California Adventure with Blonde Angel

Hello, I’m Isaac. today starts my first day of summer vacation. Before the end of my second semester as a sophomore in college I signed up for a foreign exchange program for a promise of an exciting summer adventure. They definitely weren’t lying.

The flier said that there would be a summer trip to visit many of the major cities in California along with a group of foreign students.

However, being in a wheelchair has its disadvantages. I had to spend the weeks leading up to the trip talking with the event coordinator about accommodations that would be needed at all of our hotels that we would be staying at. Just a few days before the trip, we worked out all of the kinks and I was set to go on this adventure.

We showed up at the school on May 30th (a Monday) for the start of our adventure. There had to have been at least 30 of us waiting for the buses. Luckily I had talked my friend Chris into coming along so I had someone to talk to. But that plan was dashed the moment that the event leader began talking.

A tall African American male began yelling, trying to get everyone’s attention. “Hey can I get everyone to make a circle around me. Thanks. My name is Trevon. I am in charge of all of you. When we leave a place I make sure we are all accounted for. I am responsible for each and every one of you. So let’s have a good time and not do anything stupid. Now as you all know, this is a foreign exchange trip. Meaning, all of you will be paired with one of the students from Ukraine. They have all taken lessons in English to be able to participate in this trip. Some may have more problems that other when it comes to speaking our language. So help out when you can, and be respectful.”

I spoke just loud enough for Chris to hear me, “Damn, so we gotta spend time with people who can barely speak our language and babysit them. This is gonna suck”.

Chris replied, “It probably wont be that bad. Lets just wait and see”.

Trevon kept explaining the rules of the road as the buses drove up. There was one huge coach bus and one smaller short bus that I knew was for me. I was used to short buses, seeing as they are the ones with the wheelchair lifts.

As the bigger bus came to a stop an older gentleman stepped off and shook Trevon’s hand. “Its gooood to finally meet you” He said as they exchanged their greetings.

Trevon asked, “Vicktor, should we pair them up now, or wait for our first stop?”

“We do now, they can get to know each uder better on zee road”, Vicktor replied.

The two leaders began calling names and introducing the students to their partners. It got a few names in when Chris was called to meet his partner. He went up and shook the hand of a young male about 20 years old. His name was Mykola. They walked back toward me talking when my name was called.

Now at this point most of the pairs were of the same gender, but that was bound to run out as we had different number students of different genders. So I go up and see a young female, knowing I was one of the lucky few who got a person of the opposite sex.

And boy was I lucky, As I am approaching her am astonished at the beautiful girl that was my partner, she has somewhat pale skin tone but without any visible imperfections, she is sporting amazingly long sandy blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back, she is also quite skinny (she doesn’t look a pound over 105) but had slight curves in all the right places.

I realize I had been staring the entire time I was getting past all the people in my way and shift my eyes down to keep from giving off a creepy vibe. I finally get to the front and look back up at her. It is then that I realize how petrifyingly beautiful her brown eyes were.

“Oh, hello. My name is Steffanie” she says as she extends her arm to shake my hand. I put my hand out, not being able to extend my hand all the way due to my weak muscles. But she steps closer to take my hand and shakes it without a moments hesitation.

Our hands shake up and down for a few seconds as I take in the softness of her hands. At this point I hadn’t said anything in return. I realize I had been holding my breath this whole time, so I let it out and gave a nervous smile to her.

“Vhat is…your…name?” she asks as she strings together her sentence with the cutest serious look on her face.

“Oh, im sorry. I’m Isaac” I finally reply and she lets go of my hand.

We stare into each others eyes as we stayed in one spot for what seemed like forever.

Our gaze is broken when Vicktor stepped towards me and took my hand with a VERY firm grip to shake it. “Heel-oh, it is verry nice to meet you”.

“yes, thank you”, I said as I was trying to recover from that feeling I got when steffanie’s eyes and mine met.

Vicktor stepped back to continue pairing the rest of the students while steffanie and I found a table away from the group but close enough to hear what was going on. She sat facing toward me and smiled.

“Soo, we will be partnerz?” she asked

“Yes, I think so. Ummm…they said that we should get to know each other since we will be together for the rest of the trip.” I replied, trying to keep the conversation going.

She smiled and nodded. I waited for her to say something but had nothing else that could think to keep talking. I let the fear run its course as she looked around the area from her seat. Finally, I asked the first question that came to my head.

“Sooooooooooo, do you have a boyfriend?” I regretted this question the moment it left my mouth. Trying to play it cool I sat and waited for her answer.
“Oh, I do not have boyfriend” she answered with a nervous smile.

“I’m so sorry, that was a very personal and stupid question”

“No, No, it iz fine, no need to be sorry” she said, saving me from feeling so idiotic.

“You know you can probably go and ask to switch with someone before we go” I told her feeling like such a single minded jackass.

She looked at me with a confused face before she said, “Why I need switch? You not com-fort-table….wit me?”

All I feel is shocked. It took me a second to think if she was right. That thought passes quickly as I look at her concerned face. “No…. its just that…. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with me” I said

“Oh……. no. I am fine. You seem like nice person” she says with a look that I cannot place but that seemed like she knew exactly what she was saying.

I smile and shake my head, “Good”.

I look over to see the group started to get on the bus. “We should probably go now. We don’t want to be left behind” I joked.

She smiled and grabbed her purse as we both headed towards the short bus.

Loading me took a few extra minutes but by the time I was all strapped in I look over to the seat across the aisle and see Steffanie watching and waiting for me.

Trevon took a head count of everyone who had boarded our bus and settled in the front seat.

I look over and smile at Steff as she does the same. At that moment I feel something poking the back of my head. Then I hear a familiar voice, “Hey, long time no see, who’s your friend?” Chris asks.

“Dammit Chris, why do you have to be such a creeper.” I said in a playful tone. “This is Steffanie, she is my partner”

“Awww man, how come you get a female?!” Chris said obnoxiously

The bus jerked forward as we were on our way to our first stop. Luckily it was not too far. We are scheduled to stay in San Diego for the first 2 days. We arrive an hour later at a hotel in the middle of downtown.

We didn’t have much time to talk but we spoke a little about why we were in the school we are in. I want to become a part of new media, and she wants to create clothes as a fashion designer. We didn’t get to finish our conversation as we pulled up to the hotel. Everyone walked off except for Steff. She stayed behind and looked at me with curious eyes.

“this will probably take a while, go ahead and ill find you later. Okay? I told her. She seemed reluctant but went ahead of the bus anyways.

Chris was waiting at the bottom of the lift as I was coming out. “I got us a room!”

“That quickly?” I was shocked.

We all got rooms with at least one other person. Seeing as we are all adults they let us choose who to room up with so long as everyone had a bed. Chris had let Trevon know that him and I were going to pair up for a room.

As we entered the hallways of the hotel I realized that I had not seen Steffanie at all since the bus. Damn, I guess ill have to find her later.

