Dreams Really Do Come True_(0)

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Dreams Really Do Come True

I love to dream. I can lie in bed and just let my mind wander. In my dreams the girls are always willing to undress for me and let me have sex with them. Anything goes too such as oral, anal, spanking, and water sports. When I fuck the girl next door her mother is always okay with it and she never calls the police on me. In fact most times she joins in. I can run around naked inside or outside and never get caught. All of my dream girls will pose naked outdoors for me and let me make love to them anywhere that I want too. I can do it in a submarine, in an airplane, or even in a hot air balloon. I can be rich and have a mansion. I can fuck like a bunny, be hung like a horse, or even watch some girl get it on with a big dog.

The best time of the day is just as I start to wake up in the morning. I lay there with my eyes still closed listening to my shallow breathing, my heartbeat, and feel my cock raise the blankets up a little. It is that time when your ‘morning wood’ takes on a life of its own. The little head and the big head are in sync.

That particular morning I was dreaming that my wife had allowed me to take our daughter’s virginity on her fourteenth birthday. Not only had she allowed it, she had planned it, orchestrated it, and even prepared our daughter for it.

My darling wife had pampered Tanya for the occasion. She had broken Tanya’s hymen herself so that Tanya would enjoy sex with me her very first time and probably have an orgasm too. She had taught Tanya to masturbate, how to use a vibrator, a dildo, and even a butt plug. My wife had taught Tanya how to make love to another woman for her thirteenth birthday. She had spent the last year preparing her for me. Tanya enjoyed her mother giving her baths, douches, and even enemas. Tanya learned to apply just enough makeup to add to her natural beauty. She learned that she could flaunt her body and tease men. She learned to walk in such a way as to make her body irresistible to the male population. She could wiggle her ass, bounce her breasts, or just walk as if she were gliding across the floor whenever she wanted too.

Thanks to my wife, Tanya had a wardrobe that was made for seduction. I’m not talking about the sluttish Britney Spears and Paris Hilton look either. Her wardrobe is more on the order of Marilyn Monroe and Salma Hayek with a little Drew Barrymore thrown in.

Tanya has learned to leave a button or two undone, to wear her blouses just tight enough to pucker, and she can tease the hell out me by just crossing her legs.

As I lay there I can clearly remember my daughter slowly undressing for me and letting me make love to her in all three of her openings. She was just as seductive as her mother was as she slowly stripped for me. Once she was totally nude and in bed with me I got a very nice blowjob and she swallowed all of my cum too. Later I had cum in her virgin pussy and still later I had anal sex with my beautiful willing daughter. I was the first man to go everywhere and anywhere with her. I had been the first man to French kissed her, eat her succulent pussy, and to tongue her tangy asshole. I had been the first man to see her budding breasts, fell of her young firm breasts, and to suck on her tender nipples. I was the first man to feel her furry little pussy, finger her clit to an orgasm, and to finger fuck her moist pussy. I was the first man to cover her with baby oil, rub her nice ass, and to poke a finger into her asshole. In fact I poked all ten of my fingers and thumbs into her asshole. I was the first man to shower with her, give her a bubble bath, and to lick whipped cream off her luscious young body. Then I was the first man to sleep with her all night too.

As I lay there, in that dream state just walking up, everything flew past my mind. It seemed so real that I could actually taste her sweet pussy on my lips and I could smell her womanly odor in the air.

Then when I finally opened my eyes, there was Tanya lying next to me. Her head was on the pillow and she was smiling at me. Her teeth shined and her blue eyes sparkled.

Tanya said, “Good morning Daddy. I didn’t think you would ever wake up. I want to thank you for making my birthday the most wonderful one that I will ever have. Mom always said that you were magnificent in bed and now I know it too.”

Tanya leaned over to kiss me and ran her soft warm hand down my hairy chest to my cock. It was hard and it was ready for her.

Tanya asked, “Mind if I get on top this time?”

What could I possibly say, “Sure honey if you want too. Anything you want. I’m at your disposal all week. After all you are the reason that I took my vacation now.”

I just closed my eyes and let my mind wander as she used me for her own personal pleasure machine.

I felt Tanya ease herself down onto my rigid cock slowly. She must have still been tender from our first fuck the night before. Her hands were on my chest and then her lips were on mine kissing me as she lifted her pussy up and then lowered it to get used to the feeling again. I kept my eyes closed. She started out slow and easy but it wasn’t long before she was bouncing and thrashing around on my hips. As she had her orgasm and her hard nipples poked holes in my chest she kissed me again and thanked me. I held her tight knowing that in a few minutes I would roll her over and cum myself. Until then I would just hold my beautiful fourteen-year-old daughter in my arms.

Dreams really do come true.

The End
Dreams Really Do Come True

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