School Life (Part 1)

School Life
by Amsterdamnson

I was walking down the normal route to my school. High school was always a drag, and I thought I went through my classes pretty well. I clearly couldn't wait to get back to school and start another boring day. Walking along the road, I kicked some leaves in the cold autumn wind, shouldering my backpack. It was on this route that the one house that always interested me to and from school appeared around the corner.

That house belongs to the girl of my dreams. Her name is Jessica, and she is perfection in my eyes: 5'3", beautiful curves, full D-cups and a nice round bubble butt. She always wears outfits that guys in the hallways salute to in their lower regions, outfits that hugged her curves tightly and really showed off her body. She was a nice light shade of brunette and had warm dark-brown eyes. I was crushing on her since my early elementary years, and even though I put up with all the shit other kids in school gave me, I still continued to like her not just because she was amazingly hot, but because she seemed to stick by my side no matter how much I got ridiculed.

Even though she had a boyfriend and had many others over the past while I never was in a relationship, I always still had hope of walking to school with her so I could talk to her. However this wasn't the case, as her boyfriend had already evidently driven to her house and picked her up to drive her to school. Sad, I walked onward with my head down.

As I took my first step to my first class after shutting my locker, the bell rang and we all took our seats. I had the same schedule as Jessica, thank God, but we sat a few seats apart in first period. Usually we would pass notes but we were caught a few days earlier and the teacher kept close watch on us. I looked over at her, and she smiled at me sideways as though to not attract attention but to indirectly greet me. She looked down at my feet, motioning for something, so I followed her gaze.

At my feet was a small sticky note which read one simple statement, unlike all the jokes and high school rumors we usually talk about. It read: "We need to talk after class."

Thoughts began swimming through my head. I turned to Jessica, but she was intently paying attention for once (or so it seemed). The teacher called out my name and I immediately perked up.

"Yes sir?"

"Aaron, are you even paying attention or are you going to stare off into space all class?"

"Sorry sir, it won't happen again."

"That's what you all say, but it always happens again. Well moving on"

The bell rang, and I packed up my binder and closed my textbook. I simply walked to my locker and switched out textbooks for second period. When I slammed it, Jessica was leaning against the locker, her books right under her perfect globes. I tried not to stare as to make things awkward.


"Uh hey. So, what did you need to talk to me about?"

"It's about Jack" She sighed in exasperation. Jack was her current boyfriend at the time, star player on the football team, built like a brick house and simply a stud.

"What about him?"

"We" There was a slight tremor in her voice. "We broke up today."

"What?! How?"

"He drove me here, then said hi to a group of cheerleader girls. I held to his arm but he shook me off like I was an annoying bug, and I called out his name but" She began to tear up, something that tore my heart apart.

"Hey it's okay. If you can't talk about it you don't have to-"

"No, I need to do this." She sniffled and composed herself a little to continue on. "He simply said that I was really annoying and that it wasn't working out, and dumped me on the spot to the humor of the cheerleader girls. Especially Ariel." Ariel was the head cheerleader and was a total bitch. She hazed anyone new, hated on almost everything, had her entire clique of bitchy makeup-stocked girls running around and ruling the school. It was clear she was jealous of Jessica but for some reason Jack didn't see what he was missing out on.

"Hey, it's okay. Really, it's okay. I mean that douchebag Jack is probably digging Ariel and as far as I'm concerned it's their problem. I mean-"

"There's more." She took a deep breath and started again. "Last night, when I was over at his place after the football game, he tried to he tried to go all the way. But I rejected him and he was really disappointed. Like he took my hand and took out his dick and placed my hand on it but I just took my hand away and he tried to convince me but I just said no and ran out of the room."

"Well if Jack tried to pressure you into doing something you didn't want to then he's just selfish and clearly he's missing out on the most beautiful girl in the world. Hell, he can have Ariel if he wants, but she's like not even near your league."

"Thanks, Aaron. I really mean it. You always seem to pick me up after these kinds of things."

"Hey, no problem. I mean, look at it this way: If you go after these jerks of guys these kinds of things will happen, and if you don't like that type of guy then change who you go after. I mean who make you happy? Isn't that what counts for these relationship things? I mean I wouldn't know or anything but-"

"No, no, you're right. I should I should go for the guy that makes me happiest." At this point she had stopped crying and was barely sniffling but it seemed as if she were in deep thought, contemplating something. At that moment the bell rang.

"Oh shit! We're late to class! Come on!" She took my hand and we ran for our second period.

Afterschool finally came, and I was extremely happy. I stood outside, waiting for the buses to leave and my few friends on them as well before I walked home. My best friend Derek had just gotten on the bus, and when I told him about Jessica he told me that I should make a move or something.

"No!" I had said. "She should just make up her own mind about things and I'll just support her."

"Dude, you're like in major friendzone right now. Don't you want her?"

"Well yeah, but I mean she can do what she wants, right? It's not like my needs are that important"

"Man, do you hear yourself? Your needs ARE important. Go be a little selfish; maybe that's just all she needs."

His words stuck in my head, and when I saw Jessica about to walk home, I quickly caught up with her. She turned at me calling her name and seemed to smile in relief as she greeted me.

"Hey, Jessica. You walking home?"