We enter the room and find that there are 3 beds in this room. I look over at Chris and tell him, “Go find your partner, Mykola was it?”

He gave me a look that said that he did not want to.

“We are supposed to get to know our partner’s dumbass” I joke.

“Fiiiine” He left his luggage on his bed and went in search for Mykola. I took that time to put my clothes away in the dresser under the TV. Once that was done I pull out my xbox from the extra bag I had packed and brought along. I left all the wires out for Chris to hook up since I couldn’t reach the back of the TV. Chris walked in with Mykola right behind him with his rolling luggage.

There were three beds in the room. All of them were facing the opposite wall where a mounted TV was over 2 large dressers. The bathroom at the opposite end of the room. I had taken the bed closest to the door with Chris taking the bed in the middle of the room. The remaining bed was claimed by Mykola who hadn’t said much since he walked in.

Chris quickly took the remaining drawers in the dresser I had put mine and immediately set the Xbox up. Both he and I had planned to each bring our controllers and games. So we started playing into the evening without a care in world.

While me and Chris became lost in our game, Mykola got lost in his book. We kept to ourselves for an hour or so.

Dinner time had come, and the program director had orders a whole bunch of pizzas. We had to go to his room to get our food but we got to take it back to our room.

The entire time we waited in line for pizza I kept an eye out for my partner. But, she was no where in sight. I began to worry that I really did scare her off with my initial question.

We finished our dinner in our room as we drink the overly priced sodas in our mini fridge. We planned to buy sodas somewhere and replace them so we wouldn’t be charged with an arm and a leg for 2 stupid drinks.

Night had soon approached, as we continued our individual activities. I had gotten board of playing games and decided to pull out the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire (better known as game of thrones). Chris was being kind of loud playing his game. So I decided to go out and find a quiet spot to read.

I left in my pajamas, with my book, phone, and a small RWBY blanket to keep me warm. As I traveled the halls I examined a directory near the elevators. I figured that the pool area on the roof would be the quietest place to read.
As I came out of the elevator I was hit with some pretty bright lights. The pool area was very well lit. I looked around to see a couple of girls in the pool. They seemed to be relaxing as they floated in the pool without a care in the world.

I look for a spot that’s secluded from the rest of the area but well lit. the corner of the pool is just far enough away from others but still has enough light to read. So I settle in and get a couple chapters in, when I hear, “Hello” from behind my book. I knew instantly who it was when I looked up. Steffanie was standing right there with the best of smiles on her face.

“You know I was lookin for you earlier” I said with a smile to match hers.

“OH, I’m sorry. I went looking around. I like…. uh how you say….” She searched for the word with a serious thinking face.

“…. exploring?” I try to finish her sentence.

“Uh, yes I think soo.” She sits in one of the beach chairs next to where I was sitting.

I lay my book down on my lap and try to figure out what to talk about with this model like beauty sitting next to me. I must have spaced out for a few seconds, lost in my thought when I heard I heard her ask, “So what boook are you read-ing?”

“Oh, ummm…” I spit out syllables as she reaches for my book.

She inspects it carefully and reads, “Ah Gayme of Thrones. Oh I know dis, it is TV show!”

“yea, do you watch it?” I ask forgetting about my shyness with the mentioning of my favorite show.

We must have spent at least another 2 hours talking about our favorite character (which happens to be the same, tyrion), the plots, and most interesting episodes (which was all of them). The pool had been deserted by the time we ran out game of thrones references to discuss.

Inside my mind I wondered how such a beautiful girl could nerd out with someone like me. It just seemed like a dream to be siting across such a beautiful woman that I could connect to. I’m not the best looking guy, and to top it off I am in a wheelchair. Women are not usually rushing to be near me. But this foreign beauty is here when she could have gone and talked with anyone.

While I may have been selected to be her partner, it didn’t seem like any of the students were taking their partnership too seriously. Most stayed with their friends, most likely only here for the chance at a summer adventure traveling along the western coast. Yet here we were, Steffanie and I. Connecting on all the levels that were meant for this foreign exchange program.

She snapped me out of my deep thoughts when I noticed her gather her things to leave.

“You heading to bed?”

“Oh, no. I go to find machine with snacks, I am vea-ry hungry” she replied.

I sat in my spot wondering if I should go with her, or if she was coming back, or going to her room. I am not sure if she noticed my self questioning expression, or she genuinely wanted me to go with her because when she stopped after a few steps she looked at me wondering why I wasn’t following. No words were needed so I put my book in my bag and came up next to her as we went back into the halls of the hotel.

As we wondered down the halls looking for vending machines I asked her who she got a room with.

“Oh, des 2 girls come and tell me that I should go with them. They are very talkative, so I go and explore.”

After a couple more hallways we finally ran into the small area with a couple different machines for, ice, candy, and sodas.

She looked at the machine and pulled out a little purse full of coins. She dumped some out into her hand and began looking through them. She stood there for a minute just staring at all of the coins.

“You need help?” I asked

“Yes please, I not do well on American money exam.” She chuckled.

She held her hand out to me so that I can look through. Not only were there American coins, but others that I did not recognize. She told me which candy she wanted and I checked the price to see which coins we would need. I picked through the coins, occasionally brushing against her soft hand. My face got hot as I gave her back the coins she needed to put in.

“Thank you, you are very kind” she said with a huge smile. She turned and began inserting coins into the machine. Unfortunately, as I guy I could not help but check her out as she put her coins in. She seemed very skinny but with curves that could make any man take a second look. Her breasts are lovely B’s that could easily pass as C’s. And her long lovely sandy blonde hair to top off her goddess like beauty.

The candy drops and she bends over to retrieve it. With my eyes unable to be removed from her butt, she stands back up and notices what I was looking at. Now being a young adult male in America, I put on my face of regret preparing for one of the two reactions a woman would normally give to a guy like me, she would either be pissed and yell at you for staring, or she would get wierded out and pretend it didn’t happen. She surprised me by doing neither, she gave me a smirk while swaying her whole body as she walked down the hall and down the nearest corner. I sat there for a few seconds wondering what just happened. Then I see her poke her head back from around the corner she went to and asked, “You go with me?”

“Yea” I say quickly trying to catch up with her. We were quiet just wandering down random hallways, there were not too many people, it was already late into the evening. She stopped and front of a room and turned to face me.

“This is my room….” She stood there, kind of just smiling and staring.

I broke the short silence, “Alrighty then, I guess I will see you in the morning then.”

“Oh okay, I will see you in zee morning”, she turned and slid her card key to open the door. I followed the hallways back to my room after I saw her enter her room. I had fun fanboying out with her. I just hope it wasn’t a one-time thing, getting to talk to her that is.

I got back to my room entering the same room I had left a few hours ago. Chris playing a game and Mykola was reading his book. I watched Chris play for a few minutes before I started getting ready for bed.

