Birthday, Chapter 1

It was evening on her birthday, but since it was the middle of the week she and her husband had agreed to celebrate the following weekend. Even though her husband worked from home she hadn’t seen him all day, but this was not unusual. “He is most likely still in his study working hard”, she thought.

She stood looking out the open front door at the lengthening shadows of a late afternoon in spring, enjoying the sunshine. She wore a halter-top red dress with white polka dots and black stiletto heels, with black strapless silk bra and matching thong style panties. She had put on make-up with thick, enticing eye liner and slutty red lipstick; there had been talk of birthday sex and she wanted to be ready. Her mind wandered back to a conversation they had had last week about how much fun it would be to have a threesome. They had gotten quite horny just talking about adding a second man to the equation, how she had always longed to have two men inside her at the same time, and how much her husband wanted to watch her suck another man’s cock. But they ultimately said it probably wasn’t a good idea in the long run, citing several very mature and sensible reasons that she couldn’t remember.

She was getting aroused just thinking about it, and absent-mindedly slid her thighs against each other in an attempt to contain her arousal as a spring breeze tickled her smooth, bare legs. "I could go back to the bedroom and relax, maybe touch myself. Then I'll be hornier and ready for whatever we do this evening," she thought to herself. Leaving the door open to circulate some air, she poked around the house looking for unfinished tasks and ended up in the bedroom with the door closed.

Her hand surrupticiously snuck under her dress and she leaned against one of the bedposts as she relaxed into her own touch. "This is really for him", she thought, "I want to make it better tonight." She slipped a finger inside her slit and started spreading her moisture along her pussy lips. "I know, I'll film it. He likes watching me masturbate." She moved to the dresser and started setting up a webcam to record herself, arranging various sex toys on the dresser as well just in case she wanted to get a little kinky. As she lined up handcuffs, straps, blindfold, and a lifelike dildo, she was watched from between the slats of the air duct grate in the top corner of the room by another camera. Her husband had set it up secretly some time ago and he often used it to spy on her when there was a likelihood of seeing her naked. He had a great view from up there and could see the whole room in stunning 1080p. He had even gone so far as to modify the slats so they did not obstruct his view and luckily for him she had never noticed.

He watched from a hidden chair in the closet of his office with his cock in his hand as she returned to the bed and started playing coy for the webcam she had set up. He slowly jacked his hardening member as she posed and played, blowing kisses and flashing the camera. She picked up the dildo and slid it along her panty-clad pussy, giving the recording a good view so her husband could watch her play with as realistic a cock as she could get. She put on the blindfold and handcuffs, looking coy as she knelt in front of her camera and pretended to be a helpless maiden. She layed back against the pillows, spreading her legs for the webcam, and sliding the dildo under her panties, eyes closed in peaceful concentration as she slowly built an orgasm.

After a few minutes she heard some movement in the kitchen and thought about going to help her husband get something to eat. "But I'm so close," she thought. "If I cum really well, maybe he'll hear me and join in!" With a smile she redoubled her efforts and in another minute or two her lusty moans seeped out of the room into the rest of the house. As she lay peacefully sprawled in her orgasmic stupor, eyes closed, head against the pillow, she heard first her husband's office door open and shut, and then the bedroom door. She smiled, gliding her legs sexily against the sheets and stretching her chained arms toward the headboard, inviting her husband's touch as she feined sleep. Her smile widened when she heard the telltale signs of someone getting undressed.

Her husband sat in his closet and watched on the monitor as two masked men undressed beside his wife, who was moaning softly to them from the bed. With his free hand he pressed Record. While they finished undressing she rose sensuously into a kneeling position and slid her cuffed hands between her legs with a long, breathy exhale. She could hear them approach the bed and she thrust her cleavage forward, playfully biting her lower lip. When the first man climbed onto the bed and grabbed her cleavage, she cooed lustily. When the second man climbed onto the bed and ran his hands along her back over her dress, she drew in a startled breath and froze in hesitaiton.

