Twin Sister Surprise

This happened a few years ago, and I would love for any part of it to happen again. I was chatting on yahoo when it was still cool to do so, I had been PMing with this woman off and on all day. She was from Lacey which wasn't too far for me to drive in the event we were to meet up. We had been chatting about mostly bullshit when out of the blue she asked if she could share a secret fantasy with me, and I'm like "Hell ya!" (It was about time too, I already had about 6 hours of Net-equity into her by then!) She said she was always really scared to mention it in the early stages of flirting for fear of scaring people away. I told her she had nothing to fear with me, that I was unshockable (which still holds true today). Slowly, I could see her try to type something, then change her mind, until finally she types the following, and I'm not making this up: "I have a secret thing for my twin sister" I was not expecting THAT, to say the least, "she has been talking to you about half the time ;) " ah, that explained why some of our chats seemed a little out of sync. "She is fingering herself right now. She wants to fuck. She is such a whore! That's probably what I love about her lol" I was on the edge of my seat, cock in hand quick as lightning! This was quickly shaping up to be some serious cybering action! I'd talked to some pretty nasty girls but nothing like this! "We were wondering if you could help us with that ;) " I tried to type something one handed but before I could even finish my entry she types "can you cum over?"

I was doing 80 down I-5 from Tacoma, it was almost 11 pm by then, fortunately the usual pack of Staters that cruise that area were busy that night because I made it to the address in just under 20 minutes! At first I thought I was being duped, because the house I pulled up to was all dark like everyone was alseep or gone (it wouldn't have been the first time I'd had it happen) but as I pulled into the drive way to turn around and leave, the light above the garage came on. Then the side light next the door came on and the front door opened. A girl poked her head out and squinted at me in the light, she had strawberry blonde hair that was super curly, she looked like the photo on the profile she shared online except her hair was longer and a little fucked up. She had a huge grin and she was motioning me to get out my car. "Oh my God you came!" She said, she might have been a little drunk. I'm like, "I said I'd be here, I wouldn't miss this for the world!" I sounded cool, but I was nervous as hell! As I got close enough she reached out and grabbed my hand and dragged me inside as she said, "He's here! I told you he was cool! " she looked at me and said, "She is the shy one, I'm so glad you came, if I left it up to her you'd have never made it here!"

I was mesmerized, as she led me thru the house, into the kitchen, it was dark throughout the house, except the tell tale blue glare of a computer monitor coming from around the corner from the dining room. As we walked past the fridge she said, "Beer?" She reached in grabbed two long necks and handed one back to me before I could even say anything. Then she led me around the corner and my eyes bulged when I saw her identical twin sister lounging in a big arm chair next to a computer, robe open and her hand doing circles over her redhaired pussy! "Oh thank God, you actually look like your picture! Mmmm you are just intimeto!" and did she ever! I could hear her wetness sloshing from 10 feet across the room! The whole room smelled of beer and sex. The sister who led me in grabbed my swelling crotch and said, "Isn't she fucking hot? Mmm looks like you enjoy what you see! " she gave me a squeeze thru my jeans. They were both already worked up, I didn't bother with small talk, I just started to undress, Emily, the one who I thought I'd been talking to all day, got up from the chair letting the robe drop as she stood up, her twin Ashley was already unbuckling my belt. Emily stepped up to me and stuck her cum soaked fingers into Ashley's mouth! My cock practically ripped out of my jeans before the sisters could get them off and down to my ankles. "Mmm Ash, he is nice and hard already. Are you liking this baby? " she asked me as she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. As her lips touched mine, her sister's lips touched the head of my cock, I almost blew my wad right that second! They both giggled in unison and twirled away from me.

