Extra Credit I - Brianna

I flipped over another paper, another one with a subpar grade on it. I guess that makes sense, I am a very subpar person who has lead a subpar life, why should my students put out more effort than I do? Some people figure out what their talents are, and use them to supercede their limitations. But some times, I would rationalize to myself, you just have too many detractions. I stopped growing at 14, never breaching 5' 7", and the hair began to thin not long after I was in the dorms at college. I hadn't been fit, but i hadn't been fat either, just a bit . . subpar. No good muscle definition, no natural strength, no good tanning skin, and I had acne that never had stopped. Again, it wasn't highly prevalent, but I always seemed to have on pimple or blemish where you didn't want them.

Everything had been like that. I wasn't terrible at sports, just subpar, and my dick wasn't tiny, just subpar. I believe I maxed out at just under 6 and a half inches, but it was kinda skinny, and the extra weight I had gained over the last 30 years had mercilessly taken an inch away from my length, though if I pressed my little groin ball of fat, the inch was still there. I could have been more I suppose but I am a bit of a pessimist. While I didn't have the worst luck, wasn't crippled or horridly ugly or riddled with cancer, nope, like my whole existence it was subpar. Little extra weight, little less hair, little worse skin, little worse athletic ability, a little worse everything, and I had let it steal my joy.

I made it through college, and got a degree in education. I had a few subpar dates with subpar women. Women who didn't have looks or bodies that drew attention, so they focused on their minds. While I commend it, it's silly to believe you can get past it, but I tried. But relationships don't usually do well if you have no physical animal attraction, well for the guy at least, it won't stay a good relationship. But I tried, because I thought marriage, and a family could make my life above par. The one woman who had as few options as I, and therefore agreed after two years to marry, was Sandy. Sandy was smart and career focused but was as sexless as they come. Not getting off having sex with my wife I went to see hookers. I don't make much at my job, at least as far as recreational income is concerned but I needed some kind of actual feminine interaction. Therefore I invested in hookers, and they were the just a little subpar variety.

Some had decent faces, or nice legs, but would lack in another area, like having a brutal c-section scar or tits completely held up by the push up bra fell to the floor without support. They put in subpar effort and gave subpar head and fucks. But at least my horniness went away a little. I wasn't particularly careful and got caught by a sting. Sandy wasn't all that happy in our passionless marriage and my admitting to frequenting hookers didn't sit well with her and just 3 years after we wed we were divorced. I didn't get fired but was ostracized for the most part so I moved to Houston where the crowded inner city schools were so desperate for teachers with any kind of experience.

The school was dingy and dirty, the basketball hoops had no strings or even chains, the kids smoked pot openly,on the grounds, there was a lot of graffiti and no one expected much from their students. It was a heavily Hispanic area and the student population was Vattos from the ghettos and lots of Guatamalen kids from upper lower class households. The only reason most of the kids even showed up was a minimal attendance rate for graduation and most of the kids wanted to enroll in a bullshit expedition to the crappiest state schools, knowing their ethnicity would get them easy money and get them out of the shitty area they now lived in. The boys were either nerds or jocks or gangstas. They dressed like it too. Wife beaters, long khaki shorts, high socks and plaid overshirts.

The girls? Well they wore what I would call a cross between hookers walking the streets and the women you see on rap videos, or did back in the late 90's. The girls paid little attention to the restrictions on shortness of skirts or how much skin they showed. Heavy makeup and well detailed nails. The only other girls were the nerds and they were as much of outcasts as I had been. I was correcting Regina's test, and she had done well again. She was a very smart and determined girl. She was also about 4 foot 5, thin as a rail with a tiny head wearing massive glasses. She had no femininity to her body and had no knowledge of attraction. It reminded me of my wife, she was smart too but she would rever get the real recognition her whole life. She just wasn't pretty and pretty matters in this country, we all know it. Am I a cynical asshole you ask? Probably, but let's just say it has been a hard life knowing you would only ever get a second-best woman.

I heard the bell, the extra-curricular activities must be concluding, and it meant I could head to my car, traffic would be bearable now and my workload for the night had been knocked off with my post lecture grading. It was getting chilly these days, coming up on Thanksgiving, at least what passes for chilly down here in Houston. I was putting some papers and folder in my brief case when there was knock on the door for the classroom.

"Come in." I hollered through the door.

