Revenge Chapter 2

Chapter 2. Exploration

Blinking a few times to adjust my vision, I looked around at the familiar room, and the beautiful body restrained in front of me.

“I hope you can see how to get a drink now, I’m still thirsty, even after I drank you down!” she said with a smile. I laughed out loud, much more comfortable than I was before, even though I could see Tess’s beautiful face right in front of me.

“You’re really beautiful!” I blurted out. I had not meant to say that, and the sincerity apparently touched Tess, since she blushed a little, and said in a quiet voice,

“Thank you John, you’re a pretty good looking guy yourself!” That made me feel strangely good, and my confidence rose a few more notches.

“Thanks Tess… Well, let me see what I can find to drink, ok?”

“Sounds good,” she replied.

I turned to the back, and walked to the drink dispenser I had installed a couple days previously. The touch screen above it showed the keyboard where I could enter the code. “What was that code?” I asked, not wanting to give myself away.

“It says ‘SMCGSW’,” she called out. I entered the code, smiling to myself as I know the code stood for Suck My Cock, Get Some Water. The dispenser dropped a cup, and filled with cold water automatically when I pushed the correct button. Since I was pretty sure Tess was more thirsty than I was, and to be a gentleman, I brought the cup back to her, and held it to her lips as she drank.
After she slurped down the water, I wiped her chin dry, and she smiled up at me as she said “Thanks John! That’s much better. I could take some more after you have some.”
“Ok,” I answered, "be right back." I knew the code I had put in would only allow for 2 drinks, so after I hit the water button again and it filled, I drank about half, then hit the button again. When nothing happened, I said “Uh Oh.”

“What’s wrong?” Tess said in a worried voice.

“I got another cup but when I pushed for another for you, nothing happened! What does the screen say?” I asked innocently.

As I walked back to where Tess was strapped in, she said “it says ‘You want more water, but there’s a problem. He’s been a bad boy, so he must return the favor.’”

“What’s that mean?” I asked, knowing of course what was required. She paused for a couple of seconds as she was thinking, but I was sure she knew what was meant.

“I think it means you have to make me come like I made you come.” I was silent for a couple of seconds, thinking how best to respond.

“I’m not exactly sure how to do that,” I admitted sheepishly.

“Well, I can talk you through it. It should not be too hard, I am kinda worked up after all that,” she said as she smiled.
“Really? I am surprised, I didn’t think women, I mean you would get… that way from, “ I stammered to a stop.

“You might be surprised. I think most women can get turned on by pleasing a man, although this is not exactly a normal situation.”

“Yeah, that’s for sure!” I laughed nervously. “So, are you uh, ready then?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be I guess. Do you know about the clitoris?”

“Well, I know the anatomy, and that is the most sensitive area, right?”

“Yes, but you can make me feel good by touching or licking different places too. The opening to my vagina is very sensitive, and if you touch or lick around the vulva before you get to my clitoris that is better.”

“OK, just let me know if I’m doing it right, OK?”

She laughed, “Oh you will know when you do it right. I’m pretty vocal sometimes.”

I had moved between her legs at this point, and was looking at her exposed pussy and ass. Something about the prospect of doing this had my cock growing rapidly. I bent down to my knees, and moved closer. I had read about this numerous times, so I was not totally in the dark, but I was still nervous. I took a light sniff close to her pussy, and smelled a light fragrance from her arousal. There was no hair around her pussy, but I knew from undressing her that she had a little patch directly above it. I think they called that a landing strip or something like that. I took a deep breath, and blew lightly all around her pussy, or vulva, to use the term she used. I liked the word pussy better, it seemed more visceral.
“Ooh, that kinda tickles,” she murmured. I bent forward a little more and placed a kiss on her right thigh, just below her pussy. I repeated that on the left thigh, and then a little one right on the lips. She jumped a little at that, although she could not move much. Getting braver, I kissed her pussy lips a couple more times, pushing my lips firmly onto hers. I tentatively licked the outside of her pussy, and made her jump again. I was really starting to like this, and licked more firmly, first one side, then the other, and finally directly in the middle. I knelt down to improve my angle of attack, and I felt my tongue slide between her lips at this point, not far, but enough to feel how very slippery it was in there, and to taste the tang of her juices. That made her jump and moan at the same time, so I repeated the motion, getting deeper in-between her lips. Every time I licked now, her hips were jerking a little bit, lick she was trying to get more stimulation. The moans were coming more quickly now, and getting louder. I placed both hands on her ass and squeezed firmly, feeling how resilient her muscles were, and pulled them apart so I could put my tongue further inside her. A loud moan followed when I did that, so I kept it up. She was obviously getting pretty excited, and the amount of slippery liquid coming from her was increasing. I really liked the taste of her, and felt like I could do this for hours, but my tongue was starting to get a little tired.

