Corbin 'Duece' James

Sorry guys for the wait, I understand the other stories weren't all that, but hopefully this one brings it up a notch.

Not much as for a quick cum story so if that's what your looking for this ain't for you

"Duece! Goblin! Gas! Shady! Get your ass's over here!" Eagle yelled. We almost sprinted to him his voice sounded like he was going to kill.

"Natalie left about five hours ago for San Fransico she was supposed to check in 3 hour ago, I've tried her cell so I'm sending you over there."

I opted to ride in the back with Shady cause I knew he was going to be a close brother and this was going to be a long ride and wanted to get used to riding with him.

We rode for a good 3 hours before finally arriving in San Fransico. Goblin called Eagle "We're here." "Yes sir, well be sure to check there as well."

We followed Goblin to The Bay Hotel were she was supposed to be staying.

Once we pulled in we entered the the office. "Natalie Johnson here?" asked Goblin. The manager walked over and typed some things into the computer. "Room 545." he said looking a bit scared. I had noticed another Harley on the way in.

We took the elevator up. We exited and started walking down the hall. "543, 544, 545, here we are." Goblin said walking. I reached out and knocked on the door. Nothing. I wiggled the door handled. Locked.

"You know what this means." I said grabbing my glock.

Once everyone had their guns drawn I took a couple steps back, then I took one big one toward the door and kicked it by the handle.

We funneled inside like something out of a swat movie. "Clear!" "Clear!" "Clear!"

No Natalie.

Goblin called up Eagle. I heard screaming from the phone, then Goblin hung up.

"She called him, she's on her way to Vegas and wants nothing to do with him anymore. He's riding up here with the rest of the chapter and making preparations with the Vegas chapter."

Then he smiled. "And that means we get the whole night to party brothers!"

We all smiled, I called up maintenance and handed him $200 told him to repair it and keep quite.

We rode around for a bit then hit up a club. We didn't have a lot of experience riding up here so we walked in and saw dancing, drinking, and The Originals MC .

They were posted up In a corner with members dancing and walking about.

We decided we weren't gonna let it ruin our night, but decided it'd be best not to drink.

We found a table in the back and ordered some burgers, frys, and milkshakes. They arrived and the waiter looked kinda nervous.

We looked to the corner and saw some of the Originals looking over at us. I leaned to the table and whispered "Take out your guns and set them on your lap so they can't see them."

About five minutes later we heard something that sounded like "Fuck the Reapers MC!" we stood up with pistols tucked in our waist band.

I singled out a big skin head flying Original colors and threw a hay-maker to his temple sending him flying.

I felt a bottle bust over my head. I stumbled then gained my composure and turned to confront the attacker.

He looked at me and must have shit his pants. I broke his nose and probably one of his eye sockets. He went down.

I looked around and realized we were still out numbered at least 3:1 so I pulled out my pistol and aimed at what seemed like the ranking member there.

The whole club froze and I saw the rest of the prospects do the same. We started for the door, then the bikes.

Someone had called the cops because I could hear sirens. We rode fast and parked in an ally until the heat cooled down.

I saw what looked to be a body so I unmounted my bike and walked over there, pistol drawn.

I saw what appeared to be a 16 or 17 year old girl there clothes torn and beat up.

I woke her up and she stared wide eyed at me.

I picked her up and set her on the back seat of my bike, gave her my helmet which was to big, but still better than nothing and rode back to the hotel.

I got a room with two beds, thankfully it was early in the morning or the scene of a biker carrying a beat up girl would had raised some questions. Not to say the manager gave me a look.

Once I reached my room I set her down and pulled the covers over her. Then went over to the other bed and passed out.

That morning I woke up and heard the shower going. I was in my boxers when I got up and went to the coffee pot which had a little more than half a pot in it.

She got out of the shower looking amazing even through the bruises. She was white, about 5' 5", had big C little D cup tits and a an amazing ass. Jaw dropping to say the least.

"Hi I'm Anna." She said extending her petite hand. I reached out and shook "Corbin, but call me Duece." I said trying not to squish her hand.

"Well Duece, I need new clothes after what my ex did to me last night." she handed me a piece of paper. It had written down the sizes she wears for what and what to get.

I took a quick shower, got dressed then went shopping. I quickly picked out what specified and grabbed a small red and black hoodie.

I arrived back at the hotel, and handed her her clothes. "Thanks." she said smiling. "Let me pay you back." she grabbed me and made me sit down.

She kneeled between my legs and unbuttoned me. "Wow" She said staring at my cock.

She traced her finger from the tip, to the bottom of my sack.

She finally started stroking. Her small hand looked even smaller when wrapped around my dick.

After about a minute or so she stuck her tongue out and touched my tip. I twitched from the feeling.

She slowly engulfed my head sucking until her cheeks were indented and she was looking up at me with those crystal blue eyes. I thought I would have cum right there.

She started bobbing up and down slowly engulfing my dick a little more each time.

I was close, real close. I ran my fingers through her still wet hair, and as I felt me about to cum. I pushed down until she was gagging on my dick as I shot my seed into her making her nearly choke.

She swallowed then sucked me clean. Once done she went and brushed her teeth then got dressed. I sat there wondering, how better could this day get.

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