Normas Secret ch 7

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By edmondl

Chapter 7; Domination and Submission

Norma’s determination turned to domination at dinner one night when, Norma said, “Daddy, you are going to get me pregnant. I can then make out that my piggy lover is the father.” It was if Norma had dropped a bombshell.
Peter sat there red faced, for several minutes thinking about her words before he said, “Honey I can’t it would be incest and that’s taboo.”
“That’s not fair, Daddy,” she replied. “You let me go and fuck with the boar whenever I liked was that legal, daddy?”
"No it's not," Peter replied. "Except the difference is, there is no chance of pregnancy."
"But, Daddy I want to get pregnant and you are the only man around here," she replied. "If I had a brother I'd let him fuck me." Norma retorted, angrily.
"That's enough, Norma," Peter scalded her, and as he stood up, Norma saw the bulge his cock made in his pants and as he walked toward the kitchen door.
“I’ve got you now daddy.” Norma thought, but didn’t voice her thoughts.
Later that night while sitting at the kitchen table having supper, Peter and Elsey talked again about consulting the family doctor about the horrific events that had been happening, but they were still terrified that he'd have their daughter committed.
Then Peter started talking about what had happened in the dining room. "She now wants me to fuck her," Peter said.
"I know she does, so what are you going to do about it?" Elsey asked.
"I don't know" he replied. "It's not right I’m her father and what she wants me to do is illegal."
"So what, she really wants to get pregnant and she doesn't care who the father is going to be." Elsey jibed. "Remember she is our daughter and you are still a sexy and desirable young woman. Would you want her to go into town and jump into bed with the first man she meets and possibly end up with some disease?"
“No of course I don’t; but, it's still not right, and I won’t do it to her." Peter said.
"Peter!" Elsey snapped. "Just shut up and listen to me for a change, I know it's not right and we all know it's illegal. You also know that I have lost all interested in sex. I also know that you are still interested. I’ve seen the way you look at Norma, especially after you have been working with the stallion. And I know it isn't easy on you when she walks around half naked some of the time, and completely naked at other times. And I have watched you masturbating many times since Norma has been here.
During their talk, Norma had gone for a walk. She had often heard her parents talking, but she had never heard her mother yell at her father before and she was a little embarrassed when she was the main topic of their heated conversation. Without realizing it Norma found herself alongside the boar's sty. She wasn't interested in climbing into the sty as the young boar came running toward her, she said, "No not this time, mister piggy, I have someone in mind and you can't do what he can."
The boar just cocked his head to one side as if he understood what she was saying.
Norma left the pig sty and went back to the house and headed toward her room, on the way she had to pass the bathroom. The door was half open and she saw her father standing in front of the wash basin with his pants and undies down around his ankles. Norma gasped as she caught the reflection of her father's thick cock in the bathroom mirror, she had never seen a man jack off, not even her soon to be ex-husband, but then Stan didn't have a cock big enough to really satisfy any woman.
Peter was almost at the point of ejaculation when he heard a stifled gasp behind. Looking up quickly he caught a glimpse of Norma's sparsely covered ass vanishing from the doorway. Norma didn't get a good look at her father's massive cock, but what she had seen in the mirror made her mouth water and her pussy juice all at the same time. She quickly went back to the kitchen and sat down opposite her mother at the kitchen table.
"You look like you've seen a ghost," Elsey remarked.
"Daddy’s got the biggest cock I've ever seen," she said, "It has to be at least nine inches long."
"C closer to ten; I think," Elsey replied, quietly.
"Daddy didn't know I was there, mum," she said. "He just stood there rubbing his cock like crazy. I couldn't look away."
They sat there in silence momentarily until Elsey finally broke her silence and said, "what if I could arrange it so that you could get your father fuck you, would you like that?"
"Yes, mum, I would." Norma replied. "I have already tried to talk him into it but he won't listen to me."
"Oh! He will, fuck you," Elsey replied. "And that’s a promise I can keep."
"How can you do that?" Norma asked.