"Honey?" she asked, turning her blind gaze toward the man behind her, then back to the one in front of her. Her cheeks flushed in embarassed arousal as someone other than her husband caressed either her breasts or her ass, and the flush deepened in giddy excitement at not knowing which was which. "Are you sure about this?" she asked, reaching out her hands to touch his bare chest as her pussy flooded with renewed moisture at the prospect of her lifelong fantasy finally becoming a reality. "You're not going to change your mind?" she said breathlessly as she leaned with intense longing into their groping hands until she was kneeling on all fours. Then she started to say "I mean, I'm game if you are," but was cut short by a hand on the back of her head sliding her mouth over a hard, silky dick.

She instantly dropped the last shred of feigned reluctance she had created for her husband, taking this as his final say in the matter, and the handcuffs rattled as her hands darted to hold the cock in her mouth and caress its balls like she had been trained. The hands on her ass ran down her bare legs to hold her ankles and thrust his hips up against her. She felt a cock pressed against her panties, sliding along her pussy cleft and she leaned her head and shoulders down to the bed, thrusting her ass higher into the air to encourage him as she kissed and sucked the base of the dick at her face.

Fingers groped up her bare legs and under her dress to grab at the edge of her panties. Fingers caressed her bare shoulders and tried to lift her halter top over her head. She rose to a kneeling position between them and said, "I can take that off if you'd like." As her hands reached up to remove the halter top, the man in front of her grabbed the handcuffs and pulled her walking unsteadily on her knees to the edge of the bed. She swung her legs off the edge of the bed and stood up in her high heels, passively holding her wrists out in front of her, ready to be led to her fate. One of the men removed her handcuffs and she momentarily stretched her arms up above her head, liesurely thrusting out her chest and ass, then slid down into a crouch with her knees together and her arms laid out across the end of the bed.

The man beside her stepped across her body trapping her thighs between his legs, and she leaned her head forward to wrap her lips around his encroaching manhood while the other man made his way over to her as well. She bobbed her head, letting the tip of her tongue run from the underside of his head to the base of his shaft and back, then turned and did the same to the other man's dick. The first one felt like her husband, judging by his length and girth, but the second one tasted more like him. "I can't tell," she thought with a shiver of excitement, "They're so similar."

She felt her wrists bound firmly but comfortably, and she stood up as the straps were attached to the tops of the bedposts and pulled tight. Her heels gave her the height to stand comfortably so she spread her feet shoulder width apart and struck a pose, hanging from her arms with a breathless delight playing across her features. From behind her she felt hands slide up her bare legs under her dress and she leaned forward what little she could to rotate her hips toward him. Hands spanned her bare ass cheeks and a thrill shot through her gut as thumbs hooked her panties aside, exposing her womanhood. She felt someone's legs slide down hers, and a cock line up and slip itself inside her pussy. She gasped and tried to thrust her hips back toward him but he held her ass firmly so that the head of his dick sat just inside her pussy lips, teasing her as it throbbed with his sexual energy. It drove her wild with a desire to be fucked deep and hard.

Someone was jacking off in front of her, she knew, because she could hear the fap fap fap of his balls. "That's got to be him," she thought. "He's always wanted to watch another guy fuck me." And she started licking her lips and moaning as she bucked her hips. The man in front of her moved in closer and placed his hand on the front of her pussy. She could feel his breath on her face as he stroked her thigh with one hand and slid his fingers along her pussy lips that gripped the tip of other man's cock. "I thought he'd want to watch," she thought, "and I'm pretty sure that's not his breath. But the other one jumped me right away. Now I'm completely confused."

The man behind her pulled out and stood beside her, jacking off as he watched. The other man slid both hands down her leg, caressing her every curve from her pussy to her ankle. Holding her ankle he whisked off one shoe with a quick movement, then moved to her other foot and did the same. Without her high heels she had to stand with her legs together, and she tried to maintain a confident facade with a nervous chuckle and coo as she struggled to balance on tip-toe. Hands cupped her breasts through their fabric, then slid up along her halter top to the back of her neck.

