Sangeeta's time in Prague (Part 2): Yvette visits

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1. Sangeeta & Yvette

Seeing Yvette was always fun, and when they met at the airport Yvette gave her a big hug, which Sangeeta enjoyed more than usual because now she could only think about what she would do to Yvette if she ever got the chance.

Taking her into work so she could meet her colleagues meant watching Yvette smile and flirt her way around all the men and women in the laboratory. By the end of the day Yvette had a string of lunch and dinner invitations.

Of course, Sangeeta got invites too, which gave her the chance to spend time with Yvette while she was in Prague.

Yvette’s a Slut
On the way home from the first dinner, their host drove to Sangeeta’s apartment first, and so she invited them both up for coffee, as it was still early. Yvette took over preparing the coffee so Sangeeta could talk to their guest about her work. Sangeeta sipped at her coffee, and was surprised how tired she suddenly felt, and in fact ended up falling asleep while listening to Yvette chat with their guest.

When she woke up, Sangeeta could hear noise but not talking, so she opened her eyes just a crack. Yvette and the man were still there, but now she had her pants off, and was sitting on his lap facing him. One of his hands was on her ass, his other cupping her breasts, while they kissed.

“Fuck me,” said Yvette.

“Are you sure? And what about your friend? What if she wakes up.”

“Yes, fuck me,” said Yvette. “Sangeeta’s asleep, and she won’t wake up for hours.”

“Okay, first let me take my pants off.”

Yvette got off him, and while he stood up and took his trousers off, Yvette pulled her black panties down letting them drop on the floor, and then pulled her top over her head revealing her large breasts covered in a matching black bra. The man undid the bra strap, and then pulled it off, revealing her large firm breasts.

Yvette stroked his cock while they stood kissing. The man put Yvette on the couch beside Sangeeta, and got between her legs. Through her barely open eyes Sangeeta watched Yvette take the cock inside her. While they fucked, they kissed, or he sucked on Yvette’s nipples. Sangeeta thought that Yvette's body was every bit as enticing as she had hoped, and wished it was her sucking on those nipples. It wasn’t long before he was cumming inside Yvette, pumping his white juice inside her vagina.

Sangeeta was surprised how quick and quiet they were, but maybe they were concerned about her waking up, and the man did have to get back to his wife that he’d left at home when he went out to drop them off. Stopping for coffee could only explain so much time.

They quickly dressed, and Yvette said “I’ll put a blanket over her to keep her warm – even with heating it will get cold in here.”

Sangeeta pretended to be asleep when Yvette took off Sangeeta’s shoes, then got the bed spread from the bed room and covered her up. She leant down to kiss Sangeeta good night on the cheek when Sangeeta took the chance to whisper in her ear “Come round for breakfast tomorrow.”

Yvette quietly murmured “Okay,” straightened up, checked her clothes once again and left with the man.

And a Prostitute Too
The next morning the living room curtains were open, and Sangeeta sat there looking out at the snow, eating her breakfast, and listening to Yvette explain what had happened.

“So pretty early on I found that men would do what you want if you let them have sex with them. The number of lecturers I let fuck me to make sure I got good marks. They loved doing me doggy style in their office. The number of times I walked around campus with a pussy full of cum, and carpet burn on my knees and elbows.”

“I never did anything like that,” said Sangeeta.

“You should have,” said Yvette, “it would have made things much easier for you. And really, what do you have a pussy for except fucking?”

“I came from a pretty conservative background,” laughed Sangeeta, thinking back to the village where she had first lived.

“I used to let my PhD supervisors screw me when we were at conferences together – you get to go to lots of conferences that way, and not just local ones. International ones, and in interesting places too. Then your supervisors give recommendations to their friends. When you give their friend’s blowjobs, they invite you to be a guest lecturer at their university, or consultant for their company, all expenses paid and a nice per diem on top. And when I was there I would fuck them as often as they wanted.”

“I haven’t had sex with any of the people at the university in Prague,” said Sangeeta. “Anyway, I’m working mostly with women.”

“They still expect sex from you. Have you gone out with them at all?”

“Yes, a few times.”

“That’s when you should do it. Even if they just feel you up, or let you just go down on them, they’ll be happy. Everyone’s had a few drinks, and is having a good time. They can pretend to themselves that it ‘just happened’. That’s another important trick. To make sure there is nothing overt like ‘I’ll fuck you if you give me this’. You have to make it seemed incidental, even though you both know it isn’t.”

“I was wondering why Sarah and Martine were so touchy feely,” Sangeeta said to herself, imaging herself with the blonde and the brunette. “You seem to have this all well planned.”

“Yes, I use it a lot. It’s part of my standard business procedure. Kate and I use it a lot in our work together. Sometimes one of us fucks the client, sometimes we both do, sometimes we both fuck them at the same time. That’s for people who give us a lot of money.”

“Does your husband mind?”

“What he doesn’t know doesn’t worry him. You have to be discrete. Conferences and business trips are a great time for business development sex. You’re away from home, staying in hotels, out every night at restaurants, or attending conference dinners. So things don’t sound suspicious when Jonathan or the kids call and they hear music in the background, or when he sees strange phone numbers on my list of my mobile phone record, or I get emails from people saying it was good to meet me at the conference and for me to stay in touch.”

“Sounds like a good way of doing things. You’re away for work anyway, so why not include some sex in the mix.”

“Do you want to be part of my business development while I’m here?”

“You mean I should fuck some of the people that have asked us out for dinner?”

“Yes, if you want to. You never know what it will lead to. Sometimes nothing, but most times you get some benefit. At worst, you get to have sex.”

“Both of us together?”

“If you’d like. I’d love to watch you getting screwed.”

“And I’d love to screw you,” said Sangeeta, leaning forward and kissing Yvette lightly on the mouth, tasting the flavours of the fruit Yvette had eaten for breakfast.

“I never knew you were a lesbian,” said Yvette as she ran her hand through Sangeeta’s hair, before kissing her again firmly on the mouth.

“It’s only something I discovered about myself recently.” Sangeeta cupped Yvette’s breast. “If you like, you can check for yourself. I’ve got two hours until I’m due at the lab.”