“Just trust me,” Elsey said. “I’ll let you know when the time is right.”
“Here’s what I want you to do,” Elsey said, “I know you like wearing the skimpiest of clothes, so why not flaunt your naked body at him every chance you get.”
“Do you think that will work, mom?” Norma asked.
“Yes I do,” Elsey replied, “Besides that I have seen how he looks at you with nothing but a terrible lust in his eyes.”
“What do you see in me?” Norma asked.
“I see you as our beautiful daughter,” Elsey replied tenderly.
Norma followed her mother’s instructions over the following five days. At every chance she got. She made sure that her father saw her in her glorious nakedness and at time by bending over in front of her father giving him a full view of her ass and pussy. By the evening of the fifth day; Norma could see the effect that her nakedness was having on her father, the predominant bulge in the crotch of his pants seemed to get larger every time she saw it.
Elsey noticed a definite change in husband’s attitude toward their daughter; it seemed to her that he was softening in his attitude and showing more interest in their wayward daughter; also he had given up chastising her because it didn’t do any good. All his chastisements seemed to do was to make her more determined to break down his resistance toward her advances.
After the fifth day of flaunting her naked body to her parents; more specifically to her father Norma took her actions one step closer to success. As she was passing her father in the passageway she reached out and briefly rubbed his bulging cock. Peter was stunned at the sudden turn of events. He realised that what Norma was doing was going to end in an incestuous relationship whether he liked it or not.
When Peter entered the kitchen with his eyes bulging and red faced he confronted Elsey. “I don’t know what has gotten into our daughter,” Peter said.
“She knows what she wants, Peter,” Elsey remarked quietly. Pointing directly at Peter’s tented trousers. “And you know quite well what that is; it’s you and what you have down there and there was a time when I enjoyed it as well.”
“Well I’m not about to give into her to give her what she wants.” Peter answered. Then with a sigh he took a sip of his coffee as Norma casually walked into the kitchen still totally naked.
As Peter stood up and Elsey said, “Oh for god sake Peter sit down,”
Taking no notice Peter picked up his coffee and went out the door to the veranda and sat down.
“Mom,” Norma said, “Dad will never relent and give me what I want, will he?”
“Oh yes he will,” Elsey said. “I can see his resistance is weakening even if you can’t see it.”
“But mother, how can I win with him?” Norma asked.
"Wait till your father goes for his shower," Elsey replied. "Then you can sneak into the bathroom and get into the shower with him and if I know your father he will already have an erection, once you get in with him you just need to reach out and take his cock in your hand and stroke it. Then the rest will be up to you, but you must become the dominant one."
Later in the afternoon, after he and the still naked Norma had finished all of the chores together, Peter entered the kitchen, followed by his naked daughter, he said, "I am going for a shower."
"Here's your chance, Norma, the rest is up to you. Don’t waste this opportunity" Elsey whispered as Peter headed for the bathroom.
Norma left the kitchen and went to the bathroom door and crept in. Peter heard someone enter the bathroom but he couldn’t see who it was through all the steam.
"Who's there, is that you Elsey?" he asked.
"Just me, Peter," Norma whispered as she stepped into the shower. "I thought I'd join you in here."
"Norma! I don't think this is a good idea." Peter said, as he attempted to hide his throbbing erection.
Looking down Norma said, “This looks like this its real glad to see me, Peter."
"Norma," he said, "We shouldn’t be doing this its wrong."
Norma just looked at him and said, "I’ve lost count of how many times you’ve said that to me; daddy. But this time it isn’t going to put me off.”
Then without any warning she grasped his throbbing cock and pushed it down, and at the same time she moved closer his cock slid neatly between her thighs, the movement was so quick that Peter didn’t have the chance to ward her off. With his cock nestled tightly between her thighs she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, as she moved her hips back and forth along his cock. Several seconds later he groaned and Norma suddenly stopped and let go, stepping back from him, she knelt down grasped his cock and started kissing and licking the swollen head. Just as he started to moan with pleasure, Norma stopped, looked at the elongated piss slit, then stood up and walked out of the shower savouring the taste of her father's pre-cum, and as she was towelling herself off she said, “Well, daddy you know you are going to join me, don't you?" Then once she was dry she walked out the bathroom door and entered her parent's bedroom and flung herself crossways onto her parent’s big double bed, her father walked in still naked after his shower and stood just inside the door, his cock still erect and pointing upwards.
