My Perverted Family: 4. Mom’s Story

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My named is Todd. I am a forty-five years old divorcee, and I love sex. I have known since puberty that I was addicted to sex. As I have mentioned in my other stories, I come from a very long line of sexually perverted individuals. My family is riddled with tales of incest and debauchery. My parents, my Aunts & Uncles, my nieces & nephews, my Cousins and most of my In-Laws have engaged in Incest and every other form of sexual deviancy. You name it, and someone in my family probably did it.

Most so-called ordinary family’s interactions are governed by what is known as the “Westermarck Effect." That just means that they are not sexually attracted to one another, but several studies seem to contradict the standard view of the Westermarck effect. People seem to have sexual preferences toward faces that resemble their parents' or their own. If correct, this would suggest that Freud's idea of the Oedipus complex had more merit to it.

My whole family has always seemed to be devoid of the Westermarck Effect, but heavy on the Oedipus complex. We have some relatives that just love sex with whoever is available. We also have our share of gay, lesbian, or bisexual individuals. With that said, let me tell you about my Mom.

Mom’s Story

At some point in a teenaged boy's life, he will probably look at his mother with lustful intentions. My time came when I came home from school one day and heard my Mom and my Aunt Bella arguing about which one of the two gave the best blowjob. They didn’t know I was home so I listened quietly and learned things about my family I would’ve never believed if I hadn’t heard it from them.

Oh my, God, I thought to myself. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My Dad and his older sister, my Aunt Bella, had been fucking each other since high school. My Aunt Bella and her sister, my Aunt Savannah grew up sucking the cocks of just about every man in the county. Not only that, my Mom has had her pussy licked by Aunt Bella; seemingly more than once. And to top it all off, my Mom had licked Aunt Bella's pussy as well. The women in my family are all apparently bi-sexual and liked licking pussies. My head felt like it was going to explode. I started to sneak away to my room to masturbate to this newly discovered knowledge when I heard my own name mentioned. Aunt Bella suggested to my Mom that she should give me my first blowjob before she took it upon herself to introduce me to the joys of oral sex.

And as it turned out, Aunt Bella did get to me first and introduced me to not only oral sex but to all the lustful grown-up sex. Aunt Bella and I started secretly meeting on a weekly basis, and Aunt Bella cultivated me into a world-class sex toy. I became skilled in all the ways to satisfy a woman with my tongue, my cock, my fingers and a multitude of stimulating sex devices. Aunt Bella learned right away that I became really hard when she told me about the many sexual trysts my Mom had been involved in over the years. When Aunt Bella told me stories about my Mom, my cock got so hard it stuck out like a pot handle. My dick would get so hard you could've picked me up by that handle. Every time we had sex Aunt Bella would tell another story, and I would pound away at her pussy until we both had marvelous orgasms. I could fuck several times in a single afternoon as long as Aunt Bella kept the stories about Mom flowing. That’s how I learned about the secrets I am going to tell you regarding my sexy Mom.

Aunt Bella told me she was jealous of my Mom when she and Dad first married. Aunt Bella saw Mom as intruding on Dad’s passionate love-making that rightfully belonged to her. Aunt Bella said her first impression of my Mom was that she was a passive, border-line submissive that needed someone to force her into doing things she really wanted to do but lack the courage to initiate on her own. Aunt Bella was quite the opposite. She was a strong-willed woman and didn’t think twice about imposing her will on others. Men seem to like that Aunt Bella was not only beautiful but was aggressive when it came to fucking. Aunt Bella detested the weakness Mom projected. Aunt Bella said she felt obligated to either drive my Mom away or teach her how to survive in our family of strong-willed individuals.

Aunt Bella’s first story about my Mom made me so hard, I was able to fuck three times that afternoon without much of a rest between each fuck. Aunt Bella told me that just a few months after Mom and Dad were married, Mom walked in on her and my Dad fucking. They were at Grandma’s house during a family holiday get-together. A big fight ensued, and Mom and Aunt Bella didn't talk for weeks. My Mom got the impression she wasn't sexy enough to keep Dad away from Aunt Bella. Aunt Bella didn’t help matters when she told Mom she dressed like a prude. Mom overreacted and started dressing somewhat slutty to draw Dad's attention and prove Aunt Bella wrong. All that accomplished was to start the family gossip to flowing. Aunt Bella tried to correct the damage by offering Mom an olive branch. She invited Mom over for lunch to have a heart to heart talk. My Mom came prepared to fight for the exclusive right to my Dad's cock. Aunt Bella had a scheme to make Mom more assertive or more submissive; either one would work for Aunt Bella.

When Marilyn, my Mom, arrived at Aunt Bella’s house she found Aunt Bella in the kitchen preparing two salads. When Mom walked into the kitchen, Aunt Bella smiled and offered her a glass of wine. Aunt Bella said Mom looked so slutty in her tight tank top that was so small her nipples were almost pushing through the fabric, and her skirt barely covered her ass. Mom had dressed that way just in case Dad was there for the talk. She wanted Dad concentrating on her; not Bella.

Smiling with smug confidence, Aunt Bella said, "My, you look like such a dirty little slut. Have you no pride Marilyn?"

"Thanks for the compliment, Bella,” Mom responded with sarcasm, “I will dress and do whatever it takes to keep you away from my husband. You use whatever you can to entice himright? I plan to do the same."

Aunt Bella walked boldly over to where Mom was sipping her wine and pushed Mom back against the kitchen counter. Aunt Bella's move startled Mom, and she stood frozen. Mom’s passive personality took over. Aunt Bella reached over picking up a vibrator she had hidden away so Mom wouldn't see it. She took the wine from Mom and held the vibrator up for Mom to get a closer look. Aunt Bella turned it on watching Mom's eyes grow large.

Mom looked a little nervous as she asked Aunt Bella faint-heartedly, "What are you going to do with that Bella?"

"Well, you'll see Marilyn, you'll see."

Mom unconsciously shifted further into her submissive nature as Aunt Bella knew she would. Then Aunt Bella lowered the buzzing vibrator and began moving it over Mom's nipples. Mom couldn’t believe what was happening and was paralyzed to resist. Aunt Bella watched as Mom's nipples became hard as pebbles, pressing against her thin top. She continued moving the buzzing vibrator over Mom's now rock-hard nipples looking into her eyes. Aunt Bella leaned forward and lightly kissed Mom on the lips and Mom offered no resistance. It was all too obvious that Aunt Bella was enjoying the fact that the vibrator was pleasuring Mom’s nipples. She also liked the idea Mom had accepted her kiss without fighting to break away.

Aunt Bella smiled asking, "How does that feel Marilyn? Does it make your nipples feel good, does it make your pussy wet Marilyn?"

Mom had become a shrinking violet, and her breathing had become labored. She suddenly became utterly powerless against Aunt Bella's assault. Aunt Bella had pegged Mom correctly because she appeared to liked Aunt Bella taking control.

"Yes, it feels terrific, I've never felt anything like it," Mom whispered breathlessly.

“What do you like most; the kiss or the vibrator?”

"I liked them both," Mom sighed as she leaned in for another kiss.

Aunt Bella blocked another kiss and pushed Mom back against the counter and said, "Mmm, well it's only going to get better Marilyn, I really think you're going to enjoy what I have next."

Mom secretly enjoyed the teasing. Her pussy was getting wetter the more Bella teased. Aunt Bella continued pleasuring Mom's nipples while she reached for another, more massive vibrator. Mom's eyes grew even wider as Aunt Bella held the second, vibrator up for Mom to see. She lowered the vibrator and kicked Mom's feet apart causing her to spread her legs. Mom almost lost her balance when her legs were spread wide enough for what Aunt Bella planned next. Bella lowered her hand to Mom’s crotch and started sliding the large vibrator beneath Mom's short skirt. Instead of turning it on right away, Aunt Bella pressed the vibrator against Mom's pussy. Mom gasped, and Aunt Bella began slowly moving it over her pussy.

Aunt Bella told Mom, "Pull your skirt up for me, you naughty little slut, let me see that pretty little-wet pussy."

Mom obeyed Aunt Bella’s demand.

Mom's prompt obedience pleased Aunt Bella, and she said, “There, that's it, let me see your pussy and how wet it is. Your panties appear to be soaked."