“The conference session starts in an hour, but I think I can skip some of that.”

Sangeeta’s first time with Yvette
Sangeeta stood up, and started to walk towards her bedroom unbuttoning her blouse as she went. She paused and glanced back over her shoulder, and said “Well, are you coming?”

Yvette stood up, and as she reached Sangeeta her blouse dropped on the floor. Yvette pressed herself against Sangeeta’s back, reached around with both hands and cupped her bra covered breasts. “Sexy bra,” Yvette whispered in Sangeeta’s ear as Yvette’s right hand ran over her smooth skin disappearing under the waistband of Sangeeta’s trousers.

“It’s always been lucky for me,” said Sangeeta, before walking to the bedroom with Yvette in tow.

They ended up sitting on the bed, facing each other, kissing passionately. Their hands were roaming over each other’s bodies. Sangeeta pulled Yvette’s t-shirt and camisole out of her trousers pulling it up enough that she could get access to those beautiful bra covered breasts. She squeezed them, feeling the nipples getting hard in response to her touching. Yvette’s hands were busily undoing Sangeeta’s trousers so she could get access to her pussy. She glanced down and was delighted to find there was a pair of red lace panties that matched the bra. Her hand slipped down the front of the red panties, her fingers running through the pubic curls, before finding the clitoris that was the target of her searches.

Sangeeta rolled them over, so they were lying on the bed, Yvette lying on top of her. Sangeeta finally pulled Yvette’s t-shirt and camisole off, then reached around behind Yvette to find the clasp for her bra. The hooks came undone easily, and Sangeeta flicked the straps of the white lace bra off Yvette’s shoulders, the bra sliding a little down Yvette’s arms, revealing her breasts. Sangeeta couldn’t help herself and stretched up slightly so she could suck on the pink nipples. The nipples were already hard, and Sangeeta flicked their tips with her tongue, biting them, sucking them. Compared to Angela, these were so big, and so firm at the same time. Sangeeta ran her hands down to Yvette’s ass, holding it, and using the purchase to push Yvette’s breasts closer to her face.

“Your boobs are great,” moaned Sangeeta, pausing briefly from sucking the nipples.

“I’m glad you like them,” said Yvette smiling. “Lots of other people think so too.”

“And your ass,” said Sangeeta, her hands running over Yvette’s firm buttocks. “It’s great too.”

“So take my pants off if you want.”

Sangeeta moved her hands around to the front of Yvette’s trousers, trying to find the belt, button and zip. Yvette lifted herself up slightly to make it easier for Sangeeta’s hands to get her clothes undone.

“Those are such pretty panties,” said Sangeeta, admiring the white lace trimmed panties that she now could see were covering Yvette’s pussy. “And they match your bra too. Very sexy Yvette.”

“I thought we might end up like this, so I dressed up for you.”

“Me too – why do you think I’ve got this red lingerie outfit on,” said Sangeeta, laughing.

“They won’t be on much longer,” said Yvette, as she got on her hands and knees above Sangeeta. Her bra fell down her arms, and she lifted one hand then the other so she could finally get it free and throw it on the floor. At the same time Sangeeta was pulling Yvette’s pants down her thighs, and Yvette moved and lifted her legs to help get them off. Sangeeta loved the feeling of running her hands over Yvette’s soft buttocks and legs.

The feeling of the hands softly massaging her body, following having her nipples sucked, meant that Yvette’s pussy was very wet. Normally she would extend the pleasure by drawing out undressing each other, but today they only had a short time, so Yvette quickly stripped Sangeeta, undoing her bra, then pulling off her trousers. When they were both wearing only their panties, Yvette started sucking on Sangeeta’s nipples, putting her hand back down Sangeeta’s panties so she could play with Sangeeta’s clitoris. She slipped a finger into Sangeeta’s vagina, feeling her body respond.

“Take my panties off,” said Sangeeta, “and then fuck me however you want.”

Yvette pulled the red panties down Sangeeta’s legs, revealing a pubic area covered in curls. Yvette pulled her own panties down, letting Sangeeta see her trimmed and shaped pubes.

“That’s so beautiful,” said Sangeeta staring at the shaped pubes that let her see Yvette’s slightly protruding labia.

“We can do this for you too if you like,” said Yvette, running her hand through Sangeeta’s patch. “Or maybe just a little trim.” She slid a finger into Sangeeta, rubbing her clitoris with her thumb.

They started kissing, lying side by side on the bed. Sangeeta started masturbating Yvette, first one finger then two sliding in and out of her vagina. It felt so good having Yvette around her fingers, and having Yvette’s fingers inside her vagina too. Sangeeta pulled her fingers out of Yvette and licked them. Yvette responded by doing the same to her own fingers, finally tasting Sangeeta’s pussy. She’d been wondering for years about what Sangeeta would be like in bed, and now she was finding out. Sangeeta had always looked attractive, and now she was finding out how wild she was in bed.

They rearranged themselves with Yvette’s face buried between Sangeeta thighs, and Sangeeta’s thighs either side of Yvette’s head. Their tongues and fingers slid over and into each other’s vaginas, tasting their partner’s juices. Yvette ran her tongue through the curls covering Sangeeta’s mound, finding her clitoris so she could suck on it, while jabbing and thrusting her fingers into Sangeeta’s vagina.

Sangeeta responded by licking all around Yvette’s pussy, enjoying sliding her tongue over the smooth skin, sucking on the labia that were so easy to find, licking the clitoris, sliding her fingers into Yvette’s vagina.

The excitement had been building in them, for Sangeeta since the night before when she’d watched Yvette sliding up and down on that beautiful cock. They had both lain in bed thinking about what might happen this morning, looking forward with anticipation to sex together. Then the foreplay, discussing Yvette’s sexual business development plans. Consequently it didn’t take long until Sangeeta’s body was orgasming, arching her back, screaming and giving Yvette more of her juices to taste. She quickly returned to Yvette’s clit, bringing her to an orgasm, feeling Yvette’s body move against her own as her body stiffened. Yvette’s hands pressed against the back of Sangeeta’s head pushing her face firmly into her crotch, and sucking on Sangeeta’s clitoris, bringing her to another orgasm while she was experiencing her own.

