Cum is thicker than Water

As long as Cynthia could remember, she wanted kids. It was her life long dream. And being married to Norman she thought that her dreams would at last come true. As long as Norman could remember, he wanted a family to provide for and protect. And the marriage between him and Cynthia would seemingly make this happen. After the wedding bells, they wanted to start making their family right away. After an extremely long year of fuck day after day, there should have been a little bundle of joy but on the contrary. The couple went to the doctor to find out what the problem was. It was Norman and his zero sperm count. When Cynthia asked him if he wanted to use a sperm donor, Norman reponded quickly with a "NO!" Norman was a very jealous man, and the very thought of another man's sperm in his wife was not a pleasant one. So, the couple decided to adopt.
First they adopted a three month old girl named Candice. They loved her but it wasn't enough. Two years later, the adopted a six month old boy named Cory. Now, it felt as if their family was complete. They loved the children as if they were thier own. As the kids grew, and their personalities started to develop, it became a disfuntional family. Candice and Cory did not get along at all. Being the older of the two, Candice would take up for Cory. But at times, you would think the two hated each other by the way they talked.
Present day, Candice is a 21 year old woman, 5'6", 125lbs., long dark brown hair that went half way down her back, natural green eyes, and size 36c breasts. She was a very responsible person and very dependable, but she was also a daddy's girl and a spoiled brat. Getting nearly everthing she wanted not only from her father but from the many men that admired her beauty.
Cory, on the other hand, was a trouble maker. He was a bad boy; always getting into trouble, and making his family wonder about his future. He was 6ft, 200lbs, light brown hair, and deep blue eyes, which he used to get his way with the many women he fucked pretty much on a daily basis. It was a wonder why he didn't have kids yet.
Norman and Cynhtia had finnally saved enough money to go on their second honey moon. They decided to leave Candice in charge while they were gone for a whole two weeks, since she was home from college for the summer. "Oh, and Candice, watch your brother and try to man sure he doesn't get into trouble.", said Cynthia as she was rushing out the door. "Don't worry, everything will be fine. As hard as it will be, I will try to get along with him." replied Candice seeing her mom to the car with her dad waiting. "Bye, honey, love you!" shouted the parents as the drove off. "Finally," thought Candice, "time to get some work done." She went back in the house and went upstairs to Cory's room. She opened the door to find him sleep. "Well, I guess cleaning the house can wait." As she looked at him sleeping, she saw his dick laying out on his stomach. The covers were on the floor. She unknowingly licked her lips at the site. "Dumbass, can't he ever sleep with his clothes on." She thought.
She went to the living room to watch some t.v. on the 60" screen. Being that it was after 10pm, all the softcore porn shows were on. She was interested in sex in most everyway. While seh watched one of the shows, her hand crept down her superman underwear and touched her baby smooth twat to ready herself for a hot and heavy sceen. Just then the guy and girl were fucking. They guy on the screen took her forcefully from the back as the girls titties flopped towards the camera. With each stroke the girl screamed a little louder each time. Candice was in a finger fucking daze. Rubbing her clit while she lifted her tank top and started rubbing her left tit. "Mmmmmmmm, oh shit, that's right, fuck that pussy you stud. Ooooo yeah. Fuck it hard." said Candice. Following ever stroke with her fingers as the guy, she was getting herself off better than the girl was. Coming back to reality by one of the girl's screams, she turned the t.v. down as to not wake up Cory. But Cory was up, dressed only in his boxers, and watching her play with her now drentched pussy. He watched her continue viewing the show and go deeper with her fingers. He crept down stairs slow and quiet. "Yeah baby, suck those titties, suck 'em for me. Fuck me baby, fuck me." Candice said now really gettin into it with her eyes closed.
