Melody at my cottage

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Melody at my cottage p1

It's early December and snow lightly falls, covering the bare trees and the grass. I have been dating Melody since that magical day in the summer at the waterfall. Things have been going amazingly and the sex just gets better every time.

I invited Melody up to my cottage in New Hampshire for a weekend. She should be here soon. I do have to admit, I am a little nervous. I'm not quite sure why.

My thoughts were interrupted by a light knock at the front door. I rise from my leather loveseat in the living room which overlooks the Lake. I slowly walk down the short hallway and I take a deep breath before opening the door.

My beautiful melody stands in front of me bundled up with a cute scarlet red winter hat and matching gloves. Her big white puffy winter coat hides her amazing body. Lastly, the sparkle in her blue eyes that she is always wearing melts my heart every time.

"are you going to let me in or just stare at me all night?" She says with a grin. She takes a step in and drops her bag before wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me down for a passionate kiss. I put my arms around her than pick her up, not breaking the kiss. I turn with Melody in my arms and kick the door closed I break the kiss and let her down. "you are wearing too much clothing." I observe. "Jonathan!" she shrieks. "I just got here" I laugh. "I meant your coat, hat and gloves." She looked down at herself and laughs. "oh, I guess you are right." She takes off her gloves and hat, and I open a closet that is against the left wall when facing the door. She hands me her hat and gloves and I put them on the shelf above the hangers and pull out a hanger for Melody's coat. I turn back towards her and once again, I am awe struck by her beauty.

She is wearing a red velvet sweater over a white turtle neck and dark blue or maybe they are black jeans.
I grin at her and say "you are beautiful this evening." She laughs a nervous laugh. She hands me her coat and I quickly put it away and close the closet door. She does a 180 degree spin and facing the glass doors which looks out to the lake, she gasps and says in a near whisper "it's beautiful."

I walk up behind her and wrap my arms around her waist and berry my face in her hair. . Her green apple shampoo is such a turn on for me. "not as beautiful as my Melody is ."I say. She grinds her cute ass into my crotch, teasing me to full hardness. "mmm" escapes her lips.

I kiss right behind her ear, causing a shiver to run down her body and another "mmm" is heard from her lips. Then I release the hug and ask "so, what's for dinner?"

She laughs and says "I thought you were going to cook me a romantic candle light dinner." "I thought you were going to bring some Chinese food. I don't have any food here. I guess we'll have to starve." She laughs.

"So do I get the grand tour of your place?" She says while walking towards the living room, staring out at the lake. "hmm I guess I could do that." I say while staring at her cute ass.

I walk into the living room and she turns towards me. “This is so romantic, with the snow falling.” “I bought it a couple of years ago for when I want to just get away.” She smiles and those blue eyes, oh man, they make me melt. I reach for her silky smooth right hand and a warmp enters my body through my fingers. I put on my best butler English accent and say “the grand tour madam” She giggles.

“This”, I say while spreading my other arm out towards the rest of the room, “this is the elegant living room.” There is a fireplace which she had not noticed before with a 25 inch television in the corner on a stand with a stack of DVD’s under it. There is a loveseat which faces the glass sliding doors and is adjacent to the fireplace and a little table in the corner with a lamp on it.

Still holding Melody’s hand, I say “and if you will follow me down the hall, we can continue with the tour.” There is a little kitchen off to the left and a few feet beyond that on the right is a little hall way which I guide her down. There is a bathroom on the left with a linen closet next to it and my bedroom on the right. She turns towards me and says “It was a long drive, I will be right out and then you can show me your bedroom.” Saying the last few words sexily. She gives me a quick kiss which gives me an instant hardon. Then the next split second, she is closing the door behind her.

I go into my room and sit at my desk. I pick up the remote to my CD player and turn on some music. I browse through and put on BoyzIImen. In the still of the night comes on.