Mom slipped her panties off and held them out for Aunt Bella’s inspection. Aunt Bella held the panties to her nose and sniffed them. Then Aunt Bella pushed the vibrator against Mom's pussy, pressing it against her labia, moving it back and forth as Mom gasped. She looked at Mom asking her again, "Does that feel good on your pussy you little slut? Does it make you feel horny?"

"Yes, yes it feels wonderful," Mom sighed.

"I see, well wait until you feel this next astonishment; you horny little slut."

Aunt Bella turned the vibrator on, as Mom's mouth opened and she started gasping for air and squealing as the vibrator buzzed against her pussy. Aunt Bella turned up the intensity of the vibrator causing Mom to squeal even louder. Aunt Bella set the smaller vibrator down on the counter, concentrating on Mom’s pussy with the larger one. Aunt Bella turned and twisted the vibrator against Mom's pussy, changing the intensity of the vibrations.

Aunt Bella raised and lowered the vibrator speed at will, watching Mom's reaction each time. Then she eased the vibrator into Mom's pussy. Mom couldn’t help gasping and squealing more. A kaleidoscopic range of expressions crossed Mom’s face as Aunt Bella started fucking Mom's pussy with the vibrator, working in and out as Mom's face continued to contort as the sex toy buzzed deep inside her pussy. Aunt Bella took her to the edge of orgasm only to turn the vibrations down to keep her from cumming.

Aunt Bella asked Mom, "Does my little slut want to cum, is that what you want?"

"Yes, please let me cum, Bella. I need to cum so badly." Mom begged.

"Oh no, not yet. I have more fun planned for you my horny little slut. Now we're going to take that top off and get rid of the skirt. Do it now, get out of those clothes."

Mom took off her top and skirt and stood there waiting for what was going to happen next. Aunt Bella told her to turn around and lean on the countertop. Mom obeyed doing as she was told. Aunt Bella grabbed something different this time, a beaded butt plug that also vibrated. It was a few inches long and could easily be inserted into Mom's ass. Aunt Bella spread some lubricant over the end so it would easily slide into Mom's ass. Then she told Mom," I have something I know my horny little slut is going to love. Now bend over and get ready for some real fun."

Mom leaned over, her ass sticking out as Aunt Bella started moving the anal toy over Mom's ass. Mom begged her to be gentle because no one had ever done anything anal to her. Aunt Bella promised to be gentle and eased it between Mom's ass cheeks, spreading them apart as she slowly eased the anal toy into Mom's ass. Mom squealed and moved her ass from side to side as Aunt Bella started working it in and out of her ass. Then, when Mom appeared ready, Aunt Bella turned the butt plug on, sending intense, erotic sensations through Mom's ass. Mom squealed and pushed back against Aunt Bella's hand.

Aunt Bella asked, "Does my little slut like having her ass fucked? Does it feel good my little slut?"

Mom was having trouble getting her next breath. The sensation she felt was like nothing she could have imagined. Mom’s submissive side cried out for more, "Yes, oh fuck yes. Fuck my ass, please, fuck it good and hard!" Mom begged.

Aunt Bella grabbed the vibrator she’d had used on Mom's pussy and slid it back into her pussy. Now she was fucking both Mom's ass, and her pussy as Mom squealed out loud and thrust her ass back into Aunt Bella. Soon Mom was cumming, her body shaking and shuddering as the orgasms shot through her body. Mom's knees started to buckle because of her intense orgasms. Finally, Mom stopped cumming after Aunt Bella removed the devices from her ass and pussy. Mom's legs gave way, and Aunt Bella held Mom in her arms asking, "So, how did you enjoy your orgasm?"

"Oh Bella, that was so fucking intense, I've never felt anything like it in my life. I wish I had toys like that at home, I would be masturbating with them all the time."

"Well, I bought them especially for you, they're yours, Marilyn, to take home and use them whenever you want. When you need to cum really hard."

"Thank you so much, Bella, but I can't take them home as much as I would love to have them at my disposal, if Ben found them, he would freak out and throw them out. Can I leave them here and use them when I'm over here with you?"

“Ohso you liked it so much you plan to come back for more.”

“I don’t know how you knew it, but you knew damn well I would be coming back for more.”

"Of course, Marilyn, you can come over anytime and use them. They will come in handy when you're feeling really horny. I’ll give you a key to the house, and you can even use them while we're gone. I'll put them in this bag here after we wash them off and then put them in the dresser drawer in my room. Feel free to drop by any time and use them."

“What if you’re out and Harry is here? How would I explain my reason for dropping in?

“Don’t worry about what Harry thinks. Hell, if you are really horny feel free to fuck Harry. It’s only fair you fuck my husband since I am fucking your husband on a regular basis.”

“No thanks, Harry doesn’t interest me in the least.”

“One more thing Marilyn, before we eat our salads, you are going to accompany me to my bedroom where you will eat my pussy until I cum harder than you just did.”

Mom was twenty-four at the time, and Aunt Bella was thirty. Aunt Bella told me Mom had taken a real liking to eating her pussy. Aunt Bella said Mom became really good at eating pussy. So good, it became a regular event each time they met for lunch. They either started their luncheon by eating each other’s pussy or ended the luncheon that way. Sometimes they even started lunch and finished lunch with a vigorous pussy licking. Aunt Bella pointed out to me the reason I became so aroused by her stories of Mom's sexual endeavors was that I had a sincere desire to fuck my Mom. I agreed she was correct and asked her to assist me in seducing my Mom. She refused my request and told me if I was too timid to seduced my Mom on my own, I didn’t deserve to enjoy the pleasures of her body.

I eventually did fuck my Mom, but you are not going to believe how it came about. It wasn't as much my doing as it was my sister Amy's plotting in the background. I'll give you the details of that later, but for now, I will stick to telling you what I did. I started paying a lot more attention to how my Mom dressed and how sexy she looked when her hair was all messed up. I would get a hard-on practically every time I got around Mom, and she would notice it but not say anything. I occasionally caught her looking at the bulge in my jeans, and I saw she would blush and then her nipples would get hard and poke against her top. My older sister, Amy and I shared a lot of secrets, and I began to tell about her my desire to fuck Mom. Amy supported me and offered advice when I called her. For example; I walked into the kitchen one morning, and Mom was leaning over digging in a kitchen drawer. Her short robe had risen up to where I could see her bare butt and her pussy. It shook me up so badly I ran down the hall to the guest bathroom and blasted my cum all over the mirror. After I cleaned up my mess, I called Amy, and she convinced me Mom was trying to let me know I should approach her about sex. Amy didn’t bother to tell me that Mom had called her first with all the details of what happened. I know now Amy was jerking my chain, but at the time I really believed Mom wanted to seduce me.

Amy answered my call on the first ring, and the conversation went like this.

“Hi, baby brother. Why are you calling me so early on a Saturday morning? I’d think you would still be sleeping off last night’s party.”

“Amy,” I gasped as I found it difficult to take my next breath, “you are not going to believe what happened this morning when I came down for breakfast.”

“Wait a minute, Todd,” Amy interrupted, “why don’t you slow down, relax, take a deep breath and tell me.”

“I saw Mom naked this morning,” I blurted out and took another deep breath.

“What do you mean, you saw Mom naked?”

Amy feigned ignorance of the morning excitement. She wanted to hear my version and compare it with Mom’s account of the incident.

"Well…not really naked, naked, but I did see her naked little rosebud and the puffy lips of her vagina. I didn't do it on purpose; I swear. I just walked into the kitchen, and there she was bending over, digging in a bottom drawer of the kitchen cabinet. Mom didn't have any panties on at the time, and her bathrobe was so short it caused her bottom to be exposed when she bent over. And I got so fucking hard I thought my cock was going to break off or rip right through my shorts and…."

“Wait a minute,” she interrupted again, “Todd, slow down. You are rambling on in a way that I can hardly understand what you are so shaken up about. Just take another deep breath and organize your thoughts before continuing. Better yet, just let me ask you some questions.”

I took a deep breath and sighed, “Okay.”

“Now let me get this straight, Todd. You came down for breakfast, and when you walked into the kitchen you came face to face, or should I say face to butt with Mom,” Amy snickered.

“Very funny, Amy,” I groaned. “This is serious, and I want you to take it seriously."

Amy stifled a laugh and said, "I'm sorry, little brother, I didn't mean to make light of your predicament. Okay, Mom is bent over, and you see her naked rear-end. Where was Dad during all this time?"

