Wife Stories: Denise

If you don't like fictional stories where a wife cheats on her husband with a black guy, then perhaps you could choose not to read this. It's very similar to not liking a type of music, or food, or movie - I simply choose not to listen, eat, or view them.


“I know how your marriage to Wayne ended,” Henry said, slowly licking in between Denise’s large breasts.

Her head was back, her mouth open, eyes closed, an orgasm subsiding. She was straddling Henry in bed, giving herself to him – like she does daily. Their naked bodies faintly illuminated by the orange glow of candles next to their bed in their new Charleston, South Carolina home.

Henry squeezed a breast, sucking its nipple, “I know he was a horrible person. I know he was cold, manipulative, evil.”

Denise moaned, her long, dark hair flowing down her back. “Yes,” she whispered.

Henry switched to her other breast, giving it loving kisses and licks. “I know he was a mistake.”

“Y-yes,” Denise was tingling, her body numb.

“I know you needed and searched for pleasure. I know you found it,” Henry said, pulling her thick mane of hair, forcing her neck to arch. He licked along it. Denise’s pussy contracted on Henry’s cock.

“I don’t want to know about how many men you slept with while married to that piece of shit. I want to know about one – the most memorable one,” Henry ordered.

He released Denise’s hair. She moaned, and grabbed his face, kissing him, sucking in his breath, his tongue, his very being. Like the countless passionate kisses she gave him, Henry, the man she loved more than anything or anyone, this one was no different. They traded souls with one another. Their bodies still merged into one.

She broke the kiss, running her fingers through her hair. “I love you,” she whispered, looking into his eyes.

“I love you too,” Henry replied.

Denise adjusted herself, grinding against him a few times, making sure his cock was still inside her as deep as possible.

A small smile came over her face. “I remember. It was,” she paused. “Very sweet.”


It was another regular day at the gym. I went 4 times a week. It was a Saturday when I talked to him.

He and his buddies had been checking me out for a while. I’d see them look over to me, sometimes nod or giggle, one in particular looked at me in a different way. He didn’t look at me and blush or quickly smile and look away, he studied me, stared at me.

Having a husband that paid no attention to me, who was indifferent, being looked at like that was quite enjoyable. It happened for weeks. I never said anything, I just let him watch me.

He was young. I guessed 18 or 19. His buddies looked around that age too. I wondered if he was in college.

He was also black. He was tall, lean, and toned. I found myself watching him lift weights when I was in between my own sets. Over time, I watched him like he watched me. There was lust there.

Thoughts of cheating on Wayne with a younger black guy, with Wayne never knowing about it, made me even more excited. Usually I dismissed those thoughts, thinking it was just me being horny, lonely, unfulfilled in my marriage.

But this young man kept watching me. He regularly went out of his way in the gym to walk by me. He’d sometimes nod at me, glancing at my cleavage. I’d give a quick smile and go on with my workout.

They day I chose to talk to him was a day he was by himself. He was at the water fountain, purposely walking by me to get there. I went up behind him and waited for him to finish filling up his cup. He was done and turned around, taken off guard by seeing me there.

“Hi!” I said. “Sorry, didn’t mean to sneak up on you.”

“Oh, uh, it’s all good,” he said, standing there a little awkwardly.

“I’m Denise,” I broke the silence, extending my hand.

He shook it, his huge, black hand, covering my small, white one. “Sup. Tyrell.”

I had to stifle a giggle. “Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, likewise, likewise,” he nodded, trying not to glance at my cleavage and exposed midriff.

We shared another awkward moment and I spoke up. “Alright, well, I’ll let you get back to your workout. I’m just going to grab some water.”

“Yeah, aight,” Tyrell said, nodding at me. “See ya around.”

“See ya,” I waved, watching him a walk away. I glanced at his ass. It seemed muscular from what I could tell.

A little while later I left the gym, making a point to smile and wave at Tyrell as I left. I chuckled seeing him try to be cool, giving me a quick nod.

Wayne was in his home office upstairs when I got home. I thought about stripping naked, seeing if he wanted me, but I didn’t care enough to. Our sex life was dead. He spent most of time on the phone, working, making deals, or getting new clients to represent in court.

I casually rubbed my clit in the shower, thinking of Tyrell and how excited it’d be to get to know him, maybe even have an affair with him.


Tyrell and I became friends. Over the next few weeks, we said hello more, I smiled while he gave me his standard “sup.”

I noticed he was alone on Saturday’s. We met at the water fountain more then.

“I see you’re alone here today again. Your buddies don’t join you on Saturdays?” I asked, while filling up my water bottle.

“Nah. They ain’t interested. They rather sleep, ya know?” he said.

“Yes. Well you’re showing dedication by being here consistently.”

“Yeah, gotta stay sharp, on point during off season.”

“Off season? Ah so you play at college?”

“No ma’am. I play high school football.”

I was slightly shocked; I could’ve sworn he was a college student. “I see. Gosh, I thought you were in college!”

“No ma’am. I graduate in a couple months. I’ll be 18 next week,” Tyrell informed me.

“Oh,” I said, eyes wide. “Al-alright. I thought you were older!” I laughed it off.

“Nah. How old are you? I mean, uh,” he regretted asking. “You look like 20-something,” he backtracked.

“Heh, I’ll be 37 in June,” I smiled.

“Oh shit, I mean, cool.”
I laughed and swatted his arm. “What position do you play?”


I nodded, pretending I knew what it was.

“Aight, well I gotta go. Need to do some stuff for my parents,” Tyrell said.

“Ok, it was nice chatting with you,” I smiled up at him.

“Yeah, it was. I’ll see you later,” Tyrell took his leave. I watched him exit the gym, he looked over his shoulder at me and I waved. He turned away, probably embarrassed.

I couldn’t believe he was still 17. I stopped myself in the shower that evening from masturbating to him. I couldn’t do it. It felt wrong. But wow, when he turns 18? I shook the thoughts from my head, my moans echoing in our bathroom, Wayne in his office, unaware I was pleasuring myself.

