Just friends?

I have a friend named Molly, she’s 18 and almost ready to graduate high school. We’ve talked on the phone while I was away and the conversations turned to sex. She told how she wanted to have sex with me, since I’m fairly sure she’s a virgin I was intrigued. As she talked more she mentioned how she wanted to have sex outside, in the woods, with me in control. We never got much further than that though until I came home for a short time. I called and arranged a day trip up to a mountain park, just me and her. I packed some snacks and drinks in my truck, along with a small blanket in a backpack with a couple water bottles and snack bars. Of course I planned ahead and bought some condoms. I picked her up and we stopped on the way out of town to get a bite to eat. The park was only about an hour away on the highway with mild traffic. As we talked I put my arm around her, rubbing her shoulder and working my down her chest, pulling her in for an occasional kiss as we drove. She was nervous at first but soon got into it, rubbing my leg and finally pushing my hand down her shirt. I worked my hand under her bra, anxious to feel her tits, I had never even seen her without a shirt. They were soft and somewhat large, she wore bras to keep them from seeming too large. I played with her nipples and got an occasional kiss as I split my concentration between her and the road. I pulled my hand out of her shirt, she started to ask why I stopped when I put my hand on her leg, I had told her to wear a skirt. I started to slide my hand up, rubbing her thigh as I went, but she put her hand down to stop me, I told her to play with her tits and let me do what I could while we drove. She nervously put one hand up her shirt, I could see her tweaking her nipples, pulling back and forth. She started to breath deeper as my hand got to her panties, the crotch was quickly going from damp to wet. I ran my finger up her slit and she moaned and shook lightly. I asked her if she came and she blushed and said yes, a little one. I told her to take her panties off, she raised her ass of the seat and slid them down, I was surprised to see she was wearing a thong. When she had them off I told her to hike her skirt up and play with herself as traffic was getting heavier. She was working a finger in and out of her slit, flicking her clit occasionally while she continued tweaking her nipples. I saw her getting close to another orgasm and told her to stop. She did, slowly. I told her to lay down on the seat and take her shirt off but leave her bra on, as she laid down and began to pull her shirt off I pushed two fingers into her slit, rubbing her clit with my thumb quickly before pulling back out. I let her lay on the seat, legs spread, with her skirt around her waist and bra pushed up over her tits. I took the exit and we started to climb the mountain, I told her to play with herself but not to cum. We finally reached the top and I looked for where to park, it was a Friday afternoon so it was almost empty. I parked away from everyone else and told her to get dressed but take her bra off and leave it in the truck. When she was dressed we got out, I grabbed the backpack and we walked to the rail, taking in the view, as she leaned on the rail I pinched her ass, she yelped but turned around and kissed me hard. We kissed for a few minutes, leaning on the rail until I took her hand and started walking down a trail. As we were walking she would squeeze my butt and run in front to lift her skirt, showing me her sexy pale ass in the thong. I stopped, put down the backpack and told her to put her thong in the backpack. She turned away, and began to push it down, bending at the waist, showing me her trimmed pussy. I was disappointed when she stood up and put her thong in my backpack. I grabbed her, kissed her lips, and began to nibble on her neck, sliding my hands through the waistband of her skirt, she reached between us and grabbed my hard dick through my shorts squeezing it once before grinding her covered pussy on it, whispering in my ear that she couldn’t wait to feel it inside her. We were walking, holding hands when I veered off the trail, leading her down into the woods to a small clearing. I put down the backpack and was pulling the blanket out when she came up behind me, kissing my neck and breathing in my ear as she reached in front to play with my dick, I put one hand behind me, running it up her leg under her skirt to play with her pussy. She started to unbutton my shorts. I turned into her, threw the blanket down behind her quickly, and tripped her into a controlled fall on top of the blanket. I pulled her shirt up and kissed all over her chest, her hands were on my head as I trailed my tongue up the valley between her ample tits, across her nipples, taking them into my mouth and biting softly. I pushed her skirt up to her hips, and slid down. She sighed deeply and squeezed my head with her legs as I sucked on her clit and fingered her. I stopped just before she came and got on my knees straddling her chest. Without a word she unbuttoned my shorts, reaching in and pulling out my cock. She looked at me and said she had never done this before as she raised her head, closing her mouth over the head. She had no bad habits, so I let her work on her skills as I dug