Cory crept into the kitchen and got himself some milk to drink. "Hhhmmm, I wonder," Cory thought to himself. He walked over to th couch where Candice was with his un finished glass of milk. "Oh shit, oh shit, give it to me, yes, yes, yes, fuck i,t fuck it, fuck my pussy!" screamed Candice getting really close to her orgasm. With Cory knowing this he poured the rest of his milk all over her. "WHAT THE FUCK!", yelled Candice as she jumped up with both of her tits hanging out of her tank top. "CORY,you fucking bastard! How dare you!" "Oh, I'm sorry sis, I thought you needed help to cool down there." Cory replied, "You can't get a man to fuck or do you just like to watch." "I should be asking you, the same question." she said as she hinted towards his huge 8" dick hard as a rock and sticking out of his boxers. Cory grabbed it, "Oh, does this turn you on, is this what you like?" He crept closer to Candice stroking his dick. "Hell no it doesn't. Get that fucking thing away from me!" Candice yelled as he tried to touch her with it. But Candice could hardly ever resist a dick, and this one was no different. "Just touch it, once, that's it." Cory said with calming eyes. He put her hand on his dick and automatically she started to stroke. "You are a bastard. I hate you." Candice said seeming to be angry. This was a wopper of a dick. It was not only long but thick as well. This made her forget about her wet clothes and she payed more attention to her wet pussy. Grabbing his hands, she pushed one up against her pussy and the other on one of her breasts. "Get to work." she said in a smug voice. "Now that's what the fuck I'm talkin' about. Take off those wet clothes bitch. And then suck my dick." demanded Cory. Surprisingly she did what he said. She had never had a guy talk to her like that. and it turned her on far past any movie could do.
After throwing her clothes to the floor she got on her knees and held his massive dick that was still sticking from his shorts. "Is this what you like you son of a bitch?" she said as she took him as far as his dick would go. "Slurp, slurp, slurp" and "Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm" was all cary could hear from Candice's mouth. "Suck that dick, you whore. Just like that, ooooh yeah, mmmm, suck it." said Cory not believing that his sister was sucking his dick. Candice circled the head with her tongue, licked up and down the shaft, and sucked till her jaws were tired. She got up, sat on the couch, spread her legs and her pussy lips and said," Get your ass over her and eat this pussy!" Cory knelt down and had her suck two of his fingers, then he put them as far as the would go insde of Candice. "OOOOOOOOOHHHH, SHIT," said candice. His fingers were almost as big as his dick. He pushed his fingers in and out of her pussy. His whole hand soaking from her juices. He then started to lick and suck on her clit, giving her the pleasure she never dreamed of. "Uh huh, oh shit, oh shit, suck it , right there, right there! OOOOOOO don't stop you bastard. Use that fucking tongue! Eat that pussy! Oh yesssssssssss!" Candice screamed. She sarted to buck her pussy towards Cory's face. Then he suddenly stopped. Knowing she was about to cum.
"What the hell are you doing you mother fucker I was almost there!"Candice screamed at Cory grabbing his dick, "Give it to me, now you fucker! "Shut the fuck up bitch," Cory said as he helped her place his dick deep in her twat. " OOOOOOOOOOHHHH FFUUUUUUCK!" said the two siblings together. Deeper and deeper Cory went inside Candice. Surprisingly she to all of him easily. With her Pussy being so soaking wet, it was easy to go in and out. "Fuck it, fuck that pussy! It's yours! Harder, harder, make me cum you bastard!" Candice excalimed as she dug her nails into Cory's back. This just made Cory fuck like an animal. He was into it for the nut. The more he fucked the deeper he went. The deeper he went the faster he fucked. The faster he fucked, the more she moaned. The more she moaned thewetter she got. The smell of her juices and the feel of it flowing down his leg turned him on even more. Candice could feel his cock growing inside her. "Oooooooh shit! Fuck me!" Candice screamed as she orgasmed. As Cory continued to slam his dick deeper and deeper, she rubbed her clit to fuel her orgasim even more. "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH You son of a bitch, FUUUUUUUUUCK!" she said as started to have a multiple orgasim. This just made the juices flow almost like a waterfall. That did it for Cory. It was too much wetness for his cock to handle but it was too good to pull out. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, SHIT, OOOOOOOHHHH, OOOOHH!" yelled Cory as he nutted seeming to be buckets of cum all in side Candice's pussy. Some of it flowed out dripping down both of their legs. "SHIT!" screamed Candice, "Why the fuck didn't you pull out? You think just becuase you have a cock that size i wanna have a mistake by it you fucker!?" "I didn't see you tell me to put a condom on you bitch. You know you liked that shit!" responded Cory. "Well fuck you and good night, I'm going back to bed." he said as he went up stairs to his room. His cumming inside her is what gave her a huge orgasim. She couldn't deny it to herself that his dick was worth having again. Just thinking about his dick just being inside of her again got her juices flowing again. She went up stairs up to Cory's room, and this time she would ride him until she had enough.

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