Tyrell was with his friends the following week. We shared glances, smiles, a “sup” by him when he walked by.

On Thursday, I saw him huddle with his friends and glance over to me. A moment later I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Hey.”

I turned around, my eyes to his. “Hi Tyrell.”

I glanced back to his friends, they quickly looked away. “So how you doin?”

“Good, good. How are you?”

“Good,” he cleared his throat.

“So, your birthday is soon, right?”

“Yeah, tomorrow.”

“Well great!” I touched his forearm. “Hope you have a good birthday.”

“Yeah. Thanks, I gotta go,” Tyrell said. He glanced back to his friends when he walked away. One gave him a thumbs up. I tried my best not to erupt with laughter.

A couple days later, I saw him, now 18, at the gym alone. I smiled, watching him do bench presses from across the gym. I smiled at myself, knowing the previous night, I rubbed myself raw thinking explicitly of Tyrell. I thought about taking his cock in my mouth, sucking it, then riding it until he blew his load in me.

“He’s 18 now,” I whispered, out-of-breath, coming down off the orgasm. Wayne was working late. I rested and went at it again.

The next day, I jabbed his side from behind at the water fountain. “Hi there, Mr. 18-year-old.”

“Heh, sup Denise?” He turned around, wiping his mouth.

“So you doing anything awesome for your birthday?”

“Nah, not really.”

“Aww, that’s a shame!”

“No biggie.”

“You should do something. Anything. Your friends taking you out? You parents?”


I thought quickly, my own lust, horniness, anger at my neglectful husband took over. “Well I’ll take you out!”

His eyes lit up. “Uh, for real?”

“Yes! For real,” I laughed.

“Uh, well, I mean. I don’t know.”

“Maybe we can meet somewhere for dinner? Nothing fancy, just hanging out, you know?”

“Yeah, maybe. Are you sure? I mean you, uh,” he glanced at my left hand, my wedding ring. I wondered if he thought I wanted to cheat on my husband with him or if he was unsure about going to dinner with a married woman.

“Yes. I’m sure. I know a nice little place where we can meet.”

I gave him my phone number, he looked like he didn’t know what to do with it. “Call me later today, alright?”

“Yeah, yeah I’ll do that,” he stuffed the piece of paper into his pocket.

“Great. I’ll see you tonight!” I beamed, patting his arm. I left thinking about what I wanted and what would happen.

I shaved my legs, I trimmed my pussy, I picked out a nice red dress. I know I told him the restaurant wasn’t anything fancy, but I didn’t care. Was I going to cheat on Wayne? I brushed my hair, adjusted my cleavage and dress, looked in the mirror and told myself: “I’m going to seduce Tyrell. I’m cheating on Wayne tonight.”

I grabbed my purse, hollered down the hall that I was meeting a friend for dinner, and left. In my mind it was the truth. Wayne didn’t reply back.


Tyrell was embarrassed when he saw me. “Oh shit,” he looked down to his cargo shorts and tennis shoes.

I laughed and patted his arm again, “You look fine! Don’t worry about it. This is a new dress I wanted to wear. That’s all.”

“You, uh, you look good,” he said, looking shyly away.

“So do you,” I took his arm and we went inside.

I learned a lot about Tyrell. He told me about accepting a football scholarship at school out-out-state. He told me he lives and breathes football. That would explain why he works out so much. He said he practices all the time, even on weekends.

I, of course, asked the young man about girls. He shook his head, saying there was no one special. He hasn’t even had time to think about going to his senior prom.

“Aww. I’ll go with you!” I joked.

“Heh, you could. If you wanted. I mean, you look good enough to pass as a senior,” Tyrell said.

“You really think I look that young?” I placed my hand on his. He gulped nervously.

“Well, yeah. Maybe don’t make eye contact with teachers and you’d be aight.”

I laughed, patting his hand. “You’re sweet.”

“That’s cool you taking me out for my birthday and all. I really appreciate it.”

“It’s a nice break from practicing and working out, right?”

“For real. Yeah.”

We stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, his dessert arriving shook us out of it. “Dig in!” I said, grabbing my spoon. We shared his birthday fudge brownie cake.

I quickly grabbed the check, paying it. He thanked me and we left.

“So. The night is young. You have a curfew?” I asked, standing at my car.


“We got a few hours. Want to hang out at my home?”

“Well yeah, but your husband?”

“If he’s there, he’s probably in his office. We’ll be quiet and head around back,” I said, wondering if Tyrell knew what I wanted.

“Uh,” he rubbed the back of his neck, glancing at my cleavage again.

“Follow me,” I said, reaching for his other hand. I squeezed it and smiled softly.

“Ok,” he agreed.


“Nice place,” Tyrell said after following me home. I grabbed his arm, leading him around the side of the house, through the gate, by the pool area.

I opened the glass basement door, leading into the home gym Wayne never used and a finished living room area with small kitchen. We had perfect view of the shimmer pool water. I turned on a single lamp, knowing my husband would never come down here. I spoke in hushed tones just to be safe.

I grabbed myself some wine, not offering Tyrell some. “Sorry, you’re still a minor,” I winked, sitting next to him on the large leather couch.

“Heh, yeah, true.”

“Soooo,” I patted his thigh, sipping my wine. “I’ve had a really nice evening so far.”

“Heh, yeah me too.”

“18,” I smiled, sliding my hand a little closer to his crotch. “Cute too.”

“Hey, uh, Denise, listen. I think, you’re um, well,” Tyrell tried to say.

“Yes?” I smiled, inching closer to his crotch.

“Nice. And hot too.”

I laughed, “Hot huh?”


I went serious for a moment, briefly pondering if I was really going to seduce this 18-year-old kid on his birthday, cheating on my husband.

I slid to the floor, In between his legs.

“What, what are you –“

“Shhh, we’re going to have a wonderful night, Tyrell.”