in my pocket for a condom. I handed it to her and told her to put it on, she fumbled with the wrapper and figuring out which way it rolled but after a few tries got it right. She licked it once more before I pinned her arms over her head and pushed into her. She grunted and thrust her hips up when I only put in the head, I leaned down and sucked on her nipples until her long held off orgasm came, when she was at her peak I thrust all the way in. I felt something give an inch or two in, but I bottomed out. As I entered her she arched her back and opened her mouth in a silent scream. When she came down from her orgasm she told me she was glad I was her first, that she was worried it wouldn’t be this nice. I began to push in and out slowly, pulling almost all the way out and sliding back in, trying to hit a new spot each time. I quickly had her approaching another orgasm, and I was reaching mine, she asked if I was going to come, I told her yes, and she said to take the condom off and come in her, she had some morning after pills in her bag. I pulled out, took the condom off and pushed back in, but this time I let go of her arms. She wrapped her arms around me, and we both started to cum quickly. Her fingernails dug ditches in my back as I emptied my load in her. When I finished I fell down beside her and pulled her close. I whispered in her ear that I hoped it was what she hoped it would be. She whispered back that it was better than she dreamed. As I softened and slid out she pulled my dick up to her mouth and cleaned me off. As we lay there, relaxing in the sun, I opened my bag for waters. She drank hers and asked when I would be ready to go again, she wanted to give me a blowjob. I told her there where other things we could do too, she said different positions and I said yes, but there’s still one hole that’s virgin. She looked scared but I said only if you want to. She replied by asking when I could get hard again. I told her it would be sooner if she helped by doing something sexy. She thought for a second, said she like the taste of our cum, and began to scoop it out of her pussy and lick it off, I was hard in minutes. She got on top and started to blow me, I reached for an extra lubricated condom and told her to get on her hands and knees. She asked if I was going to fuck her ass, I asked if she wanted me to. She got on her hands and knees, looked back and said, fuck my ass! I put the condom on, licked my finger and started to get her ass wet. I slid into her pussy for a few strokes to get wet and put the head at her backdoor. I asked if she was ready, she pushed back against me, the head slid in and I pushed a few inches in. when she began to cry I asked started to pull out but she said no, just let me get used to it. After a minute she said I’m ready. I pushed all the way in and began to fuck her no longer virgin ass. She reached down and started to play with her clit, and orgasmed again quickly, despite having cum hard only ten minutes or so ago I was getting close, I concentrated on holding off, giving her another orgasm when I pulled her hair and played with her tits. When she finished spasming she spun around, pulled the condom off and sucked me off. I came again. Hard. Blowing ropes into her mouth, she couldn’t take it all and some got on her face and dripped onto her tits. As she swallowed I told her she looked really sexy like that, she grinned and began to eat the cum off her face, rubbing it into her tits. She asked when I could get hard again, I told her would be a little while, and we should probably get dressed before we got caught. She reluctantly got dressed. After cleaning up we walked around the trails some more, groping and kissing each other. After walking for a while I looked at my watch and noticed the park was getting ready to close. We got back to the truck and got to the bottom of the mountain as they were closing the gate. On the drive home she pulled away from me, I was confused until she laid her head in my lap, unzipped my shorts and pulled my dick out and started to give me another blowjob. I was concentrating on driving since it was getting dark so I took a while to cum. I hadn’t cum when we got to her house, I kissed her, squeezed a tit, and as she climbed out told her I’d call her when I got home. I was just starting to back out when she came running out, said her parents would be gone for a few more hours and said we needed a shower after getting so dirty. I needed no convincing as I shut off my truck and hurried in. We were pulling clothes off as we made our way to the shower. She started the water as I fingered her, kissing her neck. We were soaping each other up and rinsing off when I grabbed her, turned her around and bent her over against the wall, entering her from behind. We were fucking hard and I think we were steaming the room more than the shower when she said, lets go to my room. We quickly dried off and hopped on her bed. I laid back and said you get on top this time. She eagerly climbed on top and started to ride me like she was possessed. It didn’t take long in her tight pussy before I came again. She kissed me, cleaned off my cock and ate our cum out of her pussy. I hugged her and said I’m sorry but I have to go. She showed me to the door, giving my sore cock a squeeze as I left.

