The Project 5

The Project 5

This yet another part to Terry and Lou’s school project:

Terry was sitting at his desk the events of the last few weeks had been staggering. His dad was becoming more feminine every day. His mom and Maria (Lou’s mom) were become nymphos, Jill was having her son ass fucked regularly she wanted Terry to convert her husband as well. Jill herself always wanted sex, the only person who had not been infected was Lou’s dad, but he was always on the road.

As he sat at his desk looking out the window he saw a cute well built red head walking down the street pushing a baby carriage. The girl didn’t appear to be much over 25, he got up he headed down stairs he headed outside to attempt to strike up a conversation with her. He was in front of the house when she walked by, he thought fast, “hi your mom making you walk the kid”? She giggled, “no I’m his mother he’s 11 months old”. “Oh wow, my names Terry”, she smiled sweetly I’m M, Emily and this is Wayne. “Did you just move in”? She hesitated for a second “no we live three blocks over on Rutty St”. They continued to talk Terry gave her his number he told her to call he would introduce her to his mom.

When he was back inside he called Lou, they discussed Emily, Terry went into detail telling Lou about her ass, he called it a J Lo butt. He was going to get her over the house, so she and Sherry could have coffee, then he’d see what he could do. Lou told him “if you get her get photo’s” the guys hung up.

At around 10 am the next day his phone rang it was Emily, she chatted briefly about nothing of consequence. He asked her if she’d like to come by at noon for coffee with him and his mom, her response was “I’d love to see you guys later”. Sherry was cleaning the den when he walked in, “mom the new lady Emily is going to stop by at noon for coffee is that good for you”? Sherry thought about it for a few seconds “sure then when she leaves I’d like to get fucked ok”? “Sure, mom I’ll be happy to”. Terry need a plan to separate the women, so he could get Emily under his control. Since there wasn’t a lot of time he would play it by ear.

Emily arrived at noon she had her son Wayne in the stroller, Terry introduced the two woman, they headed into the kitchen. Sherry asked her “would you like coffee”? Emily smiled “ok I would prefer a soda if you have any”. She thought about it for a few seconds “no soda but I’ve got lemonade or ice tea”. Her response was “ice tea please”, since the baby was asleep they ignored him. Terry left the room pretending not to be interested, he left them alone for at least 45 minutes, he headed back to the kitchen. It was then he realized they were drinking hard ice tea, this may work went through his mind.

M asked to use the bathroom as she left the room Terry went into action, “dingbat listen to me”, she was instantly under. He gave instructions she was to continue the conversation as normal then excuse herself to go to the bathroom but to wait for him to knock on the bathroom door.

Emily came back in the room they continued talking for a few minutes then Sherry excused herself for a bathroom break.

Terry had been sitting at the table so as Sherry was leaving he took out the pendant, within 30 seconds her eyes were fixed on it. After another minute her eyes closed she was his. He gave her the word and instructions as to how things were going to go. Now he wanted to see what she was about, “M how big are your tits”? There was a slight hesitation on her part then she responded “34DD”, “good do you have a bush”? again a slight hesitation “yes I keep it trimmed in the shape of a heart”. “Do you suck cock”? there was no hesitation now “no I would never let Jim put his cock in my mouth much less suck on it”. He assumed Jim was her husband, “ok when was the last time you were really fucked good”.

She thought about the question for several seconds, “well about three months ago our a/c unit was acting up, the guys who came out to fix it was cute. After he got the thing running one thing led to another he fucked me on the kitchen counter, it was a toe curling orgasm”. “Does you husband know”? “God no! Umberto will never fuck me again”.

He sat there for several seconds, ok Umberto was the repair guy now we need to move this along. He told her she would not remember any of this conversation when he woke her up. She would however have an itching between her legs that only his cock could scratch for her.

He woke her up the conversation resumed as if nothing had happened, he excused himself as he walked by the bathroom door he knocked out came Sherry as if only a few seconds had passed. The women continued to talk for another half hour, the baby woke up, so M got ready to leave. Terry said he was going out if she wanted he’d put the stroller in the back of the SUV and drive them home. She accepted the ride.