Arms rap around my shoulders and small breast press against my upper back as Melody sings along softly in my ear with the song which is now playing. “I’ll make love to you. Like you want me to. And I’ll hold you tight, baby all through the night” Her hands are rubbing my chest and I am helpless to her touch. She kisses my neck just under my right ear. My body is weak and my dick is hard.

I take her hands in mine, lifts them from me and slowly turns my chair. I am facing an angel with a radiant smile and a mix of love and lust in her deep blue eyes. I lean forward for a kiss while still holding her hands. Our lips meet with sparks flying.

She sits on my lap, straddling my legs as our fingers part. Her arms going around my neck as her kisses become more passionate, more lustful with moans. My hands go around her, traveling down her back to her covered spread ass cheeks. I cup her ass in my hands, gently squeezing. My hard cock feeling uncomfortable as it threatens to rip through my pants.

We are both panting, as our body turns a shade of red.

My hands move from her ass to the hem of her red velvet sweater. I try to slowly pull it up but with her leaning on me, I can’t. Realizing what my intention is, she nibbles on my bottom lip then she sits up and lifts her hands. I slowly, teasingly slow, take her sweater up and over her head. She is wiggling in my lap. She leans forward, resting her body on me again as we kiss passionately.

I put my hands on the back of her shoulders and slowly move my hands down. My fingers find the strap to her bra and I sneak a finger under and gently rub. She purrs into my mouth. I continue down and she moves her lips to my ear and she says in a seductive voice “I want dessert before dinner.” She nibbles on my ear “and I want it now.”

I put my arms around her, pick her up. She puts her arms around my shoulders and her legs around me. I walk the few steps to my queen size bed and I lean over to lay her down. I kiss her lips. Trail kisses to her right ear, all the while she is softly moaning and purring. I say in a soft and deep voice, “what do you want for dessert?” She squirms beneath me. She doesn’t say anything. I kiss the side of her neck. “Do you want a Sunday? Hmmm? Maybe some cookies?” I say with giving her kisses near her ear.

She grabs my face and guides my lips to hers where she kisses me with hunger, with pure lust in her eyes. She raps her legs around my back and with us both being still fully clothed, she grinds her pussy up against my lower stomach.

I break the kiss and sit up, slightly looking down at this woman of beauty. Her light brown hair frames a radiant pinkish face with lustful eyes and a slightly parted mouth with her licking her lips

I break away from her, first unlocking her legs from my back. I stand at her feet and not saying a word, but breathing heavily, I slowly take my shirt off for her. Slowly my ripped chest muscles, big broad shoulders and defined biceps are on full view for her.

Melody sits up and quickly sheds her turtle neck shirt and her pink lacy bra. She squeezes her legs together to add to the fire that burns between her legs. She then reaches for my button on my pants but with my own hands I trap her hands there. Her hands are pressed against my rock hard cock. She looks up at me with begging eyes. I look down, past her face to her perfect breast topped with pointy nipples that I am just eager to suck.

Melody, with her little fingers, are able to undo my button on my jeans and then pulls down the zipper a little. I can’t help laugh. I slowly pull my hands away and she finishes unzippering my pants and with my bulge throbbing against her fingers, she pushes my pants and underwear down to my feet. My pulsating hard cock feels liberated as it points up at her face.

A devilish grins plays across her lips as her fingers rap around my cock. She gives a little “mmm” in appreciation. Her soft hands move up my cock slowly, as if she is studying every centimeter of smooth skin, every hard vain.

Precum seeps out and she leans forward and licks it off of my sensitive head. I flinch and let out a grown. She giggles and says “mmm I found my ice-cream” and take my entire cockhead into her hot and wet mouth. Once again, I tense and grown as an sexual electricity shoots through my body and my hands go to her shoulders and grip them for support. She twirls her tongue over it, making my knees even weaker. I’m not sure how much more I can tolerate. My dick is so sensitive. She then sucks hard, and she runs a fingernail on the hairless soft underside of my balls and without warning to even me, I begin to cum in her mouth. She sucks even harder now, using her left hand to coax the cum into her mouth where she continues to swallow my hot cum. When there is no more to give and my cock being soft, she snakes her tongue into the little hole to gather any cum left behind.