Afterwards they were lying side by side, kissing and stroking each other’s bodies.

“That was fun,” said Sangeeta, enjoying the feeling of Yvette pressed against her own body. Lesbian sex with Yvette was very different to Angela. Yvette had bigger breasts, and a round ass, while Angela was almost like a boy with her small breasts, slim hips and small ass.

“Yes,” said Yvette. “You have such beautiful soft brown skin, and I loved your dark labia.”

“So do you do this with Kate often?”

“Fuck each other’s brains out? Yes, when we get the chance. I’ll set you two up when you’re back home.”

“Please do. I better have a shower and get to work,” said Sangeeta giving Yvette a final kiss before starting to get off the bed.

“Mind if I join you?”

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”

Business Development Sex
“I’ll see you tonight,” said Sangeeta, giving Yvette’s ass a final squeeze before they left the apartment.

“Yes, let’s see if we can find an invitation to a university or conference,” said Yvette. “And if I find any guys from the major supplier’s I’ll invite you along too. Those tend to have the best pay-off.”

“Or women,” added Sangeeta. When Yvette looked at her in a slightly perplexed way she added, “we can have business development sex with women if that’ll help us get opportunities.”

2. Sangeeta & Yvette & Ulrich

Their first date went predictably enough, with dinner at a restaurant, followed by an offer to escort them home, an invitation to coffee, and the three of them sitting on the couch together.

“It’s always difficult being away from home,” Yvette started, sipping from her cup of coffee. “I’m away from all the conveniences of home.”

“You can get most things you want through room service,” Ulrich replied, looking over at Yvette who had her legs tucked up underneath her on the couch. It highlighted the curve of her ass, and instead of arranging herself so she was sitting back into the corner of the couch, she made sure her feet were behind her meaning she was as close as possible to him.

“Not some things,” said Yvette.

Sangeeta walked across from the kitchen carrying her coffee and sat on the couch beside the man. “No, not some things,” agreed Sangeeta. “Not that there is much of that at home anyway.”

“What do you mean?” Ulrich asked, playing along with the women.

“Once we were married and had kids he lost interest,” said Sangeeta.

“It was the same for me,” Ulrich commented. “My wife isn’t really interested much these days. It’s always a pity how we don’t end up with the most sexually compatible partner.”

“Not much happens for me either,” said Yvette.

“Jonathan’s not interested?” asked Sangeeta.

“I think he is mostly interested in the little dental assistant,” answered Yvette. “I think she gives him oral exams whenever she can, and I think he likes to take her for a ride on the dentist’s chair. There are a lot of urgent evening appointments. I guess I can’t complain too much – he’s as discrete as he can be.”

“That’s a pity,” he commented. “You’re both very attractive women.”

“Thanks,” said Yvette, patting him on the thigh. He didn’t object so she left it there and kept sipping on her coffee.

“It’s more difficult for a woman,” said Sangeeta. “You’re expected to do lots of home things, so you can’t get away for a little evening or afternoon of relaxation.” Sangeeta crossed her legs, and ended up with her foot resting against his leg. She absently stroked his calf, while their discussions continued.

“That must make things difficult for you,” he said.

“I just have to be grateful when he does take an interest,” said Yvette, pausing and kissing him lightly on the cheek. “You’re very understanding.”

“Yes,” said Sangeeta, kissing him on the mouth. He kissed her back, and slipped his tongue into her mouth.

When they broke apart, Yvette took the opportunity to kiss him too.

“There is a problem,” Ulrich said. “There’s two of you and only one of me. How do we make that work?”

“I’d rather share with Sangeeta than have nothing at all,” said Yvette, sliding her hand up so it was resting on his penis. She felt it get stiffer as she gently massaged it.

“I don’t mind sharing either,” said Sangeeta, moving closer to him, pressing her breasts firmly against his arm and chest.

“Well, okay,” he said, trying to sound controlled. He had hoped to have sex with one of the women that night. Now it looked like it would be both!

The two women worked together to service him, with Yvette kissing him on the mouth while she was undoing his trousers, and Sangeeta kissing his neck while she undid his shirt. Sangeeta moaned “I want your cock inside me, I want you to fuck me” while she ground her crotch against his thigh, stimulating her clitoris and making herself wet.

When his shirt was undone, Sangeeta paused to pull her top over her head, and undo her bra. One of his hands found its way to a soft brown breast, and started rubbing and squeezing the dark brown nipples that were already hard. Yvette got his trousers off, and after stroking his cock a few times, started licking and sucking on it. It was a beautiful eight inches long, which let Yvette take it all the way in her mouth and down her throat.

Sangeeta pressed her breasts to his face, and felt his hand go up her skirt. While he was sucking with her breasts, she undid her skirt and pulled it off, then pulled her panties to one side and said to Yvette “I want Ulrich inside me.”

Yvette pulled her mouth off his cock and watched as Sangeeta straddled his hips, guided the tip of his penis to her vagina and then lowered herself slowly down, skewering herself on his cock. He put his hands on her ass and started to thrust into her, Sangeeta rising and falling in time which let her control how deeply he thrust into her, letting him in further and further as she covered more of his cock in her juices. Yvette undid her blouse then pulled the cups of her bra down so her nipples were exposed. She pressed her breasts against them, kissing first the man, then Sangeeta. The sight of the two women kissing so passionately aroused him, and he found he quickly pumped his cum into Sangeeta’s vagina. He felt wetness running down his balls, but he wasn’t sure if it was his sperm or Sangeeta’s juices.

Yvette said “I want to suck the last of his cum out of Ulrich’s cock,” guiding Sangeeta off his meat. Sangeeta lay back on the couch enjoying the feeling of his semen dribbling out of her pussy and watching Yvette sucking the cum off its head, and stroking his cock to squeeze the last of his cum into her mouth.

“There’s more here,” said Sangeeta, opening her thighs and sliding a finger into her vagina, then offering the finger to Yvette to suck on.

