Loving my sister_(1)

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….I lay in bed, coming out of another dream I had of fucking my sister…again. I was on my back and slowly opened my eyes. I had a huge tent in the sheet my erection was making. I see my sister. I loved her long wavy red hair. It was braided back and down to her ass. Such smooth light skin and smiling green eyes. She was wearing her turquoise see thru long night gown. No bra, no panties, hands on her hips, just standing there smiling at me. She said: “Is that all you men ever think about?” I smiled back and said: “You caused it, Trish.” She came over and laid right on top of me, putting my erection right between her legs. She squeezed her legs together on my hard cock. She said: “You’ve got to get up, I’ve got some chores for you to do.”

“Chores…you got a boyfriend, let him do them.”
“He’s for marring, not chores right now.”
“Do you make him as horny as you do me?’ I said. She blushed a little and smiled…
“I make him so horny he cums in his pants, little brother.” she said with a giggle.
“Don’t you let him have sex with you?”
“He’s in training, but good hot sex is with you.”

..I smiled and said: “What if I’m not in the mood to do chores, Trish?”
“Wil, you know I can get you in the mood.” She slid down and pulled the sheet down off my cock. She started licking it and making all her moaning noises. One of her hands started rubbing her sexy red bush. She said: “Are you getting in the mood Wil?…after the chores I‘ll continue.”
“Ok ok, I’m getting up.”

….My sister was the sexist girl I knew. She was 2 years older than me, and we started young playing Dr. and fooling around. She delighted in making me horny. She knew just how to do it too. …..She would walk around the house when our parents were gone and flash her little tits and act all sexy just to tease me. I would chase her and hold her down. This made her giggle and play resisting me. She showed me how a girl likes to be kissed and felt up. We didn’t have sex, just feels, some kissing and licking. One day my balls were full and sore from play with her. I talked her into jacking me off. We went in the bathroom and I showed her how. I could only shoot a little cum then.

We stood at the sink as she began. She got as excited as I was and watched my little shot of cum shoot out. She ask me to let her do it all the time. I did, every chance we got. Next was to rub her clit in return, so she could orgasm. We did mutual wanking a lot. We never got caught by our parents, but had a few close calls. The closest was in our garage. We were building a little fort with some old boxes. When we got them all piled up we sat inside and felt all private in our fort. I reached over and started feeling my sisters new larger tits. She giggled quietly. Next I slipped my hand in her panties to finger her. Her hand went in my pants to fondle my cock. We were both getting hot and kissing.

We didn’t hear my dad come out. He moved the boxes just as we took our hands out of our pants. He looked at us and began to slightly smile. “What are you guys up to now.” he said. We both stammered and I said we were playing Army, as my sister said we were playing detective. He laughed at the two not matching story’s, and said he had to have this area for something else. Down came the boxes and our fort. We wanted a place to play with our ’private parts’ and we found it. There was a old guest house out back, unused. Trish started cleaning it up and made a playhouse out of it. Mom and dad thought it was ’cute’ and let her. I started helping her and soon we had some old blankets to sit on. I wanted to fuck my sister bad. She said no, that was going ’to far’ and so the fingering orgasms and jacking cums was as far as we went.

…..I watched my sisters tits grow and her body get sexier with more shape. I would get her alone and say: “…let me see it, please….” She knew I loved to see her tiny bright red pubic hairs. She would pull down the front of her shorts and flash me her little pubic hair.
….My dad noticed Trish getting sexier too and eyeballed her when he thought no one was looking. As time went by sis told me she was a woman now. Her hyman had broke at school in gym class. She now could make babies. Mom and dad got her on the pill right away, to be safe.

…..One afternoon when mom and dad were gone, we went to the playhouse. The fingering and jacking began. I felt the increased new hairs on my sis’s pussy. I had none yet. I wanted to get a close look at her new bright red hairs and got down for good look. She got a little excited with my head between her legs. She began to finger herself. I watched the show. I had the urge to lick her bright pink pussy. So I did. She jumped a little and moaned a little moan. She whispered for me to keep doing that. I did. She was really enjoying it. I figured that would feel good if she licked my cock. I turned and kept licking her pussy, but now I had my cock right at her face. Next thing I knew I felt her lips sucking on it. I kept licking her clit only faster. She sucked faster on my cock. She moaned and her pussy shook. I shot my first cum in her mouth. We both moaned and kept it up for a long while….

…..That was our first oral sex. We both liked it a lot and time after time did it when we got the chance.

….My sister became more and more sexy as her body grew and became so beautiful. We still had not had sex with each other. She got boyfriends and I got girlfriends, but we agreed that they didn’t compare to the thrills we got from each other. We both ended up have sex with others, but still liked our ’special’ playing with each other.