I removed the straps of my dress, pulling the top part down, exposing my breasts. I plopped my big titties on Tyrell’s lap.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed.

“Shhh,” I said. “I want to see you,” I glided my hands all over his stomach, untucking his shirt, rubbing my tits on his crotch. His mouth hung open, his breathing was erratic. I unzipped his pants and quickly fished out a monster of a cock.

“Mmm, Tyrell,” I moaned. “Look at you. Look at this big dick!”

He said nothing, only watching me stroke his member, playfully hitting my breasts with it.

“Are, are you, gonna –“

“Yes, sweetie, yes I am,” I grinned before devouring his cock. Oh how good it tasted. I loved sucking all over it while Wayne was upstairs – not knowing what I was doing.

“Oh damn, uhnn,” Tyrell moaned, watching me cover his cock in my drool.

“Like it?” I paused, sliding my tits up and down his long pole.

“Yeah,” he winced.

“Good. Can you stay the night?”

“I wish. But I gotta be home at midnight.”

“We have a few hours then,” I said, once more taking him in my mouth, swirling my tongue all around his cockhead. There’s nothing like sucking all over a black cock.

“Ah, De-Denise,” he cried out.

I didn’t want him cumming yet. I stopped sucking him off, I stood and slid out of my dress, standing nude before him. He didn’t have time to react. I jumped on him, straddling him, kissing him. We moaned into each other’s mouth while I grinded against him. Not taking my mouth off his, I grabbed his hands and placed them on my ass.

I eventually ended the kiss, grabbed one of my tits and gave to him, “Suck it.”

Tyrell wasted no time, grabbing and squeezing the breast, taking it to his mouth. His big, full lips working my nipple, caused me to arch my back and throw my head back as pangs of pleasure coursed through me.

“Ahhh, Tyrell! Get inside me!”

I grabbed the base of his cock and quickly jammed him into my soaking wet pussy. He released my tit and moaned. I kissed him again, letting my pussy stretch, nearly climaxing as I felt him go in as deep as he could – far deeper than Wayne.

“See this?” I said, holding up my left hand, showing him my wedding ring. Tyrell nodded.

“Don’t worry about this. Don’t think about this. Understand?” I asked.


“Good. Now then, let’s get it on, sweetie,” I giggled, kissing him again, grinding myself against his body.

The first orgasm happened a minute later. I shook in his arms. Tyrell looked afraid at first, like something was wrong with me, but there most certainly was not.

I caught my breath and practically ripped his shirt off. I kissed him hard and kept going, kept fucking him.

I came three more times in about 10 minutes. I looked in Tyrell’s widened eyes, and nearly laughed. “It’s ok! This is great.”

“Yeah, it is.”

“I want you to have a turn.”

“I, uh, I don’t have any condoms.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said, going to my feet on the couch. I placed my hands on his shoulders, and slowly squatted up and down.

“Ah shit,” Tyrell whispered, closing his eyes, leaning his head back.

“Feel good?”


“It certainly does. You are a big boy!”

He opened his eyes, watching my tits jiggle with each squat. He played with them, squeezed them. He rubbed his hands over my tummy. He grabbed my ass. He explored the body of this older woman while she fucked him.

“Who would have thought? On your 18th birthday,” I said starting to get out of breath from squatting up and down. “Who would’ve thought you’d be sitting here, relaxing, having sex with a married white woman!”

“Heh, yeah,” he gripped my waist.

“Give me that cum, sweetie. Fill me up!”

“Yeahhhh,” he moaned, I fell to my knees, his cock all the way in. I felt it pulsate and pump its load of semen into my body. I watched Tyrell climax. A few more pumps of cock in me, causing me to do the same seconds later.

He held me, while semen oozed out of me, our heart rate returning to normal.

“That was amazing, Tyrell,” I whispered.

“It sure was. Damn,” he said.
“You going to tell your buddies at school?”


“Aww, you sure?”

“Well,” Tyrell looked away.

“Tell them all about getting some pussy from that married woman at the gym.”

“Yeah, they might not believe me.”

“Well I’m sure we’ll be doing this again, and again, and again. Who knows maybe even at the gym!”

“Ha, maybe so.”

I kissed him again, mashing my tits against him. I climbed off, my pussy dripping cum. I pulled him to his feet, his arms around me.

“I better go,” he nervously said.

“Aww, you sure? You can stay and maybe we can go again,” I suggested. Tyrell shrugged, his cock not re-powered yet from its draining.

“Let’s get in the pool,” I led him outside, the warm night air against our naked bodies. “Don’t be nervous. My husband never looks over here and won’t know.”

We got into the pool, Tyrell looking around, hoping I was right. He sat down in the shallow end. I straddled him once more. We made out for almost a half hour, his hands roaming over my ass and back.

He was ready again. I stood, turned around, and guided him in from behind. “You sure?”

Looking over my shoulder, I nodded, “Don’t be nervous. Like I said, Wayne won’t see this.”
“Alright,” he sighed, grabbing my hips and slamming into me.

“That’s it, sweetie. Get into it!” I encouraged him.

“Mmm, this pussy is good!”

I licked my lips, moaning, loving the feel of his, once again erect, big cock sliding in and out of me.

I couldn’t help but go to all fours in the shallow end. My legs were too weak from the orgasmic pulses throughout my body. I bit my bottom lip, closed my eyes, clinched my fists, and loved Tyrell fucking me from behind.

I could feel him getting tense. “Denise!”

“Spray me! My back!”

He pulled out, jacked his cock a couple times and sprayed his cum all over my back. I suppressed a giggle, feeling the warm fluid land on my back.

“Ah shit,” he sat on the edge of the pool. I slid in the water, rinsing off. I emerged from the water and sat on his lap.

“You going to come back and see me?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’d like to.”

“Good. We can text each other and coordinate that. We’ll be having lots of fun this summer.”


I saw Tyrell off, loaning him a towel, watched him dress and told him we’d see each other again. I sat back in the pool, thinking about Wayne, planning when I’d cheat on him again with Tyrell.