“He was sitting at the breakfast table with his back to the door and his face buried in the morning newspaper. I don’t think he was even aware of my presence.”

“What about Mom? Did she see you standing there?”

I thought for a moment and then said, "I don't know. I couldn't see Mom's face."

“Of course not,” Amy snickered again, “you were too busy staring at her ass!”

“Ammyyy! I’m serious about this…It’s not a joke to me,” I whined.

“I’m sorry, Todd. I promise not to make light of it again. What did you do next?”

“I panicked and ran down the hallway and locked myself in the guest bathroom.”

“And let me guess. You spanked your monkey until there was cum all over the bathroom.”

I let out a long groan. Amy was determined to turn the whole thing into a joke

“I’m sorry,” she chuckled, “last time I promise. While you were spanking…ugh…masturbating what did you think about?”

“Amy…what the hell do you think I was thinking about? I was thinking about seeing Mom’s bare ass staring back at me!”

Amy decided to jerk my frustrated chain some more. To her, it was all harmless fun. I didn't know it at the time, but she had already talked to Mom and was getting off on my frustration.

“Did you think about what it would be like to fuck Mom? You know…did you picture your hard cock slipping up her wet love tunnel?”

“Damn it, Amy. Cut that shit out…she’s my Mom. It’s not right for me to have thoughts like that about my own mother.”

I don’t know why I chose that moment to pretend I was reluctant to fuck Mom because of incest. I had been fucking Aunt Bella for months and never gave a shit if it was incest or not. I just felt awkward admitting to my sister that my goal was to seduce Mom. I don’t know why I took that stance at that moment because I had already asked Amy if she would advise me on how to seduce Mom. She knew what I wanted and agreed to help.

“It may not be right, but I’m willing to bet you did think about it. Right?”

“Amy…That would be incest if I fucked my own Mom.”

“I know what incest is, Todd. Did you have incestuous thoughts about your Mom while you masturbated? Just tell me the truth. I won’t think badly of you if you did.”

“As much as I hate to admit it, I did for a brief moment see myself slamming my cock into Mom’s you know what. Of course, it would never happen because Mom would never let it happen.”

"Well…I wouldn't be so quick to say. Mom would never let it happen. She's only human, you know." Amy stifled another chuckle. She was really getting off on jerking my chain and decided to throw a real bombshell. “Based on some of the discussions Mom and I have had, about you, she’s noticed your bulging pants on many occasions. Mom believes you have a large cock and I get the impression she is also probably thinking about how that big cock of yours would feel sliding in and out of wet RUNNY pussy. I bet she went to her room and masturbated after she served you your favor breakfast of RUNNY eggs.”

"No way," I said.

"Yes…way," Amy countered.

"Well, …she did go to her room for a long time," I recalled.

“There you go! I rest my case. She probably couldn’t wait to ram her fingers in her runny pussy while pretending they were your big hard cock.”

“Wait a minute, Amy. I just realized you keep emphasizing the word runny. How did you know she fixed runny eggs for my breakfast?”

“A little bird told me.”

“Come on, Amy. Mom told you all about this didn’t she.”

“Yes, she did. She called me early this morning and told me all about the encounter between you two in the kitchen.” Amy replied.

“Why didn’t you say something when I first mentioned it?”

“I wanted to hear your version and compare it with Mom’s version.”

“Is she upset about me walking in on her and Dad?” I asked.

"I wouldn't say upset; more like shocked. Mom told me she got very aroused when your cock got hard because of her. Every woman delights when a man reacts that way to her sexiness."

“Bullshit, Amy…Mom didn’t tell you she saw my cock get hard.”

“Yes, she did, Todd. Not only did she tell me about seeing you get hard, but she also wondered out loud about how your hard cock might feel in her runny pussy."

“No way,” I disputed.

“Yes, way!” Amy replied.

“Amy…Do you really think Mom might fantasize about fucking me? I mean seriously? After all, I’m her son, and that would be incest. Mom is too conservative to engage in incest.”

“Incest!”, Amy laughed, “Are you really worrying about incest? So, what the hell do you think we were doing my last two years of high school when you ate my pussy, and I sucked your cock practically every night?”

I had forgotten all about our incestuous hookups during high school. We were just engaging in oral sex, so I didn't really view it as sex; incestuous or otherwise. Visions of me with my face buried between Amy’s thighs invade my head at that moment and I paused a second to savor the memory.

“That’s different, Amy. We never did the big nasty to each other. We just made each other cum like crazy with our oral skills. Besides, President Bill Clinton maintains oral sex is not really sex.”

Amy had a serious tone to her voice and asked, “Todd, did you ever want to fuck me back then?”

Unknown to me at the time, Amy inserted two fingers into her wet pussy and started a slow, methodical in and out motion that caused an immediate chill race through her loins. I hesitated to answer, but Amy could hear my breath quicken, and it caused her pulse to race. An orgasm was building as she imagined my cock penetrating her drooling pussy.

“Come on…you can be honest with me, Todd.” Amy pleaded.

There was a husky, seductive tone in Amy’s voice and I picked up on it. I flashed back to all the times I’d wished I could ram my throbbing cock in my big sister’s pussy after giving her an oral orgasm. I’d always wanted to fuck her but never had the nerve to mention it. Amy interrupted my flashback when she insisted on an answer from me. She asked the question again.

“Did you ever think about fucking your big sister while we were busy swallowing each other’s cum. I really want to know. What harm can it do now to let me know the truth?”

I began to stroke my hard cock through my pants. I envisioned myself balls deep in my sister’s pussy with her long legs wrapped around the back of my thighs, pulling me deeper and deeper into her wetness.

“Did you ever want ME to fuck YOU?” I countered.

“I asked first, Todd. Now tell me the truth. I won’t hold it against you. Or on second thought, maybe I WILL hold IT against you if I get the chance,” she laughed.

I hesitated a minute and then answered with a firm, "Yes!" I took another deep breath and said, “I thought about fucking you all the time, Amy. In fact, every time we had oral sex, I would go back to my room and masturbate thinking about fucking you until you squealed like you did every time, I caused you to orgasm with my tongue.”

I don’t remember unzipping my pants and taking my cock out, but there I was stroking my hard cock like it was going to explode if I didn’t relieve the pressure immediately. Amy was elated that I wanted to fuck her. It was something she had always wanted also. Her admission was causing my orgasm to jump on the fast-track. It would only be a matter of minutes before my balls emptied.

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?” Amy asked as her fingers moved with lightning speed in and out of her pussy. Amy's breathing was coming in short rapid bursts, and her orgasm was so close she could feel it.

“Because I was afraid you would turn me down and then not ever let me eat your pussy again. And what’s worse, I was scared you would never give me another one your breath-taking blowjobs again.”

Amy stopped fingering herself for a moment and whispered, “I wish we HAD done it back in high school.”

“Really?” I hesitated a minute then asked, “Why?”

“Oh…for a lot of reasons, but mainly I think my honeymoon night would have been better if we had trained each other to fuck as well as we had learned to give each other oral sex.”

“Really?” I was surprised she was sharing this very personal honeymoon information with me. What takes place on the honeymoon was supposed to be for the bride and groom only. I was tempted to ask if her honeymoon was a disappointment but wisely chooses not to ask.

“Now don’t get me wrong, Todd. I thoroughly enjoyed my honeymoon, but I think Jason was a bit disappointed in my performance. I know I was disappointed in some respect,” Amy volunteered.

“How so?”

"Well…first of all, I still had my cherry, and the intercourse was very painful at first. I had given Jason a fantastic blowjob that caused him to break out in a cold sweat, and his balls exploded sending a gush of cum into my mouth. I think he thought I was sexually experienced enough to give him a first fuck that was just as good as that first blowjob.”

“Did he say he was disappointed?”

"No, but I sensed that he wasn't entirely satisfied. I know I wasn’t totally dissatisfied with his eating my pussy. It was nothing compared to what you used to do for me with your tongue. I still see you as my gold-standard when it comes to eating my pussy. He wanted to have anal sex with me that night, but I was afraid to try it. Is it unusual for a man to want to fuck his wife in the butt?”

“How would I know. I have never been married, and none of my married friends have confided stuff like that to me."

“Have you ever wanted to fuck a girlfriend in the behind?”

"It never came up with any of my girlfriends, but I think I would be willing to give it a try if they wanted to experience it."

