Me and Rachael Part 2

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This is the sequel to ‘An odd experience with my sister Rachael’. I liked the feedback from the first story, even though some of them were quite ridiculous. Tell me what you think of this one (with the exception of people who can’t read above the 6th grade level please).

About two weeks after the ‘rape’ experience with my sister, things finally snapped. I had been baffled for the past two weeks about what had happened. I knew for sure that she had fucked me, but I was still confused. She hadn’t said anything to me about it, nor changed her personality or attitude at all around me. She was still the same, charming, person she had been before. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

What started bothering me though was that she thought she could do that to me, and expect me to do nothing about it. It was like she violated me sense of manhood. I started getting the mentality that ‘I was the man, girls don’t do that to guys, guys do that to girls!’

A lot of this stuff started bothering me. I felt violated because she though she could do that to me, and I decided I’d show her what it was like.

I started going through her room quite a bit, any chance I got. I found all of her ‘secret stashes.’ I found tons of sex toys that I never knew she owned. Dildos and vibrators mostly, a lot of small miscellaneous sex items, and of course…the hand and ankle cuffs she used to strap me down.

I found a journal (which I didn’t know people still kept), but it said nothing interesting about her little escapade with me. All it had written for the day it happened was:

Bad day at school.
Good day at home (Nicky)
And underneath was a large smiley face and heart drawn.

The most interesting thing I found though was at least 30 Polaroid’s of Rachael. Rachael naked, Rachael with toys stuck inside her pussy, close-ups of her face, of her ass, of her tits. I flicked through the pictures, seeing all the pictures, and being very turned on. But when I got to the bottom of the pile I almost shit myself. There, layed out on the bed, hands and ankles chained, naked…was me! I was obviously sleeping, she must have taken the pictures after we were done and I had drifted off to sleep. I shoved the pictures in my pocket and put everything else away.

It was for sure now; I was going to get back at Rachael. I had blackmail now, so she couldn’t possibly tell on me. I decided the next day would be the day. Our parents both worked until about five that night, so I would have plenty of time.

I layed in bed that night, and planned it out, it was going to be perfect. I knew I was calling it ‘revenge’ but deep down I just wanted her again. That day she made me feel so good, and I wanted it back so badly. I found myself only masturbating to thoughts of her, and suddenly she was the most beautiful thing to me. I decided I would do what I had to do, then talk to her about it later and figure things out.

-The next day….-

I walked in the door and went straight to my room. I knew she would be home shortly and wanted to be ready. I lit my after school cigarette and checked my hair. I put on a little cologne and even clipped my fingernails. I didn’t want to seem ‘repulsive’ to her for some reason, even though I was about to rape her.

I sat finishing my cigarette and getting my nerves together. I wondered if she had been this nervous when thinking about doing what she did to me. I checked my pocket for the folded piece of paper. It had about four of the Polaroid’s I had found photocopied onto it. I didn’t want to use the real things for the blackmail.

I heard her car pull in as usual, and stubbed my Camel out in the ashtray. I stuck a piece of gum in my mouth and stood up, straightening out my shirt, and adjusting my jeans, making sure I looked nice. I felt like I was about to go out on a date or something, it was so strange.

I could hear Rachael out in the kitchen getting a drink, then the floorboards creak a little as she walked into her room and closed the door. I heard the sound of 96.1 come on her radio, and went for it.

I walked out of my room and down the hall until I got to her door. I could hear some pop song playing through the door as I stood there a moment, getting my thoughts together.

I turned the doorknob, and with my knee pushed it open hard. I stormed in trying to look mad. She was kneeling down rummaging through a drawer when I walked in. When she heard me enter she turned around with a priceless look of fear and surprise on her face.

“Nick….” She tried to say as I walked up to her and grabbed her hair. I lifted up on it, but she stood up when she realized I was about to pull her up if she didn’t herself. She screamed, and tried to say something again but I put my hand around her mouth. I was standing behind her, still grabbing onto her hair firmly with one hand, and covering her mouth with the other.

“Shut up bitch! Just shut the fuck up!” I said to her in a loud, almost yelling voice. Hearing myself say it was incredible. I felt this enormous sense of power as I shoved her onto her bed.

She fell onto her bed and hurried to the far side, against the wall with her back against the wall and her knees folded up, covering her face. She looked up at me, fear filled her eyes and I reached in my pocket and pulled out the folded up paper. I jumped on the bed and shoved it in her face.

“Look at this bitch…!” but she stayed in her defensive position, beginning to sob a bit.