I did the next day, and the next, and the next. In fact, Tyrell and I met and had sex at the gym every day the following week. Each day Tyrell would last longer and longer before filling me with cum.

I’d wink at Tyrell from across the gym. He’d nod to his buddies, getting a laugh or two out of them, then follow me to the bathroom.

Sometimes we’d meet up in the sauna for a sweaty, sex-filled, session.

Nearly every night, we’d end up in my or his car, fucking in the parking lot after the gym closed. He would rush to get home so he could tend to homework.

The next week he joked again about me going to the prom with him. I was riding him in the basement once again pondering his request. I moaned loudly, cumming hard on him.

“Tyrell, I don’t think I can, sweetie. I’m old.”

“You ain’t old. You look good. Real good,” he said, taking a breast to suck.

“I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“No one will know. I’ll tell my parents I’m meeting my date there, then come get you. If they take our picture, don’t look directly at the camera and don’t make eye contact with any teachers or chaperones.”

I moaned when he resumed sucking me tits, “Mmm, Tyrell.”

“Please?” he stood, taking me with him. He was standing in front of the couch, bouncing me up and down on him.

“Please?” he asked again. This time he slammed me on the couch, remained on top and pounded away at my pussy.

“Come on!” he grit his teeth, telling me to cum, but asking me again.

I pulled him in closer, clasped my hands around his neck and climaxed. “Yes! Yes!” I cried.

“Mmm, good. We gonna have a good time, girl.”

“Girl?” I laughed.

“Like I said, you ain’t old,” Tyrell smiled at me.

I laughed and shook my head. “Fuck me with that black cock.”


A couple weeks later, I actually went to a high school prom. It was my first one, as my date back in high school canceled at the last minute, leaving me heartbroken. But I went, I can’t believe it, but I did.

I pretended to be camera shy and, well, shy in general. Only Tyrell’s friends from the gym knew who I was and were in on it. I avoided talk to other students or faculty. Somehow I pulled it off.

I acted shy, but on the make-shift dance floor of the high school gymnasium, I was a freak. I loved it too. I was crowded and no one noticed Tyrell and I dancing and grinding, practically dry humping, out there.

I wasn’t wearing a bra or underwear, so he and I frequently took breaks to find a bathroom to have sex in. Sometimes we’d sneak outback and he’d pin me against the side of the school. He never came once. At this point he could go for hours and hours without ejaculating. I, of course, was cumming practically non-stop when he was inside me.

Tyrell told his parents he was going to a friend’s house. Perhaps they didn’t believe him, thinking maybe he and his date, who he managed to avoid having them meet, were going to a hotel room instead. Either way, he was telling them the truth. I was his friend and he was coming to my house.

I stripped naked for him in the basement. I told him to do whatever he wanted to me.

He proceeded to pick me up, flip me upside down, and feast upon my pussy.

I had to give him a few directions or suggestions here and there – such as reminding him to suck and lick the clit. Otherwise, he was great.

We were in a 69-position on the floor for around an hour. I could tell he loved eating my white pussy just as much as I loved sucking his black cock.

I came several times and when we were tired, I straddling him, licking his face clean of my juices. Then we fucked.
It went on for hours and hours. I was so very proud of this young man. I was so impressed with how long he was lasting, how much pleasure he was giving me, how perfectly suited for pleasing white women he had become.

“All summer, before I go to college,” he said, huffing and puffing on top of me.

“Yes!” I held his face, ensuring him my pussy would be his for the summer.

“Ugh, this is good, girl,” he moaned, slamming into me.

“Don’t stop, sweetie!”

He didn’t. He fucked me with that young, black cock all night. We rolled around on the floor, we did it on dusty exercise equipment, on the couch, and even in the pool. I was so loud with each orgasm. I didn’t care if Wayne heard me. Truthfully, I don’t even think he was there. I didn’t care either way.

Finally, near dawn, on the floor of the basement, both of us soaking wet with sweat – Tyrell unloaded his cum into me, filling me up, giving me what I loved.

I collapsed on top of him, moaning, kissing, licking at his dark flesh. I was so proud of him.


I went shopping the next day. I wanted to get a special lingerie for my 18-year-old lover.

I picked out a sexy, tiny red number. It exposed a lot of cleavage, had see-through sides. I knew Tyrell would love it.

The week after prom, I spent a lot of time at his house. It was his turn to sneak me in. We were quiet in the backyard, sometimes in his room. When his parents were out, he’d take me to his room. He loved playing rap music while I bounced up and down on his cock. I loved it too. I felt younger.

After a week or so of meeting up at his home, I decided to present myself to him with my new lingerie. We picked a night where his parents would be out – a Saturday. We texted and coordinated it perfectly. Or so I thought.

This was the last time I saw Tyrell.


“How do I look, sweetie?” I asked, exiting his parent’s bathroom, arriving in his room.

“Girl, you look too good! Mmm!” he grinned, stroking his cock on his bed, waiting for me.

“Thank you,” I giggled, sitting on the bed next to him, rubbing his toned legs.

I straddled him, kissing him tenderly, his hands roaming all over my silky lingerie.

“We’re going to have a wonderful night,” I said.

“Mmhmm,” he agreed, the urge to get me naked overtaking him. He sat up, and helped me remove the lingerie.

Then we got to it.

His bed was slamming against the wall, the mattress was creaking, our flesh was slapping against one another, we were moaning, crying out with pleasure.

We didn’t hear his parents get home.

We did hear the front door open and people talking, after they arrived.

“Quick hide!” he exclaimed, nearly throwing me off the bed. I landed with a loud thud, my naked body crawling under his bed. I waited there for 15 minutes as Tyrell’s mom came into the room. She smelled something, perfume, and a muskiness she recognized.

“What is that?” she asked. I watched Tyrell quickly grab some pajamas in the chaos of me hiding.

“Huh?” he asked, playing dumb.

“I smell –“ his mother paused.

