"This is the longest stretch of highway ever" Dan thought to himself. He was driving from Tennessee to Colorado and at the moment was traveling through Kansas. "It is like a wasteland out here. Just flat dirt fields as far as the eye could see" he thought, he couldn't wait to see the mountains of Colorado with it's trees and actual scenery. Well time to pull over at the next rest stop and fill the U-haul up with gas. He thought he would drive as long as it was daylight and try to make it out of this wasteland as quickly as he could. Spotting an exit ahead he pulled off into the truck stop parking lot. Sitting for a moment in the truck he saw a little blue sports car pull in after him. As he watch two girls got out, the driver was a tall leggy brunette with nice tits barely covered by the tank top she was wearing (since he could tell she was wearing no bra), but her breast were firm and perky so it worked, her shorts barely covered her firm round ass. The passenger was a shorter blond with a tangle of curly hair that was a tousled mess. Her breasts were smaller than the drivers, but she was curvy and attractive. "I fuck them both" Dan thought to himself.

After filling the truck up with gas he went inside to pick up some snacks so he could be on his way. Walking into the store he noticed the leggy brunette bent over at the candy bar rack. He was pretty sure he could see smooth shave pussy lips due to the short shorts she was wearing, they didn't leave much to the imagination. Then she turned around catching him staring at her ass. She smiled and walked on. He went over to the cooler opening the door to get himself a coke, just as he was turning around the brunette pressed into the cooler next to him reaching for a coke rubbing her hard nipples against his chest. "Oh excuse me" she said "I didn't mean to crowd you" smiling she turned and walked away, did he see the glint of a tongue piercing in her mouth. Dan felt his cock jump at the touch of her nipples on his skin, but told himself not to even think about it, he was getting some snacks and getting on his way. Back in the truck he thought about the girls how he would love to bend each one of them over and fuck them until he couldn't fuck anymore. Damn it had been a while since he'd had sex and he was horny as hell. "Great now his cock was hard from thinking about them" he thought, oh well it will go done once I start looking out over this great state once I am back on the road.

So he left the truck stop got out on the highway and put thoughts of those two girls behind him.

"You are such a slut, Cindy" Molly said
"What do you mean?" Cindy asked with a sly smile.
"I saw you pressing your tits all over that guy in the uhaul. Do you have to flirt with everyone you meet?" Molly asked.
"Oh I was just having a little fun with him. He was pretty hot. While maybe all you like is pussy I still really love to have some cock so baby don't be jealous" Cindy said.
"Jealous would not be the word. I don't care who you fuck, but don't embarrass me in public with putting your tits in someones face" Molly said and stormed to the car.
Back in the car Cindy said "I'm sorry, I was just having a little fun. Wouldn't it be nice to have a little fun before we get to the college? Once the semester starts we won't have a lot of extra time."
"I know, your right I guess I was over-reacting, maybe I am a little jealous even though I know we aren't a couple. Hey, isn't that the uhaul from the truck stop ahead?" Molly asked.
"I think you're right pull up next to him and let's have some fun" Cindy said.

Pulling up next to the uhaul Molly gave the horn a little honk to get the drivers attention. Dan looked down and couldn't believe it was the girls from the truck stop. Now the brunette was in the passenger seat and waving at him. He thought "what the hell" and waved back. Then the car backed off a little. The next time they pulled up the brunette had her breast completely exposed squeezing her breast, pinching her nipples and pressing them against the glass so Dan could get a good look at them. He could feel his cock getting hard in his shorts, "Damn, what were these girls up to" he thought to himself, but he really didn't care he was enjoying the show. Then the little blue sports car sped off in front of him and he thought "stupid teases" as he rubbed his cock through his pants.

A few miles up the road there was the little blue sports car again just ahead of him. As he approached they changed lanes so they would be on his side as he passed. Now he looked down into the car and couldn't believe now the brunette was totally naked and up on all fours with her head towards the driver. Then she reached back with both hands grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them wide so Dan could see her sweet little pink asshole and juicy wet pussy opening. "What were these girls trying to do? Were they just teasing or could he possibly end up with them down the road" Dan thought to himself, but no quicker had the thought crossed his mind then the little blue car when speeding away from him again. Now his cock was so hard it was painful so he undid his shorts and pulled it free slowly stroking it. Then he saw the car was again just ahead of him changing lanes, what did they have to show him this time he wondered. Now the brunette was facing him with her knees up, legs spread open and the driver was working a dildo in and out of her pussy. Fuck he couldn't believe it, how he wished it was his cock moving in and out of the smooth shaved pussy. He began to stroke his cock a little faster watching the show they were putting on. Then the brunette pulled the dildo out of her pussy and started to simulate a blow job with it. Working it all the way into her mouth and back out again. Thank goodness there was no one else on the road right now. Then the little blue car went speeding ahead of him again.