Yvette sucked on the offered finger, then got between Sangeeta’s thighs to lick and suck the cum the guy had blasted into her pussy. As she licked Sangeeta’s pussy, her tongue found its way inside Sangeeta’s pussy, then back to her clitoris, then she sucked Sangeeta’s labia. He couldn’t help but get aroused again, and got behind Yvette and drove into her wet pussy.

Sangeeta lay back, loving Yvette’s tongue and fingers exploring her pussy, and the sight of the guy that had just fucked her pounding into Yvette. She loved the orgasm that built, and the rhythmic thrusting that meant the pressure of Yvette’s tongue and fingers varied as he thrust into her. It was almost like being fucked a second time.

Yvette didn’t hold back, making sure that Sangeeta reached an orgasm as quickly as possible, enjoying the taste of Sangeeta’s juices and the guys cum from Sangeeta’s pussy. Watching Sangeeta orgasm drove Ulrich on, his hands firmly holding Yvette’s hips so he could drive into her body.

“Sangeeta, play with my clit while he fucks me,” begged Yvette. “Get under me in a sixty nine, so I can keep playing with your pussy.”

Sangeeta was only too happy to help out, and soon was fingering and licking Yvette’s clit. The guy took the chance to pull out and let Sangeeta lick and suck on his cock, before sliding it back into Yvette’s pussy.

All the while Yvette was kissing Sangeeta’s pussy, sticking her tongue into her vagina like she was French kissing her. She wasn’t trying to make Sangeeta cum, but had to kiss someone – something – while she had her pussy being pounded and licked at the same time.

Sangeeta stopped licking Yvette, just using her fingers to stimulate her clitoris. It let her enjoy the sight of this beautiful pussy being fucked by a cock. It didn’t take long before she felt Yvette’s body contort in orgasm, and then slump down on her own. Ulrich kept going for a few more minutes, pounding her pussy as hard as he could until he shot the second load of the night into Yvette’s body. He lay down beside Yvette and Sangeeta, his hand resting on Yvette’s ass. She had lowered her pussy onto Sangeeta’s face so she could suck the cum out of it.

Yvette turned her head from Sangeeta’s pussy, taking a pause from kissing it, so she could see the guys panting face. “You should have cum onto Sangeeta’s face. That would have been a great finale for the night. I’d have loved to lick it off her.”

“Maybe next time,” he said. “I better get home. Can I use your shower?”

Planning a Meeting for Jasima
Yvette and Sangeeta crawled onto the lounge, and lay there entwined with each other, kissing and gently stroking each other, listening to the shower.

When he finished the shower, he reappeared dressed in his clothes, giving both the women a quick kiss before commenting “Are you both available during the week after next? There’s some consultancy opportunities I’d like to talk to you about.”

“Oh, sorry, I’ll have gone home by then,” said Yvette. “But Sangeeta will still be here. You can meet with you can then let me know what’s happening.”

“That’s when my sister will be here,” said Sangeeta.

“Oh, she can come along to the meeting too,” he replied. “We can go out to dinner afterwards if you’re free.”

“Sounds great. Let me know the details.”

After he had left Yvette squeezed Sangeeta and said “Is you sister pretty?”

“Prettier than me everyone tells me.”

“Then he will probably want your sister too. Do you think she’ll fuck him? Or have a threesome with him?”

“With me and my sister!”

“Yes, of course. Like tonight, but he’ll think it’s even better. Particularly if you fuck each other too.”

“But my sister?”

“Well, before you got here you said you hadn’t fucked around for money before.”

“Yes,” replied Sangeeta.

“Or become a lesbian until you got here.”


“So why not sex with your sister? She’s pretty – you’ve said so yourself. And you’re great in bed. She couldn’t try the first time with anyone better.”

“But what if she says no, then tells everyone?

“If you don’t think she’ll do it, just slip her some rohypnol, and you can both have fun with her. I’m sure Ulrich would be happy if he just got to fuck sisters, so you don’t have to fuck her too if you don’t want.”

Orgy Time
Sangeeta thought about what Yvette had said, whether she should let the guy fuck his sister or not.

She finally decided to when she was at a meeting with some prospective clients. Yvette and Sangeeta ended up fucking the four guys and the woman from the company they were visiting. Sangeeta lay there, in a sixty nine on top of the woman, sucking her clit, while one of the men was fucking her pussy, watching Yvette with three cocks inside her at the same time, two in her pussy, one in her mouth.

“If it’s good enough for me to do all these people, the least my sister can do is fuck someone as payback for the free accommodation.” She felt the guy cum inside her, and the woman orgasm too. “One way or another,” Sangeeta thought to herself “Jasima can fuck some people.” She watched as the three guys came into Yvette in quick succession. “Once that first guy fucked me, it was easy to fuck the rest of them. Maybe I’ll just have to give Jasima a helping hand to get started.”

3. Sangeeta & Yvette Meet the Family: Richard, Heidi & John

Sangeeta and Yvette were sitting in a private dining room at a restaurant, waiting for their dinner date to arrive. They were hoping that their evening would end up with an offer of a consultancy and a celebratory threesome.

But when he arrived, he was accompanied by two younger people, which surprised Sangeeta a little.

“Hi Yvette,” he said before leaning down to kiss her on the cheek.

“Good to see you again Richard,” replied Yvette, giving him a big smile. “When was the last time we saw each other? Was it at that conference presentation I did for you?”

“I think so,” said Richard, thinking of the time he spent with Yvette at that conference in Thailand. They had spent a little bit of time at the presentations, and the rest of the time at his cabana, or out getting drunk in bars. He had enjoyed secretly watching Yvette getting a naked massage, then seeing Yvette seduce the masseuse.

“And this is Sangeeta,” said Yvette, “a friend of mine from home. She’s also working on swallowing.”

“Hi Sangeeta,” said Richard kissing her cheek as well, “I’d love to hear about your work sometime. These are my children, Heidi,” introducing a pretty blonde about 20, “and my son, John” indicating a young man about the same age. “I hope you don’t mind if they join us for dinner. My wife is away this week, so I thought it would be fun to bring them along.”

“No, that’s fine with us,” said Yvette. “Family is always important.”