She ducked her head to help them pull the loop over without catching the blindfold, then rolled her head back as the material fell away to reveal her breasts caged in their silk, strapless bra. She looked dramatically away and said, "No! Please, no!" in her best impression of a woman in distress. The hands pulled the front of the bra down with a jerk and she let out a half-hearted cry. "No, no, no! You can't do this!", she moaned as he grasped her breasts in both hands when they spilled out into the open bedroom air. The other man quickened the pace of his jacking off. "Watch and enjoy, dear husband," she thought, giving herself over with a moan and a sultry "Oh god yes" to these strong, rough hands that molested her body.

It felt incredible and she lost herself in the stranger's touch, no longer caring which one was her husband. This realization thrilled her immensely and her loins raged, crying out for fulfilment. The hands unclasped her bra, let it fall away, and lustily groped her ribcage before unzipping her dress down the side. They yanked it over her hips, a little rougher than she thought was necessary, and let it fall to her feet. She gasped audibly, partly for their benefit and partly from the suddenness of it.

Her tits swayed gently as her body hung in anticipation, eagerly awaiting the next touch. The hands then started at her ribcage again and slid down every curve of her body to her feet, snagging her panties as they passed and dropping them around her feet like black silk shackles. A chill of excitement shivered through her body as she hung there naked with her clothes pulled down around her ankles, her nipples getting hard as she listened to the sounds of the men masturbating.

She was of two minds. Part of her was reluctant: apprehensive at thoughts of vague, far-off consquences of a threesome, embarassed to be stripped naked in front of a total stranger, and frightened that they might not stop if she became uncomfortable. The other part of her was in heaven: finally living her most intimate fantasy, loving the bondage-humiliation, and thrilled by the exhibitionism. She sensuously thrust out her chest and swayed her hips as much as the restraints would allow.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked in her most theatrically pathetic and submissive voice, trying to get them to talk dirty to her while she played the helpless victim, but with no success. Their mute response left her feeling more than a little self-conscious and her mind began to conjure up the violently invasive things that someone less scrupulous than her husband might do to a woman in her helpless position. She ran a foot up the back of her leg in a subconscious attempt to hide her naked pussy.

The man in front of her grabbed her hips and she could feel him lay his cock along her inner thigh, pointing straight at her pussy like a snake that has found where its prey is hiding. He craned his neck forward and touched the tip of his tongue to her tits, eliciting a soft cry of pleasure and relief from her tense form. The other man's legs slid against hers as he came up behind her, sat on the bed and started fingering her asshole. "No, no, not in the ass," she said matter-of-factly and shifted her hips so his finger slipped into her pussy instead while his free hand enjoyed the smooth feel of her naked ass and back.

Their hands moved along her skin to her wrists and she found herself being released from the restraints. She gained her footing and with a skinking feeling wondered if she had offended them, afraid it was over already. As she stood waiting by the foot of the bed naked and blindfolded, she heard a third man enter the room. Her heart skipped a beat. It had never occurred to her that this might not be a threesome but a foursome, and her mind thrilled to new heights at the prospect.

Her nipples perked up and she squared her shoulders toward the newcomer as her heart started pounding in her ears. The other two men shushed him before he could speak and her mouth went dry with the thrill of the moment. She shushed him, too, with a sultry finger to her lips and drew in a halting breath, trying to hide her exhiliration as she said, "I'm not supposed to know who's who." Then walking over to him with a sway of her naked hips she held a hand out to find his chest.

When her fingers brushed his shirt she subtly licked her lips and knelt, running her hands down his chest to his belt buckle. She could hear him removing his shirt as she undid his belt and zipper. Then pulling the fly of his boxers apart she reached in a hand and drew out his hardening member. Her fingers wrapped gently around his shaft and she leaned her head in to guide in into her mouth. Her lips pressed his boxers against his body, deepthroating him, then pulled back slowly along his shaft. Her lips ringed his head and her tongue playfully flicked the underside of his cock as he struggled to get undressed faster. Her head bobbed several times on his man meat and only when he had stripped to his boxers did she pull away. With a bashful smile she put the back of her hand to her mouth and giggled silently to herself, lost in her own rapturous incredulity. She loved absolutely everything about this situation and she still couldn't believe it was really happening.