“Well after Jason pestered me for several weeks, I finally let him ass fuck me, and I loved it. It hurt at first but then it got terrific.” Amy hesitated a minute and then added, “Sometimes I often think back to when you and I were servicing each other with oral sex, and I think I would’ve maybe liked for you to side your cock up my ass. That’s if I had known about anal sex. What would have been the difference in putting your cock in my mouth and putting in my ass? I could’ve kept my cherry intact and at the same time enjoyed a powerful anal orgasm.”

“Oh shit, Amy. You are going to make me blow a load in my pants if you keep talking like that. Are you just saying that to get my mind off of the situation with Mom?”

“No, I’m not just saying that. I always loved the way you ate my pussy, but if I knew then what I know now about anal sex, I would have craved it also. When I went off to college, I couldn’t wait for the weekends to get home and feel your tongue back in my pussy. I skipped parties, football games and special weekend events at college just to rush home and feel your tongue in me. I also loved sucking your cock and tasting your cum in my mouth. I became so addicted to the taste of your cum, I would lay in bed at night craving the taste. It was almost like my lifeblood. I felt I needed it to survive. Don’t misunderstand me, Todd. I love my husband, Jason. I really do, but his cum doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as your thick creamy cum.”

"Amy, I think we need to change the subject, or I might find myself on the way to your house to have one of our oral sex sessions topped off with a little anal sex. And if I do get the nerve to come to your house, I can’t guarantee it wouldn’t end in an old fashion fuck-fest between brother and sister. You're married now, and I don’t think Jason would appreciate me fucking your brains out.”

Amy's fingers were working overtime on her pussy, and she could feel her orgasm building to a crescendo. She could tell it was going to be a big one. Maybe the biggest one ever. She gasped and said, “Todd, I have to go. Let me know how it goes with you and Mom.”

Amy quickly hung-up the phone, and I was left with the dull sound of a dial tone. My mind flooded with confusion and indecision. My erection waned, and my urgency to climax disappeared. I kind of wished I hadn’t called her. Now I was lusting for my Mom and my sister.

Mom and Dad were starting to experiment with roleplaying to put a little spice into their marriage, but I wasn’t aware of their games. I kind of stumbled in on them and didn’t really understand their sex games. Several incidents happened over the next few weeks, and each time Amy convinced me it was an invitation from Mom for me to make my move. One weekend Mom dressed as a Hooter’s waitress and served Dad beer and refreshments while he watched all the televised professional and college games. Mom has breasts to rival any of the real Hooter’s girls. The Hooter’s outfit seemed to work because Dad eagerly fucked her during half-time and at each commercial break. Dad never knew I walked in while they played, but Mom did and only blushed and smiled at me. When I told Amy about the incidence, she said it was further proof Mom wanted me sexually. That encouraged me to double my efforts to seduce Mom.

I walked in on them another time while Mom was playing the role of a sexy French maid. She was dressed in a very short skirt with no panties, and her bra was apparently non-existent. I appeared suddenly without notice one evening just as Mom straddled Dad’s cock and was rubbing her bare tits in his face. They had both assumed I was out partying with friends. Dad never knew of my presence, and the suddenness of it all surprised Mom so that all she was able to manage was a blush and a shy smile. That blushing smile from my mother only fed my suspicions that she did indeed want to fuck me. I slipped away to my room and masturbated three or four times before falling asleep. Mom and Dad continued with the Roleplaying as if there had been no intrusion. Dad was oblivious to it all. He was too busy sucking Mom’s tits and trying to keep up with the ballgames.

And then to top it all off, the day I was to return to school, Mom got up early to have breakfast with Dad before he left for his usual Sunday morning golf outing. I was supposedly up in my bedroom sound asleep. I usually never got up before noon on Sunday because I wanted to be rested for my drive back to school. Mom was once again dressed in her sexy light blue satin bathrobe. No panties or bra under the robe. Dad was at the breakfast table preparing to work the Sunday crossword puzzle. I learned later Mom had a special surprise for Dad that morning. A surprise that would lay the groundwork for an even wilder afternoon of sex after I left for college and Dad returned from his golf outing.

Mom stood with her back to Dad and rehearsed in her mind again how she was going whirl around, fling open her bathrobe and show Dad what will be waiting for him when he gets home from golf. Meanwhile, Dad couldn’t find a lead pencil to do his crossword puzzle and quietly left the kitchen in search of one. Seconds later I, unbeknown to my Mom and Dad, I entered the kitchen sleepy-eyed and horny as usual. Mom whirled around at that precise moment opened her bathrobe and said, “This is yours to enjoy in any way you see fit.”

I stood frozen in the kitchen doorway as I stared at my mother’s naked body. Her beautiful bare tits and neatly trimmed bush were on display for me to see. Her taut brown nipples were standing at attention. I was wearing my same running shorts as before, and my cock was so hard it was a miracle it didn't rip a hole right through the fabric. I was wordless and had the same horror-struck look on my face as before. Dad was still looking for a pencil. Amy had me convinced Mom was wanting to have sex with me so, I naturally thought she was talking to me because I was the only other person in the kitchen. It rattled me, and I abruptly turned and raced down the hallway to the guest bathroom. It took me less than a minute of fierce masturbation to coat the mirror above the sink with an even thicker layer of cum than the first time.

Dad returned with a pencil and Mom was still frozen in place like a stone statue. Her robe was still open, as was her mouth and she was embarrassed beyond words. Dad took a casual glance at her and told her she looked like a butterfly spreading its wings. She was still in shock and slowly closed her bathrobe. Dad didn’t witness any of the antics between Mom and me, and Mom was not going to try and explain it. Mom retreated to her bedroom and put on proper attire. I left the bathroom and quietly returned to my bedroom to pack for my trip back to college; Dad finished the crossword puzzle and then left for his golf game. When I finally came down to leave for school, Mom gave me a big hug, but she was too embarrassed to say anything other than, “I love you, Todd.”

There was an uneasy silence in the room. I was trying to think of a way to phrase my gleeful acceptance of Mom’s generous offer of sex without sounding like a dork. I was so thrilled by her invitation and wanted to accept her offer, but needed to discuss it with Amy first. I had dreamed of having sex with my mother for months, but never thought she felt the same way until then. When I arrived back on campus, I rushed immediately to the privacy of my dorm room and called my sister, Amy.

Amy’s phone rang several times before she finally decided to answer. I didn’t know it at the time, but she was pissed because I didn’t bother calling her during the Thanksgiving Holiday. She sounded distant and aloof toward me. I, on the other hand, was bubbling over with excitement and didn't really pick up on her aloofness at first. Our conversation went pretty much like this:

“Amy, you will never believe what happened this morning.”

I sounded like I was fighting to take my next breath. Amy didn’t respond. She was struggling to hide her bitterness because I had not called her over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Our last phone sex had led her to believe I was interested in eating her pussy again and maybe even giving her the fuck we both dreamed about in high school.

“Mom opened her bathrobe and flashed me,” I eagerly reported. “She was totally naked underneath the robe; no bra, no panties. She told me that she was all mine and I could do what I wanted with her.”

Amy didn't respond, and I was puzzled, but still hadn’t picked up on the fact she was pissed with me.

“Don’t you see, Amy? You were right all along. Mom does want to have sex with me.”

Suddenly it dawned on Amy what her younger brother was saying, and it snapped her back to her senses. What started as a joke on her little brother was suddenly spinning out of control. Amy’s anger towards me disappeared. The excitement and sincerity in my voice told her she had created a big misunderstanding. She didn’t know how to correct it without destroying my ego and creating an unrepairable distrust between us.

“Slow down, Todd and tell me exactly what happened this morning.” Amy finally asked.

I took another deep breath and said, "I walked into the kitchen and Mom suddenly twirled to face me, and at the same time she opened her bathrobe and told me she wanted to fuck me."

Amy thought for a minute and then asked, “Did she really say she wanted to fuck you? Did she use those exact words?”

“Well…no. She said something like, this is all for you to use as you wish, or something to that effect,” I answered and then said, “What difference does it make about the words? It all means you were right and she does want to have sex with me. My problem is how do I let her know I want to do it as badly as she does? When she flashed me, I acted like a stupid juvenile and fled the room. How do I go back and take her up on her offer without looking like a fool?”

Amy hesitated for a moment and then said, “I can call Mom and smooth it over for you.”

