, get behind Tara.”

“Like this?” Mary asked.

“There. That’s perfect.”

The moment Shayano finished that sentence she shoved the other end of the dildo up Mary’s pussy. She gasped from the feeling of it entering inside. Shayano quickly made sure the dildo disappeared equally into Mary and Tara’s holes. Only a couple of inches could be seen. Mary was shocked to see what was in front of her. Her pussy was connected to her friend’s ass. Shayano smiled and commanded,

“Okay now, move.”

“Sh-Shay…this is…dirty.”

Getting impatient, Shayano grabbed Mary’s hips and moved them for her. Mary immediately felt the stimulation from the dildo. Tara cried out in pleasure and shut her eyes while still clinging to Kael. He was fucking her pussy while Mary was fucking her ass. Mary was losing all sense of decency. She was too lost in lustful desire to want to stop. As shameful as it was, she was enjoying the sight of the dildo fucking her pussy and Tara’s ass. The angel was so caught up in the fun she did not realize Shayano stopped moving her hips for her. It was all her now. After a few moments of getting used to the dildo, she felt something behind her. Shayano was spreading her butt cheeks. Next, she felt her devilish tongue licking her asshole. Immediately, she objected,

“Shay no! That’s dirty! Not there!”

“Shh! Just enjoy it.”

Mary hoped Kael would say something, but he was too busy holding Tara, comforting her while she was being stuffed to the brim. The angel was in an inescapable situation. Moving forward meant thrusting into Tara’s pussy and moving back meant more tongue from Shayano. Soon, Shayano started to force her tongue inside. It wiggled around in her ass, making her gasp and clench. This new feeling on her asshole was making her reach orgasm faster. Shayano forced her tongue in as much as she could and then pulled out. She moved her lips to Mary’s head to put her earlobe in her mouth. As Mary felt Shayano’s tongue play with her ear she felt a finger at her asshole.

“Your asshole tastes good Mary.”

“Please don’t say that Shay. It’s embarrassing.”

Mary felt Shayano’s finger slip into her asshole, making her gasp in surprise. Shayano felt it clench around her knuckle. She worked things slow as to not hurt her. The angel deserved it; if not for her, Kael and Tara would have never come. Mary was experiencing anal penetration for the first time. She begged Shayano to leave her ass alone, but her pleas were ignored. Kael was still too busy with Tara. It was very strange and scary, yet pleasurable. She hated to admit it, but getting her butt played with was nice. Eventually, Shayano added a second finger and then a third until Mary’s asshole was stretched. Just before Mary reached her second climax with Tara, Shayano summoned another double sided dildo. She quickly put one end in her pussy and pressed the other to Mary’s asshole. Mary, without thinking, pushed her ass back. She wanted Shayano to violate her ass while her pussy was full. The angel was completely consumed by lust. She came the instant both her holes were stuffed. Tara was almost there, but not quite. She noticed Mary no longer moving and looked back.

“Mary? You stopped moving. What’s going on back there? Did you just cum or something?” Mary could only give a smile in her euphoric state. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Shayano pulled out and Mary immediately fell back. Her dildo slipped out of Tara’s ass. All three looked to the angel with concern. “I feel so good…” was all that could escape from her angelic lips. They all chuckled at how cute she was. Deciding she had enough, they resumed the orgy without her. Shayano took Mary’s place, sticking the other end of her dildo in Tara’s ass. She smiled at Kael and he read her mind. They both pumped away at Tara’s holes with their devil speed. The pleasure was intense and indescribable. She could only yell,

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Shit! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Tara came after only a couple of seconds. The stimulation was that intense. She relaxed after climax thinking it was Shayano’s turn. However, her best friend wanted her to feel even better. Both fucked her holes even faster. Tara screamed from the intensity of the pleasure. It was so strong she started to dig her nails into Kael’s skin. He gladly accepted this while holding her by her hips to help steady her body as he fucked her pussy. The orgasm she previously experienced felt as if it was stretching out. It felt as though she lowered from the highest peak of orgasm but was still very close to experiencing it again with just a bit more stimulation, mental or physical. Shayano reached over to pinch Tara’s nipples. That was it. Tara came again with an orgasm just as satisfying as the first one. Her body was now weak and she rested on Kael. However, the assfucking was too much. It was obvious Shayano still had energy. Tara could see Mary on the side suddenly sitting back up, regaining her senses. This was perfect.

“Hey Shay, can I get a break?”


Tara used what strength she still had and pressed her back against Shayano. She felt her best friend hold her from behind. Both Shayano and Kael were telling her to take it easy. Reaching back, Tara grabbed Shayano’s butt cheeks and spread them.

“Get her Mary!”

“What?” Mary asked in confusion.

“Tara! You sneaky bitch!” Shayano tried to break away, but Kael liked the idea and helped Tara hold her still. “Kael!”

“This is payback for cheating earlier when you flew to the door! Mary, now!”

Shayano closed her eyes and shook her head with a smile. She stopped moving to make things easier. Mary got the idea. She was hesitant, but Tara brought up the logic of ‘she did it to you, now you do it to her’ and she quickly pressed at Shayano’s tight asshole. Shayano relaxed and let Mary enter her back door. She felt the dildo travel deeper and deeper until it could no longer do so. With a devious smile, Shayano snaked her tail in between Mary’s butt cheeks. She forced it in which caused Mary to scream,

“Ah! Her tail’s in my butt!”