"Yeah, have to get started on studying for our test tomorrow in sixth period."

"Mind if I come with then? We could probably study together"

"Sure, that sounds great. Want to come over to my place then?"

"Alright, that's settled then." We walked on, chatting away like any normally happy teenagers do in high school.

Studying for the math test was harder than I expected, but it helped with both of us collaborating. One could check the others' work and so forth, and we were going along pretty well.

"Oh man, I need a break. I'm tired of all these derivatives and shit. Got something to drink?"

"Yeah, is water okay?"

"Sure. Thanks."

Jessica left the room and went to fetch some bottled water for me. I stretched and lay back, thinking about what Derek had said about being selfish. Maybe if I was a little forceful and perhaps tried to pursue more

Jessica had returned with the water, calling my name while I was in deep thought.

"Huh? Oh, sorry. Thanks for the water."

"Uh What did you say about being forceful and pursuing something?"

Oh shit! Was I thinking aloud?

"Oh well well it was about my career and how if I tried harder-"

"No, you're lying, I can easily tell." She grinned while I simply sat there, dumbfounded.

"So, what was it about?" I figured I couldn't lie to her

"Well, Jessica, the truth is, you always go out with these jock guys and have had like, five relationships and they all seem to have made you happy but ended up being miserable afterward. I mean, the truth is, I like you and I have for years now, and you never gave me a shot"

"Well, you didn't really ask, but I'm glad you brought this up."

"What? You're glad?"

"Well, yeah. I've been doing some thinking, and I figured that if I give the next guy what he might want, then maybe the relationship would be better later on. Besides, eventually I have to deal with dicks, I mean I'm clearly straight, so I guess I can start now as long as I trust the guy. And the truth is, you have made me happier in these past years more than anyone else, and I'm glad you bring this up because I'm giving you a shot now"

I just sat there with my mouth open like an idiot, and she grinned and walked over to me seductively swaying her hips.

"So why not take the opportunity you have?"

I was extremely confused at this point when she dropped down for no reason and placed her hand on my pants.

"Jessica! Wait, what are you doing?"

"Well, I want to learn how to deal with cocks, and I trust you and you trust me, right? So nothing can go wrong here Plus you like me, so you'll probably love this!" With that she unzipped my pants, pulled them down with my boxers, and pulled out my hardening cock.

"Whoa, it's so big! It's, like, bigger than my ruler!" Lucky for me her ruler was a six-inch ruler and last I measured my dick was seven inches. Whew!

She started to gently stroke my cock up and down the shaft while marveling at its size. I moaned in pleasure and she looked up, meeting my gaze. We held it as she stroked up and down, up and down, and then she smiled her angelic smile. I smiled back too, I mean it was hard not to with her infectious angelic smile at the same time she was stroking my cock.

She looked back down at my cock at its full hardness, inspecting the head of it. She seemed to ponder something then come to a conclusion as she took a deep breath and slowly licked the head. I jumped in my seat as an electric shock of pleasure was sent up my spine. She giggled, the sound of music to my ears, and licked it again like a lollipop. I groaned in pleasure: this shit felt great!

She then licked the head around and around without her tongue breaking contact with my dick as she stared up into my eyes. If this was her first then she was a natural; true I haven't felt anything else before but this was beautiful. She licked the underside of my cock, a place that caused me to groan even louder in pleasure. She smiled learning that spot was one of my pleasure buttons, and then she took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked on it like a popsicle. My dick jolted and became harder than ever before, and she moved her head back and forth ever so slowly while jerking off my shaft with her hand. Her other hand roamed her body, caressing her beautiful round breasts and pulling at the nipples and then down her pants to her pussy, moving in circles.

She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock as her head bobbed back and forth in time with her hand. The gentle caresses grew to be harder and harder as she bobbed faster and left her tongue on the underside of my cock and grabbed hold of my cock harder and jerked it faster. Her hand in her pants began to move more vigorously and I could spot out a wet patch on her yoga pants. She began to moan with me, and then I stared up at the ceiling, trying to make it last, but to no avail.

"I'M CUMMING!" I yelled but she didn't stop, simply bobbed her head faster and jerked as hard as she possibly could until the best orgasm of my life occurred. I shot my load onto her waiting tongue in her mouth, and the cum kept on pouring out in pulses and throbs. She seemed to swirl my cum in her mouth, savoring the taste before swallowing it down with gulps. When my climax finally ended, she pulled her hand out of her pants and pulled my dick out of her mouth, still dripping with cum. She smiled, wiped off her mouth with her hand that was covered with pussy juices and licked each finger clean. That really gave my dick a jolt, and a small spurt of cum splashed onto her tits, wetting her tight tank top and revealing some of her soft, smooth skin on the tops of her breasts. She giggled and took hold of my cock, licking it clean.

Afterward, she jumped up and smiled her angelic smile while I was just sighing in pleasure of the aftermath.

"I'm gonna hop in the shower to clean up, you're welcome to stay as long as you need to. Thanks for trusting me, I'm glad you were my first with blowjobs."

"Oh hell, Jessica, I'm glad you were my first too. Hell fucking yeah!" She giggled and bounded up the stairs, her sweet ass with the soaking-wet patch in the middle bouncing with each of her steps.

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