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He's stiff in the morning, she gets oily early as well!

by Oediplex 8==3~

“God dammit! Lance, why don't you take care of that before you come down in the morning!” Dawn was annoyed at her son. His boxer-shorts were once again tenting with his morning stiffy. She knew that guys got woodys when they woke, but couldn't he deal with it in his room, or on the toilet, or something? Did he have to display it before his mother every other day he came into the kitchen for breakfast? And bare-chested too?

She was disturbed by the exhibition of his male member being erect. It embarrassed her. Not that she didn't know what one was, or even in that condition, but it made her uncomfortable in a way that she would not fully admit honestly to herself. She got a little, well, oily in her slit. But, he was her baby boy after all, it was not like . .

Lance interrupted her silent ranting thoughts, “Take care of what, mom?”

Like he didn't know! “Of that . . . thing in your drawers!”

Lance, looked down at the protrusion contained in his underwear. “Oh, Well you know . . uh . . .”

“Do you have to piss? Go pee in the downstairs john, then.”

“That's not my problem, mother!” said the youth beginning to be irritated with his parent and showing it.

“So? If you have to jerk-off – go do it in your room. You don't have to be brazen about having a hard-on in from of me. Don't you have any respect?”

“It's not that simple. I can't help getting a boner in the morning. And jacking-off is difficult since . . .” He held up his right hand for Dawn to see, reminding her of the unpleasant fact she was responsible for it's crippled condition.

Dawn was suddenly flushed with embarrassment of a different source. Six months ago she had been driving him to work. She was talking to him and not looking at the road. She had to swerve to avoid a group of school kids crossing the street, and they had slammed sideways into a big tree on Lance's side. His shoulder and arm had suffered nerve damage, the arm mostly recovered, but the hand was permanently handicapped, enough that he had to learn to write – print, at best – with his left. The right fingers could grip, but not extend; were ever to be partially numb. Her guilt would never would be fixed either.

Dawn stammered at the doubly awkward confrontation. She was thrown off by the reference to the injury and off balance about the question of how he masturbated. “Can . . can't you . . uh . . use the . . other hand?”

“Lance spoke angrily now, “Maybe girls can frig themselves ambidextrously, but it just doesn't feel the same to me, to pull-my-putz with the lefty! It's like a stranger doing to me. It's not the same. All my life I did it with the right, and now I can't get off that way by hand. I don't have a girlfriend to mess around with, since Cindy moved. What should I do, mom? Go out to a bar, take my chances on some babe I pick up and risk venereal disease? Or perhaps you know of a clean hooker I could afford to hire?

Stung by his vehemence and flummoxed by the very private revelation of his personal sexual dilemma, she reacted defensively. “You're twenty years old and a handsome hunk, you mean you can't find a girl at your college who will give you a tumble, or look at Internet porn and pop your cock's cork that way?”

Now Lance was really steamed, his face went red as he retorted, “I work a full time job to help pay the bills and get a 3.0 average for my courses. When am I going to find time to date? As for my computer and on line erotica – back to square one!” He stepped closer, within an arm's length, and stuck his right mitt in her face.

Hysteria rose in Dawn's voice, the guilt and the knowing he was right, on top of the feeling of helplessness over her own reaction to the things his manifested manhood stirred in her loins – no, don't go there, her mind said to her head. “Well, what do you want me to do? I don't want to see that prick pointing at me any more in the morning! Do you understand me young man?”


Then he reached out and grabbed the lapels of her dressing-gown quite suddenly, before she knew what he was doing. “WHY DON'T YOU LET ME SEE THOSE HOOTERS, MOMMA? YOU COULD GIVE ME A TITTY-JOB, THAT'D HELP ME GET MY JOLLYS OFF!” He spread the top wide, the belt came loose, her pulchritude was exposed and the gown gaped open revealing white silken panties and nothing else under the terrycloth.

Dawn was shocked at her son's audacity and nastiness to her, and his outrageous behavior. She flew off the handle and with her breasts bared, not bothering to cover them, slapped her offspring in the face. She raised her own volume to match his. “HOW DARE YOU, YOU MOTHER-FUCKING SON OF A BITCH! I'M YOUR MOTHER, AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK TO ME THAT WAY. YEAH, I'VE SEEN YOUR DORK DOZENS OF TIMES – WHEN IT WAS LITTLE. BUT YOU GOT A FULL-SIZE DICK NOW, AND YOU'RE A REAL PRICK TOO! YOU GOT MIGHTY BIG BALLS TO EXPOSE MY BOOBS AND MAKE SUCH AN INDECENT SUGGESTION. I BET YOU'RE NOT MAN ENOUGH TO, EVEN IF I ALLOWED YOU TO DO SUCH A DIRTY THING TO YOUR OLD LADY. And Dawn used both hands to push against his chest with considerable force.