Drained of my male energy, it is my turn to service her. She stands up and grins. She puts her arms around me and presses her body against me and gives me a kiss and softly says “how was that?” I kiss her back lovingly, “it was amazing baby”. I say. “but now it is your turn.” I find the front of her jeans with my fingers and undo her button and zipper. I push down her pants and they pool at her feet. She kicks them off and is left in just a little lacy pink g string. She steps back against the bed, and she is moving her hips and running her hands over her own body. She first crosses her arms and touches her shoulders, effectively obscuring her fruits. She then seductively, slowly, move her hands down, over her breast, rubbing her own nipples with the palm of her hands. Then continuing down to her slim tummy. Her fleshed breast in full view as she turns herself on even more. She turns around, and bends over, pointing her ass up at me. I can now see a dark shade of pink on the crotch of her g string.
. Clearly showing off her desire.

Melody gets on the bed and stands on it facing me doing a dance. She is showing off her body as her breast bounce and her hips sway. I then realize that she is not dancing to nothing, Mo Town Philli is playing from my CD player. I step back and sit in my desk chair naked to watch the show.

Melody is moving her arms, swaying her hips and kicks her legs and twirls around for me a few times. I can feel my cock nod it’s approval as it starts to gain some life. She then faces away from me, wiggles her cute ass and looks over her shoulder with a sly grin. I wonder what my sweet Melody will do next. I don’t have to wait long. She bends over slowly, pointing her ass right at me but she continues to bend forward and her hair falls to the bed as I can now see her face between her legs. My little friend is loving this show as it is making its present known again. She licks her lips and slowly stands up.

She places her hands on her hips and hooks her thumbs in the strings and slowly pushes them down her hips. She kicks off her wet panties and they land at my feet. I quickly lean over to pick them up. They are warm and definitely wet. I bring them to my face for a sample taste. She giggles as she sees me licking her wet panties. She says “do you like my ice cream? I got a lot more for you. All you have to do is come and get it.” She puts a finger into her pussy and then shows me her shiny wet finger. She brings her wet finger to her lips and licks it as if she was licking a lollipop.

I cannot take any more. My hard and throbbing cock is painful. I dive on to the bed at her legs and knock her down with her screeching then giggling. I can smell her excitement. I kiss and lick up her inner thighs, alternating kissing her left leg and right leg. Moans and giggles escapes her lips as I continue to move up her legs, getting closer to her honey pot.

Melody begins to play with her tits, rubbing and squeezing them as she is looking down, seeing as I inch closer and closer to her pussy.

As I reach her pussy, I take a deep breath in through my nose to smell her desire. I look at her pussy. She is clean shaven this time. Her pussy is opened and the lips are a dark shade of pink with her clit starting to show itself.

I begin by licking her warm pussy lips. I lick her left pussy lip and travel up and then down her right pussy lip. She is starting to really squirm and with every passing second, a moan comes from her throat.

Melody puts her legs over my shoulders and crosses her ankles. Her hands are on my head, playing with my hair. I begin to drink from her honey well. Lapping up her juices which flow more steadily now.

I gently run my tongue over her clit and she nearly bucks me off of the bed, and probably would have if not for her strong legs keeping my head trapped with my mouth plastered to her pussy. I put my hands on her hips to have more control. However, as I continue to lick her clit, her sexual desire flies higher and higher and her moans get louder and louder and her thrust get stronger and stronger. She then squeezes my head with her legs and pulls my hair as her back arches and she lets out a beautiful scream of joy as her pussy flows like a waterfall. Her muscles relaxes, and she falls back onto the bed panting heavily as her legs lay limply over my shoulders and her hands resting on my head.