Just then she moaned again and said “Lick my clit now, please, I wanna come. Don’t tease me anymore!”

I didn’t know I had been teasing her, but I obediently slid my tongue down a little bit, and felt my tongue run over a slight bump between her lips right at the bottom of her slit. I guess it would be the top of her slit if she were on her back, I thought as I licked it again, a little harder.

“Oh yeah, like that, keep doing that!” she moaned out loudly. I concentrated my efforts directly on her clit, feeling her butt muscles tense up constantly now. Her hips were still jerking some in response to every lick, but they were short jerks now, not actually moving her much. I thought I would try something I read before, and I tried capturing her clit between my lips, and sucking on it directly. This had an immediate effect, and she tensed up even more and panted out,

”Oh God, I’m gonna come, don’t stop.” I kept it up, and while sucking on it I licked my tongue back and forth over it. That did the trick, and she actually screamed, startling me a little bit. Her whole body was tensed up solid, as I kept licking and sucking on her clit. Her moans were incoherent now, and her body alternately tensed then relaxed as she came. I kept the same motion going, until suddenly she said

“Stop, stop, that’s enough!”

I immediately stopped licking and said “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, not at all!” she chuckled, panting to get her breath back. “You did that really well, it’s just that it gets too sensitive when I come like that. You sure you never did that before?”

“hehe, yes I’m sure,” I replied.

“I don’t think I ever came quite that hard before!” I reluctantly moved my hands from her buttocks, as I stood up. She was slightly sweaty now, and I loved the way she felt under my hands.

“Thank you John, that was wonderful!”

“Well, to tell the truth, I really liked it!” I said with a little surprise I my voice. “You taste great, and it was really a huge ego boost, making you come like that.”

“You seem to have a natural talent!” she laughed.

“Who knew?” I laughed back.

I remembered to push the little button on my wrist. I waited a couple of seconds, when I heard the beep, and then said “Well, what does the screen say now?”

“ It says ‘Congratulations, task 2 completed. Drink your fill now.’”

“That sounds good, I’ll be right back,” I said as I headed for the dispenser. Draining the cup once, I filled it again and walked back and let Tess drink, emptying it quickly.

“Wow, you were thirsty I guess!” I headed back to fill the cup again.

“Well, yeah, I had a bit of a workout, in case you did not notice!”

“Actually, I did sort of notice that,” I said with a big smile. I was only a little self conscious now, even though my erection was still sticking straight out, only inches from her face as she drank a little more.

“I guess you really did like doing that, huh John?” she motioned toward my rigid cock with her head.

“Oh, yeah! sorry,” I smiled and blushed a little, as I walked back to get a drink for myself.

“So does the screen say anything else?” I call back, as I was filling the cup for myself.

“Um, yeah, it says ‘Do you want the locks off? Step one, 500 long thrusts, with him finishing inside you.’”

“Does that mean what I think it means?” I asked somewhat innocently.

“I think so. I’m not sure how it counts though. I think that is a counter there, where is shows 4 zeros. Plus what counts as a long thrust?”

I had come around to look at the screen even though I knew what it said. “I’m not sure. I imagine you would like to get unlocked though,” I ventured hesitantly.

“oh yeah, I’m getting tired of laying here. We might as well get this going, 500 strokes sounds like a lot!” She looked over at me, with my cock hanging down slightly. I had gotten a little soft since I licked her to that orgasm. At her words, and seeing her look at me, I started getting hard again. As my cock twitched back to life, and full length she said “You’ll need to be careful though, I’ve never had someone quite so big before.”

