Deep In The Woods

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The uphill path was well worn, with cut logs fashioned into steps every so often to hold back dirt and rocks and help prevent erosion. They were welcomed by our feet, breaks from the otherwise rough limestone rocks that outlined the rest of the path thru the woods. I kept my head down as we went, one step at a time, as slipping here and twisting an ankle would make the rest of the hike a major challenge. The cool breeze whistled thru the treetops and gave my sweaty body a sudden chill. I had not noticed how much I had been exerting myself, until I got to a flatter stretch of trail and stop to look behind.

You were about 10 steps behind me, steadily coming up the path, your hair made up into two shoulder-length braids that bounced from side to side as your strong legs, bare under thihg-high tight hiking short, powered you forward. Your hands gripped the hiking stick as you took step after step, determinedly looking down as well, but when you noticed I had stopped, you looked up, saw me stopped, smiled and caught your breath. Beads of sweat that had formed on your brow rolled down your checks, and you casually wiped them off with the handkerchief you had picked up as a souvenir from the little general store in the town at the trailhead.

The sunlight glinted off of your lower lip, as you lightly panted, before taking the last few steps to where I was standing. We had crossed paths with a few other hikers but the trail was surprisingly empty on this stretch. Bad weather had been forecast for this late spring weekend, but we decided to come out anyway, and were lucky to have been rewarded with blue skies, light breeze and warm sunlight shining thru the trees above the trail.

“Where to next?” You asked, gripping both hands on your hiking stick, leaning on it to give your legs a bit of a break. I looked down at your feet first, noticing how small your hiking boots looked compared to mine. Your socks were still high up your calves, you having chosen that style versus the ankle-highs that all of the other hikers seemed to prefer now. I kept looking up and noticed how tight your athletic shirt gripped your torso, your well rounded tits perked up and small bumps showing nipples underneath that had felt the chilled of the breeze against sweaty skin, and curly locks of hair had fought away from your braids, glistening brown-red in the sunlight.

“Hey, my face is up here!” You complained playfully. I caught myself and laughed, looking up at you, and pulling you in for a kiss. You yielded your head back as my lips met yours, tasting your salty skin, my tongue lightly hunting for yours and finally meeting it. Just as swiftly as I had reached in, I pulled back and you gripped my arm, your eyes closed for a moment and then I said, “let’s go off trail a bit west, there’s a nice overlook, according to the map”. “Okay” you said although I heard a bit of a grumble in your tone. Your nipples had gone from small bumps to tightly defined buttons.

I looked away and found a deer trail to follow westward. I pulled up my phone and marked our off-trail departure with a dot, so we could know where to come back. No point in playing Boy Scout and getting lost without knowing where to go later. The trail was actually easier than the main, as its narrow profile followed a natural contour along the ridge we had been climbing. Mushrooms of different kinds showed up along the sides of the path, some on dead trees, some growing on the ground. My mind wondered thinking how early people had found out whether or not any of them were edible, sometimes the hard way.

Without much notice, you forged past me as I had stopped for a moment too long to take a picture of a mushroom growing amongst some moist moss. “Let’s go, nature boy! I’m getting hungry and there’s no lunch until we get to that overlook.” You said as you passed me, your small frame purposefully striding along. I smiled and kept moving, this time behind you. The sun was just about overhead, its rays shining on your back, as you moved ahead of me. I looked down as before but quickly decided to look ahead, watching your tightly-defined ass as you powered forward. A bit of sweat had run down your back, marking with a wet vee the top of your ass. I felt my cock hardening under my shorts, and kept walking in silence, enjoying the up and down motion of your cheeks.

About 15 minutes later the woods began to give way ahead of us, and we soon reached a clearing with large rocks lining against the sky. You stopped, smiled looking back, and said “almost there!” As you kept moving towards the rocks. Your energy seemed endless, as I was already panting trying to keep up with you. I saw now that you had been a bit annoyed following me along the trail, as you clearly had more stamina than me and should had been leading the whole time. Climbing one last stretched we reached the top of three large, flat boulders, that abutted each other, making a natural platform.

A breathless vista stretched ahead of us. A valley sloped down and away with a verdant carpet of oaks, pines and birches covering the jagged terrain. A clearing at the bottom was lined with grass, as a fast moving creek sparkled in the sun, its waters rushing thru rocks and boulders, carrying the spring melt of the mountains far away down towards a river. We stood at first, staring, and then slowly sat down, our backpacks still strapped to us. I had barely noticed mine after the long morning walk. I lowered mine off of my back, and took out my water bottle, taking a big swig, letting some of the water drip down my chin and onto my chests, the cool feeling making me shiver a bit.