Amy didn’t have the heart to admit it was a cruel joke on her part. That would definitely create a chasm between her and me that could never be crossed again. She had to find a way to right that wrong without destroying the whole family.

“No!”, I shouted. “I would die if Mom knew I had discussed this with you. This is something that is very private between Mom and me. I just want you to help me find a way to approach Mom without looking like a total fool.”

“Let me give it some serious thought, but in the meantime don’t do or say anything to Mom that might make things worse,” Amy advised, “I’ll get back to you as soon as I think of a solution that will save face for all.”

The last thing Amy wanted was for me to innocently walk up to Mom and tell her I was ready to fuck her. The chaos that would cause was something Amy was not prepared to deal with.

“What if she calls me and wants to talk about it?” I asked.

“If she calls you, either send her call to voicemail or talk as though nothing had happened this morning. Don’t you dare bring up the subject of fucking. You should continue letting her dictate the ground rules”, Amy advised. “Let Mom bring it up when she is ready. You just hang back and follow her lead.”

“Thanks, Amy. I knew you would have an answer.”

Dad had to attend a three-day sales conference on the west coast. He wouldn’t return home until late Thursday night. Mom wanted to welcome Dad back with the surprise of all surprises. She called Amy for suggestions. The call went somewhat like this:

When Amy answered the phone, Mom bombarded her almost immediately without the usual greeting, casual talk, or explanation.

"Amy put your thinking cap on. I want to put together a roleplay scenario that will top all of the other scenarios to this point. I want something so salacious it will cause your Dad to cum like a young teenager."

There was a lot of excitement in Mom’s voice, so Amy knew right away something unusual was going on with her Mom. “Okay, Mom…. what’s happened that has you so horny this morning that you need to jump right into crazy time before even saying hello?”

“Hello, Amy,” Mom replied then continued, “Now help me dream up something extraordinary. I want to give your Dad the surprise of his life when he returns from his trip on Thursday.”

“Mom, are you troubled about something?” Amy had a strong suspicion something else had happened since she last spoke with her mother.

“No!” There was a doubtful tone in Mom’s voice. “I just want to top anything we have ever done to spice up my Roleplaying with your Dad."

Amy intuitively knew more was going on than Mom was willing to admit.

"Don't bullshit me, Mom. I have never seen you so excited or maybe agitated may be a better word for the way you are acting this morning. Does this have anything to do with your recent encounters with Todd?"

“No!” Mom snapped. “How do you know about our recent encounter?”

“Todd called me right after it happened and told me all about it. Is that what’s gotten you so keyed up?”

“Well maybe…I’m not sure,” Mom sobbed.

“Come on, Mom, tell me what is really troubling you. Does it have to do with Todd?”

“Yes,” sobbed Mom. “I am ashamed to admit it, but since we talked about your brother’s cock size, I can’t get a certain vision out of my mind. I shouldn’t tell you this, but lately, all I think about is fucking your brother. Your Dad is on a sales trip to the west coast, and when I go to bed at night, my head is filled with visions of Todd shoving his big cock in me. I know it's wrong, but I can’t get the images to go away. I really try to rid my mind of the images, but I end up finger fucking myself to the most amazing orgasms while seeing Todd's face instead of your father's face. We have to come up with a great Roleplay scenario with your father that will replace all those thoughts in my head about your brother."

Amy thought for a moment then asked, "What really excites you, Mom? When you lay in bed alone what fantasy gets you so wet you want to scream?"

One haunting fantasy came to mind immediately, but Mom was reluctant to mention it to Amy. It’s something that she had fantasized about since college. She had even fantasized about it occasionally while having sex with Dad. She decided to keep it to herself and answered, "I can't think of a thing right now, Honey."

Amy could tell by the tone of Mom’s voice, something was lurking in her mind that she didn't want to discuss. Amy had a gut feeling it was something so dark her mother worried about shocking and even embarrassing her own daughter. Amy decided to pressure Mom to reveal what it was she was reluctant to divulge.

“Come on, Mom. I can tell by the way you are hesitating, something is lurking in there wanting to come out. So, take a deep breath and spill whatever it is that seems so troubling.”

Mom thought for a long minute then decided to share one of her deepest, darkest secrets with her only daughter. She took a deep breath and said, “When I was in college, one night I came back to my dorm after midnight and found my roommate cowering in the corner of the room. The lights were all out, and I didn't see her there at first. Then I heard her sob. She was wrapped in a blanket and was totally nude underneath the blanket. When I asked her, what was wrong, she informed me someone had entered our room while she was sleeping and raped her.”

“Oh my, God Mom, what did you do?”

"She didn't want to report it to the Campus Police, so I held her for a long time, and she told me all the sordid details. She was very vivid with her account of every event that took place during that so-called rape. I refer to it as a so-called rape because apparently, the rapist was very gentle with my roommate, and she indicated that it was more of a tender love-making session than a rape. My roommate’s adrenalin was running high, and she finally told me that the high adrenalin rush had caused her to have three or four orgasms during the rape. She also admitted to enjoying the orgasms so much she could never bring herself to prosecute the person responsible. She went on to say she would welcome him back into her bed if she ever got the opportunity. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I had a mild orgasm listening to her."

“Oh my, God Mom, I just had an orgasm while you related the story to me. I have the perfect roleplay scenario, but let me put it in writing and refine a few of the details before we finalize the whole thing.”

“Amy, you can never tell anyone about this, because it would be embarrassing for anyone to know I fantasize about being taken by a stranger.”

“I understand entirely, Mom, but right now I think I want to be taken in that manner and fucked until I am completely drained of all my orgasmic juices,” Amy proclaimed. “You just wait, Mom, this is going to be the most thrilling roleplay event ever.”

I had a distressing week at school. All I could think about was taking my mother up on her offer of sex. I hadn't heard from my sister, so I assumed things hadn't been worked out for a smooth approach without looking like a fool. I was due to return home late Friday night or early Saturday morning. That gave me a few more days to consult with Amy.

Dad wrapped up his sales conference at noon on Thursday. After a relaxing lunch, he gave Mom a call and informed her he was on his way to the airport. He let her know he should be home no later than eight o'clock that night. Mom excitedly began preparations for the big surprise she and Amy had put together for Dad’s homecoming. She gathered all the sex aids that would be needed to enhance that night's major event. Mom double checked to make sure everything was within arm’s length of their marital bed. She taped a note on the back door leading from the garage into the kitchen. She wanted to make sure Dad saw his instructions for the roleplay on the kitchen table. Mom then went to her bathroom for a nice relaxing bubble bath.

Thursday afternoon I learned the college was canceling classes for Friday due to a hibernal snowstorm working its way from Chicago to the New England States. I decided to jump in my Jeep and get home before the storm hits the area. If I was lucky, I could make it home by eight o'clock on Thursday night. I packed two suitcases and loaded them in my jeep. When Dad arrived at the airport, he learned flights were being delayed due to airport closures across the Northeast. He called to inform Mom of the delay, but she was in the bathroom with romantic music blasting from her iPod, and the call went to voicemail. Dad left a message advising Mom that it may be well after midnight before he finally arrived home. Mom was busy with anticipation and didn't get Dad’s message.

When I arrived home, I parked my Jeep Wrangler on the street and then unloads two suitcases of dirty clothes from the backseat. There was just a light dusting of snow. The big storm was close behind. I punched the garage door opener, and Mom heard the garage door go up. She began lighting a dozen scented candles that were strategically located around the bedroom. She stripped naked, positioned herself in the middle of the bed and then put on a blindfold.

I made my way through the cluttered garage to the kitchen door. As I approached the back door, I saw there was a note taped to the door. I set my suitcases down and read the note which said:

"Welcome home Sweetheart. This is going to be a thrilling night for us both. You are going to experience things tonight that you may have thought was out of the question. Things that have been totally taboo in the past are a fair game tonight. This is the night all your kinky dreams come true. I want you to feel free to do anything to me your heart desires. Your instructions for this roleplay are on the kitchen table. I will be waiting for you in the bedroom. Please don't make me wait much longer. This is something we will both remember for years to come."

