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Craig is in his early 40’s, and looks much younger than his age. Craig is a short man at 5’8” tall with brown hair and hazel colored eyes. His sex life has been pretty much stale, and he has tried to make things happen by joining sex personal sites, but no action ever happened. Craig is not well endowed and that is the main reason for his situation. Craig is yearning to make things happen, before he gets any older. Craig decided to join a sex personal site and place an ad for an encounter with a couple for a threesome. Not many couples are looking for a man, but to Craig’s surprise he received a response to his ad. The response was from a lady named Beth, whom stated she and her husband were looking for another male to have some threesome fun. Craig replied back and even uploaded a pic of himself, and stated he was interested in meeting them as soon as possible. A few hours later, he received a reply back to his reply, and they were ready to setup a date and time to meet each other. Craig called the phone number sent to his private email, and spoke with Beth, and Beth invited him to drive up to their acreage about 75 miles north of Craig’s location. Craig accepted the invitation to meet up with them on Saturday. Finally, the finale had arrived and Saturday was here, and Craig pulled into this driveway of a house in a very rural setting. Craig was a little nervous, but knew this is what he needed in his life at the present time. He got out of his car and walked up to the front door and knocked, and Beth answered the door and greeted him, with a warm smile. She said, “Please come on inside and sit down on the sofa in the living room”. Beth was a slim lady at 6’2” in height with long auburn hair down to her shoulders. She had a very nice set of tits filling out that t-shirt. Beth motioned for Craig to sit down on the sofa, and as he sat down, Beth’s husband came into the living room and greeted Craig. His name was Jack, and he was very tall and lean at 6’7” in height. He had dark blondish hair with a very clean shaved face. Beth and Jack offered Craig a beer, and Beth went to the kitchen retrieved two beers and a glass of wine for herself. Beth sat down next to Craig as Jack sat in the recliner next to the sofa. They began to make small talk and had a few laughs with each other. After about an hour had passed and a few rounds of beers and wine were consumed, it was apparent Beth was getting tipsy, and she moved closer to Craig on the couch. Beth looked at her husband, and said, “He is a very nice looking guy”. Jack nodded back in approval of the statement. Beth began to rub Craig’s leg with her left hand, and motioned for her husband to come over by them. Jack came over and stood directly in front of Beth and Craig on the sofa. Beth unbuttoned her husband’s shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. Jack stepped out of his shorts and took his underwear off. Jack did not have a shirt on and was all naked. Jack was very well endowed as Beth began stroking his cock in her right hand. Beth looked at Craig, and noticed he was feeling a bit uncomfortable. She caressed his face with her left hand, while still stroking her husband’s cock with the other. Beth told Craig to relax and have fun. Beth leaned forward and began sucking and licking her man’s love pole. Craig could not help but notice that twelve inch cock. He stared at it, with amazement and Beth broke the silence and woke Craig from his dazed mind, and told Craig to feel her husband’s cock. Craig looked at Beth with hesitation, and then she grabbed Craig’s right hand and put it around her husband’s cock. “Stroke it babe and lick and suck it”. At her request, Craig began stroking Jack’s cock in his hand, and then he leaned forward on the couch and put that hugh cock inch by inch in his mouth as Beth looked at him and smiled. “Don’t stop”! Craig began to lick up and down that throbbing cock as if he was well seasoned at the task at hand. He started to rhythmically suck that cock in and out of his mouth, as he noticed Beth undressing herself feverishly. Craig continued to engulf that huge shaft down his throat, and suddenly Jack began to groan, and then Beth held Craig’s head down and commanded him, to keep sucking, and then finally Jack let out a sigh and groaned and cum spewed down Craig’s throat filling his mouth as it dripped out running down his face. Beth grabbed her husband’s cock and stroked it, as more cum shot out all over Craig’s face. Jack left the room and Beth leaned over to lick the dripping cum off of Craig’s face. Craig was feeling drunk on cum, but savored that wonderful juice as Beth kissed him passionately on the lips. Jack yelled from the back bedroom for Beth and Craig to join him. Beth commanded Craig to undress and follow her to the back bedroom. Naked he walked back to the bedroom feeling a bit awkward at his small cock. As Craig entered the bedroom, there was a king sized bed, and Jack was sitting down at the edge of it. Beth could tell that Craig was feeling awkward and inferior at his own manhood. Beth stood over Craig and whispered softly down to him and said, “Now, you are inferior in that regard, but you can make up for that in other ways”. You have already proven that to us. Craig looked at Jack, and Jack just grinned back, and then Beth told Craig to get on his knees and lick and suck her clit. While Beth was standing up, with her legs spread eagled apart; Craig began to lick and suck her clit as she started to moan with ecstasy. Craig continued to satisfy Beth, until Beth winced and moaned and cried out she was going to cum. Beth’s cum oozed on to Craig’s tongue as he lapped up that love liquid. Then Jack and Beth requested that Craig get on all fours on the bed. Craig got on all fours in the middle of the bed, and Beth was stroking her husband’s cock again, and it sprang to a full twelve inches again. Then Beth began to massage Craig’s back with her hands, and Jack put on a condom and started to lube Craig’s anal opening with a jelly like substance. Craig knew what was about to happen, but was on all fours like a male slut following his master’s orders. Jack slowly began to shove that pole into Craig’s anal opening, and Craig just shuddered with light pain. Beth told Craig he would be fine in a few minutes. Beth said, “It will be fine baby”. Jack finally was able to push his cock almost a full twelve inches inside Craig’s rear, and Craig groaned with excitement as Jack shoved his rod in and out of him. Beth slapped Craig’s buttocks as her husband was screwing that ass, and asked Craig, if he liked being their male slut. Craig smiled and nodded with his approval.

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