"Come on. Daddy; don't be bashful, this is all for you,” she said. She spread her legs and held her pussy lips open and fingered her clitoris.
Peter walked over to the bed and stood in front of Norma and stared down at her pussy as she frigged herself. His thoughts switched to the male farm animals sniffing females of their species and watched dogs licking a bitch's cunt and also licking their own cocks. He couldn't reach his own cock so that was out of the question. He had read about men kissing and sucking a woman's pussy. He had approached Elsey, many years before, but her answer was an emphatic "NO" because she decided that it was unhygienic.
Thinking about it, he wondered if his naked daughter would be receptive to oral sex, not bothering to ask, so he dropped to his knees took hold of her knees and spread them as wide as he could and pushed his face into her cunt. Pushing his open mouth against her opening he kissed and sucked the moist tissues, she giggled and told him it tickled. In less than a minute his lips and tongue caused a series of bubbly moans, to escape her lips. Every time his tongue flicked her sensitive clit she squirmed and squealed loudly.
“Oooh Daddy you’re wonderful please don’t stop!” Norma screamed out.
Norma’s scream and pleading bought Peter back into reality, pulling his mouth away from Norma’s pussy and letting go of her knees, he stood up.
"Norma, this is still wrong," he said. "Are you sure about this?"
"Yes Daddy I am sure, I wouldn't be lying here as naked as a jaybird like this if I wasn't" she replied.
Raising her upper body she grasped his shoulders and dropping back she forcefully pulled him on top of her, Peter knew he had lost the fight against his incestuous daughter as the bulbous head of his thick cock pressed against her hot pussy slit. Unable to resist her advances any longer and as he shoved his hips forward, her cunt opened out around the bulbous head of his thick cock and it slipped into her. The feeling of her hot labia surrounding his cock head gave him the feeling of excitement that he hadn't felt in a long, long time.
Unable to resist temptation any longer he lifted Norma’s ankles up onto his shoulders and gripped her hips and thrust his hips forward; the movement was so sudden that his whole length speared into her well lubricated pussy. Norma gasped and held her breath as she felt the walls of her vagina stretching to accommodate his larger than normal cock head and shaft. Norma looked up at her father's face, and she saw a look of love and tenderness that she had never seen before. They were so wrapped up in their incestuous way that they unaware that Elsey had been standing in the doorway the whole time, watching them from the time Peter had entered the bedroom completely naked. She stared wide-eyed, as she watched as her spouse's thick cock vanished into their daughter's cunt. With her face was flushed and her nipples stiff and tingling, she felt an excitement between her legs she hadn’t experienced for many years. Elsey walked over to the bed and whispered, “Holy shit! Norma I didn't think you could take it all. I couldn't take all of it until after you were born."
It was then that Norma realized that Peter's thick knob was so deep inside her it was pushing against her cervix. Then he started pumping his thick cock in and out of her at first slowly gradually getting faster and faster, and then when he felt his scrotum tighten he knew he was on the verge of ejaculating into his daughter’s body. "Norma, I have to pull out of you before I cum," Peter said.
"Oh no you don't, daddy," she yelled at him. "You’re staying right where you are." Then when felt his cock pulsing and flexing inside her cunt and she knew he was almost ready to rocket his baby making juice into her.
"But I have to, I just have to," he said as he continued thrusting his cock in and out. "If I keep going I will probably make you pregnant."

"Ohhh Daddy your cock feels so good and I’m not going let you to stop," Norma cried out. "So please don't stop."
Peter again reached for and held her hips as he thrust his hips forward again, no longer making any moves or signs that he wanted to pull his cock out of her cunt. Peter now actually wanted to fuck her; he wanted to fill her with his spermy stuff.