I was a bit puzzled by the note because I had not informed anyone, I was coming home Thursday night. I wasn’t supposed to get home until mid-afternoon Friday. If it hadn't been for the approaching snowstorm, I would still be at school. I wondered how could Mom possibly know I would arrive tonight? The note should have my first clue that things weren’t as they seem. I ignored my gut feeling and decided to chalk it up to Mom’s intuitions. After all, there was a winter storm headed our way. I put my suitcases in the laundry room to make it easier for Mom to sort my dirty clothes and put them in the washing machine. I made my way back to the kitchen where I found the neatly typed instructions she referred to in the note. The caption at the top of the instructions read:


“Please follow the instructions of this scenario and we should both enjoy a sexy roleplay that will have us Cuming like crazy all night. I put a lot of creative of thought and imagination into this scenario. I tried to incorporate some fantasies I am sure will appeal to your masculine desires as well as of some of my own secret wishes.”

My hand trembled as I read the note from my beautiful, sexy Mom. All kinds of wild sexual thoughts swam in my teenaged head. Every sexual idea I had ever dreamed about my Mom was bombarding me at once. I had to stop a minute and let my heart slow down before reading on. This should have been my second clue things weren’t right, but my teenage hormones were driving me.

My Mom also wrote, “It’s time we open up to each other and release all the pent-up desires we have tried to deny existed between us in the past. I have decided to adopt the philosophy: "If it feels good; do it!" If you have something you want to try, just do it, and we will analyze it another time. Let's have fun and enjoy each other fully.” I paused again and took a deep breath. My cock was really hard, and I was beginning to feel light-headed. If only I had known at that time what I know now, I could’ve prevented a lot of embarrassment later. However, I would have also missed out on the best sex of my life. The instructions continued.

• You, the burglar, must strip nude and leave your clothes in the kitchen.

• On the kitchen table, you will find a ski mask and a penlight.

• Turn off all the lights downstairs and proceed to the bedroom. I will have nothing but candlelight in the bedroom so the penlight may come in handy to find your way.

• In the bedroom you will find on the nightstand; a feather duster, a large vibrator, a tube of lubrication, handcuffs, a ball gag and several lengths of rope. The ball gag is something I'm not really sure about, but use it if it turns you on. Bondage and domination are some things I have thought about but never had the nerve to suggest. However, I think it will add to the overall excitement. I would love being tied up and tickled with a feather duster. Use your imagination and make this thrilling for both of us.

• The ski mask is optional because I will be blindfolded to enhance my fantasy. It will be much easier for me to pretend you are a real stranger if I can’t see you, or hear your voice. You being a man will probably forego the mask so you can see my naked, submitting body. That’s just the way men are; especially you. It’s okay to be a little rough with me, to a point. I’ve often fantasized about having my bare bottom spanked. (Sweetheart, please don’t talk and break the spell. I can’t pretend you are a stranger if I recognize your voice. Just silently torment, tease, and fuck my brains out.)

• We will both start out totally nude so we won’t have the hassle of disrobing and we can get to the good stuff right away. I know people typically start with the missionary position first, but for tonight, please try to be a little more creative and try new things. I am open for any kind of weird kinky stuff you can conjure up for tonight's adventure. I threw in the tube of lubrication in the hope you may want to try a different approach. Like coming at me from the rear. (Hint, hint.) I have never tried anal, but it does intrigue me a bit.

• And remember, please don’t talk during our encounter and take away from my fantasy. I can let my imagination run wild if we just silently fuck like real strangers. Oh, and feel free to imagine I am anyone you want me to be; let your imaginations run wild. After you have fucked me senseless just slip away into the darkness like a real burglar to make this seem as real as possible. I love you and can’t wait for your surprise visit.

Mom’s reference to my surprise visit caught my attention. I was now sure she had somehow found out about my coming home earlier than expected and planned this surprise just for me. I thought that perhaps the school sent out a notice to alert parents of the school closure, or maybe she called the school and learned I had already left, I surmised. It really didn’t matter how she found out. The main thing was that we were finally going to enjoy each other’s body. My cock was throbbing and leaking pre-cum down my thigh. This was indeed an exciting way to accept her invitation to have sex. I stripped from my clothes, slipped the ski mask over my head and used the penlight to find my way up to the open arms of my Mom.

The flickering candlelight cast an Aire of seductiveness over the bedroom and the scent of lilacs filled the room. Mom was lying on her back in the middle of the bed. Her arms were by her side, and her legs were splayed and inviting me to come and play on her playground. Even in the dim lighting, I could see her excitement in the moisture covering her thin pubic hairs. I approached the bed and stood over her admiring her beautiful tits with taut nipples that emerge from the center of her breasts like small icebergs floating in the ocean.

In keeping with the Roleplay scenario, Mom whispered, "Who's there?"

I took that as my cue start the fantasy and tenderly traced my fingertips cross one erect nipple. Mom gasped and said, “Please don’t hurt me. I will do anything you say.”

I placed the palm of my hand gently over Mom’s mouth and shushed her. I was so excited that my secret desires were about to come true. I wanted this to be as good for Mom as it would surely be for me. I removed my hand from her mouth and moved the tip of my cock across her lips, smearing her mouth with my pre-cum. Mom reached out and grasped my hard cock and enveloped it with her hot wet lips. She took my cock all the way to the back of her throat without gagging. I was so excited when my cock hit the back of Mom's throat, I prematurely pumped a load of my thick creamy cum directly down her throat. The second and third load she swished around in her mouth before swallowing. I moaned as a shiver embraces my body causing my legs to weaken.

I took the feather duster from the nightstand and tickled Mom's breast. Goosebumps pop up immediately covering Mom's entire body; She giggled and reflexively covered her sensitive breasts with her hands. I slapped her hands away and pinched one nipple until she cried out. I slapped her breast hard with my open palm. She gasped, and I twisted a nipple until she cried out again. I was beginning to like that too much and stopped torturing her tits. Mom's pussy was getting wetter from the nipple pain, and my cock got harder as I inflicted it. I decided I loved playing this game with my Mom and went a step further. I took two lengths of rope and tied her arms spread-eagle to the bedpost.

Since she was blindfold, I decided to toss the ski mask and enjoy her supple tits in the fullest. I stroked her naked breast with the feather duster until both nipples look like they are going bust. She pulled at her restraints, but couldn't cover her breast. She was breathing as though her next breath wouldn’t come in time to stop her from suffocating and her face was covered in a light coating of sweat. I leaned forward and captured one nipple in my mouth and then moved to the other. She let out a shriek and trembled as the first of many orgasms to come racked her body. I was so pleased with her reaction I wanted to drag it out longer. The room quickly filled with the aroma of her sexual arousal.

I slithered down so I could nibble and suck on both of her nipples at the same time, swirling my tongue around to flick them, drawing a little "ohoh!" each time I did it. I trailed my hand down her flat stomach, swirling a finger in her navel for a second before moving it down further. I traveled down until I was running my fingers through her soft, downy trimmed pubic hair. She squealed again as my searching fingers went down until I stroked them back and forth across her labia. Mom’s natural lubrication was already moistening the lips as her arousal heightens. I slipped one finger between her slit, making her gasp and squirm, and then inserts two, as I felt the little bead of her clitoris begin to harden and dampen even more.

I continued to suck at her nipples for a little longer, simultaneously sawing my fingers in out of her drooling pussy. I started kissing down her abdomen, following the same route as my fingers, licking and kissing her navel, before licking down to her pussy. I was running my tongue through her pubic hair, enjoying the feel of the soft hairs slipping on my tongue as I glided down and down. At last, I was able to slide my tongue over her labia, making her quiver and moan. She tried to reach out and grasp my head to pull me closer, but the restraints on her hands prevented her from accomplishing that task.

I wanted to find a better angle, so I crawled over her legs, to lie between them, palming her lovely butt cheeks to lift her pelvis up, her pussy now easily accessible. I began licking again, long lapping strokes, like a puppy dog drinking water. Mom was so happy thinking Dad was finally licking her pussy. It’s something he had avoided in the past. I traveled from her pussy to her anus and back to her clitoris, making her drum her heels on the bed and tug at her restraints. I pushed my face down into her wetness. I began nipping at her clitoris, making it stiffen and pulsate, making her gasp and wriggle, until she could hold it no more, groaning out loud as she orgasmed. Her pussy was convulsing, and her juices flooded over my mouth and chin as she came, tasting sweet and salty and tangy all at once. She whispered she was amazed at the effort Dad was putting into pleasing her. Dad had eaten Mom’s pussy only a few times in the past, but he had never licked her anus. She decided this particular roleplay scenario would become a permanent tool in their repertories.