Wayne fell asleep as soon as the car started to move, as they pulled into the driveway he looked at her, “dingbat” she was instantly under. Good “Emily you are getting a craving to suck cock, you will not only want to suck cock, but you will want to swallow cum do you understand”? She hesitated, she shook her head no he repeated the message again a slight delay the she said, “yes I want to suck cock and swallow cum”. “Now later you will text me you will ask me if I think your fuckable then we will arrange a time when I will come over to have sex with you, ok”? “Yes, that would be fine” When you wake up you will still have the itch between your legs only a good fucking can cure, the desire to suck cock will be growing stronger in you but you will say nothing to me now. You will only remember the part of the conversation about texting me and wanting sex”. He snapped his fingers, she was awake.

He unloaded the stroller, as he turned to say good by she leaned into him she put her hands on his neck, she opened her mouth, she had her tongue in his mouth for almost 45 seconds. When they finally separated he had a big smile on his face, “wow M that was one great good by kiss”. “Well I wanted you to know I really like you I’m hoping we get to spend time together”. “Oh, believe me we will but I’ve got to go now, you can text me anytime if you call and I can’t talk I’ll call back as soon as I’m able. Hey M how about a picture”? She gave him a big smile cocked her hips to the right and said, “shoot away”.

As he drove to Lou’s he sent t her picture with a short text she next! Lou got the text as he pulled into Sherry’s driveway she needed cock, Lou was there to supply it. He knew Terry was on his way to his house to fuck his mom before the younger kids got home from school.

Terry nut sack was empty as he lay in bed with Maria kissing the tip of his completely drained cock. They heard noise downstairs it was Maria’s husband home early, “oh shit Terry get in Lou’s room and hide”. She jumped up grabbed her shorts and top she yelled “I’ll be right down”.

She realized Terry’s car was in the driveway “Terry come down with me”, Terry said hello he told her he’d be seeing Lou in about an hour he would give him flash drive he asked for, he was gone before he could engage William (Maria’s husband) in much if any conversation.

Wow that was close he thought as he was heading home his phone buzzed, it was Jill the text read hubby will be home early Friday could you get him to be like Ethan? He replied, Lou and I will be there around noon Friday well see. Any chance I could get fucked? He shook his head they were all nymphs. Lou had fucked Sherry three times they were in the kitchen talking when he walked in. She was in only soaking wet panties, “hi honey want something to drink”? “No thanks mom come on Lou we’ve got something to do”.

They got in the car Terry pulled away from the house Lou asked, “where we going bro”? “We need to get away and talk, Jill’s her husband need an attitude adjustment”, Lou smiled like Ethan got”? “Exactly, she asked if we could fuck her today”?

“Bro your mom drained my nut sack I don’t even have blanks”. “Well your mom did the same thing to me, but your father got home early we both almost shit ourselves”. “Wow that could have been really bad”.

Let’s go to Jill’s this afternoon get the husband done this way were cool till Friday. They pulled into Jill’s driveway got out and went up to the front door, a few seconds later she open it. She was dressed in very tight shorts and a white halter. She kissed both guys on the mouth quickly she ushered them into the den. Her husband was sitting in the den he looked drunk or half asleep. She introduced Terry as the son of one of her lady friends Terry introduced Lou as his friend. Terry motioned for her and Lou to leave the room. Lou asked for the bathroom she stood up pointed down the hall she went to get drinks.

The room was quiet his eyes were instantly fixed on the pendant, it took Terry about three minutes, but he was under. He got up he walked into the kitchen where her and Lou were kissing Lou had his hand down the front of her shorts. “Jill do you want him gay or a cockold”? She thought about it for a few minutes then, “make him a cockold so he can watch Lou’s black cock fuck me”. “Ok give me a few minutes”. Fifteen minutes later Jim came out of the den looking normal.

Jill we’ll see you soon they left quickly, she followed them out to the car, “now what”? Terry looked at her, “when your back inside tell him you’re thinking of fucking Lou Friday night, you want him home to watch how a black cock can do so much better on your pussy then he can wait to see the reaction then text me”. She blinked in total disbelief, “ok I’ll try and let you know”. They drove off “Lou I’ve got to tell you man your mom is the hottest piece of ass in the world, but my nut sack is completely empty when she’s done with me I think we need some other guys for Jill for starters then Emily”.

A half hour later as they were pulling into Terry’s driveway his phone buzzed. Friday will be great he’s agreed to watch me get fucked, thank you baby when I see you your sack will be empty when I’m finished with you!