"Go for it, Norma," she heard her mother say. "Suck him dry."
Looking down at his daughter he saw her twisted face and clenched teeth as she groaned then screamed, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming."
Although Peter was lost in the passion and excitement of fucking his only daughter, the feeling of her cunt around his cock and the fact that she wanted him to impregnate her, was more than he could handle. At that point he couldn't have stopped the orgasm that was already it’s the way.
Norma felt his cock swell, twitch and jerk inside her until he spat his thick creamy load into her, spasm after spasm pushed more cum out of his cock into her cunt. As he did, he could feel the head of his cock pressing tightly against the opening to her uterus, as he ground his hairy groin against her shaven cunt.
"Keep it up her Peter, pump your cum into her," Elsey said. "See, Norma, I told you he couldn't resist you for very long," Elsey remarked.
"Thanks, mom," Norma replied. "I think the timing was right, mom because my next period is due in four or five days." As Peter pulled his wilting cock out of her cunt and stood up, spun around and lay across the bed alongside her. Norma drifted into a daydream, relaxed and contented; knowing that her father had taken her. It had been nice to screw so vigorously. With his sticky semen between her inner thighs, she rubbed them together as she lay in her half awake, daydream.
Peter just lay there feeling remorseful and sorry for not stopping himself from cumming inside his daughter’s vagina. Elsey on the other hand was ecstatic at the prospect of maybe becoming a grandmother.
Some fifteen minutes later Norma stood up and went into the bathroom and prepared to take a shower, and when Peter heard the water running he got up and joined Norma.
Norma reached down and gently handled Peter’s hardening cock. “I guess mom was right when she said once you tasted my goodies, you would be hooked Daddy,” she whispered in his ear.
“Yes I guess your mother were right all along,” Peter said. “But I still think it’s wrong.”
“Oh stop worrying daddy, no one is going to find out, because I won’t tell and I’m sure that mom won’t either.” Norma said. Ten minutes later they were dry and laying naked side by side on the double bed with Norma stroking peter’s hard cock while Peter fingered Norma’s cunt lips.
“Alright Norma,” Elsey said, “This is now your room, so I’ll move my stuff into yours and Peter, you and Norma will live as husband and wife whether you like it or not.”
Norma spread her legs and beckoned Peter to get between them as she said, “come on daddy fuck me again.”
Elsey looked on, happy that her husband’s revulsion towards sex with their daughter had weakened.
So it was with Elsey’s permission Norma and Peter made love several times through the evening and early morning that eventful day and night. From that day on all of her thoughts and escapades with animals ceased, she had a new man in her life even though he was her father. Her only interest was how long it would take her husband/father to get her pregnant.
The next morning Norma was warm and snug in bed, and she had just been loved. She pulled a pillow over her head and listened to the vague sounds in the bathroom next door, where her father was getting ready to work outside. She drifted back into sleep, relaxed and content, knowing that her father loved her and wanted her as much as she wanted him.
Their incestuous life style would continue to broaden from missionary sex to doggy style sex over the next few weeks. Six weeks after they had consummated their incestuous affair, Elsey discovered the truth when he was passing the bathroom and heard Norma throwing up in the toilet, looking through the door Elsey saw Norma on her knees with her head in the toilet bowl. Elsey smiled as she headed for the kitchen where Peter was having coffee, standing alongside him she said, "It didn't take long to get her pregnant, did it?"
"You don’t mean she’s pregnant, do you?" Peter asked.
“Oh yes she is,” Elsey replied.
"How are we going to explain the baby after the birth?" Peter asked.
"We’ll think of something, when the time comes." Elsey replied. “Besides that I suspect that you are not the only one around this area that is sleeping with their relatives.”
“It still doesn’t feel right.” Peter said.
“Get over it Peter,” Elsey snapped at him. “I don’t hear you complaining when you are sleeping with her and treating her as your wife.”