“Look at it!” I yelled again

She slowly grabbed it from the bed next to her where it had fell, and slowly opened it up. When she unfolded it all the way and realized what it was, she dropped it and slapped her own hand over her mouth, eyes wide.

“Where diii…” she tried to say but I interrupted

“Just shut up! You think I was going to let what you did to me go unnoticed?”

I paused for a moment, and then got up to where she hid her sex things in the back of her closet, in a plastic tub. I rummaged through it until I found what I had counted on being in there, duct tape, and the hand cuffs.

I pulled them out and threw them on the bed.

“Remember these, whore? Huh? Remember how you used those on me?” I was yelling now, and I walked fiercely over to the bed and grabbed her by her arm and lifted her up. She was now kneeling on the bed, facing me as I stood to the side of it. She had tars forming in her eyes, and looked as if she could bust out in loud cries at any moment. I reached onto the bed to grab the duct tape. But as I went to pull a strip off the tape stuck and it fell out of my hands. I reached down to pick it up, and she made an attempt to leap over me towards the door.

But I realized what she was doing and before she could get to far reached for her ankles. She tripped and fell on her face in the middle of her room.

I forgot the tape when I saw the opportunity, I grabbed the handcuffs off the bed quickly, and pounced on top of her. I sat on her ass as I grabbed each arm, and pulled it back behind her. I made sure not to cuff them too tight, not wanting to hurt her too bad, or leave any marks. I reached behind me and found the duct tape that was still on the floor.
I flipped Rachael over and sat on her crotch area. Her arms were cuffed behind her back, so she couldn’t do much to fight me off. I ripped off a piece of tape and slapped it onto her mouth.

“How do you like it, bitch…” I mumbled as I got off her.

I could hear her trying to scream through the tape as I went back to her closet to get the ankle cuffs. When I got them I through them on the bed, then went back to my squirming sister on the floor. I lifted her up by the collar of her tight black t shirt, and heard it rip in the back as I lifted her. I realized I wouldn’t be able to get it off now that I cuffed her, and the ripping sound gave me a good idea. I gave her a push, still grabbing her collar, and as she went backwards I yanked the shirt towards me.

The shirt let out a rip, and my sister let out a scream as it ripped down until it got to her sleeves. I walked around her and grabbed each ripped side and pulled the shirt the rest of the way down. The shirt slid down her arms and stopped at her cuffed hands. She stood now, with just a bra, her ripped shirt hanging from her hands behind her back. I unbuttoned and unzipped her tight jeans and pulled them off too. She was just standing as I did this, with her head bowed a little, sobbing through the tape. She wasn’t fighting and sluggishly going along as I undressed her, lifting each leg slowly so I could pull her jeans off. She now was standing in a black and white striped thong, and a white bra. I walked around her slowly, with a grin. I taunted her by slapping her ass, and snapping the string of her thong.

“You look hot sis…real hot….” I said in a taunting voice “Now get on the bed….Do it!”

She sheepishly walked to the bed, and got on it, knee by knee. She sort of walked (but on her knees) to the other side, and turned around to face me. I got even more turned on than I already was, which I didn’t think was possible.

Rachael just keeling on her bed, facing me, her arms behind her back, duct tape covering her mouth, and her eyes red and puffy, she had stopped crying but you could still see the wetness on her face from her tears. Her head was bowed slightly, and her hair was sort of hanging on either side of her face, messed up a little, in such a sexy way I was speechless. I didn’t feel guilty, or bad…I knew it would work out.

I got onto the bed and made her lay down. I chained her ankles to either side of her bed, after removing her thong and bra.

She was laying on her bed, her legs spread open, and her arms underneath her, handcuffed. She had her head turned to the side, and her hair dark beautiful hair was covering her face. She wasn’t making any sobbing noises anymore. She was just laying there still, I guess she knew there was nothing she could do now.

Her pussy wasn’t a strange sight to me. But I hadn’t really gotten to see it closely on the day she ‘did that’ to me. It was still shaven clean. I ran my hand over her pubic area and felt the smooth skin. It made my dick hard instantly. I stood up off of the bed, and took all of my clothes off.

Rachael still wasn’t looking at me, as my dick sprang from my boxers as I pulled them down. I got back on the bed slowly, stroking my dick slowly too keep it hard, and got on top of her. I straddled her likes he had done me, and just looked down on her as I continued to slowly pump my dick.

“You like your little brother’s dick?” I mocked “You wanna suck it? Lick it? You wanna lick them and rub your brother’s dick? Huh? What do you say Rach?” I said to her. It was exactly what she said to me (with the exception of different body parts) when she was taunting me with her tits.

