Editing Reailty Book 3, Chapter 01: Naughty Contest

Editing Reality

Book Three: Naughty Fantasies Unleashed

Chapter One: Naughty Contest

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Steve Davies

Today, I'd won.

My wife kept staring at the two angels, Anael and Jophiel. She could see them now thanks to my second edit of Linda. My contest with Seth Meyers, the other person who'd been granted the power to edit reality by the Most High, had ended. He'd forced me into a corner. He'd driven me into a place that he thought I'd have no choice but to give up my powers, reverting every single edit I had ever made. All so Seth could gain the love of my eldest daughter.

Desperate, I had tried to edit everything in that small room. It was all protected. Seth had edited everything in there first. He had arranged it so I had no way out. There was only one thing I could edit: my angel, Anael.

It had never occurred to me to try to edit her. And it had never occurred to Seth.

Linda quivered naked on my desk in the mayor's office of Rainier, Washington, the small town we lived in that lay east of Seattle. “This is incredible. You can edit the entire town.”

“I know,” I said. Editing Anael, accomplished after I'd figured out her “password,” had upgraded my phone. No longer did I have three edits a day, but six, plus new features were unlocked in my phone.

I could modify objects previously edited by me or another, and I could change large entities like an entire town. It took more uses, but it was incredible. And with Anael now loyal to me over the Creator, I'd learned the password for Seth's angel.

I stole his power. I had all his editing abilities now, too. Seth was back to a normal youth. All the things he'd done had been reverted. I had modified a few things, ensuring that some of the things he'd done stayed permanent, such as making me mayor and the creation of all the artificial girls he'd made via my son's artistic skill.

There were a handful of them in my office, including Rei and Asuka who were polar opposites of each other from hair—one had pale blue and the other fiery red—to personalities. They had helped pleasure my wife. They were Seth's soldiers, but now they were my family's servants.

I just couldn't let their existence be wiped out. They were still people with emotions and memories no matter how they were created.

Responsibility was important. I had even greater powers now. I had to use them with care. I had to think through all my changes. I would make Rainier perfect. I had people to help. To edit. Seth Meyers was one of them. He was used in this game like I was by the Most High. He just wanted his own happiness like I did. Only I was in the way of his.

I could do something for him now, give him a different form of happiness.

My wife slid off the desk, her large breasts swaying. Her auburn hair danced about her shoulders. Her breasts were a little perkier, a slight tweak to enhance her beauty. She slipped onto my lap, her green eyes burning with passion.

“What are you thinking?” she asked me, her breasts rubbing into my chest. “Are you thinking about how to make your kingdom?”

I stared into my wife's eyes. Kingdom This heady rush shot through me. Dangerous ideas washed through my mind as my wife pressed her lips against mine.

A kingdom

I could edit more than just Rainier.


Sam Davies

I needed to do something about my nerves rippling through me. I knew Seth was out there. He was going to do something against my family. My parents. He was fighting against Daddy for who would win their editing reality contest.

“No more Smash Brothers,” I said, tossing down the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons. “Let's have another contest.”

James, my brother, glanced at me. We hadn't played video games together in forever it seemed. After the inauguration party for Daddy to become mayor earlier, James and I headed home. Me with my three best friends, him with his two Anime girls Daddy created for him.

I knew the truth about that. James thought he created the busty Orihime and the petite Ruri.

“What sort of contest?” asked James. He glanced at me, his silver-rimmed glasses perched on his face. He looked like a younger version of Daddy, but dorky. He had dark-brown hair and hazel eyes. Thanks to Orihime and Ruri, his hair was combed and not the bird's nest it used to be.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Rita, my cute, Black friend. She was sitting beside me and, like me, she was pregnant with my daddy's child. All three of my friends were pregnant.

“Something naughty knowing Sam,” said Courtney sitting on a chair. Her black hair swayed about her face, her blue eyes bright.

“Yep,” Tammy said. She had brown hair and a round face. She sat on the floor beside Orihime, setting down her own Joy-Con controller. We were enjoying four-player, free-for-all matches in Smash Bros.

“I like naughty,” Orihime said. She was a busty girl with a shade of orange hair that was so bright and garish. Her blue eyes were bright as she looked over her shoulder at me.

“Oh, no,” groaned Ruri. She had light blue hair that verged on purple. She was petite, like me, sitting on the other end of the couch from Rita.

“Yep,” I said, surveying the living room. It was just my three friends, my brother's two girls, James, and myself. Good thing we had a large living room. I needed to calm my nerves, and I was getting horny, too. “Let's have a—”

“—pussy eating contest,” I said, just so horny. Today had been so long. Daddy was Mayor now, and it was so boring at the party. I needed to blow off steam with my friends. Playing video games was fun, but I had learned other naughty activities.