“Really? I did not think I was that big there”

“I’d say you were a little bigger than average, although I have not seen that many,” she trailed off, and I think she may have blushed a little.

“OK, I’ll be careful." I rather eagerly moved around her side to her rear, looking eagerly at her exposed pussy. I was not exactly sure how to start, and my confidence lagged a bit, but I really wanted to start, so I said “um, tell me what to do, OK?” My nervousness must have communicated to her, so she said

“No problem John, just take it easy at first. I think I am still pretty wet after I came, but if you take some of that wetness, and kind of spread it on yourself, it should make entry a lot easier.”
I did not reply, just reached out with my left hand and ran my hand from the beginning of her slit, up to the top. My fingers were wet from just that light touch, so I did it again, rubbing more firmly and gathering some of the moisture there.
“Mmmm” she moaned in response to my touch. I rubbed my now wet fingers on the head of my cock, and gathered some more moisture from her slit. I rubbed a little more than needed, but it was fun to hear her groan from my touch. My cock was now pretty wet, and hard as could be.

“You ready Tess?” I called out.

“Very ready John, can’t you tell? Just go slow at first, OK?”

“OK,” I moved closer, with my cock in my right hand, and my left hand still touching her pussy. I pushed the head of my cock against her, sliding it along the slit. The feeling was amazing, and I had only just touched her lips. She moaned in response, and I felt like moaning too. I slid up and down her slit, gradually parting her lips with the head of my cock. As I pushed forward slightly, my cock slid deeper right at the top of her slit, and wedged inside almost an inch. I gasped a little at the feeling of warmth, and silky friction. I rubbed my cock down one more time, then back up and in, this time sinking my cock in about 2 inches.

“Oh god, that feels amazing,” I said softly.

“I was about to say the same thing!” she replied. Instinct was starting to take over, as my hips slid back, almost taking my cock out, and then thrust back in, going twice as deep. I repeated the motion, going half way out, and then in almost 6 inches.

“Uh, damn, you’re big John!” I had almost 2 inches left, and as I slid out, then back in, my hips thrust forward hard, burying myself until my hips were firmly against her ass. She let out a little scream as I bottomed out, and said

“Hold on for a sec, I need to get used to you. Damn, I feel so full,” She panted out. I gripped both of her hips with my hands. Trying not to move was very difficult, with my cock buried deep inside Tess, sending an imperative to my brain to thrust again and again.

I let my hands roam over Tess’ perfect ass, reveling in the sensations of heat where my cock was buried deep inside her. I pushed my hands directly onto her bottom, sliding out a few inches, then slid back in, accompanied by a gasp from Tess. Instinct took over at that point, and I gripped her hips tightly in both hands, sliding out most of the way, and slamming back in with my hips bouncing off her buttocks, preparing me for the next slide out, and the next thrust forward. Each impact of my hips brought a grunt of pleasure from Tess followed by my own. I was lost in pleasure, each thrust building pressure inside me higher and higher. I had no thought of making this last 500 strokes as I had planned. As the familiar feeling of an impending orgasm grew in my cock, my thrusting became a little more erratic. The feeling of my cock immersed in Tess’ pussy, and my hips bumping solidly inter her ass sent me over the edge quickly. Letting out a primal yell, I grabbed her hips even harder, and thrust as deeply as possible inside her, as the first spurt from my cock erupted. Five more times I felt my cock shoot into her, with five more hard thrusts. I felt like the end of my cock had exploded, and I collapsed onto Tess, buried deep inside her, as I panted in the aftermath of that epic orgasm. It took several seconds for me to notice that Tess was breathing fast too, and I belatedly realized I had not been that gentle.

“Sorry Tess, I kinda got carried away,” I admitted sheepishly.
“You don’t say!” she replied with the hint of a smile in her voice. “I almost got carried away too, I have to admit that was pretty hot the way you just took me when you got going.”

“I couldn’t help myself, the feeling was so amazing, and you were so warm inside, almost hot…. I can’t believe I’ve been missing this for so many years!”

“Well even bad sex is pretty good they say, right?” she joked. “You have to have masturbated before though, right?”

“Well…,” I said reluctantly. “Everybody does right?” I said defensively.
“Well sure, even girls do, at least all the ones I know.” She said with another dazzling smile that put me at ease.

