Evan: Part One

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My name is Henry. I am seventeen, and a junior in high school. I wouldn't call myself the sexiest thing on the planet, but I do just fine with girls. I have dark hair swept to the left, and hazel eyes that people tell me are beautiful. My penis, because I know you are asking, is about five inches hard; I know its is small for my age.

Evan was a thirteen-year-old boy that lived a couple houses down from me on my street. He had silky brown hair and beautiful brown eyes that could melt away anyone's heart. His skin was golden from playing in the sun, and his smile brought warmth to those that saw it. Since the day I moved to that neighborhood, I could not take my eyes off him. One day, he appeared at my door asking if he could come inside. He was wearing a Detroit Lions cap, a gray tee-shirt, and a pair of tight-fitting black basketball shorts that showed off his fit body.

"Hi, Henry," he said. "I got locked out of my house, and I really need to take a shower"

"Sure, come on in," I replied. "The bathroom is right upstairs."

As Evan turned and walked up the stairs, I watched as the tight material of his shorts adjusted to grip his gorgeous, firm ass. Each time he took a step up, the shorts slid up a little on his legs, revealing perfectly tan and hairless thighs. I continued to stare at him as he walked inside the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

"I'll bring you some towels," I called after him, hoping for an opportunity to see him in the shower.

"M'kay", he said from behind the door. I could hear clothes rustling, and then I saw his gray shirt hit the floor from the crack under the door. Even lifted one foot, and then the other, and his black shorts hit the floor. Next, he pulled off his socks, and I could imagine him just standing there in front of the mirror in his underwear; I assumed he wore boxer-briefs. Sure enough, moments later, a pair of gray boxer-briefs hit the floor on top of the rest of his clothes. I waited for several more minutes before I walked up the stairs to get him some towels.

With my hands full of towels, I reached for the doorknob -- he left it unlocked! -- and turned. To my surprise and amazement, he was not in the shower, but instead sitting on the edge of the tub naked and stroking his four-inch penis! I just stood there for a minute with my eyes wide open; he must not have heard me come in. So I backed out of the bathroom and shut the door silently, making sure not to let him know I was there. Now, I have come to the fact the I am bisexual, but I have always leaned more towards girls. But there was a beautiful naked boy in my bathroom just waiting to be seduced. My parents and my brother were gone at some science thing for school (he was a nerdy shit), so I had the whole house to myself for whatever would happen. At this point, I finally realized that my penis was now completely hard, and making quite a tent in the front of my shorts. I decided that I would re-enter the bathroom, louder this time, so that he would see me standing there, watching him masturbate. My heat was pounding out of my chest, but I summoned the strength to knock on the door and walk in. There he was, sitting on the tub with his dick in his hand. When I walked in, he immediately turned his head, eyes wide open with shock and embarrassment. His hands quickly moved to cover his penis, and he fumbled to find the right words.

"Henry, I" Evan started, but I cut him off.

"You're uncut," I said. "How do you jack off? Without the foreskin, I mean."

He just sat there with his now-flaccid penis under his hands, not sure what to make of this. I could see his mind racing, trying to decide what to do. At long last, he moved away his hands and picked up his penis.

"You just gotta make it wet with spit or something," explained Evan, spitting into his other hand and rubbing it along the shaft of the penis. "Then, you justyou knowWhy? Are you uncut?"

"Yeah," I answered. "Do you want to see it?"

Evan appeared very surprised at what I has just proposed; I'm sure that he had never fooled around with a guy before, and neither had I.

"Sure, I guess," he finally said. "I've never seen an uncut one before."

So I unzipped my shorts and pulled my rock-hard penis from the slit in my boxers. Evan stared at it for a couple seconds, then asked,

"Why are you hard? Do youare you gay?"

"No, I'm not gay," I explained. "I'm bi, and seeing you sitting there holding your dick made me real hard." This was a big step for me to say this, because I had never alluded to anyone that fact that I was bi. Then, an idea came to me. "Can I touch your dick?"

"Uhokay," Evan said, standing up and walking over to where I stood. I quickly shut the door in case someone came home early, then got to work investigating the penis that was right in front of me.

Evan's penis was smooth and limp, hanging in front of his balls that had just a few hairs clinging to them. There was the beginnings of a pubic patch above his penis, butit was hard to see because of its blond color. I reached out my hand and lightly supped his balls, making sure not to hurt him. At my touch, his penis jumped just a little, telling me that he was already enjoying this. With my hands occupied with Evan's balls, I began to stroke the shaft of his penis with my thumbs. His penis jolted again, and now appeared a little harder. Removing my hands from his balls, I concentrated all my efforts on his penis. I wrapped my hand around his growing member and slowly moved them up and down his shaft. With every stroke, his penis grew harder and harder, until it was standing straight up. I stopped stroking it and looked up at Evan for the first time since I had begun fondling his boy parts; his eyes were closed and his head turned up with pleasure. When I stopped stroking, he opened his eyes and looked back down at me.

"Why'd you stop?" Evan whimpered.

"Evan, before we go on, I want to make sure you're okay with this, and you're not just gonna run off and tell you parents or your brother," I said cautiously.

"I won't tell them anything," said Evan, surprised that I would even ask such a thing.

Now with his full consent, I looked back down on his penis. A few quick strokes and it was now hard again, and I moved my head down until it was just inches from the head of his penis. I stuck out my tongue and slowly traced his shaft with the tip of it. This sent shills down Evan's spine, and I could feel the pleasure pulsing in his veins. I now began licking his penis up and down, moving from base to head. I swirled my tongue around the head of his penis, and teased the slit, making him open his eyes and look down at me.

"Please, Henry, suck my dick," Evan pleaded. I could see the desire in his beautiful brown eyes, and I did not have it in me to deny such a gorgeous boy of what he deserved. I simply smiled, and opened my mouth.

I enclosed my lips around the head of his penis and began caressing it with my tongue. It tasted a little salty, but I did really like it. After playing with the head, I slowly began to push my mouth lower and lower towards the base of his penis until the entire thing was inside my mouth. My gag reflex began to kick in, but I breathed through my nose and continued on. Once I reached the base, I slid my mouth back up Evan's penis until I reached the head, where upon I stopped and swirled it around in my mouth. I repeated this several times until Evan began to moan.

"I'mI'm gonna cum" moaned Evan.

I had tasted my own cum before, and I didn't like it. But with Evan's dick in my mouth and him so close to orgasm, I decided that I would try his. I sucked harder and faster until I could feel his penis twitch in my mouth. Soon after, rope after rope of cum hit the back of my throat, causing me to cough. I struggled to swallow all of Evan's cum, but I managed, and, to my surprise, I even enjoyed it. I sucked up and down his penis several more times, extracting all of the cum out of his penis. I swallowed again, and wiped my mouth off with the back of my hand.

"Wow" Evan said, out of breath from the pleasure he had just received.

"Yeah, wow is right!" I agreed, my mouth feeling empty now that Evan's penis was out of it. I reached my hand into the pocket of my shorts what were lying on the floor and found my cell phone. I looked at the clock, and my heart sank. "Evan, my parents are gonna be home soon. You gotta leave."

"But I'm locked out of my house, remember? And my parents are out of town for the weekend," Evan argued. "Why don't you ask your parents if I can spend the night? Maybe I can even play with your dick, if you want."

Just the thought of my dick in Evan's mouth made me penis hard, so I agreed. We both got dressed and walked downstairs and waited for my parents to get home. I looked over at Evan, and he smiled at me, knowing that what we had just done was very special, and hoping that he could return the favor something very soon.

Part Two: Evan and I have a sleepover, and our sexual explorations continue.

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