Officer Sassy and Officer Bootsey

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On a motorcycle trip across the country I stopped over in Dallas to stay the night with an old school friend. We were the same age but had taken different paths, he married and settled down to have kids and I was well… a bit dissolute.
Derrek and his wife Kate had plans to go to a friend's party on the other side of town that night but after my long ride I opted to stay at the house.
"Great, have the run of the place but could we ask you a small favor?"
"Our daughter Samantha and her friend Betsy are at a costume party a few blocks away and are supposed to be picked up and brought here afterwards. If you could do that we wouldn't have to come back so early"
"I haven't seen Samantha in what, six years? She used to try to kill me in the swimming pool."
"Ya, she's thirteen now. Kate's writing directions, you can pop over there in the Navigator. 11pm. Be firm!"
"Got Ya!"

I got a shower and a beer and clean jeans and a long tshirt, sat on the couch for a while and watched my buddy's flat screen. A little before 11 I drove the Lincoln over to the party and called the number for Samantha's phone. I didn't even have to get out of the car, just watched some kids hang around outside the house.
The girls came out wearing Police outfits. MODIFIED Police outfits. Probably done after leaving the house.
The two teenage girls in matching spandex cop uniforms looked nearly identical. Long sandy blond hair with highlights, pink schoolgirl lipstick and silver hoop earrings. I thought I knew which one was Sam.
"Hi Uncle Marty" Ok it was that one. Sam had greener eyes while Betsy's were chocolate brown and she had braces.
"I'm not your uncle."
"You've known me a long time."
"Ya, you looked different"
Both were clearly not wearing bras beneath the stretched black fabric of the uniform tops. Their little breasts were not much more than an A and the open neckline of the shirts showed a rather flat expanse of white flesh. Each had a plastic badge pinned on. The shirts stopped abruptly showing plenty of bare midriff and tummys with traces of baby fat. Holster belts on their hips, tightly clad in spandex mini skirts, I tried not to think about panties or their lack. Sam and Betsy both had billy clubs that looked like real wood. Their legs were bare down to black patent leather boots and fishnet socks that pulled up to their knees. I was finding it slightly hard to breathe.
"Remember when we used to play in the pool?" Both girls got in the back of the SUV.
"Have you been drinking?"
"You won't tell, you're too cool." Said Sam.
"And Hot" I think I heard Betsy say, not too softly.
There was much whispering as I drove back to the house. Betsy looked up at one point and may have caught me looking at her boobs in the rear view. Little peaks that stuck straight out in the spandex. There was giggling.
"Do you think we make good cops?"
"Very convincing"
"Can we play a game?" asked Sam.
"Ya, let's play the cop game." Said Betsy over enthusiastically.
"Sure, I'm up for that." I said. Sam directed me to "pull into the garage and shut the door, turn off the engine but leave the lights on. And you'd better be wearing your seat belt mister!" She and Betsy got out and went behind the vehicle where I couldn't see. They seemed to be pulling more things out of the bag they had brought. Maybe the "rest" of their costumes that they had left the house in before stripping down like little harlots. Derek would never have let his little 13yo daughter out in that skimpy get up… I don't think.
They come around from the back of the car and they now have police hats and mirrored sunglasses. Now it's really hard to tell them apart but I think I could. Sam's breasts were a little bit bigger and further apart, Betsy's bellybutton was a little more outy. She's also holding a flashlight, a big nightstick flashlight. Neither girls are giggling any more and with the shiny glasses (which look huge) they're a tiny bit intimidating or maybe it's just that they look so fucking hot that I'm as nervous as I would be in a real traffic stop. I roll down the window and Betsy shines the light in.
"Sir, did you know you were speeding?"
"No Officer, I thought I was alright."
"No, you were definitely speeding."
"If you say so sir, er, Mam…"
"You can call me Officer Sassy and this is Officer Bootsey" I saw Betsy smirk a little, standing behind Sam and holding the big flashlight on me, in my eyes, on my chest, down into my lap.
"Shut off the car please."
I kill the lights.
Betsy shines the light in my face. I squint towards her mirrored glasses, soft little girl chin, flushed skin on her neck, smooth white chest beneath her tight top with bare midriff, tiny cop skirt, bare young legs, tight skin, boots like a motorcycle cop up to just below her knees. The buckle of her holster belt well below her belly, tilted back on her flat abdomen sloping down towards her mound but creasing as her thighs swelled forward, skirt falling only inches above her teasing crotch.
"Would you step out of the car please?"
My heart thunked in my chest. I opened the door. I towered over her. They took a step back.
"We have to check you for weapons"
"I don't have any"
"That's not what I saw" Betsey shot back. I was feeling a bit firm in the jeans. The flashlight was back in my face.