When I got no response I reached down and grabbed her face. I turned her head so that she was looking at me. She looked at me dead in the eye, and I couldn’t tell if she was giving me a look of hate, or a look of lust.

Before I could say anything, she started to scream, or tried to through the duct tape. She started squirming underneath me, and throwing a fit.

I don’t know what came over me but like an automatic reflex, I lifted my hand that was grabbing her cheeks, and slapped her as hard as I could in the face.

She quickly stopped causing a commotion and shut up.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!” I yelled “Don’t fucking do that again!” I said..

And with that I slid my abdomen downwards, and my head towards hers. We were laying horizontally now, and I lined my dick up with the hole of her pussy. I pushed the head of my dick up against her hole and could feel her trying to squeeze her pussy muscles, as to not let my dick enter.

“What’s the matter Rach? You didn’t have a problem having my dick in you before….”

I quickly reached towards her head, and pulled her hair. She screamed again and her body arched upwards, her head back. When she did that I shoved my dick into her, knowing a little pull of the hair would open her up.

I slammed into her with all my might, and she screamed again, but not from the hair pulling, from the force of my dick being pushed into her.

I tried fucking her rapidly, but eventually got tired, and realized it wasn’t as good as if I just went slowly.

I slowed my pace, and started massaging her tits with my right hand. I layed my face down into the bed, next to her head, and could smell the Pantene shampoo in her hair.

I kept fucking her, increasing my pace then slowing down, and increasing again, then slowing down again.

I could feel the familiar feeling deep inside me, of an orgasm approaching and decided to pull out before I lost it. I wasn’t finished with her yet.

I pulled my dick out of her pussy, and grabbed it again, making sure it didn’t go limp. I felt the wetness of it, and saw it glistening as I slowly pumped it. I got up and walked over to her closet, pulled out what seemed to be a fairly small sized dildo, about 6 inches long and 1 inch wide.

I licked the dildo up and down a few times. I spit on it, and rubbed it in with my hands to get it as wet as I could.

I turned back around and walked towards Rachael’s bed with the wet dildo in my hand. She was looking at me as I stroked my cock with one hand, and her pink dildo with the other.

“This isn’t for your pussy, sis” I said as I walked over to her, and saw her eyes widen.

I kneeled down next to the bed

“Lift yourself up!” She didn’t move
“Do it you cunt, lift your ass up!” Still she didn’t move, but when I reached for her hair, she quickly raised her body up off the bed, about 7 inches.

I knew the dildo wasn’t going to go in easy, that of course was the point. But I started wondering if it would be unbearable, since the only lube was my saliva, which would quickly dry. I decided against getting some lube and slid the dildo under her body, and lined it up with her ass.

“Alright bitch, go down” I said, still holding onto the base of the dildo to keep it steady.

I felt pressure on the dildo as her body started pressing on it. I felt the pressure grow and grow until I felt a little budge, and I knew the tip was in her ass.

She let out a small moan and I took my hand off the dildo.

“Keep going, slut, I want that thing in you.” I said in the meanest voice I could get together.

She started lowering herself, and began whimpering louder and louder with each half inch she went down.

I got on top of her again, straddling her, my ball and dick rested on her belly since she was slightly raised off the bed.

“I want that whole thing in you by the time I count to five…” I said, again her eyes went wide, the dildo was only about ¾ in her, and it had taken her about twenty seconds to get it that far.”

Her body went down slightly faster, and her whimpering increased even more.

“1…2…” I said with a menacing smile on my face. She looked up at, her eyes scared and wide, shaking her head, as if to tell me it wasn’t possible.

“5!” I said surprising her, and sat on her pubic area. She screamed as her body was forced down onto the dildo.

She screamed louder than she had the whole time. Her eyes clenched close and her head bucked backwards…I quickly layed down on her again, and shoved my dick in her pussy. I could feel the dildo through the wall of her vagina as her ass clenched and made it spasm inside her.

I fucked her hard, grabbing her tits as hard as I could. She kept screaming, but got quieter, and her screams became more like moans. She started pumping with me as I fucked her.

Her tits were turning red as I squeezed them as hard as I could, and I was fucking her with everything I had, my balls slapping off of her as I fucked in and out.

As I fucked her, and layed my face down on her bed again, smelling her hair again, I started feeling the compassion you feel when having sex with somebody.

I started to feel guilty about doing what I did, the slapping and the dildo forcing and all. I lifted my head up so I could face her, and removed the duct tape from her mouth.

