New Neighbor - Lessons End

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New Neighbors – Lessons End

I am so thankful to everyone who has posted comments and helpful suggestions to my first two stories. I plan to continue to write and try my hand at this. Writing erotica has always been a secret desire. I didn’t know if anyone would like it or care to read it. I appreciate your encouragement and guidance.

Donna and her daughter Dawn had just spent the last hour milking my cock for all it was worth. I had never been so completely satisfied orally in my life. By the end of Donna’s instruction Dawn would be able to make any man completely happy in this area. And better than that she loved it. She enjoyed and made love to my cock and swallowing her final prize. I thought to myself “she is going to make someone VERY happy.”

As we all three snuggled on the couch in our afterglow, I couldn’t help myself and started caressing their bodies. They really could have been sisters. Each curve and crevice was perfect. As I touched their flowers they open up their sensitive petals drenched in their sexual excitement. They were both kissing me and I them going back and forth from each of them. They even spent some time kissing each other. It was amazing.

I broke ranks and asked if they would like a cool glass of water before the next lesson started. Both looked at each other with a questioning but totally in look and said okay. As much as I hated to, I got up and pulled myself away from the two beautiful women and came back to see them kissing again and rubbing each others breathing hard. I cleared my throat and they quickly separated and blushed deeply. “I think the next lesson might have started without me!” I teased.

Donna and Dawn took their water and gulped it down. After her drink, Donna replied, “It just happened and I felt that I couldn’t stop it if I tried.” She and Dawn were both smiling big and coming back down to earth. “Don’t let me stop youIf this is the next thing that you want to learn I am fine watching.” I said as I leaned back in a chair across the way.

Dawn spoke up looking at her mom, “no, I think that lesson will be just as good at home as it would be here.” she then looked at me and asked, “You said something about the next lesson? What do you have in mind?” Her eyes locked on me and if we were in the wild I would swear she was going to eat me alive. “I believe that your Oral exams are only half complete.” with that Dawn cocked her head questioning. Donna got it right away and chuckled to herself. “sweetheart, Pops is saying that although you didn’t make oral love to his cock for reciprocation, he is willing to ‘return the favor’ so to speak.”

The light bulb went off and Dawn understood. “Oh, wow Pops, I didn’t even think about that when I was loving on your cock. I just felt like I needed it in the worst way in my mouth and down my throat.” she continued, “and your cum! WOW it was like a reward for good behavior.” “Oh, your behavior was admirable and I will reward you that way anytime you want, believe me you will someday give your mother a run for her money.” I stated looking now at Donna. Donna smiled coyly at me and blushed a little. “I want you to know that as a man, I truly love getting the opportunity to make love to you with my mouth as well. I feel very much like you described. It is a hunger that I have to try to fill.” I said. Donna then told her, “You are going to experience something brand new. You know how you were feeling when before? How you got tingly and wet in your pussy? Pops will take that to the next level.” “I can’t wait, Pops, can we do this right now?” Dawn said excitedly. “Okay.” I said as I looked at dawn and then at Donna. Donna had a little smile on her face and traded places with me. “I am going to start by kissing you and then I will move around until I get to your pussy, okay?” I said as I approached her. I kissed her lovingly and gently. Out tongues searched and probed each others mouths and our hands roamed all over as well.

I slowly continued my kisses from her mouth to her neck behind her ear and down off of her collar bone. Donna instructed, “Just close your eyes dear and think about the way you are feeling right now and what Pops is doing. He is showing you his love.” I looked up and smiled at Donna and then continued. Down her arms and stopping at the inside of her elbows and then her wrists. I then drug my tongue across back from her collar bone down to her breasts. I started to kiss little kisses from the outside cleft of her right breast kissing to her fullness and then around her nipple. My hands were feeling and rubbing her breasts while I did this. I was gently squeezing her right breast with my left hand while working my mouth on her left.

I rolled my tongue around her areola teasing it. Her body as responding as her breathing became more rapid and as I touched her she arched her back to try to force my mouth on her fully. I then kissed her nipple and sucked it into my lips in a sweet kiss. She gasped and I whispered to her between kisses, “I do love you my dear, I love your beautiful body, I love how your body reacts to what I am doing to you. I can feel your excitement”. I continued as I shared the same experience with her other breast.

I glanced over and watched Donna as she too was really getting into what was going on. She had one hand working her breasts and the other rubbing her sweet sex and slowly using her thumb to rub over her clit. She saw me and looked deep into my eyes and I could understand that she too was under my spell without even touching her. I went down to my knees in front of Dawn and motioned for Donna to sit back down beside Dawn.

As I kissed down Dawns little stomach and top of her pubic area, I reached and took Donna’s hand and moved it to Dawn’s breast. She took the hint immediately and began to embrace Dawn’s excitement. She had her other hand on her vagina working a little more fervently.

I ran my tongue down passed Dawn’s sweetness to her right leg just inside the cleft of her thigh and slowly licked the crevice then I crossed over to her other side and did the same thing to her left side. Passing ever so slightly across her clit each time I did each side.

