I go to the doctor.

Several years ago, it was my just after my sixty-fifth birthday when my doctor's office called and said that it was time for a full check-up. The appointment day came and they took blood for testing, checked my weight and blood pressure and sat me in the room to wait for the doctor to come in to talk to me. He listened to my heart and my lungs. Then we just chatted. As we talked, he asked me if I was still sexually active. I told him that I had not been able to get an erection for a couple years now, so no. He asked me if I had heard about a new pill that had come out called Viagra.

I told him that I had, but that I had not thought about trying it. He asked me if my wife and I would like to be able to have sex again and I told him that we did miss it. "The company has sent me some samples. Would you like to try one and see if it works for you? It doesn't work for everyone but for the ones that it does, they are really happy with the results." I told him yes. "OK, take this pill and then go wait in the waiting room for about 45 minutes. We will call you back in and check your blood pressure and heart again and we will see how you react to the med." I took the pill and went and read most of his old magazines while the time passed. I felt a little flushed but nothing else.

Finally I was taken back into the doctor's exam rooms. Dr. Hanson came in. "Well Jim, any results?" I told him that nothing had happened. "Drop your pants and let's take a look. I hung there as limp as before I took the pill, but now I was feeling depressed. "The company says that many men need stimulation to make it work. He picked up his phone and called his nurses desk. "Monica, will you please come in here."

I started to pull up my pants but he told me to leave them down. Monica came in. She was attractive and was probably in her early thirties. From how she looked and her skin color, I had always guessed that she was Italian. She was a little on the short side and had a few extra pounds. What I had always noticed were her huge tits. I'm sure they were double D's.

"I have given Mr. Jenkins here a sample of Viagra to see if it will help with his erection problem. So far nothing has happened. Would you please assist us in doing a test? "Yes, Doctor, I'd be happy to." With that, she reached up and unbuttoned the front of her nurse’s dress and then the front hooking bra that she was wearing. Out came those giant jugs that I had always admired. For their size, they still had pretty good shape. Her nipples were huge and just begged to be sucked.

We all looked between my legs and saw no change. Next, Monica took my hands and put them on her tits. We looked again and saw a small reaction starting. The doctor said, "Maybe we have something here but I think it will take more of a test than that." Monica dropped to her knees in front of me, took me in her hand and slipped her lips over my cock head.

She bobbed up and down on it and it started to react. When I was young, I had a prick to be proud of. I was ready at the slightest sexual thought and my thick, rock hard and cut eight inches never let me down. I was long lasting and over the years I made quite a few women scream in pleasure. I have to admit, that even included a few after I was married. It was not long before I thought I was feeling like I was twenty again.

Monica took her mouth off of me long enough to show everyone the results and to say that she was pretty sure that the pill worked very well for me. "You have a really fine tool, Mr. Jenkins." Then her mouth went right back onto my shaft. What happened next surprised me even more. Doc repositioned her on her hands and knees, pulled up the bottom of her uniform skirt showing that she was not wearing any panties. He dropped his pants and got behind her.

While she continued to blow me, he slipped into her and started pounding her cunt. You could hear Monica moaning. After about ten minutes, Doc filled her pussy with his cum, pulled out, slapped her ass playfully and pulled her dress back down. He smiled at me, "I needed that."

I lasted another full five minutes but Monica never gave up. She was taking most of my meat and I could feel it hitting the back of her mouth. She was a very talented cocksucker. She kept her lips tight around my shaft and sucked hard while rubbing her tongue up and down the underside of my long ignored prick. The doctor left the room to see his next patient but Monica never missed a stroke.

Finally I told her that I was close to coming. Rather than stopping, she worked even harder at getting me off. We both felt my ball sack tighten and my prick swell. My shaft throbbed four times as streams of cum flowed through it. I blew my load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Monica wiped her lips, "I think our test was successful." She put her tits back in her uniform and smoothed it out. "Dr. Hanson has left a four pill sample and a Viagra prescription for you and said that you should come back in 30 days for a follow-up."

I left and went home, thinking about taking a pill when I got up the next morning. My wife usually slept longer than me so I was planning a big hard surprise for her when she woke. My thoughts also kept drifting to the young lady that I had hired as my secretary a couple months ago. I was wondering if I had a chance to change her office title to sexretary.


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