"Hi Mr. Williams, do you have a minute?" A very sultry feminine voice coming out of a pair of plump Latina lips well highlighted in a pink lipstick. It was Brianna, a girl from my 2nd period history class. Brianna was quite a marvel of evolution, she had long oil black hair, it was thick and had some purple streaks and tips, She had a milk chocolate color skin, the most perfect shade of light brown. She had long lashes, and smokey mascara around her large almost shaped eyes, exaggerated due to the extend point her eye shadow and mascara painted.

She had a smooth understated and symmetrical nose, those incredible plump lips, they made a heart shape when her lips were closed and pressed. I always thought she must feel like she was permanently on novocaine with lips like that. Overall she had an angelic face, and how she got her skin like that I couldn't fathom. It was completely smooth, not a crack, not a divot, not a blemish. Perfectly panted face accentuated by perfect makeup work. She was Playboy material and I always wondered if she would someday pose for one of the nudies. She would sell.

She had a graceful neck and two slenderly distanced shoulders that had only the straps of her bra, hot pink like her lips. On top of that, but off the shoulders was an open tube and folded older sweater like top, the drape over portion ending at the top of her breasts, meticulously outlined by the light pink sweater collapsing to a elastic bottom just above her belly button that sported a diamond with a tear drop crystal dangling from it. Her skirt was the hot pink of her bra, and had a short waist on it then to pleats that almost made it down to her mid thigh. There was a slit on the lift up almost to the top. Her firm trip thighs were traced by garters holding pink translucent stockings ending into pink heel high leather boot like lace ups. Her stomach was impossibly flat for how large, at least for her frame her 34 Bs.

"Well, can you make it quick Brianna, I--I n--need to get moving soon." I stuttered, like I usually did when one of the scary Vattos or extra attractive vixens talked to me. Let's just call it subpar self confidence.

"It's okay, I'm sure it will only take a few minutes." She walked over to the desk in front of mine and sat back onto the desk connected to the chair. She had her hands back, her breasts pressing against her top. I could smell her perfume, what is it about a pretty girl who smells good? I don't know either, but let's just say I felt completely intimidated by her, like any hot woman, it didn't matter her age.

"What is it?" I asked, already noticing my dick getting a chubby, and I stole a glance then another at the thighs flexing to hold her in her half sitting posture. I wondered what it felt like to know you looked like that. To know others wanted to fuck you the second they saw you. I have no idea what it is like but it explains the attitudes. Hard to not be confident when you know you look as good as anyone.

These girls matured early and the culture was completely in favor of expressing sexuality from the females. I remember back in freshman year I head a friend and her talking about her upcoming quinceanera. I had Facebook stalked her and she only shared a few photos with non-friends but the few were winners. Two face close ups with different hair styles. a picture of her hugging her best friend and one of her party. She had looked amazing in her quinceanera dress, and I won't lie, I have jacked off to that picture a few times.

"Well, um, my progress report says I have a 58%."

"That is probably because you never turn in homework or study Brianna."

"But I can't fail a class. Then I can't get one of dos grant things."

"Really Brianna? You want to go to college? You haven't cracked your history book once I bet. Why waste time at college, you can go model or something."

"No, I gotta go to school, I want a basketball player husband from the Rockets. They won't take any stupid girls."

"So you are going to start studying now? It won't be easy to catch up. But if you try hard and show a lot of improvement I will go easy on you." I hoped maybe she decided not to live her whole life on her looks, though Jesus she could.

I began to put things in my back pack and leaned over to zip it up. As I sat up my jaw stopped in mid sentence, "Brianna I realllyyyyy . . . . . "

Brianna had, at impressive speed, peeled off her sweater like top and was holding her bra against her ample bosom.

"But, but I really don't have time for all of that." Brianna said in a sad crying type of voice. She pouted her lips, and then broke a tiny smirk and pulled her hands from her breasts and took her bra with them. Her breasts were gorgeous as she was. They were not ultra perky, more hanging, but the slope from her upper chest to the tip of her nipple was a beautifully contoured line, ending in a filled canteen like shape. The light brown nipples were short and pert, the areolas much smaller in diameter than I expected.

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii--, ah, ammm, Brianna, Iiiiiiiiii--" I couldn't make my brain work. She was so fucking hot, her teen body didn't jiggle at all as she walked around my desk to my side.

"So, I was totally thinking we could do a deal. Hmmm?" She went high octave with the hmm, titling her smiling face, her silky straight bangs over her forehead, the rest draping over her shoulder or down her back.