Being in a wheelchair makes everything so much more difficult than the norm. Brushing my teeth is a workout, getting in bed can be a nightmare, while taking a shower is a chore. Nonetheless, I get in bed and fall to sleep watching Chris still playing Devil May Cry.

I eventually open my eyes to a completely pitch black room. I look at my phone and see that it is already close to 9 o’clock. Remembering that we are supposed to leave at 10 I yell to Chris to wake up. He doesn’t.
I use the light on my phone to help me get in my wheelchair and make my way to the window. The curtains were very good at keeping out the light, because one I slid them open the sun shined in like angels descending from heaven. I hurt my eyes in the process but I do get both Chris and Mykola to get up from bed. I tell them that we are supposed to leave in an hour and they start getting ready.

We head to the main lobby of the hotel where they had a kitchen nearby that had quick breakfast foods such as cereal and such. Most of the other students had finished eating and were hanging out chatting waiting to leave for our first activity of the trip.

We go and get breakfast and find one of the few unoccupied tables so that we can eat. As we start to eat, Vicktor comes up and puts his hand on my shoulder, “You have late start ehh! Ha ha ha.”

We all gave each other these awkward stares and I decide to be the one to answer, “Yea, the curtains in the rooms are really good. They keep all the sun out”.

“Ha ha, may-be you set alarm clock, no?”

“Yea I guess we should have”, I reply waiting for him to leave so I can finish eating. He stays for a few more seconds, creating an even more awkward silence. “Well I zee bus later no?”

“Yes we will be there” I said, hoping that he would just go away.

“Do not be late! Ha Ha Ha!” he says as he finally walks away.

Mykola finally uses his few words of the day, “That guy gives me creeps”.

I finish eating my cereal and take the bowl to the area where all the dirty dishes were piling up. When I turn to head back to my table Steffanie is right in front of me.

“Goood morning!” she says with a radiant smile. “How are you too-day?”

“Im good thank you, how is your morning going.”

“Ugh”, as she rolls her eyes.

“That good huh?”

“No it iz verry annoying, girlz just tallk sooo much” she says while making her hands looking like they are talking to each other. I give a little laugh at the scene she makes. “Itz not funny! I get soo little sleep!”

Trevon interrupted our little side show by yelling that the bus was here for our tour of downtown. We both were paying attention when I looked over at steffanie and asked, “Your not gonna leave me this time, are you?”

She gave me heart warming smile and said, “No I pro-miss, I not leave you again!”

We make our way to the bus and I get into my designated spot to get on. Before I knew it I was strapped into the bus with Steff but an arms length away from me. We were basically riding the same bus that we came in on. The only difference was that at the front of the bus was a tour guide who shouted facts about different buildings and areas that we would pass by.

We must have been in that bus for a couple hours before I realize that steffanie was asleep in her seat. I laugh to myself, wondering how someone can still be so beautiful even when they are sleeping.

All of a sudden I feel that same familiar tap. I don’t know how he does it. I don’t even notice that he had been sitting behind me the whole time. Chris whispers, “Dude, you are really bad at this partner stuff. Shes missing all the “cool” stuff we drove by.”

That’s when I hear Mykola chime in with a few words as well, “Yes, first you loose her when we go to hotel, then she falls a sleep on tour. You are bad American parrt-ner”.

“Damn now I gotta hear this crap from both of you.” I point back at Mykola, “I liked you better when you were quiet”. I hear laughter and a slap as if they high fived each other.

Shortly after our little squabble, we arrive near the ocean. The tour guide says that we are getting off to see Seal Beach. Everyone starts to get off with Chris and Mykola wait for everyone but me and steff to get off.

“You want us to wake her up?” chris asked.

“Yea, just…. don’t touch her” I said making sure he understood.

Chris gets in front and opens his mouth to wake her, then he stops. “What’s her name again?”

I slap my face, “Dude, its Steffanie”!

“Well soorrryyy, its not like you ever introduced us. Rude much?!” Chris said sarcastically.

Chris started with a normal voice volume, “Steffanie? Can you wake up?”. He says it again but louder. He does it again even louder, practically yelling. Then Mykola puts his face near her ear and says something in Russian. I see her eyes open slowly, as she regains her awareness of her surroundings. She looks over at Mykola and asks him something in the same language. He responds in english, “We are at beach”.

She looks around still a little groggy. She gathers her things and all three of them step off the bus. The bus driver finally comes back and unhooks me so I can get off too. Chris, Mykola, and Steffanie were all waiting at the bottom of the wheelchair lift. The rest of the group had already started heading toward the beach when I got all the way down off the bus.

“You guys didn’t have to wait for me, don’t want to miss anything”

Chris and Steff both gave me the same look. Chris was the first to open his mouth, “Dude im not gonna leave you, wheres the fun in that?”

Then Steffanie, “I pro-miss not to leave you again”.

Mykola kind of just stood there smiling.

“Well alrighty then, lets catch up to the rest of the group then.” I said leading the way. We catch up a few minutes later as the group gets near the area above the beach where you can see the seals littering the beach. This is an area that they are protected so they come every year and kind of just hang out. Im not sure if this is where they breed or whatnot, all I know is that a lot of people were fascinated by them being there.

I spent like a minute in fascination before I got bored, then I began looking around to see if there was anything else interesting. But there wasn’t much else around. The occasional tourists, some people riding bikes and roller skates. There were a few girls in bikini’s that passed by. Living in San Diego you get used to that pretty quickly, but you could tell that some of the foreign students (especially the males) were surprised at the half naked women walking down the sidewalks. When I looked to see how Steffanie reacted, I saw her kind of just staring with this serious look. I was sure that those women upset her in some way. So I asked her, “You okay?”

She kind of snapped out of it when she looked at me to reply, “Oh yes, I cure-ious about mat-earial they use for bee-kee-nee.” I couldn’t help but to smile at her. She did tell me that she likes designing clothes when we first met.

After about 15 minutes of people taking pictures we walked over to Sea Port village, a little shopping area along the beach area. They have some some stores and sometimes local artists set up little tables to display and sell their art. We were told that we would be getting lunch down the beach on the grassy area in about an hour, so everyone kind of split up in their own little groups. So it was just Chris, Mykola, Steffanie, and me.

We went in and out of a lot of different stores. They were mostly gift shops with shirts and souvenirs. Steff and I found a section with funny hats and tried them on. We took a whole bunch of selfies with my phone and had a great time. She found a nice San Diego shirt that she wanted in one of the stores so she went and got it. I of course had to help her out with the money but it all worked out. I enjoyed feeling needed. As a guy in a wheelchair there are not many instances that a person needs your help. Most of the time it was the other way around. That feeling was amazing though.

As we headed toward the lunch area we passed by some of the artist booths. One of them was a guy with a camera, and he took pictures to print out for his customers. He didn’t seem to have to many takers though, when we were approaching. This is when he asked us, “Oh, a picture for the lovely couple?!”

