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I’ve never told this to anyone. I want to tell it now, and get it out. I’m sitting at my mom’s personal computer so I can write down what all happened. Sometimes I remember more things, and now I can go back and insert them in the story at the right time they happened. I don’t want my wife to know I’m writing this, so I’m doing this at mom’s house.
Dad left her years ago. A lot happened.

Mom and I had a personal secret. I remember it started. My mom started touching me. Just a little at first, letting her fingers wander around my body. She liked to hug me and would run her hands under my shirt and feel my back and chest. She liked to feel my legs up and down. I liked it, and never told anyone the way ‘we’ liked to hug. She would pull my face into her tits and move my head all them. Her hands got bolder over time. She started waiting for me when I got out of the shower. Then the hugging went a little further each time. Now she was feeling my naked butt cheeks with her warm hands, and my upper legs.

She came in my room late one night. She laid down next to me and kissed me for a long time, over and over. I felt her tongue across my lips. Mom was kissing me like a lover, and I liked it. It made me excited, and made my dick hard. After she would leave, I would jack off thinking about fucking her. She was a good looking woman. She had big tits, a great shape, long blondish hair, which she kept pulled back and let the curls fall down her back. A beautiful face, perfect red lips, and awesome skin. She had long perfect legs and a cute little butt. She turned heads any where she went. She looked and dressed real classy, like she came from wealth. She would appear a little cold and uppity to some….but behind her cool looks was a wild woman, I found out. When dad was gone, she started wearing sexy night clothes, and walked around me and bend over, massaging her long legs and it turned me on. She knew what she was doing. She was getting her son, me, to get horny and excited over her. I never told anyone what was going on. I noticed at night when dad was asleep she would open the safe in her room, and take out a blue book and write in it. I wondered what was in that book.

I decided to spy on her a little.

Dad was asleep, they had separate bed rooms, I never knew why. I noticed mom always looked in the desk drawer first, then opened her little safe. I figured he combination might be written in there. Now when she made an entry, she took out some pictures in a box in the safe and added them to the book. Then she took off her panties and put them in her robe pocket. She leaned back and put her legs up on the desk, opened her legs wide and started rubbing her pussy. She was masturbating while looking at the book. I got a big hard on watching her trough the side door to her room, which I had opened slightly. She began to moan and rub her pussy a little faster and more moaning. She took one of the pictures and rubbed it on her pussy, then licked it and gave out a long moan and started shaking and bucking her hips wildly. She climaxed and lost her breath. She stopped but kept rubbing her pussy slowly. She licked her fingers over and over, and licked one of the pictures too. I had to go jack off after watching all this. I had a great jack off thinking of my mom having great sex with herself and how I wanted to fuck her so bad.
I had buddy’s that got the hots for their sisters, and one or two who got turned on by their sexy mom’s. I told no one about wanting to fuck my mom so bad.
I had to find a way to look in that book.
Dad was out of town, and I knew mom would come in my room and want to kiss all passionately with me. She did and came and laid beside me and started kissing me all hot again. I liked this and always got a big hard on and jacked off when she left.

This time was different.
She like to feel me all over while kissing me. Now we tongued kissed and she would breathe real hard and moan. We had never touched each others private parts, except her rubbing her tits on my face a few times when I was younger.