“Oh, that's a wicked idea,” said Zero Suit Samus. She was one of the many girls my brother had created over the last few weeks to serve my family. He'd drawn her into existence like he'd created his two girlfriends. Zero Suit Samus, wearing that blue bodysuit of hers that made the blonde bounty hunter so hot, leaned against the wall.

Other created girls lounged around the edges, ready to serve James, myself, and our guests.

“Pussy eating contest?” whimpered Ruri.

“I'm listening,” James said. My pervy brother had such a naughty glint in his eyes.

“Yep,” I said. “You eat out Orihime while I eat out Rita. First one to make their girl cum wins a real contest.”

“I love this contest!” Orihime moaned. She bounced to her feet. She whirled around and faced us, her large tits heaving in the long shirt she wore. One of my brother's dress shirts. We'd all changed out of our party wear for more comfortable clothing. She peeled off her shirt, baring her breasts without a hint of modesty.

“Idiots,” Ruri moaned, blushing scarlet.

“You'll get into the spirit of it,” I said then glanced at Rita. “You up for it. I mean, I could eat Tammy's pussy.”

“What about my pussy?” Courtney asked. My three friends and I had been lovers before I had the courage to surrender my virginity to Daddy.

“I love eating your pussy,” I said. “Rita's just the closest to me.”

“Well, can I eat out Tammy's pussy and join the contest?” Courtney asked.

“Yes,” James said, giving them a hungry look.

“Naughty boy,” Orihime said. She shoved down the panties she wore, exposing her shaved pussy. They fell down to her feet. “You are just so hard to watch some lesbians have fun.”

“Not lesbians,” said Tammy. “We're bi. We're all pregnant with your future siblings.”

James blinked at that.

“Yep, Daddy bred us all,” I said as I stood up. I licked my lips and then pulled off my tank top, baring my small breasts. My short, red hair swayed about my face. I didn't mind if James saw my naked body. He just couldn't touch me.

Daddy was the only man who could do that.

“Your dad bred us at a slumber party,” said Rita. She pulled off her t-shirt, her round breasts quivering in a striped teal and white bra. It contrasted with her dark-brown skin. The Black girl licked her lips as she undid her bra.

“Swap,” said Orihime, grinning at James. “I want to cuddle up with Ruri as you eat me out.”

“This can't be happening,” muttered Ruri. “We're playing dumb video games.”

“Now we're playing a pussy eating simulator,” I said. “It's so accurate, girls will really cum.”

Courtney giggled as she knelt before the chair Tammy sat at. She was tugging down our brunette friend's shorts and panties, exposing her shaved pussy bred by Daddy. I shuddered as I glanced over at James swapping place with Orihime. His busty girl sank down beside Ruri, throwing an arm around the slender girl's shoulder.

“When are you going to breed your girls?” I asked.

“When I'm ready,” James said. He peeled off his t-shirt. He wasn't as slender as I thought, but he had nothing on Daddy's physique. James just lacked that maturity. My brother, at sixteen, was still a boy. He was becoming a man, but he wasn't there yet.

I pushed my skirt down, revealing my shaved pussy. I didn't wear panties, but I loved wearing skirts. They were so fun. My twat ached. Juices dribbled down my thighs as the girls got naked. Rita wiggled out of her jeans, her panties matching her bra.

I fell to my knees and grabbed the waistband of her panties. I drew them down and off her hips. I revealed her landing strip of black hair leading to that yummy pussy I was about to feast on. I would devour every last drop of her juices. I would eat her. Lick her. I would devour every bit of her. I would make her explode.

I would beat my brother. I was a girl. I had to be better at eating pussy than he was.

Daddy was good at eating pussy

I pushed that down. Daddy had experience.

James pressed Orihime's thighs apart, glancing at me. “You ready to begin.”

“I'm ready,” Orihime said.

“This can't be happening,” groaned Ruri. “You're all idiots.”

“Yep,” Courtney said. “Ooh, Tammy, I'm going to love you.”

“Make me cum,” purred Rita, grabbing my hair and pulling me towards her pussy.

“On three!” I shouted. “One, two, THREE!”

I buried my face into Rita's pussy. Her shaved twat, hot and juicy, felt amazing against my lips. I flicked my tongue through her folds, gathering her spicy juices. My tongue caressed her thick labia, stroking through her petals. I lapped at her cream, feasting on her.

She shuddered as I devoured her pink delight. Her breasts jiggled above me, round and firm. Girls moaned through the living room. They gasped and whimpered. Orihime and Tammy's pleasure mixed with Rita's.