She heard his boxers drop to the floor, but before she could continue pleasuring him the other two men grabbed her by the arms and dragged her forcefully back to the bed. Her heart burned in her chest as they manhandled her and her loins caught the fire. She writhed in their strong hands, sliding her legs along each other and sensuously snaking her torso to show off her breasts. They pulled her up onto the sheets and laid her in the center of the mattress, kneeling beside her as they began to attach the straps to the headboard. She could feel their knees pressing against her armpits and her hands reached up between their legs to fondle their firm asses.

Her fingers curled underneath them, grazing their skin as her hands moved forward to cup and tickle their balls. Pressing her palms against the bases of their cocks, she rotated her hands around so her fingers could wrap around their rock hard, throbbing shafts. As she started slowly jacking them off she thought about how long she'd wanted to have a thick, juicy manmeat in each hand, and how soon she would be double penetrated by them. She licked her lips in anticipation as they firmly bound her wrists.

Her heart started racing again when the third one grabbed her ankles and pulled her tight, her arms and legs outstretched from the head to the foot of the bed. The jolt made her breasts bounce and she could hear the two beside her jacking off. She arched her back and let out a sultry moan, smiling to herself as the sound of their fap fap fap quickened. A genuine gasp of surprise and delight escaped her lips when a gruff pair of hands grabbed her tits and started groping them lustily. She liked playing the helpless maiden, so she resisted playfully when her ankles were pried apart and a man knelt between her thighs.

As she tried to press her knees together she could feel his hips slide from her ankles all the way up her legs to her crotch, and cried softly, "No, no, please no!" in breathy gasps. She turned her head to the side and strained against the straps as she locked her ankles behind the stranger's back to pull him against her crotch. His rock hard cock was already thrusting along her pussy slit, coating itself in her lubrication. One of them streaddled her head and she started sucking on his balls while she moaned her pleasure.

The man playing with her tits sat across her ribs and let his shaft fall into her cleavage. His thighs kept her breasts pressed against his member and as his hip thrusts fucked her tits his fingers pinched her tender, perky nipples. Initially she started to suck on the base of the shaft at her face, hoping to get him to slide his cock into her mouth while her pussy was being fucked. "Ow," she said suddenly, drawing in a sharp breath. "Don't pinch so hard." The pinching continued. "Ouch! Hey, that hurt," she said harshly, but the shaft of a juicy dick was laid across her lips, pressing against her to silence her protest. The man across her ribs started flicking her nipples and smacking their tender nubs. It hurt, but it was getting her much more aroused than the pinching and twisting from before.

Hands grabbed her ankles and pulled them apart, unwrapping them from around the man's waist. She felt her feet being pulled back and the man with his cock against her face grabbed her ankles. Her pussy thrilled and begged to be sated. A second pair of hands moved from her tits to grip her calves and a third pair stroked their fingertips along the back of her thighs from her knees to her pussy. As the three horny cocks throbbed against her lips, nestled in her cleavage, and rubbed against her dripping slit, she felt truly dominated. As the silky, swollen object of her desire pierced her helpless form she let out a long, resounding cry of years of pent-up frustration and longing finally being fulfilled. When his member stuffed her to its fullest and his hips touched hers, she felt like she was lost in a dream.

The most wonderful sensations she had ever felt washed over her as his dick throbbed powerfully, sheathed to its hilt inside her. She was brought to the brink of her orgasm, longing only for him to fuck her harder than she had ever been fucked before. He stroked her exposed inner thighs as he savored her pussy, letting himself hover on the brink with her. Finally he slid himself out of her tight slit and she released a long pent-up sigh of pleasure and frustration. "This is probably isn't him," she thought, "He would want to watch first." His fingers roamed slowly across her pussy lips, ass, and hips, teasing her before he continued.