I gasped with shock when the cover of his bed was pulled away revealing me to his mother. “Hi,” I managed to say.

It wasn’t World War III, but I heard his mother and father yelling at him about throwing away a scholarship, asking him what he was thinking getting with some older white woman, his need to focus on school, and so on and so forth.

I let them yell at him, and me about seducing some young man. I nodded, putting my clothes on and simply left.

I texted Tyrell later, no reply. I called him the next day, no reply. That was it. It was over as fast as it began.


“So you still have his number?” Henry asked.

“I guess. I have a new phone, my contacts imported over.”

“You should text him, see where he’s at, what he’s doing.”

“Hah, yeah right, Henry.”

“Why not? I dare you. Just say you got a new phone and are checking to see if contacts still have valid numbers or not.”

“Henry,” Denise shook her head.

“Come on. What have you got to lose? I’d be curious to see what happened to him.”

Denise thought about it for a moment. “I do wonder how things went at college.”

“Right, so text him. Ask if this number is still valid.”


Henry tickled her side, “Come on, have some fun with me.”

“Fine!” Denise grabbed her phone from next to the bed and texted the number she had for Tyrell.

“Hi. This is Denise. Is this number still valid, otherwise I’ll delete it. Thanks.”

“There. Happy?” Denise asked Henry. He smiled, slapping her ass.

They were kissing, fondling one another when her phone buzzed about 20 minutes later. Denise sat up, looking to her phone in shock.

“Well?” Henry asked.

Denise grabbed it, reading the text reply form Tyrell. “Hey, yes, how are you Denise?”

“Holy crap!” Denise said.

Henry grinned. “Well how are you?”
She texted back “Great and you?”

A few minutes later, she received a reply. “I’m well. Finished college, settling in, moved up to Charleston, SC.”

“What?!?!” Denise exclaimed, reading his text to Henry.

He laughed, “Oh shit! Text him back!”

“Really? Wow. I’m living here too.”

A minute later, Tyrell replied. “Small world. That’s great. We should meet and catch up. It’s been awhile.”

Henry erupted in laughter. “Ha! This is hilarious. Text him back. Say yes.”

“Are you crazy? I haven’t seen this guy in like five years!”

“Yeah, so? Go for it,” Henry maintained his silly grin. “He’s like 23 now.”

“Yeah, I know, a year younger than you!”

Henry shrugged. “It’s no big deal. Meet up for dinner, maybe a drink.”

“Ugh, Henry,” Denise rolled her eyes again.

He kept looking at her, smiling.


Denise texted back, “Sounds great. There’s a new Italian place we could meet at.”

They waited a couple minutes.

“Cool. I know the one. It’s on the beach. Meet at seven, tomorrow?”

“Henry!” Denise swatted at him. “Seven. He wants to meet me at seven, tomorrow! What do I – “

“Say ok.”

“I can’t. Can I?”

Henry chuckled, pushing Denise off him, his cock slurping out of her body. He stood up, found his boxers in the low lit room, pulling them up.

“You can if you want. We aren’t husband and wife – at least not legally,” Henry laughed. “We’ve talked about this before.”

Henry put on a t-shirt, thinking about what midnight snack might be left in the refrigerator.

“I know but – “

“We love each other unconditionally. You wouldn’t be cheating on me or making me no longer love you. Besides.”

“Besides what?” Denise’s eyes narrowed.

“I told you how sweet Stephanie is. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her some. I could tomorrow night,” Henry suggested, referring to the older, next door neighbor.

Denise sighed, shaking her head. “Ugh. She did tell me she had a slight crush on you.”

“See? Perfect timing. I’ll cook her dinner, we’ll chat, laugh, watch a movie, maybe have sex. It’ll be fun,” Henry laughed.

“Fine. Fine!” Denise grabbed her phone, texting a “sure” followed by a smiley face.


“Oh my gosh! Hi!” Denise smiled, opening her arms, throwing them around a now 23-year-old college grad in the restaurant parking lot.

“Hey Denise,” he hugged her back. He was taller, dwarfing Denise, more muscular, his voice slightly deeper.

“Look at you!” she ended the hug, running her hand over his huge bicep. “You look great!”

He was wearing a suit, tie, nice shoes. He looked like a pro-football player.

“So do you,” He smiled, hugging her again. “Nice dress.”

“Thank you,” Denise pulled her short, faux-leather, single-strap, black dress down a bit.

“I made reservations, the table should be ready,” Tyrell said.

“Aww, that’s sweet,” Denise took his arm, the two walked inside.

Tyrell held the door for her, held her seat for her, ordered wine for her.

“I can’t get over how grown up you are and look. I mean, it’s only been five years, but still,” Denise beamed. “You’re a giant!”

“Yeah, I guess a lot of has happened.”

The two quietly smiled at one another for several seconds, memories of the constant orgasmic state Tyrell put her in when he was a teen flashed through her mind. The waiter interrupted them, bringing them wine, asking if they would like an appetizer.

Denise couldn’t stop smiling. “So you are huge, now,” she winked. “Are you playing football still?”

Tyrell shook his head. “I was injured my senior year. My knees. Had to stop. I kept working out though.”

“Yes. I can see that!”

There was another pause, more smiles, the waiter brought out some bread.

“That’s so neat that you live here too,” Denise said.

“I was thinking the same thing. I wasn’t expecting to hear from you like that.”

“Yes. I have a new phone, contacts got imported, I thought I’d see if your number was still valid.”

“Yeah. Same number, new phone too.”

“So what are you doing now? You working?” Denise asked.

“Yeah. I do personal training work, assistant coach for a high school football team, work part-time at the gym too.”

“Wow, you are very busy!”

“Heh, yeah I try,” Tyrell chuckled.

“So you finished college, living here in Charleston, working, supporting yourself. What else? You got a girlfriend?” Denise winked again, continuously smiling at him.

“Well,” Tyrell looked to the side. A small glimmer of hope that he was single crossed Denise’s mind.

“I’m engaged.”

