The Best Night

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When my husband Alex and I had first gotten married a little over a year ago, everyone had made a point to tell us that the first two years of marriage would be the hardest. However, they should have taken into account that it wasn't that way for everyone. Our marriage has been nothing short of spectacular ever since we tied the knot. We hardly ever fought and the sex was great, even thought we both agreed that our bedroom life could bespiced up a little.

On his way out of the kitchen on Friday morning, he paused next to where I had my hands in the sink, washing the dishes after breakfast. "I have to get to work, but I'll be home a little early today, around five," he told me as he pressed a sweet kiss to my cheek.

"Alright, see you then," I told him with a smile. "Love you."

"I love you too, Mari," Alex said, using the nickname he'd called me by ever since we'd met. My real name was Maria, but he liked shorten it so that it was pronounced like 'Mary'.

Alex grabbed his briefcase before he walked out of the door and moments later I could hear his Dodge truck starting up before pulling out of the driveway. Alex worked for a big construction company on the outskirts of the city. He didn't actually build the houses and buildings, but he worked in the office, drawing up the blueprints and doing all the mathematical calculations. I was proud of him, not doubt about that, since he'd climbed so far up the latter of success at his work since he'd started there at only eighteen, and now at twenty-three, he was the supervisor over his branch of the company.

When the dishes were all finished up, I dried my hands on a dishtowel and rinsed the sink out before looking around the house. I needed to clean up, badly, since his parents were coming for a visit the next day and his mother usually always had something to criticize me about, whether it was my hair or a speck of dust on the coffee table.

By the time three o' clock rolled around, I was all finished with cleaning the entire house and I looked around in satisfaction at my efforts. Not bad. Not bad at all. I walked upstairs towards where my and Alex's room was and went to where the dresser was, and I crouched down, pulling it open by the its little white knobs. Rifling through all of my panties and bras, I finally found what I was looking for. I knew we needed to spice up our sex life a little and I knew that this little outfit would do just the trick.

I straightened up, the piece of lacy, silky fabric clutched in my hand while I shut the bottom drawer of the dresser with my foot. After pulling off all my clothes, I put the article of clothing I'd just pulled from my dresser onto the king sized bed before walking into the master bathroom. That was one upside to having a husband who designed houses - you got a huge custom bedroom and bathroom with a tub that had jets around the walls of it. You could say we were quite well off financially.

I turned on the water and let it be warming up while I pulled my hair down from the tight bun I'd had it in earlier to clean the house. After dipping my fingertips into the water, I felt that it was lukewarm and I stepped into the large, rounded-rectangular bathtub. The water felt soothing against my skin as I sank down onto the ledge about a foot off the floor of the tub, the water coming up to my perky high B-cup breasts. My breasts weren't big or anything, but they were well proportioned and nicely rounded with quarter sized pink areolas and nipples that stood out proudly as the water made tickling sensations against them.

I couldn't help but to moan at the feeling as I rested my back against the top of the top, leaving me in a nice reclined position. While I was laying there, soaking up the warm water, I began thinking about what I had planned for that night for Alex. The sexy outfit, candles, wineit would all be so worth the effort when we made love.

Almost unthinkingly, my fingers slid down my flat, tan stomach to my pussy mound. I was clean shaven, having shaved last night before my shower, and the skin was silky and smooth. My fingers slid down until they came into contact with that sensitive little bundle of nerves at the top of my slit, and I leaned my head back as I moaned quietly. I usually touched myself whenever Alex wasn't home, or if we just didn't have time or was too exhausted at the end of the day for sex. Of course, I knew that Alex liked seeing me touch myself too, as he had told me on more than one occasion.

My breathing sped up and I could feel myself becoming wet with my juices, even though I was in a bathtub worthy of being a swimming pool. With my right hand, I took two fingers and gently began rubbing my clit in a circular motion while I pinched my nipples lightly between my thumb and index fingers on my left hand. My eyes closed as I continued with rubbing my pussy, making my fingers go slow just to drive myself crazy, and my hand lightly rubbed over each breast sensually.

Before I knew it, I slid my left hand down to the opening of my pussy and slowly slid a finger into my tight hole. My hips bucked involuntarily and I let out another loud, longing moan. I was in total and complete ecstasy. Slowly but surely, I inserted another finger and started to move my fingers in and out of my wet hole as my other hand worked on stimulating my clitoris.

As my fingers worked their magic, I began fantasizing about Alex fucking me, slow and lovingly. The visuals my mind cooked up were only driving me towards a climax and I moaned once again, the sound echoing off the bathroom walls. Soon enough, my orgasm hit me hard, sending violent shudders through my body as I cried out, my hips lifting off the small ledge of the tub. After I came down from my high, my body gave tiny shudders of the aftershocks of it and I removed my fingers from my lower region, breathing hard and fast as I just basked in the glow of my orgasm.