They arranged themselves around the table, Richard with Sangeeta and Yvette either side of him, Heidi beside Sangeeta and John beside Yvette.

Richard had ordered dinner when he had booked the room, so all they needed to do was order more drinks. As the waiter left, he pulled the door closed to the dining room to give them privacy for their meeting. As expected, one of Richard’s hands was soon on Sangeeta’s thigh, gently massaging it through her skirt. She was chatting to Heidi and was surprised to feel her hand on her other thigh. The daughter was feeling her up too! She glanced around the table. Both of Richard’s hands had disappeared – he was doing it to Yvette too! One of the son’s hands had also disappeared under the table and he seemed to be playing with Yvette too. Yvette winked and smiled at Sangeeta, and then her hands disappeared under the table cloth. Sangeeta had been with many men and women while she was at conferences, but never something like this. She knew that the family knew what each other was doing, because the father’s and Heidi’s hands had to be touching each other while they were playing with Sangeeta. Sangeeta decided, what the hell, their family could sort things out amongst themselves, and started touching Richard and Heidi.

Soon Sangeeta and Yvette’s hands were stroking Richard’s penis through his trousers, then she felt Yvette undo his trousers starting with his belt. She soon had her hand on his cock, stroking it. Sangeeta joined in, playing with his balls. Richard pulled her skirt up, helped by his daughter, and soon they had their hands in Sangeeta’s panties, with no pretence that they were not aware of each other’s presence. Their fingers were running through her pubic curls, rubbing her clitoris, sliding into her vagina. Sometimes both sets of fingers were inside her at the same time. Heidi used her free hand to press Sangeeta’s hand firmly against her own pussy, then helped Sangeeta put her hand inside her panties so she could masturbate her. Sangeeta loved the smooth soft skin of the daughter’s genitals. She soon found the wet vagina, and slid her fingers in, then started to masturbate her clitoris.

Yvette was dealing with the father and son skilfully. She had both of their hard cocks in her hands, and her pussy was being explored by both their hands too. Her nipples were hard, clearly visible though her tight top. She would have loved to have someone to suck on them – but anyone might walk in through the curtains at the end of their booth. Hands beneath the table was one thing, but topless was altogether another. There was little conversation, but no overt admission of what they were doing, beyond the absence of hands on the table, and the look of arousal on the faces.

Sangeeta was the first to succumb, orgasming quietly, then slumping back in her seat. While she recovered she kept gently caressing Heidi in a distracted manner. She rested her hand on the father’s thigh, because she could feel Yvette was keeping him entertained. As she enjoyed the bliss, she looked across at Yvette and could see she was on edge too, her face flushed, her eyes rolled back, and her body arched. She finally orgasmed as the waiter arrived with their dinner.

When he opened the door, the waiter saw what was happening, glancing at the flushed faces, the roaming hands and the hard penises. Nonetheless, he efficiently served their meals and was about to leave when the daughter said to him, “Can you help me with the special sauce? My father and brother are going to help there other two ladies, and I’d like some sauce too.” She slipped a 100 euro note into the pocket on his apron.

“Okay, if you would like that,” he said pulling up his apron and pulling out his penis. The other two men were on the edge of cumming already, and rose slightly out of their seats so their penises were now clearly visible. Yvette was frantically masturbating John, hoping to be the first to receive her sauce. Now she understood why the man had insisted they all order the fish. The match would be delicious.

The waiter may have started last, but he was experienced in service, and soon was pumping semen onto Heidi’s plate. He made sure he covered the fish thoroughly. As he left Heidi slipped another 100 euro into his apron pocket and winked.

Sangeeta soon had Richard shooting his semen onto her meal. It wasn’t as well placed, but she was looking forward to it all the same. She leant forward and gave his penis a quick lick pausing along the way to collect the cum that had run down onto his fingers.

John pushed Yvette’s hand aside and started stroking his own penis. Soon semen was shooting onto Yvette’s plate. He gave her by far the biggest serving of sauce. “I saved up since father told us about you two,” he said, before turning to Yvette and offering his penis, “Lick the serving spoon if you would like.” Yvette’s hand stroked his cock, squeezing the last few drops of semen directly into her mouth.

Yvette cut a piece of fish and dipped it in the semen before putting it in her mouth, chewing and swallowing. She savoured the taste. “Mmmm, delicious,” she said, and cut off her next morsel, before pausing and adding “Don’t let your dinners get cold.”

They ate their meals quickly, Yvette and Sangeeta wondering what else the evening might have in store.

More Family Fun
“Let’s go back to Sangeeta’s apartment for drinks,” said Yvette. “There’s some taxis. Sangeeta, you go with Heidi, I’ll show the other two where to go.”

“I think they know where they want to go,” laughed Sangeeta. “One in here,” kissing Yvette on the mouth, “and the other in here,” Sangeeta said as she reached down and put her hand on Yvette’s crotch, then reaching round and stroking Yvette’s ass, “Or maybe here.”

The father and son smiled, and the daughter said, “I think you’re right, but only a partly.”

“What do you mean?” asked Sangeeta.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” said the father.

The moment Sangeeta and the daughter got in the taxi, Heidi slid over and started kissing Sangeeta, sticking her tongue in her mouth, then cupping Sangeeta’s breasts in her hands.

Sangeeta broke away from the kiss and said to the driver, “The university apartments”.

“Okay,” said the driver, “Do you mind if my friend comes along?” indicating to an Asian woman that was standing nearby. “She wants to be a driver too, and needs to learn about where things are.”

“That’s fine,” said Heidi. “An audience of two instead of one. I don’t care.” She then stuck her tongue back into Sangeeta’s mouth.

Sangeeta glanced at the Asian trainee as she got into the taxi and decided she was a pretty little thing. She hadn’t had the opportunity to try many women while she was in Prague, and no Asians at all. The trainee openly stared at Sangeeta and Heidi, while the driver kept her eye’s more on the women than on the road.

“I love your boobs,” said Heidi.

“Yours are great too,” said Sangeeta, cupping the young woman’s firm little breasts and stroking the nipples.

“They’re too small,” she pouted.

“Don’t complain,” said Sangeeta before kissing Heidi until they got to the apartment.