My eyes got big, “Oh no we are not-“

“Yes please” Steff interrupted.

She looked at me and smiled. How could I say no.

“Great! Okay, let move you right here” he said as he guided us into the position. Steff is unfortunately much taller than me sitting in my wheelchair. So the guy said, “Maybe you can bend down lower”. Taking pictures with a girl has never been one of my strong suits. But she did something that I will never forget. She sat in my lap. She was quite light. And the photographer seemed to be fine with it. I heard his camera go off a few times. He said, “okay lets see what we got”. He had a computer screen to see which ones we wanted. There was 2 that were perfect, they displayed a beautiful background of the ocean with a happy looking couple. I chose one she chose another. We both got one big and one small picture printed out.

“Awwww, loook at us, we so happy.” She said with the most wonderful smile. I couldn’t help but stare at mine. We put them away in our individual bags and continued on our way to the lunch area.

Trevon was barbequing burgers, Steff and I were one of the first ones there. Our burgers were still hot and fresh which made them taste amazing. We chatted for some time while everyone else showed up and ate lunch. Chris and Mykola came and sat with us while they ate. They told us about the girl who’s bikini fell off as they walked by her. Everyone thought it was pretty funny.

It was toward the end of their story Chris face showed shock, as if he suddenly realized something. “DUDE!”

I was startled so I yelled back, “WHAT!?!?”

“We forgot about Roooby [meaning RWBY]” he said frantically


Both Mykola and Steff seemed were so confused at what Chris and I were yelling about. Rwby is my absolute favorite show of my entire life, so I can get a little over excited when trying to convince someone else to watch it. I was very animated when explaining all the cool features of the show such as the action, jokes, and graphics. Mykola was like every other person that I explain this show to. They listen for the first few minutes then get distracted by something else. Steffanie was different. She seemed to listen to every single word that I said while waving my hands around like a weirdo. She was so sincere when listening. Then I realized how much I had gotten away with myself when explaining the show so I stopped and said, “anyways, if you want to see it I brought seasons 1 and 2 with me.”

Steff did not hesitate to say, “The would bee verry nice, it sound in-ter-es-ting.”

“Yea just come by our room and I can let you borrow them.”

“Oh…….i thought we watch together?” she seemed a bit down while saying this.

“Oh….. yea that sounds like fun, we can make some popcorn and have a little rwby screening in our room” I was so excited to draw someone else into my madness of RWBY.

Lunch ended soon after that. We all got back on the bus and took a tour of a different part of downtown SD. We stopped at some building that they wanted us to tour but by the time the bus driver got me off the bus the group had started the tour. Steff had stayed behind because she is my partner. They made chris and Mykola to stay with the group.

Steff and I entered the lobby of the building and did not know where to go next to catch up. We decided to find a place in the lobby to wait for the group to come back. We talked a bit about our families and how they influenced us. I looked outside to see a small convenient store, then I remembered that we were going to have a movie night. “Hey steff, want to go with me to get some snacks for our movie tonight?”

“Uh, yes, this sounds goood”

So we went across the street and got a whole bunch of different snacks like sodas, chips, candies, and whatever other foods that looked good. We left with 2 bags each of all kinds of goodies. When we got back to the front of the building we were supposed to be touring the rest of the group was waiting for the bus to come back around to pick us up.

Chris came up to us, “Awww man, yoou got snacks! What can I have?!”

“You aint gettin anything from me!” I yelled while holding my bags closer to my body.

Steffanie held out one of her bags, “I will share wit you”

“SEE! Why cant you be nice like her?!?!” Chris yelled at me in a joking manner.

We all laughed at the scene we were all making in the middle of a downtown sidewalk. During our laughing fit, I could not help but feel my heart skip a beat when I heard Steffanie laugh. It was the cutest thing I had ever heard.

After about an hour we were finally back at the hotel with free time again. They had ordered pizza again for dinner so we got a couple of slices and took it back to our room. Steffanie had shown up shortly after we got settled in with our diner. She was in a very large t-shirt that made it look like it was the only thing she was wearing. She had also brought her bag of snacks and a small bag.

The trailers to RWBY are actually important to the story so I showed them to her while we ate pizza. She sat on my bed and we watched on my little phone screen. After we had watched all 4 trailers I put the movie in the xbox and we all settled in to watch. Although before I had even got into the title menu Mykola had started reading his book, so it was just the three of us watching.

Chris sat on his bed with a bag of chips steff had given him. I was in my wheelchair sitting next to my bed while Steff was on my bed laying on her stomach facing the TV. Doing this her shirt was pulled up a little. And being a guy I could not help but stare to see if she was actually wearing anything underneath. She was…..very short shorts.

We watched the first season, snacking, laughing, and cheering during the battle scenes. It was a lot of fun. It was getting late when first season finished. Steff turned to me with an excited look, “We watch the next one!?”

I was getting a little tired at that point, but how could I say no. I put the next season in, then I asked Steff if it was okay that I lay down on my bed.

“OH, yes, I am sorry. I take your bed” she was truly sorry which made me feel bad.

“Its okay, Im just getting a little tired. I am not kicking you off, just wondering if you would have a problem if I got in the bed next to you?”

“No, no pro-blem. It iz your bed” she said while she moved some of her stuff over.

I was a little hesitant to lay in my bed with her but I was really tired. So I scooted onto my bed and layed back watching the next season of RWBY with Steff and Chris. I began nodding in and out of sleep. Then finally all I saw was black.

I felt movement which woke me, it was really dark like before. But I had my phone next to me so I could use the flashlight. Before I could even finish putting in my code to unlock it I felt an arm around my legs. It freaked me out, so I quickly turned the light on. It was Steffanie, she had fallen asleep in the same way she was watching the movie. Except that she was holding my legs like a stuffed toy you sleep with. I look over to see her feet, look toward chris who had also fallen asleep in the same way he was watching the TV.

Then I heard a voice, “I turn off lights when Chris fall asleep.” It was Mykola, I guess I had woken him with my flashlight.

“You think we should wake her up?”, I was worried that she would freak out if she woke up in a room full of guys.

“It is verry late, let her sleep” Mykola said as he rolled back over.

I briefly thought about getting back in my chair so that she could have the bed to herself, but when I tried to move my legs she started to make noises like she was waking up. So I stayed where I was and went back to sleep.

I woke up again to the pitch black of the room. I was awake enough to remember to check my phone for the time. It was only 630, but what startled me was when I looked over, expecting to see steff’s feet but what I saw instead was her face inches from mine.

I think she knew that she scared me. She whispered, “Oh I am sorry. I not mean to scare you.”

“No, its okay, just wasn’t expecting to see you right there…..Im sorry I didn’t wake you up to take you back to your room. Probably would have slept better in your own bed.”

“No…..actually, I sleept verry well. I not usual to sleep through the hole night. But I just feel so comfortable next to you.” Again she gave me that heart stopping smile.