“I have to admit though, that both times I have come here with you are WAY better than masturbating!” I almost stumbled over the last word.

“I should hope so!” she smiled back.

“How high did we get on the counter?” I asked as I moved over next to her to look. We looked down together, as she answered “Only 68.”

“Sorry I came so quick,” I started to apologize.

“Don’t be sorry John, heck I think you lasted twice as long as my boyfriend did for my first time!”

“Well, that makes me feel a little better I guess,” I said with a grin.

“You apologize too much, you know that John?”

“Sorr…,” I got most of the word out before I stopped myself, and we both burst out laughing. It was a great tension reliever, and I felt a lot more comfortable suddenly.

“I just want to do well, you know?” I said, suddenly serious.

“You are off to a pretty good start you know John! You made me come once, and I was feeling pretty good before you stopped just now. That reminds me, we have quite a few more strokes to go to satisfy this stupid computer to let me go.”

She glanced back down at the screen as she said that, and exclaimed suddenly “Hey, the counter is at 67 now, what’s up?” I could have explained that the counter slowly decreased if not being added to, but I thought that she would figure that out on her own.

“It was at 68 before, right?” I said innocently, doing a good job of keeping the smile off my face.
“Yes it was, I’m sure of it! Hey! It just changed to 66! What the heck is going on?”
“I don’t know, maybe there is something wrong with it?” I pretended to be confused.

“We’d better get you back inside me if we’re going to get to 500,” She said suddenly.

“Well Tess, I would love to, but…,” I trailed off, as I looked down at my cock hanging down between my legs, still wet and slightly elongated, but definitely not erect.

She looked at my cock for a few seconds, then said with a smile “well, let’s see what we can do about that. Come stand in front of me, and let’s see if we can’t wake the big boy up,” She said that with a look of anticipation in her eyes, that made my cock twitch a little. I moved in front of her, and although her mouth could not reach my cock head, the feeling of her lips nuzzling my belly and my legs started to have an effect. She licked as far down on the shaft of my cock as she could reach, and although that is not as sensitive as the rest of it, the sight of her licking her own juices off my cock put more pressure in my blood. My cock started to swell in earnest, bouncing up more with every beat of my heart as she continued to lick everything she could reach. I moved back a few inches, as the head of my cock finally got within reach of her mouth, and she literally slurped me into her mouth. Although the feeling was not as intense as before, it was still enough to make me groan, and start to slide my hips back and forth. After I slid my cock back and forth in her mouth a few more times, enjoying the feeling of her tongue on the underside of my head, I heard her try to say something.

I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her mouth, as I said jokingly “Sorry, I could not understand you.”
That great smile hit me again as she said “Very funny John, but I don’t want you to get too carried away there. As much as I was enjoying that, I really want you back in my pussy.”
“Happy to oblige, lovely lady!” I smiled back as I moved behind her. “You know, although I don’t have much experience, I think you have the most amazing looking rear I have ever seen” I said as I looked at her perfect heart shaped ass, with her perfect pussy poking out between her legs.

“Thanks John!” she sounded pleased at the compliment. “I really want you back inside me though.”

My cock hardened even further at her words. “OK,” I said, but moved by a sudden impulse, I bent down and put both hands on her ass, and spread her cheeks apart a bit. I moved my face between her cheeks, and slid my tongue inside her, then rapidly licked from her clit to her hole several times.
She let out a squeal, followed by “Oh god that feels good!”
Her comment made me continue, and I licked hard and fast several more times, loving the sound of her voice as with every lick she cried out “Oh, Oh, Oh.”
I was really getting into it, and wanted to make her come again, when she suddenly said “Fuck me John, fuck me now!” I immediately stood up, and taking my now rock hard cock in my hand, I guided it into place between her slippery wet lips. As I grabbed her hips with both hands, looking down at my cock poised to enter her pussy, she said again “Fuck me John, fuck me hard!” I needed no more encouragement, and I thrust forward hard, burying myself all the way inside her hot pussy in one stroke.