She let out a gasp as she took a breath of air. I was still fucking her at the same pace, and I could hear her moans now. I layed my face down again, grabbing onto her shoulders as we fucked.

“Oh, yeah! Yes! God!” she moaned as I pumped into her. I felt her pussy contract around my dick as I fucked her.

She screamed, but in joy this time rather than fear and pain. And I felt a large amount of wetness on my dick, and pubic area.

I fucked her for about another minute until I shot my cum inside of her. I shot about three squirts, until my body fully collapsed onto Rachael’s, and we caught our breath.

My dick sort of slid out on its own as it shrank, and her wetness let it slide out. I rolled off of her and onto my side.

We caught our breath a moment before she turned her head to face me.

“Took ya long enough Nicky!” She said in a happy tone
“It’s been two weeks, I figured you’d say, or do something about my little adventure a hell of a lot sooner.”
“What do you mean…?” I was dumbfounded
“Well, I…” She said before cutting off, “Get me out of these damn handcuffs and we’ll talk about it.”

I grabbed the key from her ‘treasure chest’ and unlocked the ankle and hand cuffs. Rachael stood up, removing the dildo from her ass, and threw it on her bed. Then stretched a bit, flaunting her perky tits in front of me. I started to reach for my boxers of the floor of her room,

“What are you doing?”
“Uh, well for some reason I feel slightly awkward standing naked with my sister, strange huh?” I said sarcastically
“Hah, well you just had your cock in me; I don’t see the big deal, just sit down.”

I reached into my pants pocket and grabbed my Camel’s. Lighting one up I sat down on the edge of her bed, doing my best to conceal my limp cock.

“Uh, sure you can smoke in here…” She said “That’s really a disgusting habit you know.”

I rolled my eyes and flicked an ash into an empty cup that was sitting at the foot of her bed.

“So what the hell Rach, you do that to me, and I do this to you and you’re happy?”

“Well, this is kind of hard to say but, I wanted to bring up….you know, sex with you, but I never could, I decided to do it the way I did because it would be easy, we wouldn’t have to talk about it right there, and we would have fucked by the time you could say another word.” She sat next to me on the bed, crossing her legs. I was having a hard time trying not to look at her naked body; I didn’t want to come off as perverted.

“Plus I know all guys wanna fuck, even if it is their sister, and I won’t be modest, I know I’m something to look at.”

I just sat on her bed, confused, smoking my cigarette and being silent. I realized her radio was still playing quietly, as it was when I forced my way in. I was looking for anything to distract my attention. Even if I had just fucked her, I was still feeling extremely awkward for some reason.

“Bottom line is, it might be weird the way I chose to do it, but it was a little odd how you chose to show you did in fact want it.”

“Hey!” I started, trying to think of how to defend myself…

“It doesn’t matter,” she continued before I could think of anything “Bottom line is we’re both interested, twisted as it is but who cares.”

“I don’t get it…” I said “Why would you even want to do”

She answered before I could finish “Because, it’s complicated Nicky, I have some strange fetishes I guess, but I mean, what’s the harm?”

I was silent for a moment, and then my thoughts started racing… ‘Is she saying she wants to have sex with me, regularly?’ The thought got me excited, it was kinky, and the idea really turned me on.

“Do you mean…like…do this, again?”
“Well, not this, we could probably do without the handcuffs and duct tape.” She said with a small smirk
“But like…” I was having trouble actually saying what I was thinking.

“I get some…frustration, I guess you could say, I like…I just need somebody that I love, but don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with. Someone I can have sex with, but not commit in that sort of way.”

I looked at her face for the first time in the conversation.

“Do you understand, Nick?”
“I understand…” I said, hiding the excitement in my voice.
“So, anytime you want…some” she said, obviously a little embarrassed herself to be saying this “Just tell me, and when I want…some, I’ll tell you, ok?”

I was silent again, I realized my cigarette was burning into the filter and stubbed it out at the bottom of the plastic cup on her floor.

“Look, If not I can understand, I mean…I guess it could be weird for you, I’m sorry. I figured that if I thought it was ok, you’d think so too.” She sounded semi sad when she said this, and I quickly added:

“No! Not at all, I’m sorry I’m just a bit overwhelmed, that sounds excellent, really…I just don’t know how to say it…this is just so…ahh” I looked at her as I finished and saw a small smile spread across her face. She put her hand on mine, and I smiled too.

“Good and we’ll talk about you going through my room another time,” she said sarcastically with a smirk “For now let’s clean up.”

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