Boarding school_(0)

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"Run, run, faster, its getting light." i screamed as i ran through the thick woods.
"im running, really fast" he panted from behind.
We reached the wall and scrambled over it with no hesitation. We jumped off the wall and landed on the soft thick green dew covered grass, we rolled over onto our backs. We lay'ed there for a few minutes then looked at each other and just giggled.
After i got my breath back i said " We better get back to our dorms , someone will notice we've gone.
"Ok" He replied "but we will split the spoils of the night treat shop first" he demanded.
"Sure" i said, we split the Kit Kat, 2 Mars bars and the Twix. Then entered the dorm; through the kitchen, tiptoeing past the common room, up the stairs. Drew was in year 8 therefore his dorm was on the second floor so i said goodnight and carried on to the fifth floor.
I entered my dorm and tip toed to my bed, took my cloths off rubbed my soft balls and hoped into bed, pulled the covers up and closed my eyes. Then from the bed next to mine came a whisper "were have you been?" "i went to the toilet" i replied "for 3 hours the voice replied" "ok ok, i went to the shop, i will give you some Kit Kat, if you don't tell no one" i moaned , i had recognized the voice as being Sam's, now knowing he wasn't going to tell i closed my eyes.

The thing with going to private boarding school is its not very private, all boys share one big room, the only thing you can call yours are 4 coat hangers and a draw. Even those aren't private, other boys look through them trying to find your secrets, to gossip.

Sweets like chocolate are not allowed that why me and other boys sneak out at night and run to the local village to buy sweats and chocolate. That's how i meet Drew; i was creeping back to my dorm and he saw me. From then onwads he's always come with me, better then going allow i guess.
Drew was in year 8 so he was 113 years old, have black hair which curled around the fringe but no where else, like thick pubes, his eyes were brown and deep, his skin smooth, checks were puffy, he has a round smallish head. He was tall of a year 8, but his face made him look quite young.

I wouldn't normally hangout with him in school as he was year 8 and i was in year 11 and 115 years old, we would only meet for theses shops.
But today was different.
I was standing in the court yard. Drew had been watching me and waiting for my friends to leave, when they did he came running over.
"Ewan" he said "what do you want" i replied, standing with my foot against the wall, looking in the other direction, trying not to be noticed with him. "Can we hangout tonight, you know just chill." He eagerly said, i sputtered "Fuck. why." i said surprised, "i don't know, i just want hang with someone older for a change." he replied. "why the Fuck not"

So after lights out, around midnight, i meet him over the wall. A spot we would normally meet, as it was too risky to meet inside the school.
"you came" drew whisper, "of course i did," i said as i picked up a stick and through it at him, "oi" he giggled as he through one back, I then picked some leaves up and through them at him, i turned my back to look for more stuff to throw, as i did i felt a round cold lump hit my back. A ball of mud, i scrambled on the ground making my own to throw back, but as i turned around to throw it another one hit me in the face, "that it, im going to get you now" i chucked, as i began chasing him around the woods, in desperation - he screamed for help.
I finally managed to get hold of him, i tackled him to the ground, "i surrender, i surrender" he yelled but we role around on the floor until i pined him down, i had my legs either side of him, my ass resting on his crotch, our faces were centimeters apart, his eyes were staring into mine, i didn't know if i should kiss him or let him go. I had never felt like this before. I moved my face closer, i felt his warm breath on my lips, i went in for the kiss but then i felt a hard lump touching my ass check , his erect cock, i stopped and pulled away, i don't know why, i wish i hadn't.

I pretended not to notice his erection, we were cover in mud, so i suggested; "we need to get cleaned up" Drew cheeks had gone red, he replied eagerly "yeah we do" we went to the PE changing room, it was detached from the school, right over the other side of the grounds, so we wouldn't be seen.

It wasn't locked so we went in and turned the light on. "lets get warmed up, and cleaned up" i said as i took my cloths off apart from my boxers; to reveal my slim, well build body, hairy chest and snail trail. I walked into the communal showers and wet my hair, Drew followed me in, also with his boxers on.
He laughed and said "If Mr Johnson was here, he would tell us to take our boxers off as we would get a proper wash." i looked at Drew and without saying a word slipped my underwear off and chuckled as i through them out of the showers, i watched as Drew's Jaw lower and his eyes fixated on my soft cock; 4.5 inches, normal width, surrounded by a well maintained bush.

"Your the one not getting a proper wash now" i giggled. "ill leave mine on i think" he slyly replied. I could see the bulge in this pants starting to grow, he lowed his hands and turned around trying to conceal it. I then ran over to his shower head, but he ran off, i chased him around the shower, he was giggling, i then grabbed hold of his pants and pulled them down to reveal his erect 4.5 inch white penis, he had a few hairs but not many.

" got a stalk on" i tease, "sorry" Drew murmured, his face had gone red, "its ok, i like it" i said as i smiled as i griped his hairless leg, "really" he said shocked, as i moved my hand up his leg i lowered my head and kissed him. My cock started to erect, until it reached its standard 6.5 inch glory.
We kissed for a moment before he got the hang of it and open his mouth allowing my tongue to penetrate and meet his, our tongs twisted and wrapped around each other like snakes.

My hand had moved round and was rubbing his right butt check, so small, soft and smooth. As we continued kissing i lower him onto the shower floor and climb'ed onto him, i broke from the kiss and dragged my lips of his face, down his neck and onto his chest, where i diverted off course and began to lick around his left nipple, i felt his cock pulsating, he started to grown.