Her hands were feeling my butt cheeks under the covers. I had no under pants on. Her hand came over and stopped when she felt my big boner sticking out as we faced each other. She paused for a long time, just holding her hand on my hard on. Her breathing increased. I could see she was struggling on what to do. She sat up and started to leave. I held her hand and rubbed it for a while, then rubbed her arm, then her shoulder, back, neck.
She got all turned on as she panted for breath. Her eyes were closed and she acted kind of weak, gasping for air. I lowered her back down into my bed, and we faced each other. We never spoke at these sessions, just her little moans. I put her slightly shaking hand back on my hard on. She began to squirm slightly. Her face showed excitement and some straining, trying to resist the temptation to go forward and do more. I didn’t push it but waited. I kissed her with a lot of passion, which she liked. She kept her hand on my hard on. Never moving it, just held her hand still. Her passion increased in kissing me, and our tongues were going wild in our mouths.
I felt her hand start going slightly back and forth my hard on. She was really gasping for breath now. Finally she moaned out a tiny whisper in my ear. The first time we had ever spoken about our touching and kissing, ever. (“..mommy wants to jack you off, just one time, ok?..”) I whispered: (….”oh god mom, I would so love that.”…) I was panting too, I was very turned on. The thought of having my mom, who I had the hots for, jack me off…my heart was pounding like a bass drum.
I wondered if she knew I jacked off to her and maybe even spied on or heard me. I remember I said…”Oh Mom!” out loud when I had a hot jack off once. I wonder if the ever heard that.
I went to mom‘s house, went up stairs and went in her room to continue this story.
Something had happened. Someone had added to my story.
I started reading it. Mom had found my story in the computer and read the story as far as I had gotten with it. She had added her version and thoughts about the story so far.
Who ever reads this, needs to understand the other side of this story. How it started and why.
A mom has needs and they weren’t being fulfilled until my son started turning into a ‘little man.’ A man in my life was looming right in front of me. My female urges began to blossom and I wanted my son intimately now, more and more. Ok, I became slowly obsessed with him, I resisted my thoughts of wanting to have sex with him. They just got more intense. I masturbated thinking about him for relief, but that only made me want to have sex with him more. I had dreams about him coming to my room and getting on top of me and having sex with me all night long. I would wake up with a wet vagina as I found myself rubbing my vagina over and over. I dreamed about him shooting his hot cum in me, and me sucking his penis and feeling his warm cum in my mouth. I could almost feel him licking my vagina, and making me climax over and over again.

I had the urge to feel his young body, way more that the typical mom, so I just did it quietly. I loved feeling his skin and all the male about him. I got no loving from his dad at all. I found out he cheated on me, and that was the end my sex life with him for good.
Feeling my son made me feel like a woman again. The more I fondled my son, the better it felt. I started taking secret pictures of him naked in the shower, and in his room naked. I started getting wet again in my vagina. I loved that feeling again.
I held back going further and not feeling his penis. I wanted to, but I cooled it. It built up over time and I started kissing him like a lover, I got so hot doing this, I had to masturbate at night thinking of him having sex with me to relieve it. It didn’t. That one night my hand landed on his big penis. I froze. It was so warm and my vagina began to ooze with juice. I fought wanting to jack him. It was a loosing battle. When he touched my hand, I began to melt. Then he started up my arm and further, I just went weak and let him lay me back in the bed. Then when he started kissing me so hot, I just found my self stroking him slowly like I really wanted to. I don’t know what made me say it, but it just came out of my mouth. I told him I wanted to jack him off, but just one time. I couldn’t believe I said it, but I wanted to so bad it just spilled out of my desire and out my voice it came.
Well,….mom was filling in a lot of questions now. I was loving this and hoped she would continue inserting her comments, plus it was making me really hot for her in more intense ways.
Mom slowly stroked my boner and I was so excited I thought I would cum right then. She seem to know it too. She stopped and put me on my back and put her face right next to my boner. I could feel her hand trembling slightly on my boner. She started jacking me slowly, her eyes locked on my boner. Her chest was going up and down and I felt her breath on my boner. She moved in closer. Her lips were now an inch from it. I watch her mouth open slowly and then she started jacking real fast.
Oh god I couldn’t hold back and I started to cum big. She started moaning and put her mouth right over my boner and jack it faster. Her hips bucked and shook, her fingers franticly rubbing her pussy, she moaned loud ….I moaned with her and shot the biggest load I had ever shot. Mom never stopped moaning and started swallowing all the cum she could. I had so much, she pulled off for a second to swallow and I shot a big one way up in the air that landed on her lips and chin. She moaned real loud when that happened and got back on my boner to keep sucking it more and more. I could hardly stand the wonderful sucking she was doing to the head of my boner, and I
squirmed and moaned myself. I shook and got dizzy. Mom kept moaning little moans as she licked me and licked her lips, Her eyes were closed in pleasure. She looked like she was in heaven. She rubbed her pussy as she licked my cum off her lips and chin. Her hips bucked as she too had a climax and just kept rubbing her pussy and softly moaned.
Well I did it. I sucked my own son’s penis until he shot his cum in my mouth. I loved his hot cum, I tasted it, I swallowed it and licked it. I feel so satisfied I don’t care about anything else. I kept savoring the taste of his cum, so I would never forget it. My little man was a big man now, and he can shoot his cum like no other. I loved he feel of his warm cum shooting in my mouth, and filling it instantly full. I climaxed three glorious times that night.