Terry groaned “another promise to drain our sacks” they both laughed. Lou left Terry went inside Sherry was talking to Maria she was still dress exactly as she was when he got home, the only difference was her panties had dried to her. She told Maria he was home they would continue the conversation later and hung up. “Boy you and Maria must have gotten the crap scared out of you when her husband walked in”? “That’s not even close to what we felt”.

He told her about stopping by Jill’s, but her husband was home, so they stayed a few minutes and left. Sherry got a funny look on her face “I hope Lou understands if I find out his cock is in any other pussy he will be spending his life with no balls”. While I’m on the subject Maria has told me, she is getting very used to white cock you fuck around on her you may not have a cock to worry about”. It was said very matter of factly, but the meaning was plain as day.

Lou called Terry around 7:30, “bro I just spoke to my friend Edgar he’s love some white pussy he’s free Friday night to do Jill”. That’s great but if these women continue to be nymphos were going to need at least one more guy”. Louis thought about it “Terry I may know a guy who’d be interested trouble is I don’t know him very well that well”. “Well check it out let me know”.

Five minutes later his phone buzzed it was E she texted him I’m alone can we talk? Yes call me. In the next instance his phone rang “hello”, “hi Terry its M” “well how are you darling”? She told him she really liked him she wanted to spend time alone with him. This is working better than I could have ever hopped for he thought. He decided to try pushing her a little, “say M if we could spend time alone I’d love to see those nipples of yours”. She started giggling, “well M what do you think”. She hesitated “I’d be happy to show them to you, but wouldn’t you rather see my pussy at this moment it very wet”. “When can we get together”? She giggled again “I’ll try to get my mom to take the baby tomorrow afternoon could you come by about 1”? “I’ll see you at one”.

Terry called Lou “tomorrow at 1 can you make it”? “I was supposed to meet Edgar tomorrow” so bring him well fuck her senseless”. “Ok see you at 12:30 where do we meet”? Terry thought about it 325 Rutty St its three blocks south of me”, “we’ll be there”.

Thursday at 12:30 they met at her house, they pulled in the driveway they headed for the front door. She opened it, she had on a pair of red short shorts they were so tight and short you could see her butt cheeks. A red halter to with no bra as her nipples were already hard and ready for a sucking.

She gasped as the three guys entered the house, Terry I thought, he put his hand up, “look M were brothers we share, you have the greatest ass I’ve ever seen before the days over I’m going to fuck it. Now first have you ever sucked a black cock”? Her eyes were wide open “no but I’d love to suck it and swallow all the cum”. She was amazed at what she had just said.

“Are you an anal virgin”? Again, her eyes went wide open “yes”, Last have you ever had a double penetration”? “My god no can a woman really do that”? “Yes, you’re going to do it shortly”. Edgar and Lou started to rub her tits she pushed there hands away, Terry came up to her he took the halter top and pushed it down her tits were exposed and on display. Her nipples were standing up hard as rocks Terry spoke, “guys come over hear she needs these puppies sucked”. She stood in shock as her tits were being sucked. Terry was rubbing her clit through her shorts, he unbuttoned them he slid them off her hips. She was there before them in red cheek hugger panties with a large wet spot in the front.

Terry looked her in the eye, “which way to the bedroom”? The guys stopped sucking her tit’s, so she could lead them to her bedroom.

She sat on the edge of the bed, Terry got between her legs he pulled her panties down, he started eating her pussy. Edgar and Lou resumed sucking her nipples, it didn’t take long she shivered moaning and cried as she had her first orgasm.

She got into the middle of the bed, Lou got between her legs his cock was in, he was working a good rhythm in seconds. It didn’t take long for her body to start working with him, she was thrashing underneath him moaning. “Oh, fuck this feels great deeper please ugggggggg! Another orgasm rocked her body, after two more orgasms Lou pushed deep into her, his cock started spewing cum deep in he pussy all she could do was cry, she was moaning about how good it felt. Lou rolled off Edgar replaced him instantly, the scene was identical she had several orgasms until Edgar added his load of cum to her pussy.

She laid there completely content but then realized Terry’s cock was rock hard, giggling she asked, “honey would you like mommy to handle that thing”? He smiled while he was lubing up his cock the guys rolled her over, then before she realized what was happening Terry’s cock pushed into her ass, first half way he stopped to give her time to adjust. She was crying she was wiggling her ass to try to dislodge the cock, but the more she wiggled the better it felt. Terry pushed it all the way he continued for several minutes her body betrayed her as she felt a shock deep in her pussy as the ass fucking was going to cause an orgasm. “Oh, my fuckennnnnnn! Came out of her mouth she came at that same moment as Terry, the sensation of cum being pumped deep in her ass was incredible.