She gasped, her mouth dropped. “Oh wow! That’s amazing. Congrats, sweetie!”

“Yeah. Met her in freshman year, like a week into school starting. We had many of the same classes, same major. We got along great.”

“I’m so happy for you,” Denise reached across the table, patting his huge hand.

The shared another silent smile. The waiter brought out the appetizer.

“What about you?” Tyrell asked. “You still married?”

“Oh no. No, no, thank goodness,” Denise replied, eating her salad. “He filed for divorce. He took my house, he took a lot.”

“Oh,” Tyrell lowered his eyes.

“No, not because of um, you know,” Denise patted his hand again.

“Ah, ok cool.”

“He was planning on it for a few years. He wanted my house, my property, to sell and make a profit. It’s all very shady stuff. My only regret was not picking up on it and divorcing him sooner.”

“I see. Well it’s good you’re here, away from all that. Are you dating or,” Tyrell shrugged.

Denise smiled at him once again. “I’m not dating. I’m not really interested in that. My son, he’s my focus now.”

“Alright, that’s understandable,” Tyrell nodded. “Family comes first.”

“You’re so grown up,” Denise said after looking him over.


After dinner, they kicked off their shoes and walked on the beach, Denise holding on to his huge arm. They were mostly quiet, enjoying the cool, night air.

When they did talk, it was about the new house Denise moved into. She described the layout, the bedrooms, swimming pool, hot tub. Tyrell was impressed.

When their walk ended Denise asked him if he liked to see it. He agreed. He followed her home, a few miles away.

After giving him a tour, they settled on the couch, with more wine.

“Getting married, huh? That’s great,” Denise said, sipping her wine. Tyrell did the same.

“Yep, three months. You ought to come,” Tyrell suggested.

“Oh no. I can’t. Your parents might recognize me and throw me out!”

“Ha! Maybe. But it’s been a few years, plus I don’t think they saw much of your face.”

Denise laughed, “True. They saw my naked body sprinting away!”

“Yeah. A nice one.”

“Well, yours was nice too. I’m sure now,” she sipped her wine, “it’s probably even better.”

Tyrell lowered his eyes, then sipped his wine.

“A lucky lady you have,” Denise, gently patted his thigh. Tyrell chuckled, extending his arm, Denise cuddling against him.

“Mmm, you smell great,” She said.

“You too,” Tyrell breathed in her scent, his hand resting on her lower back.

Denise’s heart was racing. She closed her eyes, her hand trailing over his stomach. She playfully undid a few button of his shirt, sliding her hand onto his bare stomach. She felt his huge, defined, six-pack abs.

“Wow,” she mouthed.

They were silent snuggling on the couch, Denise’s hand rubbing his muscular abdomen. She hardly noticed Tyrell’s hand sliding down to her ass.

He was squeezing it, kneading it, with his left hand. Denise let out a soft moan. Tyrell slid her dress up, revealing her bare butt cheeks, a thong in the middle.

She moaned again, as Tyrell squeezed her ass. Her hand slid out of his shirt, down to his crotch, feeling a massive, hard bulge in his pants.

“No,” she said, sitting up, pulling her dress down. “Sorry,” she grabbed a wine glass, heading to the kitchen.

Tyrell sighed, fixed his shirt, and followed her.

“Tyrell, I’m sorry,” she said, feeling his hands slide over her stomach from behind, his erection against her lower back.

“I’m not,” he whispered. He slowly turned her around, caressing her face with his thumb. He leaned down and kissed her.

Denise kissed back, slowly at first, kissing at his huge bottom lip. Their kisses escalated to open mouths. Hers felt so small, covered by his thick lips. She felt lost in it.

When his huge tongue invaded her mouth, she had no room to slide hers into his mouth. She sucked it instead, her lips wrapping around it, coaxing it further into her month, moaning as her head weaved from side-to-side. It reminding her of sucking his cock.

Her eyes shot open, she ended the kiss, pushing Tyrell away. “We can’t,” She said, out-of-breath.

“You’re happily engaged. I don’t want you to cheat. We can’t.”

“Denise, it’s fine. She’s with her girls tonight,” Tyrell said.

“No, please. I’m sorry, we can’t,” Denise walked away. “Maybe you should leave. It was nice seeing you and catching up, but you should leave.”

Tyrell nodded, took a deep breath. “Alright. I’ll leave. It was nice seeing you too.”

Denise, eyes to the floor, walked him out. She closed the door, shaking her head.

She flung the door open, calling out to him before he got into his car. “Wait!”


Five months later, Denise found herself, in a darkened, candlelit room, being held by Henry, straddling him once more. It was December 29th.

“Ahhh,” he moaned, lying back on the bed, his cock ready to burst inside her. He asked for a break as he wasn’t ready to cum in her yet.

She laid down on top of him, her big tits mashing against his chest.

“Then what happened?” Henry asked. He knew Denise and Tyrell had been sleeping together, but didn’t know all the details. The neighbor, Stephanie, was taking up a good chunk of his time.


“I told him to wait.”

I ran down the steps, meeting him on the walkway. I threw my arms around him, kissing him hungrily.

“Just tonight. Just one night, then no more,” I said.

He agreed and kissed me again.

“Take me to bed then.”

I led him upstairs to the bedroom. Standing at the foot of the bed, we continued kissing. They were long, languid, loving kisses where our mouths once again covered each other’s.

My neck hurt from having to look up at this monstrously huge black man in order to kiss him, but I didn’t care. He was cheating on his fiancé with me, but I didn’t care. I knew we’d never see each other again, but I didn’t care.

I broke the kiss and took a step back, looking at him with aid of the moonlight streaming into the bedroom, “Unzip me please?”

I turned around, standing against his huge body, while he slowly unzipped my dress. When I turned around, I slid my dress over each shoulder, revealing my breasts to him.

“Mmm, damn. Denise,” he took a breast to his hand, not like a teenager, but a man. He was confident, sure of himself, testing a melon for ripeness.