Cindy started to quickly put her clothes on. "I want you to pull over and let me out. I want this guy to stop and pick me up" Cindy said to Molly.
"What are you crazy, you don't even know this guy. Putting on a show for him is one thing, but getting in the truck with him is another." Molly said.
"Come on Molly, I need to get fuck and I think he is just the guy to do it. We can stop at that little hotel we like just ahead you know the one with free porn. We can fuck him and then send him on his way. If you do this for me I will make sure you get to fuck around with Julie when we get to school." Cindy said
Molly had always wanted to get into Julie's pants. Probably because she always acted like such a uptight bitch Molly knew all she needed as a good pussy licking to tone her down. "Ok, but you better remember that once we get to school" Molly said.

So Molly pulled over and let Cindy out saying "if you don't show at the hotel in 1 hour I will be calling the police"
"Don't worry he is a harmless horny guy. It is going to be fun. Ok let me out right here, I'll call you if he doesn't stop and you can come back for me" Cindy said hopping out of the car.

Dan hadn't seen the blue car in a while he was still stroking his cock that was still very hard and was thinking maybe he should just pull over and finish so it wouldn't ache so much, but what if the girls were just over the hill waiting to show him a little more he didn't want to miss it. Then as he topped the hill he couldn't believe it there was the pretty brunette standing there with her thumb out, "was she waiting for him" he thought to himself. As he slowed and pulled the truck over he wasn't going to miss a chance with this girl if there was one and it was seeming that is exactly what was going on. He watched her approach in the side mirror long brown hair blowing around her face, firm breasts bouncing as she walked, long smooth legs skipping up to the truck. Then Dan realize he still had his cock out, but it was too late she was already starting to open the door so he just pulled his shirt down over his erection the best he could trying to hide it.

"Hey, nice of you to stop for me" Cindy said as she climbed up into the truck. Dan watched as her tits gave a little bounce as she landed on the seat and it made his cock jerk lifting his shirt a little. Dan was hoping the girl hadn't notice, but she did asking "What are you hiding over there?" Reaching over and lifting Dan shirt to expose his hard throbbing cock. "Umm, nice I guess I don't have to ask if you enjoyed the show from the looks of it you enjoyed it very much." Cindy said with a smile.
"Yes, I did" was all Dan could manage to say.
"I'm Cindy by the way" she said holding out her hand. "Dan" he said taking her hand in his. "So Dan, my friend and I were wondering if you would like to join us at a little hotel just ahead for some fun" Cindy said. "Are you serious?" Dan asked
"Of course I don't every joke about fucking Dan that is something you will learn about me" Cindy said.
"Sure, I would love to have a little fun" Dan said with a smile.
"First, let me see if I can help you with the situation you have going on in your pants" Cindy said sliding across the bench seat of the uhaul. Taking his cock in her hand slowly stroking it she leaned it to kiss him on the mouth, as their tongues twisted together his suspicions were confirmed she did have a tongue piercing, he could feel her hard nipples pressing against his arm and chest. Her hand started to move faster and then she bent over to take him in her mouth. As her mouth touched the head of his cock Dan let out a low moan "Suck my cock baby" he whispered. She did taking just the head of his cock in her mouth first. Sucking on it, running her tongue all around the edge slowly sliding it in her mouth inch by inch until his entire cock was in her mouth. The extra pressure the piercing made against the sensitive underside of his cock was driving him wild. He had never been with a woman with a tongue piercing, but he liked it. Then she slowly pulled her mouth back up to the head following up the shaft with her hand stroking him. Then she would start back down again. She was lying on her side sort of facing the back of the seat. Dan lifted her shirt revealing her perfect firm breast squeezing them gently pinching her nipples. Cindy let out a soft moan taking his hand from her breast sliding it down between her legs Dan knew just what she wanted. Unbuttoning her shorts he slid his hand inside touching her pussy. "You are so wet" he told her as his fingers slid inside her. Now she was picking up the movement on his cock stroking faster, he was matching her movement with the fingers he had in her pussy thrusting them in deep inside then back out his hand covered in her juices his thumb working her clit as his fingers fucked deep inside her. "Fuck your going to make me cum" Cindy moaned. "Me too baby" Dan said feeling the too familiar tightening in his balls that was always followed by his orgasm. Then with one last rack up of her tongue stud he felt his cock explode inside her mouth pumping stream after stream of cum down her throat. He could feel her pussy tightening around his fingers and her body start to shake as her orgasm took her. After wards they just sat for a moment, then Cindy said "Well Molly is waiting for us at a little hotel up the road are you ready to go get to know each other better". Dan kind of laughed an said "I'd love to let's go" starting up the truck and driving.

As they walked into the hotel room Molly asked "What took you so long?"
"Dan had a job for me" Cindy said glancing to Dan crotch smiling and licking her lips.
"Oh gross" Molly said.
" Oh Molly really, sorry Dan, but Molly prefers pussy over cock, but I promise you won't be disappointed" Cindy said. "So why don't you sit down over here I am sure you need to start working it up again and I will deal with Molly because I think she is feeling neglected" Cindy pushed him down in a chair in the corner of the room facing the bed. Then she went over and sat down on the bed next to Molly.