…..It was bound to happen. Our first sex together.

….When I became of legal age, (she already was), that seemed to excite her to go for it. I had wanted to for a long time. Our parents were gone for the weekend. She began her usual sex teasing around me. Flashing her bigger tits, showing her red pussy hair, feeling my cock and rubbing up against me, she whispered: (“Playhouse”). I of course knew what that meant. I first grabbed her and felt her up good. I chased her around the main house and tickled her and pinched her big nipples. She giggled and squirmed when I rubbed her bright pink clit. I got her so hot she moaned…’playhouse!’….I stalled… and fingered her pussy, kissed her neck, sucked her tits and rubbed her body. “Playhouse Wil!”, she moaned. She was panting and trying to get me out the back door to go to the playhouse. “Come on Will…I need you in the playhouse!” she said, panting for breath. We finally ran to the playhouse. We both had never been this excited before.

I thought…Trish, this is it, were going to have sex, no more waiting, I have to have you!

Trish reflected back to that day…..

…..I finally decided I wanted to have sex with my brother. I knew I could make him so hot he would do it, but….he sure as hell knew how to make me hot too. I felt the female animal in me get aggressive to get him down and have sex with me. He decided to tease me beyond my tolerance. I began to almost beg him to fuck me! “Damn you Wil….we’ve waited so long, let’s do it!” I said. My pussy ached for him to fuck me.

…… I look at her. Her giggles had turned into pure lust in her eyes. She pulled my arms around her. I held her gently and kissed her like my best girlfriend ever. Her heart was thumping in her soft tits.
…..Our bodies suddenly locked together in bliss. We tugged and tore our clothes off as we sunk to the blankets on the floor. Her body was hot to the touch all over. She moaned so beautiful as she tried to talk. “Wil…..I want you so bad…..I….” Now she felt my cock sliding up and down her wet slit. She gasp big and pushed her pussy up to meet it. We felt it sliding in, a little at a time. Ten full strokes and my cock started cuming. I came in a steady stream at first….we yelled with ecstasy…she squirted her juices for the first time…her pussy and my cock were like a blur of moving passion.

Pumping, squirming, twitching in pleasure. We had little giggles of joy in-between our moans, it felt so damn good. We made new noises of pure ecstasy. Her legs pulled hard against my body. I held onto her so tight I was afraid I would hurt her. Our moans of joy were loud as our bodies slapped together continuously. My cock had become a cuming machine as her pussy squeezed it and stroked it all in one motion. Cum and pussy juice was flowing everywhere. We could both hear it sloshing together as we just kept fucking.

….We were having a ’golden moment’ in life, and we knew it. We just kept fucking and fucking never wanting it to stop.
…It started to get quiet except for our quiet moans. “…oh my god, (gasp) oh my god..” she moaned out of breath. “Oh god Wil….what happened….(gasp)…I….oh god”

…I was sure we shook the playhouse off it’s foundation. The house seemed to be spinning around and around. “Trish…I think…. I just lost my mind….we just never knew ….it would be like this…(swallow)…your pure heaven Trish….pure heaven..” I managed to say.
….The feels and kisses continued for a long time as we were lost in euphoria….sleep overtook us …I think…I wasn’t sure of anything….except that my sisters hot pussy was the ultimate….
….That event was burned in our memories forever.

…..We both wondered, how could we be with someone else now, after that.
…. A week went by and we kind of got back to our lives. We wanted to fuck again, but were afraid nothing could top our first sex.
…. It got better even though we thought it couldn’t possibly get better…..
…..Sis changed in a exciting way. She became a cheerleader, prom queen contestant, and a sexy, happy popular girl. Boyfriends all over the place, but…..for sex, she comes home to me.
….I had girlfriends that I would fuck…but none like sis, not even close.
….Sis managed to marry the guy she wanted, he had money, and she tried to train him how to fuck her. Fair, but lackluster she told me.

…..We sneak and fuck as often as we can. A phone call and the words: “playhouse”, gets our hearts to pumping fast.
…You’ll have to excuse me now, I can’t write anymore of our story.
….I just got a phone call…. My sisters voice said: “My house, he’s left to go out of town.“…“click“. ….that call has gotten my attention.

Goodbye for now…..
….I hung up the phone from calling my brother. My girlfriend Brandi and I giggled loud…
“That’s all it takes, and he’ll come over?” Brandi said.
“Yep, his birthday is this week and this will my little present for him. He’ll get to fuck both of us!… Now you go and get undressed and get into bed and wait. Your going to get the best fuck of your life, girl!”
….I’m back to continue Trish’s and my story.

…..Your just not going to believe what happened at my sister Trish’s house!……..


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