The driver said “Oh damn, I forgot to start the meter.”

Sangeeta slid forward and looked at the driver. She liked the look of the pretty blonde woman sitting there, glancing down at the driver’s name badge and then said “Emilie, you liked what you saw in the mirror, so why not come upstairs and we can find some other way of paying.”

“Why not?” said the driver. “There’s no trade tonight anyway. Come on Sherrie,” she said to the Asian trainee. “You may as well come along too. If I’m going to train you I’m going to train you completely, and one of the things you need to know about is having sex with your passengers.”

Soon the four women were upstairs and Sangeeta started undressing in the lounge room. She had progressively lost all inhibitions about her body since she had started fucking everyone possible while Angela was visiting. The daughter disappeared into the bathroom and Sangeeta said to the driver and trainee “What do you normally earn in a shift?”

“About 120 euros,” said Emilie. “Why?”

“Okay, in a few minutes another woman and two guys will turn up. If you want, stay and join the party. I’ll give you 1,000 euros each if you stay all night. If you’re wild enough, I’ll give you a bonus. Or if you want, I’ll give you 50 euros each now and you can go.”

“But the fare from the restaurant is only at most 15 euros,” said the driver.

“I know,” said Sangeeta.

The driver and the trainee looked at each other, before Emilie said “I’m staying. What do you want to do Sherrie?” she said to the trainee. “I’ll give you the keys and you can drive home if you want.”

“And miss out on 1,000 euros?” said the trainee. “I’d need all week to earn that in a taxi, and I can earn it here in a night.”

“That’s the right idea,” said Emilie before giving the Asian woman a kiss on the lips. She’d wanted to do that for a long time, and maybe tonight she’d get to have sex with her.

“One other thing you should know,” said Sangeeta, “Three of them are from the same family; father, son and daughter. You’ve already met the daughter. I don’t know what they’ll do, but I think they’ll do things to each other. There’s already been a group masturbation thing tonight.”

“Well, I used to bang my brothers and sisters,” laughed the trainee, “And my cousins. In my country we like to do that. It helps keep family bonds strong.”

“And I used to screw my parents, aunts and uncles” added the driver. “I was always the favourite niece, no one could work out why I got all the special presents.”

“Okay,” said Sangeeta, “I’m glad both of you are going to stay.” She then turned to Emilie and starting to undress her. “You can start with Heidi,” she said to the trainee. Sangeeta kissed the driver as she undressed her, before she paused and guided Emilie’s hands to her breasts. “I love it when people play with my nipples.”

“I’ve never had an Indian before,” replied Emilie, bending down and sucking on Sangeeta’s nipples.

The trainee was down to her panties when Heidi returned from the toilet wearing nothing at all. At the same time Yvette walked in with the men.

“You slut,” Yvette said to Sangeeta. “You’ve already started, and you’ve picked up some more women.”

“What took you so long?” asked Heidi, who then kissed her brother.

“The driver complained about what we were doing in his taxi,” said Yvette. “I had to fuck him to keep him happy,” she said as she proudly held out a condom full of semen for them all to see.

“I’m going to start with my brother,” said Heidi with one arm around his neck, “And you,” she said to the trainee. “A threesome with my brother and an Asian chick,” she added before leaning over and kissing Sherrie on the mouth.

“It looks like it’s you and me,” said Yvette to John.

“To begin with,” he replied, pulling Yvette’s top out of her trousers. Yvette lifted her arms to let him pull it over her head. He undid her bra and slipped it down her arms. “Then I want Sangeeta to join us.”

“Sounds like fun,” said Yvette as she undid his trousers.

Heidi arranged herself with Sherrie kneeling over her face, and her brother between her thighs. She took his cock in her vagina while she ate out the pussy of the Asian woman. The pubic patch was untrimmed, but none the less the patch was small, letting her see that beautiful pussy.

The Sherrie lent forward, tonguing Heidi’s clitoris. She sucked on the brother’s cock when he pulled it out of his sister’s pussy. After a while he pulled out of his sister and let the trainee go to town, fingering and licking his sister’s slit. He switched to the other end, and started pumping in and out of the trainee, while his sister watched from inches below, fingering the Asian’s clitoris. Heidi didn’t take long, not having orgasmed once that evening, and the trainee followed suit when she felt the woman’s body orgasm beneath her own. She waited for the brother to blow his load into her, but he pulled out and said “Not yet,” to the trainee.

Sangeeta was quickly taking Emilie to the point of orgasm, having learnt a lot about what women need when they had sex. She hoped she would be able to settle down to a boring sexual life when she got home. Emilie orgasmed quickly. “You must have been right on edge,” said Sangeeta, snuggling up beside the blonde, letting her play with her pussy.

“Watching you and other woman in the back of the car got me excited. I haven’t seen lesbians having sex.”

“Even though you had sex with your aunts?” Sangeeta asked.

“It isn’t the same,” the driver replied. “I always had my uncle or someone with their cock up my pussy or in my mouth.”

“Was it only the married couples? Or did you do like your father and his brothers and sisters, and your mother and her brothers and sisters?”

“All the different possibilities. My first time, it was all the men. I’d just come of age, and they said I needed to learn family traditions. They gangbanged me on my birthday. Five guys took turns, starting with my father. Then my mother and aunts came and got me and took turns with me. They gave me some beautiful gold jewellery too.”

“Then what happened?” asked Sangeeta, intrigued.

“I was the oldest, so they were always going to start with me, and I was the prettiest too, so the other children never as popular, even once they got old enough.”

“How often did you have sex?”

“Any celebration they had, and they made sure I got invited to lots of celebrations. They always gave me a present too, because the sex was meant to be part of a celebration. I finally told them to stop giving me presents and just give me money. It affected my studies, but I made lots of money.”

“You didn’t mind having sex with family members?” asked Sangeeta, thinking about her family at home.

“The people I know and love the best? Of course I loved it. You make sure you don’t get pregnant, otherwise that can get tricky. You know, working out who the father is. You mean your family doesn’t?”

“No, no. Nothing like that,” said Sangeeta.

