I was startled by a familiar voice asking, “Can you help me please?” It was the love of my life. Cindi had sat right in front of me in homeroom for most of my school life. We had the same last name even though we were not related, but Cindi came before my first name in the alphabet so she always sat in front of me. I have been in love with her for years but could never get up the courage to tell her so.

As I stood up and turned around to face her Cindi smiled at me and said, “I was hoping that it would be you! I heard you telling Jimmy that you work here on weekends!”

I stammered but managed to say, “What can I do to help you Cindi?”

She blushed and said, “It’s kind of embarrassing but I sort of lost the back to an earring!”

I smiled and said, “I’d be happy to help you find it! Where did you loose it?”

Cindi blushed and said, “Well around those big jars of pickles on the bottom shelf in aisle twelve! But first you have to pass a test!”

I replied, “I don’t do too well on tests and besides I haven’t studied!”

That made Cindi laugh, “It’s not that kind of a test silly! Do you like me?”

I replied, “Yes! I like you!”

Cindi then asked, “Do you like, like me?”

Wow! What a question to ask me. In girl talk like like equals love. So I answered, “Yes Cindi I love you! I have loved you for years! I’ve just been to scared to tell you!”

Cindi smiled and said, “Good! Now kiss me!”

Wow again! I had only dreamed about kissing before this but it was always Cindi that I kissed in my dreams! I had watched every Chick Flick ever released with my mother and I knew exactly what I would do if I ever got the chance. Well now I had my chance. I told myself not to blow it and took Cindi into my arms. I slipped my arms around her waist and then slid my hands up her blouse to where her bra strap was. Her soft curly blonde hair tickled my fingers. Cindi wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. I tilted my head and our lips met for the first time. Her lips were so soft pressed against mine. I snaked my tongue out ever so slightly between my lips and licked her lips gently. She immediately responded with her tongue. Soon we were taking turns exploring each other’s mouth. We kissed for what felt like a very long time.

Eventually Cindi broke the kiss and said, “Now put your hands on my ass and kiss me again!”

Wow once more! This girl was sure full of surprises. I lowered my hands to her wonderful mounds of flesh and spread my fingers. I found the curved lower part of her ass cheeks and cupped both globes forcing her crotch hard up against mine. My cock smashed hard against her pubic bone. I was not only hard I was very hard. Our lips met with a new passion…lust! I mashed my lips into hers, I mashed my cock into her, and I grabbed two handfuls of her fine ass. I was in heaven.

Once again it was Cindi that broke the kiss, “Okay! I believe you! Now you can help me!”

Still very confused and now lightheaded from all of the blood in my body rushing to my cock I let Cindi take me to aisle twelve. She pointed to the gallon jugs of pickles on the bottom shelf. I knelt down and removed several of them looking for the back to an earring.

Cindi knelt down in front me and said, “It’s round and silver and it looks just like these!” Then to my delight Cindi opened her knees up wide for me and pointed to her pussy.

I had never seen a real pussy before. Cindi’s pussy had recently been shaved on the bottom half. She had been pierced in both of her outer pussy lips. There were three tiny silver balls visible and her pussy slit was very wet and juicy. I looked back into that lower shelf and saw the object of my search.

As I showed it to Cindi she asked, “Will you screw it back on for me too please! I just got it done yesterday and the lady did it for me! I’m not supposed to remove them for a couple of months!”

I rolled the tiny ball around between my fingers and found the tiny hole. I looked at Cindi’s open pussy and saw the post that it was supposed to be screwed onto. I reached out and touched her pussy, I grabbed the ball on the other end of the post, and tried to screw them together. It seemed difficult at first and took me quite a while. At least that’s what I thought anyway.

Then Cindi stood up so I stood up too. She wrapped her arms around my neck again and kissed me making my cock throb in my pants. I grabbed her ass tight and forced our crotches together. As I was grinding my cock into her crotch a customer came up to us and cleared her throat getting our attention.

Cindi once again broke our kiss, looked at the lady, and then introduced me to her mother. Without even batting an eye Cindi explained all about loosing one of her balls, it bouncing on the floor, and landing on the lower shelf between the large glass jars. She told her of me finding it and then screwing it back on for her too.

I couldn’t believe my ears but Cindi’s mother just smiled and thanked me for helping her daughter. She said that yesterday, Saturday, had been Cindi’s sixteenth birthday and that she had gotten her piercings done.

As they started to walk away Cindi said, “I got my nipples pierced too! If you want to see them come over to my house after you get off work!”

I only managed to say, “I get off at three” and they were gone.

For the next few hours I couldn’t concentrate on anything at all. I couldn’t get rid of my erection either. Several of the check out girls noticed it too. It was the most embarrassed that I had ever been and the most excited too.

As soon as I got off from work I rushed over to Cindi’s house. Her mother answered the door and sat me down in the living room. This didn’t feel right at all. First I was to call my mother and tell her where I was, that I had been invited to stay for dinner, and then to ask her how late that I could stay before I had to be home.

I called my mother. Yes I could stay for dinner. If I was walking home I had to be home before dark but if Cindi’s mother was going to drive me home then I could stay out until ten o’clock. Cindi’s mother said that she would drive me home so that I could stay longer. Since it was Sunday and a school night I also had to promise her that my homework was done and that I would get up in the morning without giving her any trouble. I promised.