We were all eating out pussy with all our passion.

I shoved my hands beneath Rita's rump, the couch cushion's fabric rubbing on the back of my hand. I squeezed her rump. I pulled her towards my face. My tongue lapped at her folds. I licked at her. Ate her. I devoured her cunt.

Rita's legs squeezed around my head. She whimpered, her breasts jiggling as I devoured her. I kneaded her flesh. My tongue caressed through her thick labia, her hot pussy lips rubbing against my mouth. Her spicy juices coated my tongue.

“Oh, James, yes!” gasped Orihime. “Ooh, right there. Just lick me right there!”

“Courtney! Yes, yes, Courtney!” groaned Tammy.

“You naughty slut, Sam!” panted Rita, her face twisting with pleasure. “Ooh, lick me. Feast on me.”

I thrust my tongue deep into Rita's pussy. I swirled it around inside of her. I teased her, my tongue darting through her folds. I wiggled my tongue through her labia. Her juices soaked my tongue. My cunt clenched. Juices dribbled down my thighs.

My tongue caressed her. I rubbed my nose against her clit. Her spicy musk filled my nose. My fingers kneaded and caressed her rump. Her juices filled my mouth and coated my tongue. She humped against me. She smeared her twat against my face.

“Oh, God, that's good,” Rita moaned. “Ooh, and what are your fingers up to. You anal slut.”

“You know it!” I moaned. I loved it up the ass. It was my favorite form of sex.

My fingers dipped into her butt-crack as the moans echoed through the living room. I could hear our Anime girl servants murmuring, getting turned on by the fun. Orihime's big boobs bounced at the corner of my vision. Tammy's pants echoed from my left.

My fingers found Rita's asshole. I caressed her puckered sphincter while my tongue flicked up to her clit. I caressed her bud. I sucked on it. I nibbled on her hard nub. She gasped, her asshole clenching against my probing digit.

I pressed it against her.

“Oh, my god, yes!” Rita moaned. “Ooh, make me cum. We're going to win. Yes, yes, just suck on my clit!”

“James!” gasped Orihime. “Ooh, you know what I love!”

Her moans spurred me on. I had to beat my brother. I would show him my skills.

I thrust a finger into Rita's asshole. Her anal ring expanded to engulf my velvety depths. She shuddered. Her thighs squeezed around my face. She moaned out in delight, her head tossing back and forth. She humped against me. This wonderful heat that surged through me. I groaned as I feasted on her. I devoured her.

Pussy was always a delicious treat.

I lapped up the cream flowing out of her. I ate her. Feasted upon her twat as I fingered her asshole. My Black friend gasped, her breasts jiggling above me. Her bowels clenched on my digit. I sucked on her clit. She wiggled her hips, grinding her bud against my lips.

My tongue lapped at her flesh. I sucked on that clit hard. Her breasts jiggled as she trembled. She stared down at me and moaned, “Oh, yes, Sam!”

“Give me those pussy juices!” I moaned. “Just shower me.”

I kept nibbling on her little bud. My finger reamed her asshole while my thumb slid across her taint and found the hot folds of her pussy. I thrust my thumb into her twat. I reamed her as I sucked on her clit. Her hot flesh squeezed around me. Her asshole clenched on my digits.

“Oh, god, you're good!” she moaned. “I I”

She was coming close. I thrust my thumb and finger in and out of her two holes. My lips nibbled on her clit. Her body bucked. The couch groaned. Rita looked so hot as I pleasured her pregnant twat. She was like me.

Bred by my daddy.

“James!” squealed Orihime. “Oh, yes, yes, James, I'm cumming!”

“What!” I gasped, ripping my lips from Rita's twat.

Orihime's big breasts heaved. Her orange hair danced around her head. She whimpered, her nose twitching. She had her thighs squeezed tight about my brother's head. She gripped him as the passion appeared to be surging through her body, her face twisted with rapture.

“I'm so close!” Rita moaned, grabbing my hair and shoved my face back into her twat.

She rubbed her hot pussy against my lips. My thumb jammed into her pussy and my finger into her asshole. I latched onto her clit. I sucked hard. Rita gasped. Her two holes convulsed around my digits. Her juices gushed out of me. It spilled over my mouth. That spicy delight.

“James, James, you are the best!” Orihime cheered. “You're the best pussy eater!”

Competitive fire rippled through me as I sucked on Rita's clit. She gasped and moaned, cumming hard. I couldn't believe I lost. I nibbled on her clit as this wild annoyance shot through me, burning out of my juicy cunt.