His hand smacked down, spanking her open pussy and eliciting from her an exhasperated gasp of longing. All three of them laughed at her plight, waggling their dicks on her as she squirmed under them. The head of a cock touched her pussy lips and waited. Fingers splayed arcoss her nether regions, holding her down and framing her pussy. With a frustrated moan she wordlessly pleaded from the depths of her soul to be filled with his manhood. Then finally it thrust into her, bottoming out hard before pulling back for another thrust. Her head flew back on its own as her orgasm rushed down on her like a tidal wave, her mouth locked in a muffled scream around the balls she was sucking on. Thrust. The hands holding her ankles made her feel trapped and helpless. Thrust. The hard cock throbbing between her tits made her feel sexy and wanted. Thrust. The palms cupping her calves made her feel dirty and enticing. Thrust. The fingers framing her pussy made her feel dominated and desired.

The cock in her pussy swelled to its fullest and started to throb. She knew it was pumping her full of cum and knowing it was probably not her husband made her heart race as she rode out her surging climax. The balls in her mouth were removed, releasing her orgasmic scream to ricochet thorugh every corner of the house. As her spasms subided his still rock-hard dick pulled out and her cum catcher was left grasping for him in the waning tides of her ecstasy. To her surprise there was nothing but her own wetness dripping from her snatch and she thought, "He didn't cum? Then that's definitely not him; he doesn't have nearly that much control."

She could feel her legs being released and the weight climbed off of her chest. Rough hands flipped her onto her stomach and she naturally raised herself up onto her elbows and knees, opening her mouth as she eagerly awaited the inevitable double penetration. Hands petted her ass as someone knelt between her legs and the swollen head of a cock lined up for penetration. She moaned softly in response. Her pussy parted, engulfing the thick, throbbing member up to the hilt and letting the balls tap against her clit. His cock was budding pre-cum, swollen to its maximum from fucking her tits.

A gasp escaped her lips as he swelled to fill her up more than her husband ever had. "He must be waiting til last," she thought, confident at having finally figured it out. When the third man knelt in front of her she licked her lips enticingly and began sucking on his swollen knob in her husband's favorite way. He took her head in his hands and slid himself down her throat, filling her mouth and stopping just before she choked on his thick, juicy member. A swell of sexual energy surged through her as they both began to thrust in unison, and her soul finally felt the lifelong thrill of satisfaction to be penetrated by two men at the same time.

Another orgasm pulsed through her and her squealing cries of euphoria were muffled by the manmeat stuffed into her mouth, sliding back and forth against her tongue. Both men buried themselves inside her after a few dozen strokes and redoubled her waning climax with their own throbbingly exhuberant members. When they finally finished and pulled out she collaped on the bed. Then the realization dawned on her that neither of them had cum, either, and she drew in a sharp breath. Her heart raced faster and faster as her mind tried fruitlessly to rationalize which one of these men could possibly be her husband. "That's a neat trick, honey," she cooed optimistically, but her voice shook with doubt.

She rose to a kneeling position, bashfully covering herself with one arm. To have sex without her husband present was a scenario she had never let herself think about, but to be tied up and ravaged was her deepest, darkest fantasy. It seemed wrong somehow to live out a fantasy she hadn't discussed with her husband, and she decided they should be done. The three men encircling the bed made her uneasy, so with a tone of finality she said, "Well, that was fun," and reached for the blindfold.

Strong hands caught her wrists and held them securely while a collar was slipped around her neck. Her wrists were attached to the back of her neck, leaving her elbows pointed to the ceiling as she knelt naked in the middle of the bed. The sound of thier fap, fap, fap informed her they weren't done with her yet, and she pulled uselessly against her restraints a few times while they masturbated to her helpless form. A deep, lusty part of her couldn't resist any longer, so against her better judgement she gave in.

When one of them crawled onto the bed she let him slide between her knees and bucked her hips so his cock slid along her pussy slit. When one of them stepped in front of her and pulled her chest around his throbbing member, she leaned into him and helped him fuck her tits. But when the third one knelt behind her and pressed his cock against her asshole she protested firmly, "No no, not in the ass." The one in front of her grabbed her head in his hands and slid himself between her lips while the cock between her ass cheeks pressed harder and harder against her sphincter. She tried to shout, "Not in the ass!", but her cries were inaudible around the juicy dick that filled her mouth.