I was more than happy to follow the instructions of Mom’s roleplay scenario, making her orgasm over and over again. Mom’s legs flexed, and her heels dug into the bed until she began to come down, gradually relaxing as her orgasm died away. I moved up next to mom. I pulled her in for a long slow passionate kiss, while stroking Mom’s fully erect nipples with my fingertips as my tongue searched the deepest recesses of her mouth. I pinched and twisted her nipples again as she tried to break the restraints and throw her arms around me. Sex with Mom was meeting and exceeding all my expectations. I just wished it had happened much sooner.

Mom was thrashing about the bed and shrieking with carnal pleasure that topped any she had ever experienced. The restrains added to her overall enjoyment. The feeling of not having any control scared her yet at the same it was incredibly satisfying and thrilling to be at the mercy of a stranger. She was experiencing one orgasm after another. It was taking away all her strength. She felt as though she would pass out if one more orgasm occurred.

I sensed she was in a bit of distress and backed off until she calmed down. After a few minutes, her breathing returned to normal, and I decided it was time for me to invade that forbidden passage between my Mom's legs. I got on my knees and positioned the head of my cock to make that long dreamed about entrance into the place of my origin. All thoughts of incest had long faded from my mind. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit as I mixed my precum with her natural lubricant.

With that, I edged forward pushing in slowly and giving Mom time to adjust to the feeling of my enlarging cock. It seems that the harder my cock got, the bigger it got. She wrapped her legs around my hips and anchored her heels behind my thighs. Mom was gasping as I slid into her. This was the first time she realizes that Dad’s cock was harder and much thicker than it had ever been. She was thinking it may be the excitement of the new thrilling scenario, but whatever the cause she liked it and wanted his cock to get even thicker and harder. The unusual stretching of her pussy was a bit painful but created an enormous amount of pleasure. I felt her tense and gasp with each additional inch I gained and slowed to give her more time to adapt.

She had to occasionally, urge me to continue by pulling with her anchored heels when I stopped because she was gasping. I thought I was causing her pain. I didn’t believe my cock was that large, but she was very tight, and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt, my sweet Mom. I at first met a small amount of resistance due to my girth, but then her vaginal walls relaxed, and I slid to her depth. At last, I was all the way in, with Mom taking a deep breath before we began in earnest. I took a deep breath and thought to myself, “Wow, I’m fucking my Mom. I am actually fucking my Mom, and I just love fucking my Mom”!

I reached up and freed his Mom’s hands. She immediately wrapped her arms around me and held me close. I was so thrilled with her embrace I started hammering away at her pussy. She was squeezing me with her arms and pulling with her legs to meet my thrusts with thrusts of her own. My balls were slapping into Mom's ass, and my cockhead was slamming into her cervix. She started screaming and digging her nails into my butt as a magnificent orgasm exploded sending flashes of light behind the blindfold covering her eyes. Her heart was beating like crazy. She began to have one orgasm after another.

I felt tingling and then a boiling deep in my ball sack. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. It felt good yet hurt at the same time. I felt my breath was going away. Suddenly my cock erupted with a massive blast of cum. One immense spurt was followed by another. After each burst of semen, Mom's vagina clamped down on my cock, and it felt as though her pussy was sucking the cum directly from my balls. I started screaming and shaking like I was convulsing. Mom began to shudder and squeeze me tightly. I emptied my sack and gradually floated back to earth just as Mom gushed one last orgasmic blast before passing out.

I held her in my arms for approximately fifteen minutes before I realized she was lightly snoring. Her serene smile was illuminated by the soft candlelight so, I eased myself out of her arms and stood up. I covered her with a blanket and removed her blindfold. I found the penlight and then snuffed out all the candles before slipping away to my own bedroom.

Dad didn’t get home until well after midnight. He found Mom sleeping peaceably. Dad didn't have the heart to wake her. He was kind of glad she was soundly sleeping because he was worn out from his trip and didn't have the strength to engage in strenuous lovemaking. Dad fell asleep instantly. When he did wake up the next morning, he found Mom watching him sleep, and she was smiling. He couldn’t understand her smile.

“What?” He growled.

“Thank you, Ben. Last night was the most wonderful loving making I have ever experienced in my entire life,” she cooed.

“So, if that is supposed to be meant as sarcasm just keep it yourself!” He growled. “It’s not my fault you were sound asleep when I finally got home.” He turned away and covered his head with the blanket and groaned.

Mom was both crushed and dumbfounded. She jumped out of bed and raced to the shower. As the hot water cascaded over her sexually sated body, she was wondering; if that wasn’t Ben, then who in the hell had made love to her last night. Mom returned to the bedroom after her showering and found Dad still sound asleep and lightly snoring. She put on a terrycloth robe and hurriedly collected the scented candles, and other sex paraphernalia used the night before. Mom stuffed them in a pillowcase and hid them in the back of her closet. She was baffled and made her way to the kitchen for a much-needed cup of coffee. She didn’t see the roleplay instructions on the table. Someone removed them during the night. Apparently not her husband. She rushed to the back door to see if her note was still taped to the door. That note was also gone. On her way back to the kitchen she saw Todd’s suitcase in the laundry room.

“Oh my God, no! “She mumbled under her breath. “It couldn’t have been Todd. Oh, dear God please tell me it wasn’t my son, Todd.”

Mom underwent a sudden flash of panic as she raced upstairs to my room. The note from the back door and the roleplay instructions were lying on my desk. It's true, she thought to herself. Todd had been her mystery lover from the night before. She at first felt sick to her stomach, but then a rush of excitement. When she turns to look at me, I was sleeping on my back in the middle of the bed. I was nude and had a morning woody that would put most men to shame. Mom’s eyes lock onto my erect cock and all the exciting memories from the night before came flooding back. She told herself she should have known by the hardness and thickness it was not Ben’s cock. She also felt she should have known that it wasn’t Ben because he had never satisfied her with his tongue before. In fact, he rarely, if ever went down on her without her insisting. She had been so enthralled in the moment and the pleasures of last night that she didn’t question any of the visible signs pointing out it was someone other than Dad delivering the fantastic sex. Mom’s head felt like it was going to explode. She needed to call Amy. She rushed back down to the kitchen and nervously punched Amy’s number into her cell phone. The call went like this:

Amy answered on the first ring and said, “Mom, I have been waiting for your call. Was it as wonderful as we thought it would be?”

“Better than we could have ever imagined!”, Mom excitedly replied. She didn’t know why she was so excited inside. Considering the apparent mix-up, she should be terribly distraught, but strangely she felt her panties become very moist as a chill traveled up her spine.

“So, I assume by your excitement that he didn’t just give you a quick fuck and then fall to sleep this time. Tell me all the delicious details. Did he follow the suggestions on our instruction sheet? Did he get creative with his love-making? Did he finally eat your pussy until you exploded with a magnificent orgasm? Did he experiment with anal? Did he…?”

“Wait a minute, Amy.” Mom interrupted her in mid-sentence. “Slow down and ask me one question at a time, but before you do just let me say that last night was totally marvelous. However, it wasn’t without a few surprises.”

“What do you mean? Surprises?”

“Well in answer to your first question; YES, he did follow the instruction sheet we carefully crafted. I think he tried to implement every suggestion we listed. And the answer to your second question is a definite YES. He was very creative. He even did things that were not on our list. And I am also pleased to report he used his magnificent tongue to deliver the most exquisite climax ever. I have no complaints about his performance. None whatsoever!”

“Well…if he did all of that the way we planned, what was the surprise?”

Mom hesitated a moment before blurting out, “It wasn’t your father that came to my room last night and roleplayed the scenario we so painstakingly put together.”

Amy gasped and then screamed, “Oh my God, Mom, what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that for some unexplained reason your brother, Todd came to my room and made the most intense love to me that I have experienced in my entire life. He must have seen the note taped on the back door and misconstrued it as being meant for him. Why we may never know.”

Amy cleared her throat and said in a barely audible voice, “That may have been my fault that he thought the note was meant for him.”

“What do you mean, your fault?” Mom abruptly asked.

Amy haltingly replied, “It started as a prank and kind of got out of hand.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Amy? What kind of prank?”

“Well…a lot of bizarre things have happened over the last few months, and I used them to jerk Todd's chain a bit. Just as a playful joke, mind you."

“Such as,” Mom suspiciously asked?

“Like…do you remember when Todd walked into the kitchen and saw your naked butt as you dug around in a kitchen drawer?”