I turned my light off, and it was quiet for a few minutes. Then Steff just started talking. About how she had always wanted to come to America. How hard she had to work in learning English so that she could come on this trip. Her voice was so relaxing; I could listen to her talk for hours. And I did. We were there talking until about 8:20, when I finally decided that it was time to get up.

As I sat up so that I could get back in my chair I felt her hand on my shoulder, “I really enjoyed our conversation, and my sleep……Maybe we do again tonight?”

I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say. Im pretty sure that my mouth was wide open when I finally got the courage to look back and say, “Id love that”. We both smiled then we got out of bed.

We did not talk much after we got out of bed. We were leaving for the next city within a couple hours so we kind of kept to ourselves while we packed up all of our things. She left to go and get the bags she left in her room and the next thing I know, chris is standing close giving me this knowing look.

“Soooooo, how did it go?” he asked with a childish tone

“It was fine” I said to try and shut him up

“so did anything happen??” he asks in the same tone

“no man, it was all innocent, nothing happened” I said in a somewhat annoyed tone

“Suurrreee, I heard you two whispering this morning. So what did y’all talk about?

“nothing man, mind your own business” I was quite annoyed at this point

“alright alright, I leave it be then,” I think he got the message at that point

we loaded up and took all of our bags downstairs as we waited to load up on the bus. I didn’t see steffanie right away, which gave me a weird feeling in my stomach. After about 20 minutes of waiting, the bus showed up and everyone started loading all the bags in the compartment of the bus. I really started to worry at this point, because she was nowhere to be seen. When the last bags were put on is when the bus driver came up to me and said, “alright we will load you on first”.

My heart started racing, “Ummm, can we wait a few minutes, my friend hasn’t shown up yet. And she is supposed to be here.

The bus driver looked annoyed, “Look you will see your friend when you get on the bus. Now lets go, we are already running late.”

I looked around frantically, Chris finally got downstairs with his bags. “Yo, whatsup?”

“Its steffanie, she isn’t here” I said with an uncontrollable emotion

“Its alright ill go look for her” he said as he dropped his bags

At this point the bus driver was pissed yelling, “Lets go!”

I went on because I didn’t know what else I could do. I finally spot Trevon and head toward him, which made the bus driver furious.

“Hey Trevon!” He looked around quickly to see who was yelling for him. He spots me coming up to him quickly.

“Hey Isaac, is something wrong?”

“Yea, steffanie went to her room and hasn’t come back yet, I just want to make sure we don’t leave without her.”

“Yea don’t worry, we do a head count before we leave, now go ahead and load up. Ill keep an eye out for her” He says walking me toward my bus

I reluctantly head onto the ramp that takes me up onto the bus. The bus driver huffs and puffs as he finishes strapping me down and heads back to the driver seat of the bus.
I keep a close eye out of the window to see if I can spot either chris or steffanie, but neither show up. When they start counting the number of students I finally see a relieving sight. Chris and Steffanie walk up and stuff her bags under the bus. They get on and sit as they have before, Steffanie right across from me and chris right behind me.

I must have looked crazed when she saw my face, “Are you ok-ay??” with the most adorable inquisitive look you could ever see.

“Yea, sorry” my hand covers my face to hide my relief, “Just got a little worried there”

“Oh, I am sorry, Girlz take my stuff and make baad joke” she says explaining that the girls in her room hid her stuff all over the hotel, from the vending machines, to bathrooms (boys and girls), to the pool.

After hearing her story of looking for her things around the hotel I felt exhausted, being worried wore me out. I leaned my chair back and closed my eyes. I could still hear what was going on around me, I was just resting my eyes.

I started to hear speaking in Russian, I recognized the voice as Mykola and Steffanie. I didn’t know what they were saying but He did most of the talking. They stopped after about 5 minutes. Then all I could feel was a soft hand caress my cheek. I would later find out that Mykola had watched me the entire time I was freaking out and told steffanie about how crazy I went that I couldn’t find her.

The soft long fingers that touched my cheek sent electricity down my body, full of crazy feeling in my stomach. I opened my eyes and put my hand on top of hers. She moved her fingers so that my fingers were intertwined with hers. That is when I felt it, that fire in my soul. I couldn’t understand this feeling at the time, but I knew that I never wanted to go away. I looked into her eyes and she looked back into mine. We connected without ever having to utter a single word.

I wanted so bad to kiss her, but of course because of my limitation I could not even reach even if I tried. I think she knew; I think she could see in my eyes what I wanted. And apparently she wanted it too, because the next thing I knew her face was inches from mine. She didn’t kiss me but she put herself close enough so I could lean into her lips. I pushed my lips to hers, and all I could feel, all I could see was her and i. It was soft, wet, but tender. We kissed for what seemed like a lifetime but probably only was a few seconds, before we heard the bus driver. “HEY, You need to sit down now!”

She ignored him and continued kissing me. I tried pulling away not wanting her to get into trouble but she kept me from moving far by holding the back of my head so that I couldn’t move anywhere. I smiled as we kissed, feeling the intensity of her passion. I didn’t want her to ever leave my lips. But of course the damn bus driver began to say that he was going to pull over and kick her off the bus if she didn’t sit down in 3 seconds. He even counted down. But she still kept going. Kissing me harder as the 3 seconds counted down. When he finished saying one she threw herself back into her seat with the biggest grin I have seen from her yet. She licked her lips and winked at me. All I could do was smile as I sat there in a state of total bliss.

I finally understood the meaning of feeling like you were on cloud 9. The drive only took 2 hours, but the whole time we exchanged looks that signaled a start of a whole nother stage of our road trip.

Our next stop on our road trip was Los Angeles. Coming into view of the city, you could see the smog in the air, it was kind of gross. However, it didn’t keep my attention for too long, as I looked back toward Steffanie. She on the other hand, was quite taken with the view. It kept her attention the entire time we were in view of the city.

The hotel we were staying was a bit into the downtown area, but before going we started walking to see the stars of Hollywood. We were dropped off a few blocks down Hollywood boulevard, just before you get to the busy part.

The group stayed mostly together, looking at some stars on the ground, some took pictures, others explained who some stars where to their partners. It was a lot of fun. Steffanie and I behaved, we would occasionally look at each other with those lust filled eyes young adults have when first feeling out new partners.

After about 20 minutes of walking we finally got to the busiest part of the walk. It was quiet intimidating but our group moved on with purpose as our chaperones led us further in. As people were closer together I began to feel my heart race. Being in a wheelchair means that everyone standing is taller than you, so when you are in the middle of a shoulder to shoulder crowd it begins to feel like you are trapped in a very small space. I get claustrophobic when situations like this happen, my breath starts to quicken to a pant, while my heart races, and my hands get sweaty. But in that moment before I felt like I would just scream, a hand grabbed mine. It was her.

