Have Massage Table, Will Travel - 4

“Have Massage Table, Will Travel” reads the card of a man.

I'm in my late forties. Healthy and interested in staying that way. So I'm in good shape and like to ride my bike, walk, hike, workout at my home with weights, stretching and Martial Arts. I learned massage from the local community college to try something different after 25 years in the computer industry. Unmarried but happy, I had retired early and was enjoying finding fun and interesting things to do.

Purchased a nice second hand table with all the attachments. Assembled a collection of lotions and oils in a little black bag, and placed an add in the local papers and magazines to try massage work. The add simply read, "Have Massage Table, Will Travel" and included my number.

Jessica crossed my mind again as I returned home and unpacked. The house was quiet and while it wasn't dark outside the rooms were covered in muted light. My mind wandered back as I pulled the check and envelope from my pocket.

She reached into the drawer again, this time pulling out a check for payment and another sealed envelope. I pocketed both and thanked her. Heading out of her bedroom I had a thought. Turning to look at her I smiled.

“Would you like to go out to dinner some time?”

On my way home I opened the envelope. It was another note from Rod it simply read, 'You owe me. Rod.' I just snickered under my breath, 'Great.' Then absentmindedly rubbed my throat.

Two days later I received “the call.” It was Rod.

“Jessica really enjoyed your services.” he opened, “She was very generous to me for the introduction.”

I smiled to myself, listening to him go on.

“I'd like your services again. If you feel up to it. I mean the massage” he trailed off.

“Rod. I really appreciate your recommending me to Jessica” I interjected.

“But, I 'm a little to much. Is that it?” Rod cut in.

“Well, I'm really just a massage therapist. What happened that last time was a surprise.” I could just say no.

“OK. Let's be honest. I took advantage of you last time. But, you didn't run away or freak out. WE had a little fun, that's all. What about this. If Jessica was willing to come over as a chaperon would you feel more inclined?”

This peaked my interest. Rod was being very up front although not entirely clear. My mind raced with what I had seen of Jessica's motivation in her little den of iniquity. She also mentioned using Rod, or Rod using her. So things couldn't get worse, could they?

“So, what's the plan?” I swallowed hard, rubbing my throat unconsciously.

“I'd like to have a massage. From what I remember you do a good job. You're a nice guy, Jessica likes you. Let's start there.”

I thought about doing the massage and not everything else. It was weird. My first call back, from my first client, whom I sucked off, my first guy experience It was just weird.

“Look. You don't have to answer now. Think about it and call me back. But, I really could use a good massage.” Rod said, cutting through my daze.

“That's OK, Rod. When would you like to schedule an appointment?” I responded all business like.

We set a time and date and hung up. It was only a couple days away. Long enough for me to ask Jessica out to dinner and pick her brain about Rod. I shook my head. What was I thinking. I don't really want to know what Jessica and Rod do together. Jessica may be a little wild and she could be a great friend or more. I don't need to muddy the water so soon.

I contacted Jessica later that same day. Her voice brought me back to being with her; the smell of her hair, her skin, the way she smiled. It was surreal. I asked her if she had time in the next couple days to get dinner together. She apologized profusely and said she was very busy all week, but would love to schedule dinner the following weekend.

I thought nothing of it and we settled on an early dinner the following Saturday. I wasn't so much dejected as I now wondered about the appointment with Rod and whether Jessica had heard from Rod yet or not. Happy that I had an dinner date, I cleared my mind and relaxed.

Two days later I was at Rod's door, equipment in hand, ready to give him my best massage. Ringing the doorbell and setting down the portable massage table I heard a loud voice from inside, “Get the door now!” I straightened up and peaked around to the large window near the door. The blinds were partly drawn.

Suddenly the door opened. There in a short sexy maid's uniform was Jessica. My mind went blank and my stomach dropped. She curtsied to me very proper when I heard Rod's thundering voice instruct her to take my things and show me in.

Jessica bowed her head down, dropped her eyes and quickly maneuvered herself so she was in front of me and between my table and bag. She bent over exposing her ass which had a black thong strap running between her cheeks and what looked like a butt plug firmly wedged therein. Before picking up my things she look back at me with a suffered look on her face.

“Follow me, if you please sir.” she said in a quiet clear voice.

