Careful What You Wish For_(1)

No birds were tweeting, no wind was raging. The class would have been wholly silent if Mrs. Whittaker would have just shut her beak. She did not; she went on rambling about chemical formulas and whatnot. I started daydreaming like I always do on chemistry classes. I was a virgin, and like all virgins in high school, all I could daydream about was getting laid. And in every one of my dreams and fantasies, Carly was there. Carly is the hottest 16 year old in my school, and she, aside being hot she was also bitchy, always causing trouble for the nerdy and lame. She together with her mob of cheer leading girls were having sex with the football guys almost every day after school and they bragged about it all the time. Well I was having sex with myself and I wasn't telling anyone.
I was fortunate enough to sit just adjacent to Carly. She was hot; her perky d cups would make you take a second look. Her rather blonde hair seemed to harmonize with her brown eyes. She has long slender legs that looked entirely remarkable.
I always checked her out during the class, and it was either I was developing compound eyes or she just enjoyed my perversion. The fact that she was just a few feet to the right made my fantasies seem more real, but that's all they would be, fantasies. Since I’d never get the guts to ask her out and even if I did she would mercilessly turn me down.
But my fantasies seemed to be getting real when I saw Carly ogle me and slid her knee high skirt up her thigh revealing some sexy skin. I timidly turned away then gradually resumed my gaze. She was still gaping, now with a noticeable grin on her face. I tried to act cool but being a nerd was in my blood. I pocketed my left hand to prevent my obvious erection from becoming too obvious. She was playing with me, and I loved the game. She slid the edge of her skirt higher up her thigh and now I had to put both my hands on top of my crotch and force down my hard dick. She was still smiling and placed her left hand on her thigh and seductively stroked her thighs and she looked awfully hot doing it.
"Bill!" I heard my name called out and I froze. Mrs. Whittaker slowly approached me. Somehow I did not worry about her sighting my erection since I knew once I saw her unappealing face up close, my cock would instantly turn soft.
"You look inattentive mister, can you tell me what the last thing was I said." Mrs. Whittaker asked.
"UhYou seem inattentive mister?" everyone giggled and I knew that only spells trouble.
"I see Bill has suddenly decided to become a comedian, how about I see you in detention so we could rehearse some more jokes eh."
I didn't care; I saw some of Carly’s skin. I could do detention for the whole month if I will get to see her naked.
"Ah c'mon Mrs. Whittaker" Carly screeched. I thought she was going to defend me.
"That was a pretty lame joke; he needs at least a week in detention before he can come up with something good." What a bummer and what hurt most is that everyone somehow seemed to agree with her.
"How about detention for you too Carly, so you that you teach our dear Bill how to 'make a good one'." Mrs. Whittaker said adding some stress to her preceding words. Carly opened her mouth in fake amazement. It was as If she awaited some kind of protest from her friends. She did not wait for long.
"Hey Mrs. Whittaker, you can't give her detention, we have places we have to be, things we have to do!" her best friend Grace protested.
"Well Grace I’ll also see you in detention, anyone else? “ She asked. I could tell that is was going to be a fun day.

Mrs. Whittaker went to inscribe something on the board then a couple of Middle fingers rose to the air pointing her direction. It was Carly and her bitch Grace, Carly then aimed her manicured middle finger towards me. I could not wait for detention to start.
At last the bell rang and most people started leaving. A group of classmates gathered around Carly’s and Grace's desks and only my best Friend James was at mine. And I thought being captain of the computer Club was going to make me popular (well it did, among the nerds).
"Boy, aren't you lucky, Carly finally recognizes your existence." My associate geek Whispered, "Let’s trade places, please."
"Nah, I think I’d rather be in detention."
"Okay dude, come over at my place when you’re done so I could beat your ass again in black ops while you tell me all about your detention" he whispered, winked then left.
Finally detention began and we were left the four of us in the class. Grace moved and sat next to Carly and started whispering. I could tell they were talking about me which somehow turned me on. It was just about then that Mrs. Whittaker got a call, it was something about her dog being sick but I did not listen carefully.
"Am sorry I have to go, apparently I also have places to be and things to do that are more important than watching you three losers." she said as she headed to the door looking a bit sad. "I will be calling in a few minutes and I want confirmation of your presence when I do so. Anyone who tries to leave will get detention for the whole week." she said as she left and closed the door.

