The Arrangement Part Two

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The Arrangement Part 2

I stood there and regained my composure. I saw Darcy’s plump ass scamper out the door and my cock leapt just a bit from the thought of getting to be with her. I went upstairs to get cleaned up and Sara had just emerged from the shower. Her body was clean and all she wore was a towel on her head. I loved seeing my wife completely naked as the steamed billowed from the bathroom in our master bedroom. She was neatly trimmed and her boobs hung at the most perfect angle. I felt like taking an actual picture, but had no camera, so the camera in my mind would capture her again.

Our eyes met, she gave me a wink and walked across the room and kissed me on the cheek. My hand instinctively moved to her ass and I bounced each one of her buttocks playfully as she motioned me to the shower to get cleaned up.

As I started the water for the shower I my mind wandered to Darcy. As I placed my head into the warm water from the shower head, I dreamt that Darcy would feel similarly. She had a warm smile, she had a tan body and I had longed to see her naked probably since the first day I met her. I wondered what her nipples looks like and pictured her tits as they might hang from her chest. I pictured a smooth slick box that I couldn’t wait to taste and penetrate with my tongue fingers and cock. My cock came back to life. I loved how the water covered my body. The session earlier with Sara was amazing and I my entire body felt relaxed as I continued to daydream in the shower. Sara poked her head in and saw that I was beginning to get aroused and said, “Better hurry up mister. I’ve got your favorite dinner planned…ohhhh….I see someone is coming around to the fact that this is whole plan is a good idea.” Sara grabbed my cock and gave it a stroke or two, winked and went away.

As I toweled off and I got ready for dinner, I felt like I had this dumb look on my face. How would I respond at dinner tonight without completely giving away how much I had dreamed of a moment like this in my masturbatory fantasies. “Keep it together,” I said to myself as I smoothed my hair and headed downstairs for the big announcement.

As I approached the kitchen Sara and Darcy had been busy getting things together for dinner. They had cooked one of our favorite meals country-style steak, gravy, mashed potatoes, biscuits, green beans and a chocolate pie for dessert. I rounded the corner and entered the kitchen Sara asked me to set the table. Darcy was bent over getting biscuits from the oven and her ass looked so good. She arched her back, I think on purpose, as the fabric from her sun dress draped across her haunches and I noticed that she might not be wearing any underwear. Sara caught me looking and winked at me. I winked back and set the table and took my seat.

“Well, this is a treat….our favorite meal with my favorite girls,” I said as Darcy and Sara took their seats. “Let’s eat.”

We all dug into the great meal and everything seemed to taste very good…better than it has in awhile. Sara then made an announcement.

“Darcy, Cal and I have talked about the arrangement and he is in total agreement.”

“Yeah, what guy wouldn’t be,” Darcy chimed in sarcastically.

“I think it’s great that you want to help us Darcy,” I said as I took her hand and Sara’s at the same time. We held hands tightly and I look at Darcy, then Sara, they looked at one another and then back at me. “Darcy leapt across the table and gave me a kiss. Sara still held my hand as I didn’t know how to react to this kind of emotion. I saw tears well up in Sara’s eyes. This had to be a bittersweet moment for her.

“Honey,” I said, “you okay?”

“Yes dear,” Sara said fighting back to the tears. “I am so happy that we can all be happy. I’m so thankful that I’ve got such an amazing sister and an incredible husband. I am not sad at all…this is my idea and I can’t wait for us all to be together.”

With that, Sara got up from the table and suggested that Darcy and I go for a walk and talk.

We went outside and began to walk around the vast property. Darcy took my hand as we walked and it felt so natural to be with her. The moonlight shined in Darcy’s eyes as we talked about the arrangement and how she and Sara had worked out the sleeping arrangements for me. For the next month I would spend each night with Darcy in the hopes of getting her pregnant with our first child and then we would alternate weeks moving forward.

“You know I’ve always been attracted to you,” Darcy said as we stopped on the path up to the small hill that overlooked our small town.

“I never noticed,” I said to her as I caught a very naughty smile that Darcy tried to hide from me as I gave a brief chuckle.

Darcy took off quickly up the hill and I was left in the dust. “C’mon silly, I’ve got a surprise for you up here.” Her voice trailed off and I quickly got moving in the hopes of a surprise.

As I rounded the corner to the top of the hill I saw lanterns in the big tree….I giant blanket, some wine, cheese and crackers set out.

“Isn’t it great,” Darcy said excitedly. “Sara and I set this up, earlier today and when I saw you and ran out, this is where I came…to get the candles lit before dinner.” With those words she paused…looked at me very intently and continued. “I’ve wanted to seduce you for a long time…and now I don’t have to keep it a secret.”

She pulled her arms through her dress and dropped it to the blanket. The sight of her body was amazing in the moonlight and candles. My eyes drank in every inch of her gorgeousness.