I ripped my face up, my cunt aching to be touched. That had to wait. “You faked it!”

“What?” Orihime gasped. Her flushed face turned to me. “I never have to fake it with your brother. He's amazing.”

“Uhh” Ruri squirmed beside Orihime. “Can we go back to playing Smash Brothers? Your dumb contest is over.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Tammy moaned in the background, cumming third and not caring from the sound of her gasps.

“Best two out of three!” I said. “Maybe Orihime cums like a firecracker, but Ruri Ruri can't get off that fast.”

Ruri groaned.

“Deal,” James said. “Who do you want for round two?”

“Zero Suit Samus!” I said. Those Anime girls my brother drew got off fast. “Get over here and let me eat that pussy!”


Steve Davies

“I think I'm ready to do the edits,” I said, thinking through what I wanted.

“Mmm, wonderful,” Linda said. She shuddered on me. Then she slipped off and sat on the desk. “I'm ready wh—”

I switched to editing on the app. The world froze now. Only the two angels could move. My wife's mouth was open in mid-sentence, her hair flying around her head. Anael sauntered around the desk, the petite angel's purple eyes locked on me, her blonde hair spilling around her face.

“Mmm, what naughty things are you going to do?” she asked, rubbing at her small titties.

“He shall execute carefully considered edits upon his target,” said Jophiel. My new angel had large, soft breasts, her black hair contrasting with her pale skin. She had topaz eyes, orange and brilliant with depths. She didn't touch herself or even seem to realize she had a lovely body. “Right, my Lord?”

“Of course he will,” Anael said. “Our Lord has learned the dangers of the app. He always considers things. But he also has fun. Mmm, what if you made every woman in Rainier into eighteen-year-old hotties that just wanted to have sex with you. With other women. Other men. Just a wild orgy.”

“And how would anything get done?” asked Jophiel. “How would things like food and basic staples be distributed, let alone the maintenance of the infrastructure. It would absolutely destroy the economy of Rainier if he turned the city into a massive orgy.”

“Rainier has to wait,” I said. I switched the app to Seth Meyers. I wanted him to be happy. He was hung up on my daughter, Becky. But my eldest daughter had always been in love with me. I never edited either of my daughters to love me. Seth had to find someone else.

I wanted him to have a good life.

Seth Meyers

• Physical

• Mental

• Spiritual

From here, I could change everything about a person. From their physical characteristics, to their memories, to their more ethereal qualities. I needed to look at his desires. His wants. What he was attracted to. It was an intimacy that could be found by no one else.

I could get to know a person's darkest secrets.

I clicked the Spiritual Menu.


• Sexuality

• Faith

• Morality

• Social

Then the Social Sub-Menu.


• Charisma

• Awareness

• Relationships

• Mores

I hit Relationship Sub-Menu. A list appeared, the people at the top the ones he felt the closest to. Becky Davies, unsurprisingly, was at the top. Then came his mother followed by my son, James. They were friends despite the claims that Seth had made. He might believe that he befriended James to get close to Becky, but something real had developed. Next were a few other kids from the Christian college I taught at and Seth attended. Then his father was last. After a few minutes of browsing, I couldn't 'find any living girls he had any feelings for.

I glanced at the Anime girls. He had my son create them not just as an army, but as sexual creatures. I had no idea that Seth and James had set up a brothel right here in Rainier, renting out these hundred or so “dream girls” to guys at the college. Did Seth have any that were his favorite like James had Orihime and Ruri?

What did James call them once Waifu? Something like that.

I switched out of the Relationship Sub-Menu and clicked on the Sexuality Sub-Menu.


• Orientation

• Desires

• Libido

• Taboos

I scrolled down my options, looking for what I needed to fix. I clicked on his Desire Sub-Menu. Here, a list of fantasies appeared.

Unsurprisingly, more than a few involved Becky.

But nestled in there, were the Anime girls that he had a thing for. Two names at the top stood out. Rei and Asuka. I flicked my eyes to the two girls that stood frozen and naked. Petite Rei with her blue hair and red eyes contrasting with curvy Asuka with her fiery hair and blue eyes.

“Two girls” I said.

“What are you up to, my Lord?” Anael asked. She fell to her knees before me and grabbed my cock. She stroked me then licked up the tip. She was always doing naughty things like that.

“Giving Seth some girlfriends,” I said. “Two women that will make him happy. Give him the motivation to have a positive life.” I looked down at the angel. “Having a family take care of is a great motivation for a guy to excel in life. I'll make sure I add that in.”

I went back to the Relationship Sub-Menu and added two new relationships at the top of the list.