I’m not sorry it happened and yes I am planning to do it again and more, now that it’s finally happened. Say what you want about me, I’ve been wanting that for a long time, I feel like the woman I am. Satisfied……………for a change.
I still think about that night. It was the most thrilling thing that ever happened to me. After that, we looked forward to so much more. I was dying to eat her pussy and the ultimate….fuck my own mom, and have us both climax at the same time.
We continued our lives as usual during the day. She still would grope me when ever she got the chance, and I felt her up any time I got the chance. We both got chills and tingles in our body’s as we felt us. We both couldn’t wait till the night when dad had gone to sleep, or better yet when he was gone or out of town, like he did a lot. I think he had a girlfriend out there, somewhere. That Friday night he left to go out of town for the weekend. Mom and I watched his car leave. We ate dinner just like normal. We showered and sat in the living room and watched a little T.V. Mom never talked much, and was a quiet person.
Then mom stood up and took me by the hand, and led me up stairs to her bedroom. I still wanted to see that blue book in her safe. She turned off all but one tiny light. We didn’t talk. She knew what I wanted and she pulled down all the covers. She began to take off my robe and hers. We were both completely naked for the first time now. We began to kiss, then more, and worked up to a frantic naked rubbing and kissing session.
Now she felt my dick and I felt her tits and pussy. Our hands went crazy. Feeling all that we didn’t allow ourselves to feel before. She laid down and gently pulled me on top of her still kissing. We kissed like never before, running out of air, and gasping quick then back to our kissing. Passion was at it’s peak. I got hot in that bedroom, as we both gasp for air. I started kissing my way down. First to her wonderful big tits. She held my head and directed my lips all around them. Stopping at each nipple, and letting me suck on them all I wanted to. She played with my hair and wrapped her legs around me. I felt her warm pussy under me. It was time to slide down to lick her pussy.

She had just shaved it, and it was like a little girls pussy, Her hands slightly trembled as she held them on my head. She squirmed as my tongue traveled down her sweet slit. She muttered in low whisper…“oh baby…your making mommy burning hot!…lick me baby…oh god…lick mommy!” When I touched my tongue to her big clit…she jumped and moaned. She guided my head up and down on it, and pushed her clit to my mouth and pressed it to me tight and started to buck steady. She start talking quietly: ..“oh baby, mommy’s waited so long… long for you to lick my clit, don’t stop…yes baby…Yes…Oh GodOh YesI’m Cuming baby…lick me…baby ..Baby…BABY…Ahhhhhh BABY!…and yelled and squirmed almost violently as she bucked her pussy up to my tongue….Ohhhhhhhhh she moaned…“Oh baby yes…OOO…it feels so good baby……..good…..ooooooo!” That excited me to hear mom talk like that, she was a quiet person who talked quietly. Her loud moaning almost made me cum…I moved up on her in a panic to feel her pussy around my dick. I quick put my dick in her…again she yelled…‘OH..BABY…YES, YES, YES…Fuck mommy…FUCK MOMMY…YESSSSS!” and I shot big time, flooding her pussy as she bucked like a wild woman….pulling my shooting dick into her tight…She made groaning noises and fucked me fast and deep.….she just kept twitching her pussy and squeezing my dick inside her. She held it tight and shook….and slowly…she went all weak with quiet little moans….fading slowly away. I felt her shaky legs drop off of me slowly…she was spent completely. My balls hurt, a good hurt though….what a wild fuck she is! I thoughtI’ll never find a girl like her, ever.
That was my son and me, his mom, first glorious sex together. I just knew it would be that good. Mynow ‘big man‘…is even more sexual than I ever dreamed. I’ll never let him go…ever. He can have girlfriends, wives or whatever, but he knows his perfect match is right here with mom. We will have our sex, and no one will ever stop us.

* Guys, if your mom starts showing you attention for sex…. go for it. You’ll love it. Don’t ever turn her down, let her take you to sex places you never dreamed of. My son and I still have sex today, about every week. I must share him with his wife, but I don’t mind, he’s happy and so am I. She doesn’t know, and never will.
Well, there you have it. I must shower and put on my bikini bra, and bikini panties on and his favorite robe. He’s coming by today to check my plumbing er something……
There is my story. I still have hot sex with my mom to this day. She still makes me cum hard and shudder when I cum in her. She’ll fuck me any time, any place, or for all day or all night. I have to go now and ‘check’ her plumbing or …a …something…..

*Oh…what was in that Blue book of hers?
This same story and lots and lots of pictures of her ‘little man’.


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