It felt like her asshole was going to split when it finally opened to his thick, headstrong cock, and she let out a squealing moan and tried to struggle. The hands on her thighs, hips, and head held her immobile as her ass stretched wider and wider to accomodate the full length and width of the invader. She drew in a deep breath and tried to relax as he slowly but surely forced himself farther and farther into her backdoor. When his hips finally touched her ass cheeks she tentatively let out her breath and her tongue curved to hold the head and shaft making use of her mouth.

Fingers fiddled with the folds of her pussy and the swollen, ravenous head of the third cock parted her pussy lips, pressing itself into her inner sanctum. Her hips were doublestuffed and she drew in a sharp breath that caught in her throat as he bottomed out inside her. Now she was triple penetrated, left to the mercy of the three raging cocks that made all of her orifaces into cock holes and filled them to the brim. She was tossed and shaken bodily as they thrusted into her with wanton lust, taking everything from her simultaneously. Her mind reeled to reconcile the ecstatic feeling of pleasuring three men at the same time with the ultimate feeling of helplessness of being tied up on her own bed and raped.

Her mouth tasted like pre-cum and her nipples were getting tender from the cruel fingers of the man beneath her. Each time he pinched her tits or rubbed his palms on her swaying breasts she could feel his member swell inside her, edging his way toward an eruption. The hands caressing her asscheeks also made the dick in her asshole swell and throb, slowly stretching her wider and wider. On and on they fucked her together, savoring her stolen womanhood while she did the only thing her immobilized body could do: wimper. She was overwhelmed by the feeling of true domination, and as her heart raced ecstatically she thought she was going to cry.

The cock in her mouth could not contain its excitement any longer and as it spewed streams of salty cream over her tongue, a tear trickled down her cheek. When the others swelled to their fullest and buried themselves inside her she could hear their grunting cries of elation. They all erupted inside her, holding her in their vice-like grips while their throbbing, pulsing members dumped batch after batch of milky lust into the deepest, darkest recesses of her soul. Her heart thrilled in ecstasy, beating like a fire alarm behind her breasts that were held in the rapturous clutches of the man cumming in her pussy. After swallowing four times she couldn't take any more of his load and it spurted out between her lips with each thrust, trickling down her chin as he finished off inside her mouth.

One by one they subsided, going soft and pulling out of their captive reluctantly. When they crawled away to get dressed again she was left kneeling naked once more in the middle of the bed, oozing their cum from her every orifice. Her hands were still tied behind her neck so she couldn't cover herself up or even wipe off the cum that drizzled from her mouth onto her abused bare breasts. They left the room together, and as their laughter died away down the hall she released a long, heartfelt cry of pent up emotion and satisfaction. She felt abused and vulnerable, and in the sombre afterglow she hated herself for loving every minute of it.

The door to her husband's study opened and she heard someone enter the room. She waited for him to free her so she could get some answers, but instead she felt a familiar pair of hands caressing her arms and sides. An exclamation of incredulity excaped her lips as she felt him pinch her cum-stained nipples, and instead of freeing her he pushed her over onto the sheets. Her chest and shoulders were being pressed against the bed with the round curve of her ass pointing beckoningly into the air. Hands gripped her hips possessively and a moaning cry spilled from her throat as her pussy was split by one final raging hard cock.

Without a second thought he rammed into her hard and fast half a dozen times before spilling his seed into her cum-spattered pussy. He held himself deep inside her until he had spent his last drop, gripping her body tight against himself until his thick, throbbing member could spasm no more. Then he pulled out and crawled to her head, untying her hands and removing the choker from around her neck. She slowly rolled onto her back, too exhausted to sit up. He pulled off her blindfold and she looked up at long last into the face of her adoring husband.

He planted a kiss firmly on her lips and then, tasting that another man's cock had been in her mouth, he kissed her deeply and passionately for several minutes. In a blissful daze they washed up and stripped the bed, then lounged naked together on the clean new sheets. "What happened?" she asked. "You were magnificent," he replied with a smile, and her anxiety about what he would think instantly fell away. "Who were they?" she asked bashfully, burying her face in her husband's chest. "I don't know, but I hope they come back soon," he replied, holding her tightly against his naked body. She shuddered with pleasure and interlocked her fingers behind her head. "Me, too. It was the best birthday present I've ever gotten."

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