Tara got off Kael to allow him to fuck Shayano next. The double sided dildo slipped out of Shayano’s pussy and remained in Tara’s ass. Shayano moved forward to take Kael in her front. Most of the dildo in her ass slipped out with only the tip still remaining. Tara guided Mary forward to force the dildo back in. Once the angel got a steady rhythm, Tara removed the dildo from her ass and stood up on the bed. She moved over to her best friend to feed her her pussy. Shayano gladly licked away. Kael reached for Tara’s butt cheeks to spread them. He sunk his tongue inside Tara’s ass to give her more stimulation. His tongue went in deep since her asshole was stretched out form the dildo. Tara thrusted her hips back and forth moaning,

“Oh fuck yes! Yes!”

Shayano moved her fingers between Tara’s legs and stuck two fingers in her pussy. Tara grabbed Shayano’s head and held it at her groin. After several minutes, all three girls were approaching orgasm, having both their holes stimulated. Tara let everyone know she was going to cum. Shayano was close and informed everyone as well. She wiggled her tail around inside Mary’s ass more violently to get a response. The angel could only moan. That answer was good enough. Shayano, Tara, and Mary cried out as they all came simultaneously. Kael was close as well, but he somehow managed not to cum. Letting go of Tara’s legs, she moved away and sat down next to him. Shayano got off him, having his cock and Mary’s dildo slip out. Her tail slipped out of Mary’s ass, making her whimper softly. Now it was time for Kael to cum.

Tara and Shayano got off the bed to get on their knees. Kael knew right away what they wanted. He got off the bed to stand in front of his two ladies. Mary was confused so she followed Tara and Shayano’s lead. She pulled out the doubled sided dildo from her pussy and got to her knees with her two friends. She watched Kael stand before her, stroking his cock. Shayano and Tara reach over to do the stroking for him. Tara put his testicles in her mouth while Shayano deepthroated him. Mary found it to be very dirty to actually put something like that in their mouths, but she oddly found it arousing.

“Shay, Tara, I’m getting closer!”

Shayano grabbed Mary by her wrist to pull her over. She was unsure of what was going to happen, but she saw her two friends cease pleasing Kael with their mouths. They both opened wide with their tongues out for some strange reason. She quickly followed. Kael stroke himself while aiming at Shayano’s mouth first. He had held in his cum since the start of their foursome. There was going to be a lot. His first wad went directly on her tongue and splashed in her mouth. Aiming at Tara, he gave her his second shot. She quickly closed her mouth and swallowed her share. Now it was Mary’s turn. Before she could ask Kael what was happening, he shot at her half open mouth. It hit her lips and she squealed in surprise. He enjoyed the sight and could not stop. He finished his ejaculation on Mary’s face. She closed her eyes and felt his warm cum cover her. Shayano and Tara only got one squirt worth of Kael’s cum. Feeling cheated, they both grabbed Mary and licked at her face, cleaning the cum off it.

“Hey! Shay, Tara, what are you two doing?! Please stop!”

Mary continued to beg her friends to stop. It was too embarrassing knowing Kael was watching. The two girls, wanting to give Kael a good show, made out with his cum after cleaning Mary. The angel watched in shock as her two friends kissed each other using tongue. Before she could tell them how dirty that was they turned to her and took turns sticking their tongues in her mouth, giving her some of Kael’s cum. She was about to spit it out until her two friends demanded that she swallow and not waste what they gave. Mary could taste Kael’s salty cum and wanted to spit it out, but feeling pressured, she gulped it down. It was a very strange taste. Before saying anything, Shayano and Tara said in unison,

“Good girl.”

“Mary…that was so sexy.” Kael commented.


Mary blushed at Kael’s words. If he like what she did then maybe it was not so bad after all. Shayano and Tara got to their feet and tugged Kael to bed. Kael asked Mary to join them and she followed without question. She was still preoccupied with what just happened a few seconds ago. She swallowed some salty fluid that shot out of Kael’s cock. His ‘sexy’ comment was also on her mind. Kael lied down with Mary on his right and Tara on his left. Shayano was right on top of him. She gave his lips a gentle peck and said,

“Goodnight Kael, I love you honey.”

Tara kissed Kael and wished him a goodnight also. Mary was the last one to kiss him. He reassured her saying “You did great” and she smiled. All three girls rested their heads on Kael. They soon fell asleep. As they snored, Kael thought back to how this all started. He knew his life would never be the same again. He no longer had Jane, but that was alright. It would be a joke to say he wanted to work with Terry again. He sighed happily and drifted to sleep. Indeed, Kael now had his ‘perfect’ band and ‘perfect’ love life…along with some devil and angel powers. Sleeping with a smile on his face, he knew this was only the beginning of his new amazing life.

The End.

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*Note from the Author- These characters and events are mine. This belongs to me and isn't open copy or share. For your additional understanding
“You can come and watch me. I will shoot movie Tuesday Wednesday.” I thought for a while. If I refused the invitation, I would NEVER have an opportunity like this again.I was in a bar/restaurant in Tokyo Japan
The story is by one of my friend Montu Kumar starts around the year-2011-12, around 7-8 years back from the present time. He become friend with me during a fashion show in Delhi.. Where he was the Event Planner. He has narrated his story to me during our several meetings
I remember seeing her, it was after the football game. I have been sitting on the sidelines, back up receiver for the team behind the star, Malcolm. He was pretty much the king of our high school. You know, loved by all and has all the talent and is going places
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