The Shower Show

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The Shower Show

I was crossing the dinning room headed for the kitchen when a movement outside caught my eye. Two kids were climbing up my rose trellis to get on my back porch roof.

I rushed out there and grabbed one boy by his foot and pulled on him until he dropped down. The other boy jumped off the roof and ran like hell. The one that I was stepping on wasn’t going anywhere.

When I asked him what to hell he thought he was doing, he replied, “We just wanted a better view of Mrs. Johnson. She’s taking a shower and her window doesn’t have a curtain on it. We could only see her when she was close to the window and we wanted a better view. Honest we weren’t trying to do anything to you. Please let me go and don’t tell my parents about this. I promise, it won’t happen again.”

I let him up and then he ran off.

I looked up at Janet’s window. Sure enough there were no curtains. So I went up to my bedroom. I had no window facing her house but I did have one looking out into my backyard. I opened it up and stuck my head out. I couldn’t see out far enough so I climbed out of my window and looked. Janet was lying comfortably in a bathtub. With her bright lights on I was pretty sure that she couldn’t see me standing there in the darkness. I leaned against my siding, I knelt down, and finally I got a chair to sit on, out on my roof, watching my neighbor take a bath. I was a peeping Tom, I was a voyeur, and I was more excited than I had been in years. It was so wrong but I just couldn’t help myself. After a long soak she sat up and washed her hair, then she washed her breasts. Now that was worth the wait. She soaped them, she rinsed them, and then she soaked them again. She picked each one up by its nipple to wash the underside. Then she stood up and washed her pussy. She was putting on quite a show. She took her husband’s soap on a rope, off the showerhead and shoved it up into her pussy. She fucked herself with that soap cock. After washing her incredibly fine ass she rinsed everything off and stepped out of the tub.

Watching Janet dry herself off was another great show. She took care in drying her hair. That made her tits and ass shake violently. She dried her pussy on the outside and stuffed a dry washcloth up it to dry the inside. She combed her hair, brushed her teeth, and then turned the lights out and left.

That was the best shower show that I had ever seen.

The next day I drilled two holes in my bedroom wall so that I could spy on Janet. One was for when I was standing and the other was for when I was sitting. Oh I didn’t just drill two holes. They were two inches in diameter and perfect for the sight glasses that I had purchased. They were almost the perfect shade of gray to match my house. I removed most of the inner wall around the hole so that my face could get in there really close. Then I attached some black felt above the holes to conceal any light from tipping Janet off about the holes.

I waited until I knew that the coast was clear. Then I climbed up a ladder and put the sight glasses in place. From the inside I screwed big nuts in place to secure them. I was all set.

I stayed glued to those holes all night. I was afraid that I would miss something. I was about to give up and go to bed when her light came on and she went into her bathroom. I could not believe my luck, I had a prefect view of her sitting on her toilet. She peed, she wiped, and then she douched with a plastic bottle. She was cleaning up after sex. The light went out and she was gone. I went to bed and thought about Janet.

The next day when I got home from work Janet knocked on my back door. I called to her to come in and offered her a cup of coffee as soon as it finished brewing.

Janet told me that she had seen the sun shining off two round things up on my house. Oh crap! I had actually given that some thought. So I took her outside and pointed up at the two spots. I pointed at the ladder marks in my dirt too. Then I told her the biggest whopper that I could come up with. “I got an estimate to have insulation blown into my walls. He needed to take two test samples, and then he told me that no one would ever notice. Yeah right! Hardly one whole day goes by and you noticed.”

Janet got sort of defensive and said, “I only noticed because I was putting on my makeup and the sun glistened off something shinny. Otherwise I would never have seen them.”

As we drank our coffee Janet blushed and said, “To tell you the truth…I was hoping that you had drilled a peep hole.”

I asked, “What!”

Janet continued, “You have no windows on the second floor on my side so I never felt the need to put up curtains. When I’m in my bathroom I dream about you spying on me and it excites me.”

I asked, “Would you really like me to watch you in your bathroom?”

Janet blurted out, “Oh my God, yes. I’d love it if you would.”

I said, “Maybe I should come over and watch you take a bath.”

Janet said, “Oh no, that would never do. You see I’m not really an exhibitionist but I really like the idea of you being a voyeur.”

I said, “So let me get this straight…you want me to look.”

Janet blushed and said, “Oh yes.”

I smiled and took Janet up to my bedroom. I told her about the neighbor boys and I swear that she soaked her panties. I told her about sitting out on my porch roof all night. Of course I had shown her my contraption in the corner for spying on her.

She kissed me and told me that she would call me, let it ring once, and then hang up. That would be my notice that she was going into the bathroom. She said that she would do it if she were in anyway going to get undressed or use the toilet too. I thanked her and then I kissed her back.

Before she left I asked, “What if I took pictures or movies of you and then blackmailed you into having sex with me?”

Janet said, “I would love it. I’d absolutely love it. Go ahead.”