"Come on Molly it's all just in fun, remember you get Julie" Cindy said as she ran her hand up Molly's leg and up into the leg of her shorts. Leaning in she kissed Molly softly on the lips flicking her tongue pressing it into Molly's mouth then Molly started to kiss her back. Cindy pulled Molly's shirt up over her head exposing her small but firm breasts then unbuttoning her shorts pulled them down over her wide hips exposing her pussy. Dan could feel his cock starting to get hard again as Molly pulled Cindy's clothes off and now the two girls were naked on the bed, touching, kissing, stroking each other all over. Cindy rolled over on top of Molly and began kissing her way down her body, first stopping to suck on each nipple before continuing down to her pussy. Cindy spread Molly's legs first just rubbing her hand over the other girls pussy, not entering it just softly touching. Dan could see that these girls were very familiar with each others body's and knew exactly where to touch one another in order to drive themselves wild.

Cindy looked over and asked "Are you going to join us Dan?"
That was all he needed so he undressed and joined them on the bed.
Cindy was now between Molly's legs licking her clit, fucking her with her tongue Molly was squirming and moaning on the bed.
"Fuck me from behind while I lick her pussy and make her cum" Cindy told Dan so he got behind her lifting her hips to meet his cock and slowly enter her hot wet pussy. "fuck yes" Cindy moaned "fuck me Dan"
He was so hot watching these girls touching each other. Now Cindy had three fingers pumping in and out of Molly's pussy while she was sucking and licking her clit. Dan reached around and started playing with Cindy's clit and he continued to fuck her pussy.

"I going to cum" Molly said. "Do it baby cum on my face" Cindy said as Molly's body started to rock with her orgasm. Dan could hear Cindy slurping up all of the juice from Molly's pussy not wanting to leave anything behind she continued to lick long after Molly's orgasm had ended.

Then Cindy said "Lie down Dan I want to ride your cock"
Lying down on his back Cindy climb onto his cock slowly lower herself onto him. Lifting herself up and down, grinding her pussy down onto him. Molly was behind her kissing her neck fondling her breast. Leaning over Cindy said "I don't want you to cum Dan so if you start to get close let me know, but i want to ride you and cum." Since he had cum earlier in the truck he would be able to hold out, but he was not sure exactly why she would want him to wait. Now he could feel her pussy starting to tighten around his cock and he knew she would cum soon. Just a little out of breath Cindy said "I'm going to cum" as her pussy clamped down on his cock and she laid against his chest quivering from her orgasm.

"Hurry climb off I want to lick you now" Molly said.
"I will let you but you have to do something for me first" Cindy said
"Ok, what do you want" Molly asked
"I want you to let Dan fuck you up the ass" Cindy said
"What no way" Molly said
"You let me put the dildo in your ass all the time, it wouldn't be in different, but believe me it is better" Cindy said. "That is the only way you get to lick my pussy"
Dan like the idea he enjoyed this sly girl.
"Ok fine" Molly said
"Great" Cindy said "Get up Dan and Molly you get on the bed on all fours, let me get the lube from my bag"
Now Dan was behind Molly on the bed watching Cindy rub lube into Molly's ass sliding her finger up her ass cause Molly to let out a low moan. Then Cindy came behind Dan reaching around with lube in her hand and started stroking it up and down his cock.
"Ok now you have to go slow" Cindy said holding Dan's cock in her hand and gently guiding him into Molly's ass. At first her tight little ass would not let him enter, but as Cindy's hand guided the head rubbing it around in the lube it began to open up and accept his cock inch by inch. Fuck her ass was tight around his cock, but it felt so good. He knew after everything else he would not be able to take too much of this. After he was totally inside Molly and now could freely pump in and out Cindy moved from behind him. Crawling underneath Molly so they were in the 69 position.

Both girls started licking each others pussy's the only difference was every now and then Cindy would leave Molly's pussy and start licking Dan's balls. With every flick of her tongue against his balls it pushed him closer and closer to the edge. Fuck Molly's ass faster and harder hearing Dan slapping against Molly's ass got Cindy even hotter she knew that she was going to cum again.

"I'm close to cumming what about everyone else" Cindy asked
"yes, i am almost there" Dan said
"Fuck yes, I am about to explode" Molly said

A few minutes later each of them let out a moan all three cumming together. Dan felt his cock pumping stream after stream up Molly's ass. Both Molly and Cindy continued to lick each others orgasms up.

After they were done Cindy asked Molly 'So you did enjoy that cock tonight didn't you"
"I do have to say I did" Molly said.
"So Dan do you have anywhere you have to be in a hurry because we don't have to be a school until Monday and maybe we could spend the weekend showing Molly other ways to enjoy your cock" Cindy said
"I have no where else I would rather be" Dan said thinking work could wait for a few more days.

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