"Did she just call us losers?" Carly said.
"There is only one loser in this class right now" Grace said and they both turned to look at me.
"Who?" I asked foolishly.
"Hey, nerdy one, do you know it’s your entire fault that we got detained.” Carly said heatedly.
"It’s your fault Carly, if weren't so sexy, I would not have stared at you and Mrs. Whittaker would not have noticed and neither of us would be here."
"What is the loser talking about Carly? Grace asked.
Carly turned to her and explained to her what she did. They talked for a couple of minutes always referring to me as a loser. Huh, I’d like to see them play crysis or COD; even if they combined their efforts they still can't be half as good as I am. I don’t know why society doesn't recognize that as fashionable.
The two hot twitches after their chit-chat stood up and began acting weird. Carly started bouncing, wiggling her ass. And again my heart pumped blood to my manhood. She pulled up her skirt and its edges rose from her knees to her upper thighs. She was so fucking hot. They came to my desk and pulled my desk aside leaving some space ahead.
Both my hands were now on my crotch. I'd never fantasized about two hot girls in front of me while I sat on my chair not knowing what to expect. But I guess the unexpected always happen.
Carly and Grace were in front of me but my eyes were pretty much on Carly, not because Grace was ugly but because I liked Carly more. They were both 5"6 sexy and blonde; one would easily think that they are Sisters. The difference was that Grace was a little bit heavier, her hair was lighter and she had bigger tits not forgetting that she is less beautiful. But that is just my view, men see women differently.
Carly ran her hand down Grace's body and grabbed her ass. I felt like removing my cock and stroking it. But I didn't. Carly grabbed Grace’s belt and unbuckled it then removed the belt from her jeans. Grace bent over slightly, her ass only a few feet away from my face. Carly held the belt halfway and whipped Grace's butt and Grace moaned every time she got whipped.
"Good Grace" I shouted as I squeezed my dick with my hands.
Carly came in behind me and pulled my hands behind me and tied them with the belt. I did not resist, I could have overpowered them if I wanted; I was relatively fat but still had a lot of muscle. She tied my hands quite firmly; my hands were tied together with the chair and I could not free myself even if I wanted to. The bulge on my pants was perceptible to anyone blessed with sight.
Carly sat on her desk and watched Grace."Let's have fun with this dick.” (Dick referring to person) She said to Grace.
Grace removed my shoes and pulled my pants off leaving me with my ck boxers. "I am surprised you didn't wear star wars underwear." Grace said."Maybe Miley Cyrus is drawn twerking at the back." Carly said and they both laughed.
"I am surprised you just removed my pants" I said to Grace.
"If that surprised you, I am pretty sure you're going to have a heart attack after we’re finished with you." Grace said.
Grace stepped back and looked at Carly. Carly as if in response, removed her skirt and was left with white and black Victoria’s secret panties. By now my boxers looked like a mountain and at the very peak of that mountain was a wet spot, wet with pre-cum.
"Speaking of twerking!" Carly said as she came and stood in front of me and started twerking. My eyes were glued to her ass as it moved up and down as if I was hypnotized. I swear she did it better than Miley Cyrus. She even fell to her knees still twerking, shaking that ass just for me. If my hands weren't ties I would touch that ass and probably spank it.
She got bored of twerking and turned around to face me then sat on my mountain-shaped boxers and started humping me. She locked her legs behind my chair and then arched her back allowing her to play with her tits, still humping me. She removed her top, exposing her panty matching bra, again from Victoria’s secret. Grace could not resist putting her hand inside her jeans and rubbing her cunt.
My heart was beating so fast I got scared. I thought Grace was right; I was probably going to have a heart attack.
Carly then got off the chair and kissed Grace on the lips."Your turn.” Carly said as she sat on her desk once again but this time her hand was in her panties. Grace came over to me aggressively and removed my boxers exposing a fully erect 6"5 inch cock.
"Not bad for a douche." Grace said as her hands played with my dickhead. I looked over to Carly and found her rapidly rubbing her wet panties while staring at my cock.
Grace removed her jeans and top leaving her with a pink panty and a corresponding bra. She removed her panties and revealed her shaved little pink pussy. She spread her outer lips apart then inserted her fingers as deep as she could then traced her fingers around my lips then into my mouth. I tasted them well, savoring the sweet juices from a young woman’s vagina. This was by far the best day of my life. My cock was twitching, Grace looked me in the eyes and said, "Ready for some fucking?" Oh god she is going to fuck me, this is it, shit about to get real. I thought to myself. I was a little conflicted though, I wanted Carly to be my first but didn’t want to protest because I might have loose both of them
Grace moved towards me and sat on my lap. She held my cock with her hand and sat on it. She started riding it. This was a million times than wanking. I could help moaning when Grace increased her riding motion. I looked over to Carly but Grace grabbed my head and forced me to look at her while she was humping my dick.
"Who’s fucking you?" Grace asked in between moans.
"Call me mommy" Grace said.
"What is mommy doing?"
"Fucking me" I said even though that was a pretty lame sex talk.
"Who's fucking you?" she asked