She hoisted my things and heard her groan a little, she wiggled her ass as she led me into the living area. This was the same location I had been set up in before and recognized some of the room from before. Before Rod's rod altered the

“The maid will set up the table. Have a seat. Would you care for a drink?” Rod said kindly.

He was dressed in a satin smoking jacket and slippers. Sitting in the large couch by the front window, legs crossed and arms stretched out on the back cushions. With Jessica roaming around I felt like a quest at the Playboy mansion. I nodded and said beer. Rod smiled and nodded back.

“Two beers, servant.” he said looking directly at me.

But I knew he wasn't talking to me. Jessica dropped what she was doing and went to the wet bar and came back with a tray and two beers. She served me first. Bending over so I could see straight down her sheer top, her breasts hanging free. I thought I saw a stray wire coming from the front of her panties. When I reached forward to take my beer I noticed an envelope with my name on it.

That's when I noticed Rod peering at me through the space between her legs. She turned and repeated the service for Rod giving me a prime shot of her ass crack, panties, butt plug and all. Rod watched me intently as he raised his beer in a salute.

I returned the salute and took a quick draw off the beer. Jessica returned to setting up the table and preparing the work area with my lotion, towels and tissues.

“Everything OK so far? That envelope is your fee. It's yours, I want you to have it now in case you decide to leave early.” asked Rod.

I took another draw off the beer. I looked at Jessica who was standing in a shadow with her head down. I thought I saw her legs quiver. Then I looked at Rod with some concern on my face. He read it right away.

“Don't worry. This is one of Jessica's favorite games. I'm sure you got a glimpse of it when you were there at her place. Isn't that right slave?”

“Yes, master.”

Rod reached down into his pocket and Jessica muffled a gasp and shook. He pulled out the familiar remote from his pocket.

“I'm sure you remember this little gadget.” he said smiling, waving the sleek remote around. “She is quite fond of it. Shall we get started?”

I was feeling quiet dazed and took another draw off the beer. Rod stood and walked over to the table where Jessica met him and took his rob and slippers, folded them neatly on the counter and returned to her shadow. Rod now completely naked, rolled on to the table face down and waited.

I set down the beer and moved to the table. My things had been laid out neatly on a small table by Jessica earlier and I quickly organized myself and began the massage. As the room went quiet I began to notice the familiar buzzing sound emanating from the shadow.

Rod enjoyed his massage and with only a few comments like “that's a good spot” or “work that bit out” it went along uneventfully. I had him turn over and was quite prepared when his huge dick lay there bare to both me and Jessica. I swallowed just seeing it again and I could see Jessica turn her head slightly to see it then reach behind to adjust something that caused her to gasp aloud.

“Patience slave, or you will be punished.” Rod stated harshly.

Jessica returned her hands to her sides and didn't make another sound but it was obvious she was controlling her brimming desires. She would squeeze her legs together from time to time and shake without making a sound. Only her breath was audible a few times.

I finished the massage without further incidence and started cleaning up.

“Take your time getting up. I'm going to go wash my hands.” and I headed for the bathroom.

Jessica beat me there and was attentive with soap and towel. Gentle and courteous to a fault she tended me and led me back to the living room where Rod was back at his place on the couch.

“Another drink? Something stronger maybe?” he said waving Jessica to the bar.

By now I was feeling much more relaxed. I complete the massage as planned, I'd received payment, and while I was having some conflicting thoughts about Jessica in her role I couldn't help but feel aroused. I nodded, although I still had a look of concern which Rod read again.

“I was right about your expertise as a masseur. You have very good technique even among distractions.”

Jessica arrived with tray in hand to remove the dead soldier and deliver a tumbler of dark liquor on the rocks. She delivered Rod's in her normal fashion and it was now obvious her thong was wet with shinny lines down her upper leg.

“To the good life.” he said watching me watching her.

We both took sips from our drinks. It was strong but smooth. Probably an expensive Scotch. My face softened and warmed with the liquor. Rod watched me attentively as we drank. He reached into his pocket and Jessica, whom was gathering and packing my things, jumped to attention and ran to kneel down in front of Rod.

As I watched with my mouth agape she slid underneath his satin robe and began sucking his cock. He took another sip watching my reaction. Her ass was pointed right at me and she wiggled and arched as she worked on his enormous dick. I could hear her moan and gag and her body would shake.

