The Hike Part#2


Before Myra could turn around to investigate the noises in the bushes behind her several sets of large hands took control of her little body. She screamed in surprise. The last thing the girl on the ground mumbled to her was enjoy it. She was carried off away from her.

A giant hand controlled her head by grasping the back of her neck. Other large hands grabbed her wrists like vice grips and she was whisked up off the ground when her ankles were seized.

She was carried effortlessly over to a large grassy mound and put on it face down. She tried to struggle but the shear strength of the hands allowed her no movement what so ever.

Myra was pinned down by her neck and her face was pushed down into the soft short green grass. It smelled nice. It was dry.

Myra heard belt buckles being undone and pants or shorts dropping to the ground. She knew she was about to get what the other girl had received while she had watched from the bushes. It was now her turn.

She was flipped over effortlessly and she squinted because of the sun when she looked up. She could see at least 4 males that towered over her. They were just silhouettes. She made out their muscular bodies and large hard cocks. They stroked them and held them like weapons ready to destroy her little squirming body with them.

The men bent down and worked together stripping Myra of her clothes. They were fast and effective. They were careful not to tear anything. She knew they could rip her shorts and top to shreds if she even put up a bit of a struggle. She did not resist and knew she was in for a good fuck. Her little shorts were pulled down her legs with her panties following. Her arms were pulled up and above her head. Her top rolled off. Her hiking boots gone.

All of a sudden she was naked and defenceless. Her naked tanned tight little body was about to get it. She knew the men were excited by her. She saw them get even harder and stroke their cocks more quickly.

They pulled her up to her knees and made her grab a cock with each hand. She could hardly wrap her hands around the thick girthed shafts. These would hut her when they fucked her she thought. The thought both excited and scared her at the same time.

Her long hair was grabbed and her head was wrenched back. One of the guys shoved his cock into her mouth and fucked her face. It filled her mouth and she could only moan and gargle, but not protest in any way.

She could feel his veins engorging around his cock as she sucked and licked his shaft with her pierced tongue. She was bringing him to orgasm quite easily.

The cocks in her hands were getting slippery. Pre cum oozed from them all over her small hands.

Myra wondered where the fourth male was. She found out. She was picked up by her waist by the largest guy from behind. His hands encircled her tiny waist completely. He held her with her feet off the ground. His gigantic mushroom headed cock probed between her legs looking to enter her pussy. She tried to keep her little legs closed but his hard cock pried them apart. It forced its way in filling her tiny tight little cunt. She let out a muffled moan. These guys were going to abuse and cum fill their little pin cushion. It was punishment for watching them annihilate the little Latino girl.

Myra continued sucking and licking the cock in her mouth like a good little girl for about five minutes. The man squeezed her hair tightly and almost pulled strands out just before he was ready to blow his load down her throat. The veins that surrounded his cock were hard and engorged. His testicles were rock hard and he was ready to cum fill her. Myra could not cry out from the pain of her hair being pulled. The man grunted and rammed his cock as far as it could possibly go into Myra’s little mouth. He pumped into her vigorously as burst after burst of warm cum shot into and down her throat. Myra swallowed it all licking and slurping it from his cock.

She was ripped away from the cocks she was jerking off by the man fucking her from behind. He carried her over to a flat red rock that jutted out about 3 feet off the the desert floor. She was place on it face down and pinned there by a hand on the back of her neck and the gigantic cock thrusting in and out of her pussy from behind. The red rock was flat and warm but hard. Myra’s right cheek rested against the rock as she took his thrusts. Her legs dangled off the edge of the rock. They were becoming numb from the relentless fucking this beast gave her.

His huge cock filled her insides completely. She had never been fucked by such a large piece of hard flesh. As he thrust I and out of her she could see the other three males standing over the Latino girl. They were stroking their cocks and spraying long large loads of white cum onto her lifeless, exhausted and spent body. They laughed as they shook their cocks over her. Cum cascaded and hit the poor girl everywhere. It was if they were artists painting her. She saw them use her clothes as towels and wipe their glistening cocks off on her shirt and shorts.

Myra was getting red dust from the rock on her body and starting to get scuffs and scratches as the man continued to fuck her. He would move her body slightly up and down the rock with every thrust he pushed into her.

Eventually he came. He bent down and whispered into her ear “take it honey”. And with that he pumped her full. The excess dripped out and ran down the insides of her quivering tanned tight legs. He pumped her for a good minute. He grabbed her tight little ass cheeks as he did this and squeezed them together. He milked every last little bit of his baby juices out of his engorged cock into her. With a free thumb he shoved it into her tight and virgin little asshole. Myra cried out. He jammed his thumb in deeper. The sensation of her asshole being played with and cunt stimulation made her cum. Her legs shook and toes curled. She cried out. The other men watched and laughed as the man fucking her held her down like a little rag doll. She convulsed and quivered for minutes after.

The men left. Myra lay on the rock for hours in the war sun. Exhausted and unable to walk.

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