Grace humped much faster and I also moved my hips to chip in. She removed her bra and smashed her perky tits on my face. I sucked one of her nipples as cum rushed from my balls up my shaft. I was about to have an orgasm.
"Aaah, I am Cumming" I shouted. She did not say anything so I assumed I could cum in her.
My cock released spasms of semen into her vagina like a cum hose." my muscles tensed up causing me to lightly bite Grace's nipple as I clenched my teeth; I was not a virgin anymore.
Grace held me closely to her as she also came after I did. It was awkward that I felt a certain flood of emotion that somehow made me feel affectionate towards Grace, as if I loved her or something. When I masturbated I always felt somewhat guilty but this was different. Grace rose from my lap naked with cum trickling down from her pussy.
Carly by now had finished masturbating. She moved away from her desk and stood in front of me. My once soft cock grew hard again.
"That's it baby sit on it." I said grinning foolishly.
Carly lowered down her panty to her ankles revealing her most beautiful parts of her body. She kicked her panty with her left leg and it fell on my face. The smell was intoxicating and somewhat addictive. I took a huge inhale, registering her scent in my brain. I moved my head forward letting her panty fall to the ground. Carly came up to me and sat on my lap. She held my dick with hand and ran it though the length of her slit a couple of times before injecting it into her pussy. She placed her hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes.
She bit my nose then said. "Don't call me baby, I will never be your girl"
"Then why are you fucking me" I asked being careful with my words.
"For some fun, that's all" she said as she slowly started riding my cock while still maintaining eye contact. She moved a bit and kissed me then sent her hands behind her back and unhooked her bra freeing her perfect pair of tits. Damn, I wanted to feel them so bad but I couldn’t. I looked at Grace and she was wiping cum off her pussy. I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I loved God so much for answering my prayers; I am going to be praying a lot more from now on.
Carly moved forward a little so I could suck her boobs which I did without hesitation. She got jaded of this position so she arched her back and turned her hands to back to my knees upon which she rested her upper body weight, allowing her to move her hips even faster. This position was so much better and the view of her tits was impeccable. James is never going to believe this.
I began moving my hips to counter with Carly’s back and forth motions. After a couple of minutes fucking of Carly’s muscles started to tense up and her pussy was contracting sucking cum up my shaft. She moved forward and hugged me bracing herself for a powerful orgasm. She closed her eyes and bit my ear as she came, her humping motion rapidly decelerated.
She pressed her face on my neck and kissed it as her orgasm came to an end. By this time I had already came and my cock was kicking weakly removing the last drop of semen into her. I had never seen a girl cum so hard. My emotions were acting up again and could not help but feel love for Carly. We made out for a minute or so till the phone on Mrs. Whittaker desk rang. Grace answered the phone.
"I want confirmation that you kids are still in class" we all recognized Mrs. Whittaker voice. "Carly are you there?"
"Yes I am Mrs. Whittaker!" Carly retorted
"I am here Mrs. Whittaker."
"What about Bill, is he there?"
"Yes I am here; I am glued to my seat actually." I said.
"Good kids" she hangs up. It was kind of funny that Carly and Grace answered while naked.
Carly stood up on her weak legs, cum sliding down to her thigh, and started collecting her Clothes. She sat on the desk next to me and spread her legs and started wiping cum off her pussy with some tissue, she looked at Grace who was dressing and asked her if her boyfriend will notice cum on her pussy. Grace came closer to get a better view of her pussy, and spread her outer lips a little.
"Nah he, won't notice." Grace said confidently. This was the hottest thing they had done today, well after fucking me. Carly and Grace were by now fully dressed like two normal high school students and began heading for the door.
"Hey, what are you doing?" I asked surprised. "You can't leave me like this."
"Oh I think we can and we will. Imagine the look on Mrs. Whittaker when she comes back and finds him like this." Carly said to Grace and they both laughed.
"If you leave me like this, I will tell the whole world that I had sex with you two." I said hoping to impede them from leaving. They both laughed.
"Good luck with that, I doubt there is anyone who would believe you." Grace replied. They both started leaving and when they reached the door, Grace turned around and gave me one last glance.
"I have an idea" she said as she reached inside her bag.
"What is it?" Carly asked eagerly.
"You'll see." she replied. She pulled out her phone.
"Ah fuck no, don't you dare do that bitch." I shouted as Grace assumed a photographer’s stance with her phone. The LED flash on her phone blinked brightly a couple of times and I knew my high school life was now ruined.
"Oh am posting this nice photo's on the net, word of advice, deactivate your Facebook account." Grace said as Carly smiled while blowing me kisses.

They both left and I was left in class alone, naked from waist down and some cum had dried around my penis and on my lap. I didn't know what to do so I just sat there thinking about what my strict parents would do if they saw me with my cock out on my Facebook timeline. It’s at times like this, when you wish you would just vanish from earth.

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