Rod reached into his pocket and she stopped, pulled away and came to stand in front of me with her hands together and her head down in a very submissive posture. I was aroused and had to adjust myself before it became uncomfortable. Rod looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

“Jessica would like to offer you some of the same. Wouldn't you slave?”

“Yes please, master.” she said quietly and clearly.

I took another drink off my glass and my inhibitions were waning. I looked up at her. She was hiding a smile and wet lips. When she made eye contact she slowly knelt down and loosened my trousers to release my nearly hard cock. She rubbed it a couple times patiently waiting for some signal. That's when I noticed Rod smiling with the remote in his hand.

I watched as he obviously pushed the button and she went to work inhaling my meager dick. Up and down she went then held herself down on me, stroking my length with her tongue. I pushed up with my hips and she groaned and released me. I let out a groan myself as she dove back down on my now raging hard on.

Rod pushed the button again and she stopped, stood up and returned to packing up my massage accessories. I reached for my drink again and finished it taking one of the ice cubes in my mouth and crunching it into small pieces.

Jessica heard me and arrived with her tray to retrieve the glasses. Rod nodded to her and she mixed another round and returned. When she had replaced the tray at the bar, Rod tossed the remote to me indicating it was my turn.

“To the good life?” he said, his eyebrows raised.

I raised my glass and smiled, pushed the button and waited. As ordered by the signal she returned to Rod's service and slurped away under his robe. After a moment I pushed the button again and she stopped. Pushing it again she returned to me and proceeded to service me. I pressed it again and she stopped.

This time I pushed a different button which I remembered from the last time she really liked and she stood between us dancing a seductive slow rhythm. She started running her hands all over her body and pulling at her uniform, rubbing between her legs and shaking. I pushed the button again and she stopped. I looked at Rod.

“How far can we go?”

“You've been paid. The massage has taken place. That was all in my plan.” he lifted his glass as if to say whatever you want.

Now I was aroused, I felt comfortable with Rod, Jessica as a sex slave was hot and it was still early. I began to wonder just what could happen next.

“So, how do you get her to do specific things or do you have set rules?” I asked curiously.

Rod released Jessica with a key word and had her come over and sit with him. She explained her love of humiliation and being a sex toy. Rod explained his desire to have a slave or two and that Jessica was one of his favorites. He can read people well. Knew what to say and how to say it. It was no wonder he got me sucking his cock the first time we met. Rod could be a real manipulator.

During the discussion he mentioned my propensity to serve and that I would get off on being a slave if I could let go of the fear of a master and put your trust in him or her. This was quite a shock at first. I've always been a service oriented person, but I like being in control too. Jessica agreed with him but also said she would like me as her master if I was willing to give it a try.

By now we were well down the rabbit hole and those few drinks were working on me. So, we spent some time role playing and fondling each other. Trying different roles on each other and just getting comfortable with new ideas.

Jessica was sucking on Rod and I was licking her clit when she suddenly stopped and told me to suck Rod's huge dick. I coughed for a second but as she had taken the master role, I went with it. I barely got his head in my mouth when I felt Jessica rubbing my cock and massaging my ass. She stuck my cock in her mouth and her finger slid into my ass.

My mouth fell open and Rod slid his hard dick in and out slowly. His salty cock rubbed my tongue and lips as it worked it's way to the back of my mouth. With Jessica working on my cock and ass I began automatically sucking on Rod. Deeper and deeper as my arousal climbed. I was getting close to coming in Jessica's mouth when she stopped sucking slapped my ass and made me role onto all fours.

She pushed me back on Rod's cock by pushing at my ass like she was fucking it. I was swimming by then and my eyes were closed just going with the moment. I felt Jessica strap something around my waist and kneel behind me. She reached around to jack me off as her hips ground into whatever was occupying my ass.

Rod's dick felt like it was down my throat like before and I had to open my eyes to see. With Jessica pumping my ass and my chest on the edge of the couch I could see Rod sliding his huge cock in and out of my mouth, down my throat. His pubic hairs just inches from my face, again.

Then just as soon as that session started. Rod took charge and instructed Jessica to prepare for anal and suck me off at the same time. She jumped at the chance and we finished with Rod deep in her ass and my cock deep in her mouth.

After that we collapsed on the couch next to each other and caught our breath. I thought to myself, 'I really need to find out where my add is running!?'

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