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ok if you do like it, im bored and stuck in the house because of snow, and im having dreams about it not going to add hyphens or commas in te righ places when someones talking. fyi this one might be short and miss a lot of details.thanks sparx and fbailey.

i stood in front and slightly to the side of nikky waiting for them to make the first move, if they even made one. i mentaly told myself that not everyone is like me they dont always fight, maybe this will just be a verbal thing.i looked at the group and sized them up. they all looked physicaly big especialy the one who seemed to be leading the pack. they kept coming until they where about 5 feet away. i tried to get nikky to back up but she stood firm and stared them down.

hey nikky,''the guy in front said.

nikky just kept quiet and stared at him.

come on nik i don't even have feelings for her she was just some one-night stand, he pleaded

thats just it how could you just ruin what we had over someone you don't even like? nikky yelled

i took a step back because it looked like this was personal and i didnt want to ?interfer?.i just kept my eyes on everyone.

it wasn't like that nik it was the heat o the moment and i just lost control,''the guy continued

i dont care,''nikky said and turned to walk away.

the guy took a step forward and started to reach out for nikkys arm. i quickly stepped up and grabbed his wrist. he looked shocked and brought his other arm to hit me, i ducked under it and sweep kicked him behind his knee. he lost his balance and fell backwards, he looked around almost as if he was expecting something.then out of the corner of my eye i saw a red haired girl running across the building with a grin on her face. i backed up to nikky and waited. the guy picked himself up from the ground and smiled at me and told everyone to back up. i was confused and looked at the red haired girl getting closer, she looked to be about 5'5 - 5'6 120 lbs.

who is that'', i said to nikky.

thats gema his umm bodyguard''. nikky said

his what! i exclaimed

well this is a privite school most people here are from rich familys so there are a lot of body guards here. but all of them are grown except you and gema.

well is she good'', i asked

a solid kick to the back of my head told me that she wasnt someone to play around with. i fell to the ground holding the back of my head, the kick was placed right and caused me to see white and hear a ringing in my ears. another kick to my stomache had me feeling sick. i rolled away rom her and stood up. gema was standing next to the guy they both wore sadistic grins.

well that was fun'', i gasped

that was low even for you gema'',nikky said

yeah , well lifes not fair why should i be'', gema asked

i was shaking my self off no longer doubled over. i told nikky to back up and got into my fighting position.

your not done yet'', gema asked

i might be if you didnt suck so bad'', i taunted

she looked furious and said'' your dead''.

she ran up to me and at the last second droped to her back and slid torward my ankles. i jumped high enough to aviod her attack then stomped the ground on my way back down barely missing her face. i knew i had to be careful, if that had hit me it probabley would have broken my ankle. she fliped back up and came for me agian, she jumped up and did two round house kicks without touching the ground until they where both completed. i backed away from the first kick and blocked the last with my forearm.

your pretty good at running away'', she said

while she was talking i lept torward her, she brought her knee up to hit me and left her stomache open. i took the knee to my stomache and delivered 5 consecutive palm hits to her solar plexus.( core of your stomache that has a lot of nerves).

she groaned and fell to the ground. then the bell rung and nikky grabbed me and pulled me into the building.

you know nobody has ever been able to do that'',nikky stated.

do what,'' i asked

make gema fall,'' nikky said turning to look at me

whats our first class,'' i changed the subject. i've learned that a little modesty goes a long way, keeps people from knowing how strong or weak you are.

umm hold on,'' she said reaching into her backpack. oh its geometry

we continued walking and people started pointing after awhile

word travels fast zen,'' nikky said

i see,''

geometry went smooth but i chalked that up to it being the first day. when class was over i waited until nikky got up to leave and followed her.