He leaned down, taking a breast to his mouth, tongue licking the nipple while he squeezed it.

I had to see how much he’d grown in five years, if any. I had to see his glorious black cock. I was fidgeting with his belt and pants while he sucked one of my tits. I ignored as best I could, the wonderful sensation of his thick lips and big tongue, working one of my large, white breasts.

When I got his shirt untucked, belt unbuckled, pants unzipped, I went to my knees before him.

I pulled his pants down, along with his boxers, and that beautiful black cock sprung forth, nearly hitting me in the face. I stared at it while he unbuttoned and removed his shirt.

I was dripping wet; my thong was drenched. I quickly pulled my dress off, when I stood back up, kicking my thong aside. We were both naked.

He was huge in every way. His cock, his muscular body, everything. I stood, admiring his body. I touched his abs, his chest, my hands gliding to his shoulders. I took a step forward. He was so tall his cock found a home in between my breasts.

Standing against him, his cock pressing against his stomach in between my breasts, I looked down, seeing his cockhead ooze pre-cum.

“Oh, Tyrell,” I moaned. I so love black dick. I placed a hand on his chest and devoured the tip of his cock.

“Ahhh” he moaned in a deep voice, while a white woman serviced him.

He was so huge; my mouth was stretched around the tip. He put his fingers in my hair, holding me in place while I worked his cock. He was nothing like a teenager now.

“That’s it, just like that, baby,” he said. I melted. My pussy was oozing just like his cock was in my mouth.

I sucked and loved all over his monster cock for several minutes. I stepped back, my tits freeing it, and smiled at him.

“Good girl,” he grinned. I can’t believe he called me ‘girl.’ I wanted him inside me more than ever now.

He moved to the bed, sitting on it, waiting for me to guide his cock in me. “Here you go, baby. It’s all yours, girl.”

I put my hands on his shoulders, a leg on the bed, grabbed his dick and guided it to my pussy. I put my other leg on the bed and slowly squatted, lowering myself onto his perfect pussy-loving pole.

“Ahhh! Ty-Tyrell!” I gasped for air when he was all the way in. He simply held me, letting my body tense and quake in his big arms.

“That’s it. That’s it, baby. Good girl,” he whispered in my ears. So very much has changed since he was 18.

When my moaning subsided, when my body got used to him again, I grabbed his face and kissed him hard. One of his huge hands kneading my ass, the other gliding over my back, we kissed for several minutes. I gradually my clit against him and climaxed a couple more times while we made out.

I eventually broke the kiss, throwing my head back, arching my back while I climaxed on him again. He grabbed a breast, sucking away at it.

I came several times before he even got started.

Giving my body to black men, letting them use it for pleasure and in turn giving me pleasure is what one of the things I’m best at.

Tyrell stood, taking me with him, my feet barely locked around his back. He laid me down on my bed, and then fucked me. He fucked me so hard, so good. Powerful, strong, methodical thrusts, driving that big dick deep into my body – yes, oh yes!

He propped himself up with one hand on the wall, the other one my waist and fucked me over and over and over again.

“Yes! Yes!” I cried out in my room as this man slammed his hips down upon me, driving so deep, so hard.

“Don’t stop!” I managed to get out between orgasms.

“You got the best pussy,” he thrusted. “Best pussy I ever had.”

My hands were on his chest, his abs, his ass, feeling him work, feeling him fuck me. I came again when I wondered if I might’ve played a part in turning him into this sex machine.

Over time, Tyrell worked up a sweat. I watched him from below gradually get wetter. He didn’t care, he kept slowly slamming into me.

I was cumming non-stop at this point.

I opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out, and caught a bead of his sweat on it.

He collapsed on me, finally tired. I wasn’t.

I did my best to push this huge mass off me. I rolled over on top of him. It was my turn.

I was kissing him, licking, fucking him. I was bouncing as fast and as hard as I could on his dick. I knew my pussy, my cervix, my legs, my back would be sore in the morning, but I didn’t care.

He slapped my ass, encouraging me to go on. I grabbed the back of his head, glaring at him as if to say “Fill my pussy with cum. Give me all that you have!”

I couldn’t go on. I was exhausted, my thighs were killing me. I was drenched in my own sweat this time. Ah shit! So good.

“Cum! Cum, baby!” I cried out.

Tyrell grabbed my waist hard, and thrust upward. His thrusts meeting my bounces.

“Ahh, yeah, yeah! That’s it!” he exclaimed, bouncing me up and down on him at this point. I had no energy left.

“Love that pussy!” he grit his teeth, bouncing me several more times before stopping. He froze, moaning, ejaculating. My vision was blurry, I struggled to see his face when he climaxed.

I felt my pussy fill up, his cock injecting me with his semen. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. My body was completely exhausted. I felt like jelly.

His strong hands brought me closer to him, holding me so he could nurse from my tits once more while we relaxed. Then he released me and I fell on top, my head on his shoulder.

Tyrell held me for several minutes while our sweaty bodies cooled off.

“I better go. My girl will be home soon. I better get cleaned off and showered before she gets to work on my dick. Don’t want her tasting another woman’s pussy,” Tyrell said.

“Mmhmm,” I slid down his body, licking my way to his cock. I moaned as I cleaned it, licking our combined juice. They tasted so good.

He put on his pants and shirt, grabbed his shoes and I walked him out. We kissed goodbye for a few minutes, then he drove off.


We slept together up until his wedding two months ago. Tyrell would sneak over during breaks or I’d meet him somewhere. We’d have sex in his car, I’d slobber all over his cock or get naked and ride it.

Sometimes, we had sex on the beach, or at his apartment when his fiancée was out. We agreed that once he got hitched, I’d never see him again.

We rarely spoke during sex. It was mainly him pleasuring a white woman and me pleasuring a black man.

A week before the wedding, I was riding his cock on his couch when he asked If I was coming. I told him I’d be in a few seconds. He laughed, saying he was referring to his wedding the following week.