"Assume the position" said Samantha with great enthusiasm.
"Against the car" said Betsey.
I balked, stood still, mouth dry. Both girls were stone faced but swayed slightly, squirming inwardly, and waiting for my response. Sam slowly drew her billy club from her belt and slapped it against her open palm. The mirrored glasses were creeping down her nose and I saw her eyebrow cock at me triggering a twitchy feeling in my groin again.
"put your hands on the car"
I turned and put my hands on the car, palms on the warm hood.
"Step back, spread your legs" Sams voice was even and controlled, not a giggling little girl at all. This was trouble.
"Hands further apart" she traced up the inside of one leg, across my bulge and butt crack and down the other. I was in serious danger of a full hard-on and my jeans were feeling tight especially as my legs were splayed more than shoulder width apart.
"Definitely check for weapons" Sam said to Betsey and stepped back from me.
I felt a light hand on the small of my back. It pushed in and upward, slid back and forth across both shoulders, my armpit then wrapped around and squeezed my pectoral. I felt her head bump into my back and the heat of her body hovering just behind me. She pinched my nipple, slid her palm down my abs to my belly and brushed against my waistline with her fingertips. Betsey seemed to get shy then and backed off a step.
"Get him Sam… Sassy"
Sam stepped behind me and fished my wallet out, handing it to Betsey then moved her hand to my front pocket. In it went and gripped the top of my leg muscle. Next the other pocket and she pulled out my keys. Her fingers fluttered over my crotch and a little more blood flowed into that area. Crouching down she checked ankles, calves, knees then thighs sliding both hands up the jean clad crack of my ass. Standing up she kept one arm hooked between my legs and slid her open palm up, from my tingling balls directly to the top of my fly, straightening my fully hardened dick.
"Officer Bootsey, he's definitely got something." I could just hear her grin. I then felt the billy club between my buttocks, sliding back and forth like a pool stick from my sack to asshole.
"Are you hiding something I should know about sir?"
"No Officer Sassy, I'm a law abiding citizen"
"I'll see about that!" She hands off the baton and stands between my wide stretched legs, leans into my butt which puts more weight n my legs. Her hands come around, under my shirt, stroking my belly, fingertips dip under the waistband and hit that little tickle spot. My leg twitches violently and my cock surges.
"Hey! Be still!"
Hands are on the button of my jeans. It yields then the zipper goes down. A cool hand slips underneath my briefs and grips my shaft, plunges all the way down to squeeze my hairy balls and then pulls upward, stretching me and leaving my plump cockhead protruding from my waistband.
Betsey is standing close to my side, flashlight on my cock.
"He's definitely packing! Sir, you're under arrest!"
Giggling. Sam's bike cop boot kicks my foot inward and I stand up a bit straighter.
"Hands on your head"
I felt my jeans and briefs being yanked down mid thigh. Hands kneaded my ass and slipped into my butt crack, slid forward and fondled my balls. She reached further between my legs to stroke my fully rigid cock, starting by sliding lightly against the skin. Sam let go and stepped to the side, regripped and stroked steadily. Betsey slid the night stick up and down my ass crack bumping against my asshole. My balls tightened. Sam's small hand worked. I'm not super long but I've got girth and her slim fingers couldn't quite touch as they sought to wrap around my throbbing member.
"This night stick is fun!" said Betsey, "too bad we don't have a taser!"
My life flashed before My eyes. Sam kept smoothly stroking my shaft, sliding the skin back and forth the small amount it's tightness would allow. She squeezed hard but it was like squeezing a baseball bat.
"Is he dangerous?" asked Betsey.
"I need to see if it's loaded" replied Sam with a new huskiness in her voice.
"Should we do a cavity search?"
I didn't think I could get harder. I felt my scalp sweat, my face was flushed I'm sure and with my arms raised I felt a trickle of nervousness from my armpits. My pants got pulled down the rest of the way and then off, one foot then the other.
My head was spinning, breathing was short. I felt Betsey's fingers on my asshole. I was sweating in my crack as well. I heard her spit on her finger and then it was on my hole again, tickling a little and then poking in the slightest bit. I pushed my rectum back against her probing digit and relaxed, allowing the finger to slip in.
Sam started jerking faster. Betsey's finger was wiggling and I saw flashes of light, tightness in my throat. In to her knuckle she curled it, pressing against my spongy glad and I shot a ribbon of cum down the side of my buddies Lincoln Navigator. I groaned "OOhhhhhh!" like I'd been hit in the guts with a bat. Samantha reaches up to my shoulder and tugs hard, pulling my head down onto the warm hood of the SUV and with her other hand still wrapper around my dick, keeps jacking.