“That was your idea, anyway wasn’t it,” Peter replied.
Their conversation ceased as Norma re-entered the kitchen and said, “It must have been something I ate mom.”
“When was your last period Norma?” Elsey asked.
“Six weeks ago mom.” Norma replied.
“Well that’s the answer then you are pregnant.” Elsey said.
Norma sat quietly for a few moments and then said, “Thank you Daddy.”
Peter just sat there in silence
The months passed slowly for the twenty-eight year old Norma.
When she was in the sixth month of her pregnancy the inevitable happened, Stan, her estranged husband turned up on the farm with his latest girlfriend a petite nineteen-year-old.
Getting out of the car he confronted Peter and asked, “Where is that slutty wife of mine?”
Right at that moment Norma walked out onto the veranda and confronted him. Stan took one look at her swollen abdomen and said, “So you finally did it you got knocked up you stupid bitch. Who’s the father?”
“It’s definitely not you; you little dicked bastard.” Norma retorted.
Stan’s latest girlfriend was standing by the car trying not to laugh at the tirade going on between Stan and Norma.
“Where are you from honey” Norma asked.
“From the office where he works, I am supposed to be his secretary and confidant.” She replied.
“What’s your name honey?” Peter asked.
“Georgina,” She replied.
“Well Georgina you can stay here for the night and we will take you to the bus station tomorrow morning to catch a bus home.” Peter said. “And as for you Stan get back into your car and leaved right now.”
When he saw Elsey standing the doorway with a double barrelled shotgun pointed at him, Stan quickly got back into the car and sped away. He made it safely to the main road but not back into the township, he was involved in a head-on collision with a heavily laden semi-trailer, his car was written off and Stan died instantly on impact.
True to their word Peter, Norma and Elsey drove Georgina to the bus station on the way Elsey asked, “Georgina why did you become involved with that idiot Stan?”
“He seemed nice when I first met him,” She replied. “But he isn’t much in bed.”
“What makes you say that?” Norma asked.
“He certainly isn’t the greatest lover in the world because he couldn’t satisfy me.” Georgina replied.
“That’s why I left him.” Norma said.
They were at the crash site when the police were stopping everyone at a road block . “Do any of you people know a Stan Miles?” The officer asked.
“We all do,” Peter replied, “he is my son-in-law or should I say was because my daughter is divorcing him.”
“Follow me,” the officer said, “There’s something you may be able to help us with.”
Arriving at the police station Peter went inside and identified the broken body as Stan Miles.
Then with Georgina safely on the bus they returned to the police station and made the arrangements for Stan’s funeral. Five days later Stan was interred in the local cemetery. There would never be a head stone on the grave.
Two months later another man turned up on the farm. When Elsey answered the door he asked for Norma Miles.
“Who are you?” Elsey asked.
“I am Stan Miles solicitor, Simon Banks.” He replied.
“Yes Norma’s here,” Elsey said, “what do you want with her?”
“I have a will here, can we discuss it inside?” he asked.
“Yes we can, come in,” Elsey said. “Sit here for a minute.” Simon Banks sat down.
Once he was settled Elsey went to Norma and Peter’s room and told Norma to get dressed and come into the kitchen. When Norma entered the kitchen she recognised Simon Banks immediately.
“What do you want Simon?” Norma snapped at him. “Stan’s dead and good riddance I say.”
“He left a will,” Simon said. “And it names you as his beneficiary.”
“Why should I care?” Norma retorted. “I left him because he wasn’t man enough to admit his short comings and I knew he was threatening to change his will.”
“He knew about your application for divorce proceedings and he was determined to reach reconciliation with you.” Simon said.
“That was never going to happen, I wanted babies and he didn’t.” Norma retorted again.
“Alright,” Simon said, “let’s get down to the facts; if you hadn’t left he was willing to consider fathering kids.”
“I’m sorry to say it, Simon but the only thing he was interested in was how quick he could finish having sex and get to sleep,” Norma retorted hotly.