"Deeeaaah. Iiiiiii. Uhhhhm. Hmm." I hadn't looked at her face since her chest was exposed. I was mumbling, trying to tell her to put her clothes back on and get out of here before I get in trouble. The windows of my classroom were browned so no worry of anyone seeing in, but I was scared to death the janitor might come by. He cleaned the boards and trash at least twice a week.

Brianna giggled at my mumbles. She put one booted stiletto on my chair and pushed me to the side and my out of shape pear body sat awkwardly, my hard on easy to spot by the rigid tent in my slacks,

"Shit, you looks ready." Brianna sneered, the power she held over me due to her incredible form known well to her.

"What to you think? I just touched it up." Brianna asked looking down, her large double set of pink hoops jingled together as she did. Her hands were pulling up the front of her skirt, her pussy was shaved in a single strip from the top of her pelvis to the top of her bronzed pussy lips. Just the slightest bit of pink labia showed through. Her thighs were rounded and tone. This sophomore must do a shit load of gym time to look like that I thought to myself.

"Brianna, what, wh-- what are you doing?" I stammered with halting breath as her hands, along with all the bracelets, and bands encircling her wrists adding their tune to the still air while unbuckling my belt.

"We gotta gets you out here no don't we?" Brianna said very matter of factly. The girl got my button and zipper opened faster than I think I could do, maybe she was experienced at it. My hard on was sticking through my boxers and they had a wet spot. I was bashful but Brianna was not, she pulled on my pants and boxers until I picked my butt up on the char for a moment and she got them down fast my knees. My blubber shielded some of my dick from view, probably making me look really short to her but to the girl's credit, she had a goal determined, and she was going to achieve it.

She stood up, those breast just a foot from my face. I wanted to reach out and grab her, pull those breasts to my mouth and work them for the rest of my life.

"Here, let me get it going . . ." Brianna licked a pair of fingers and began to masturbate, quickly bringing a whimper past her lips. She opened her eyes and looked down at me still staring at her breasts. She put one hand on the back of my head and stepped to me and pressed me into her right breast. Her nails scratched my hair on the back of my head. I suckled and began to cry. I masked it as well as I could but my shaking hands and quivering sucking must have shown through. My hands were gripping the arms of my chair until she pulled away a minute or so later.

"We gotta get you out more Mr. Williams!" Brianna shamed me with a squeaky voice, her hand smooshing my face together to look like Chunk in the Goonies.

She giggled again, and reached down and stroked my once from the bottom up as she laid her right leg over my thigh, her other leg up on her knee squeezed in next to my butt on the chair.

She squinted her face as I felt my cock head rubbing along her pussy, her wetness on me. I jolted for a moment in my chair, "Whoaaaaa-ssshhhh" My voice caught in my throat.

"Almost, got it, . . . there!" I heard Brianna say, her face bursting into an accomplished smile. How the fuck had she afforded braces for those teeth? How did she get these clothes? How did the lookers always end up with nice stuff? Maybe this was how I thought.

"Hoooooooooooo jessshus!" I grunted out as I felt myself slip right into this little tart. I was still gripping the arms of the chair and Brianna put her hands on the top of my chair and began to go up and down.

My brain was swimming. I knew I needed to push her off, but I knew I never would. I was just staring at her face. She was so fucking beautiful. I was feeling anxiety in my chest and I thought I might have a heart attack if I accepted the reality that her tight teen pussy had just allowed me in.

"Jesus, cabron, work with me hear huh? You don't feel the rhythm? "

I tried to stop my mindless jabbing at her, and tried to meet her downs with my ups. We got into a decent rhythm, but she was trying to ramp it up.

"Can't you suck it in a little? C'mon, don't put everything on me."

It stunned me how matter of factly she was accepting all this. Instigating a fuck with a gross out of shape 40 something man. I was trying to keep my mind from full on passing out, not to mention the shaking of my whole body making me think I might puke onto her. I took a breath and pulled my tummy in as much as I could.

"Nnnnng-cha. Nnnnchaa! Chuph!" My breaths came out like high pressure hoses with leaks. Brianna had gotten her other foot on the floor and honestly was doing all the work. Her thighs were flexed and she was on her toes and she slow motion twerked to ride me. A time or two I got my thrust right and my bucking hips would push hard enough to get my whole length out of my fat and into her cunt.

God she was fucking warm! She massaged my shaft and I looked down to see her. I could only see a bit of my self past my stomach but I got to see the very top of my shaft exiting and entering her full length and full effort moves.

I could here her panting and she squeaked out, "Pretty good? Hmmm?"