After glancing at the clock on the bathroom wall, I saw that it was already four o'clock in the afternoon. Alex would be home in only an hour, so I hurriedly finished my bath before stepped out of the tub, letting it drain while I dried myself and my hair off. I discarded the towels in hamper in the corner of the bathroom before walking back into the master bedroom, the cool air causing my nipples to stiffen. I shivered involuntarily before I grabbed the piece of lingerie, pulling it on my body gently so that it wouldn't rip and ruin what I had planned. I had it on my body soon enough and stood in front of the full body length mirror, examining myself. My long, golden locks hung in damp curls around my face, reaching my mid-back. My skin was tan and smooth, thanks to being out in the sun this past summer and my moisturizer. I had curves at my hips, but my body was thin with long luscious legs and a flat stomach. The lingerie that I'd bought from Victoria's Secret, however, complimented my frame. It was white with eyelet lace, having a little white thong with lace in the front to cover my pussy, but just a satin strip for all the rest. I also had on a spaghetti strap baby doll shirt that hugged my bust perfectly, flowing out around my hips with a slit from the middle of my upper stomach, all the way down so that it cause a V-shape.

I smiled in satisfaction at my reflection in the mirror before walking to my vanity table, putting on a small bit of eyeliner and lip gloss, just enough so that it wasn't thick and sticky, but enough so that it made my lips plumper.

Walking downstairs, I walked into the kitchen where the fridge was, and grabbed a bottle of red wine out of it along with two wine glasses out of the cabinet. I took them upstairs and set them on the bedside table, pouring a half a glass of wine in each glass before setting the bottle down. Next, I went over to a drawer and pulled out the candles - about ten small ones, an inch and a half thick in a little holder. I placed them around the room, careful not to get them around the curtains or anything flammable before I lit them, turning off the main light. The room looked utterly romantic.

Just then, I heard the front door open and my heart beat faster in my chest, knowing it was him. On cue, his voice rang out, "Mari, I'm home."

"I'm in our room, honey!" I called back to him, feeling butterflies fluttering in my stomach as I stood there in the middle of our bedroom. I hoped he'd like all the efforts I went through.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and the bedroom door opened, revealing my raven haired husband. The glow of the candles made his toned skin seem to glow beautifully, his tie hanging loosely around his neck as he always made it after he got out of work. He didn't have his briefcase or his suit jacket hanging over his arm, since he always discarded them over the arm of a chair downstairs. "Mari" his voice came out quiet, but I could hear the huskiness of it as his eyes scanned over my body, a light blush creeping up my cheeks. He walked forward towards me and his arm slipped around my waist as he placed a gentle kiss to my lips. "You look incredible."

I smiled at him, able to see the loving, caring nature in his eyes as he ran his fingertips down my arm, causing me to shiver.

"What's the occasion?" Alex asked me with my favorite crooked grin on his lips.

I shook my head, "No occasion. I just thought we could have a nice night.I just thought you deserve it after a day at work," I told him, my voice light as my arms wrapped up around his neck with a sweet smile.

Alex pressed his lips to my own for a long moment before pulling back. "Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

"Why don't you just show me?" I said, my voice coming out in a whisper, and I could hear Alex's breath catch in his throat. Somehow, I always knew what tone to use to turn him on, and I could already feel a slight bulge in his pants where his penis was starting to grow from obvious desire.

I gently disentangled myself from his arms and walked over to the bedside table, picking up the wine glasses. I handed one to him which he took and I kept the other for myself, taking a sip, looking up at him through my eyelashes. Our eyes were almost the same color - his were a bright, baby blue color and my own were a dark Sapphire color.

Our eyes locked with one another's as we drank our wine, a comfortable silence filling the air. Alex finished his first and he set his glass down, kicking his shoes and socks off before pulling his loose tie off from around his neck. His white button down shirt had the first two buttons already undone as he always did when he got off from work, and I couldn't wait to run my fingertips over his toned chest.

When I was finished with my own wine, he took the glass from me and set it down before placing his hands on my hips, underneath the edge of my baby doll lingerie shirt, his fingertips brushing against my skin. Goosebumps arose on my skin but quickly dispersed as he leaned down, brushing his soft lips against the skin of my long neck. My hands rested on both of his shoulders, my heart beating just a little faster as he continued brushing his lips down my neck to my shoulder.

My fingers started expertly unbuttoning his shirt while my eyes were closed and I soon pushed his shirt off his arms, running my hands up his well muscled chest. His hands were starting to move up my sides and they soon cupped my bare breasts under my lacy shirt, brushing his thumbs over my nipples. "Oh, Alex" I whispered breathlessly, my pussy becoming increasingly wet.

When I moved my eyes down, I saw his erection straining against his pants, and I unbuckled his belt before unbuttoning his jeans, pushing them down his body along with his boxers. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside while my fingers reached out and stroked the length of his dick. He was long and thick, about eight inches from base to tip and he was already hard as a rock for me.