Her smooth tanned skin and the way her breast hung from her body…just perfect C cups with quarter sized areolas and little eraser numbs for nipples. Her breast didn’t sag but a tiny bit and her stomach and abdomen. It was a perfect little pooch of baby fat then down to her perfectly shaven box. I could see the lips slightly protruding and perhaps a hint of wetness below her smooth shaven box. Her legs were perfectly toned and glistened in the moonlight. I approached her not wanting to take my eyes of her and as we touched, I pulled her close to me and looked deeply into her deep onyx colored eyes as the flickers of the candles shown. I kissed her deeply and she responded wildly. She began stripping my clothes from me like a madwoman. I began kissing her everywhere I could….our passion had been ignited and I don’t think the fire would ever go out. My hands slipped to her perfectly rounded ass. I spread her cheeks apart and kneaded the soft skin. She shoved me back and undid my belt and pants and quickly dropped to her knees.

She slowly slipped my boxers over my now raging cock that longed to be freed from its cotton prison. It leapt forward smacking her almost in the face. She took in its length and girth and grabbed it instinctively. I smoothed her back and she looked at me and said wildly “I want this cock. I want you to fuck me. I need your cock to be inside me and fuck my slit.”

I couldn’t believe these raunchy words were coming out of Darcy’s mouth. She stroked my cock and tried to size it up and she slipped the head past her sweet wet lips and in her mouth. She groaned as she struggled to get it in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around and around and I thought UI was going to blow my wad right then and there. She cupped my balls as she began taking it deeper and deeper inside her throat. I felt her gag just a hair but the wild side of her took over and she took another three inches inside her. I could feel the head of my cock against her throat and poking her tonsils.

“Ummmmmm,” is all I could muster as Darcy gazed up at me as her eyes pleaded with me to force more of me inside.

I obliged and placed my hand at the back of her head. She nodded approvingly and let go and steadied herself with her hands on the ground. I then backed her head off and asked, “Do you really want to take it all in.” She nodded and said “yes” in a low guttural tone. With that she opened her mouth wide and I slipped inside her again and slowly edged the back of her head so she could take me all the way in. Her mouth gripped around the shaft of my cock as the head glanced past her throat and deep down inside her. She began a rhythm once it got as far as she could take it in which was about five inches. She began sucking and sucking and I could hear her throat gagging but she refused to let go of my cock. This was a girl on a mission. Her mouth felt so fucking good. The feeling of her tongue against the underside of my shaft was amazing. I could feel cum welling-up inside me as she continued the play with my balls. She hummed and hummed and as my cock continued the assault on her throat…and she loved every second of it of it.

The sight of the beautiful girl that was charged with making me and my wife Sara a baby below me sucking on my manhood like there was no tomorrow was too much. Darcy was concentrating hard on it as if she was on a mission. Cum continued to build as I cast my eyes skyward trying to hold it back. I sucked in my stomach as much as I could…I didn’t want this feeling to end. She pulled it out of her throat and suckled at the head and held at the entrance of her mouth and begged me to cum.

“Cal….please cum for me….cum in my mouth, please I’ve wanted this for so long,” she pleaded as she suckled at the head.

At last I couldn’t hold it any longer and a massive explosion of pearly white cum erupted into her waiting mouth. The mass of it was impressive. I think she almost gagged a bit as white steamy shots of cum billowed from my now plum colored head. Darcy lapped it up and swallowed big gulps of it as if she could get enough. She dribbled some down onto her tits and rubbed it into her skin as she took every once and savored the musky, salty taste of my seed.

“Uhhhh… good,” she said as we both finally composed ourselves. I dropped down on the blanket and she quickly fell into my arms and exclaimed, “since you started dating my sister, I’ve wanted to do that! I’ve so admired that long cock of yours and wanted it for my very own. Now I don’t have to hide it and I get to worship it and you for as long as we live.”

Those words were very true and although I didn’t say it, I pulled Darcy close to me and kissed her. I had desired to taste her and see and experience every inch of her body. I never fully recognized it until that moment, but I think I was in love with her as well. As we kissed my hands began to wander this new found land that was the body that I had only dreamed about. The skin felt smoother than I had thought in my dreams. I could feel the chill bumps in the night air as my hands wandered and caressed her skin. I began exploring more and more and finally laid her beside me so I could fully take her beauty in. My hand wandered as our eyes connected and never broke the stare. It was so erotic and I felt like a school kid again experiencing lust, love, butterflies and a true connection together. I longed to taste her skin and so I lowered my head to her beautiful breasts. Darcy’s hand wandered to my head and helped guide me on this journey I’d not ever forget of exploring her body. The fullness of her breasts against my tongue as I suckled at her nipples tasting and sucking each one into my mouth was tantalizing and my cock began to leap back to life. Her aroma was so sensual with a light hint of perfume and soap that beckoned me to explore her body more.

My hands continued wandered her firm legs and worked their way down towards the gentle folds of her lips. They were already slick with juice as my hands brushed against the labia and traced its gentle ridges. I worked my way down from her breasts to her soft abdomen. I could begin to smell the husky aroma of her sex and I longed to taste her sweet juices in my mouth. I paused briefly to again take a glance at my lovely Darcy opening herself to me and allowing me to explore every inch of her succulent body.