I slide from between her legs and lay next to her, on my side, running a hand over her toned tummy. I lay there, just staring at my angel thinking how beautiful she is. Her eyes are closed, Her mouth is slightly parted. Her hands are by her side and her feet dangle off the bed.

I lean over and kiss her lips. She responds with a soft kiss and a cat like per. She opens her eyes and grins devilishly. She takes hold of my hard cock and slowly strokes it as she continues to grin. Her soft hand on my hard cock feels amazing. She always knows the right amount of pressure to use to stroke me. Melody quickly turns on her side facing me and her opposite hand pushes on my shoulder and she rolls on top of me. She’s giggling and flashes me another devilish grin and kisses me with her tongue snaking in and out of my mouth. Her hand is still stroking my hard cock slowly. I go to put my arm around her and she slips down my body and her lips are at my cock’s head. She licks at it and I grown as a sexual pulse shoots through my body. She giggles again and licks my crown again and again I grown. I put my hands on the back of her head and play with her hair as she continues to tease me and licks up my pre-cum. She then takes my head and slides it into her mouth. My dick is tingling like mad now. I grip her hair a bit tighter and she sucks on my head harder. I beg her “please, stop teasing me” She flashes me another grin and then goes down all the way on my cock. “OH FUCK!” I scream out as I squeeze my eyes and all my thoughts and feelings are focused on my cock which is enveloped by her hot and wet mouth and oh god, her tongue tickling the soft underside. I am going to cum if she keeps this up. My hips rock and she pulls her mouth off with a pop. She kisses up my belly to my chest and my lips. All this time, she is holding and squeezing my slick cock. She sits up and maneuvers herself so she is straddling my thighs.

Melody stares at my face, watching my reaction. She sits up and angles my cock to her level and pauses for seems like forever but it was probably only about 10 seconds. She loves to torture me. She then rubs my cock head against her pussy, making my cock nice and wet with her pussy juices. She then puts my cock head between her tight pussy lips and we both moan. She squeezes her pussy muscles around my cock head. It is just amazing. She slides down all the way. Every inch of my long cock being gripped by her tight pussy walls. She rocks her body back and forth, putting pressure on different parts of my cock. She is moaning softly A beautiful melody to my ears and my cock.

I run my hands up her silky smooth legs, from her knees to her moving hips. I run my fingers up her toned belly, over her ribs to her perky breast with nipples standing. I cup her breast and gently squeeze them which elicits a moans from her lips. I run my thumbs over her twin peaks. As if a bolt of electricity shot from her nipples to her pussy, her pussy grips me even harder.

Melody leaned forward so her breasts are resting on my chest. She kisses me softly and she unexpectedly, nibbles on my lower lip. In a husky voice she says “harder. Squeeze them harder. Please.” I don’t disappoint and I take her nipples and squeeze her nipples between my thumb and index finger. She moans louder and so I twist them and her pussy reacts with a squeeze of my cock.

I release her breast and put my arms around her and grin. I then roll us over so I am on top of her with my cock still buried deep in her. I take a good hold of her shoulders and using them for leverage, I pound her pussy. In and out, hard and fast. She screams and wraps her legs around my lower back and fucks me back. I easily pound in and out of her tight wet pussy as her pussy continues to produce lubrication. I don’t let up at all. I fuck her through at least 2 mind blowing, pussy spasming orgasms. She draws her nails up my back to my shoulders. I think it hurt but the amazing building orgasm overrides any pain. I am oblivious to the world. She grads the back of my head and kisses me hard. Thrusting her tongue in my mouth, wrestling with my own tongue. I pull away from her lips and warn her that I am going to cum soon. She encourages me to go deeper. I slow down. She looks into my eyes with a questioning looks. I take her legs and put them over my shoulder and lift her ass off the bed and I drill down into her. She raps her arms around my neck tightly and holds on for dear life as I pound her pussy. My cock hitting her cervix with every thrust now and with every thrust, she lets out an ear-piercing scream which drives my lust higher and higher till..

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