Lance, with his pants around his ankles, tripped and went down backwards landing on his ass on the linoleum. Dawn gasped when she realized what she had done and instantly regretted having made her son fall.

“MOM!” Lance rolled to his side and regained his feet. Dawn was filled with female fear flooding her primal limbic system and instinctively began to run from the ferocious masculine animal that arose before her. He made a grab for her and caught the back of the poorly secured robe, it slipped off her shoulders and came away in his grip as his mother made a dash out of the kitchen and ran to the living room to escape his terrifying presence.

Lance was actually not mad at his mom any more and regretted having bared her and scared her. He ran after her to try and calm her and apologize. But she misinterpreted his chasing. When he caught up to her, she started to flail with her fists and arms. He had to wrap his arms around her to protect himself.

Dawn had been raised with three older brothers and was not without some defensive moves, having had to wrestle the siblings when they were bullying her in their childhood years. Nor was she so dainty a gal either. She hooked a leg around Lance's left leg and bent forward to throw him off balance and down he went. Since he was clutching her bodily to him, she went too.

However, she landed on top, as she had planned. She immediately took advantage of his surprise, having caught him off-guard. His hold was broken and she clasped her hands on his wrists tightly and pinned his arms above his head. She looked him in the face with fire in her eyes. She was the bitch which would show this whelp who was boss!

A now naked son and nearly nude mother were poised on the carpet in a bawdy tableau. Dawn's hot thighs bracketed Lance's hips. Her thinly covered pussy was planted on his abdomen. Her mammeries were hanging down, almost in his face. Her attractive features including luscious lips were hovering over his wide-eyed stare. Her gaze took in his firm chin, his furry chest, his sculptured pects, his strong arms, his shock of wavy blond hair.

Lance could not help but notice the rosy pink nipples topping his mom's ample breasts, the flat of her tummy, the cascading long silky blond hair falling down over her gracious neck, her pretty looks. They were a pair of well-favoured people, the genetics of their beauty reflected in each another. His cock reacted with a resurrected erection. She realized that he was growing another meat stalk and that pissed her off; after all that drama and shouting and this unintended ride, atop her now prodding progeny. She would deal with him!

Something he had said in the kitchen came back to her. “So! You've been checking out your momma's boobies have you? Mmm? That's why you have been hovering around me with a boner sticking up. You turned-on by your own mother? So you want to get a tit-job to make you cream? Or are you a wannabe motherfucker? Well, Lance, does mommy give you a case of blue-balls?” They were both in the buff, she'd call his bluff!

Dawn moved her pelvis down his torso a bit until she felt Lance's firmness fixed at her crotch. She started to grind her pubic region on his long dong, doing a lap-dance any lad would like, even if it was his old lady. “Is this something that will help my poor baby's poker, perhaps I can get you off with me on your saddle-horn. What do you say cowboy, can I ride you off – into the sunrise, as it were?” Actually, Dawn thought to herself the sensation of having that manhood careering between her labia was quite exciting to her too.

She was getting wet with her natural lubrication, she was beginning to soak the delicate material of the undies and reducing the friction of the fabric. She thought of what it might be like to actually have Lance's lance spear into her special spot. It had looked so obscene, but oh so hot, when he had exposed the thick, veined instrument with the fuzzy bags of testes underneath. It had given her very naughty notions and an extra dripping of lotion at her loins.

Abruptly, unexpectedly the tables were turned. She had lost the focus of her attention in musing about fusing with her first born, and her kid had sat up and toppled his mom backwards so she was now looking up at him, her legs to the ceiling as he knelt between her spread thighs. His look was grim. Her fear rush over her again, she wasn't sure that either had any control now of righteous anger or raging lust.

“Tease me, will you, Huh! I'll show you what you do to me! I'll give as good as I got!” He reached out and all but ripped the scanties off her butt, yanking them high on her elevated limbs and clearing her heals and toes in a single motion. He then flung his body over her with his arms at each side, like he was doing a push-up, but his knees hitting the rug, his feet giving leverage on the floor.