• Seth Meyers loves Rei as much as he loves Asuka.

• Rei was created for Seth Meyers by his good friend James to be a girlfriend and lover.

• Seth Meyers will be motivated to care for Rei and be a good boyfriend.

• Seth Meyers will only desire Rei and Asuka, not needing more in his life sexually than those two women.

• Seth Meyers is happy that he has Rei in his life as one of his two lovers.

I added the same comments for his new relationship with Asuka. Then I switched to my daughter's name. I deleted all the references that Seth had to loving and desiring Becky. I replaced them with the following:

• Seth Meyers has realized he only had a crush on Becky Davies after meeting Rei and Asuka.

• Meeting Rei and Asuka have shown Seth Meyers what real love is.

• Seth Meyers will continue to think positively of Becky Davies and continue to be her friend.

I headed over to Seth's Physical Menu.

Physical Menu

• Skin

• Head

• Torso

• Arms

• Groin

• Legs

• Nervous System

• Illness

I clicked on the Groin Sub-Menu.


• Penis

• Testes

• Prostate

• Pubic Hair

• Hips

I edited him so he had the physical stamina to satisfy two women. He was young, but two girls could drain a man. I knew that if I didn't have my artificial stamina, my first night with my daughters would have killed me.

I backed out and opened his Health Sub-Menu. I looked through and tweaked some long-term health problems he'd have in old age, nipping those in the bud. He would have a long and happy life with his women. He deserved that.

I hit the COMPILE button. Two options came up.




I clicked YES and the world rippled as the first changes were implemented. Nothing in my office changed yet. I used my next edit on Rei.

I maneuvered through her menu. I went to her Desire Sub-Menu. She already had the desire to please my family. In fact, she got off on it. She just had to have that changed. I edited her to focus that passion on Seth Meyers and Asuka. She would be happy, too. I headed to her Relationship Sub-Menu.

• Rei loves Seth Meyers and Asuka and is happy to be in a polyamorous relationship.

• Rei is motivated to be a good girlfriend and lover to Seth Meyers and Asuka.

• Rei will never have desires for others outside of Seth Meyers and Asuka but will be happy that she has those two people.

Anael sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth. She nursed on it, bobbing with hunger as I worked.

I didn't feel the need to tweak Rei physical appearance, I had confidence that James created her faithfully to her inspiration, and instead check her health tab. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she had no genetic or environmental factors leading to any health problems.

I hit COMPILE and then YES. Reality rippled from me. It washed over Rei and she vanished, replaced by a created girl I didn't recognize (they were all foreign to me). I imagine if I looked at my wife's memories of our recent sex, it would be this girl who sucked on her breast and not Rei.

“You're next,” I groaned to the frozen Asuka, wondering who would take her place.

“This is a very sweet thing you are doing,” Jophiel said, “but how does it serve our long-term goals, my Lord?”

“It doesn't,” I groaned, savoring Anael's mouth bobbing up and down my cock. “I just want to do something nice for someone. It makes me feel good.”

“Hmm,” she said. “Not a winning strategy. I am glad you lucked out and found a way to beat Seth so I could serve you and love you, my Lord. I hope you'll think more about your true goals, though. Altruism has its place, but it should be altruism that strengthens your position.”

“Is that really altruism then?” I asked, Anael's mouth sucking hard on my cock. She loved me, my balls tightening.

“Is altruism ever really altruism if you perform the good deeds to make yourself feel better? Or is the mere act of creating something good separate from whatever selfish motivation you use to enact it?”

“Hard to think philosophy when I have Anael blowing me,” I groaned, focusing on the phone. I switched to Asuka.

“Yes, I can see how that would be distracting,” Jophiel said. “It is a wonder you manage to win at all, my Lord, given your handicap.”

Anael growled around my cock but didn't stop loving me. My balls tightened as her fingers played with them. My cum came to a boil as I added the similar changes to Asuka's menu. I held off my orgasm, focusing on the app while all those good delights rushed through me. Anael's tongue felt so delicious as they rippled over my cock.

Finished, I hit COMPILE and then YES.

Asuka vanished in a ripple, replaced by a blonde, athletic-looking woman in a skin-tight, blue, futuristic bodysuit that came complete with heels. Who was she?

I didn't care.

“Anael,” I groaned as my angel's sucking brought me to the edge. “Damn.”

Pleasure exploded through me. My cum pumped into my naughty angel's mouth. Anael squealed in delight as she sucked, her purple eyes staring up at me with such hunger. She gulped down my jizz, loving me. I groaned, my heart racing in my chest. My chair creaked as it moved beneath me.