"Yes…I remember that well because the whole stupid episode was so embarrassing for me. I never found time to explain the mix up to Todd. I had no idea he would be up that early in the morning."

“Well… every time something similar to that happened Todd would call me and tell me about it.”

“And you didn’t think to tell me he called you?”

“I know now that I should have, but I never dreamed it would go this far.”

“Okay…Go on.”

“I decided to have a little fun with Todd by leading him to believe that you were doing all of those things to tease him and see if you could arouse him sexually. I think I may have said it looked like you wanted to have sex with him.”

“Oh my God, Amy! Why on earth would you do that to your little brother? And why in the hell would he believe you? I never flaunted myself in front of him.”

“Mom, you know how men are when it comes to sex. They don’t think with their head as much as they do with their dick. It takes very little to get their hormones to shift into overdrive.”

“I still don’t understand how accidentally seeing my naked butt would translate into me wanting to have sex with him?”

“That’s where I played a big role. I knew Todd wasn’t sure if it as an accident or not. He didn't know what to think until he called me and I used his confusion to play the prank.”

“I don’t understand how that one incident would lead to something like last night. How would seeing my bare bottom for a brief moment make him think I wanted him in my bed?”

“That’s not the only thing that led up to last night’s grand finale. He saw many more sexually stimulating things over the last month and called me after each occurrence. I used each of them to make him think you were enticing him to hit on you.”

“Amy, that was a callous thing to do to your brother."

“I know, but at the time I found it amusing to hear the excitement in his voice when he talked about the possibility of actually having sex with his own mother. I have to admit my panties got wet listening to his fantasies about you.”

“Oh my, God, Amy, are you telling me my own son has been having sexual fantasies about me?”

“Well, duh…Todd has been jerking off to those fantasies about fucking you ever since he hit puberty!”

“And you know this, how?”

“Get real Mom…siblings talk to each other about a multitude of things they can't talk about with their parents. Todd and I have always been close and can discuss just anything with each other."

“What other things did he see?” Mom asked.

“You know…some of the roleplays you, and I put together to stimulate Dad's libido."

“Yes…. what about them?”

“You were recently roleplaying as a French Maid and was straddling Dad’s lap. Todd walked in just as you were rubbing your bare tits in Dad’s face. You looked up at Todd and just smiled without saying anything. I convince Todd that the smile was an invitation to him. I convinced him your smile was conveying the message that he could enjoy a similar delight with you if he wanted. All he had to do was ask.”

“Amy…how could you mislead your little brother like that?” The distress in Mom’s voice was obvious. “I smiled at him because he caught me off guard and I didn’t know what to say. How could you do that to your own mother? Didn’t you ever stop to think what the repercussions might be from a prank like you pulled?”

“I thought it was funny at the time,” Amy snickered. “I saw it as just good clean fun, and I enjoyed the reactions I got from my poor naïve little brother. It was especially hilarious when he walked in during the Hooters Girl roleplay. Dad was banging you like crazy, doggy style while watching the football game. You looked back over your shoulder at Dad just as Todd entered the room and again just smiled. I still had him believing your smile was an open invitation for the two of you to get together later.”

“I told you before I smiled because I was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say!”

“I know that, but Todd didn’t. He was totally thinking with his dick.”

"Okay…I can see you had him believing I was lusting for him. I still don't understand why he would think the note taped to the back door was meant for him. It didn't have his name on it anywhere."

“That’s where it gets kind of vague. The note was a bit generic and wasn’t addressed to anyone in particular. It just said welcome home Sweetheart. You do often call Todd Sweetheart, and he WAS just getting home from college. I can see how he might think it was for him.”

“He wasn’t expected home at that time and why in the hell would he think I would welcome him home with a wild roll in the sack? I have never even hinted that I wanted to invite him to my bed. Those innocent smiles from me couldn’t have been that inviting. It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

“It might make sense to him because the day he was getting ready to return to college, he walked into the kitchen, and you threw open your robe, exposing your tits and everything to him. He also told me you said that your body was his to do whatever he wanted. It shook him up so badly he fled to his bedroom without responding.”

“Yes…I remember the startled look on Todd’s face. I didn’t realize his father had left the kitchen. I was just trying to lay the groundwork with Ben to psych HIM up for the crazy uninhibited sex I had planned for HIM when he returned from his Sunday golf outing.”

“Well, …it worked marvelously on Todd. He wanted to take you up on your offer but felt like a dork for running away. He called me after he got back to his dorm and wanted to know how he could possibly take you up on your offer of sex without looking like a fool.”

“My offer of sex?” Mom screamed. “Oh my, God. What offer of sex? I was expecting his father to be in the kitchen; not Todd. I was offering myself to Ben; not my son. My back was to the door, and I had no way of knowing Ben had left the room and Todd had entered.”

“I know, Mom. I should have put a stop to the whole stupid joke long before it reached the boiling point in Todd’s hormone flooded brain. I began to worry he might naïvely walk up to you and say something like, “Yes, Mom, I DO want to have sex with you just as much as you want to have sex with me.”

Mom was running out of patience with Amy and said, “Just find a way to fix this with your brother before he approaches me wanting to do it again. I don’t know how I would handle that if he does.”

“What do you mean…you wouldn’t know how to handle it?”

“Just as I said, I have no idea how I would handle it if Todd asked to have sex with me again. I know it’s wrong for a mother to do something like that with her own son. Every fiber of my body is screaming it is wrong. But…….”

“But what, Mom?”

“I would’ve never in a million years tried to seduce my own son, but it did happen thanks to you," Mom said with a deliberate sigh. "I found sex with your brother was so unexpectantly wonderful, so fulfilling, so exhilarating that I'm not sure I would now be able to turn him down. I just pray to God I can continue to resist the growing temptation I have inside that’s telling me to go to him and beg for more sexual splendor.”

"Oh my, God, Mom. Are you telling me my little brother was so good in bed that you are fighting the temptation to ask for more?"

“I don’t want to, but believe me, that desire is in there screaming to come out.”

“Wow…if Todd is that good at ringing your “bell," maybe I should find a way to get him into my bed!"

“I wish it HAD been you he crawled in bed with. That’s not right either, but I think I could deal with that better than lusting for my own son.”

Amy was silently wishing it had been her also but kept it to herself.

“That’s it!” Mom shouted.

There was genuine excitement in Mom’s voice, and she said, “Todd needs a distraction away from me. If you could get him thinking about sex with you, maybe he will forget about me. Just anything to avoid him acting amorous toward me around your Dad. Besides, Amy, you are younger, have a much firmer body and probably more resilient in the bed than I could ever be. Find some way to get him fantasizing along those lines.”

“Mom…do you realize you are suggesting I try and seduce my brother?” Amy tried to sound shocked but found the idea very appealing. Her panties got wet thinking about having her Mom’s permission to come on to her brother. She had been wanting to screw her brother ever since they started having oral sex in high school.

“As scandalous as it may sound, it may be the only way we can save our family.”

“What about my other family? What would Jason and his parents think if he found I was sleeping with my little brother? And what if I like sleeping with Todd as much as you apparently did? And what if I can’t stop having sex with him either? What if I start having sex with Todd regularly and then begin to neglecting my own husband’s needs?”

"Okay…okay, I get the picture. I'm sorry, Amy. I wasn't thinking when I suggested that solution. I wasn't really expecting you to actually sleep with your brother; I was just grasping at straws. I'm looking for a distraction. Would you consider telephone sex with your brother? You know, maybe give him some fantasies to think about when he masturbates. I just don't want our family destroyed because of this stupid situation. If everything ends up going to hell, then you have to shoulder most of the blame.”

“I know. Let me give the phone sex some thought, Mom. I’ll call you back if I come up with something.”

Amy knew the phone sex wouldn’t work because she and I had been doing that with each other for years. Ever since she graduated high school and left for college. It’s still something we enjoyed occasionally. It helped Amy when Jason put in long hours at the law firm.

Mom hung up the phone and started frying bacon. The aroma apparently made its way up to my room because within minutes I stumbled into the kitchen. My eyes were still blurry with sleep, and my heart was beating with anticipation. I didn't know what to say to Mom. I was not even sure if I was expected to say anything. That was the first time I had ever awaken in the same house with someone whom I’d had sex with the night before. As I tried to decide, Mom casually greeted me with the usual motherly kiss on his cheek and asked me what I would like for breakfast.

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