I said, “I’ll need to go out and purchase a good video camera then. Don’t do anything too good until I get back.”

I got another kiss but I held on to her afterwards. I slipped my hand up under her blouse to feel of her bra and breasts. I slipped my hand up under her skirt to feel of her very wet panties. Those I removed to keep. I then slipped two fingers into her very juicy pussy. I took her into my living room, lay her down on the rug, and then I made love to her. I told her, “I couldn’t wait to blackmail you.” She replied, “Me neither.” So we made passionate love right there on my rug until we both burst. Afterwards I lifted her blouse and bra to get a look at her wonderful breasts. Then I sucked on her nipples for a while. Finally we had to stop before her husband got home. Besides I had to go shopping for a video camera.

That night I got three, single telephone rings all about an hour apart. The first one was to pee and wash my cum out of her pussy before her husband found it. The next one was just to tease me. She got naked and she massaged her own body and then she masturbated for me. The third ring was to let me know that she was taking a bath. Janet repeated everything that I had already seen with the exception that she was smiling at me all of the time.

Just before she could leave the bathroom, her husband came in. He grabbed her nipples hard and twisted them until she got down on her knees and started to suck his cock. He didn’t want a blowjob, he wanted to fuck her face. It was vicious and cruel but it was over with quickly too.

Janet looked over at me, gave me a weak smile, and then she brushed her teeth again. The lights went out and I went to bed.

I work seven to three so I get home two hours before her husband does. Janet was waiting for me to pull into my driveway. She looked like a million dollars and she was very happy to see me. She kissed me right out there in full view of our neighbors and then took me to my back door. I let us in and she jumped into my arms.

She said, “I want to see what you took of me last night. I was so excited that I had a voyeur watching me that I had a bunch of orgasms.”

I said, “And your husband face fucked you.”

Janet said, “I had it coming. I told him that he couldn’t fuck my pussy because it was still sore from the night before. He was cruel. He fucked me dry with a huge dildo, it didn’t make me wet at all, so then he fucked me dry.”

I said, “Then I fucked you that afternoon.”

Janet said, “No, you made love to me, you didn’t fuck me. You got me so wet and you felt so good inside me, that I didn’t mind it at all. Besides I didn’t want his cock in me to spoil the feeling of having you inside me.”

I took her up my computer room and showed her what I had taken. She marveled over the quality and the power that my video camera had to zoom in. During the face fucking scene all I captured was her head and his cock being forced into it. She could not believe the clarity. Frankly I was surprised too and of course very pleased.

We made love twice then she rushed home to douche for him. I captured the douche on disc too.

That night there were no phone calls. However, when I got home there she was on my back porch waiting for me. She quickly apologized for being a no show then explained that her husband had tied her to the bed and abused her for most of the night. She had rope burns on her wrists and ankles to prove it. He likes anal sex and she doesn’t, so every now and then he just takes it. Then since he is raping her he doesn’t fell the need to use any lubricant to help her enjoy it any. He really is a cruel man.

I asked her why she stays with him and she replied that she had no where else to go. She didn’t have any living relatives and no job skills. He picked her up one night and has kept her ever since. She said that for the most part he took really good care of her. However for the past month or so he has been afraid that he might get caught in a cut back at work and loose his job. The stress was making him crazy, hence he took it out on her. I also found out that she was not married to him either. They were just living together.

That night my phone rang once, I got ready, and started recording. Janet entered the bathroom, locked the door, and started to undress for me and me alone. She was very pretty, she had a great body, and she loved me. I was not just her voyeur, I was her love interest. I think that the more she thought of me the more she could tolerate from him.

She was in the bathtub when he burst through the door breaking the lock and part of the door casing as well. She stood up, he slapped her across the face, and she fell into the tub. He pulled her up with a hand around her throat and slapped each of her breasts twice before punching her in the stomach. In her bent over position he picked her up, turned her around, and forced her head down into the toilet. Then he fucked her from behind. As I zoomed in he had his cock back in her ass, not in her pussy. I moved the camera to her face and saw the tears dripping into the toilet. She was not enjoying it at all. Finally she was thrown back into the bath water and the lights were turned out.

I should probably explain that the guy next door is a Vice President at the same company where I work. I decided to make a copy of the bathroom rape and send it to the Company President. His face was quite clear so that there was no question as to who the guy was.

That Friday he was escorted out of the building by two police officers. When I got home Janet filled me in. The Company President himself paid her a visit that morning after her man had gone to work. He showed her the tape and offered his services and those of his lawyers to press charges against the man that had raped her as well as the man that had filmed her. She declined to implicate me but after some strong advice from him and his lawyers she had her boyfriend arrested. Needless to say, he lost his job too.

He never did return to the house with her. Part of the deal for staying out of prison was to give her the house and get out of the state. If he ever returned or made contact with her he would be arrested.

Janet moved in with me and then rented her house out to a bunch of college girls. They never put up any curtains either. My little exhibitionist enjoys being a voyeur as much as I do.

The End
The Shower Show

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