She laid underneath him crying, she felt the cock slip out, they rolled her over they got a few pictures of both her holes leaking cum. Terry stood there looking at her “M you’ve got the greatest ass in the world” She smiled “thank you I think”. “How does your ass feel”? She paused for several seconds “at the moment its quite sore but it was an interesting sexual experience”. “That’s great now suck my cock”! She sat up she went to work sucking his cock. Fifteen minutes later his cock erupted shooting cum into her mouth, she swallowed every drop. As his cock came out of her mouth she looked at them “I think I could really get used to sucking cock and swallowing cum, it taste great and its non-fattening”. They all laughed.

Edgar smiled at her “time for some more cock girl get on”, she giggled “yes sir more cock and cum”, she got on top not realizing Lou had lubed his cock she was about to get her first DP. Her ass was oozing cum so Lou’s cock slipped in easily, she froze as this was something she didn’t believe possible. After several seconds which allowed her pussy and ass to adjust the guys started working a rhythm she wiggled ass in small circles. They were grunting she was moaning. She had several orgasms suddenly the cock in her pussy blasted cum deep in her, she felt the cock in her ass start pumping cum too. She had what seemed like a continual orgasm for a minute.

Lou removed his cock from her ass, so she could roll of Edgar’s cock the three laid there panting. Lou looked at Terry “man you were right she has the greatest ass in the world”. She looked at Lou “excuse me I deserve a lot of the credit for it”. Everyone laughed Lou and Edgar looked at her “M suck these cocks clean”! She wasted no time sucking them clean the problem was she had gotten the hard again.

Realizing what she had done she smiled “were not going to let these hard cocks go to waste are we”?

Edgar winked at Lou, “I’m doing the ass this time”. She once again lowered her pussy on to Lou’s hard cock, seconds later Edgar cock went in her ass the sensation was similar but different. They gave her a little time to adjust then pushed deep into her body, she had started wiggling her ass in small circles to get the maximum pleasure out of this experience.

Since they guys had already cum twice in the last two hours they were able to keep a rhythm going for over nine minutes before they were close. She had had so many orgasms she had lost count, finally screaming and grunting the guys rewarded her with cum in both holes as Terry’s cock which was in her mouth pumped cum down her throat her pussy contracted yet another orgasm ripped through her.

As the all laid on the bed panting Lou looked at M, “M we have a rule with our woman”. She looked at him “ok honey what is it”. “Grab your panties and put them on”, she giggled “Ok but why”? “So, when you walk around first off the cum stays where we put it the second thing is those panties are to be kept on all day only after dinner do you get to take a shower and change them”. She was wide eyed again “anything else”?

“Yes, no mouth wash keep the taste of cum in your mouth till dinner as well, the last thing is assuming you and Sherry become friends you are never to tell her or anyone else about what we do here”, She nodded “I will never tell anyone as it could destroy my life”. They nodded in agreement Terry spoke “would you like to see what you look like fucking your brains out”? Again, the wide eye look “you videoed it” “yup come see get those panties on” She giggled “My pussy and ass feel so fucken good, if we keep doing this my pussy size will be adjusted to your cocks not my husbands. My pussy feels great, my ass is sore but I suppose with constant use I’ll get used to it, right”? “Right”.

They guys left she sat there in cum soaked panties basically covered in cum watching herself fucking three guys she really didn’t know. She thought what the hell was I thinking, I do feel very satisfied but three strangers. She still have a craving to suck cock, but she hopped when she used mouth wash and had a shower it would pass. She had agreed to keep the panties on till after dinner, so she knew she would be leaking cum all afternoon. Still she was looking forward to seeing them again very soon.

Lou called Terry later that day “are we going to Jill’s Friday”, “I’m not sure bro need to find out a couple of things first”. “Well Edgar wants to go, ok we still need a fourth”, the guys agreed Lou hung up.

Twenty minutes later Lou called again “the guy Edgar knows is Hector big Hispanic I think he’s a Porto”, “Will Edgar vouch for him”? “he told me he would”. Terry thought about it, getting Jill some fresh meat would take the strain off he and Louis’s nut sacks. “Ok well pick him up the way to Jill’s”.