I stopped, kissed him, asked if he thought his parents would recognize me. He assured me they wouldn’t.

“You understand that we can’t and won’t do this ever again, after you’re married, yes?” I asked him.

“Yes. Never again. I’ll be married.”

“Good. Then I will go to your wedding.”

I wore the same black, faux-leather dress I wore the night we met up for dinner. I figured I might as well.

I was the only white woman in a lovely wedding ceremony. Tyrell had several of his friends as groomsman, his bride several of hers. I sat in the back, smiling at Tyrell when he and his bride left the church shortly after kissing as husband and wife.

She was a beautiful black girl. She was taller me, and her breasts weren’t as large, but she had thick, beautiful lips. I could imagine them wrapping around Tyrell’s bulbous cockhead and squeezing remaining drops of semen out of it with ease.

I debated attending the reception. Sitting in my car for several minutes, thinking about it, I decided I would. I’d look for Tyrell and give him a congratulatory hug.

I sat a table with a few of his elder aunts and uncles. I wanted to jump the bones of every black man there, but I maintained my composure. I said I was a teacher from his high school; I helped him with a few things.

There was a dance floor, one where I wore myself out. I danced with his groomsman, his uncles. I even danced with his father, feeling a big, hard erection against my back. I wanted to either turn around and suck the cum out of it, or pull up my dress and let his dad fuck me right there. I’m so glad his parents didn’t recognize me – just like Tyrell said.

The crowds were dispersing, guests were leaving, I still hadn’t gotten a chance to speak to Tyrell.

Near the end of the night, I finally got my chance. He was saying goodbye to a relative, near the punchbowl. When they left, I caught him alone, refilling his cup.

I cleared my throat and said hello.

“Denise,” he grinned.

I said nothing, giving him a hug. When it ended, I stood, straightening out his tux, adjusting his tie. My eyes caught his. He was giving me a look as if to tell me to say “get undressed and service me, give your body to me tonight.”

“Tyrell,” I felt like begging him to not look at me.

He looked around the large ballroom. “Crowd is dying down. My wife is outside saying bye to some friends.”

I looked around too, “Yep.”

When I faced him, he had quickly taken his erection out. My eyes lit up in shock. Luckily the lighting was low.

“Tyrell, we can’t. I told you this. When you got married, we can’t. Plus, your wife might taste another woman’s pussy on you.”

“Denise, she’s been drinking, we’re both tired. I’m betting we’ll go straight to bed when we get to our hotel room.”

I shrugged, “I guess not all newlyweds do it on the first night. Especially if the reception is a large, tiring party like this.”

“Denise,” he leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Let me have that pussy one last time.”

I looked at his cock hanging out. “Tyrell,” I shook my head. “This HAS to be the last time.”

“Follow me,” he commanded.

He led me to a kitchen. Tyrell talked to one of the employee’s asking if he could have a moment of privacy with a friend to discuss something.

They nodded, the two employee’s stopped cleaning up and left.

Tyrell scooped me up and slammed me down on a large metal table. I was pulling my thong off, watching him strip. I pulled my dress up, he helped me remove it completely.

He licked my inner thighs, my pussy, my stomach, breasts, his tongue eventually landing in my mouth.

Tyrell climbed on the table, on top of me, my legs around him, locking him in place while we kissed.

He guided his cock in, my moans echoing in the large kitchen.

Those same powerful thrusts sent me over the edge once more. I gripped his head, exhaling into each other’s face grunting as we fucked on the table.

“This is it,” I said. “Your wife will do this from now on.”

“Uh huh,” he nodded, staring into my eyes with primal lust as he fucked me.

“Make me cum and fill me up,” I whispered.

He kissed me, propped himself up on his elbows and mated with me. Part of me wished I wasn’t on birth control.

“Ahh, D-Denise!” he was cumming. I held him tight, letting his cock explode inside me.

I was right there with him, “Tyrell!”

I felt his cock pump load after load of sperm in me. I held him until both our orgasms subsided. He kissed my neck, then my tits, down my tummy, then climbed off the table. I watched him dress, saying goodbye to his cock in my head. I dressed next, he handed me my thong.

We left the kitchen, his cum dribbling down my leg, arm in arm.

I gave him a hug goodbye and took my leave.

On the way out, in the large lobby area, there was a door that led onto a balcony that overlooked the ocean. I heard noises, moans of pleasure, coming from it.

I peeped out there and saw Tyrell’s wife being taken from behind by one of his groomsman. Another groomsman was in front of her getting his cock sucked.

I stared blankly for several seconds, sighed with disappointment and left.


Denise climbed off Henry, searching for her pajama shorts and tank top in the darkened bedroom after telling him the story of Tyrell’s wedding night two months ago.

Henry smiled, watching her dress, not putting on underwear or a thong.

“So that’s how his wedding went, huh?” Henry asked.

“Yep,” Denise put her long, dark hair in a ponytail.

“Hard to believe. So you saw his wife cheating?”

“I did,” Denise flipped on the bathroom light, checking herself, applying a bit of lip gloss.

“I guess that’s why you’re going to his apartment tonight, without hesitation,” Henry said.

“Yep. His wife is out of town. He texted me. I’ll be back New Year’s Eve.”

“You weren’t making all that up were you? About the wedding reception?” Henry asked.

“Henry!” Denise was offended. “When have I ever lied to you?”

“Oh I don’t know. Easter Bunny? Santa Claus?”

“Henry, you’re so silly. I’ll see you a couple days,” Denise kissed his forehead. “Go hang out with Stephanie while I’m gone.”

“I will. See you later, mom. Love you,” Henry smiled watching her leave.

“I love you too,” Denise blew her son a kiss and left.


About 10 minutes later, she was knocking on Tyrell’s apartment door.

Denise threw off her tank top and pajama shorts, standing nude in the hallway. Tyrell answered the door, chuckling at her.

Denise smiled, saying nothing. Tyrell scooped her up and took her to his bed, where they would remain for two days, his cock in her pussy.

The end.

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