His penis was now plowing at her nether region with obvious purpose. She knew this was not right, but never the less it was erotic, even if it was sinful. Dawn squirmed under her youngster, her arms managed to bend and press at his hips in an effort to hold off his having her. Even so, her juices were flowing and her libido was beginning to like the lewd situation, her lascivious nature was emerging.

That was what she had been suppressing, the desire for her kid's cock that was so raunchily handy in the AM it made her randy. Now, through the most absurd of circumstances, Lance's circumcised scimitar was about to be sheathed in her fleshy scabbard. But not if she could mount a last ditch effort to stop him from mounting his mom and assaulting her trench with his shovel of lust.

“Stop, baby! Oh - we mustn't do this! I know you're horny. I'm horny too, but this isn't the way we should handle things. We have to calm down, we have to slow down, we have to . . .AHH! Uhm - - Ooh, Godddamn . .ahh!” His probe had discovered the entrance to her tunnel of love. The burning head of his meat sank into Dawn's lower lips, swallowed whole in the hole that was at the heart of her sexual center. Her sizzling tissue engulfed the bulb of Lance's pole as he nosed into the slippery core of her passion pit.

In a freeze frame of frisson and frozen frenzy, everything stopped. He looked into her eyes. She met his eyes with a look of love. They didn't speak a word. All anger and frustration and misunderstand were behind them now. They both knew that this was coming, had been gathering momentum. They knew that they would be cumming, coupled together in moments.

She closed her lids, and her lips parted; as she felt the slow slide of her son into her depths. He touched bottom, pinged on the resilient prongs of her womb. The walls of her vagina clung to the ridge of his rigid member's knob as it retreated from it's initial invasion; the sides only to be massaged once again as his private soldier sought to advance into friendly territory once more, and withdrew, over again and again, still it pistoned. She gloried in the rapturous ravishment Lance was providing, as his lunges and rearing rocked them in the rhythm of rutting.

She pumped her pelvis to the counterpoint of his pounding. As her son sawed in his mother, mother sought to seek her son's sex scythe. There on the plush, lush pile of carpet was the place of family fucking. This was no sweet screwing, but a heavy duty humping of urgent needs. A carnal craving cascading in a torrid torrent; hurried knocking testicles and hunching haunches and hammering tool and gulping fissure fulfilling its demands with the demonic phallus.

The rucking raced on in a riot of smacking sound; gasps and groans gave way to moans and shouts, their breathing was ragged, the kisses frantic. Lance could feel the pillows of Dawn's soft tits cushioning his chest as he rested upon his mother. Dawn loved the feel of her son's hard belly packed tight against her pooched tummy. The two banged away, the walls echoed with the cries they uttered in ecstasy.

The air steamed with the aroma of bodies in the midst the physical mania of copulating. The slick slithering of skin sent such sensations of joy to them, that they took no notice of any irritations from the friction of parts rubbing raw on the rug. They clutched each other, as if they might meld into one beast, a single animal in mindless masturbation madness.

Then the waves of wild abandon were lapping on the shores of delirium, and the vibrations of virtual harmonic happiness transformed into the reality of the chords of ecstatic delight. The tide of flooding elation was washing against the breakwater of corporeal reserve, it broke as a rolling surge of intense pleasure lifting erogenous flows to cresting heights. The tsunami of their mutual orgasms covered every nerve ending and sent their bodies crashing in a roiling total drowning, completely overwhelming their consciousness, their minds blotted out in the bliss of the cataclysmic climax.

Her feet contracted in the instant of peaking, his anus puckered. Lance released the pent-up lava of his hairy rocks in the volcano his mom's vagina. Dawn experienced the palpitating paroxysms of her cunt as it was crammed with the spewing jism of her son. Her pussy flowed with her milky froth of cum mingling with the spilling seed of Lance's hose. The mix of sperm and spume coated his hanging nuts and the cheeks of her ass. He held his prick hard in his mom for long minutes.

Plugged right into the socket of life, the electric charge between them, a current which would connect them forever. Indeed, as her son had been conceived in her body in love, now he was reincarnated as her lover. He no longer had to be handicapped by a crippled right hand, she would see to his male needs with her womanhood. Guilt was gone, banished by bedding her baby boy, now a man, and giving her the satisfaction that her female constitution consummately wished for.

There was no happy ending here, it was only the merry culmination, for they had many conjugal concourses yet to cum! Perhaps we will have a prurient peek at those encounters in the future. What are your wishes, O whackers of wanton willies? Will we????

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