It surprised me that I could turn a man on so much, even my husband, in such a short length of time, but I was definitely not complaining. Alex started walking me backwards towards our bed until I was lying on my back with him hovering over me. He pressed light kisses down my neck towards my breasts. "I think we need to get this thing off you, baby," he whispered huskily in my hear, causing me to shiver. I nodded my head in agreement and he pushing the fabric up until it was off, and he tossed it aside to the floor.

He moved his soft lips down to my right breast and slowly took my dark pink nipple into his mouth. I moaned, my arms encircling him while my legs wrapped around his waist. He took that as a clear sign to continue, and he started encircling the nipple with his tongue, suckling lightly. He knew what drove me crazy. While he continued sucking on my right nipple, his left hand came up, gently rolling my left nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I wanted him so bad, and the heat between my legs was nearing unbearable. He was taking it slow tonight, which was a great contrast to how we usually fucked.

I pressed my hips up towards his and ground my still clothed pussy against his bare erection, causing it to twitch with obvious desire. "Alex," I whimpered, my fingers in his hair as he switched nipples, taking my left one into his mouth to induce the same, welcome torture on it as he had the other. My back arched off the bed slightly as my eyes closed, little whimpers and moaned continuing to flow from between my lips.

Alex slowly slid his other hand down my stomach while pulling his head back from my breast before he pulled my thong down my legs, discarding it in the floor. He stared at my pussy for a moment, obviously able to see the glistening juices on my pussy lips. Alex brushed his lips down my stomach before slowly sliding his expert tongue up my slit, flicking it against my clit. I cried out in ecstasy as he continued to repeat that process, pushing my legs wide apart with his hands before pulling my pussy lips apart to give him better access.

"Oh, God, Alex," I moaned, back arching. "Suck me, baby." My voice was breathless and lust filled.

Alex always gave me what I wanted, so he moved his lips up to my sensitive bud and suckled it gently into his mouth while flicking his tongue slowly across it. I cried out, my fingers sliding into his hair while my hips bucked forward against his mouth. He pushed two fingers into me, sliding them in and out of my tight, wet pussy hole. I squirmed slightly, pressing my hips up against his mouth as he continued, and I was on the edge of my climax when he curled his fingers inside me, making them brush against my G-spot before I cried out loudly and shook from the almost violent orgasm. He licked my juices up and sucked them from his fingers before he crawled back up my body between my legs, kissing my lips softly, letting me taste myself on his tongue.

"I want you," I whispered when we pulled apart. "I need you inside me."

Alex let a smile come to his lips as if he'd been waiting all night to hear those words, and I'm sure he has been. He positioned himself between my legs, letting his pulsating member slid up and down my slit a few times, getting it slick with my juices before he pressed his thick, long length into my hole slowly. We both moaned in unison as he pushed himself inside me slowly until he was buried up to the hilt, his balls resting against my nicely rounded ass.

Alex stayed still for a moment, letting me adjust to his large size before I moved my hips against his, "Fuck me," I said, completely breathless.

That was all the encouragement he needed, because the next second he slid out of me before ramming his entire length back into my pussy. I cried out, clinging to him, my legs wrapped around his waist. Between thrusts, he would press a kiss to my neck before he finally just crushed his lips to mine in the most passionate kiss we'd shared.

I could feel the tip of his dick brush against the front wall of my pussy every time he would slide himself into me and my moans just got louder and louder. I'd been waiting for him to fill my tight hole all day - my fingers just didn't make me feel the same as his cock did. My hands pressed against his lower back as he fucked me, and I moved my hips to meet his rhythmically, both of us in sync with the other's body.

"I love you," he moaned when we broke the kiss, his head right beside mine as he continued thrusting hard and deep into my tensing pussy.

I moaned loudly, and in it was my almost incoherent words, returning the same emotion as his own. We were one. We loved each other more than anything, that I knew right in that very moment. I felt my pussy beginning to clench around his throbbing cock and soon I screamed out as my orgasm hit me hard, wave after wave of pleasure pulsing through me, making me convulse in his arms slightly.

A moment later, Alex moaned my name just as loudly as his cock twitched deep within me, shooting his cum into my womb. He groaned quietly as my pussy milked his cock and he rolled his, me in his arms, over so that he wouldn't completely squish me beneath him as he lay back limply.

After several long minutes of both of us just laying there, basking in the glow, his cock shrank back to its size before his erection, but he kept it inside my pussy. Alex brushed damp curls from my face as he placed gentle kisses to my lips, my forehead, my cheeks. "I love you, baby," he whispered and I felt my heart flutter in my chest at his words.

"I love you too, Alex," I said quietly, looking up at him from where my head rested against his chest.

Alex grasped the bedcovers and pulled them up over us, keeping me on top of his chest. We lay there for I don't know how long until we both fell asleep, happy and content from the best night we'd experienced in awhile.

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