Another spurt, my knees wobble, the finger is still in me and I'm gripping it as I squirt a third line of semen down onto the garage floor. Betsey pulls out and my hole feels empty, cold. She spits loudly in her hand and wipes it back and forth along the underside of my cock and scrotum and all up my ass crack making the last dribble of cum ooze out of my spasming dick. The girls step away. My head is still on the car. The baton slaps my ass.
"Sir that's a deadly weapon" Laughter.
"You're going to jail!"
"Put your hands behind your back"
I felt handcuffs. Not real handcuffs, I know real handcuffs, but more solid than dinky plastic ones. Hands behind my back, no pants or shoes, they led me inside. Good that my knees still worked.
Samantha said to Betsey "Mom won't be home 'till 2 or later. We have him for a while."
"Our Prisoner"
As we left the garage my phone could be heard ringing in my jeans pocket on the floor. One of them rushed to get it and my pants. (thanks)
"It's Mom and Dad, you answer" She held the phone up.
"Girls home?" They sounded drunk.
"Ya, fine"
"Home around 3. Watch a movie." Close.

"Prisoner you're going to jail!"
"You need a shower!"
"You smell like shit!" Betsey holds her finger under my nose and I smell my own rectum. I'm not into that but considering the way it got there I felt a twinge in my belly that shot to my groin.
They pulled me into a downstairs bathroom and pushed me into the shower.
"We should have taken his shirt off."
"Prisoner, get on your knees"
I kneel on the tile, Betsey unlocks the cuffs and pulls my hand up. I don't dream of resisting. They remove my shirt and Betsey stands behind me, pushes her groin into the back of my head and giggles, once again girlish, then pulls my hand down, clicks the handcuffs behind my back.
"Stand up!"
They push me into the shower and Betsey grabs the flexible shower head. Sam turns on the COLD water. Shock and shiver and get soaped, groped, pinched and examined.
Done, the water off, they walk me down the hall to the rec room with a pool table in it.
"Prisoner, on your knees." I comply. Samantha stand a few steps away and runs her hands up the back of her thighs, under the short police chick skirt and tugs her thong panties down her legs, over her boots and off. She steps towards me.
"We're bad cops and we're gonna abuse you." Her glasses slip down a bit on her nose and she stares at me over them and rubs her wadded cotton panties over my face, drying my face as I breathe her 13yr old pussy scent. She backs against the pool table and and hops backwards up onto it. Scooching her butt to the edge of the table she flaps her legs open and closed a few times giving me a glimps of bare snatch. She looks exitedly at Betsey and then back at me as her glasses slide further down her nose.
"Do oral on me," and pushes the glasses back up. Eyes of cold mirror she flips the hem of her skirt up and hikes her legs outward and I see her pink slit with a few light brown curls at it's top, parted and moist between buttery thighs. Betsey is beside me flushed and breathing deeply, very anxious for what is about to happen, what they're going to make me do. She pushes the baton against the back of my neck and I walk forward on my knees across the carpet, hands locked behind my back until my head is between Samantha's thighs. She leans back with her elbows propped on the table. Betsey slaps my ass with the stick.
"And you better do a good job!" Sha slaps the stick loudly into her hand.
I move my face slowly towards the heat of the girls inner thighs, smelling her wet quim, thin fuzz on the outer lips spreading apart in anticipation. I lick her labia and get a jump, a sharp intake of breath. I lick the edges up and down and then dive in, tongue spearing her wet syrupy pussy, tasting her sweet salty nectar, dragging upward with pressure and batting her clit.
Sam leans further back.
"Oh God! Oh shit!"
Twirling her clit, my nose pressed into her heaving abdomen, I suck it into my mouth.
"Ungggg1" Her legs fall further apart. She takes the baton from Betsey and one hand on either end hooks it around my neck and pulls my head into her sopping crotch.
"Fuck, eat me! Oh Unnnnnn!" My nose is smashed into her belly and I feel her muscles tighten as she crunches up off the pool table and pulls on the night stick like handlebars. I flick her clit with a pointed tongue, faster, dipping down into her hole from time to time, and pushing in.
Her voice rises to a squeaky pitch and I feel her clench. My chin catches a squirt of fluid from her cunt.
She collapses back onto the table, the baton clatters to the floor. My slimy chin is resting on the edge of the table between her two flushed thighs and I am staring at her shiny pink clitoris and shuddering vaginal lips. Sam sits up and bends over me, wrapping her arms around my head and hugging it like a teddy bear.
"Holy fuck." She gasps. "I never felt that before! God… my pussy." She releases my head.
"God, that was Goooood!"
"You're a squirter."
"Are you a virgin?"
"No. I've done it twice. Betsey is."
Betsey's face got even redder that it had been watching me tongue fuck her little friend to a shrieking orgasm.

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