that was easy whats next,'' i said

she reached into her pocket pulled out her schedule and said,'' god it's gym''

is that bad,'' i asked

yeah, our gym coach always makes us play dodgeball,'' nikky sulked

how is that bad'', i asked

well its not bad for you, you can do your little karate stuff and not get hit but i always leave there bruised,'' she said

i laughed and she punched me in the arm. we got to the gym and i had to leave her to go to the boys locker room to get my gym clothes from the coach.i put them on put my regular ones into a locker that was assigned and went back into the gym. nikky was there with her group of friends. i kept an eye on her and waited to be told what to do. the coach soon came from his office in the locker room and called roll. while he was calling role the twin doors leading to the main hallway opened and gema walked in. i was shocked at first then moved closer to nikky. gema gave the coach a pink piece of paper and he marked something on his clipboard. gema looked at me smiled and winked. i stared at her blankly as she stood next to her friends. the coach went into the supply closet and pulled out a big bag of rubber balls. i heard a series of groans from some girls nikky included as the coach started to pick teams. thankfuly i was on the team with nikky and not gema.

the balls where set up in a line in the center of the gym. we where told to go to the far wall on our side and then the coach blew his whistle. all the guys ran to the middle and grabbed as many balls as they could and ran back to the wall on thier side. i stayed at nikkys side at the wall while all this happened.

so what do we do agian,'' i asked nikky

dodge the balls and try to hit the other team, if you get hit by a ball or if it even scrapes you your out. you can get the other team out by hitting them or catching the ball they threw ,'' she stated.

sounds simple

i saw a ball heading at nikkys stomache and i did a back flip/kick and it flew into the air. then i took two steps back and ran up the wall kicked off and caught it then while still in the air threw it at a guy about to throw another ball at someone.

sweet,'' nikky and some other girls exclaimed

before long i had atleast five girls behind me who wanted me to protect them. i was surprised to see that gema wasnt even playing but was sitting on the wall watching me.

then two balls where lobbed at me one head high and one knee low i ran at them dived between them rolled on the ground grabbed a ball that was lying on the ground and threw it at one of the guys who was constantly throwing balls at the girls to make me do things.

when gym was over i changed back into my clothes and walked to the twin doors to go to the main hallway. there where two girls handing out blue hats to the guys and pink to the girls, they made me write my name on it and put it on before i could leave.i was in the main hallway waiting for nikky when she came she said that she was going to go have lunch with her friends.

am i not going with you,'' i asked.

no sam is outside with the car we'll be going with him,''she said. besides theres something that we want to aviod here.

huh whats that,''i asked

oh im sure you'll be hearing about it in awhile,''

she started to walk away with her friends leaving me confused. i started walking to the lunch room that nikky had pointed out to me on our way to gym class. before i got there i saw a group of girls whispering and pointing at me accasionaly. i started to turn around and almost ran into another group of girls following close behind me.

what the..,''i said before i was cut off by the intercom

'',hello students this is your student principle mia johnson and as you know nw is time for our annualy no body left behind match up, for those o you new this is when a girl or guy takes the hat off your head then you have to put theres on and thats makes you a couple for the rest of the school year no exceptions.

i watched as the group started closing in on me.

okay now start! mia said.

i saw girls start pushing each other and running straight for me. i ran for a thin part in the group and dived over a short girl, roll landed and took off up the stairs. i turned the corner to the second fligh of stairs and saw gema staring down at me. she quickly hoped on the rail and slid down torwad me. i ducked when she jumped off of the rail over my head and started to run up the stairs agian. i turned when i heard a whistle, there was gema ?twirling? my hat around her finger she tossed hers at me and walked away. i picked it up and heard groans when the group i left saw my hat on gema.

( im tired agian people it takes about three hours non stop to wrtie a story and i get bored easily im sure i'll have another out in aout a week..yeah i know that my commas and hyphens orent right but you should still be able to read it. i'd apreciate it if more people took the time to pm me to comment on my story i mostly follow advice when its givenmr.awsome out..-.^ay I decided to continue my story because i don't know if readers like it or not and i don't wan't to disapoint you.

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