Friday the four guys headed to Jill’s she had gotten her husband to stay home to help and watch her get fucked. As they pulled into Jill’s driveway Terry turned to Hector, “be cool man” they all entered the house.

Jill was standing in the hallway in a pair of baby green boy short a green lace half bra green garter belt, stockings and green 6” heels. She kissed all four of the then they headed into the den where her husband was standing in his briefs.

“These are the real men who are going to fuck me asshole, now make them comfortable while I take Terry and Lou to see Ethan. While I’m with Ethan I want you to lick their nut sacks, so they’ll be ready for sex”. She turned with Lou and Terry behind her. “Wow Jill that was a but harsh don’t you think”? “No, the small cock jackass likes being humiliated by me”.

Ethan was sitting on his bed naked when they walked in, she smiled at him, “see Ethan I told you I would bring Terry and Lou to see you blow your nut sack with a proper ass fucking”. Terry and Lou exchanged glances, Ethan went to his draw he pulled out a 9” black dildo. He handed it to Jill who took the KY off his night table lubed it up he rolled over on his stomach. The dildo went in all the way, almost instantly Jill started pounding his ass, she looked at the guys “he loves this but really wants a cock in him, so he can feel cum shooting into his ass”.

She kept pumping the dildo for five minutes, then suddenly, she pulled it out, “ok baby roll over let mommy see that cock”. Jill took her hand she started jacking his cock as she inserted three fingers in his ass, so she could rub his prostrate. Ethan started moaning she knew just how to message the prostrate to get maximum cum load out of his balls. They all saw his nut sack pulse Ethan made a grunt as Jill put her mouth over his cock, she sucked every drop out of him. They left him in his room sobbing.

In the den both Hector and Edgar were naked, her husband was licking their ball sacks as the three entered. She look at her husband, “good you finally have done something right now all these guys are going to fuck my pussy, you will help me suck their cocks as well as eat out the creampie they leave”. Hector and Edgar had her panties off before Lou and Terry were naked, she was already moaning as Edgars rubbed her clit, Hector was sucking on her nipples.They went to her bedroom, Hector got between her legs, her pussy was soaking so his cock went in easily. She looked over “see asshole this is a pussy getting a good fucking”. Edgar put his cock near her lips she smiled “asshole get over here and suck this cock with me, if he cums you better make sure the cock gets in my mouth first”! Hector was really pounding her she was moaning she was wiggling her ass she was totally controlled by her pussy. Hector yelled out “here it comes, cum shot out of his cock deep into her pussy, she shivered as her own orgasm took over. At the minutes Edgar started coming in her mouth she took three sucks then pushed his cock into her husbands mouth where he finished with at least two blasts of cum.

The scene was immediately repeated with Edgar fucking her while Hectors cock was in her and her husband’s mouth. Edgar getting sloppy seconds didn’t bother him at all as he pumped her for five or six minutes the unloaded more cum into her pussy. Hector cock wasn’t ready to cum again so soon so her and her husband went to work on sucking it until Hector blew another load, this time the husband got the first shot then she finished it off. She spread her legs “her asshole eat the creampie”.

For the next two hours all four guys fucked her, finally around 4 Lou told everyone they had to go Jill was disappointed but understood. Forty minutes later Hector and Edgar were dropped off Terry and Lou were alone in the car.

Lou looked at Terry, “man this thing is out of control”. Terry looked at him “why would you say that”? “Well let’s see, Jill is a nympho domiatrix, my mom is a white cock nympho cum dumpster, your mom is a black cock cum slut we’ve add M who is confused but “. Terry put his hand up “you don’t want any more pussy bro”? “No, I just think we should cool it with the mind games”. Terry pulled into M driveway, Lou smiled at him as they h eaded to the front door. When she opened the door, she saw Terry her facial expression changed. “My husband is upstairs sleeping the baby is ready to sleep meet me in the garage”.

Five minutes later Lou had his cock deep in her pussy while Terry had his cock completely down her throat. Since they had been at Jill’s they need plenty of time which was fine with M. Finally, after countless orgasms Lou pulled her deep she felt cum in her pussy, Terry shot his first load down her throat then the rest in her mouth. As she was licking their cocks clean she looked up at Terry, “honey you could fuck my ass if you want”.

They froze as they heard her husband yelling for her, “see you soon babe” they left. She was smiling as they drove off, her husband came out she told him they were kids from the neighborhood selling cookies.

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