She let out a little scream as I bottomed out, then said “Yeah, fuck me, fuck me.” as I started pistoning my cock into her. I reveled in the feeling of her hot pussy sliding onto my dick with each thrust. I felt an amazing sense of control, since as great as it felt, I did not think I was going to come soon. The sound of her moaning was continuous now, with every stroke. Suddenly I felt her muscles tense up, and she seemed to hold her breath as I continued pushing into her. Two more strokes, and she came hard, moaning out loud. The feeling of her pussy contracting around my cock was amazing, but I was able to keep thrusting through her orgasm, without coming myself. Her orgasm seemed to last a long time, and I saw a sheen of sweat on her back and buttocks from her exertions.

“Did you like that Tess?” I called out as I paused in my thrusting.

“Oh God yeah, I’ve never come so hard before. Don’t stop, it still feels really good.”

“I totally agree,” I said with a grin as I started thrusting into her again. I still felt in reasonable control, although watching and feeling her come on my cock had made me feel closer to coming. I moved my hands from her hips to rub her perfect ass, stroking my cock more slowly into her as I let my hands enjoy the soft, smooth perfection of her muscular buttocks. Watching my cock slide between her pussy lips wrapped around my cock was mesmerizing. As I massaged her ass with both hands, Tess started to make little groaning sounds again with every stroke.

“What is the counter at now Tess?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she gasped out. “Just don’t stop.”

My confidence was increasing as I realized she was enjoying this even more than I was. The sounds of her moans was increasing, just like before she came the last time. I focused on moving my cock in evenly, trying to control myself. I shifted my weight a little bit on one stroke in, causing my cock to move downward at a different angle, and Tess let out a sharper gasp. “You like?” I asked as I repeated the stroke at that angle.

“Oh God yeah, keep doing that!” she gasped out.

I happily obliged with a grin, sliding my cock into her at that angle. Her moans quickly grew sharper and louder, and with a sudden shriek, she came again. The feeling of her pussy grasping my cock as she came was intense, and I kept thrusting only a few more times until she subsided with a gasp beneath me. I had been getting too close to coming, and I did not want to come until we got to 500 strokes if possible.
I rubbed my hands from her buttocks, up her sweaty back to her shoulders, my cock lodged deep inside her as I rested.

“You seemed to enjoy that!” I said as I massaged her shoulders.
“You have no idea,” she said with a shaky laugh. I don’t know if it is because you’re bigger, or the angle or what, but I have never come just from fucking, let alone twice before!”

“You have no idea how good that makes me feel,” I said in reply. “I really enjoyed making you come too.”

“Not as much as I enjoyed it, I guarantee!” she said with a laugh.

“What’s the counter at now?” I asked, trying to look over her shoulder.

“It’s at 353,” she said. “only 147 more to go!” “Whoops, I mean 148, the counter just went down one again.”

“I guess I better get started again eh? I’ve rested enough I think,” I said as I pushed myself upright.

She was about to answer when I pulled my cock out and slammed it back in all the way, at the angle she seemed to like best. “Oh god, yeah, do that again!” she moaned back.

“I’d love to,” I replied, pushing on her back to help me pull my hips back, then pulling forward slamming my cock into her. With every thrust into her, I tried slightly different angles, seeing which seemed to wring the best response from her. Her orgasm took both of us by surprise, as she screamed out “I’m coming!”

I kept pumping my cock into her at that angle, both of us sweating now from the exertion. Her orgasm seemed to taper off, then start again as I kept thrusting into her. The sense of power that swept over me as she came was awesome, and I knew it was changing my level of confidence permanently.

She seemed to be coming almost continuously now, and the need to come myself was starting to be overwhelming. I felt the pressure building deep inside, with every thrust of my cock. The contractions of her pussy, the moaning, our sweaty bodies rubbing together, was all suddenly too much, and the illusions of control I had were shattered as my orgasm exploded suddenly. I had no breath to yell out or I would have. I saw stars in my vision as I closed my eyes and rocketed my come into Tess. She was still coming, or coming again, I could not tell as I was too absorbed in the sensation exploding from my cock. I slipped forward on the last thrust on her slippery body, sending my cock even deeper into her as all my weight was supported on her buttocks. The last jet of come blasted deep into her womb as I collapsed in exhaustion.

(Chapter 3 to follow)

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