God that little bitch, she knew just how to get a man going. I put one hand to the top of her hip and grasped it and tried to use my legs to get some actual thrust to my pumps. I got one real good one and our bodies made a slap.

Yeah! That is what fucking sounds like! I had never cared before, but with one like this, you wanted to do your best to make it epic!

"Oh ho ho! Oh you got this huh? Hmm? You gonna show me a thing or two papi?" Brianna panted into my face, her lips in a sexy snarl and her voice throaty.

"Hee. Hee. Ehhhffffuck Breeee. Awwrrr." I wanted to tell her she was the fuck of my life. I wanted to say out loud that I was fucking her.

Oh no. You know in the panic and shock of the moment I hadn't even thought about the end point but my balls gave me the single that the countdown was on. Shit! I would put every fiber of my being into holding it, but I am sure my attempt would be subpar.

How long had my student been giving the greatest lay of my life? If felt like an hour but it was probably about 30 seconds.

"Oooooohhhhhhrrrrrrr Brianna!" I cried out as a powerful wave of pleasure slid all the way from my tip to my base, I thought I was going to cum, but my focus was strong. I looked up into her eyes, my pleading her just one more ounce of passion.

"Oh shit, papi! Is Bree too much for you? Are you gonna? Are you Papi?"

I had both hands on her hips now, and I was pumping hard. Brianna had one hand gripping my desk and one gripping the chalk holder of the blackboard. Her feet were firmly on the ground, and thank god, I am not sure what would of happened without some kind of structure.

"Rrrrrrrrrrrrroooohhhmmmmmmyyy Geeerrrrrd.. Hah!" I was clenching my cock as hard as possible, but I knew it was time to let it happen so I didn't get one of those in between cums, I wasn't gonna loose it. But just
one more good pump!

"It's okay daddy. Yeah its okay. Here we go papi!" Brianna was staring into my eyes and she rode short and fast strokes at my tip. My head was throbbing with my heartbeat. I was sweating profusely. My teeth were clenched.

"Ooohrr.. Oarrrr God!" I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her to me, still pumping. Brianna clasped her legs around mine and her heel were pressing on my lower quad. She draped her hands over my shoulders and gripped me softly with her nails. God this bitch knew more about fucking than I knew about anything!

When this wave came I wasn't going to hold it. But Brianna made sure I couldn't even if I wanted to . She pressed her forehead to mine and I opened my eyes, starring at her pupils. I could see the edge of her contacts.

"Daddy! Daddy cum for me! I'm ready!"


My hips bucked and I came my first pump of semen. The orgasm instantly made me tingle all over.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" panted Brianna into my ear.

"Shhhhhhhhhtttt!" I bucked again and came another shot. I had never felt so much push through my cock at once, it was like I was pissing cum.

"Ohhhhrrrr mmmmmph. Mmmmmph. Mmmmmmffff. Nnn." My grip of my hands eased but I still held her close and panted, mumbling into her breasts. I was so tired, my eyelids were forced shut, sleep was trying to take me. I didn't want to pass out, I wanted to feel her as long as I could.

I sat there for a while, and Brianna, bless that girl, she just held me to her. I came around after a few minutes and pulled away from her and looked up at her. My shrinking manhood barely still in her.

"Wow Mr. Williams. That was a good one huh!?" Brianna said with another giggle.

I still couldn't believe how nonchalant she was about everything. The joy of being gorgeous I suppose.

"Brianna? I? What just . . . happened."

"Earned an A up to this point I would assume." She smiled and kissed me on the nose.

She stood up, pulling me from her and I felt some cum fall out of her on to me. Jesus, she took my cum in her!

I didn't move as she walked over to her bra and top and dressed. "Ok, so you keep my attendance and grades looking good and I will come up with a Christmas present for you, ok?

Brianna gave me a smile and a wink and walked out the door, her hell boots clicking as she walked away. I rubbed my face with my hands and stood up, pulling my pants on. I walked to the cabinet and grabbed my keys out of my pocket.

"Oh please god tell me it's on, tell me its on." I had installed a dual camera behind a innocent looking air purifying unit. One pointed at my desk, the other at the students. I did it to be able to know what happened in my classroom. It ran on a 5 TB hard drive that had to be reset every few days and sometimes I waited too long and it would stop recording. I wasn't sure when I last reset it.

I got the door open down below and saw the red light on, and not blinking. Holy shit, thank you god" I put the flash drive on my keychain into the unit and downloaded the last hour. Man the drive was gonna seem like forever before I get to watch this!

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