Coaching my Daughter 1

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It all started one day when I was hung over and unable to do anything on my own. Before I get started I will give you some back ground information about me and my daughter. I was 37 in great shape and a very handsome man. Brown hair and hazel brown eyes. I regularly shaved so my body was always smooth. My daughter when this began was a vibrant young eight year old who was very cute and developing ahead of all the other girls her age. She totally adores and loves her daddy with every ounce of her heart.
Well, like I said, I was hung over and unable to do anything on my own when I woke up early Saturday morning. I crawled out of the bed that I shared with my daughter and tried to get to the bathroom so I could go relieve myself when I felt a cool breeze blowing on my dick and balls as they hung and then realized that I was naked. I guess I was making to much noise because I woke my daughter up as I tried to stand up to pee and fell down in the bathroom. She quickly came to help me up and showed no concerns that I was naked. As I made it to my feet I did my best to aim my dick towards the toilet but could not use my hands because I was trying desperately to hold my self up so I would not fall again. So I began to pee and I was peeing on everything in the bathroom and all of the sudden I felt the warm finger tips of my daughter wrap around her daddy's dick and pull it down towards the toilet. I was so hung over and my head was pounding but I felt a shocking sensation jolt through my body that I had not felt before in my life. As the last drops came out she began shaking my dick up and down and I instantly began to grow in her little hand to full hardness. She quickly yanked her hand away and said she was sorry but I told her it wasn't her fault.
Then because I had pissed everywhere including all over myself I crawled into the shower and cut it on. Soon I found myself laying down in the tub and pass out when i felt the shower curtain brush against my face. Opening my eyes I saw my daughter stepping over my head to get into the shower with me. I had a unrestricted view of her pussy as she stepped over my head. I could see her smooth hairless pussy as she stretched over the top of me. I could see her little lips part and could not help but notice the little cavity that had developed between her legs. I was instantly growing once I saw her after what had happened earlier. What happened next was very surprising. My daughter slipped as she was stepping over me and ended up falling over my waist. Her legs ended up straddled over me and her pussy landed directly on my dick and I could instantly feel the heat from her pussy. As she attempted to get up she slid her pussy the entire length of my dick as she got up. I could feel her little pussy lips part slightly as it slid across my dick. She finally recovered and stood up over me and I could again see her innocent pussy opened and reddened from the fall. I could see her little puffy nipples were hardened and was lost in the moment when she brought me back to reality talking to me. Daddy, are you OK she said to me. You have been in the shower forever. I did not say anything back to her so she grabbed a bar of soap and bent down and began washing her daddy. She sat on my my leg and washed down my chest stomach and the washed my feet and legs. As she got close to my balls she slid around them brushing them slightly as she did so. I again felt that shock jolt through my body and my dick was rock hard. I was a little worried so I rolled over on my side and she then started washing my back and down to my butt. She parted my butt cheeks with the soap and began washing my asshole with her hand. What happened next really surprised me. She pushed my shoulder down so I was laying back on my back and ran the soap bar back a crossed my dick and balls several times until I was lathered up very good. She then cupped my balls and massaged them as she rubbed the soap to clean them. She then grabbed my dick and instinctively I guess began tugging on my dick slowly moving up and down my shaft trying to rub the soap into my dick to clean it. As she was doing this she was leaning over me and I could see the slit in her pussy and began to get excited and I could feel a hot pressure develop in my balls and I knew I was going to cum if she did not stop. She moved her body over so the shower water could rinse my dick off but did not stop stroking me and I lost control and shot a thick hot stream of cum which shot across her face and then another directly into her chest. It scared her and she asked me if I was OK and I said yes and she wiped my cum off her face with her fingers and then what happened next surprised me as she quickly pulled her hand to her nose and smelt my cum and the stuck out her tongue and licked her fingers. She then told me whatever I had come out of me was salty but did not taste that bad. I then watched her wash herself off and get out of the shower.
As I sat in the shower trying to get the strength to get out I realized that I could easily coach my little girl to love her daddy in ways that were so wrong. I knew it was wrong but wasn't sure if I could keep myself from taking it to another level after the intense experience I had just had.

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