She must have seen the look on my face and figured out that I was panicking. I looked up to see a beautiful face of concern. People began pushing closer and closer, and soon people were practically on top of me. I felt Steffanie’s hand slip out of mine and the panic returned. Then I saw her start to push people aside with strength I have never seen from a woman of her size. That delicate form was pushing harder than star football lineman in a super bowl game. She made enough space for her to get right up next to me.

She held on with both hand to not let me get too far from her again. The crowds were ridiculous. You could not see anything, could not move, could barely breath. It was all I was thinking about which of course made my anxiety worst. Steffanie then sat right in my lap like she had done before during the picture. She was so close, with her breasts right next to my face. It definitely got my mind off of the crowd that never seemed to end. She put her arms around me and got really close so that she could talk directly into my ear.

“I will stay like theese until we get into open space” she said right into me. “Do not foe-cus on peeple, ownly on me” saying this as she squeezed me tighter against her. I closed my eyes and could only feel her, and the rest of the world just melted away.

“Drive foe-ward until we are out” She said into my ear again. I opened my eyes and drove forward not caring if I hit anyone. I did not hit anyone too hard. Most felt me then moved when they turned back and saw me and Steffanie. Many people gave us judgmental looks, but I did not care. I had an unbelievably sexy, beautiful angel right in my lap. In fact, the way that she held me as we moved through the crowd began to affect me since it was the only thing I was focusing on. I felt that tingle that you get when you start to feel excited sexually.

I knew that if I got too excited that she would feel my dick pushing against her thigh. Every bump, shift in momentum kept bouncing her up and down which made it very hard to ignore the feeling growing in my pants. I tried so hard to think of things to keep from getting a huge hard-on but nothing seemed to help. The inevitable happened and it started to grow. As it grew I could feel it push in between her thighs. I hoped that the chaos of the crowd would keep her distracted from the feeling of my dick pushing up into her.

At this point I knew she knew what she was feeling. She had not looked at me but she did adjust her hips so that it was not pressed so hard against her thigh. It was now at full hardness in between both of her thighs. We came to a stopping point where no one was moving out of the way. The sexual excitement I was feeling made me forget about the crowded space, seeing as the only thing on my mind was the feeling of my dick in between the legs of this gorgeous woman on my lap. She finally turned her head to look me directly face to face. She had this look of knowing, but with a hint of lust as well. She did not say out loud how this made her feel, but the look was all I needed to know she was getting a little excitement herself. She lightly bit her bottom lip and began to slowly squeeze her thighs together. It did very little to make the feeling pleasurable but the fact that she was teasing me made me excited beyond words. While it could have just been fun for her, it felt like more to me.

She squeezed as tight as she could and rocked her hips back and forward. This feeling made me close my eyes and feel pleasure that could make a grown man cry. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud. She was so close to my face, like she was enjoying the look of pleasure she was making me feel. My breath was shallow, and my own hips attempted to move along with Steffanie’s own movements. In my mind I could only think, “If this feel this good, I can’t even imagine how good sex feels”. We finally had an opening to move forward, but Steff and I were in our own little world. She turned after a minute and stopped her intimate movements. This snapped me out of the state she had me in and I began moving out of the crowd. This worried me, because of how hard my dick still was. When we cleared the crowd, Steffanie turned back and whispered into my ear, “You can usse my jack-et to co-ver yourselv” the hot air of her breath tickled my body, sending feeling down the rest of my spine. She stood up and took her jacket off. The tent in my pants was hilariously obvious but she put her jacket over it and tucked it under my legs as she would a child in bed. She smiled lightly, and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. Again whispering in my ear, “Tanks four the ride”.

I smiled and turned to see Chris and Mykola standing near. Chris says in a sarcastic tone, “Why is your face so red?!”

“Shut up man” I said with a huge grin on my face. Chris and I both looked over to steffanie at the same time. She saw this, smiled and turned away as if to look at something so interesting behind her. We all laughed and continued our long adventure on the streets of L.A.

My sexual excitement did eventually go away, but took its sweet time doing so. The entire situation had a range of emotions from fear, to happiness, to sexual excitement and sexual frustration. But to me, it still is a treasured moment, as it led to a road I could not foresee when I agreed to go on this trip.

Our day continued with lunch. There was a mall just a block from the large crowds. In the mall was a modest food court with a few choices. Steffanie picked pizza while I wondered over to the Japanese food place to get some orange chicken and white rice bowl. We sat together close, every so often on of us would steal a piece of food from the other’s plate. It was fun, we acted like any other young couple, feeding each other, whispering in each others ears. I think that chris was getting sick of seeing us like that because for the most part he looked the other way. Every so often we would exchange words but then something would happen that made him feel uncomfortable again. She would grab my hand, or I would bump into her shoulder lightly to get her attention then look away when she looked at me. It finally led to chris saying, “Jesus man, I don’t think I can take this all night!”

My eyes got wide because he said it loud enough to get a few people’s attention around us. I tried to calm him down by saying, “Sorry man, we will tone it down.” I looked over to Steff, “Right?” I asked her. She looked a little bothered but nodded yes with some reservation.

“No man, its fine. You guys are enjoying yourselves, and I just don’t want to be the third wheel all night. That is why I think you two should get your own room tonight…….alone” Chris said with some drama.

This surprised me, but it had been on my mind since our intimate moment on the bus. I look over at Steffanie to see her in thought for a few seconds. Then she looked at me as if to be asking for the answer. I shrugged and said, “Do YOU want to get a room alone together?” She shrugged as well. We both wanted to say yes, but were too embarrassed by the whole situation to admit it.

Chris blurted out, “Yes you do. Just trust me and get one. Other wise I might have to strangle someone”. Mykola had wide eyes and scooted away from chris. We all laughed and the tension of the room was gone. So it was agreed that Steffanie and I would get a room together.

While I was excited for this, I was also terrified at what might happen when we are alone.

The day quickly passed by as I could not keep my mind off of what was to come. As the sun went down the group walked to the hotel that was reserved for our party. Coming up on the building in the middle of this downtown area was awe inspiring. It was huge and dwarfed other buildings around it. Every step we took, added a bit of anxiety to my mind. I was beginning to be very nervous. Steffanie and I had not parted from each others side the entire day, but now I let her walk ahead of me. She seemed to be distracted with the environment around her enough to not notice that I had fallen back on purpose. I looked for Chris and found him toward the back of the group.

I made my way toward him. Having friends for a long time gives those individuals insight over the years of how you are feeling without having to say a word. This was the case as I approached him and Mykola. “What’s up, nervous?” he asked with no mind to the people around him listening.

I shook my head and moved toward the very back of the group so we could talk without worrying about anyone overhearing our conversation. “I don’t know if I can do this man” I said in a quiet panic.

“Dude calm down and take a breath. You are freaking out over nothing. You don’t even know what could happen.” He spoke in a chastising manner.

I knew he was right, but my mind could just not let go of all the situations that could happen.