Double Vaginal
“Sangeeta come and join in. Bring your friend,” said Yvette, while Richard was sliding his penis between her breasts. Yvette was using her hands to squeeze them together.

“Okay, but just a moment,” said Sangeeta, getting up and going into her bedroom. In a few moments she was back, her sex toy collection in her hands. She gave the strap-on to the blonde driver and said, “Put that on and fuck me with it. Or Yvette, or anyone else.”

Sangeeta got down beside Yvette, and started licking the Richard’s penis when it appeared from between Yvette’s breasts. Sangeeta expected to get her faced covered in cum, but she didn’t mind. She would make someone lick her face clean afterwards.

Emilie was tightening the straps when Heidi spied her, announcing, “I want to try that,” much to Sangeeta’s disappointment. A pussy full of dildo, and a good hard pounding would have been great. Instead John disconnected himself from the Asian and got behind Sangeeta, plunging into her to satisfy her sexual desires. The trainee joined in, first kissing Richard, then Yvette, before moving between Yvette’s thighs and tonguing her pussy.

“You know what we should do,” Richard said to his son. “Double fuck these women. Both of us inside one at the same time.”

Sangeeta was excited by the prospect of double penetration. What would they do? Mouth and pussy was her favourite. Someone behind her, hands on her hips, thrusting into her pussy, while someone was in front of her, hands behind her head, fucking her mouth. Then they swapped ends.

“Start with this one,” said John. “She’s great.”

Richard pulled his cock from between Yvette’s breasts, and then joined his son, who turned Sangeeta and him over so she was sitting on top of him. Sangeeta was disappointed she wasn’t going to get her face covered in sperm, but she knew what was going to happen when the father got behind her. She felt the father’s penis rub on her ass, expecting him any moments to spread her cheeks and start sodomising her. She was learning to like it, but still found it a bit strange. Instead the father drove into Sangeeta’s vagina, and Sangeeta felt herself stretched wide. It felt incredible having two penises moving inside her, and more exciting that they were father and son. She started to understand why guy’s fantasised about sisters and mother-daughter pairings. Knowing that she had two family members at once was making her more aroused than she had ever been before.

While Sangeeta serviced the two men, Yvette started work on the Asian, switching her into a sixty nine position so she could enjoy the pussy. So young and sweet, Yvette had never done an Asian amateur before and she wasn’t missing her chance to put another tick beside an entry in her things to do list. The girl’s tongue was inside her, then on her clitoris, then back to her vagina. Yvette knew she would orgasm soon, but didn’t try and hold back, rather as she orgasmed her body bucked, but her face was buried firmly in the girl’s crotch, her hands on the driver’s buttocks making sure she couldn’t escape Yvette’s tongue which was sucking the juice from her pussy, giving the driver an orgasm seconds after her own.

“Let’s do her next,” Richard said to his son, glancing over at Yvette.

To Sangeeta’s great surprise she felt the two penises pull out of her body, leaving her disappointed that her vagina hadn’t been anointed with their sperm. She would have to leave a father and son as a not completely resolved fantasy, and come back to it another day. Maybe it would be her son and her husband – that would be the best.

Yvette soon found herself in the same position, except this time she was on top of the father, and John was behind her, holding on to her hips while he drove into her vagina from behind. This was a first for her. Often guys were funny about having penis to penis contact, but not this pair. They didn’t hesitate. Sometimes one was fast, the other slow, sometimes they both pounded her as fast as they could. Her pussy was so wet, and receptive. She wanted their sperm to fill her. That would be the best.

Sangeeta watched as the blonde driver fucked Heidi with the strap-on dildo. Sangeeta decided that Emilie really did have a great ass. Emilie was thrusting frenetically, until Heidi screamed out in orgasm. Heidi glanced at Sangeeta and said “You next. Fuck me with that rubber cock. Show me what you’re made of.”

Sangeeta had recovered from the father and son, so she came over and undid the harness the driver was wearing. The driver was exhausted, but leant up and kissed Sangeeta. “Thanks for inviting us up.”

Soon Sangeeta was between Heidi’s thighs, making sure that she saw to her needs. The taught young body was a treat, and she wondered how many loads of sperm had filled this body before Sangeeta got her chance at sex with her. Slut she thought, as she positioned the tip of the dildo at the opening of Heidi’s vagina. “So how many cocks have been in here?” asked Sangeeta as she started to fuck Heidi.

“Not enough,” replied Heidi.

“No really,” said Sangeeta.

“Mostly just daddy and John, and mummy joins in of course. Sometimes we get a treat though when mummy or daddy brings someone home. Like tonight.”

She paused and kissed Sangeeta on the mouth, before adding “Don’t talk, just fuck me hard.”

And she did. Sangeeta had her hands on Heidi’s buttocks so she had a good grip on her and couldn’t get away from the rubber cock that was deep inside her. Sangeeta’s buttocks were going in and out rapidly, and Heidi’s face was showing how close she was to orgasming again. Her hands held Sangeeta’s breasts, squeezing the nipples, and feeling the breasts move in her hands as Sangeeta pushed the cock into her vagina. “This is the best … better than a man or a woman … cock inside me … big boobs too … oh god, fuck me … oh god, fuck me Sangeeta …”.

The men had moved on to Sherrie, so Yvette came over to the couch and sat down beside Heidi. “Play with my clit,” Heidi said to Yvette. Yvette slid her hand between the two women’s bodies, finding the daughters clitoris and mashing it to get her off. Heidi moved one hand to Yvette and started playing with her breasts. “Oh god … Yvette … Sangeeta … this is better … I love this … fuck me … both of you fuck me … oh god … aaannhhh … oh god thank you,” said the girl slumping back while she recovered. “That was my best time ever. I wish my mother was here too. She should try that too.”

Double penetrating the Asian’s vagina proved more of a challenge than with Sangeeta and Yvette. She was young and tight, and hadn’t been stretched open by having children, but at the same time she was sopping wet and managed to fit inside her.

The driver came over to the trainee and watched how she handled the two cocks inside her. John was behind the trainee and he looked over to the driver and said “Do you want some of this too?”

“Oh yes, the dildo was great, but this looks even better. Two hard cocks, battling over my wet little pussy.”