She would gasp every time I crossed. I crossed again, this time running my tongue on the low side down at the bottom of her pussy. This caused a deep moan to escape her mouth. Dawn said, “ Oh my God! I don’t know what is happening to me, I want your tongue soooooo bad!, PLEASE, give it to me!”

I then placed my tongue between her anus and her vagina and began a slow lick up, backing up and moving up in small but movements. I dipped my tongue in her leaking slit and curled my tongue up to scoop up as much of her nectar as I could. Then ran my tongue deep up to her clit. She gasped for air and was breathing faster and faster. I new that she was so close. Donna had watched this in amazement and had given up her slow strokes on her own pussy to rapidly run her fingers over her own clit. Gasping for air herself while Dawn had taken over on her won breasts pulling and pinching her nipples.

I kissed and tongue circles her clit then back down and up her slit again. Dawn started to buck wildly and I knew it was time. I ran my tongue back up to her clit and started to suck it into my mouth while circling with my tongue simultaneously inserted my finger in her pussy. I rubbed her G spot with a come here motion of my finger inside of her while sucking on her clit.

Dawn shouted, “AUUUGGH WHAT IS THIS! and started to convulse wildly. She buck and freeze as she grabbed my head and held it in place. Her wetness gushed out of her and she arched her back and seemed to stop breathing all together. Then she collapsed and let go of my head. She fell back and looked as if she was unconscious while her body quaked with aftershocks. I let up and looked at her. She was taking deep breaths try to catch up with her body still having aftershocks.

Donna was also in the throws of her own orgasm. Hers was not as intense as Dawns. While Dawn laid there with her eyes closed engulfed in her afterglow, Donna was staring straight at me with lustfire in her eyes. I could see that she wanted what I did for her daughter in the worst way. (that is another story) I looked back at her and blew her a kiss and she smiled and fell back as well.

I rubbed both of their legs and went back and forth kissing them gently all over their breasts, neck and lips. Dawn looked up and tried to say something, but I lifted her up a little and passionately kissed her. As our lips parted I said, “that was an orgasm sweetheart, if a man doesn’t give you that, then you don’t want him. I love you Dawn” She began to cry as I helped her sit up to the point I had hoped I hadn’t hurt her. Her mother was also crying and she hugged her daughter and they both looked at me.

I must have shows some sign of fear because they both reached up and grabbed me around the neck and started laughing. Dawn finally spoke up first, “Dear sweet Pops you are the best man in the world! I don’t think I will ever know another man as long as I live who I will ever love more. That was so incredible! I don’t even know if I can walk yet.

Mom, did you see it? Is that what an orgasm feels like every time? Donna wiped a tear from her eye and looked at Dawn, “No baby, that isn’t like any other orgasm you will ever feel again, it was your first one, that makes this one special. When you find a man that loves you as much as Pops, you will know, because he will make you feel this way again.” She kissed her daughters cheek and they both looked at me.

We all held each other for a little longer and then Donna got up and slipped her dress back on. Dawn finally got up as well on shaky legs and slipped her dress on as well. I got up and put my shorts back on. We talked a little more, I told dawn that I hoped that she will now be able to tell the difference when a young man actually makes love to her with his mouth or when he is just putting in the time.

“Oh, I will never forget what you have given me. I love you Pops.” Dawn replied. She jumped up in my arms and kissed me. “Well if you do, I am always available for more lessons.” I teased. She smirked and got down from my arms. “many more lessons like that and I don’t think I will even look for another man, I will only want you.” she said walking to the door. I swatted her bottom lightly and she turned and stuck her tongue out at me and went out the door.

Donna came to my arms and looked deeply into my eyes and a tear fell again from her left eye. I wiped it away and kissed her cheek where it had rested. She then looked up at me and said, “There is no way in the world I can thank you enough for this evening. I knew you were the man to help me. I knew you would love us though this.” I reached out and took her in my arms and started to kiss her for what seemed like an eternity. We broke our kiss and her tear ran down her cheek again. “I love you Pops. I know that there is no one that will ever be as kind and loving as you are to us.” she said as she laid her head on my chest. I stroked her hair and told her, ‘I do truly love you and your girls. I don’t know what life will bring tomorrow but right in this moment, I can say that I am completely happy.”

Kissed her one more time and she made her way to the door. Donna turned and looked back at me with a devilish grin as she was walking out, “You know that I can’t wait for my lesson on a man who makes love to me orally” I smiled and slapped her on her bottom as well and said, “Anything for my girls.”


As time went on the girls and I spent more time together and those “lessons” might be stories for another time. Gayle left me for someone at her work. She said that he “fulfilled her” and that was fine with me. We had a friendly divorce and she moved to the west coast with him. I kept the house and continued with my life. Donna and I continued our relationship and married 14 months later as not to bring about any suspicion. Our lives changed forever teaching me the final lesson – life is full of surprised when you try to be a good neighbor.

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