Jophiel watched, her cheeks growing faintly pink. Her large breasts swayed as a shiver ran through her. I smiled at her as the pleasure shot through my body. That wonderful ecstasy slammed into my mind. My reward for doing something good for my enemy.

“Share with Jophiel,” I groaned. “Give her a taste of what you're enjoying.”

Anael's purple eyes shone. She ripped her mouth off and, cheeks bulging, whirled around. Jophiel licked her lips. She didn't back away. I could tell she was obeying my desire. Anael planted her lips on the taller angel, large breasts pillowing against Anael's small tits. The naughty angel's tongue darted out, shoving my cum into Jophiel's mouth.

Her topaz eyes widened.

“First taste of cum?” I asked.

Jophiel could only moan in answer as Anael kissed with such aggression.

I chuckled and turned my attention to Tonya, my daughter's best friend. I found Tonya lying in bed with her mother and Becky. My eldest daughter was following in my wife's footsteps of seducing beautiful women. Becky started with her friend and moved on, with some surreptitious edits from me, to seducing professors and her best friend's mother. It took her a few weeks, but she worked Tonya into accepting incest.

I should have edited that into Tonya to begin with, but I wasn't nearly as perverted back then as I was now. But I made a few more tweaks to Tonya. I added that she wanted to share other things with Becky, including myself and my wife. I'd fucked all of Sam's friends and bred them, and I bet Tonya would look cute pregnant.

My sperm always bred a girl. Those tweaks finished, along with double-checking her health status, I changed her before switching to her mother. I added into her that she would want to sleep with Linda and myself. Then, to make sure there were no problems, I edited Tonya's father. I made sure he wouldn't be jealous of his wife's expanded sex life. I would arrange a nice treat for him. Maybe a hot college coed for him and his wife to enjoy.

All my changes done, I closed the app.

Anael and Jophiel vanished in mid-kiss.

“—enever you are to make some changes,” Linda said as she came unpaused.

“It's done,” I said, smiling. “How would you like to enjoy Tonya sometime?”

My wife laughed, her large breasts jiggling and her auburn hair sweeping about her shoulders. “You dirty pig, I love you!”

I winked at her.


Becky Davies

“You know,” Tonya said as she lay between me and her mother. After my father's inauguration party, the three of us had returned to my friend's home. With her father and brother out on a camping trip, the three of us had the house to ourselves. “I think I'm ready.”

“Ready for what?” I asked, stroking her side up to her small breasts.

“Mmm, yes,” her mother purred. I was so glad my plan worked. It took me a few weeks to guide Tonya into incest. I did it with a lot of naughty roleplay. Pretending to be her mother, getting that idea planted in her head until it had blossomed the night before. I blindfolded her and then had her mother eat. She thought it was all pretend, that it was me just roleplaying as her mother.

It was so hot watching Mrs. Alberts eat her daughter's virgin pussy.

“I'm ready to be with a guy,” said Tonya. “I know I should wait for marriage, but Your dad's such a hunk and” She bit her lip. “Is that okay? I know he's married, but your mom's hot, too.”

“Well,” I said, smiling, “I think that's okay. I mean, Dad's my lover, too. He took my virginity and” I frowned. When was my last period? I'd been having so much fun with my parents, my sister, my professors, Tonya, and Mrs. Alberts I hadn't been paying attention. Was I a week late? Could I be “My parents love my sister and me. They would be thrilled to have you in their bed.”

“I shouldn't be surprised you're sleeping with your parents,” Mrs. Alberts said. “Naughty girl. No wonder you were into me and Tonya.”

“This is so hot,” my girlfriend moaned. She shuddered and hugged me. She kissed me hard. I was so eager to share her with Daddy. It had been the next thing I planned on working Tonya towards. My father deserved all the delights I could give him.

I wanted to be like Mom, bringing hot women to him to enjoy with me. With her. And Sam. I loved my life.


James Davies

Zero Suit Samus sauntered towards my sister. Sam had a huge grin on her lips. She always played as Samus in Smash Brothers. My sister licked her lips as—

—Princess Zelda stopped before Sam, already peeling off her white gloves, her pink dress rustling. “I would love to be eaten out by you, Miss Sam.”

“Shame Samus is at Daddy's office,” Sam said, “but you make a good alt.”

Princess Zelda smiled, beatific and beautiful, her blonde hair spilling about her hair. I'd created her with my pen and artistic skill. I smiled as I glanced at Ruri, dressed in a girlish, green dress with a frilly skirt and puffy sleeves.

“Fine,” she muttered, cheeks blushing. “I'll play your dumb game and let you eat me out.”