“Alright, let’s get down to the will,” Simon said, “The first item is the house it is yours to do with as you wish, second is his bank account containing $500,000.00. Next was that the furniture should be donated to charity and the last item is that the shares he held in the company he worked for should be sold, although the decision remains in your hands.”
Norma thought for a while and then said, “I don’t know what to say. And in saying that I think the shares should be kept for my children’s futures.” That ended the conversation. And Simon banks left to finalise the contents of the will.
A month later the will was finalised and Norma was several hundred thousand dollars richer and the share value wasn’t known although Norma had a thirty per cent holding. She was offered a position on the board of directors which she refused.
Eleven months after Peter and Norma's first love session Norma’s labour started then in the middle of the night her water broke saturating her side of the double bed. After seventeen hours of labour, their baby a daughter was born with Elsey acting as a midwife. They named her Amanda. Eight weeks after the birth they resumed their love making with a fury that Peter had never experienced with Elsey.
"When is all this going to stop, Norma?" he asked.
'When we have a son to help you around here," she replied. “Come on daddy I’m ready.”
Within seconds of entering Norma’s pussy Peter was shooting his baby laden cum into her cunt again. Norma groaned as she shuddered through a second and third orgasm.
As Peter pulled his limp cock out, Norma said, "I think I am knocked up again."
However Norma was wrong it took several weeks of sexual activity before she got pregnant again and when she told her father, he couldn’t have been happier.
Eight and a half months later Allan their son was born.
A year later twin girls Cheryl and Helen were born.
After the birth of the twins both Peter and Elsey suggested that Norma go on the pill, Norma flatly refused and said, “At thirty two I’m still young enough to get pregnant and at fifty five, daddy you are still a young man in my eyes.” Peter’s face reddened at his daughter’s remarks while Elsey laughingly said “I know you are still interested in Norma because I have watched you rubbing your cock through your pants every time she flashes her ass at you.”
“Maybe I am getting too old to satisfy you Norma,” Peter said.
“Daddy I just told you that you are still a young man in my eyes,” Norma said.
Over the next two years Peter’s sexual appetite had flagged to three and sometimes four times a week; however Norma was hopeful of getting pregnant again. Then the inevitable happened Norma missed another period and nine months later Adam was born. Elsey had played the midwife for all of the births and not only was she the children’s doting grandmother; she was also their baby sitter and son became their school teacher.
All five children were home schooled and did their exams on computers. Their exam papers were set by the home schooling group and were identical to the rest of the country’s exam papers.
Norma's sex drive had always been insatiable and after the birth of her second son, at the age of thirty-six, her sexual appetite seemed to increase, and at fifty-nine Peter's sexual activities was slowly decreasing their father daughter relationship wasn’t as sexual as Norma would have liked it to be.
All through their young lives and into their teens they were unaware that their father was also their grandfather. Nudity with the children around had become a thing of the past.
Amanda in her mid-teens had gone from a gangly youngster into a well-developed teenager. Allan on the other hand was muscular and well-proportioned and had taken to farm life easily. The twin’s only thoughts were for their dolls and doll prams and often let Adam join in with them in their games.
Elsey having learned from her lack of teaching Norma about sexual matters when she was growing into womanhood had no misgivings about including sex-education into her grandchildren’s classes.
Then the time came when home teaching for Amanda and Allan was no longer viable, so they were enrolled in secondary schools, Amanda went to an all-girls school whilst Allan was enrolled in an agricultural college where he excelled.
Cheryl and Hellen continued their education at home and were up to the level of normal schooled six graders. While Adam level of education was equivalent, to grade three; so Norma decided to send to a local school so that he could mix with boys his own age.
By going to the local public school Adam made friends with several boys and one girl in particular in his class, Melissa. None of the boys knew anything about Adam’s and Melissa's parentages. While Adam was the offspring of a father daughter relationship he was unaware of it and Melissa was the result of her mother’s rape by an uncle when she was nineteen. It came to pass that even though they didn’t know each other’s background and upbringing they each formed a bond that would bind them as close friends all through their schooling.

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