Summer Camp- Day 1

t was my first day off from school for the summer in 10th grade. I was 15 and I didn't want to do anything but sit in my room and play video games or browse the net. Unfortunately my mom had not planned that I do that the entire summer. She had signed me up for four or five summer camps and retreats that I did not want to go to at all, but it was not up to me.

"I don't want to go! Its my life!"

"It won't hurt you"

"It might, have you been to this camp, do you know?"

"Just get on the bus and have a good time"

So I got on the bus and looked around at the church group I would be spending a long bit of the summer with. I was surprised to see that there were other guys there. It was about 40/60 guys to girls.

Now I had to find a seat, I took the empty one that didn't have anyone else next to it and sat down. There were about 8 girls and 5 guys in there from what I remember. I don't remember any of the girls being especially good looking, but I was too mad at my mom to be turned on anyway. I sat there as we picked up people and every seat but the one next to mine filled. When we picked up the last person it turned out to be a girl of 18, two years older than myself. She was amazingly thin, you could see her hip bones because she was wearing one of those shirts that stops above the belly button and low rider jeans.

When she sat down I got kinda nervous and sat straight, I had not had much contact with girls, escpecially not 18 year olds. She got out her CD player and started listening to music, as she did so she leaned forward. When she did so I could see that she was not wearing any underwear, in fact, I could see her ass and this turned me on. I tried to hide the bulge in my jeans by putting my cd player in the way, but she might have noticed. It turns out she had, she turned her body so that she was leaning towards me but it was not obvious, then she acted as if she was asleep as she slowly ran her hand to her zipper and patted it and began toying with the zipper. She brought the zipper

"We're here!" A counselor yelled and the girl leapt up and was out of the bus with everyone else.

As I walked around I realized all of these girls were total hotties, I had to try to conceal my boner as I walked around, kinda shoving it up my pants. I then began to walk towards the cabin I had been assigned. When I walked in I was dumbfounded. The girl in front of me was not the girl from the bus. She was much much hooter. She was blond with b-cups, no older than fourteen. Best of allshe was in the middle of changing into her bathing suit, her shirt was lifted above her head so I could not see her. I looked towards the female counselor with a puzzled look, then looked around to see there were other guys here.

"Th-The erm..cabins are coed?"

"Not normally, but we were overbooked, so this one is"

I akwardly walked towards the open bed behind the girl and set my things down. By now she had her pants off and was bending over for the bottom to her swim suit.

"Fuc-Man.." She said, looking at the counselor" These don't match"

She got on all fours and began searching for the bottom half. Okay, now by now I was ready to burst. I could see her pussy spread, it was trimmed, but not bald, which I found hot.

The counselor caught me staring and said, " I knew this was a bad idea, into your bathing suit, now!"

Now, the counselor caught my eye as she herself took off her shirt and shorts, to reveal she did not wear panties, but she was very quick in her changing.

"Will this cabin be full?" I asked looking around at fifteen of the twenty beds being empty.

"Yes, a total of 8 boys and 12 girls, into your bathing suit!"

I did not want to take off these shorts..hell..I was having a boner! I had to, though, so I turned away from the counselor and took down my shorts and took off my shirt, leaving me in my boxers, with my full erection raging at 7 inches. I looked to my right to see the girl who had been looking for the bathing suit, she was beautiful. Big blue eyes, long lashes, amazing faceshe was a tenand she saw my penis in my pants. She smiled and turned away as I took down my boxers and put up my bathing shorts as quick as I could. As I turnedI swear, the counselor was staring, but no, I imagined it.

Nothing much happened at the pool, I saw a few hot girls, had an erection and the time was spent. It was at the cabin that I noticed the next odd thing. The cabins had been built for one genderthe toilet was entirely uncovered, nothing around it at all and I had to shit bad. I held it off, but as I did so more girls arrived, about 9 of the 12 now, so I made my go. I went to the toilet, pulled my pants down and sat. Of course my hard-on was raging, so it was hard not to notice with a 7 inch dick at 15. But I did my business, flushed and went on, no one seemed to notice. About ten minuted later the last girl showed up, we were all here and she would be my room mate. She was about 5 foot 5, black hair to her shoulders, sexy drawl to her voice and a belly button ring. She took the bunk above my own and the counselor announced that it would be lights out in an hour, so we should all take our showers and get ready. Of course, my first thought was, where are the showers? But my second more logical was, with whom will I be showering?

The answer came as she lead us outside to an old tin building which suited just this cabin, she told everyone to strip naked and get inside, so we did. It was now that I noticed that the girl above me had a pierced pussy, this turned me on. Once we were in the room it was dark, I felt scared for a second and reached around, feeling several breasts on accident and saying sorry. Then I took a step forward and my penis hit someone with its erection, the girl next to my bunk. She smiled at me in the darkness and went to her knees. I felt her lips touch my penis and it felt so good, so alive. As she worked the counselor screamed here we go and turned the water on, it was cold, but it felt good, soo good. I felt a tickling sensation and I knew I was about to cum, I tried to tell her but I could not, too many people. I went, and she swallowed every last bit of it. When she stood up she stumbled a bit and fell on top of me, but we acted like everything was okay and it was just a misunderstanding and got out of the shower and back to the cabin.

"You are sooo big for someone our age"


"Didn't you think this was a bit weird"

"ermto..say the least"

"I saw you looking at my pussy"

I blushed at this, "well..I..was..jus"

She pushed me back on my bed before I could finish and stradled my chest, I had never had sex beforeor even seen a girl naked, so this was entirely new to me. She stradled her way up to my head and sat there while I look up. I was kinda scared, but I had heard from friends that girls like this, so I kinda licked it at a bit. She obviously wasn't satisfied because she grabbed the bars above her and bounced up and down on my tongue.

"Shit" she rolled off of me and to her own bed and began putting on her pajamas as the counselor walked in, still nude and dripping hot.

"To Bed!" The counselor screamed. I was surprised, but the girl above me did not even dressshe slept entirely nude in a room of almost half guys, but hey, I did not complain.

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