She was tsundere, a Japanese trope where a girl would act mortified of her sexual and romantic attractions when she was secretly excited by it and yearned for it. I loved it. I rubbed at her calves as she pulled off her dress, shifting her rump to work the skirt out from beneath her. Unsurprisingly, she wore no underwear beneath and her hairless pussy, her slit so wonderfully tight, gleamed with her juices.

My loli lover was such a treat to behold.

It took Zelda a few minutes to get out of her more elaborate dress. But soon she was naked, her breasts round and swaying, her pointed ears thrusting out of her blonde hair. She sank down on the couch with all the grace of a princess. Her thighs parted, a fine down of gold adorning her pubic mound.

I did great work.

“Start!” Sam shouted.

My dick throbbed as I leaned down to lick at Ruri's pussy. I lapped up her folds, tasting her spicy pussy. She gasped and shuddered, her little titties throbbing as I stroked through her heated flesh. Her purple eyes stared down at me. She whimpered and groaned, her passion rippling from her as she gripped my face with her thighs. Her pigtails swayed as she shuddered.

I licked and lapped at her. I feasted on her. Those spicy juices filled my mouth. Her cheeks burned as she squirmed. My tongue darted inside of her cunt, feeling how juicy she was. How ready she was to explode in passion.

I was so eager to give it to her.

“James,” she groaned.

“Oh, yes, Miss Sam,” Zelda groaned, her voice melodic. “Oh, yes, that's wonderful.”

I smiled as my little sister feasted on Zelda with hunger. Sam was so eager to win. It was a fun enough contest, but my poor dick was aching for an orgasm. Ruri was so wet and juicy. I stared up in her eyes, seeing them glossy with her passion.

I flicked around her clit, making her shudder while the pressure built. There was moaning around the room. Rita, Tammy, and Courtney had formed a daisy chain. Orihime masturbated beside Ruri, staring at us with hunger in her blue eyes. The sexy girls I'd created surrounded us around the room.

“Damn,” I groaned and rose.

“James?” Ruri gasped, then her eyes widened. She gave me the slightest nod of her head, her legs spreading wide, inviting me in.

I guided my cock to her. I shuddered at the hot contact of her juicy pussy against my cock's tip. Then I thrust into her. I groaned as her flesh engulfed me. That wonderful delight slid up my shaft. I groaned, slipping deeper and deeper into her. Her pussy squeezed around me. This silky grasp that had me shuddering.

My balls smacked into her taint. The couch groaned from the force of my thrust. Her legs locked around my waist. Her arms went around my neck. She clung to me, pressing her small breasts into my chest. My loli lover felt so wonderful in my arms as I held her. As I plunged my cock in and out of her juicy pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned. “Ruri.”

Sam's head shot up from between Zelda's thighs. Juices dripped off of them. “You're cheating, James.”

“You win,” I groaned, too horny to care. I just wanted to cum in my Ruri.

Sam let out this exasperated groan. “That's not fair! Ooh, fine, it doesn't matter how they cum. Let's trib Zelda! I want to feel that furry muff on my snatch! We'll show my brother!”

“Yes, Miss Sam,” moaned Zelda, her breasts jiggling.

“Idiots!” Ruri moaned, her pussy clenching around my thrusting dick.

My sister slid onto the ground and lay on her side, opening her legs apart. Zelda slipped in after. I watched them as I thrust into Ruri's wonderful snatch. My sister and the video game character scissored their legs together. Their cunts came closer and closer until Zelda's golden-furred muff pressed into my sister's shaved twat.

They humped together.

Moans echoed through the room as I thrust my cock over and over into Ruri's pussy. I plowed into her, the pressure building and building at the tip of my dick. My balls smacked into her, full of my cum that would spill into her.

Could I breed her? She was on birth control. Both of them were. Should I take them off? It would be hot to breed my two waifus. The two girls that I created to love me. I shuddered, pumping harder, faster.

“Ooh, fuck her,” moaned Orihime, rubbing her pussy, her big boobs bouncing beside me. “Make her cum. Defeat your sister.”

“Not defeating me!” hissed Sam. “Right, Zelda!”

“Oh, yes, Miss Sam,” Zelda moaned. “Ooh, rub your pussy against my cunt. That's it. That's so good. Oh, my, that's incredible. Just like that. Our clits are kissing!”

“Your bush is tickling my twat!” groaned Sam.

“James! James!” Ruri moaned, her fingernails digging into my back.

I stared into her glossy eyes. I slammed into her, holding her. Her small breasts massaged my chest as I plowed into her. My balls spanked into her taint. The loud smacks echoed through the room. They resounded back and forth. They were incredible to hear. I shuddered, my balls tightening.