“What are you going to do to this one,” the father added, slapping the trainee on the thigh.

“I’m going to see what I can fit in her. You’ve stretched her to fit your cocks. I want to see my hand in there. She’s going to take it. Then dildos. I want to fuck that little pussy with dildos. I’ve always had to take it. Now I want to give it.”

“Then we better let you get into her as soon as we can,” said John pulling from the trainee’s vagina.

The driver knelt down and started to suck his cock, wanting his cum in her mouth, but his control held while his father did a few solo strokes into the trainee. “I’ve never had an Asian before,” he said, “I want to fill this pink slot with a load of sperm.”

“Please, please,” called out the trainee, “Fill me up,” waiting for the white juice to flow into her willing vagina.

“Not just yet,” said the father, rolling her onto her back and giving her a couple more thrusts before pulling out and joining his son inside the driver. “Come and help,” he said to the trainee.

Yvette, Sangeeta and Heidi lay back on the couch, relaxing and enjoying the sight of the two men having sex with the driver, while the trainee was sitting on John’s face getting her pussy eaten out, while the father was alternating between kissing her mouth and kissing her nipples.

“Are they going to cum in this one?” asked Sangeeta.

“I hope not,” said Heidi, “I hope they’re saving it up for me.”

“You better get over there quickly,” said Yvette, “I think your father is getting pretty close to cumming.”

The watched the daughter as she walked to the foursome, knelt down and kissed the trainee, then her father. “It’s my turn to have those cocks.”

“Just a little bit longer,” said the trainee, “I’m nearly there,” as her eyes rolled back in her head. Heidi kissed her and played with her clitoris until she came. “Oh thank you,” she said kissing Heidi and then the father.

When she got off John’s face he said, “And thank you too. You’re delicious.”

The father and John pulled out of the driver and started on Heidi, who said “Don’t hold back, I’ve orgasmed twice times so far, and you haven’t cum since the restaurant. Just enjoy yourselves and fill me with your love.”

Neither the father nor son hesitated in gratifying themselves. They’d enjoyed her before, on their own and with each other, but this was the first time inside her vagina together.

“This is so good,” said John, “It’s like fucking my sister and playing with daddy’s cock at the same time. I want you to cover my cock in your cum daddy. I’ve never had that before. I want it to lubricate my cock while I’m fucking my sister.”

“I want to feel you pump semen into your sister,” said the father. “I’ve felt you cum in my mouth and in my ass before, but never something like this. I’m nearly there.”

“I can’t hold back any longer,” cried out John, his balls emptying into his sister. His father felt his son’s penis spasming semen into his daughter, so he joined in, simultaneously filling his daughter and covering his son’s penis with his testament to his love for them both.

“Oh, god, thank you,” said Heidi, “That was the best time ever. You’ve got to do that to mummy.”

The father pulled out of his daughter and offered his cock to his children. The daughter slowly rode up and down on her brother, while they both licked their father’s cock clean of sperm and pussy juice.

An Invitation for Yvette’s & Sangeeta’s Families
“Now do you see why family is best?” asked the trainee, who was being cuddled by Yvette.

“That was incredible,” said Yvette.

“Yes,” said Sangeeta, who had the driver sucking on the dildo she was still wearing.

The father was stiff again, and had started fucking his daughter’s mouth, while his son was licking his balls. Like any young man, John was already hard again, enjoying his sister’s vagina.

“Enough of the family games,” said the trainee, “who wants to fuck me?”

“I’m going to,” said the father, pulling out of his daughter’s mouth.

“I want the Arab,” said John.

Yvette and Sangeeta lay on the floor, taking turns to suck the sperm out of Heidi’s vagina. Heidi watched her father using all the orifices of the Asian trainee, starting with her mouth, then her vagina, and then her rectum. Her brother was enjoying the Arab driver, swapping between her mouth and her vagina, making the Arab suck her own juices off his cock. Finally he flipped her over and started on her ass.

“Those sluts are loving it,” said Yvette, watching the display of sexuality.

“Yes,” said Sangeeta, “they loved lesbian, they loved the dildo, they loved getting their pussies fucked. Now they’re getting their asses used.”

It wasn’t just the driver and the trainee. John asked his father, “I’ve got to have it, fuck my ass too daddy. I’ve always loved it up my ass. Giving and receiving would be great.”

“Okay,” said the father, pulling out of the Asian’s ass, then plunging into his son.

“Oh, that feels so good,” said John, fucking the Arab’s ass, while taking his father up his own ass, “daddy, give me a load of your cum.”

The father took the invitation, and started working himself to another orgasm, which was too much for John, who pulled out of the Arab trainee taxi driver and jacked off on to her face.

“This reminds me of nights with my family,” said the Arab as she reached for a vibrator, “I’ve never tried two cocks in my pussy before though,” as she switched on the vibrator and pressed it to her clitoris. She lay there unselfconsciously masturbating.

John quickly got hard again, and got behind the Asian driver and started fucking her anally.

“The powers of youth,” said Yvette, “my boys would be like that. Rock hard again in minutes.”

“You should bring them here on holidays,” said Heidi, “The two families could meet up. We’ve got a place in the country. Very private. My brother and I would love to meet them. I bet by the end of a week you’ll be fucking each other.”

“My sister’s visiting next week,” said Sangeeta, “we could meet up. I don’t think she knows she like group sex, but I’ll make sure she agrees one way or the other.”

“Why not get your son to visit too,” said Heidi, “mummy and I would love to meet him.”

“Yes Sangeeta,” said Yvette, “he could come with your sister.”

The Asian taxi driver took the family home that night, and stayed until morning, sleeping with the father, while the John and Heidi curled up together in his bed.

Empty Purses
Sangeeta ended up sleeping between Yvette and the Arab trainee taxi driver. Next morning Yvette and Sangeeta woke up together, with the Arab girl missing. They found their purses had been emptied.

“We can’t complain,” Sangeeta said to Yvette, “I promised them 1,000 euros each if they stayed with us, and she only got 500, so it was cheap.”

“Last night was wild,” said Yvette, “I’ve never done anything like it, even during my orgies with Kate.”

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