I didn't want to miss the explosion so i moved my way down past his belly; Licking as i go.
I reach his pubes, i fiddle with them, wrapping them around my fingers, it was cleaner and more organised when my bush but his was newly grown. I took my spare hand and cupped his tight testicles with it and started massaging his uneven balls, i could see his cock twitching and pulsating, the gowns had got louder and faster, i lower my head, stuck my tong out and licked around the base, up and down the shaft, teasing him, i liked watching him squirm and resists the temptation to toss himself off.

I knew a way to really torcher him, i licked around the head of the penis, this really made him grown, "please please hurry up,Ewan" he screamed as the grown got louder. I open my mouth and tighten it around the head of his penis, and slowly pushed my way down and up again, down and up then a squirt of cum launched and hit the back of my throat, the sperm filled half my mouth, i heard him breathing deeply, i swallow the cum and released my grip of his balls and fell on my back next to him.

The salty warm taste still fresh in my mouth, it was great. His breathing regulated "that was the best thing ever, it felt so good, i cannot describe it." he splatter out. "what did it taste like?" he questioned. "see for your self i replied as i began kissing me, his tongue reaching around my mouth trying to taste his own cum.

By this point he had role me over and i lay on my back with him on top. "its my turn to make you feel special now" he whispered, before i could question it he told me hush, and seductively put his finger on my lip like a teacher telling a class to be quiet.

Drew stood up, he toward above me, i looked at his slim curvy body and smiled, his penis hard as could be, he spat in his hand spread his legs and wiped it around his ass hole. I had a good look at his virgin hole, small and perfect, i didn't want to hurt it with my wider penis.

He moved into position over my pens and began to lower himself down until my penis touched his skin. He took a deep breath and he began to squat, forcing my penis into his hole, so tight, it pulled my foreskin back as it entered, slowly the head was in.
Drew let out a high pitch moan due to the pain but kept going, i lay'ed my head back onto the cold wet floor and looked at the ceiling. My breathing became more rapid and he pushed down further, his moans became louder, i raised my arms and placed them around my hips for support. Rubbing his hips as I did.
He continued to lower his body down, my cock pushing further into his tight hole, my cock was pulsating, he smiled and did one last push until my cock was all the way in his tight ass, he let out a groan.
After a moment of heavy breathing he stated lifting up, my hands guiding him, he then changed direction and stated working his way down, and again, and again, faster and faster,
his ass now got use to my large cock, up and down again, his legs smashing into mine and creating a slapping sound, and before the sound had died out he was back up again. I stared at his round face and chubby checks as his curly hair bounced around, he was breathing heavily, so was i.

I let out a loud groan as my cock started tingling, he went up a gain and down, as his legs hit mine I let out a loud moan and a grunt, my breathing spiked. Drew stopped. Cum ran out of his ass. I reached up and touched his face, I began to rub his checks with my thumb.

My pulsating cock (which let out 3 shots of Cum) inside him; he bent over and came face to face with me, I could feel his warm breath on my face, he tilted his head, closed his eyes and kissed me.This turned into a French kiss. After a while of his tongue passionately swirling with mine he stopped.
Leaned back up and took my cock from his ass and fell to his back, laying next to me.

His hand reached over to my body, mainly the chest, he began to rub my defined body, he then roles over onto his side, placed his leg over mine and rubbed my chest, moving into my arms, he would grab my tensing muscles and rub."I love your body" he said, as he ran his hand up past my neck, past my face into my hair. Where he stated passing my wet blond hair through his fingers, weaving it in and out.

I turned my head, parallel with his forcing his fingers to run thought my hair and out the other side, i kissed his soft moist lips, his lips responded by following my lead. I moved my hand to his ass where I rotated it around his cheek grabbing and rubbing here and there, he responded by moving his leg which had crossed over mine, up and down.

I moved my arm and placed it under his head, so Drew has something to rest his head on. We lay there not talking for about 20 minutes not talking just laying, our body's touching. sharing warmth from our bodies. Drew was slung over me his tired soft penis rested against my leg, his free arm wrapped around my body like a hug. i didn't want this to end.

"shit, is that the time" Drew shouted loudly as he sprung up, I tilted my head and looked at the clock outside the shower. I also jumped up, it was 10 to 4, "we need to get back." I said. Drew moved to one of the shower heads and started washing his body, I walked over and joined him under the same shower head. "I suppose another 5 minutes wont hurt." i whispered
We rubbed soap over each others body, Drew foamed some soap with his hair and cupped it in his hands, he then cupped my cock and started rubbing the soap in. I tilted my head down and kissed him; as me moved his hand past my balls and into my ass crack where he circled my hole with his finger, I could feel my hole tightening.
Both our cock stated growing and hit each other on the way up . our cocks rubbed each other, I moved closer forcing our cocks to stick upwards rubbing together, the warm water ran between us and washed the soap off, we stood under the shower rubbing our cocks together and kissing.

The shower stopped and we broke apart. I grabbed a towel and moved into the changing room.
While I was getting dry Drew came out with a towel wrapped around his chest and flowing to his knees. "one last look" I said. Drew dropped his towel to the ground; reveling his thin hairless, prepubescent white body, he stood proud for a moment before giving me a twirl. I took it all in, knowing i may not see it again.

We quickly got dressed and kissed each other one last time, Drew had managed to perfect his kiss now.

We stopped and made our way back to the dorm room, I rubbed his damp hair, wished him good night and watched his tight ass turn and walk into the dorm. I carried on it the stairs and got into bed. Closed my eyes and thought of Drew.

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