Ashley stepped over to her twin and Emily removed her robe and let it fall to the floor. I continued to remove the rest of my clothes as I watched them together. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen to this day, I have to admit. They were beautiful women, mid-thirties, in good shape, just the right amount of curves in the hips, and nice full breasts with light colored areola and bright pink erect nipples. They were watching me as their hands roamed over each others bodies. I stood transfixed, you could have hung a 50 ft garden hose from my iron hard cock that was sticking straight out. It was soooo wrong on one level because they were sisters, incest never occurred to me before as spank-fuel, but seeing it happening with them getting off in front me that night, it was sooooo right! I could tell it was turning them on even more to put on show for someone, they were breathing hard as they came over to me again. They wrapped their arms around me and each other and kissed right in front of me. They took turns kissing me then each other, tongues going in and out of their mouths. Emily eased down and started to suck her sister's heavy breast, squeezing it with her fingers and taking long pulls off her nipple. I saw in the half light that Ashley actually squirted milk! Emily greedily sucked it down, then buried her face in between those awesome tits. Ashley was moaning as her sister triggered a milk let down, it was all Emily could do to catch it all. I could hear a squishy sloshing sound and in between kisses from Ashley looked down to see Emily using her other hand to rub her sister's puffy pussy lips in jerky circles, Ashley was literally dripping on the floor down her legs! I was throbbing like crazy by that time; it was the hottest thing I've even been part of in my whole existence! "Ash, I don't think he's going to last much longer, what do you want to do? " asked Emily. Ashley looked at my cock and at her sister, then back at me. "Get the cream, I want to feel him inside us!" Was all she said in a breathy voice. Emily disappeared into the dark for an instant then came up behind me. "Take a deep breath, I'm going to put some of this on you. ." And before I could even ask what it was, I felt her hand side down my cock! I had to take a few deep breaths, my dick was on fire! Her hand was covered in some sort of ointment designed to forestall ejaculation which caused me to think my dick was going burst into flames for a few seconds; but then gradually it started to cool down and then tingle. I was still hard, but now I didn't feel like a stray breeze could make me explode!

The girls led me by the hand thru the house down a hallway and into a bedroom. They pushed me down onto the bed then climbed onto it together and got right to it. Ashley climbed up and positioned herself over my fully erect cock, while her sister used her fingers to part the puffy labia and guide the head of my cock in. Ashley was already so wet she just slid down in one easy motion with a groan of satisfaction. Then Emily gently straddled my face and gave me her streaming juicy peach to eat. I was in heaven! I had one twin grinding on my cock, and the other grinding on my face! Both were moaning loudly as they moved in sync with each other. I couldn't see, but I could hear the sound of them kissing each other as they rode my body like a carnival ride together. Thank God for the cream, I could feel Ashley on me, I could feel her hot insides, her juicy wetness sliding up and down on me, but I was able to hold off. Meanwhile Emily was practically drowning me in her sweet and salty sauce. Then after a good amount of time Emily said,"Mmm baby, switchit's my turnSwitch!"I could feel Ashley reluctantly release my rod as she switched places with her sister. I immediately noticed that they were different, both in terms of how they felt and tasted! Emily was tighter or more skilled with her inner muscles because it felt like she was milking me with her pussy, and Ashley tasted tangy instead if sweet, still delicious, but definitely different! Both girls picked up their pace. Emily was leaning forward and sucking her sisters swaying boobs, rotating her pelvis on me, and despite the cream I was beginning to build up to a huge climax. Ashley must have sensed something somehow because she let out a shriek and let the dam burst on my face, I thought she peeing on me it was so much! I lapped it up like I had just crawled out of the desert! Just then Emily burst forth on top my cock, I could feel her fluids run down and pool beneath us. Her pussy clenched like a vice around my shaft and I couldn't help myself, I screamed up into Ashley's still drippng pussy as my cock erupted like a geyser inside her sister! I have never cum so hard in my life before or since then! I remember thinking while my cock was blasting forceful jet after forceful jet of hot cum that it felt like it lasted an hour, but it was probably more like 30 seconds. Emily fell to the side as I slid out if her, her sister then surprised me by leaning down and slurping our combined juices off of my still quivering twitching cock. "Mmmm oh baby, you taste soooo good" I thought she was talking to me but again to my surprise she leaned to the side and buried her face in her her sisters swollen cum soaked pussy. She was eating her sister out! Either it was the cream, or the situation but my cock never went soft.

What happened after is still something of a blur, I can remember bits and pieces. There was lots of beer, more sex, a hot tub, more sex, things got really wet and crazy, and by crazy I mean CRAZY. But that is another story, for another time. Tell me what you think. Did this do anything for you? Do you want more?Want to help me relive this? Do you know Em and Ash? I never learned thier last names (stupid I know!) They would be about 40ish now. Feedback is welcome, so is some NSA as long as you are ddf and can host. Anyway, talk to you soon I hope!

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