Then Cindi’s mother called Cindi downstairs and had her sit next to me on the couch, then she sat across from us. Cindi’s mother sure showed an awful lot of leg under her short skirt. With her legs crossed like that I was pretty sure that I could see up to within inches of her pussy. I looked down and saw that Cindi didn’t have her knees together either. If she was still not wearing any panties her mother must be getting quite a view of her new piercings.

Cindi’s mother said, “Okay now for the rules! You cannot suck her nipples, eat her pussy, or fuck her for at least four weeks because of her new piercings. However you can rub her clit with some triple antibiotic ointment if you want to give her some orgasms. Cindi you can suck his cock if you want to get him off. Any questions?”

Of course I just had to ask, “So it’s okay with you if we want to fool around then!”

Cindi’s mother replied, “Yes! Cindi waited until she was sixteen like I wanted her too! So she can do as she wishes now! I would love to watch occasionally though because I don’t seem to get much sex myself lately! I guess what I am trying to say is that you don’t have to hide in her bedroom! You can fool around right in front of me if you want too!”

Cindi said, “Thanks mom! You can watch anytime that you want to! We’ll even leave my bedroom door open for you too!”

Cindi’s mother kissed Cindi and sent us up to her bedroom. A few minutes later Cindi was removing her blouse so that I could see her newly pierced nipples as she had promised me. Not long after that Cindi removed her skirt to let me see her entire nude body and all of her new piercings too. Cindi had a fantastic body. It was just as good as I had always imagined. Her breasts were small but her nipples were great especially with a post stuck right through them. Her dirty blonde hair matched the hair on the top half of her pussy too. Her tummy was flat and her butt was firm. My dream girl was completely naked and in my arms. Now when we kissed and played tonsil hockey and I pulled her ass checks into me crushing our crotches together no one broke the kiss off.

Cindi’s mother brought in a tube of triple antibiotic ointment for me to use. She squeezed some on her middle finger and showed me how to slip it into the top of Cindi’s slit. I watched as Cindi’s mother gave Cindi a very good orgasm using her finger. It turned out that Cindi was a screamer and a creamer. At first I thought that it was strange that her mother would be doing that to her in the first place but at the same time I found it to be the most erotic thing that I had seen or heard of before. Cindi’s mother had to put her hand between Cindi’s breasts and hold her down because she was thrashing around the bed so much. I was sure that the neighbors would have called the police by now. When Cindi’s mother finally removed her finger from Cindi’s clit I saw a big mess of cum all over the place. It looked like I had jerked off twice between her legs. It was remarkable. Cindi was exhausted from her ordeal and I was very excited. Then Cindi’s mother put some ointment on my middle finger and watched me give Cindi another orgasm before going off to fix us dinner.

I could not believe that my sweet innocent virginal Cindi was a screamer and a creamer. My buddy Jimmy stole one of his uncle’s porno films once and let me and some of the other guys watch it. It had this chick that reacted just like Cindi had. Of course we all knew that it was phony and the girl was just acting but it still caused all of us to jerk off though. As Cindi approached her orgasm she got louder and louder. At first it was like a coo but it turned into a moo real quick and then at the end it was a scream for help. She thrashed about so much that I knew why her mother had held her down. She was trying to detach my finger from her clit like a fish does with a hook. I had all I could do to lean over her belly and keep my finger attached to her love button. Thankfully Cindi’s mother held her shoulders down for me. The puddle of cream got much bigger.

After I had given Cindi her third orgasm she begged me to stop, saying that she just couldn’t take another one. I believed her too. She was completely exhausted. Then after she had fully recovered this sweet girl that I had been secretly in love with for years removed my pants, my underwear, and proceeded to give me my very first blowjob. It was everything that I had ever imagined it would be. She kissed the head of my cock and I saw that my pre-cum had stuck to her lips causing a thin string to keep us connected until her next kiss. Cindi licked up all of my pre-cum, tasted it, and then smiled at me before she swallowed it. Once she had licked the entire head she slipped her lips over it taking the head into her mouth. Cindi slipped her lips from the base of my head to the pee slit and then tried to poke her tongue into the tiny hole. She repeated this several times before licking the shaft like a Popsicle. I had been way too excited for way too long to last another second. Cindi must have known it because just then she pinched off the flow up my shaft with her thumb. Then Cindi took a deep breath, placed her mouth over my cock head, and released the flow. She jerked me off as she sucked on the head. God that felt good! It was by far the best climax that I had ever had and being a sixteen-year-old boy I had certainly had my share of self induced climaxes. As I fired gob after gob of cum into Cindi’s mouth she never flinched. She took it all, every last drop! Cindi lifted her head, showed me a big white puddle on her tongue, and then swallowed a few times. As Cindi was licking my cock clean I was smiling. I was impressed, simply impressed! I was definitely impressed with Cindi’s skills at giving blowjobs, I was impressed that I hadn’t cum at that very first kiss that she gave my cock head, and I was especially impressed with the size of the cum puddle I had left on her tongue. I knew that if I could cum like that two more times that my puddle would equal her puddle on the bed. So I smiled.

Cindi’s mother came into the room and said, “Dinner is served! So you’re a screamer and a creamer too! I heard you all the way down in the kitchen! You will fit right in here!”

I just looked at Cindi. I couldn’t believe my ears.

Cindi smiled and said, “Yeah! You were almost as loud as mom is! I can’t wait until you can fuck me!”

The End

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