“Stop thinking about what could happen and just let whatever happen, happen. Otherwise you will ruin any chance anything that could actually happen. You get what I mean?” He said with a wise tone in his voice.

“Kind of, in a confused way.” I replied. Those words actually seemed to help. Entering the doorway of the hotel, Steffanie and Mykola were waiting for us. Each pair went off to stand in line and receive the keys to our rooms.

As we stood there Steffanie looked at me and said, “You feeling better?” It took me a second to understand what she meant, but it hit me that she knew I was freaking out in my head. “You do not haf to worry about few-ture wen we live in present. I enjoy be-ing with you, so do not try to im-press me. You do that all-ready”, she spoke with such kindness and wisdom that it astonished me that it was not even her first language.

I had calmed down and asked for a 2 bed room. Our luggage was being brought into the lobby. So we grabbed our bags and went to our room. We entered the room and as the door shut, I felt that I would be leaving the room a different person, for better or worse. Only time could tell.

The room was a bit small but it had a window that looked out into downtown. The sun had begun to go down so when I looked out the window I could see the night lights of downtown lighting up most of the street. The sight was quite wonderful. I turned around to see Steffanie putting her clothes away and getting settled in. I turned on the Tv and began doing the same as we got settled in.

As I was finishing putting clothes away into my drawer I looked up to see steffanie looking at her phone. She seemed very focused on what was on her screen. She had a somewhat serious face, I was a little worried what that meant as I put the last of my clothes away. So I asked her, “Are you okay?”

She looked up at me with a questioning look, “Yess, why?” it took her a few seconds to figure out why I was asking, “Oh, yess. I am fine. I have not called mom siince air-por-t and I know she be mad”.

Her saying this made me remember that I had not called my own mother. Mine would be pretty mad too since she didn’t want me to come on my own to begin with. “Yea I better call mine too” I said as I took out my phone.

So, we were both set on informing our mothers how things were going. Mine was not too mad, she knew I would get distracted being out on my own for a few days. I spoke to her while trying to figure out how Steffanie’s call was going. Unfortunately, I could not tell how it was going because she was speaking in Russian, but from her tone it didn’t seem to be going too bad. I hung up with my mom letting her know I was fine and having fun. Steffanie got off a few minutes later saying that her mom was pretty angry that she had not called her for two days.

We watched tv for a bit looking through the channels to see what was on. Both of us were laying on our individual beds kind of doing our own things, when we heard a knock on our door. Steff got up and answered as I was not in my chair. The voice was familiar, it was chris. Him and Mykola came into our room and both took a seat on my bed. “Sooooo, I heard some of the others saying they were going to have dinner at some bar just down the street. Wanna go?” chris asked.

I looked over at Steffanie and she seemed pretty thrilled that he said the word bar. So, I said yes and that we would meet them downstairs while we got ready. The guys left and Steffanie started looking through her clothes for something to wear. I got in my chair and figured that I should wear something to impress her. She took some clothes with her and I heard the shower come on. What surprised me is the fact that she did not completely close the door to the bathroom. I was tempted to take a peek but I fought off those thoughts and changed into my clothes. I wore a black polo shirt, dark pair of jeans and lugs shoes I had packed in my bag. I made sure to dab on some cologne so that I would smell great.

As I finished Steffanie walked out of the bathroom and my jaw near came off I was so stunned at how beautiful she looked. She wore a black and white blouse with a black skirt that came down just above her knees, as well as some nice girl shoes (not really sure what the different types are, all I know is that they looked nice). I wanted to compliment her but the only word that left my mouth was, “Wow”. I hadn’t felt like so much of a dork in a long time. Although being the sweet person she was she said, “Tank you. You look.. what is word, verry hand- some”. I nodded still not wanting to make myself look any stupider.

We made sure we both had our keys to the room and everything we needed for a night on the town. We met the guys downstairs, they were dressed in the same clothes they had been wearing all day. “You guys aren’t gonna change into something nicer?”

Chris just shrugged and Mykola said, “What for, we only going to eat”. So, we went on our way to the bar and grill place they had talked about. It was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel which was nice. We saw others from our trip drinking and having a good time already. We sat down at a table and ordered food. I made sure that Steffanie got an excellent cut of steak and ordered a similar steak with different sides and cook of the meat. As we got our food Steffanie asked our waiter for a bottle of wine. Nothing too expensive, she said she would get the first round. So, we ate our meal and had some wine, it was pretty good. Chris didn’t like it so he passed his to me.

The night went on and I had bought us a round of tequila shots and Mykola had bought us a round of vodka shots. I began feeling those shots and didn’t want to get too drunk. Steffanie laughed and thought it was very funny that my face was so red. We exchanged glances every now and then. We did not get too physical like we had at the beginning of the day. About 10 minutes after our vodka shots steffanie got up and said she wanted to go meet some the other people there at the bar. She walked around getting into different conversations with different groups. I watched her for the entire time.

Chris nudged me and asked, “So what happened while you were alone with her, hmmm”?

“Nothing man, we just hung out and stuff”, I said a little distracted watching steff.

“You think anything will happen when you go back?” he asked with a knowing look.

I took my eyes off of Steffanie and said, “If something happens it happens, not gonna try and force anything”.

“Good call, just take it slow man,” he said as he patted my back.

I went began looking for steffanie but I didn’t see her anywhere. I was a little nervous but after 5 minutes a group moved and I saw her at the bar talking to some guy. He had his hand on her knee since she was sitting down. Seeing this made my heart a bit, I hoped that she would move or do something to get his hand off of her. He ordered them a drink and they kept talking for a while.

I’m not sure how long I sat there staring at Steffanie talking to this guy, but she didn’t seem to mind his advances. This reminded me of a time in high school when I took a girl to a JROTC ball and she left me after the dinner and when I found her she was making out with some other guy. I couldn’t stop thinking that this was going the same way. The guy got really close to whisper something in her ear. And that was it for me. I couldn’t watch any more. So, I left money on the table for my food and drinks and left without saying anything to anyone.

I was too wrapped up in my own head to even noticed I had made my way back to the hotel. I kept thinking that I had no right to be upset, as she was not my girlfriend. It didn’t help as my heart began throbbing as if someone had stabbed it. I had felt this many times before but it just never gets any easier to handle.

I finally got back to my room and put myself in bed still wearing my dinner clothes. I turned on the TV and put something on for noise. I wasn’t really watching; I was thinking too much to care what was on. It was like this for about 10 minutes when I heard a noise at the door. I heard it open and in came Steffanie. She looked pretty mad. It was strange seeing such a serious look on someone I considered to have an angels face. She dropped her bag on the floor and stood there glaring at me.

I finally got the nerve to say, “What”?

“Why you just leave without saying anyting” she asked with some anger still on her face.

I thought about what I would say and just let my emotions take over, “You seemed like you were having a good time. You didn’t need me there”.