I saw you drinking and still looking ahead, the sweat having left streaks of white salt along your cheeks, red and flush with the strain of the walk. You rested your hands on your knees, your pack still on your back, supporting you. I unrolled my mat and reclined on my pack, closing my eyes for a second or two. I heard you unstrapping your pack too, and then silence for a few moments. Before I knew what was happening I felt your hand on my belt, and when I opened my eyes I saw you undoing my fly, my belt already open and limply hanging on each side of my shorts.

You stole a glance at me, a salacious smile on your lips, and you reached into my pants to let out my cock, which was growing swiftly as you cradled it in you hand. You maneuvered yourself between my legs, your knees resting on my pad, as you took my cock in your mouth. I felt the warmth of your mouth on my head, and then slowly you took it all into your hungry mouth.

Moving up and down, you darted your tongue along the lower face of my cock’s head, sending electric shocks of pleasure up my belly. I moaned, and instinctively gripped the back of your head, feeling your thick braids where they joined, gently guiding you up and down. I whispered to you “I want to taste your pussy”, and you stopped, licking the base of my cock one last time and making me thrust into your mouth, and then you pulled off.

We quickly changed positions, and as you undid your pants I grabbed my sleeping bag and laid it down between the two mats we had by now stretched to help make the boulder we were stretched on a more comfortable venue for our mid-afternoon activities. I helped you lower your shorts, which were tight against your sweaty legs. Your boots were still on, as were mine, and I quickly lowered your drenched panties off of one leg and let them dangling from your ankles on the other.

As you eased back against your pack, I buried my face in your soaked pussy, my tongue licking around at first, and then finding with a strong flicker your bone-hard clit. You moaned as you felt that jolt of pleasure surge all over your body. My tongue kept strongly massaging your clit, all business, no playing around this time. Your back shook and your hips thrust against my face, one of your hands on my neck and the other gripping the stretched sleeping bag, your knuckles white and your mouth panting and moaning “yes, yes, uh huh…”.

I could feel your pussy melting in my mouth, getting wetter and wetter, until finally one last thrust of the hips and I heard you moan and squeal “I’m coming, im coming, Carlos, I’m coming!” And your grip tightened on my neck, pushing me in, and with a low groan you came, your body shaking, and then you lay still, trying to catch your breath. I pulled away, my beard wet with your come, and I looked at your face, still panting, and then forming a smile on your lips. You pulled me in for a wet kiss, and then whispered “put your cock inside me”

You stood up, boots on and strong legs moving around me as I took the position you had before, my back against the pack and sitting on the mats and sleeping bag. You stood on top of me and I looked up. You looked down upon me, pleased, your powerful legs stretching from your boots to your hips, your unshaven pussy lording over the forest, hairs still soaking wet. Slowly you squatted down, again coming to me for a kiss as you knees took sides next to my legs, and with one hand you guided my cock inside of you. With a few gentle thrusts you took my cock inside you you, gasping when you had the whole shaft inside of you, and then you slowly began to rock back and forth .

I gripped the small of your back, letting you drive the action, feeling your tits rub against my belly as you had put your head down, your braids rubbing against my chest. Thrust after thrust you took my cock in, your strong muscles gripping tightly against it, demanding what it had to give. I tried to hang on as long as I could, as the pleasure was immense. You gently moaned, your eyes closed, focused on what you wanted. I moaned lightly at first, but as I felt a growing itch on my cock, it became an unstoppable feeling, spreading like wildfire from my thighs to my back, my belly, my legs, and as it reached my arms I began to thrust against you, grunting and in barely intelligible groans I blurted out “Oh, Jackie, oh, Jackie, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come, i’m gonna….unnnnnnngggghhhhhh!”

And as that last guttural sound came out of my chest, sounding down the valley below, I thrust violently against you, this time my larger frame dominating your body as rope after rope of hot, white come began to fill your pussy. I kept coming, thrust after thrust, until I felt that my cock was sloshing inside you, my thick shaft surrounded by an enormous amount of sticky semen. I finally collapsed, and you stayed on top of me, as threads of our mixed come began to drip down my shaft. You lay your cheek on my chest, whispering “I can hear your heart thumping”. I had one of your braids in my hand and had absentmindedly taken apart its bottom, my fingers playing with your hair as I lay still, catching my breath.

My cock slowly became soft, and I felt that thick goo run down out of your pussy and onto my belly, feeling cool now, the light breeze blowing between our sweaty, still joined bodies. A few minutes later you got up, and eased my cock, soft but still inside you, off of you, and you began to get dressed. You tossed your handkerchief my way, and smiled. I cleaned the mess off of my belly, and also got dressed. My cock still was dripping come onto my underpants as we saddled back up and headed back towards the trail, with you letting me lead the way. I now knew that while I was leading on the trail, you were the leader of this expedition.

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