The Party of a Lifetime

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I don't like how I did the most recent series, so it's done. I'm bored of writing series and want to write a few "Just One" stories. Below is my fantasy with the scene boy, Nate (Called Jon here). Just read "Unexpected Love" Part 1 so you know what he looks like. This story assumes my other story never occurred. This is standalone.

Nothing could have prepared me for this. I was face to face with the man I love naked and grinning at me. I made my move and got on my knees. How did I get here?


"Hey Alex!" Josh said as my mom dropped me off. I was first to the party, as usual, so we waited outside as everyone piled in. "How many are coming?" I asked. "Like twenty people." Josh said. "Alright!" I responded. During the next 30 minutes, people trickled in. Then, the last to arrive, was Jon. "You invited Jon?" I asked. "Yeah why?" Josh responded. I looked at Josh with a big grin and he said "Oh." I noticed an evil grin and wondered what he had in plan. Once everyone arrived, we went to the movie room and turned on Friday the 13th. It lasted about two hours and was pretty scary. I sat next to Josh and noticed he kept closing his eyes from fright. I looked at Jon and he loved it. Nothing scares him. I thought. When the movie ended Josh announced it was time for a game. He handed everyone blindfolds. "This game is called Blind Fun. Everyone will put on a blindfold. Two will be randomly selected and taken to the empty room upstairs. The only thing inside will be a deck of cards and eachother. The two must entertain themselves for 30 minutes. Halfway through, the cards will be removed and you are to finish with nothing to do. Good luck." Josh instructed. I looked at him and he winked at me.

Everyone put their blindfolds on and stood up. "First round. If you are grabbed come. If not wait until my mark." Josh ordered. I was grabbed and taken upstairs to the empty room. I waited about 5 minutes and then heard the door open again. "Okay. You two may take your blindfolds off. Good luck!" Josh said. I took my blindfold off and looked at my partner. "Hey Jon." I said. "Oh hey Alex." he responded. Now I knew what Josh had in mind. "Sodo you really want to play cards?" I asked. "Nah you?" he responded. "Nope. Wanna just talk?" I asked. He nodded and we sat down next to eachother real close.

" and Mitchell..what's that about?" I asked. "Oh. Haha. He's my bitch. Love that kid." he said. "Love love or Love?" I asked. "Love love. I'm bi haha." he said. "Oh me too." I said. "You are?" he asked. "Yeah why?" I responded. " "Well now I have an idea to pass the time, if youre up for it." I felt myself getting hard. I hoped to god he meant what I thought. "Whatve you got in mind?" I asked. He looked at me and bent his head and kissed me. I got rock hard and extremely surprised. I kissed back and we continued a bit longer. "Oh shit! You really want to?" I asked. He nodded. We stood up and went to the center of the room. I stripped Jon naked.

Nothing could have prepared me for this. I was face to face with the man I love naked and grinning at me. I made my move and got on my knees. "Yeah Alex suck my cock." Jon said, starting to moan softly. I opened my mouth and took his cock past my lips. It tasted awesome. "Shit" Jon said softly. I took his whole 7 inches in, down to the balls. I added my tongue in as he thrusted in and out of my mouth. When I gasped for air, I said "Fuck my mouth harder. Shit it's good." He thrusted faster and I started to lick his balls while he was fully in my mouth. "Oh fuck Alex. I'm gonna cum." He announced. He began jacking off and I felt his load shoot onto my face. Some landed in my mouth and it tasted delicious.

He took his rock hard cock and scooped up the cum on his cut head. He then stocked his dick back into my mouth and I blew him until he became soft. "Im hungry Alex. Its my turn." Jon said. He licked his lips as he got on his knees and I stood up. I took my shirt off and he did the rest. My cock is about 7 inches hard like him. We both were shaven. "Alright let's see what a cock tastes like." he said. He started off licking and sucking my balls while jacking me with his hand. "Shit youre good Jon." I moaned. His cute face and badass hair were a sight for me looking down.

He took my cock in his mouth and deepthroated me. He was the same length as me, but I was thicker. His mouth was stuffed and stretched as I fucked his mouth. He began to lick while I was in my mouth and that started to set me off. "Oh god." I moaned. He kept going for about 5 minutes until I announced "God yes. Get ready." I spasmed and came into his pretty mouth. He swallowed all of it and I pulled out. "Wow your cock is amazing Alex. You lasted a lot longer then me." he said. "Yeah I know haha. It's been 15 minutes they'll be coming up soon." I said, with a worried tone.

"Let em. I wanna fuck you." he responded, with a huge grin. We sat down and made out until we heard a knock. "Coming in!" Josh said. "Okay, let's take those-what the fuck?" he said. "I didn't expect this. Don't want to interrupt. Have fun." Josh left with a startled look on his face. Jon's lips were so soft and wonderful. Our tongues danced. I heard a bang on the door and two condoms slipped under. "Well let's not waste them!" I said. We were both fully hard again. I heard the door open and a table was pushed in. Jon winked at me and picked me up and laid me on the tables edge. He put the condom on. "You ready Alex?" he asked. "I've wanted this since I met you. Do it." I said. He aimed his cock at my ass hole and put the head in. I laid on my back staring at him. I was greeted to immense pain. "Ow god. That hurts!" I screamed. "It hurt for Zoe her first time too. Just breathe." he responded, clearly eager.

He slowly inserted more as the pain was replaced. "It feels awesome now. Go harder." I begged. He started thrusting extremely fast as he plunged his whole up me. "God this feels so good!" I said. I was now moaning extremely fast. After a minute of this position, he picked me off the table and had me on all fours. "God yes. Fuck me Jon." I screamed. He plunged into me and began fucking me from behind. It felt even better. "OH GOD YES!" I screamed. I was sure the whole house could hear us now. After a couple minutes of this position, he stopped. "Now my favorite position. I'm gonna sit down. Ride me." Jon commanded. "Take your condom off. I want you." I begged. He took it off and sat down. I sat down on top facing him and slowly lowered myself onto his cock.

I started going up and down, and his bare cock felt stunning up my ass. He started jacking me off as I rode faster. "Do you love my cock?" he asked. "I love it. I want more of it." I said. I rode him for about 3 minutes and I felt my dick spasm. "I'm gonna cum on your chest dude." I warned. I blew my load and it landed around his nipples. I rode even faster now. "I'm gonna cum. Do you want it up your ass?" he asked. I nodded. He blew a huge load up my ass and we got up. "Thanks Jon. I needed this." I said, still catching my breath. "No problem. Thank you!" he said. We sat on the table redressed and made out until Josh came back. When he led us downstairs, everyone knew what we did. High fives left and right. Me and Jon spent the rest of the party together, continuously making out.

When people started leaving, I begged him not to go. He promised me we'd have more fun as long as his girlfriend never found out. She wasn't at the party so I nodded and swore to keep it a secret. We called our parents and were allowed to spend the night, as a few people were doing. We made out all night long.

I love this scene boy.

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