My words only seem to upset her more, “I go and meet peeple, that is why I am here.” She paused for a moment to find the words she wanted to say, “I not need you there, I wanted you there”.

“It seemed like you and that guy were having a good time, and I did not want to see it. I have had something happen like that and I could not watch it happen again” I said quickly trying to keep from choking on my words.

She looked down and looked back at me. She stepped closer so that she was right next to my bed. She rolled her eyes and looked annoyed with me, but looked back at me and said, “I not interested in that man. He bought me drinks and I not worry about how he came close to me. I sorry that you-are feelings hurt, but it not mean anything.” She paused for a long time, like she was thinking about what she would do next. She moved closer so that she was right next to me, with her leg touching mine, her face just inches from mine.
She finally opened her mouth and said, “I not kno you for long time. But I feeel verry close to you. I like you verry much and not want to hurt you, I tink that you-” I cut her off by kissing her. I don’t know where that courage came from but it happened all the same. We kissed for a minute or so, I couldn’t really keep track of time all that well. It was very emotional, we opened and closed our mouths in rhythm with each other. But when we split apart I opened my eyes and saw her lick her lips. She opened her eyes and I saw something I could only explain as her soul.

She turned her body to face mine sitting on her knees as she leaned into me and brought our lips back together. She pushed her lips so hard into me that her weight pushed me back into the wall of the bed. It was pretty hard and loud. She stopped kissing and looked freaked. “OH I am sooo sooory. You okay?” she said as she pulled me back up. I laughed it off and said that I was fine. I scooted back so that my back was near the wall. She looked hesitant to kiss me again so I put my hand to the back of her head and pulled it to me. She got the idea and began kissing me again.

We kissed for a while, so long that I heard theme to law & order show then heard ending credits. After a few more minutes, she began to feel very warm and was moving a bit. She pulled away from our kiss and had such lust in her eyes. She put on leg over mine and straddled me, slowly lowering her body onto mine. She started kissing me but was also moving her hips so that they pushed into my body. This was making me very excited. I felt my pants start to get tighter as my dick began growing. Steff continued rubbing her pelvis into mine with my dick caught pointing down in a somewhat uncomfortable position. She felt me moving and pulled away, “Am I hurting you?”

“No it’s just that, my pants don’t give me much room down there” I pointed with my eyes. She looked down for a second, looked at me and began unbuttoning my pants. This surprised me but I definitely did not try to stop her when she pulled them off. My underwear happen to come mostly off with them. She stopped for a short second and pulled my underwear off completely too. She got back on top of me and smiled. My dick was pointing straight up at her. So, when she lowered herself it rubbed against what I thought would be her panties, but I then realized that she wasn’t wearing any. I felt her skin touching mine, and she made sure to move my dick so that it wasn’t inside yet, but touching her pussy as she sat down again. She pulled off her shirt and threw it and did the same with mine. She began kissing me, my forehead, my neck and my ears. I was so lost in the passion of the moment, that nothing else mattered.

She rubbed her pussy, which was soaking wet as it rubbed against my dick. I felt her hands feeling my body, like she was trying to memorize every bump and every curve of my body. I was a little nervous moving my hands anywhere but her waist. She seemed to be annoyed with this so she moved my hands on each of her breasts. That was all I needed to start rubbing them. She closed her eyes and let out a slight moan from her lips.

It was all happening so fast, just so much to take in. That when I felt my dick starting to get EXTREMELY HARD. I knew I was going to cum in no time but I did not care as it all felt just too good. She kept moving her hips and letting out louder and louder moans. I felt it building up in my cock, my mouth opened in pleasure so I leaned forward and began kissing and sucking on her left breast. She gasped and used her hand to push me tighter into her breast. I let out a long groan and felt my dick explode with cum. It was pointed toward my belly but got a little on her too. I think we were too lost in the moment to care. I pulled away to apologize but she stopped me with a long kiss that included tongue.

She pulled away and asked me, “You can keep going?” I felt my dick still hard as ever and nodded yes. She said, “Goood, I want to feeel you inside”. My eyes widen and all I could do was smile and nod yes. With the mixture of her wetness and my cum, she was able to put my dick inside of her very easily. She went all the way down and stayed there for a minute. Her forehead met with mine and we looked into each other’s eyes as we both felt the pleasure of our sex.

She moved slowly up and down, and my dick had never felt more pleasure in my entire life as her tight wet pussy clenched around it as she moved. It was like nothing I could have ever imagined as my mouth open to let out a groan and throw my head back against the wall. She leaned over me to start kissing my open mouth with her tongue invading my mouth. She pulled up and my cock left her pussy. It was a horrible feeling to not be inside of her, but she did not let it stay that way for long and she reached between us to move my dick back into place. The re-entering felt just as good as it did the first time. She began moving faster with her pelvis meeting mine and creating a somewhat loud smack. This kept happening and every time it did her pussy clenched just a bit tighter. She also letting out moans at talking volume. The faster we went, the louder it was. Soon I was able to meet up my hips to when she dropped down into the thrust. Which she seemed to really enjoy.

Her hands stayed on my shoulders so that she could keep her balance, while mine rubbed her tits. She really began to pick up speed and the volume in our room became very loud. The moans, the smacking, the squeak of the bed. But we did not care. It all felt too good to stop and think about how loud we were.

We kept going for another 10 minutes slowing down and speeding up at different intervals. Eventually I told her that I felt like I was going to cum again. I had enough sense to tell her. She looked at me and kissed me. When our kiss broke, she said, “I want it all inside, if it is okay”? she heard no argument from me.

She began to pick up speed again. I moved one of my hands down to her clit and began rubbing it with some force. She just about screamed when I did this and starting fucking me with everything she had. We moved as one being, not only fucking, but making love. We both were moaning very loud, there was no way people all around our room couldn’t hear us. We kept going like there was no tomorrow. The cum in my cock began to rise. I started rubbing her clit as fast as I could. It all was moving so fast until, pushing against each other, until it happened. My dick exploded inside of her and her pussy clenched so tight I thought she would break my dick off.

Then the entire room faded away, and I was taken to a place made of complete light. I don’t know how long I stayed there, but I eventually came back to earth, trying to catch my breath. She was leaned against me, breathing much her complete weight was against me like she no longer had the strength to hold herself up.

We stayed like that for about 10 minutes. When she finally sat up and moved her body off of mine. All kinds of fluids came out of her pussy when my dick left it. The bed was a complete mess. We laid there for a few moments and looked at each other. We both smiled and laughed. She got up and said that we should sleep on the clean bed so we both moved over to the opposite bed still naked. We both got under the covers. I laid on my back while she draped her body over mine, with her legs over mine and her arm across my chest, and her head right next to mine. She gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek as she reached over to turn off the light. I felt her come back to her original spot and the tiredness of the day hit me all at once. My eyes could not stay open, but I could say that I fell asleep the happiest guy in the world.

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