She called me the next day and asked me to come over for lunch, we were eating lunch with her mother, her dad was at work. She went up to get something or other and her mom asked me if I had been fucking her daughter. I looked shocked thought I was in trouble when she said don’t be so surprised, I see the way she’s walking and looking at you. I know you have been, but I want some now, if you can make her that sore in just one day I need to get some too. She got under the table, unzipped my shorts and pulled out my cock and started sucking, she was much more experienced than her daughter. When Molly came back in I pointed under the table, she gasped and looked under. Just then her mom crawled out, pulled her pants down and bent over the table and said fuck me like you fucked her. I started reaching for a condom when she said not to bother. I grabbed her hips and bottomed out in one stroke, fucking her with long, hard strokes. Molly just watched in shock. I winked at her, grabbed her mom’s tits, pulled out and pushed into her ass in one stroke. She screamed and then yelled that’s what she wanted. As I fucked her she came twice before I came, shooting long ropes into her ass as I watched Molly, who had gotten into the spirit, fingering herself furiously. As I pulled out of her mom Molly dropped to her knees and began to clean my cock of her mom’s and my juices. Her mom looked back and said not to hog it all as she got it on it too. I was hard in no time with two women sucking my cock, I don’t think it even got soft. I yanked Molly up, spun her around, ripped her shorts and thong down and pushed in with one long stroke. Her mom got up and left, but we didn’t notice. I had Molly on top of me, riding me when I saw her mom come in wearing a huge strapon. She put her finger to her lips for me to be quiet. I pushed Molly off me, rolled her over and shoved my dick into her ass, I heard her gasp from the sudden entry and from seeing her mom standing there with a huge cock between her legs. Her mom quickly knelt down and began to thrust into Molly. In a few strokes we had Molly screaming, she pushed her mom off her and I watched as she squirted pussy juice all over her mom’s face. Molly’s mom took the strapon off, and lowered her cum dripping ass over Molly’s face, without a word Molly began to lick it up, as her mom began to suck my hard cock. I leaned over and whispered if she wanted to try what we did to Molly, she grinned real big and sucked harder. It didn’t take long for me to cum, blasting ropes into her mouth, and onto her face and tits. When I was done she milked my cock and Molly pushed up to lick the cum off of her. I watched as she fitted the cock on Molly, instructing her on how to fuck her. Watching Molly fuck her mom with a huge cock I was hard again in minutes, I asked her where she wanted my cock, she said in her pussy so Molly switched to her ass and we began to double team her. She must have come two or three times before I got close again, as I announced my impending cum she and Molly got down on their knees, holding their chins up, each with a hand stroking my cock. I came all over their faces, when they had milked all my cum out they began to lick it off each others faces. I got up to get drinks and we all went into the living room and sat on the couch. Her mom got up to put up the strapon and when she came back she put in a tape. It turned out to be a really hot porno. Molly blushed, watching it with her mother, but soon was trying to hid playing with herself. As the movie got hotter so did we, before long I turned to Molly, grabbed her ankles and thrust into her, I was getting this way and before I was all the way in I hit a barrier. Molly gasped and seeing this her mom said I had hit her cervix. I replied I was going to fuck her daughters cervix. It was difficult with such a small hole, but I finally got the head in. When I pushed in she moaned and pulled me in deeper. The hole was tight, tighter than her ass even. Her mom grabbed a dildo she had brought back and began to fuck herself with it, watching her daughter get fucked hard. Molly was quickly building to a hard orgasm as I fucked her deep. Her mom put the dildo down and climbed on Molly’s face. As Molly grabbed her ass and tongued her pussy I pulled and pinched her nipples. Before long Molly was cumming hard, screaming into her mom’s pussy. As her pussy and cervix squeezed my cock. I came harder than both times before. My cock finally went soft and as I pulled out her mom leaned down and tried to suck the cum out of Molly’s pussy. She didn’t get much it was so deep. I told them I had to go home soon, but couldn’t leave smelling like pussy, so we all got in the shower. As I was drying off Molly’s mom got on her knees in front of me and began to blow me. Molly came out with a video camera and began to film it, when I was hard she got on her knees and elbows on the floor and I fucked her. Molly couldn’t wait any more and told her mom to switch. I fucked pussy and ass hard but when I felt I was going to cum I told her. She turned around and began to blow me, I came in her mouth and on her face and tits. She swallowed and scooped more cum into her mouth before smiling at the camera and holding the last bit out to her mom. I took the camera as her mom licked it off her finger. I told them I really had to go and her mom promised me a copy of the tape on one condition, that there would be a chance for another.
Molly and I were going out to watch a movie, I picked her up and as we were driving to the theater she lifted up her skirt to show me she wasn’t wearing any panties, instead she had a strapon reversed, with the cock in her pussy. She then told me this was a new one and hit a switch on the base and it started to vibrate. As we pulled into the parking lot Molly said she was close to cumming and to park in in the back. As I turned off my truck molly reached over and unbuttoned my shorts, pulled out my dick and climbed on top of me, hiking up her skirt as she did. She grabbed my dick, put the head at her asshole and dropped herself on it. She almost screamed when she did, but she started fucking me hard and fast, raising herself until only the tip was in and then dropping until she was filled. She came quickly, and when her ass started convulsing I came, shooting deep into her ass. When I finished, she reached into her purse, pulled out a rubber plug and pushed it into her ass, sealing my cum in. She turned to dildo to the lowest setting and fixed herself, then she licked my cock clean and we got out. We bought tickets for the movie and took our seats in the back row. She started playing with my cock as soon as we sat down. By the time the previews where over she had my dick out and was stroking it just enough to keep me hard. We sat like that throughout the movie. When the credits started rolling she leaned down and slipped her lips over my cockhead. The sensation of her hot wet mouth was enough to make me cum after all the stimulation. She swallowed all she could but some leaked out around the corners. She sat up and licked her lips, using her finger to push the cum around her chin into her mouth. When she was done she grinned and got up. I followed her out and as we walked through the parking lot she got her phone and called her mom, telling her everything we had done. I was surprised at this, but even more when she said her mom wanted me to come over. I drove her home, and when we went inside her mom greeted us wearing only a sheer teddy. She motioned us into the living room where I could see a video camera set up.

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