I would fire so much cum into her. I would spurt my jizz into her.

Sam and Zelda moaned while Ruri whimpered. My loli lover clung to me. Her pussy squeezed around me. So hot and juicy. I buried into her hard and fast. My balls tightened. The pressure at the tip of my cock grew and grew.

I nuzzled my head down. I claimed Ruri's lips in a kiss. I let her taste her spicy cream on my lips. She moaned, her tongue dancing across my mouth, cleaning up her passion. Her twat squeezed around my cock burying into her depths over and over.

I groaned, slamming hard into her. The couch creaked.

“Come on, Zelda, cum!” hissed Sam. “Just explode on my pussy.

“I'm getting there, Miss Sam! Ooh, yes, I love this. I love serving you.”

My created women were amazing. Whether the two I made to love me or the hundred I made to serve my family, they were all astounding. I thrust so hard into Ruri's cunt. Her pussy gripped me, bringing me closer and closer to that moment of eruption.

“Cum on James's cock,” Orihime purred. “Mmm, you have to win. You have to beat his sister.”

Ruri broke the kiss and moaned, “Idiot! I don't care about that.”

“She just wants to cum on my cock, don't you?” I moaned, thrusting into her.

Her face went scarlet. “James!” she whimpered. “Don't ask that.”

“You want to explode on my dick, don't you?” I groaned, slamming into her.

“Yes, you do,” Orihime said. “Just admit it. I love it when you do.”

“I I” Ruri's pussy squeezed so hard about my thrusting cock. “Oh, I do! I want to to Cum!”

Her snatch went wild around my cock.

“Yes, yes, you're cumming on my dick!” I moaned.

“I am, James!” she gasped.

“No fucking way!” Sam hissed.

“Miss Sam!” squealed Zelda. “Oh, yes, yes do you feel my juices bathing your pussy? Oh, you feel so good against me!”

Grinning, I slammed into Ruri's pussy and flooded her with my cum. Blast after blast of my jizz spurted into her. She shuddered beneath me, her small breasts rubbing into my chest. She clung to me with such passion as my cum fired into her.

“James, James, you're filling me up with your jizz!” she moaned. “You're firing all that naughty spunk into me! Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

“Ruri!” I gasped, my cum boiling out of me, the pleasure slamming into my mind. “You're my little slut!”

“Don't say that!” she howled.

“But it's true!”

“I know!” she gasped, bucking, her pussy writhing so hard around me. Her orgasm seemed to intensify. “But it's embarrassing!”

I groaned as I collapsed on her, loving the feel of her pussy drawing out all of my cum. My jizz spurted into her a final time. I panted atop her, loving how she trembled beneath me, her pleasure still racing through my body.

“I want a rematch where you're not cheating!” groaned Sam. “You created those girls to be your personal sluts. They probably cum in a minute.”

“Probably,” I said, not caring. I threw my arm around Orihime, pulling her close. She kissed me, Ruri nuzzling in to join us. I had my two lovers. While playing around with the other girls I created was nice, I didn't need more than these two women.

I was a lucky guy for creating them.

Ruri broke the kiss and moaned, “Now can we play video games?”


Steve Davies

Linda sat on my lap and said, “Show me what you did.”

“Sure,” I said. I could have the app open in several modes. One was the browsing mode. I could look at everything, but not make any changes. I could choose to pause time while doing this or let it flow normally. My wife could see the screen.

The angels reappeared. Jophiel was now on my desk getting eaten out by Anael, a look of pleased shock on the bustier angel's face, her topaz eyes almost glowing. I smiled at that. My wife glanced over and shuddered.

“Well, they're getting friendly,” she said.

“Anael is helping me to be less stiff” moaned Jophiel, her eyes wide. “My Lord, I hope It's just I I”

“Enjoy yourself,” I told her. “So, here's what I did to Tonya and—”

A light flares down from the ceiling. It landed before my desk and burst outward. I gasped. My wife shrieked, burying her face in my chest. I blinked against the sudden glare as a man appeared out of the radiance, naked, his hairless chest muscled like Schwarzenegger in the eighties. He had short, black hair and eyes clear and as hard as diamonds. They seemed to flicker with an inner fire.

Both my angels squeaked and gasped in alarm. Anael collapsed to her knees while Jophiel slipped off the desk, prostrating next to my petite angel. The newcomer stared at me with those hard eyes, my heart clenching.

“I am Sandalphon,” the newcomer growled, his voice deep and sonorous, “heed my words, Steve Davies, and tremble, for they are the words of the Most High.”

I swallowed, my stomach liquefying in fear.

To be continued

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