I traced with my tongue from her belly button down towards her sex as my hands now began to expose the lips and tenderly trace circles around her entrance. I positioned myself between her legs and her legs obliged my advances by slowly opening wider so I could take her in fully. Now with both hands I gently caressed her lovely box massaging it gently. I lowered my head to inspect it more closely. I gently parted the lip and finally tasted the sweet nectar between. The aroma of the slick liquid was inviting as my tongue began moving up and down. Darcy jumped with excitement as my tongue met its target. I focused my efforts on the place where she jolted and she quickly began to spasm. The site of those C cup boobs bobbling from her chest gave me the sign to take get moving more quickly.

As I licked the labia up and down I focused in on the little nub. I watcher her eyes as my tongue darted across, back and forth and swirled around the little nub. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she began to get hotter and wetter as I continued my lashing. She reached forward and begged for me to place my cock inside her and that she wanted to explode all over my cock.

I obliged and sat up as she laid her head back on the blanket. I reached for a bottle of win in the bucket, quickly uncorked it. Darcy opened her mouth and I poured a little taste into her mouth. I then poured some more onto her stomach and across her tits. She shrieked and giggled in excitement as I began to lick her clean. She then spread her legs wider as to give me better access she reached up took my cock and placed it at her hole.

“I want you to fuck me Calvin. I want you to stick that rock hard cock all the way inside and fill me with your load.”

She placed it at the entrance and I slowly moved forward and guided the head inside the tightest box imaginable. It felt so good. Darcy reached back as if to steady herself against the impending onslaught of seven inches. As the head disappeared inside her I felt her muscles flex and then her whole body jolt forward taking more of me inside her. Her eyes got wider and wider as I inched inside her deeper and deeper. I watched her body continue its jolts and I loved the way her tits swayed as the electrical spark of energy shot uncontrollably throughout her body.

As I steadied myself, I looked deep into Darcy’s beautiful brown eyes and told her that I had waited for this for a long time. She steadied herself again as I began to slowly inch forward and back. She wrapped her legs around my waste and I plunged all the way into her. Her pussy muscles were pleading with my cock to not stop their assault as I continued to build a rhythm. Darcy began to bite her lip instinctively as I began to quicken the pace. I continued my stare into Darcy’s eyes as she connected with mine. At this moment we were fully connected. I could feel every inch of her body. She began to play with her clit as I raised up and began to build a faster rhythm. Her heels dug into my skin begging me to fuck her and to go faster. Thankfully I had already cum so I could keep up the pace. The look on Darcy’s face was so incredibly sexy that I wanted to cum inside her immediately, but refrained as long as I could.

I watched her tits bounce and smack her in the face as the pace quickened. “yes….yes,” is all she could mutter as I now plunged into her as deeply as possible. I could feel my balls slam against her asshole and this seemed to urge Darcy to become more lustful. She looked at me very intently and said, “Oh yesssssss……Cal……..fuck……..yes……that’s it.” Her hand moved to her clit and her index and middle finger straddle my cock as she began encircling her clit faster and faster.

“yesssss,” she continued to exclaim. Her moist hole became more and more damp. I couldn’t believe that I was fucking this sweet, innocent twenty-something girl that was my wife’s younger sister. “uh…..uh…..faster…..yes…..that’s it…..faster Cal…..fuck me good…cum inside me.”

Those words turned me on so much and I could feel cum getting ready to blast. I shouted to her, “Darcy, I’m going to cum. I’ve been dying to cum inside your sweet luscious hole!” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming from my mouth. I’d never really talked like that before but there was something about Darcy’s essence and seeing her nubile young body writhing under me that brought out a more primal instinct. I needed her, I wanted her…I was having her.

I pounded Darcy with long hard strokes knowing that she was about to climax and so was I. One, two, then three strokes and then held it deep inside her with her feet buried in my back jabbing me to get as far inside her as possible….

“I’m cummming,” Darcy screamed at me as I finally let go. I couldn’t believe how hard I came. I could feel it all the way into the back of my head, down my spine and through my cock as torrents of cum splashed her insides. Darcy’s pussy also emitted floods of juices that ran down the shaft of my cock and across my balls and dripped down onto the blanket. She held me closely and we kissed and mingled our tongues together as my cum continued to pour inside her It was as if I couldn’t get inside her enough and she pulled me tighter and closer. It was the most amazing kiss I’d ever felt before in my life. Not in my wildest of dreams could I have dreamt of a better ending to any day on my planet. I fully expected the sky to part and for us to be taken up to heaven as I couldn’t have imagined a better way to go or a better day.

As Darcy and I panted, my cock began to shrink back to a more manageable size, she said, “Oh my god,” as she held her head. “That was amazing. I’ve never cum so hard in my life.” All I could do was smile as I looked towards the sky and began to thank my wife for being such an amazing woman. I wondered what other expeditions Darcy and I would experience during our month together.

That is another tale… be continued (maybe)

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